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Hey, I just want to let you know that you'll always be an awesome team of people, no matter what. Even when your feelings are at their lowest, even if people act like you're the worst, even when you're doing something that you or others think is "weak" or "childish". You are amazing and awesome and other positive words beginning with the letter a, no matter what. You don't have to worry about acting cool, because you are naturally cool

Hey, I’m sorry we haven’t replied! A lot of things happened.. but I’m sort of back- me and Sal just can’t stop blurring ofhf

Thanks.. really, this ask has honestly come at the right time.. I don’t know why you sent this but I really appreciate it! Things are just. Really weird, this ask makes me feel a little better

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Stephanie and Ryan I want to give you two this *gives them a trainers kit with 6 pokeballs* it’s a trainers kit with six Pokemon at your command

Pokemon number 1: Pangoro (it has strong arms like you Ryan)

Pokemon number 2: Primeape (it reminds me of your anger Stephanie)

Pokemon number 3: Luvdisc (it reminds me of your team name The Daters)

Pokemon number 4: Marowak (Alola Form) (it’s very competitive)

Pokemon number 5: Bewear (it has powerful arm thrusts)

Pokemon number 6: Poliwrath (it’s so competitive it won’t rest until it wins)

Stephanie: “Wow! These pokemon are perfect for us!”

Ryan: “I know!”

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Here is something people might want to digest in terms of “Trump = Leader” ideas BECAUSE we are all human animals. We all rely on each other to maintain our lives and society:

Did he consider the experts (epidemiologists, medical equipment manufacturers/patent-holders and their teams, doctors and specialists: of which he is not) in mitigating this possible global crisis? No.
Did he consider the ramifications on the economy of lessening human contact earlier (January) compared to reactionary tactics? No.
Did he understand the limitations of the medical system we maintain (hospitals, ventilators, medical personnel) when preparing for this crisis? No.

These are the things that make a leader, because we’re all in this together, as humans. It is not about “pride” or “making sure a side wins” or any of that. We ALL maintain society.

You, working on ceiling tiles in Minnesota, influence the work of an immigrant farmer in Colorado.

Remember that when you try to cage immigrant children, or by keeping a gay person from adopting a kid, or keeping a poor person from get an abortion for a kid they can’t afford.

None of this is about “you,” it’s about “us.”

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always known why i wanted to say something. 

I didnt remember, but i do now that I saw, heard and felt some things that scared me. But i was always safe. 

In this pandemic, just be cautious of being safe. 

As someone who has been obsessed with being perfect for 26 years + food service pro/extraordinaire + public servant…

we are gonna be fine yall. stay the fuck indoors, see your family or CLOSE friends, cook your own food with natural ingredients (procure if necessary)

and keep yourselves busy and off media to avoid the spiral. pls and ty.

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I realised this a long time ago. A very long time ago. And I know you know how much I hate the concept of making the person you love feel special on only one day of the year. Like I said before, you deserve to feel special every single day. But in accordance with the nature of the 14th of February, I found it appropriate to write this today. 

Leannán (n): lover, darling, sweetheart

You are it for me. You are so much, and so very beautiful. I’m kinda crazy about you, and not shy to say it. You have a rare beauty and a sempiternal soul. My love, my light, my hope and my joy is planted in, fueled by, seasoned for you.

Thank you.

You will always be my favourite thought, my one and only love. 

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Lockdown day 16 I think
- Woke up and weighed in at 112lbs :)
- Black coffee for breakfast
- No workout

Morning thoughts: Who would have guessed! I cut my calories down after those horrible two weeks of binging and I’m down to 112 :o.. THAT’S 2LBS TILL MY NEXT GW AND 2LBS TILL I’M IN THE 110′S. I HAVEN’T BEEN IN THE 110′S SINCE I WAS A TEENAGER. Maybe when quarantine is over I’ll be thin? I really beggggg
I have a lot of adult responsibilities to sort out today and I know it’s gonna drive me a bit mad today, I can feel I’m gonna be in a irritable mood all day, especially if I’m fasting till 5pm. 

To do list
- Just fucking school work
- Bills, rent, stupid shit
- Go for a walk

- Make dinner (Pesto pasta with courgette, 380kcal)
- Smoke a spliff with a cup of tea
- Allow one or two low cal snacks each with a cup of tea
- More tea if munchies continue 
- Spliff before bed 

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