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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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#for some reason this is flagged

I had a stress dream last night that was like “for some reason I have been chosen to debate this professor on a topic I know very little about and also for some reason none of my dress shirts are anywhere to be found and I can’t find a tie to wear that isn’t completely ridiculous”

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thinking about that thing in scifi where it’ll throw in this retroactive or but-of-course-never flirting/what could have been moment between the [always?] male protagonist and a science-fictionally-nonbinary character to, like, wink at how Openminded And Advanced he/the author is and never, ever, ever even consider the possibility of taking it somewhere

there’s no further point to this post. it’s just ew

#this is apropos of my friend texting me about this woman she's dating, #first text: 'I'm dating someone who dislikes The Fifth Season do I dump her?', #me: mostly unserious yes of course does she like sff in general, #she: yeah she loves Bujold, #me: ...I'll be honest that's not ideal, #she: yeah she finds TFS 'too hostile', #me (and she): red FUCKING flag for actual real holy god, #Too Hostile I /ask/ you folks, #that book's entire... I mean entirety but especially its start is pretty much, #'here is some near-unimaginable trauma to go with this unbearable pain and would you care for a side of gruesome suffering', #it is entirely reasonable to not enjoy it or not want to read it (especially these days), #but HOSTILE, #of every yikes in the dictionary of yikes, #that book is not HOSTILE that book is SUFFERING, #anyway I was just ruminating on how fucking creepy and unpleasant the Vorkosigan universe is, #and remembered the above-described thing in addition to all my usual gripes, #(to be clear I also enjoyed reading those... when I ignored the deeply creepy shit, #they're fine books!, #well written!, #but to have that be the sff you love when that's your reaction to TFS... yeaaaaah), #ANYWAY, #to also tagramble about what I'll next reblog, #the above-described is somewhat what LeGuin did too, #but not totally, #Left Hand absolutely ends how it ends out of authorial cowardice, #slash failure of imagination, #but it's not doing it for the wink wink look at me reason, #it is I believe a pretty honest failure
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have done some digging (and super zooming) and can confirm that marwan’s thigh tattoo reads as follows 

Nor the sun or the summer alone, but every hour and season yields its tribute of delight // for every hour and change corresponds to and authorizes a different state of mind, from breathless noon to grimmest midnight

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Since the Starfall celebration is coming up, I decided to hatch a nest from one of my favorite pairs. Got some pretty combos! If anyone wants any, let me know! I’m Coodles #20649 on that site.

Top left to bottom right…

Dragon 1: Teal / Caribbean / Caribbean / Uncommon

Dragon 2: Azure / Cerulean / Teal / Rare

Dragon 3: Caribbean / Phthalo / Abyss / Common

Dragon 4: Cerulean / Cerulean / Abyss / Uncommon

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