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#for one of my regulars and hes so great
dashixiong · 4 months ago
alright beloveds i think i might change my url soon; i still adore t/gcf especially many of the minor/supporting characters and dont plan to wholly stop reblogging it any time soon but if with the advent of the live action the fandom becomes anything like the m/dzs fandom did, theres probably going to be a ton less t/gcf stuff here and more of the same video game fandom reblogs that ive been doing
#txt#its been. really fun having this url ngl. i get that hes kind of a hated character but hes a personal one to me and it makes me happy see-#-ing it as my name on here#one time i commented something jokey on a post in a public tag and op replied LORD WATER MASTER??? it was great#anyway once the untamed came out,ppl started tagging their regular mdzs stuff with untamed tags,which i have blocked#so opening a post is like russian roulette just bc the op wanted some visibility#hence the decrease in reblogging about what used to be my absolute hugest interest#tmi area but luckily xl + hc arent as personal to me as lwj + wwx were; its mainly quanyin that i Dont wanna see actual people playing#ok yeah below is dumb shit read at ur own discretion/////////////#anyway yeah. i HATE the casting of lwj in the untamed. like hes way too pretty and i get that lwj is supposed to have refined beauty but hes#cool and strong as well#which is fine. idrc quite so much as the fact that x/iao zhan as wei ying was the PERFECT casting he looks just like him#i cant deny this fact; but wei ying was such an important character to me and they casted him so well that i feel like he doesnt belong-#-fully to me anymore but also to the drama team and actor#ive always been this way with books like i could never get fully into the harry potter fandom as a kid bc whenever i would look up stuff#online about the series,content of the movies would always be staring me in the face#but like yeah. theres no way they could cast qyz correctly at all. you just cant capture that esp not with modern day cdrama trends#ik a lot of my friends felt that way about xl + hc so i feel for them#and yy like. hes described so specifically but bc its a prettyboy drama theyre gonna make him hot when hes canonically not#anyway yeah im more worried for the tumblr experience nowadays bc i can block however many tags i want but some idiots are always gonna not#tag their shit#in conclusion if anyones reading this this is absolutely NOT pressure to agree with me; its all my own personal feelings#you can rb it as much as you want as long as its tagged i wont even feel disdainful; i promise its a Me Thing so please dont take this as an#-​attack if you plan on watching and liking it#but yeah i am. not gonna watch it and not gonna like what i see about it.#ive had a really good run with this url. im happy to have been a tgcf fan during the past couple years; ive made some wonderful memories and#-awesome mutuals#but yeah idk if im gonna be Tumblr User S/hi Wudu for much longer#mwah thank u guys for following me
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danisdreaming · 7 months ago
Wait I love the idea of rewriting Santana’s coming our arc, I think you totally should!! Even if it was just Finn and Santana having more of an argument and him being like “do you ever get tired of tearing other people down?” and Santana accidentally saying something like “because I’m angry I can’t be myself” and either one of them making a reference to her being gay, rather than something that felt so purposeful, I Kissed a Girl would feel more justified.
Or maybe even Santana deciding to come out but coming to others for some help, and then they come out with a week to sing songs in her support. I really hate that all the decision to come out is taken away from her. I hate that she’s outed and doesn’t get the right to her own narrative.
i have two separate concepts in mind, really. one of them is similar to your example and entails a situation in which finn never really outed her but instead said something to her that caused her to inadvertently come out to him specifically, and then he’s sort of taken aback by her sudden honesty and makes a point of showing her his support. because i do think santana and finn could’ve had such a great friendship had he not been a total asshole to her throughout pretty much all of season 3. i dislike finn for many reasons but there’s no doubt in my mind that the whole outing santana thing (and yelling slurs at kurt) is the biggest reason (not just because he outed her but also because he took no responsibility for his actions and basically made himself out to be the hero of the episode) and if it weren’t for that, i think i’d have a much easier time forgiving him for the other wrongs he’s made (like how i find it easier to forgive the rest of the characters for all the incredibly shitty things they’ve done bc i feel that they have either learned from their mistakes and made an effort to become better, or they’ve at least done plenty of good things to counteract the few bad things lmfao) ok i went off on a tangent there but what i was Trying to say was that i want to like finn.. but i simply can’t bc of what he did. in a situation where he never did that though, i think i’d really like him and would imagine him to be one of santana’s closest friends from the group, someone she finds comfort in confiding in (similarly to how unique found it easy to confide in him in s4) 
on the other hand, i have this other concept that goes along with the canon of finn outing her but then the way it’s handled by the rest of the glee club members is entirely different. like i said, i wish kurt would’ve done or said something to finn, in a way of defending santana but also his younger self (bc in that situation, he was so taken back by finn’s use of the f slur that he didn’t really react at all and instead we got burt defending his son (which was Awesome) but i wish we could’ve seen kurt bring it up again at some point. someone you look up to yelling slurs at you isn’t something you just get over and i wish they wouldn’t have just pushed it aside so easily and instead would’ve had kurt say something to finn about how it affected him, later on) and i also would make a point of showing brittany sticking up for santana because it makes literally no sense that she. sat there quietly all week while all that shit was happening to her girlfriend/best friend
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republicankellykline · 11 months ago
but sir, that’s my emotional support elaborate riverdale/supernatural crossover fanfic daydream universe that is unfolding in the back of my brain at all times
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tiredsadpeach · 7 months ago
If you only going to text me to say goodnight, why text me at all
#like I guess I appreciate it but all day something felt off and then for our only real conversation being saying goodnight twice...#like we didn’t even have a back and forth talk today not a real one anyway#asking each other how we are is the minimum yknow and we did that sure but :/ something felt so off#and I don’t mind if he’s busy and everything or if he’s upset and stuff but he was just mass tweeting regular shit like#I’m not gonna make an effort if he’s not going to especially today because I’m stressed and no on my period#but y’know he wouldn’t know that because we didn’t really talk lol#like I’m never gonna force him to talk or anything and idk if he was trying to bait me into replying to a tweet or two but I don’t wanna#‘talk’ through tweets sure it’s fun every now and then but idk I would like to have a more private talk in dms#you got surprised when I didn’t say ‘I love you’ when we said goodnight right then but you didn’t say it either why should I say it first#we’ve barely talked all day and I lowkey think you’re mad at me and you expect me to say it first#I’m glad you and your crush are having a good time you deserve that happiness and I know you’ve been stressed and that’s why I’m venting#on here instead of twt because you don’t deserve that added stress but I’m also allowed to be hurt#I just don’t feel good and I haven’t all day and I’m working on this video that he probably won’t even watch because he doesn’t want to#spoil the thing it’s about for himself so he’ll probably for get it exists by the time he actually watches the special because he isn’t even#close to finishing the last season and has lots and lots of other shit to do on top of that and I don’t WANT to be upset that he may never#see it but I can’t help it he’s the person I’m the absolute closest to he’s the only person that knows about my d/g so like I’m very very#attached and just hhh after today I’m scared we’re drifting apart which is just great#I didn’t mean to shut down like that last night it’s wasn’t your fault I was already in such a weird state but also when you started tweetin#like that it just made things worse if you know it’s a trigger why do you keep doing it hhhh#I can’t lose you man if I lose you it’s like I’m at square one again friends wise and I’ll relive 2017 again and I can’t do that I don’t#think I’ll make it the second time around hhh I’m close to my other friend yeah but not as close as we are because I’m always scared I’m#still in love with my other friend and if I lose you I lose the new twt friends I made because why wouldn’t they choose you over me you’re#so cool and nice and funny and interesting and way less awkward and that’s okay I’m fine with being not as idk paletable to people it’s my#charm at this point like I’m just Too Much and until I get therapy there’s nothing I can really do about that
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aberrantmind · a year ago
so one of the older stories ive made that still appeals to me was the one about what happens after a portal fantasy ends focusing on this guy who was a child hero and saved a fantasy otherworld and then ended up back home on earth feeling completely listless and unfulfilled and had a lot of problems due to him just disappearing for weeks to months on end when he was a literal child. i think the storyline i used for that wasnt the right one (i had him return to the fantasy world, but it would’ve been more interesting to keep him on earth) but the concept is still good imo and i still like the character i used for it
#i like stories that are like well the world is saved. What Now#and all too fucking often the answer is the hero gets married and has babies#fuck OFF#not only is that bad and boring and dumb as shit it is uhm. also at times kind of a trigger for me due to some unknown reason#smth im currently trying to work on is a story set in a fantasy world focusing on someone who turned out to not be the grand hero of legend#who still defeated the great evil but like. due to not being the one who was SUPPOSED to said evil could still come back#and hes like trying to deal with that trying to make a living as someone who spent most of his life as a soldier or hero#trying to build a healthier relationship with his daughter#oooh ok the reason the married with kids ending makes me feel so godawful is probs like. *is aspec* *is sex repulsed*#*is very deeply adverse to the idea of myself in a relationship* *is traumatized from societys ambient misogyny*#*just doesnt like children very much* *having to see the idea of a life and relationship i want nothing to do with presented as the ultimate#in happiness and contentment makes me feel bad and trapped*#ANYWAY#lmao this guys story (the second guy) started just as me going yk what would be funny . traditional heroic fantasy#but theres a definite undercurrent of tense queer energy that pervades the whole thing#my idea was to write smth that cishet nerd men would want to read and then to hit them with 'actually the protag?'#'mlm and in love with his best friend'#huh. a lot of my playing with fantasy tropes story protagonists are mlm#most of my regular characters are wlw/nblw bc im nbwlw so i guess its just most fantasy protags are guys?#i think ill turn the portal fantasy guy into a dnd npc. living in a graveyard with his necromancer husband
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theseancekid · a year ago
oof it’s genuinely painful how completely inept tom hopper and robert sheehan are at reading the room/current social climate.....
#i'm sorry i swear i'll stop posting about their stupid podcast now but like#BRUH#we're in the middle of a pandemic where a concerningly large portion of the population is struggling to make ends meet#and y'all are gonna sit here and preach about dieting??#y'all are gonna sit here and talk for 2 hours about how great you are at being a parent to an autistic child#while also spreading FALSE INFORMATION and excluding and ignoring ACTUAL autistic voices both on the show and in the fanbase#y'all are gonna try to have conversations about racism but rely on people of color to educate you without doing any research yourselves???#y'all are gonna invite a privileged rich white male to talk about his hatred for trump and ignore the insurmountable trauma he's caused poc?#I COULD GO ON#at first i was chill with rob bc he's the only one who does real research and asks the most intelligent questions and is super respectful#but he's still so incredibly white and privileged and it's so cringey sometimes#like i have to think.....#if tom hopper acts like this on a regular basis...and rob is aware of his behavior and STILL befriends him...#what does that say about rob?#not saying that tom is an irredeemable shit lol but like he's pretty blatantly racist and sexist#like rob can't NOT see that#and their newest podcast ep is apparently about overcoming chronic diseases by tailoring your diet to suit your microbiome or whatever#like#buddy#eating tomatoes isn't going to magically make my mom's pancreas start producing insulin#eating more veggies isn't going to get rid of my dad's arthritis#i stopped watching their full podcast ages ago#but from just the 1-2 minute clips they keep reeks of privilege and ableism.....
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literaryhistories · 2 years ago
i have a meeting with my advisor again tomorrow but he’s not the happiest with my topic and i can’t come up with anything better atm because i’m in the middle of exam period and stressed as fuck even without thinking about my thesis topic but i need to get this application through and i might just have a nervous breakdown instead
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bidickgrayson · 3 years ago
when you’re a sensitive baby who wants to cry bc you’re reminded that the group of guys you love playing destiny with do still hate women even tho they like you
hahahahahaha i’m sad :(
#at least i got confirmation that the guy i thought was great is in fact great#and not afraid to call his friends out on their misogynistic bullshit#but he was the only one so it was basically me and the one other woman of the clan#going like 'this is misogynistic bullshit'#and a bunch of dudes being like '*rolls eyes* ur making shit up'#other than the one great guy was backing us up/calling ppl out on his own which i really really appreciated#anyway this really ruined my day lol :( wish i could not be so sensitive :( wish men didn't suck :(#wish i hadn't wanted/hoped for better from a group of men who i actually like play with :(#and like. there's one guy who was like. the worst. and i kind of would never choose to play with him again?#(i didn't like him before bc he would make sexist jokes about his gf and i was always unconvinced they were jokes/not actual beliefs)#(and this argument just confirmed that i was right and he is pretty unapologetically misogynistic)#but in order to do that i would have to choose not to play in times where i would otherwise want to#bc he's friends with a lot of the regulars and i like most of the regulars but....#:(((((((((((((((((((( anyway :(((((((((((((((((#talking to myself#eta: i'd actually love to talk to the guy who i mentioned was great more#bc he actually called out something i was (pleasantly) surprised registered with him#which was the guy i mentioned who i hate referring to women as 'females'#and the guy i like was like 'lol seriously dude 'females'?'#and the guy was like 'what did i use the wrong pronouns' (this guy can go fuck himself)#and the guy i like was like 'well i would use 'women' but that's just me...'#and like. idk that stands out bc men using 'females' is kind of a red flag to me#so the fact that the guy i liked recognized it as such too was. validating. and nice. lol#and he's said other things where i'm like. i feel like we're definitely on the same page wrt politics
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Going to bed now! Nighty night!
#me#mine#today was rough physically and emotionally....1st had to drive my brothers to church and i was exhausted when i woke up#and then we had 16 kids bc my cousins had come up so we had more than usual (even on a busy day) and there was one girl#who talked the entire time and when it was time to go she was the last to leave and she wanted to eat the treat put in her craft sack#and her mom said no bc itd spoil her appetite for lunch and so the girl threw a fit and like we were all standing there awkwardly#bc the mom handed me the sack and told her girl to stop throwing a fit or she wouldnt get to keep the sack and EVENTUALLY#she just dragged her out into the hallway and we could finally leave to eat. and eating was a disaster bc my great-aunt accidentally#went to the wrong place?? so she came late and when i was about to get up and get a box for my leftovers my gma showed up bc my genius#brother bought xlarge pants w her when he needed mediums and so he needed to go w her AGAIN but then she sat next to me#and i dont trust anyone at that table to not mess w my food either to eat some or to be funny/pester me so i was locked into the table until#everyone started to leave so we didnt get to leave until nearly 1:30 -_-. it was also sad in class bc next week everyone goes up a grade#officially and so a lot of our kids will be in the kindergarten class which is sad bc one of them was my dino buddy and then the girls were#the nice quiet ones who followed rules so now its just the littler ones who...dont do that haha. then when i got home i had to finish the#towels my mom started bc they werent dry by the time we left and then it took like over an hour to dry even tho they were in by like 6#and now my brothers being unnecessarily dickish bc he can lmfao. hey karma he needs some more apparently he doesnt learn ever#also im putting this last tag(s) at the end so no one'll pay attention but im rewatching regular show and falling in love with#rigby all over again smfh jgdklsadfdsa PLEASE DONT @ ME
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nataliaphantomhivesblog · 2 months ago
My opinion on Squid Game Characters
This is very diferent from my regular content but I watched this show 3 days ago and I enjoyed the fuck out of it so here we goooo!!
!!!Spoilers ahead!!!
Seong Gi-hun
Tumblr media
Why the hell is the main character of the show underrated??? I literally don't get it.
He is the most realistic character in the show.
I know for a fact that if he is one of your favorite characters, you have daddy issues. Saying this from my own experience.
He is literally so sweet and huggable?? I love him so much<3
He cares so much for the people around him.
Extremely emotionally intelligent.
Attractive asf.
He struggles a lot, but deep down hes a good person because of his love for his daughter and his upbringing.
once again I question.... Why the hell is he underrated??
The people who stan him are the coolest istg.
Am I the only one who has this internal struggle of sometimes seeing him in a fatherly way and other times simply finding him hot?? Maybe I have issues but whatever ig.
His dynamic with Sae-byeok is so sweet, he defienetly became a father figure of sorts for her.
Sang-woo didn't deserve his friendship with Gi-Hun.
I will defend this character with my life.
Tumblr media
She rightfully gets the attention she deserves.
I literally fell in love with her at first sight, she is so pretty.
I love her to pieces.
Shes my literal girlfriend.
I love her character development so much.
She had some great badass moment throughout the show, especially in the beggining.
Her motivation was one of the most valid one out of all of them.
My girl just wanted to bring her mom back from North Korea and for her brother to get out of the orphanage.
I'm happy she managed to survive many of the games but she deserved to win alongside Gi-hun.
Someone give this girl a hug.
I wish Gi-hun could've reasured her about the promise.
It makes me so sad that she got killed by a calculated and cold person. I wish that she could've died peacefully.
We all saw her in that suit right??? She looked gorgeous.
I also am so glad that her character was never wierdly sexualized in the show.
She deserves the world.
Ali Abdul
Tumblr media
For starters, I absolutley adore this man.
He was so hard-working and dedicated himself for his little family. His boss was a dick who treated him horribly.
His hair is also extremely fluffy I love it sm.
He is extremely loyal and has a heart of gold. Sadly, that was what eventually killed him.
He was too much of a good human being for this cruel and selfish game.
His introduction was so cool!?!? He single handedly saved Gi-hun's life.
He was strong enough to survive 3 very hard and life-threatening games, it's sad that his good heart and pure trust was what killed him.
The actor did a fantastic job with Ali, I hope to see him in other projects soon.
He loved his family so much.
Ali was so considerate of other people??for example, when Sang-woo wanted him in his team, Ali looked at Gi-hun first to make sure that it was okay for him to accept without hurting anyones feelings.
The only flaw this man has was being too naive.
He is so pretty I love him so much.
He was literally such an easy character to get attached to.
I also loved the South Asian representation in K-drama media!?!? I am not South Asian myself but I personally believe it was very strong rep compared to other K-dramas!!
I literally cried so much when he died, I was full on sobbing. My mom kept calling me dramatic for it lol.
He should've won in the marble game.
Tumblr media
She is so fucking cute.
I love her hair and make-up sm.
She has such a carefree attitude I loved it.
Is it kind of concerning that I relate to some aspects of her backstory....?
Her commentary on religion was chefs kiss.
I wish we got to see more of her before her death.
She deserved to have a normal family and childhood.
I love how she spoke her mind with ease, including contreversial topics.
She didn't deserve to be in jail for killing her abusive father who literally killed her mother!!!
"Thank you...! For playing with me..."
Her and Sae-byeok deserved to go to Jeju island and have a girls night.
Can we talk about how selfless this girl was? She literally sacrificed herself for a person she met a few days ago.
Her smile right before she died made me cry so hard.
Tumblr media
He is so attractive... that was literally the first thing I thought when I first saw him lmfao.
Nah but besides that he is also very cool!?!? The way he infiltrated the Squid Game facilities with such ease was very intresting to watch.
The moment between him and the vip made me gag, the vip was so gross for that and im glad Joon-Ho put him in his place.
His character was done so dirty in the end, he tried so hard to bring his brother back just for his brother to shoot him.
Call me delusional but I still do not think that he is actually dead?? We didn't actually see him die and there is a possibility he could've survived the fall since it was in the ocean and he only got shot in the shoulder.
He was strong asf, both mentally and physically.
I really enjoyed how he was pretty awkward at first when he was undercover but then he managed to adjust better overtime.
In general I hope we get to see more of him if we do get a season 2.
Cho Sang-woo
Tumblr media
Most of his stans annoy me, im sorry.
I hate how their argument to justify his actions is that he is "realistic".
Just because a character is selfish and a bad person at core doesn't make him realistic... Sheesh y'all make me loose hope in humanity sometimes.
Sang-woo has been selfish from the very beggining, he literally stole money from clients!!
Theres nothing realistic about setting up your bestfriend to certain death in the second game like....? He was willing to go that far already?
He killed Ali without feeling any sort of guilt. He literally only flinched and acted like nothing happened, which could be blamed on the writing, but it also shows where his morals lie.
There was seriously no need for him to kill Sae-byeok, she was already injured enough, what was the point of killing her so cruely?
He literally killed the man who helped him in the glass game the moment that he wasn't any use of him.
I actually found him much more dangerous than Deok-su who was atleast transperant about his actions.
The actor did an amazing job and I love the guy who plays him!
And I must admit the character is a very well-written and intresting one, but he is someone whos actions cannot be fully justified, or even fully understood.
Jang Deok-Su
Tumblr media
Do I hate him? Yes.
Do I think that without him the show would be less engaging? Yes.
I find him a very intruguring character, I actually see him as a reflection of Sang-woo of sorts.
We do not talk about the bathroom scene.
I found his relationship with Mi-nyeo funny, im sorry my humor is literally that bad.
The actor actually played the part perfectly! I actually appreciate the amount of work he put into this character.
Also the actor is literally a sweetheart who posts fan edits and pictures of his cats. If you send him any death threats I swear to god-
But in general, his character was obviously someone I heavily disliked but also someone who was enjoyable nonetheless.
Annnnd thats a wrap for the characters I wanted to talk about!! Thank you for sticking with me til the end. Who is your favorite character in Squid Game and why? I would love to know!<3
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