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#for the last one
jacketbones · 7 months ago
can we get more fresh plz I’m a simp </3
Y/n: What are you doing?
Fresh: Your taxes!
Y/n: ...Why?
Fresh: I figured I would save you the stress!
Y/n: Okay, that's nice and all, but how do you know all of my financial information??
Fresh, writing down you credit card number in pink highlighter: Don't worry about it. :)
Ink: Human you don't understand. You're harboring a dangerous creature!
Y/n: He's my roommate (CENSORED) face.
Fresh: No swearing!!
Y/n: Sorry!
Y/n: (comes out wearing a neon green body suit)
Fresh: Well one if us us gonna have to change.
Ink: I thought introducing Y/n to Fresh might show them how acting without reason could get them hurt.
Fresh: (skateboarding down a hill while also somehow wearing roller skates)
Y/n: (sitting on his shoulders screaming)
Ink: ...I made it worse I think.
Fresh: Be honest, why do you stick around me?
Y/n: You make everything interesting. Even when we just sit here, not feeding off of each other's chaos, you make me laugh and feel comfortable.
Y/n: Are you crying??
Fresh: Yes I'm crying I thought you were gonna make a joke about my nine tongues-
Y/n: Oh god I'm sorry.
Fresh: I wasn't emotionally prepared broski-
Y/n: I'd throw myself in front of a moving car for you.
Fresh: You'd throw yourself in front of a moving car for fun.
Y/n: Only if you were driving.
Fresh: I can't drive, so that's perfect!
Y/n: Nothing sexier than getting put out of my misery.
Y/n: He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me,
Y/n: ...He love me not. :(
Fresh: I'm gonna kick the shit out of that flower-
Y/n: Give me a hand?
Fresh: Sure!
Y/n: ...That's hilarious, but where did you find that?
Y/n: Hello my dear heart snoogims.
Fresh: Well hi dearest cuddle bunny boo-boo bear.
Y/n: (gags)
Fresh: Ha. I win.
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lepusrufus · 3 months ago
Do you have any headcanons you have been dying to talk about but haven't had the opportunity to?
(Also, I would just like to say that I'm still completely baffled over how gorgeous that family portrait turned out to be. Hope the necromancers are treating you well.)
The service is acceptable, they're quite good at making sure all organs are in place. Thank you for the concern (and I'm happy you liked it, thanks again for letting me borrow Mary!)
Without further ado, an assortment of random hcs, both abt the characters and the maidens:
All three sisters have an affinity for art thanks to Alcina, but they prefer to work with different mediums
Bela goes for the classics, oils or acrylics on huge canvases. Cassandra lacks the patience for it so she likes quicker mediums like inks. Daniela experiments a lot but has a slight preference for colored pencils
When Miranda figured out that the mutation gave Alcina superhuman healing she went through a series of....experiments to test how far that healing goes. It was as much hell for her as you'd imagine
Nicole is the only maiden that can drive well and is the kind of driver that swears like a sailor at people that drive like idiots and would even throw hands. Thankfully for her 5'2 ass, Cassandra takes care of the hands throwing
The "village" is more like a small, self sufficient town. I got inspiration for how it is in my AU from the old part of Braşov
And it's very closely monitored by Miranda. Anything that comes in, be it a shipment for something, technology or some idiot wandering in, goes by her
It's also a lot more functional but my hcs on how the village works can be a post in and of themselves
Cassandra's hounds are more often than not part of the less... conventional hunts
Everyone knows that the moment you hear barking accompanied by giggles you may as well sit down and pray
Vast majority of the dungeon prisoners that get turned into food are actually outsiders that got shipped there one way or another as per Miranda's requests
Still developing her, but Alcina's maiden is named Esteria, is older than her both literally and figuratively and is the ice to Alcina's fire so to speak
Alcina doesn't really have any rules for the girls in regards to clothing so they end up wearing anything from pjs to fancy Victorian dresses around the castle
Not at the same time mind you. You can walk in a room and Daniela is in a fancy dress, Bela in sweatpants and a nirvana shirt and Cassandra in jeans and a button up
Still on the girls, they know multiple languages bc of course they do (same with Alcina ofc). They can speak with varying degrees of fluency german, french, italian, hungarian, some russian, english ofc and romanian is their first language.
They tend to have a bit of a language preference tho. They could start arguing and Cassandra is yelling in german at Daniela, who's replying in french while Bela is mumbling in italian abt how they're idiots.
Cassandra was born in Austria, not that she remembers it. But Heisenberg can't figure out why her accent is slightly off when she talks in german
Cynthia, the cook, is particularly good at cooking human meat. She found this talent after deciding to get revenge on her husband by cooking him up and serving him to his friends. Which Alcina found marvelous
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mishacakes · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hands you a turtle. hands you a turtle. hands you a turtle. hands y
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alphabravocharliedelta · 6 months ago
russell adler headcanon about hearing you speak a different language (not russian, english, nor german? prefer if you didn't specify what language specifically so everyone who is bilingual/multilingual can relate to this headcanon!)
does anyone else go “y’know, the... the thing” when the word just doesn’t come to mind? 
When Adler first hears you speak it, he had to do a double take
If he doesn't recognize it, he'll ask you what language
"When'd you learn that?"
He finds it intriguing to say the least, noting your difficulty to find the right words when trying to mentally translate
Though, Adler is multilingual himself so he understands to an extent, being patient about it
if he has time, he’ll learn a couple phrases, and then butcher it horribly when reciting it back to you: “Did I say that right?”
“Y-yeah? Your pronunciation is great.” (lies, you’re trying not to laugh, he sees it), but you’re impressed at his interest
On the whim that Adler becomes more invested, he buys a book about it
codeswitching: there’s those moments where you use filler words in place for another, and damn it’s a struggle trying to figure out what you actually mean
either that or you just switch languages while in the middle of a sentence and you just leave him stunned
gotta play those mental gymnastic games where you’re trying to find the proper word in the appropriate language, Adler just listing off whatever word comes to mind when hearing you describe it
some phrases can’t be directly translated unfortunately without losing effect of it’s original meaning, so he could only hope there isn’t some context missing 
he catches you uttering under your breath sometimes and he makes mental notes to ask what they mean later on, or to use it himself and then find out what they mean the hard way
once Adler gets a good understanding of your thinking, you can catch him finishing your sentences when your struggling, and everyone else looks at the both of you in confusion (how the fuck did he know what you were talking about)
if you’re his s/o, he’ll try his damn best to say i love you in the language (although he rarely says i love you in general straight out, so it takes some time), he stresses a bit trying to get pronunciation right before going up to you 
he finds it really amusing as you get flustered
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dragonfightingsocietea · 7 months ago
birthdays in the zones are different for everyone. some like to leave those things behind in the city, not that they were much of an occasion, anyway. all birthdays ever meant were markers for the before and after: days leading up to your innocence being stripped away as a child soldier, in training to kill and, eventually be killed, and the days after, the days since you've been yourself. but some choose to take advantage of what was lost. to throw a fucking rager at a club or the nest, wherever may have you, and celebrate the life they've lead and might not, soon have anymore. most don't know the date, just declare a birthday when the time feels right, pick a concert to go to, and walk up on the stage to announce a "party at yours!!", and lead swarms of 'joys back to wherever you rest your head for the night. or sometimes, not often, but sometimes, maybe for crash-queens and desert roses, for old folks and, for lack of a better word, fuckin' saps, spend their birthdays quietly. reflecting on what the higher ups have given them. love, life, loss, a way of being, or lack there of. they spend the days alone on route guano or with a favorite record, someone to which they hold tight, someone who they'd bring to the grave and who'd go down with them. the day after, you have to forget what happened. quiet the ache in your head, clean the confetti out of your ears. null the thoughts of what the battery did to you, and remind yourself that they can't take you alive. to forget that you've ever thought of dying, that you're just living another day full of life.
birthdays are strange in the zones. but when you think, what isn't? what day isn't your last?
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theblackbutterfly02 · 28 days ago
For the personal Asks, how about 14, 23 (I'm going to be mean and specify favourite video game song tho), and 42!
14: Birthday?
July 12th every goddamn year
23: Favourite video game song?
Oh, this one is hard. I'm like constantly listening to different Tales of openings from time to time, they are great. I listen to certain soundtracks of games in general because they are relaxing (e.g. Competing with the Honor of the Land from Zesty, this one really did it to me, or the ones from that really old Wii game Rune Factory Frontier which was one of the first I played and I spent a good 1000+ hours on, brings back good memories)
But All of You and Memory of the Lost from Code Vein also did it to me aasfhjgashjf (just like the game, we aren't talking about my playtime) and a bunch of Soundtracks from games like Dark Souls or Xenoblade Chronicles
So, don't make me choose ahsjgasdj Video game music is great
42: Are you okay?
People usually ask this hoping the other answers with no and gives an explanation, right? So uuuh, tw suicidal ideation for everything below the cut?
Surprisingly, I'm not okay. I just recently had dreams in which I kill myself in every way imaginable and I'd be drawing vent art right now if I weren't busy hiding my mental state by playing PS3 games with my mom.
Usually my self-depreciation comes from me thinking not writing = bad author = not worth it as a person and to be fair, that's probably one of the things going on right now as I've been writing less the past.. week or so.
But I also just generally feel like absolute shit right now as I was harshly reminded of how little I managed in life so far. Do you have to earn the right to live? Video games tell you no, but really, you have to earn money in order to survive and I ain't even managing that ajsghdfsgajf If I didn't have a partner and parents I doubt I'd even have a home right now.
So, long story short, I'm on a downwards train right now. If my fanfics stop updating just assume I killed myself.
(My problem is called social anxiety and yes I am visiting psychiatrists and stuff but sometimes I just don't think my troubles important enough to tell them)
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the-meme-monarch · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
look ok everyone’s had the idea of a hl/hlvrai crossover but. consider: @kupadraws and i’s respective toon aus for them <.< also bonus toon!hlvrai gordon
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frankendykes-monster · 11 months ago
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Abandonment: How would your muse win back someone who left them?
Noise: Name one sound your muse finds absolutely unbearable.
Insects: Name something your muse finds gross or annoying.
Fear-Themed Headcanon Questions
Abandonment: How would your muse win back someone who left them?
Android: Connor would go over his memories to see if he could find what went so wrong that he could lose them. He’d try to make it right, apologize, maybe shower them with gifts if they are the type to like that (and Connor would injure himself on purpose just to talk to a certain technician if they refused to speak to him for some reason).
Human: Similar to android Connor, he’d also struggle with his own self-depreciation telling him that ‘it’s for the best’ or ‘you didn’t deserve them anyway’, but he’s just not willing to let something like that go. He wants to do what he can to bring them back and will be torn up about it. Never does he want to drive anyone away from him. 
Naga: He probably wouldn’t understand why they left. What could he have done wrong. It would plague his mind, and he would send things he knows his lover had liked while with him, hoping to spark some of those feelings back. They were destined to be together, so why was this happening?
Merman: Connor would give everything he had to make his mate happy. They’re stuck together for life. He doesn’t want to be a regret. He’d give them the space they need, but it would tear him apart inside, curling around himself, feeling cold and alone. Maybe he would go out on a search for something he knows they would like, needing to find it, no matter what. 
Noise: Name one sound your muse finds absolutely unbearable.
Android: High pitched frequencies annoy him. He also can’t stand hearing any animal in pain. He’ll go into full rescue mode if Hank accidentally steps on Sumo’s tail. 
Human: Eating. He hates the sound of it. Connor will also use it as an excuse for why he doesn’t go out to eat or will go to the break room. 
Naga: The crow of a rooster. He does not like when humans yell angrily. It sets him off. They either need to put an end to it or he will do it for them.
Merman: Boat engines and gun blasts. Neither one ends well for him. 
Insects: Name something your muse finds gross or annoying.
Android: When humans treat androids like they’re nothing and vice versa. He believes that the only way they can break the chain of hate is by taking the first steps for forgiveness. Not all humans are bad, and treating them with contempt will only breed more hatred and fear. 
Human: Being sick. He hates puking and just can’t handle it. He feels gross and just wants it to be over. He’s just so miserable. 
Naga: He finds people to be annoying quite often, does that count? 
Merman: When humans throw the bad things in the water. He likes collecting a lot of the human things, but he is not blind to the impact some of it has. ‘Ghost fishing’ is a particularly heartbreaking sight, seeing his kind, along with a number of sea life, tangled in large nets floating adrift, unable to escape. It depresses him every time he comes across one, and he does what he can. 
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autobotmedic · 2 months ago
I’ve been playing with this generator so here’s some fun results:
Ratch: Primus, give me patience Mega: I think you mean ‘give me strength’ Ratch: If Primus gave me strength, you’d be dead
Ratch: Optimus and I are having a baby An autobot younger than them (aka most of them): That’s gre- Ratch, slamming adoption papers on the table: It’s you, sign here.
Somebody: Are you the big spoon or the little spoon? Sg Orion: I’m a knife. Reamer, from across the room: He’s the little spoon.
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