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#for when im sad
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Especially the purple one like aaaaahhhhhhhhh
I wanna paint my nails now
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reputaytion-xiiia month ago
Find yourself someone who threatens u like @the-soul-in-the-sixth-sense
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Ilysm bestie 馃挄馃挄馃挄
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psycho-mocha2 months ago
oh im in love with you too, in a non romantic way鈥攖he pure choas of u. the mental instability. the bts things that i cannot comprehend. the typos. you would walk straight into a glass door, you would a peel an orange and hand half to me, you would chug coffee like train, you would wear a shirt backwards, (i feel like:) you dont know how to cook or fold laundry or change a tire, you would eat ramen noodles for every meal if you had to cook, you are a walking train wreck, you are so easy to fall in love with.
this made me feel so warm inside oh my god ily
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namastaytfawayy8 days ago
following you is like getting to solve a mystery puzzle every few weeks.
akjsdnkjsef and why is that?
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nacho08a month ago
did I listen to starry starry night(vincent) after going through your blog,,yes,yes i did and I'm glad I did
god, I love that song and now everytime I listen to that song now,,I'll be reminded of you,hahah!!
oh this is going in my stargazing playlist thankyou SO MUCH for this actually !!
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vive-la-revolutiona month ago
im so sorry you have crappy parents, but i want you to know that you are loved <3
thank you anon <3
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theeldritchbeesechurger9 months ago
alright its le pinned post
They/He/Void/Xe/Any Neopronouns
I dont give a fuck beyond please dont use she/her or if you do use it very rarely
My names are Alex and Ghost, probably gonna hoard more once i find some more i like
Gray Aroace
i like women and also pretty much everyone under the nonbinary umbrella
I am a minor!! creeps will be blocked.
AGAB, (Assigned gay at birth)
I'm an atheist
Please tag self harm and suicide posts, if its like a one note a day I'll reblog it but please tag
Reallly my whole blog is just swearing tw and caps tw. i do try and tag everything, but if i forget lemme know.
Im neurodivergent, probably autistic and maybe adhd so if i dont get your tone or what you mean, sorry, you might have to explain it to me.
You can always ask me to tag triggers/squicks!!
if i ever say anything thats offensive, (unless you try and tell me some shit about being offensive to TERFs or whatever), let me know asap and ill take it down
I wish all people who know my deadname a very forget it
MDT timezone
sideblogs- alex-save-for-later and alex-vent-blog
Chaotic Good
i adopted the chaos chirrens lmao
My birthday is November 12th
Fandoms: MCU, Supernatural, Sherlock, Riordanverse, Young Royals, Harry Potter (fuck jkr tho) and more i cant remeber rn
Stuff i tag
all of my original posts are "#original post" because im creative like that
me rbing and having conversations with people are "#alex talking to people"
#save and #save for later (usually ill rb this to my save sideblog as well)
#thanks for the ask! or just #ask for asks
theres more but i forgot
TERFS, SWERFS, truscum, any sort of transphobes
White/blue/all lives matter supporters鈥 just anyone who doesn't support the black lives matter movement
Trump supporters
Antisemitic people
Pro-life/anti-choice people
"Super straights" just say your transphobic and then go fuck yourself
MAPS, or whatever the pedos are calling themselves
Fuck off if you ship any sort of pedophilic/incest ship, looking at you st*rker, th*rki, w*ncest, etc
If youre gonna try and force your religion onto me or anyone else
18+ blogs, youll be blocked on site anyways (some nsfw is fine but p*rn blogs go away)
descriptors you can use for me
Tumblr media
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ganseys-jane3 months ago
hi my bitch my shat
noticed you were off cuz parents prb and anons fuckery
鉁╪ow here i am as your knightess on shining armor to provide you serotonin鉁
*raises eyebrows* what do you think about this
Tumblr media
oo or this?
Tumblr media
im pretty sure it was louis who taught this to our cinnamon roll
Tumblr media
enough cute and funny?
okay lets get you horny
Tumblr media
his jeans is lower than usual yk? im pretty sure you dont mind at all
Tumblr media
okay sorry no my ovaries burst at this
Tumblr media
who even gave this man the right to exist here? i cant handle this level of sex god
aaahhh lets enter your fav world now
lemme put you in a crisis
will herondale?
Tumblr media
sebastian morgenstern?
Tumblr media
(i hope i made you feel better baby, i love you <333)
oh my god jia you fucking incredible human-
niall and damon and will and my belOVED SEBASTIAN ALTOGETHER THIS MADE ME SMILE
thank you so much i fucking love you 馃槶馃挋
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Tumblr media
I watched till the end omg that's so cute ilysm
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reputaytion-xiii2 days ago
Tutorial of How to talk on Tumblr by @the-shit-in-the-sixth-sense
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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edgar--allan--h0e7 months ago
Tumblr media
Love your husband if he stabs you in the gut and rips your intestines out... He's just trying to tell you he loves every inch of you.
And lastly, love him when he drinks your blood out of your skull as he slowly morphs into a fucking werewolf under the light of the full moon... He's just trying to tell you that he trusts you and knows he can be vulnerable around you.
Duh! What were YOU gonna do, little miss I-have-a-potato-for-a-head? Divorce him? Silly wife...
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psycho-mocha4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i am extremely concerned
mix all of them together to create the ultimate mocktail
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secret-eden3 months ago
we all have our demons, @secret-eden is mine
Hell yeah I'm the demon in this friendship!!!
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namastaytfawayy2 months ago
You may not know me but I would like you to know that every time you are on my dashboard, I sing your name like the beginning of "Tu Jo Mila"
If you ever feel sad just remember that you have a follower humming your name to herself every once in a while
My name's ashi and I wanted a url that had it in it and I really like that song and so I chose this! I'm glad it had the affect I wanted akskskkdjsksk
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rosadiaz-givesme-bipanic5 months ago
I'm laughing so hard look at what I made
Tumblr media
Captain Colt
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thorneedsahuggle11 months ago
42. Are you okay?
Hmm wow huh that鈥檚 a really nice question!
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church-of-burnt-romancesa month ago
purple, hugs, good vibes, stray kids, soft smoke
i love how stray kids is one of the things you associate with me sksksbghd
but also aaahhhh this is so sweet thank youu
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