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iiterative · a month ago
here’s a cool story about me i’m sharing because i’m crossfaded and feel like it says a lot about me as a person:
one time i went to a winco at like 11pm with my qpp bc the winco was the only thing open. someone else in my system had been in a winco once before and felt it was like, sensorily unpleasant and left partially dissociated but, you know, it was 11pm and it was the only grocery store open, so i figured i could handle that. sometimes you need groceries and you have to make a bit of a bargain involving your own life energy, whatever, i do that all the time.
when i went in to that winco at around 11pm it was like entering a torture dimension. the intercom kept crackling. sometimes there was a garbled human voice. sometimes just a loud, harsh beep like a fire alarm battery sound. some of the lights in the store were out. some of them were flickering. most of them were on, and that might have been the worst, because they were the kind of Common Lighting that you usually see in schools, which, fun fact, was actually specially designed to make me specifically INCREDIBLY miserable, and it was echoing around in this huge spacious warehouse of a nightmare. a fun fact about me* (*us, i guess, but i specifically have committed this a lot) is that i am kind of prone to going insane in grocery stores because something about the sheer overload of seeing the rows of shapes and colors makes me Lose My Fucking Head. have you ever been in a winco? i don’t know if they’re all like this, but it was like a costco, only with shorter aisle shelves that do not have the decency to shield you from the site of the Entire Rest Of The Huge Store. rows on rows on rows of all these fucking shapes and colors. i’d like to think i held it together ok for a while, but then what feels like about halfway through my tenure in the winco there was a forklift, beeping irregularly and flashing a yellow light through the Entire Fucking Store somehow. you may now be wondering. ‘how long were you in this winco.’ long enough for them to start CLOSING, is how long. how did that happen? well, see, i can’t eat many foods that exist in the world, and i kept. fucking. spotting foods that i could eat. in and among all the Shapes and Colors. these foods were themselves Shapes and Colors, because when you are in a grocery store all of the food disguises itself this way, but i was able to spot them. it took a lot of processing power to do that, and also meant i was constantly LOOKING AROUND, ON PURPOSE. this was wearing me down. shortly around the time of the forklift, the store began closing. i was still spotting tantalizing new types of food i could eat. my mind was splintering. my memory of this time gets more and more hazy. time passed, and i was not aware of it, and barely aware of my own mounting panic, which for some horribly malfunctioning survival instinct reason was feeding my desire to KEEP LOOKING FOR FOOD. i started backtracking through the aisles, thinking i might have missed foods, and discovering that i HAD. i was receiving positive reinforcement for driving myself deeper into this frenzied state, staying, in my madness, in a place that was devouring me. i think i dimly recall announcing, in a very strained and probably alarming sounding voice, something along the lines of ‘I NEED TO BE DONE NOW’ and marching myself very very forcefully to the self checkout.
then the self checkout started malfunctioning, or possibly i was just at this point incapable of comprehending it. probably both, because it kept claiming we needed a store employee’s permission to buy items such as. dairy free popsicles. fruit juice. gluten free bread mix. and it wouldn’t stop summoning a store employee and completely disallowing me to scan items and i was ABSOLUTELY FUCKING PANICKING and unable to speak without getting stuck repeating a word over and over like a scratched record and finally the store employee who kept getting summoned very obviously either took pity on us or realized that this was the best way to get us to Leave The Fucking Store, or possibly probably both, and was like ‘do you want me to scan the rest of your items for you.’ and there were Quite Several Items, i had seen MANY foods i could eat in this hellscape of temptations. and then my qpp made the executive decision that yes we WERE going to allow the store employee to scan the groceries, even though some sparking fragment of my psyche was frantically insisting that No I Am A Functional Person Capable Of Scanning Groceries I’m Just Being Inexplicably Horrible Somehow. in my memory qpp was very sympathetically like.ok that’s nice and also we are letting the store employee do this. the store employee scanned the rest of the groceries and put in the employee code every time the scanner demanded it for all of our not even a little bit age restricted items. and we exited the WinCo and i was like ‘boy that sucked!’ and my qpp was like ‘hey uhhh are you ok to drive’ and i was like ‘i better be!’ and then i drove us home and we didn’t die but i did apparently take a turn from Very the wrong lane, which i don’t remember doing, but was informed of shortly afterwards. then we got home and i insisted i should be allowed to put away groceries and could do it on my own and then after putting a few things away i had to sit on the floor and shake like i was dying. and then some part of me remembered that possibly this was a panic attack and possibly i needed to chemically intervene before i had like, an entire prolonged psychotic break, because this might well be approaching that threshold.
so that’s the story of how one time i had to drink to cope with going to the grocery store!
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wickymicky · a year ago
i remember when my bf said that oh my girl hyojung looks like she’s 15 and i asked them how old they thought she actually was and they said 18 or 19, and i said that she’s actually 25, almost 26, older than both of us lol. like, talk about a fake maknae...
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otp-holic · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
The one place (where something happened) (On Tumblr)
Fanfic + Manip, 4Ks. Shameless fluff. Part of this series of one shots.
He’s decluttering the counter when their damaged picture laying there puts a smile on his face but also reminds him of the restored version presumably still waiting inside the disregarded letter, so he grabs the envelope to retrieve its contents: one photocopy (from Dernier’s original writing), and the promised photo. And it is restored. Everything is clear where it was blurry before: Dernier (so deep into his priest impersonation that he’s not even looking at them), the trees, the battered umbrella, the ridiculous jackets… and them.
A very nice anon asked me for one rebloggable version of the "non-wedding" picture from the The One Place (where something happened). I feel it works better into the context of that fic (and that’s why it wasn’t originally out of the cut), but since she/he/them asked so nicely, I decided to make a post with the un-daguerrotyped manip (so at least I feel I'm adding something new into the mix…) I hope this works for you, anon, and that you can enjoy this new version, too.
This manip was fun, but pretty laborious to make (I also scanned the picture and it was a full two pages center piece so I had to stick that together too!), but wanna know my favorite part about it? That both their faces come from the same fucking frame, so they are REALLY looking at each other like that 💛💛💛
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posi-pan · 9 months ago
seems VerilyBitchie knows about you and said you gutted one of the historical quotes you used (the one from George Chauncey about men in the 1930s) and recontextualized it dishonestly
what else is new. i wonder if this is why i was asked for my opinion on them. i said their url sounded familiar in my response, and i eventually ended up looking them up and it was because i had seen their videos around. but when i checked their tumblr and saw the types of posts they make and share and who they interact with? panphobe. this just cements it.
anyways. i read their post (which is from a year ago) and i guess this will be my response.
my favorite part was how they claimed my definition of pan is one that says bi people can’t be attracted to gender nonconformity or transness. because any time spent on my blog shows that i have never thought that. but what else do you expect from panpohbes?
and like....the post they were referring to.....when i mentioned how the definition of pan was used in that book, i was simply pointing out how the “not defined by gender” wording that pan people often use was being used at that time. that’s it. nothing deeper. it solely about those words.
and it was literally not a serious post at all. pan people can’t even fucking lightheartedly make emoji eyes at the language we use for our identity today being used decades ago without people being like “well actually, biphobe”. like, y’all can apply the bi label to historical figures who never used it and some who didn’t have access to it and it’s all fucking roses, but i can’t jokingly be like “hey pansexual” when i see attraction described with wording pan people often use or is similar to it? come the fuck on.
and it’s like.........i fucking i know. i know he wasn’t talking about pansexuality. i know his view of sexuality is not how we view it today, or even how most people viewed it the time the book was written. it literally wasn’t any deeper than “hey this person said not gay or straight or bi but not defined by gender and that rings a bell for me as a pan person”. that’s literally all the post was.
it had nothing to do with any greater statements he was making or how he was conceptualizing sexuality or bisexuality specifically, which is why i omitted parts of the quote, blatantly indicated by the ellipsis i used. so they can fuck off with claiming i was dishonest, like i was trying to trick people by sneakily leaving stuff out. if i wanted to trick people, i wouldn’t have added the ellipsis, i wouldn’t have added the source, and i wouldn’t have literally said i’m not applying pansexuality to the quote or those the quote was about and that it was literally just about that one phrase. about purposely trying to portray me as a malicious biphobe to your following of panphobes (idk how many followers they have on tumblr but they have 10k+ subscribers on youtube so) because it’s easy and makes you seem justified in your panphobia.
i know they read my tags because they mention them in their post, so it’s interesting how they ignored the part where i said people should feel free to send me a message me with their thoughts. i mean, why bother having a conversation with another human being and expressing your opinion or concerns to them in a way that opens a dialogue and furthers understanding among us,
when you can just assume bad faith in order to make a call out post (i was originally gonna say indirect, but they added my url in their tags, so) to falsely use someone as an example of biphobic pan people to your followers who already believe pan people are biphobes on your blog where the only pan related posts are about problematic pan people/definitions/etc. furthering the idea that that is all there is to pan/pan people?
panphobes are entirely predictable and beyond fucking pathetic. my final thought on this is: i think the assumption of bad faith and purposeful projection of biphobia onto me to further the narrative against pan people is “dishonest and misleading to the hundreds of rebloggers”.
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courtsmagicians · a month ago
✷ please don’t — this is a demo version only.
So, as we all know, ‘Heartache’ was originally written for another project, one that ultimately became Deltarune. And, as Toby Fox has said, the original title was ‘Joker Battle’. Of course, this could mean it was meant to be Jevil’s battle music instead of ‘The World Revolving’ but what if... it was for a battle between two jokers instead.
I wrote lyrics for a cover of Heartache that’s the fight between Seam and Jevil that may have ensued when Seam was forced to lock him away. Honestly, the whole thing came out way better than I expected, but I’ll probably still re-record at a later time and post a rebloggable version elsewhere. The instrumental version is by Cloudjumper. For now, you can find the lyrics and some brief commentary under the cut! Thanks for listening, it means so much!
LYRICS: (all are sung by Seam unless noted in italics and parenthesis — those are Jevil’s lines).
“Jevil? Are you there? Jevil — I was looking everywhere for you!” (“Seam! My old friend… would you like to play a game, game?”)
Growing dark And descending into hell
This villainous task left to me
I cannot let you go on Bringing chaos to our land But we can go home, Stop this madness and stop this plan Why won’t you just come with me?
Remember All those days and long nights Playing games By the glow of my lantern light We can still go back! And don’t you recall the fun we used to have Magic in our souls the world in our hands
Though this world has gone mad It won’t be so bad  If we can stand side by side  Jokers in a deck will never divide  
And if the world is a game Then we’ll play to win as one We’ll be a team Solo games are never as fun Why won’t you just come with me?
“Jevil, you must stop this madness. I don’t want to hurt you. Jevil!” (“You can’t hurt me! It’s all a game, see?”)
Growing dark Darker and yet darker still
This fight is ripping out my heart
We were inseparable once (an unstoppable team) In the early days of court (coming from far and wide) A land of peace (chaos, chaos) In the darkness that light distorts The kings will not let you go free (Safe inside there I will be free)
If only (If only) You could see what I see (You could see what I see) That’s freedom — (That’s freedom!) Break the chains of insanity (Break the chains of your sanity) It isn’t too late So what if the world will end in light or darkness Is our path set in stone, one predestined fate?
Pierce the darkening sky Unleashing a storm Of judgement from its pyre  Splitting hearts at the seams Succumb to the fire! 
I will do anything (I can do anything) If it means the game never ends (If it means the game never ends) Watch darkness fall (Embrace chaos as it descends)
Then I guess We never were friends
I took a lot of inspiration originally from the Undertale the Musical version of Heartache, but I’m really glad that as the lyrics evolved, they didn’t just feel like a remix of those. Although I call this track ‘Joker Battle’ like the original one was, ‘Heartache’ still very much fits, as this battle was, for Seam, the hardest thing they’ve ever had to do. I hope you can tell from both the lyrics and the emotion.
I’m gonna try not to explain my choices behind every line because I hope they’re mostly intuitive, but “by the glow of my lantern light” is a favorite of mine, a nod to the name of the song that plays in Seam’s shop... and once again a bit of an homage to the MOTI cover of Lantern sung by Seam.
“and if the world is a game / then we’ll play to win as one / we’ll be a team / solo games are never as fun” is another favorite for a few reasons; Seam acknowledging Jevil’s perspective, and them still wanting to be with Jevil, be his friend, work together. Seam regrets what they have to do, and in this first half of the song they’re basically begging Jevil to just stop what he’s doing, promising him that if he does, everything will be fine and they can get through it together. I’m also just proud of “play to win as one”... go me, that was a really nice lyrical twist.
The second part introduces Jevil singing in counterpoint with Seam. Heartache, unlike a lot of the Undertale songs, doesn’t have a clear & strong counter melody, so I had to improvise a little but I think it worked well. In the first stanza of this, they’re both reflecting on their past together. But then at the end, Seam lets slip that “the kings will not let you go free”, and Jevil begins to see his future cell as the ‘freedom’ he describes in the game with “safe inside there I will be free”.
Then we enter a section of them both trying to convince the other, with tight crunchy harmonies at the beginning. Seam believes that Jevil can pull himself out of the madness he’s descended into, while Jevil sees insanity as freedom, and would rather Seam join him (“break the chains of insanity” vs “break the chains of YOUR sanity”).
But this is still a fight, after all, and Seam quickly reminds us of that. There’s a headcanon that Seam uses fire magic, which I’ve adopted, and what I consider their ‘special’ attack is called DarkPyre, a cascade of fireballs that explode in the air above them and rain down smaller flame ‘bullets’. So “unleashing a storm of judgement from its pyre/.../succumb to the fire” is a reference to that. And of course, “splitting hearts at the seams” is a nice little pun when you’re reading it. I wanted this stanza to feel very otherworldly, almost like an angel descending, larger than life, etc. Very ‘Hellfire’ from HOND, so both the orchestra and vocals are boosted here. This is Seam’s final attack.
Seam admits one last time that they don’t want things to end this way, but they now see that no matter what they do, it’s hopeless. And we get a classic Jevil “I can do anything!” --- he also doesn’t want his game to end, but it’s different from the one Seam is playing. 
“Then I guess we never were friends” is the moment that Seam is forced to deliver the final blow, which allows them to lock Jevil up. It’s interesting, because they pin this on Jevil, blaming him for the loss of their friendship and for not giving in sooner, but this line could just as easily be from Jevil’s POV, seeing Seam’s act as one of betrayal. But he doesn’t seem to care, because in his mind, he’s getting his freedom, while Seam is the one left to pick up the pieces. 
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sarahlevys · 6 months ago
which do you think are taylor’s strongest songs lyrically?
This is the original post; the full post with all my answers is here!
Thank you for your patience, anon – I was waiting until i had a chance to fully nerd out, and now that tropefest is over, here's my chance! I'm gonna do at least one from each album. Note that these don't necessarily equate to my favorite songs from each album; they're just the ones I think are really lyrically fun.
Taylor Swift: Tim McGraw
This has always been one of my favorites. I'm a sucker for assonant rhyming (similar vowel sounds) instead of exact rhyming, and the first three lines deliver:
Tumblr media
The verses follow an uneven AABCCBDD scheme, although verse 1 is a little less sophisticated – shined, night, lie make it more of an AAA, and she's using night twice. Compare the above to verse 2, which is more complex:
Tumblr media
We have more assonant rhyming (tears, here / bed, read [depending on how you say 'read,' you could consider it a perfect rhyme] / that, back / bittersweet, believe).
But honestly, the reason why I'm going with this one is because I love the sucker punch of "I said, 'That's a lie.'" It just does something to me.
okay, before I get into Fearless, I just want to go on record and say that I love the song "Fearless," but I find its lyrics a little bit of a clunky tongue-twister. I still love it!! But I just had to get that out.
Fearless - Hey, Stephen
I think this song is so bubbly and fun 😅 We have a loose ABABCCAC form for the verses, with lots of imperfect and/or assonant rhyming. Check out verse 1 –
Tumblr media
– and then verse 2 crams a ton of words into the fourth phrase. At first glance it looks like we're not following the rhyme scheme, but 'seen' is an assonant rhyme with 'feeling,' which I love.
Tumblr media
And then in the chorus, I love the way the 'so' at the end of the second phrase not only serves to create a pseudo-feminine assonant rhyme (angel / rain, so) but also leads into the third phrase.
Tumblr media
Plus "would they write a song for you?" is peak trolly Taylor. I love it.
Fearless - White Horse
This one's here because I love the classic final chorus turnaround of the story, where we go from "I'm not a princess, this ain't a fairytale" to "I'm not your princess, this ain't our fairytale" and the confidence of the rest of the changes.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The power! The agency! Saying all this to the ex-lover while they're on their knees begging for forgiveness!
Fearless - Forever & Always
I really really love the imagery of "it rains in your bedroom; everything is wrong; it rains whenyou're here and it rains when you're gone." That's it. I just love it.
Speak Now is where I start having more emotional connections with the music, FYI.
Speak Now - Sparks Fly
Taylor, wtf are you doing?!
Tumblr media
The chaos of rainstorm against running is so good. One might say it's reckless. (Okay, maybe not. Maybe yes?) Taylor loves her imperfect rhymes, and I love them for her and for me, too.
Verse 2, if you're wondering, is more neat and tidy – and something does rhyme with the running from Verse 1. Maybe that was her plan all along.
Tumblr media
And then I lose my mind every time the chorus hits with its simple, quarter note-driven rhythm at first, and then as soon as we hit the first instance of "'cause I see sparks fly whenever you smile," suddenly we're barreling into these faster eighth notes and cramming all these feelings and excitement and adrenaline in. It's so good.
Tumblr media
Okay, I forgot there's a 10 image limit to posts so I'm going to have to do this as a rebloggable series. 😅 Stay tuned...
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klaasfoto · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ten favorites because my Tumblr turns five today.
To my dear followers, enthusiastic rebloggers, sweet reply givers, kind personal message senders and random heart clickers: Thank you! 
This would be less fun without you.
Links to the original posts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
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star-wars-multishippers · 11 months ago
Get to Know Me(me) - The Members of SW Multishippers!
This was an event hosted on the Discord server to do a sort of re-introduction of both old and new joiners to the server. Everyone who wanted to participate filled out the survey below to share a little about themselves and about their faves in fandom.
Survey (for anyone who wants to join in below in the comments):
Who Am I? - Name, username on other sites, mini bio if you'd like Where do I fit into the SW fandom? - Prequels, Sequels, EU, etc. What do you do? Fic, art, lurking and reblogging? My Top Faves - 2 or 3 max please! My Own Stuff - 1 or 2 max please!
Who am I?
MBlair both on Discord and on AO3, maggzblair on Tumblr (MBlair, maggzblair)
Where do I fit into the SW fandom?
Mostly lurker/reblogger/occasional writer, mostly Original Trilogy and Sequel trilogy.
Fics I Love to Rec
Of Queens, Knights, and Pawns (and associated fics) by chancecraz
Hand of Fate by sweetestcondition
My Fics I Love to Rec
Reyuxmas 2019
A Wonderful Winter on Hoth
I’ll Love You ‘Til the Suns Burn Out
Who Am I?
Feckyeslife#2003 on Discord, firelord65 on AO3
Where do I fit into the SW fandom?
I'm pretty solidly a Sequels fan, but I have a special place in my heart for the Prequels. I'm a fic writer who dabbles mostly in canon universe AUs, what ifs, that sort of stuff. Primarily my fics have Rey with a tendency to focus on the First Order characters and plots.
My Top Faves
A classic Reylo fic from an old friend - Beneath the Facade. It technically has a prologue fic before it in the series, but this piece was the one that I really enjoyed way back in the EARLY days of Reylo.
Because I'm an insufferable Reylux fan, I have to rec at least one. This piece by @every-day-is-star-wars-day  a oneshot that ever so masterfully crushes my heart every time - Thread
My one Original Trilogy rec, this is a beast of a long fic but so, so good - Dark Times
My Own Stuff
Reylux, medieval AU - La Vita Primus - is the first in a small series of this AU
Reylo, TROS Fix-It - Oh but it's a dark future, my star. Oh but it's a soft morning for us soon.
Who Am I?
Call me apple. she/her/hers. I’m gold_pen_leaps on dreamwidth, ao3, and pillowfort. on mastodon. I am doing my best to boycott tumblr, but I've been known to use a tumblr link embed on pf from time to time. (gold_pen_leaps (DW), gold_pen_leaps (AO3))
Where do I fit into the SW fandom?
I’m mainly into the Sequels and the Mandalorian. I joined the server for Hux/Kylo/Rey and all the combinations of the characters in my ot3. I can edit better than I can write. Sometimes I comment on fics.
My Top Faves
A Dance of Titans by @lucidlucy is a really long reylux fic. The delicious slowburn makes all the flavors combine in an amazing way. Love how they battle the main villain!
My Own Stuff
I helped give feedback on the second part of a series. Does that count? This is knight_of_dance's fic. It's really cool to see writers' takes on Modern AU, and this one has influenced my ideas of what sort of kinks those characters have. :smirk: Switch Up
Who Am I?
 hi! tho im much more...a lurker around here im mizz (she/they/he). im badarmada on tumblr, badwrong-gimme on pillowfort, gimmemrss on twitter, badwrongprincess on ao3 (i have so many usernames XD, ive got a dreamwidth, wordpress, and art insta too if youre interested lol)
(@badarmada, gimmemrss (twitter), badwrongprincess (AO3))
Where do I fit into the SW fandom?
i liked the prequels as a kid (still do kinda), rouge one, i do like clone wars tho i havent finished it and the sequels (well tfa and tros tho only one of them is good imo) i reblog stuff mostly and read fanfic, tho i write some stuff too. finn is my fav and pretty much my center character (ie the one i focus on the most) and i like most finn ships (favs being finnhux, finnlo, finnrey)
My Top Faves
the things we do for love by glare is an unfinished finnlohux fanfic that i love a lot
worlds are built for two by synergenic (Losseflame). this is a poefinn fic from finns pov
My Own Stuff still working on this fic -(Be More Chill, Hux) very slowly this year has been super hard on me writing wise and ive been drawing ocs and for another fandom mostly but I will finish this one day!
Arsanimo - Marion
Who Am I?
Hi, I’m Arsanimo, self taught artist and nerd from Germany that’s mostly lurking. You can find me with this username on tumblr, twitter and instagram. I draw mostly Reylo at the moment. ( @arsanimo, Arsanimo (Twitter), Arsanimo (IG))
Where do I fit into the SW fandom?
I‘m in my thirties and an OT fan since birth, because my dad was obsessed with Star Wars and we watched it a lot as kids - they are the go to christmas movies in our family. Even as a very small kid I loved Vader. I didn’t like the ST quite as much when it came out in cinemas but still watched them multiple times. I’m much more fond of them now. But my love for Star Wars really got renewed with the ST. I really liked TFA and TLJ a lot. Not a great fan of TROS though, but to each their own. I recently started watching TCW, if you haven’t go watch it! The Mandalorian is also great and feels more like the OT for me, which I love. Oh, and R1 was awesome, I loved that one! Solo also was good. I think I will be a lifelong fan because it’s such a rich universe and everybody can pick a favorite. I’m also good at ignoring the parts I don’t like, lol. But I‘m mostly exhausted about all the drama on social media, so at the moment I take a bit of a break from social media and only post from time to time. And I’m of the firm believe to ship and let ship and if the art and fics are good, you can also find me enjoying ships outside of Reylo (honestly, some Kylux art out there, woah... and Finnrey is always so tender but Stormpilot has two hot guys in it... and don’t get me started about Finnrose! You probably get the gist)
My Top Faves
It’s hard to name so few, there are so many good artists out there. But Winter of Her (Twitter) has some outstanding art in her own style. Than I really like the style of Khallion (Twitter), check her out.
My Own Stuff
And last but not least two pieces of mine that turned out pretty good
Who am I?
Allo allo, I go by many names but many know me as cookies here. Lol I'm from the US and I've been a lifelong A+, gold star , nerd my whole life. I love writing among 5 million other hobbies. I am on Tumblr and A03. (@knight-of-cookies, Knight_of_Cookies (AO3))
Where do I fit into the SW fandom?
It all started with the prequels which I fell in love with and even wrote my first fan fic on. (I dragged it from to A03 for my own form of personal torture) I dropped out of star wars until I was in Japan and a close group of friends got me to watch Roque One and play a star wars based table top role playing game, which dumped me back into this fandom hardcore. I fell in love with the sequel trilogy and now I'm stuck forever. Lol
I have been writing on A03 for around 2 years now for star wars and it's been the most productive and progressive work I've ever done thanks to ya'll.
Also, hey, I created this multishippers discord, because multishipping rocks and everyone should do it. :P I know I've never active enough but I love this space and the people in it! My fav part about multishipping is how I'm always discovering yet another ship that is awesome. It never ends. ^^
My top favs - (of things no one should be surprised by)
Beastie by @feckyeswriting. It spawned a written series(multiple actually)
Glutton by Witchoil. Just very good dark and wonderful kinky smut. Always go back to this one.
In the house that skywalker built by @aicosu. This story got me into Reylux in a way I'll never recover from.
My own stuff
Nothing but Themselves - This is my favorite beast of a story I've ever written and it will be beautiful when I finish it. One day. Lol
Tanzaku - One of my most polished pieces thanks to the Reylo Anthology. My best combo of: insert culture nerding here and captive Ben as personal tropes.
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panerato · a year ago
You're one of my favourite mutuals. I love that you're a liker+reblogger, same as me. You see something you like, you show it your followers. I get so sad that people just give likes and rarely reblog. Maybe it's selfish of me (because I want reblogs most when it's my original content) but whatever. Anyway, you're a darling and I hope you have the most wonderful day
Aww thank you darling!! 🥰🥰🥰 You are one of my favorite mutuals as well! I love the content you reblog (and make)and I think it's so awesome you take the time to comment on posts as well. I don't think its selfish to want recognition, especially on something you created. You are putting a part of yourself out there and when someone not only likes it, but shares it for others to see, it is a wonderful feeling. I am having a wonderful day (recovering nicely from being sick) and your message made it so much more wonderful! Thank you for being you and I hope you have a fantastic day as well! 🥰
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Hi there, I was scrolling through your blog after seeing the reaction to your elaboration on your Aang/atla meta post and I just wanted to say (as a self proclaimed aang stan)... I think you’re right. I’m sending this anonymously because I’m a coward and I really don’t want to learn which of my mutuals didn’t/couldn’t understand what you meant. To be fair, based on your elaboration I was really confused and couldn’t quite understand what you meant so I immediately started siding with the rebloggers, but once I read the original post I felt really bad about that and wanted to say sorry. I understand where some of the rebloggers were coming from because your responses did (rightfully) get more aggressive and that was jarring to someone who tries to stay in the soft-spoken agree-to-disagree part of the fandom. However, I just thought you should know that once I really thought about what you were trying to say I agree wholeheartedly, (although I do disagree with some of your delivery, like the “little air nomad beliefs” thing but that’s beside the point, sorry) and I just wanted to apologize for my initial reaction to your posts, because I think your point that Zuko being Aang’s foil showed where his arc was lacking was a really good idea and your other ideas have a lot of merit and I’m sorry about the hate you’re getting/got.
I hope you know now that there’s at least one Aang stan that’s in your corner. I really appreciated how you said that you blame the writers and not necessarily Aang as a character for the flaws in his arc, and I hope the response hasn’t alienated you so much you stop posting your thoughts, because I think you have a lot to offer. That’s all. (Sorry for the length.)
I’ve gotten death threats for saying men shouldn’t rape women
Aang stans in a tizzy do not matter to me, you’re good and I actually think you’re really nice and I appreciate that you said this at all even if anonymously
and yes I do know I was being aggressive and condescending, I’m someone who likes debate and am kind of an asshole so I find using that language in an argument fun especially against people who seem determined to misunderstand me
at that point the language doesn’t matter because they’re not reading what I’m saying anyways
(and just on the little air nomad beliefs thing I said that specifically because these aren’t real world beliefs and they’re not even realistic beliefs imo, they’re the beliefs a couple of white guys made up to give their kid protagonist and make him look good, I call them little because taking that into account they are little and lack nuance and are uncomplicated, what we see on the show doesn’t even support them being as Aang says they are in late s3)
I just find a lot of Aang stans that get like this disheartening because I think Aang is an enjoyable and likable character and the arc we saw was actually good for the most part, it had to have been to hold any weight against Zuko, so I see it as really sad that the ending Aang got was so poor compared to Zuko’s that Zuko’s is unanimously preferred rather than an even 50/50 like it was probably intended to be so I’m like do you actually like this character when you defend these writers’ choices to death when they made your fave worse
like my favorites in atla are Zuko and Katara never hidden that, and yeah they got better than Aang, but I’ll still criticize the show where I feel they treated them poorly or limited their potential so I don’t understand or empathize with this type of fan reaction at all
but I can talk about that with Zuko and Katara, the people who really like them tend to agree
the people who really like Aang don’t so he’s not enjoyable to talk about 99% of the time, not unless I want to get into a fight
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Hi, I've talked to you a few times on the subreddit and I've really admired your dedication to the fandom and patience with questions. I also really like your fanfiction. I've been in the fandom since around 2014, but most of my "Baccano Friends" are people I know irl that I got into the show. Do you have any tips for making friends in the fandom? Sometimes you just wanna wax poetically about Maiza or Huey at length to someone else who understands
I recognized your blog name immediately. Welcome to Tumblr and the Tumblr-based Baccano! fandom! This is where many of the active content creators congregate, a good number of whom have read or are familiar with the light novels. In short, you’re definitely among “people who understand.”
Small fandoms like this one are also not only inclined to notice new faces, but actively welcome them; the more people who can contribute fresh content, the better, eh?
Let’s start by reviewing the basics of Tumblr. Tumblr is a platform that hosts people’s blogs. You can follow people whose blogs catch your interest so that their posts will appear on your dash. Once I post this reply, I will follow you; you should receive a notification (which you can check in your activity log) informing you of this.
My full response is under the cut on account of length (typical), but honestly, it really all comes down to engagement. How can a lurker make friends on a social site if they don’t participate? On Tumblr, you put yourself ‘out there’ by creating content and/or engaging with other people’s content.
Summary of the tips below the cut:
Follow people so that the content they post and reblog appears on your dash. People will in turn follow you if you post/reblog content in their bailiwick. It’s a two-way street. Also follow the #Baccano! and #Baccano tags! Checking out tags is often how people find new content and new people to follow, so remember to tag your own content accordingly. Note that only the first 5 tags on a post are indexed for Tumblr searches.
When it comes to fan works (fanart, fanfics, gifs), the creators of fan works love knowing what you think. Share your thoughts via a reblog, reply, and/or in your tags (ideally try to leave proper comments/reviews on fanfics on AO3/FFN or in a reblog).
Given Tumblr’s bias toward visual content, fanfics can especially depend on reblogs to increase their visibility.
Practical tip: use tags to categorize your posts; this will be helpful for others and for you to sort through posts on your blog. Including misc. thoughts in tags is common practice on Tumblr, by the way, and a large number of people will actively check tags for comments.
Engage with other people’s text posts. When you reblog someone’s headcanon, theory, analysis, appreciation post (etc), don’t be shy--respond to the points being made, and add your own. Participate in discussions! Discussions aren’t just Reddit’s thing.
Reblogs don’t show up in tags; original posts do. Writing your own posts (creating content) is the other big way of putting yourself out there. People who follow the Baccano! tags will encounter your content, and, if they like it, might be inclined to follow you.
I think you’ve already picked up on this, but sending people asks is a good way to get to know them and introduce yourself! You can get a sense of people’s favorite characters or likes/dislikes from their content, and people usually like talking about their faves, so I’m sure Huey fans would be pleased to receive Huey asks.
Not everyone is necessarily comfortable with receiving instant messages from people they’re not familiar with (IM was only introduced as a feature a couple years ago, IIRC); they might say as much in their blog description or about page.
On that note, write a blog description/’about me!’ Let people who visit your blog know who you are. You can choose a blog theme for additional customization (I have an ‘about me’ module on my blog proper), but the basic description should suffice.
Although some people never develop their blogs in ‘site-form’ (i.e. choose a theme besides the default dash version), many others do, so don’t forget to check out people’s blogs as external sites; they might have tag indexes, links to featured content, and other fun stuff you wouldn’t know about if you only ever access their blogs via the dash.
Liking content is nice. Like + Reblogging is better. Reblogging with tags (practical categorization + a remark or comment or two)? Better still. Replies? Good. A tagged reblog in which you directly respond to the person’s points and add additional thoughts of your own? 
Now we’re talking. Literally. If you show interest in what others have to say--and have a fair bit to say in your own right--they’ll reciprocate. Contribute, engage, share.
(Oh, before I forget, I suggest you make use of XKit, a browser add-on that enhances Tumblr much in the same way RES enhances Reddit. I think XKit has had some issues on account of Tumblr updating the dashboard, but still, it has a lot of helpful extensions that make my Tumblr experience better.)
(Of course, most blogs don’t exclusively post about one subject; unlike Reddit, where you curate subjects that appear on your home feed according to subreddits, Tumblr’s dashboard displays user-chosen content; content that the individual you follow has created or reblogged.)
Step 1: Follow people whose content you enjoy and want to see more of.
You can like posts, reblog posts (publicly share posts with or w/o adding your own commentary), and reply to posts (comment on a post without sharing it). You can also tag posts.
Tags are helpful ways to categorize your posts. An organized tagging system will not only help you find specific posts on your blog, it can help others who want to see specific content you’ve reblogged in the past. The main tags for the Baccano! fandom are #Baccano! and #Baccano. You can follow those tags for ease of access. 
One aspect of Tumblr culture is that tags aren’t only used for categorization purposes; you commonly see people including little quips or thoughts or comments in tags that, for whatever reason, they did not want or feel the need to write as an overt reply or ‘formal’ reblog response.
I’ll come back to this use of tags soon. First...
“Do you have any tips for making friends in the fandom?”
The most succinct answer would be, I think, engagement. Well, if pressed, I’d say content creation and content engagement, but ‘engagement’ is the fundamental facilitation of friendship.
As we’ve already seen, you can engage with content (visual or text) through likes (most passive) reblogs (semi-passive w/o commentary, active w/contribution), replies, and tags (quiet engagement). As you’ve discovered already, you can privately, directly engage with people via sending them asks or instant messages. 
(Note that ‘asks’ predate instant messaging on Tumblr by many years, and not everyone will be comfortable with receiving surprise instant messages from ‘strangers’. Sometimes people will specify their preferences in their blog description or ‘about’ blurb.)
Sending people questions like you’ve done to me is a fine way to get to know them. Most fans love talking about their favorite characters, so sending a Huey-based question to a Huey fan will probably go over well, hah! Sometimes people will reblog fandom-based ‘ask memes’ (posts that contain pre-written questions from which anyone can choose a question or two to send); if you see someone do this, shoot them a question!
(Don’t take it personally if they don’t immediately respond, or, uh, ever. I’m not saying this because I have a few ‘ask meme’ questions in my inbox and drafts that are, um, a few years old, ah hah ha...if someone doesn’t answer, I guarantee it’s simply because they’re busy or they forgot.)
(OR because Tumblr simply did not deliver your ask. This has been a longstanding issue with Tumblr; I’m not sure if it’s less of an issue these days, but I’ve had to deal with this issue on both sides multiple times in the past: both as someone whose asks were not delivered, and as someone who did not receive asks others said they had sent.)
Speaking of ‘about’ blurbs, I suggest writing a blog description. Let the fandom know who you are! Passively liking posts might catch people’s radar in the sense of, “Oh, this person has liked several of my Baccano! posts--perhaps they’re a Baccano! fan?), but it’s not quite ‘putting yourself out there’. Nor is reblogging without commentary, or even tags.
For visual content like fan art, gifs, and videos, I encourage you to reblog and try to leave a nice comment or two in your tags, or even as a reply or in the reblog itself. I don’t think anyone expects a person to ‘comment-tag’ on every piece of fan art they reblog, but making a general effort can go a long way.
For fanfiction, I highly encourage you to reblog it and, as with fan art, at minimum leave a comment or two in the tags. (I especially, however, would encourage above all else comment/review on the fanfics you like on AO3/FFN, or, if you’d prefer, in the reblog.
I think people underestimate how often creators of fan works will check the 'notes’ on their own posts. Hell, I’ve delved into the notes + tags of other people’s fan works (or other content) just to see what others have to say.
People have thanked me/expressed appreciation for compliments on their fan art before (via tags, or replies, or reblogs), so--yeah, assume by default that people check or notice.
Similar to how fanfic writers will refresh their inboxes in the hopes of comments or reviews (I speak from experience), I might return to check new reblogs of my fanfics (but sometimes also meta posts!) to see if the rebloggers said anything in their tags (since most don’t actually review or comment on the fics). Anyway.
But the fandom on Tumblr isn’t only producing fan works. You may have already stumbled upon some of the headcanon posts, theory/speculation posts, analyses, and discussions (reblog chains) they’ve subsequently spawned. (Tip: you can check the notes on a post to see if any interesting additional commentary was said in the reblogs. I recommend doing this!)
Engage with those ideas! Put forth your own! Don’t be afraid to jump into a discussion (chain of reblogs) and share your own thoughts. If you love someone’s headcanon--heck, if it inspires you--say so, bounce off a few additional thoughts. If you disagree with an opinion or ‘take’ or whatnot, I think the fandom is capable of handling respectful debate. 
Find an analysis or write-up compelling? Were there specific points someone said that ‘blew your mind’--they had an insight that never occurred to you, made you see a character in a new light, and so on? Let them know. Have thoughts you’d like to add? Add them.
(Edit: Lest I forget, there’s also the news/canon material side of fandom: where fans share updates on Narita’s status, share official media or merchandise, and translations if available. Reblogging these sorts of posts is a helpful way of spreading the good word. Let the translators know their efforts have not gone to waste and you appreciate said effort. Also respect their wishes; of the fan-translators still active in the fandom, I known none who want the fan TL pdfs to be publicly circulated now that there’s an official release.)
This is where I’d encourage content creation in your own right. You follow people whose content or thoughts you’d like to see more of...but this is a two-way street. Now, I’ve followed people who do mostly reblog Baccano! content without creating their own content or even commenting on the content they’re reblogging--because, you know, small fandom--but it isn’t reblogs that appear in the tags you’re searching for. Only original posts appear in those tags.
So you can put yourself out there by actively engaging with people’s posts (reblogging with additional commentary or thoughts, replies, don’t forget tags)...but writing/creating your own posts is another major way of putting yourself out there. I’m sure people will be interested in what you have to say, and I’m sure you have interesting ideas or interpretations (etc) to be shared.
It can be as simple as talking about your favorite characters (why you like them, what you think about them; different users on Tumblr have different favorite characters, as you’ll get a feel for the more you engage with their content), sharing headcanons, sharing your interpretation of certain scenes. Just as you’ll 'get to know’ people through their content (favorite characters, arcs, what they like/dislike), they’ll get to know what you like in turn. And hey! They’ll probably follow you back.
Unlike Reddit, Tumblr doesn’t ‘lock’ posts after a certain amount of time has passed. I don’t think you have to worry about necroposting (i.e. feel like reviving old discussions or responding to old posts might be ‘weird’ or ‘bothersome’); these ideas were posted publicly for the purpose of people seeing them and (presumably) engaging with them. Just as fanfic writers might be delighted to receive comments on their old fics, Baccano! fans probably are more inclined to welcome new insights/fresh engagement with their content than eschew it.
Small fandom, after all. New faces are more likely to be noticed than in big fandoms, but usually in a good way; we like having new people to contribute to the content pool, haha. You’ll start recognizing certain urls simply by spending time in the fandom; the same people are likely to pop up in the notes.
Basically, if you engage with other people’s ramblings, they just might ramble back. Heh. Despite Tumblr’s bias towards visual content--fanart, gifs, memes, videos are all easy to digest on a dash, easy to engage with and reblog, it has text-based content and discussions just like Reddit. Both sites thrive from user engagement; no matter what site you’re on, you won’t make any friends as a lurker.
You also shouldn’t have to worry about gatekeeping or anything of that sort. We’re too small a fandom to survive gatekeeping, so thus far I’ve not seen much of it. Luckily for you a high number of us have read the source material, but not everyone is caught up to Vol 22 (or is necessarily familiar with the other media)--and that’s fine. Just be respectful when engaging with content and when expressing your ideas, and you’ll probably get along with people fine.
Welp, at this point I stopped writing my response to go write a summary above the cut. ...Did I just essentially repeat myself, but in bullet point form? Oof. Forgive me, but I can’t afford to spend more time editing this down...
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emperorsfoot · a year ago
Fandom asks A, J, L, M, N, O, Q, W, X
A - Your current OTP - “current”, eh. Well, judging from all my rebloggs that would be Entrapdak (Entrapta/Hordak), from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. But it’s actually my male OC/Keldor (Skeletor before he was Skeletor). I just don’t post about it because I have zero content to share (they only live in my head), and I am a veteran of fan fiction circa the early 2000s when shipping an OC with a canon character was a mortal sin, and so I don’t talk a lot about my OC/canon ships unless asked directly. 
J - Name a fandom you didn’t care/think about until you saw it all over tumblr - There are lots of fandoms on Tumblr that I know a lot about without ever having seen/read the original source material. I don’t really get into them because the original source materials don’t really interest me all that much. However, I am peripherally into the Percy Jackson franchise. I enjoy mythology (all mythology, not just Greek), and I enjoy reading people’s hot takes on Percy Jackson’s portraying of Greek figures. 
L - Your favorite fanartist/author gives you one request, what do you ask for - Actually, this happened recently. An artist over GaiaOnline offered me an art freebie. This is what I asked for:
Tumblr media
M - Your favorite fanart or fanartist - Okay, so I’m a bit of an art-slut, so I have a lot of favorites... @nozominoyami is a dear friend and I know them IRL. They are really good at furry art and are super comfortable with both gore and sex. They have done a lot of NSFW art for me, and also some bloody illustrations for my fan fics. (Also, their commissions are open and you should totally commission them!) @coconfetti is another dear artist. They have done a lot of Ben 10 art for me, and are comfortable drawing aliens and non-human characters. I am an especially big fan of their half-tone shadings as it reminds me of manga from the 90s and early 2000s which was the peak of my otaku-phase. (They also take commissions and you should commission them!) @niuniente does some of the most ADORABLE Entrapdak art and I absolutely love them for it. They were also really cool about drawing a full comic strip illustrating a scene from one of my fan fics. But the thing I love most about them is when they post art sharing some of their local folk lore. I have actually learned a lot from them and cannot thank them enough for sharing their culture with us here on Tumblr. @strawberryoverlordart is probably one of the most talented artists I follow, and their work is amazing. They’re also super-patient and put up with me as I -very badly- explained what I wanted for a cover for one of my fan fics. I was not easy to deal with but they were super professional and made sense of my insane explanations. 
N - Your favorite fanfiction or fanauthor - My favorite fan fic author remains to this day, to be Kizmet from FanFiction.Net. They have an AO3, but are now only posting for a fandom I’m uninterested in. But if you ever take a look at their works, you should read ALL of their Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z fan fics. They are the absolute best. Top quality work! Best experience. 10/10. However, my favorite fan fiction is not by Kizmet. It’s the “Son of Son’s” trilogy. A Star Wars fan fiction by Black101 (also on FanFiction.Net), “Into the Storm”, “In Shadows and Darkness”, and “At the Bring of Darkness and Dawn”. 
O - Choose a song at random, which OTP does it remind you of - 80s Remix of “I want it That Way” by the Backstreet Boys. ...Trusa (Trunks [Dragon Ball Z]/Chibiusa [Sailor Moon])
Q - A ship you’ve abandoned and why - Okay, okay, okay, I y’all to understand! I used to ship Supermartian (Superboy/Miss Martian) from Young Justice. Back in season 1 when they were all cute, and domestic, and sweet. And then when the Team finds out she’s half-white martian and she thinks everyone’s gonna reject her, and then Conner says he’s always known and doesn’t care... I was already shipping them, but that moment just made me melt and I was all like “this is True Love!” “This is Pure!” “This is the best ship!” ... .. .Then... season 2 happened. Suddenly they were broken up and I have no idea what happened. I was shocked, and confused, and angry. ... .. .Then it got worse. Then I learned that M’gann used her telepathy to try and control Conner’s mind! If you don’t watch Young Justice, I need you to understand something about Conner’s backstory: In the pilot episode, when we first meet him, Conner is under mind-control. He has no mind or will of his own, or even any autonomy, mind of body. He is literally a doll being controlled! The Team free him from that and he joins the heroes, but because of that experience (BECAUSE OF THAT TRAUMA!) he is very sensitive when it comes to the subject of telepathy and mental manipulation. M’gann trying to control his mind is bad enough on it’s own. By itself that it an abusive behavior. But when you add in his history with mental abuse it becomes so, so, so very much worse! M’gann trying to control Conner’s mind is analogues to assaulting someone who was a survivor of past abuse! After that, I just could not ship Supermartian and even seeing them on screen together gives me anxiety. In season 3 when they are engaged to get married, I have a literal panic attack and quit the series. I literally stopped watching Young Justice. I never finished season 3. 
W - 5 favorite characters from 5 different fandoms - 
Trunks Briefs - Dragon Ball franchise
Kevin Levin - Ben 10 franchise
Kon-El | Conner Kent | Superboy - DC Comics
Hordak - She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
Goliath - Disney’s Gargoyles 
X - 3 OTPs from 3 different fandoms - 
Tim/Kon - DC Comics
Gwevin - Ben 10 franchise
Entrapdak - She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
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Please, read if you’re a Kamen Rider fan.  Specialy if you are an Kamen Rider Ryuki fan.
I rarely make posts. I’m more a reblogger, but sometimes i got some ideas and some gifs.   But this is the first time i’m writting like this. So feel free to like, comment etc.
2019 was a surprising year for me.  To be more specific, 2018-2019 Kamen Rider Zi-O. Once again, i got that vibe..."Oh, a Rider that will got other Riders powers, will have amazing encounters... They promise only Heisei, but will they do like they did in Decade and bring Showa Riders too? And will be Joe Odagiri (original Kuuga) be there this time? How about Decade?  W?  Ryuki...?"
Yeah, Ryuki... 
Tumblr media
Let me say this:  Kamen Rider Kuuga is my favorite Rider.  But not my favorite series.  It's easy to pic a favorite Kamen Rider, but for me it's hard to pick a favorite season of the franchise. I grew with Kamen Rider Black/ Kamen Rider Black RX, and God.. how i love Black and Shadow Moon both in series and manga. The story, the brothers, villains... (gotta tell that as a kid i had nightmares with one of the villains) In 2000 Kuuga became my favorite.  So many forms, a new format for the series, a never seen 100 ton Rider Kick... indeed a new hero, a new Legend. Then 2001... Kamen Rider Agito.   What a time where people debated who is strongest?   Kuuga or Agito?   Black RX?  J?
So a year got pass... 2002. And we had Kamen Rider Ryuki. For some reason, i finished Agito, watched specials, movies, etc... And did not started with Ryuki right away. So a magazine got my attention:  fans debate: polemic, Kamen Rider totaly based on a Dragon. Another in a Bat.  Series promise 13 Riders! (and we ended getting 15. We have to count Alternative and Alternative Zero.  16 if we count Kamen Rider Abyss) A Rider that it's not base on a grasshopper made fans freak out. I was: -”Really?  Fans freaking out? It's not the first time we got a Rider that isn't based on a grasshopper.  Why the polemic?” The magazine showed some nice pictures, some stats of the Kamen Riders like, power, weight, etc... but not about their alter egos. Some weeks after that, i saw and adversment about the movie Final Episode. So i got a bit surprised. Final Episode already?  It's already ending?  It's just the name of the plot of the movie?  So i did some research on the web and for my surprise, the first thing i saw was: -Kamen Rider Scissors, Massassi Sudou. Killed in a battle with Kamen Rider Knight.-  Next to that was a picture of Ren.  I tought:  "What? This guy is a murderer?  An assassin? He really killed an fellow Rider??"  (If you watched the series, i know it laughable, but innocent i was, not knowing what was waiting for me)
Tumblr media
So i finally started to watch the series... ON EPISODE 6. Just where that fact happens. So i moved to episode 7, 8, 9 and 10. I re-watched epidose 6 to 10 again and only after that i went to episode one and started to watch the serie in a proper way. For my surprise i even got an Kamen Ryuki vs Agito, specials, movie, amazing soundtrack. I found myself getting anxious for the next episode.  So finally i reached the end of the series.  I felt sad with both endings, at same time very satisfied. I'm the kind of person who re-watches series not one, but sometimes two or three times.   But Ryuki... i re-watched one, two, three times... with friends, parents, boyfriend etc.  I guess i can say i watched Ryuki almost 20 times. 2003 arrived and we had Kamen Rider Faiz, then Blade, Hibiki... and so on. Even re-watching those Riders again, sometimes there was me, watching Ryuki again.  Or an specific episode.So it came 2009 with Kamen Rider Decade. I was happy to know that i was going to see Ryuki and cia again, but instead we got alternative versions.  Yeah, i know the original Riders were there sometimes.  And i was happy to see the original actors for Black, Blade, Agito in the movie, Momotaros ^_^...  but i was somehow in hopes to see Shinji.  But everything was ok.
Tumblr media
-Just a confession.  During this year i was really mad. Angry!! Furious!!! With Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight.   Was Kamen Rider suffer the same thing Sentai suffers with Power Rangers???  The same thing happened in the past with Black RX as Saban's Masqued Rider.. so now, why Ryuki???-
Years passed and there we are in 2018-2019 with Kamen Rider Zi-O.  And for my surprise... BOOM!! Rider Time: Kamen Rider Ryuki. 
Tumblr media
I was surprised and happy to see Shinji in Ryuki's arc in Zi-O. Even Editor Daisuke Ookubo from ORE Journal was there.  And do i have to mention Ryuga?  I loved how he was his own Another Rider.  This somehow made the series and the movie Final Episode canon. Not to mention returning characters. Ren, Asakura, Gorou-chan mentioning dead Kitaoka. And of course,  polemic again because of the gay scene.  I didn't cared about that, but it was priceless to see Tezuka's face when he recovered his memory.  (Was that face just because he remembered he was not a bad guy and his friendship with Shinji?  Or because he remembered he was not gay?  =D) I can't let pass the "Ron" scene happening again.  I laughed so much...
Another thing:  a lot of wiki sites, fan sites etc are describing Kamen Rider Odin's alter ego as mistery man. The guy said "Yui" before he dies... of course was Kanzaki Shiro there.  -_- Speaking of wiki sites, some said that Rider Time: Ryuki is passing DURING Ryuki's arc on Zi-O series.  That makes and don't makes sense.  I don't know. And i could go for hours talking about that.
Sad thing that some characters died again.  Some that shouldn't die, ended dying.  For my surprise, Ryuga is still alive, and kinda... accepted Shinji? 
Tumblr media
But at the end, i got that mix of emotions again:  sadness, happyness, satisfaction.
At the end of the series, from what i understood, Zi-O re-writed the universe?  So Shinji got his powers again? Ren is alive?  Returning dead characters are dead (again)?  I don’t know.  There is still the crossover movie of Zi-O and Zero-One, so maybe some answers are coming.
The fact is, that during this year, i saw some people i follow here saying that want a Ryuki special every year.   And yeah, i want a Kamen Rider Ryuki special every year!!   Of course this wont happens, but still... do we will see something like that in the future?  Maybe yes, maybe not... some people are talking about Kamen Rider Blade cast returning for a movie or special... who knows?
One question still remains for myself:
-Is Kamen Rider Ryuki my favorite Rider series?  I still don’t know or i just don’t want to adimit?-
Tumblr media
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thechekhov · 3 years ago
how would you recommend an artist make themselves better known on tumblr and in general? ive been drawing and painting almost my whole life but its hard to get people to notice me, any advice? thank you, you're my fave artist
Thank you so much! That makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside…
Tumblr media
As for your questions… hmm… it’s for sure a good one. 
I’m going to get a bit… strategical on that one. Hope you don’t mind this approach. 
Tumblr and real life are definitely alike in a lot of aspects, while in others they’re polar opposites. For the sake of keeping things neatly shelved, I’m going to focus on tumblr in this post.
by chekhov
1. We have to understand how the tumblr sharing system works. 
I know this sounds a bit too obvious. I mean, we all know HOW. It’s by reblogging! 
I know that there’s a BIG opinion on tumblr that we should share and reblog art as much as possible to help artists get noticed. And that’s TRUE. It’s absolutely correct.
One thing I don’t agree with on that front is the guilt-tripping factor of it all. Like somehow people are responsible for the downfall of less popular artists because they didn’t reblog stuff enough. People are really quick to point at their followers and say “I GOT 100 OF Y’ALL HERE AND ONLY 3 ARE REBLOGGING ANYTHING”. 
I get it. It’s frustrating!
But the fact of the matter is, you can’t force people to reblog stuff. 
Instead, I recommend we harvest the power of the sharing we already have. We have to be smart about this. What I’m going to go into is a bit less concrete. We have to think about the PEOPLE who are doing the reblogging. 
Artists aren’t the ONLY ones with motivations for getting their stuff seen. And because they create media they are, for lack of a better word… a vendor! The buck STARTS with them, but it doesn’t stop with them. 
They have to also think about what the people are going to do with their product once it’s reblogged. Once someone buys from the vendor, they don’t just keep it forever. They distribute it to the others. And sometimes, those others distribute it again. We have to think about the bigger picture, and think about how FAR your art has the potential to go!
So, to get started we need to know… WHO are the ones buying from the vendor… and why?
What kind of rebloggers ARE there? 
I’m going to give my own opinion here, and feel free to disagree. But the 3 biggest rebloggers most important to the artist are these:
1. The Pleaser
Tumblr media
Sounds sexy, right? In fact, the pleaser comes in many different forms. But essentially their goal is the same - they reblog stuff like aesthetic posts, and other pleasing things. They themselves tend to like a lot of stuff and reblog mostly beautiful photos, nice designs, and lots of fanart of whatever they’re into at the time. Comics and story-like posts are good here (although if they’re too long, people tend to lose interest.)
How to get reblogged by a Pleaser?
Appeal to their fandom, their interest, and make something that moves them. Pleasers are most active around the time when the new episode of their favorite show comes out, or when their favorite holiday comes around. Drawing fanart during its peak popularity will usually catch a Pleasers’ attention, as will drawing aesthetic Halloween posts around, well, Halloween. 
2. The Teaser
Tumblr media
The Teaser is the class clown and the shitposter, and they reblog memes and jokes voraciously. In the Teaser’s audience are other teasers - and they also tend to be very generous rebloggers. The fact of the matter is - memes sell reblogs faster than any aesthetic art will. We’re social creatures and getting a laugh out of our followers is worth a LOT of fake internet points.
How do I get reblogged by the Teaser?
Memes. I mean, you knew this was coming, right? During the height of some new tumblr joke, people usually welcome any unusual spin, or any funny variation of an old joke. 
My meme redraws have consistently been popular and have ‘boomed’ very quickly. For example, this redraw of sapphire from Steven Universe doing ‘the scroll of truth’ jumped to 5k almost within a day. 
Tumblr media
Many people peek at my page ‘for the lols’ but end up staying for the art, or because there’s another thing I post they’re interested in. Either way, memes are a gateway drug… to your blog. 
3. The Librarian
Tumblr media
The Librarian is a bit more rare, but they’re still important, because they tend to reblog a lot. They’re a bit unusual in the sense that they do this for themselves, instead of for an audience. The blog of the librarian is mostly just a replacement for bookmarking interesting stuff. These people tend to reblog tutorials, reference posts, and things they want to read later on. 
How to get reblogged by a Librarian?
Make things that people want to keep around. Charts, references, tutorials. Chances are, the librarian will snag it up eventually. 
Of course, these 3 aren’t the ONLY type of tumblr blogger. In fact, many of them are a mix of these 3. But the main point is…
2. What do most of these (and other) people on tumblr have in common?
Just like you, many people (although not all) want to get their stuff SEEN. You might be creating the original product, but they choose whether or not to distribute it to their audience. 
Everyone is playing the same game, no matter which part of the chain they’re on.
Tumblr media
You, as an artist, have the biggest responsibility to think about this long-term. Not only 1 reblog down the line. 
For example, let’s return to one of my meme-posts that I did about wrist pain (carpal tunnel). When I made this, I had a vague idea of who would consume it. Obviously… other artists. But the reason that this got so popular? Is not only because fellow artists follow me. It’s because the artists that follow me also have followers who are also, conveniently, artists. That’s why despite the fact that many people reblogged the post directly from me - even MORE of them reblogged it from @sergle​ (shoutout to sergle! u rock) who is also a popular artist and also has an audience who were prone to want to reblog the post.
Tumblr media
See that orange dot? That’s me. See that bigger blue dot? That’s sergle. 
In a way, this is a game of chance. Will something you reblog be seen by someone with a large enough audience to keep it going? The thing is, we don’t know until it happens. And oftentime, the only way to achieve this is to keep trying. Stubbornly. 
But you can’t just headbutt the wall in the same place and hope it eventually crumbles. You have to look for a door. 
3. So what’s the door? 
Take a look at your art. Is it consumable BEYOND the surface level of your followers? 
Sometimes people get discouraged because their fanart is way more popular than their original art. Although I share their frustration, there’s a good reason for this, and your followers aren’t to blame.  
The thing is, fanart is consumable at deep reblog levels. If you post fanart, there’s a good chance that even 3-4 reblogs down the line, there’s going to be a person who sees it and thinks ‘hey, I know Steven Universe. My followers know Steven Universe. I’ll reblog this!’ Fandoms are efficient because they already have a lot of context for the consumption of the art. They have a story (humans love stories), they’re invested in it, they’re interested in it, and there’s a good chance that sharing more stuff about it will get them more interaction with their mutuals, even if they’re not consciously thinking about all this as they reblog. 
Unfortunately, that’s just not true for your original art. Many of us have beautiful, wonderful stories - but they’re not available to a wide audience. They’re not easily consumed, they’re not easily accessed (in comparison to being on netflix, for example). If you post a picture of your OC - maybe your immediate pool of followers who know that OC will reblog it. But their own followers who aren’t directly following you will not have any connection, emotional or otherwise, to that character. They simply don’t have a reason to care, and they don’t have any means to. Even if they visit your blog - will it be easy to find similar content? Have you got your links available on desktop AND mobile? Is it easy to find the beginning of your story? Is it free of mistakes and easy to read? 
Large companies that make shows or comics funnel tons of money into making their media consumable. There’s a LOT of effort that goes into advertising, too. You, as an independent artist, simply don’t have that kind of manpower. That’s not your fault - but it’s also not your followers’ fault. Why are they supposed to reblog things that their own followers will never understand and connect with? 
4. Back to square one: how do I get noticed? 
I’m gonna keep this short and sweet because I feel like I already took up a lot of your time. After everything I’ve said, hopefully this will make sense:
Make content that has a connection to your audience somehow. Make it relatable to their life. Make it relatable to what’s currently going on. Make it worth their while to look at it. 
Make content that’s easy to understand. Super detailed drawings, with nothing to focus on are difficult to digest. Simpler, sharper drawings that someone can understand within 3 seconds of looking at it are the most digestible of all. This isn’t a museum.
If you’re creating content that goes with a story, MAKE THE STORY. I know it’s tempting to create just a whole bunch of character sketch sheets and leave it at that, but you can’t complain about not getting an audience when your audience doesn’t have anything to consume in the first place. 
Make the story AVAILABLE. Organize your tags. Make sure those tags are easily accessible. People will never like 100% of your art, so many it easy for them to find what they WILL like. 
Don’t be afraid of fanart. Fanart gets you connected with people who like stories and content similar to yours. 
Don’t be afraid to follow and reblog people that you want to connect with. Don’t be afraid to make them stuff and @ them. 
Post your stuff to a LOT of places! Your audience is somewhere out there - probably not only on tumblr. You have to spread yourself thin sometimes, but make sure the account can all lead back to your main hub. 
And last but not least…
Critically re-evaluate your art at least once a year. (I’m personally working on this.) Just because you’ve been drawing for years, and just because your art might be incredible doesn’t mean it’s appealing to people. Sounds weird, right? But think about it - there’s TONS of people who are not that amazing at anatomy, or coloring… but they still have a huge audience, and people connect with their art. A lot of times, it’s because their art is straightforward and easy to read/understand. 
Ask a friend to critique your art. Ask them if they understand your work, or if it’s difficult to make out. Ask them what your work inspires in them. Ask them what they DO like about your work - and exaggerate that!
There’s a LOT that goes into art… no matter it’s a whole industry! Doing it all on your own is HARD and it’s a bit unthinkable how much artists have to do to compete with industries. But it’s not impossible, and it’s definitely worth it. :)
Hope I didn’t bore any of y’all who made it down this far. 
Tumblr media
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prettyinsoulpunk · 3 years ago
tumblr, you had one job...
(TO FUNCTION PROPERLY)  All flagged posts, Nipplegate, and general adult content issues aside, it should still at least work like it used to.  And yes, I realize that ‘work’ is probably too generous of a term here but at least I used to be able to visit my favorite blogs and their posts would be in chronological order.
It’s not happening to every single blog but there are quite a few that I can click and it will show a scattered mix of old and new posts ranging from reblogs to original content. And the timeline can be anywhere from two minutes to two years ago.
When I check my own blog in the dashboard sidebar (on the desktop site) it looks fine. However, if i just type in my URL into a new browser and scroll it that way, then its exactly the same hot mess of posts being out of order and the recent posts finally show up after a bit of scrolling. Same with the mobile app.
So just FYI - if this is happening to anyone - at least you can eventually find new posts by scrolling for a while, if you have enough patience to wait it out. (Since there are some blogs that I’ve had to scroll for several minutes before seeing anything new.)
Some other general tips:
- Check your settings and make sure you don’t have ‘safe search’ turned on like I did. I didn’t before, but it was on now when I checked. I realize that might not do much since adult content is being flagged, but every little bit helps in desperate times.
- Turn off the ‘best posts first’ option unless you want it like that of course. Mine wasn’t on but it could be for some of you.
- in case you haven’t seen the posts yet: if any of your original content gets flagged, be sure to click to ask tumblr to review it and it should be unlocked shortly. A fuck ton of totally safe/appropriate content is being flagged because... well I’ll keep that to myself since I have nothing nice to say. (and I really don’t want to be the target of an immediate blog termination over my salty opinions.) 
- Pray, put out positive vibes and energy, think happy thoughts, anything, honestly. This is a fucking nightmare at best, and I need it to be over already.
I don’t care about the explicit content being removed because it really doesn’t affect me much (though I’m genuinely sorry for those of you who it affects a lot more than it does me <3) but I do care about our blogs not being viewed properly at the very least. Fine, some posts are flagged so only the creator or maybe the reblogger can see them (so they’re private otherwise) but that shouldn’t affect how our blog looks when people search it. I can’t even search some of my favorite tags on my own blog because it comes up as ‘not found’... wtf. My tumblr is not hidden either so I’m usually able to search my tags for whatever I’m looking for but certain ones are not coming up.
I’ve checked both in the dashboard mode and on the mobile app and it’s happening on all platforms. Or it is for me, anyway. 
I’m not sure if any of this info will help anyone, but definitely check your own blogs because yours may be showing out of order too which would affect anyone seeing your new content if they don’t scroll for long enough.
On the (ONLY) bright side... posts seem to show up on my dash just fine though and in the correct order. I just don’t always have the time or patience to scroll through several hours of tumblr when I’ve been away. Which is why I always just check my favorite blogs and catch up that way. Siiiiiigh.
(Is it too early to start drinking? I mean, it’s happy hour somewhere right?)
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atrixfromice · 2 years ago
Help...I really need help!
Hey howdy folks? Hope you’re doing well! Today I'm happy to share..
...messy sketch again...
Bah ben, I’m not going to lie. I’ve been charging this on my shoulders for a good while, and I guess some of you might like to know to help me...and I think I need to talk a bit about it...too...My dear friend Faik always said that the wisest thing to do when you need help, it’s to ask for it.
I’ve been feeling down these months...Like...I-don't-wanna-live-anymore kind of down....Between the hard days of my job, the rent, the bills and taxes, and my father that no longer wants to support my mon and siblings and the fact that they are in bankruptcy. It’s been two times I’ve felt like that; when I fell in love and I had my heart broken because my love gone, and this one.
You know what? We all are broke. My dad's “gift” to the family was to cheat on my mom, and leaving giving us all a lot of debts. And no matter how hard I work I don’t see the light at the end of this tunnel. I work every day, every single one even on weekends, and I’ve been comming home very late because of the people who blocks the highway for some stupid reason or another. When I come home I have no time to do my home chores. That whithout mentioning my health problems with my back and also that I suffer from high pressure, my family problems, and that my boyfriend feels down because we no longer have the time we used to have to hang out. And when we do I’m always tired T_T
Plus! When I come home I have no energy left to draw, but I have a lot of cool ideas for my comic, and illustrations in general, that wander and haunt my mind in the night when everybody is sleeping, and I should be too. In the nights I cannot sleep. So, I’ve spent my nights these days trying to draw cool stuff and working on my comic, but I just have no force to do it. I’ve just managed to draw  acouple of sketches, and when I post them, no soul wants to appreciate them or reblogg them or like them or comment on them. Not even on deviantart! O_O And in deviantart I’ve always had a positive reaction about my art. And it’s not from recently, it’s been like that since a good while
What happened in the last two years that the comments/likes/favorites on my artwork have decreased so drastically?...Is there a reason??!...My quality on the art has decreased?..Usually doing artwork and sharing it was what gave me the force to stand up and continue when difficult times arrived. But now that I no longer have that..I don’t know how what to do to cope with difficult times!!!
I don’t know what worths the effort to make art and sleep at 3 am if nobody’s going to appreciate it! These are the times when I wonder if I haven’t took the wrong path...what if my day was always right and the art is a waste of my time. I have lived half of my life already and I feel I haven’t made anything really trascendental on my life. I’m just a frustraded illustrator and wannabe animator. If I die today and don’t wake up tomorrow, probably no one will remember me...No one will know I was here! My own siblings often said they will not miss me..
I haven’t talked very much with my few friends in a good while (well except with my boyfriend, the poor has been taking all that emotional charge. To my dear mentor and friend I talked about it a bit too ) or anybody in general, because I wouldn’t like to transmit them those sad feelings and vibes ...But I do it now because I really need help. I feel like I’m on a dark tunnel that has no end...
I think there’s always a light on the end of a dark tunnel though...or well, at least I would like to hope so! So that’s why I made THIS so you can support my artwork there if you like. For 3 bucks for you can buy a coffee, for me it’s an entire meal that could let me to survive another day more. You know I wouldn't ask this if I wouldn't really need it.
And even, you don’t have to have money to help, you can share the links so other people can support me if they like. And, there’s another way you can help...I know this is going to sound weird comming from me, because I've always believed that if people are going to give feedback/faves, etc on artists creations, it's because they feel it in the heart and so no need to ask for it. So I've never asked for it. ...But I would really really really appreciate you letting me know you like my work, and giving me feedback on my artwork in these moments! like you used to do it before. Because I feel that would help me so much to have the energy and strenght to continue working and trying to find a solution for feel not going crazy! Please tell me what you think about my character designs when I ask which one looks better. Tell me if you like my fanart of finding nemo,if you like Jacques, Ariel, or any other animated character. Tell me if you like one of my original characters! Tell me what you think about my character Pierre! :D Plus! Want a friend to talk about food, science, videogames, animals, cartoon characters, animation...cephalopods? :D About your every day life? Talk with me!
Talk with me!!! You will always be welcome! :D And you will be sure that I'll always give it back a sincere frienship if you give me sincere friendship.
So to finish this, because I think I talked a lot, hehe. I would like to say I always appreciate every and each comment on my artwork, and even if I take a time to respond sometimes because of this situation I just talked about, I read them all and they make me happy and warm inside! ^^
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meggymoohoo · 3 years ago
I’m going to try to put up more of my own art this September. Most might be my own original characters too. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing fanart, but I want to create more for my own characters too.  And I think I may go back and reblogg some of my favorites or really old posts I’ve done in the past. I’ll probably delete this later, but yeah just telling you all what’s been on my mind lately :)
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There's a rather popular post (at about 48 thousand notes at the moment) going around Tumblr that in all irony is about how artists shouldn't be upset that their original work isn't getting popular on tumblr, especially in comparison to fan art, and that artists should appreciate every like/reblog/follower rather than going after just reblogs.
The post itself is incredibly poorly made and seems to exist for no other reason than to guilt trip artists for being upset that their hard work leads to nothing. After all, as the great philosopher Luigi once said: “Have you ever experienced a time where no matter how hard you tried, you failed, and the time you spent trying felt wasted?”
But this isn't going to be a point by point refutation of that post. Instead I would much rather just give my thoughts on this whole issue in of itself. Being an artist on Tumblr and not being one of the really popular (or even sort of popular) guys is difficult to say the least because it seems like everything is stacked against you. Only 4 or 5 of the tags you put in will actually be used in the search results, there's  a new algorithm in which people's dashboards will be sorted by popularity rather than chronological posts, and in order to get popular you need to rely on people going out of their way to host your art on their own blogs.
There's a lot Tumblr doesn't make at all clear about that only confuses things more. As shit as that post I mentioned was, it did teach me one big thing. Likes aren't entirely the “thoughts and prayers” button for this horrid natural disaster of a website but actually do influence how soon and often your posts show up in search results. Now a really popular artist would of course get tons more likes and their art would be featured far more as a result, but at least the feature is more than a shittier version of Deviantart's favorites feature.
Suffice to say if you're someone who's looking to get an audience, it's difficult. I think this is a point a lot of people don't understand. They think that people who are upset at all of this are upset that they're not popular, and that's the end of it. No nuance to it. They want to be popular for the sake of being popular.
Why do people post this stuff online? Why post a picture online? Why not keep it on your desktop until the sun burns out? Maybe because being online gives it more longevity and reduces the risk of it being lost if your computer breaks? Sure, but why not post it in your drafts where no one but you is able to see it?
Why do people post stuff online? Because they want other people to see it. So trying to demonize people for being upset over not having their art seen by many people or spread around is silly because one of the biggest points about posting it online is specifically so people can see it. Just like when you make a blog post, you do so because you want people to read it or when you post a video to Youtube, it's because you want people to watch it.
In order for people to see that art, it will need to get exposed to them and the best way to do that is through reblogs which is why so many artists, myself included, get incredibly salty over the subject. When someone reblogs something, ideally that picture would be presented to everyone who follows the reblogger. One person reblogs a picture and 5 or 20 or even 300 people would see the same picture and some of them might like it or reblog it themselves. That very fact that it only takes one person to cause that snowball effect makes the whole situation all the more infuriating.
Now can people's art can also be exposed through the search tags? Sure. After all, if you're starting off on the website and have no prior set ups or accounts to lead people from, that is where you're going to start. But not only are the amount of tags that can be used limited, but depending on what you tag it as, it can be swamped pretty hard. The shitty post said that fan art gets popular and that it's dumb to complain that original art isn't as popular as fan art. However, even completely pandering to the most popular things isn't an assured success. If you post something in a tag for a popular and active fanbase, that runs the risk of your picture barely being seen because of how active those tags would be.
If I post a picture in the Steven Universe tag and I'm only able to get maybe 2 likes on the art, it's not going to be seen on the popular setting which is what most people are going to look at because I don't have enough active followers reblogging or even liking the picture enough for those likes to make a difference with the search results. On the newest setting, it might be completely swamped by dozens of other new pictures (of varying quality) and especially easy to skim over by the much smaller crowd of people who visit that setting.
Is it any wonder why so many artists are desperate for reblogs?
What the artists want varies. Some want to be the biggest most popular artists around and sit among the gods. Me on the other hand, I'm more interested in a smaller but more active/dedicated following and you can't really get that unless you have a ton of people following you since statistically, a large portion of followers in general aren't going to be very active but the more followers you have, the more likely it is that some of them will be.
For example, for the longest time (and what I ultimately gave up on because it simply would not work) I was trying to set something up where people could ask me questions for the webcomic. They'd ask something about some alien species and I'd answer it through a comic. It's something I thought would be good fun and that I'd really enjoy. The amount of people who need to ask questions isn't the hundreds or even dozens. If I got like 3 or 4 questions a month, that would be pretty good for me. How would I ensure I'd get people to partake in that? Only if my art is exposed to people who (whether they knew it or not) would be interested in such a thing. How would that happen? One way is that it gets spread around just enough that it eventually crosses paths with those kinds of people.
There could be a whole niche that's exactly the sort of people an artist's work would appeal to and they might never see that art because it simply never crosses their path.
Another big thing is that everyone has a different standard of success. I know I'm not a big artist on Tumblr. My standard of success is getting 10 notes on a picture. Most of the time I can barely break 5. Take note that on my art account, I have 355 followers. Some might be following tons of people and thus will always miss my art. Some followed me for different reasons than the sort of picture I most recently posted. Some might have logged off of Tumblr, forgotten their password, and their blog is effectively dead. But out of 355, you'd think that I'd manage to get 10 rinky dink notes but no.
When someone popular does reblog my art, it can often break 50 notes which is above and beyond. This tells me that it's not even necessarily the quality of the art but simply a gamble as to if someone would be willing to take that leap and press the reblog button or not. Tumblr, contrary to what some people might think concerning artist popularity, is NOT a meritocracy. It is more luck than Vegas itself.
So contrary to what some might assume, not only is everyone salty about this not demanding the world, but even getting a small success requires art to be spread around as much as possible.
Now obviously no one owes you success or popularity. Some people are only around to browse. Some people's blogs wouldn't be fitting of the sorts of art that I post. And of course there's the fact that they just might not like the particular picture in general. I think if the success to failure ratio was much more even or better, it would be much easer to accept that some pictures are just duds and move on to the next.
But at the end of the day when you put something out there that you worked hard on and think is good and it gets nowhere, it kind of sucks. When the same thing happens over and over again, it is honestly demotivating. The fact you're putting this out online, for among other reasons people to see, it sort of says that what you post isn't good or worth seeing. Of course that's not what goes on in the mind of the people who only like the art or look at it and scroll by, but it is something that gets internalized.
Or maybe it is just me. I'm writing this because I know a lot of people get really salty about this stuff and I want to try and explain it as clear, calmly, and rationally as I can, but a lot of this stuff is also strictly my personal feelings and opinions too.
I think it's also sort of magnified by the fact that popular art becomes popular (or is just spread around a lot) mainly because people go out of their way to reblog it. There's that additional extra personal step to it that isn't quite present on Deviantart or Youtube where it's more based on algorithms. If you can't get popular on Youtube, well that's because Youtube's coding is a shit. You can't get popular on Tumblr, well that's because no one wants to spread your work.
Now for other people and not myself, they try to make a living off of their art. In that case, being dismissive is even worse. Saying “Just appreciate every like/follower you get and be happy with what you post” doesn't work because that doesn't buy food or pay bills. This may be a small population of artists on Tumblr but one of the examples used in that horrid shitpost was someone who's tags in their post was complaining about just that and the person who made the shitpost not only didn't address that, but likely didn't think a thing about it.
If people's art isn't getting spread around where it could meet the eyes of potential buyers, quite simply, they aren't going to be able to sell their art. It's not because their art is bad, it's just that it hasn't been exposed to enough people to really take off. Not everyone selling art has art worth selling but what that person posts gets only a few likes and is seen by relatively no one, that's not exactly a call you can make at the moment.
If there were ways to tell how many people have viewed a post outside of notes numbers, it would be a completely different situation. If 300 people looks at a picture and that picture only gets 2 likes, that would change the situation completely to which the artist could actually confidently say that what they're putting out genuinely doesn't interest people. Unfortunately no such feature exists. Even the stats/activity page is based entirely off of notes.
As I said before, this is a subject that gets a lot of artists salty. You might come across a post by an artist ranting and raving about how little likes help and how you should reblog their work. They may seem like an asshole but really, they're just extremely frustrated with how much things seem to be stacked against them on this website. It's no fun working on things and feeling as if the effort was wasted. They're certainly not self entitled.
If you do follow an art blog, I'd recommend reblogging something they do every so often to help them grow and move forward as an artist. Or if you find someone's art on Tumblr that you really like, reblog that too. The great thing about reblogs on Tumblr is that if you reblog something and then someone reblogs it from you and you delete that reblog, it remains on that other person's blog and exposed to their followers. You never know who will see the picture as a result of your reblogging.
Anyways I think I rambled on enough about this. It's a very touchy subject and difficult to get into words but I think I explained the situation well enough.
Tl'dr: Tumblr just isn't a good website for artists which is ironic because it advertises itself as a platform for creative people and is a place where a lot of artists post their work. Because of its poor design, it's very difficult for new artists or even just small art blogs in general to gain any traction and just leads to frustration.
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bettsfic · 3 years ago
masterpost of my fics arranged by fandom
ok so since i anonymized half my fics i thought i’d make a masterpost of them for you with like. real summaries. pls bookmark or tag or something to find later if you want to keep track of them since you can’t get to some from my works page anymore.
* indicates it’s one of my favorites
here’s my fic tag for tumblr ficlets and rebloggable fic posts
star wars
*honeycomb (kylux, modern au, novel) -- emotionally unstable ben solo meets sugar daddy hux
*something about volcanoes (kylux, modern au, novella) -- fake dating romantic comedy set in hawaii
*little scarlet (reylo, modern au, short) -- rey meets caretaking daddy dom ben solo on reddit
ace of spades (benarmie, 90s au, novel, wip) -- hux and ben are bffs and the world keeps wrenching them apart
just a tramp, just a trick (kylux, abo, short) -- emperor hux is an alpha who hires omega courtesan kylo ren
pretty young thing (kylux, modern au, ficlets) -- sadist ren fucks barely legal hux
*riptide (reylo, modern au, short) -- post break-up banging it out
jedi mittens (gen, canon divergent, short) -- teenage ben helps baby cousin rey cope with her missing parents
*bonded (anidala, canon divergent, short) -- jedi padme saves anakin’s ass
*bucky barnes has his shit together (and other lies he tells himself) (stucky, modern au, short) -- veteran bucky begrudgingly babysits baker steve’s kid
venus in vibranium (stucky, canon divergent, novel) -- bucky gets hired as steve’s professional sub
*hard to say (stucky, canon divergent, novella) -- the winter rehabilitates at clint’s farm 
friday i’m in love (stucky, modern au, short) -- bucky comes home from five years abroad to a secretly broken steve
where the devil don’t go (widowhill, modern au, short) -- hill is a cop who gets a lap dance from stripper natasha
jealous assholes (widowhill + stucky, modern au, short) -- sequel to the above with stucky included
*physical education (stumlow, modern au, short) -- senior steve gets under pe teacher rumlow’s skin
vices (stucky, canon divergent, short) -- tbh i don’t remember what this one’s about
his unspeakable mercies (stucky, modern au, short) -- veteran bucky gets a tattoo from tattoo artist steve
the ass championships (stucky, canon, short) -- a competition to see who has the finest of asses. there are middle school games involved
harry potter
the lord’s work (gradence, modern au, short) -- credence is a jehovah’s witness who knocks on ex-cop graves’ door 
*albus potter and the elixir of erised (dralbus, canon, novel) -- criminal albus goes into hiding at malfoy manor and seeks the help of lawyer draco
*patience on a monument (game of thrones, braime, modern au, novella) -- alcoholic jaime needs to crash with bff brienne for a bit
*once upon a pair of wheels (baby driver, baby/debora, post-canon, short) -- baby meets up with griff
*the baker’s son (hunger games, katniss/peeta/gale, post-canon, short) -- peeta gets katniss to give gale another chance
hard day’s night (firefly, kaylee/inara, modern au, short) -- established relationship kaylee and inara have sex on their couch
the side of the angels (sherlock/supernatural crossover, johnlock + caslock, canon, short) -- first thing i ever wrote, something about sherlock becoming death for a day
*adoration of the shepherd (jo/john, canon divergent, short) -- jo pesters john into fucking her
sex 101 (destiel, canon, novel) -- the fic that started it all. idr what it’s about. dean is a stripper i think? cas is learning about sex?
words with friends (destiel, modern au, novella) -- dom cas throws dean into some gay panic
detention (destiel, modern au, novella) -- cas blackmails dean for wearing panties i think??
dean winchester is a gay virgin (destiel, modern au, novel) -- i was addicted to adderall at the time. something something hula party something cas is in the mafia
too wise to woo (destiel, modern au, novella) -- based on much ado about nothing
big hands i know you’re the one (destiel, chatfic, short) -- dean gets the wrong number on new years eve
he came in through the bedroom window (destiel, modern au, short) -- they figure out they have a thing for each other on a summer afternoon
standing there (destiel, modern au, novella) -- dean is a sex worker; cas is his first client
impala sex because reasons (destiel, canon, short) -- impala sex because reasons
second take (cockles, canon, short) -- destiel goes canon
being dean winchester (destiel, canon, novella) -- cas’ grace borrows dean’s brain for a minute
coffee & donuts (destiel, modern au, short) -- rival coffee shops
if i run (destiel, modern au, short) -- dean and cas meet on a fitness app
shopping with castiel (destiel, canon, ficlets) -- they go shopping maybe??
the first five times (destiel, endverse, novella) -- sad stuff in endverse
this is what dean wants (destiel, canon, short) -- tickle fic i think??
mile high club (destiel, modern au, short) -- sex in an airplane
entrelace (destiel, modern au, short) -- something about ballet?
the man who would be santa (destiel, christmas, short) -- cas is a runaway elf
linger on (destiel, canon divergent, short) -- cas gets addicted to drugs
the happiest place on earth (destiel, canon, short) -- something disneyworld something
constellations of scars (destiel, post-canon, short) -- end of series
fics i’ve taken down
links to pdf -- idr why i took these down but i did
unplugged (marvel, evanstan, canon, short) -- sub chris has anxiety and sebastian helps him out
cut you down (supernatural, destiel, canon divergent, short) -- dean makes a deal with crossroads demon cas
original fic
i posted these on ao3 for a hot minute before taking them down but i kept the pdfs. i have a ton of other original stuff but i don’t know where it’s going to go so i can’t post them. these are the only pieces that i’ll probably never do anything with.
candy tongue (het, novella) -- listless grocery clerk meets insomniac handyman. there’s some weird shit with his mom involved
other kids (m/m, short) -- sex worker finds out his mom killed herself and comes home to go through her hoarded apartment, meets up with childhood bff/ex-bf. this is what i used for my grad school application
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