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#for some fucking reason i scrolled past this
gays4thebloodgod · 3 months ago
with ig all of the twitter people coming over, i do just want to express how much i love tumblr. ive been here since 2011 and like GENUINELY its such a good website for fandom content. theres much less of an emphasis on your blog being for just your content, most peoples blogs are JUST spaces for reblogging and sharing others cool content. people who do make original content still have the majority of their blogs being dedicated to sharing other peoples original content, its super community oriented. and the use of tags?? oh boy i cannot even begin to explain how much i love tags. YES the tagging system is kinda broken, but its SO easy to block tags on this website, and its also do easy to write a love letter to the op in the tags of a post without making everyone else read it. and the anonymity of it all!! like ive face revealed but i am 100% sure most of my followers have no fucking idea what i look like. chronological order???? yes fucking please. and ads are so fucked up theyre barely even ads their just shitposts created by tumblr itself for use to scroll past. and the askbox feature is fucking lovely MWAH anon my BELOVED
YES tumblr is a fucking shit pile i will never dispute that, but there are some things that i genuinely love about tumblr and theres a reason ive been on her for 10 years
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cannibal-wings · 18 days ago
It would be really cool if that one roleplay blog who tags all their replies with the main game tag.... just....... stopped doing that. I have all their tags blacklisted, but it still clogs up everything when I try to search the tag, I just don’t have to read the posts, still gotta scroll past them though. It’s borderline spam at this point. Like, I’m glad they’re getting engagement, esp in a dead/dying fandom. But holy fuck not every post needs to go in the main tag. PS: If I block the account, for some reason tumblr decides I want the whole tag blocked and I can’t search it anymore. This has happened before, lmao. I’d rather not block myself out of the whole fandom... then how would I find fun fanart and discussion? PSS: I’m not name dropping the blog in question because I do not, and never will advocate callout culture, no matter how small. And I never will support harassment of any kind. I’m also not mentioning the fandom directly and will not tag this as such. (tho I’m only active in like three fucking fandoms so people who know me probably will be able to guess.) STILL. Do not like, go after the person. They’re just having fun, you know? I’m just a little annoyed at the frequency of their posts in the main tag.
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buckycuddlebuddy · a month ago
for example, i just cant read anything 18+ for peter parker, so i just scroll past it and go on with my life. i don’t shit on the writer bc they write whatever they want to write. I don’t like reading those things so i don’t read. it’s that simple. some people are just annoying as fuck for no reason
yeees exactly!!! people really should learn block the right tags and scroll past.
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