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sequoiaintheboxa month ago
Tumblr media
鈥淗aving you on the red team? You and I together, we'd destroy this place!鈥
鈥淒on't tell me, cause I know it will be a lot of fun.鈥
(A self indulgent Red Life Etho for the soul, if you see the reference just blink)
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a-drienette5 months ago
I just found out why Mari's style is like that.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I just realized her hairstyle looks like ladybug's wings. How can i never realized abt it.
anon you鈥檙e so big brained
edit: hi i realize that this person was not an anon and i apologize sincerely, i was dead tired and completely out of it when i posted this, thank you @ryukoyo for the amazing realization
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magpiefngrla year ago
Petition to have another seven films with Enola Holmes and her "not entirely an idiot鈥 boyfriend and her hunky brother having adventures and solving mysteries, please and thank you
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uswnt52 months ago
Tobin is definitely pointing to CP here.
Jenni: Where's your wife?
Tobin: Over there
Tumblr media
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19daysmemes11 months ago
He Tian waking up:
Tumblr media
He Tian realizing Mo is not there:
Tumblr media
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words-etched-in-her-skin13 days ago
Cassandra loves to overstimulate you to the point where you鈥檙e crying for her to stop, but she just can鈥檛. She鈥檚 lost with how wet your cunt makes her fingers, disoriented with the taste of your pussy, your taste is too sweet it gets her almost delirious. Your hands push her head away, but that only results in Cassandra digging her nails into your thighs, burying her tongue even deeper into your pussy. She cherishes every orgasm you give her, but oh no! It doesn鈥檛 seem like she鈥檚 gonna stop anytime soon鈥oor you~
:) (:
Oooooo fuck, yesss.. Ravenous Cass is my favorite 馃槱 I imagine her to be a huge fan of forced orgasms. Sharp points digging into your flesh as she tightens her hold on you. She doesnt need words as the symphony of growls that culminate deep in her throat vibrate indulgenly against your clit. You can't even fight it anymore - don't even want to -regardless of how many orgasms she'd already given you, you wanted more. Your fingers tangled deep into the dark strands of her hair as you pull her closer. The length and width of her tongue working in unison to fill you so completley as she continues to slip arousing growls into you. The waves of pleasure that will wash over you, that fill your body with an unrelenting prickling heat until your screaming out for her. She will drink in every last one of them, savoring in each orgasm that drips deliciously across her tongue 馃挦馃挦馃挦
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tatatale9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Happy Valentine鈥檚 day!~鈾ヂ
I finished this on time, YAY!聽釙( 鈬鈼♀喖)釙
(Alive didn鈥檛 tell her in the end lmao.)
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aro-culture-is6 months ago
loveless aro culture is just vibing to the song until they start singing about how love is all you need because it's the greatest power and you suddenly just go :I
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ghostyfacey4 months ago
鈥淢aybe they were right, you never did change.鈥
A/N: Happy Friday! Here's a prompt fill!
Warnings: Mention of alcohol and very vague mention of torture.
Pairings: Natasha Romanoff/Reader
鈥淢aybe they were right, you never did change.鈥 - reader is rescued from HYDRA base and rekindles relationship with Natasha
"How's Y/N doing?" Natasha takes a sip from her mug, Steve looks at her tear-stained face.
"You could see for yourself?"
"I don't know if that's a good idea," she massages her temples, a headache setting in after a night of crying.
She did want to see you, with every fiber of her being.
She just didn't think she was ready.
It's been six months since you were kidnapped and held at one of the most secure HYDRA bases on the planet. You had something that the organization wanted. Your powers were of the kind of caliber that had never been seen before, and HYDRA planned to harvest every bit of it.
Natasha barely coped, if that. She was a ghost floating around the compound for most of the time you were gone.
"We were supposed to go on vacation, somewhere with a beach, feel the sand in our toes and watch the sunset--god, I know it sounds so cheesy-"
"Hey, don't worry," Steve reaches out and gives her a reassuring squeeze.
"We'll get Y/N back, you'll get them back."
"Hey, I know it's tough--but you should go."
"I don't--what if Y/N doesn't remember me?"
"They will, if not now then in time. I can't imagine someone can forget what you two had."
The smallest of smiles tugs on Natasha's lips, it's the first time in a while that she has smiled.
"I can go with you if you'd like--you know, moral support."
"I would like that, hey Steve?"
"Yeah Nat?"
"Thank you,"
"Hey you two," Clint and Thor greet Natasha and Steve in the hallway, steps before your room in the medical wing.
"Hey, how are they?" Natasha's arm twitches in the direction of your room before crossing it over the other.
"Well Y/N tried to get me to shotgun a beer with them and then challenged me to arm wrestle right after that so--I'd say they're still same old, same old Y/N."
"You nervous?" Clint eyes Natasha's fingers tapping away on her leather jacket, her lip between her teeth. You've been here for two weeks already, recuperating. Most of the members had taken time from their busy schedules to see you. But Natasha, she kept her distance, asking about you every day but making no move to see you on her own, afraid that the worst might happen. That Natasha would walk in and you wouldn't recognize her, all that time between you just lost.
"You'll be okay," Clint gives her shoulder a squeeze and walks away with Thor while Natasha tries to follow her breath, no going back now.
"You ready?"
"I don't think someone can ever be ready for this kind of thing."
"Come on, I've got you," Steve gently escorts Natasha to the door and knocks.
"Come in!" She hears your voice and it sends a shiver down her spine.
"Hey, Y/N--you remember Natasha right?" Steve ushers her in and she tries to compose herself before you turn around.
"Of course, it's good to see you, Nat," you turn around and Natasha feels her knees start to buckle until you pull her into a tight embrace. She feels herself melt into your touch, god how she missed it.
"I just dropped by to say hi, we miss you--you've got some movie nights to make up for. I'll leave you two to catch up," Steve closes the door behind him, leaving you both in silence. You pull away and her body aches from the loss.
"How have you been?"
"Me? What about you? How are you feeling?"
"Not too bad, better since I'm off bed rest. Steve brought me this sweet record player--" you trot over to the record player near the window and Natasha's smile fades away. She recognizes your record player, the same one you'd play on Sunday mornings, sweeping her off her feet to dance for a few songs.
Natasha fights back tears as your fingers carefully pull out a record and put it on.
"Summer Breeze" by Seals and Croft begins to fill the room and it breaks her. This was your song, the same one you played when you asked her to be your girlfriend. Summer drives were incomplete without this song, quite frankly it was part of the soundtrack to your relationship.
You turn to find Natasha softly sobbing, arms cradling herself for comfort.
"Hey, are you okay? We don't have to listen to music right now--I just really like this song is all," you rush to her, rubbing her upper arms with your hands.
"I like it too," she whispers. You pull her into another hug and begin to sway to the music. Natasha feels her breathing slow, her limbs and jaw relaxing.
"What do you say we get out of here, make a break for it to some beach for a day? I could really use some sun and fun right about now," Your tone is playful as you continue to sway, Natasha laughs.
"Maybe they were right, you never did change," she says, pulling you in tighter.
"Don't tell the others, but out of everyone, I missed you the most, Nat," your words make Natasha's heart feel full of love, and hope.
"I missed you more, Y/N."
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class1akids5 months ago
Tumblr media
Nobody asked for it, but here is my angsty interpretation - Kacchan鈥檚 smile is from the side, because it鈥檚 always for others, not Deku (but it will be one day).聽
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may-b-a-u-shewritestoo7 months ago
How about falling asleep on the jet with season 5 Spencer and you wake up to him humping your leg? I love your page so much 馃
Tumblr media
oh wow ok but season five spencer hits different also thank you sweet anon, i love you!
-on one of the jet couches, he鈥檚 got his arms wrapped tightly around your waist, head resting on top of yours
-you鈥檙e facing him snuggled into his chest, legs entwined with each other with a big thick blanket laid over the two of you
-most of the team are asleep or occupied with a book, music or talking amongst themselves at the other end of the jet
-you feel yourself growing hot so wake up slightly and push the blanket down a little to get some air
-but you notice Spencer making some strange noises and squirming a little so you stop moving in case he鈥檚 having a nightmare or something
-all of a sudden you can feel him shuffling between your legs a little, you think he鈥檚 waking up but nope
-his hips push into yours and the faintest whimper falls from his mouth
- you鈥檙e just lying there like 馃憗馃憚馃憗
-you turn your head to check no one is watching what he鈥檚 doing
-he for sure starts rhythmically bucking into you, you can feel his hardness against the top of your thigh and you instinctively push against it
-he lets out a little louder moan this time (still quiet enough that no one else notices) but you definitely know what he鈥檚 doing now
-imagine tucking his hair behind his ear and pressing little kisses to the tip of his nose and his forehead, then his lips to see if you can wake him before the inevitable
-but he鈥檚 in a deep dream and really going for it, occasionally gasping and his face contorting in pleasure
-his hands come to grip your waist and he just holds you close and tightly, coming to a still and quietly whining as he cums in his pants :) :) :)
-you let his breathing return to normal before shaking him awake, smirking up at him as he notices the uncomfortable feeling of stickiness he created against you
-鈥榟i sleepyhead, have a nice dream?鈥 and he just blushes and stutters before hiding his face in your hair
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dick-dastardlya month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bro the way I am obsessed with You Are In My System, I鈥檝e drawn so much stuff for this fanfic and I will continue until the day I die!! If only I had more time 馃槶馃槶馃槑 I want to see mike loose his mind
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