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brochachoooo 👋👋👋 for the ask game– 1, 5, 7, 14, 18 and 20 :DDD

hello there brochachooo 🙆🏻‍♀️✨ thank you for sending something and preventing me from the face of embarrassment 🤪

1. what was the first song you heard by your bias group? when did you hear it?

hellavator. i listened to it when stray kids first released it back then, but i didn’t care that much so i just clicked away when the song ended 🤡

5. name your top 10 favorite k-pop albums.

i am who + miroh - stray kids / hyyh pt.2 - bts / treasure ep.1: all to zero + treasure epilogue: action to answer - ateez / i am a woman too - bang minah / russian roulette - red velvet / void - the rose / red tape - f(x) / i - taeyeon 

7. what is your favorite k-pop choreo?

i have a lot but as of right now, i really like violeta from iz*one 🥴

14. do you have a favorite music video of all time? if so, what?

i don’t tend to look at music video, i just put it on the background to listen to the song. but lately, i really like the music video of i’m your girl by khan and russian roulette by red velvet.

18. do you own any k-pop albums? if so, how many?

yes! i am not gonna go count but pretty sure 100+

20. who is your favorite soloist?


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In a larger context, this article doesn’t really matter. I’m just a nobody trying to vent out how scared I am with what is going on with this world we live in right now. For all people that has the right to talk about the said virus, I am the least person you want to listen to, or at least to hear anything from.

I am scared.

As someone so invisible to this society that nobody will probably will care about in case I get infected (aside from my family and friend that might get infected in case I got the virus, but I don’t have it… or do I? I really don’t know since I am one of those people who aren’t tested since there aren’t enough kits) and will just be another addition to the number of cases and name to the obituary when I’m gone, I’m scared that this will all be over and everyone will just move on like nothing happened and just… have this happen again in the future and no one’s going to talk about it. And, best believe me, it will happen again, and again, and again…

I am scared for those people who aren’t even aware of what is going on. They are out in the streets still making a living and other are still risking their lives since they haven’t got enough to get through and no one is doing anything about it. I know after this, people will tell me, “How about you? What have you done?”

Nothing. Because I’m scared.

Because, that’s what they all taught us, right? To be scared?

Isn’t that why we are so fast enough to judge people and say that they should have done this, and they should have done that… especially to our government leaders and to the rich, and to everyone else we probably didn’t personally know.

WE are all scared. I get it. We are all scared. But these people, at least started to do something about it. 

We’re just here sitting in our butts blabbering our mouths, complaining about almost everything, and some of us, break the rules, go out and couldn’t do our parts and blame on them?

Isn’t that unfair?

Well… isn’t anything unfair anyways?

I’m sorry. I’m just scared, too.

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he hurt me, and i only have one question- if you didn’t love me, what was your intention when you put on the spectacle?

i wasn’t your right girl, you’d probably find one of them ‘i like art’-type girls

STAY OUT OF MY DREAMS, working man

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