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馃枻original writing by yours truly馃枻
dangerous thoughts enter my mind right on the peak. It鈥檚 a complete absorption into the fantasy of the projected image and then slowly all at once the unsolicited visions crossover the fuzzy grain of the mountain and take hold as I plunge down the other side. The come down. Who will be waiting for me at the bottom of the pass this time?
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Tumblr media
I cannot be the only one thinking about that one person. Thinking how they would be in bed. Would they be pinned below me? Eyes full of tears and begging me to let the cum? Or would they be pinning me to my bed? Pulling my hair and and making me cry out in pleasure? If they would be rough, leaving evidence of our lustful night by markings on my skin. Or if they would be soft and caring with passionate kisses and touches?
I can鈥檛 help it, my every thought it about them touching my body. Their finger tips dragging along my skin, going up my thighs- dangerously close to just where I need to be touched.
Just the thought of their lips grazing mine makes me so horny for them.
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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I thought I was over it,
That my love for you had gone.
But the tears in my eyes tonight,
Just prove that it鈥檚 a lie I tell myself
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The Blocking Lustful Teacher
I was a junior in high school that required uniforms. I was always a proper student. Got all the good grades and gave all my teachers the least amount of trouble. Well... except for one teacher in particular...
Tumblr media
Mr. Henry was unlike all the other teachers. He seemed to really care about our mental well being. Everything he lectured to us, that wasn't part of the curriculum, was another sound piece of advice that would dart us forward in life. His personality was very straight as an arrow but the way he carried himself did not reflect that. He would slouch as if he wasn't confident, his voice was soft and pleasant to listen to. Yes, he was a 28 year old man but his ocean blue eyes were that of a young boy. Dough-ey like, with a sad arrangement on his face. Same with his cheeks. He was definitely pegged as "adorable" by all the girls In class. He would part his hair on the side and wear glasses fit for an old man.
He was my favorite teacher. I had him as a teacher too when I was a freshman but he had just started out as a teacher so he didn't have his teaching style solidified yet. I didn't really appreciate him until now. As I sat in the English class he taught, I fixated on his sad eyes, realizing that he never really broke into a wide smile. The guys would try to joke with him but he never really responded happily. He's actually sad, I thought.
I expressed my concern for Mr. Henry to my friend Carla, later that day, who was in that same class. She giggled and said "why are you so worried about him? I'm sure he's fine. He just doesn't have girlfriend though. Maybe that's why he always seems down?"
That thought echoed in my mind that night. Mr. Henry, he who cares for everyone around him, has no one to do the same for him. But how? He's not a bad looking guy. He has an appealing, adorable and quaint countenance. The only unappealing aspects was the slight slouch and his small frame. Don't get me wrong, there is an indication of muscle mass in his shoulders and arms under the long sleeves and sweaters he would wear, but he comes up short in the height category. He is only 5'4". I'm not an expert in psychology but maybe this attributed to his lack of posture confidence?
Enough about his appearance. I'm not perfect myself. My best attributes were my long black hair and my pretty face. People always tell me I have the best fashion sense too but my body is flat as a board. This is why I put so much focus on what I wear. To distract people from how plain I actually look.
But really, who has time to focus on appearance when I was more worried about my grades. No way was I going to let my very strict parents have a reason to keep me captive from the outside world. As long as I kept up with my grades, I was allowed to live a normal teenage live. That was the deal.
The next day in class, I fixated on his reactions again. "Cmon give me a real smile", I thought, as he received a transparent bag of home-made cookies one of the girls handed him when she walked in after me. He expressed his appreciation with his kind words, but the closest thing to a smile I observed was a slight curl of one side of his lips revealing a small hint of a dimple. Suddenly I blushed. I had never noticed his dimple before. "It's so cute!" I thought as I felt my temperature rising and heart speeding up.
Tumblr media
"Hey, are you ok?" Said Carla as she tapped on my shoulder from the seat behind me. "Yes I'm ok.whyd you ask?" I immediately responded. "You're just a little more fidgety and restless today is all." She answered as she smacked her gum "I wish I had known it was his birthday today..." she added.
"Yes, me too". I replied as I still faced forward afraid that Carla would realize I was blushing for no good reason.
That class seemed extremely long that day. I hate that I noticed so much I hadn't noticed before. He would call on me every 3 times to answer. Does he like my answers that much?! Or did all my hard work pay off that I'm such an exemplary student? I wish he'd stop.
The bell rang to save me from the torture and most of the students poured out right after except for Carla and I and a few stragglers giving Mr. Henry more birthday wishes and gifts. .
Carla was only still there because she waits for me as I would for her but I'm only still there because I'm frantically trying to shove all my notes into my binder before I can catch another glimpse of Mr. Henry's faux smile.
The voices of the other students start to fade as I push the last stack in. To my dismay, all the papers fell out to the floor in front of me and flowed like a river to Mr. Henry's desk. He shot up from his chair to kneel in front of his desk and started picking up the papers too as Carla had started to do so as well. All three of us on the floor now creating our own stacks. Carla finished her stack first and knew to place it on top of mine. However, Mr. Henry thought it would be a better idea to hand them to me.
All those korean drama shows I watch. They would make me laugh. The thought of the simplest touch being so significant, slowed down and heart pumping seemed so unrealistic. If a Korean woman scratches her knee, the touch of the man's hands on her cut, as he is tending to it, will make her feel deep attraction towards the man. America is so different in that aspect. If you save me from a bike rider that could've ran me over, I won't fall in love with you instantly. That's the magic of K dramas. Every little touch is so impactful, innocent and meaningful.
So Mr. Henry handing me my papers and giving me a full 2 seconds of hand to hand contact made my whole body implode with emotion. My fight or flight response screamed "run!". My mind went blank and took the passenger seat to my body going in auto pilot for the next things I blurted out.
"Thank you Mr. Henry! You're the best!" I said as I combined the piles carelessly into my backpack. "I hope you have a wonderful rest of your birthday!" I continued as I swung my backpack over my shoulder like it was full of lumber. I started to walk away, and right when I was passing him my continued blurt finished with "you should let me take you out to dinner for your birthday!"
And with that, even Carla was embarrassed for me. She pushed me all the way out the door. The only word Mr. Henry managed to say before we walked out was "..bye!" But what he accompanied this bye with made my heart sink into my stomach. He smiled. Full dimpled smile. Both ends curled up. Not a teeth revealing smile but enough to see the tip of one of his front teeth.
Carla pushed me as far as she could until Mr. Henry wouldn't be at earshot distance. No words were exchanged yet. I was too filled the the brim with embarrassment to say anything. Carla stopped pushing me and stopped me from walking any further on my own by blocking my path as other students swarmed their way around us to get to class. She placed her hands on her hips and let out a hard sigh. "OK what is your issue today?" She said, with her hands still firmly on her hips.
Before I could even answer, our friend Armando cut in between us with "Hey! Guys what are you doing after school today?" His hands rubbing together as he always has a habit of doing when he has something to announce or a great idea. Our friend Armando is 5'3". Exactly my height. He also runs short in the height department. Carla towers over him at a height of 5'6". His best attribute is easily his thick wavy hair and his perfect eyebrows. Fashion sense isn't his top priority as he always wears the same Jean jacket his father patched up like he was a member of a motorcycle gang. The Jean jacket didn't fool anybody either. He was as soft to the core as a melted marshmallow. Carla and I would just bat our eyelashes at him and bring up our voices an octave higher for him to let us copy off his homework for our pre cal class. He was as sweet as they come. Oh but as soon as the guys would surround him, he'd flip his personality to asshole mode. Oddly enough, he as pretty good at pulling off that card too. I always had a feeling his true self was somewhere in the middle of the sweet Armando and the douchebag Armando.
I was now focused on his hands rubbing and how much I hated it when he did that because it reminded me of Mr. Burns from The Simpsons, he stopped when he realized he had interrupted a moment. "Oh, what's going on?" He said.
"Nothing" I quickly answered. He was too enthusiastic to care to notice my lie and continued with his news "Dairy Fix is having a buy one get one free special on my favorite oreo ice-cream!" A large smile formed on his face as he said "its only for today! We HAaVE to go" he explained.
"OK, sure" I said following with a sigh.
"You don't sound so happy May" he said squeezing his perfectly formed eyebrows together in confusion.
Carla placed her palm on his back and gave him a small push to keep us walking to precal while saying "trust me, she is. She just can't express herself adequately right now".
I have to say. Especially because I haven't said anything about Carla that wasn't through her actions yet...that she is one of the most admirable people I know. She's skinny and tall, but with a beautiful figure and long naturally curly hair. Her hair isn't black like mine. It shines a beautiful brown when the sun hits it just right. She tends to get pimples on her face a lot so she's self conscious about her looks, but she is a brute when it comes to taking life by the balls. Not sure if it's a mask she's putting on for the show we call life, but it's definitely admirable.
A few hours later the final bell for the school day rang. We all met up at our usual place. The tree by the gym entrance. I had already asked my parents for permission. They said yes of course. I had not given them a reason not to trust me. Or at least nothing they had found out about.
We were all set and loaded up in Armando's rickety 1996 Dodge intrepid riddled with evidence of his half baked paint jobs and fixes.
As we were walking out of the ice-cream place with our bellies happy and full of ice-cream, Armando pointed out Mr. Henry, in the same clothing he wore to school that day, leaning on the wall of the bar across the street. "He was all by himself, on HiS damn birthday! At a bar! " I thought. I hit my head three times with my closed fist and squinted my eyes. "Why did he make his way into my mind again?! I had just gotten over it by gorging on icecream"
"Oh no, May, are you experiencing a delayed brain freeze?" Carla said, giggling as she grabbed my arm so I wouldn't hit my head again. "See!" Armando chimed in. "I told you to slow down when you got to the strawberry icecream!"
"Guys, wait here. I don't think Mr. Henry is ok"
Without giving them a chance to respond I started walking across the street. Not looking back to see if they had followed I fixated my gaze on him - realizing he was drunk the closer I got to him.
"May, maybe this isn't the best idea?" I thought, right before going into auto pilot again.
"Mr Henry" I called, as I was standing only 3 feet away from him now. "Are you ok?" I added. He slowly looked up with that same sad expression on his face.
"May, is that you?. What are you doing here? On a school night of all days?" He countered. He was now trying to use all his energy to not wobble as he was a few seconds ago.
"Nevermind that. Do you need some help? A ride home?" I said, now lifting my arm up to be ready to catch him in case he fell forward.
He laughed, now looking down again. Thank God! I couldn't take another flash of his dimple right now. Especially on a full stomach.
"Don't worry about me miss Harrison" he answered, putting both hands up as if signaling for me to stop where I was.
He then slowly picked up his head, with his mouth parted enough to fit an entire egg in it and looked up at the sky that had now turned a beautiful sunset purple, revealing his very pronounciated adam's apple. That was it. That damn apple. That was enough to send a sharp sensation through the tip of my toes all the way up to my neck. Pleasure I've never felt from just looking at a guy's Adam's apple.
"I have a buddy that's picking me up. I hate that you saw me like this" he said, still looking up. "Please go home. Go do your homework"
"May!" I heard Armando calling from a distance. Him and Carla stayed at the other side of the street. Wow my friends are obedient...
Mr. Henry then laughed even harder, now bringing his face down to look at me directly again. "Who am I kidding, I don't HAvE buddies"
I turned to look and saw Armando and Carla were now walking across the street now. Whilst I was turned away, Mr. Henry decided to conveniently barf into the rain drainage that was also conveniently placed in front of the bar. He was now laying belly down on the ground as he found relief in the opening.
This alone should have deterred me.
"Hey Armando, can we please take him home?" I asked before they could reach the sidewalk. "Can't we call him an Uber? " Armando responded with his face covered in disgust. "I don't want him barfing in my car"
Mr. Henry waved his hand very fancily for a man still head down into a rain drainage opening and managed to say "it's OK buddy. I'll be ok. I always find a way home"
Armando then turned to us and said "See!" Waving his arms, "he's gonna be ok!"
The sound of familiar, yet irritating voices crept closer and closer from accross the street. I broke my gaze from watching Mr. Henry to look up at the same group of guys that would like to tease Mr. Henry during class. Carla noticed them too, then frowned at Armando and said "don't be a douche". "We can't let anybody else see him like this."
"Besides. Mr. Henry don't you live on Olive Street? Right next to Mrs. Chamberlain?" Carla asked.
"Yes, how do you know?" Said Mr. Henry, wipping some residual stomach content from his bottom Lip off, looking up at her.
"Oh haha" Carla giggled, "my sister and I sold you some girl scout cookies last year."
"UGH!" he responded, then letting out what looked like the last bit of his stomach contents on the side of the street.
Armando had now positioned himself in the line of vomit fire in order to block the view from the guys across the street.
"OK let's go. You're done" Armando said as he picked up Mr. Henry by the arm while Carla grabbed the other.
"May, grab the car keys from my front jacket pocket please" Armando asked as they all three stood before me now. "Thank you" I sad with a slight smile as I took the keys into my hand.
A 15 minute car ride later, we made our way into Mr. Henry's home, placing him on his sofa with a bucket filled with water by his side. Carla went to look for a blanket for Mr. Henry, leaving Armando and sitting on the other sofa as we watched Mr. Henry fast asleep.
"Hey May..." Armando said to me in a much calmer tone now. "I Need to tell you something." He continued, as he turned his whole body in my direction now. "I've been wanting to tell you, but I haven't mustered up the courage or found the right moment"
I took a large gulp of my own saliva trying yo shake off the feeling of what I was expecting him to say next. "After today, I don't think the there will EVER be a right moment". He inched closer to me and before he could place his hand on mine l, I instinctively pulled away and retreated to the corner of the sofa.
He became visibly distressed at that sight and got up quickly, then took a few steps towards the dining table. "I haven't. I haven't even said it." "Why did you.." He turned away from me, faced the wall and placed his right hand to his face, dragging it down his face as a part of his distress.
It was in this moment when Mr. Henry thought it would be perfect to crawl on top of me quietly, kissed me gently and whisper into my ear "I should've done this when you were 14."
How creepy is that to say to a 16 year old! Poor Armando turned around early enough to see the kiss and I hope from his angle I looked as frozen as I thought I reacted.
My body was going into overload though. It was burning up with a fever of pleasure from the moment he crawled on top.
Carla was not fortunate enough to see the entire exchange but I managed to see her reaction as she walked back into the living room only to find the teacher resting his body on top of mine.
As far as my friends know, that was the end of that. They didnt even tease about it or bring it up. Armando too was embarrassed himself too. However, Evan, formerly referred to as Mr. Henry, got a taste of my lips and couldn't stop himself from keeping me after class for extra curricular work. He picked on me less as to not draw unwanted attention and no one seemed to take notice. Carla did ask me if I was OK the day after the incident. She saw it as sexual harassment and was just checking on my mental health. I laughed and told her "it's OK. He wasn't himself. The best part is he was so drunk he blacked out after the ride home." I said this lying through my teeth. He remembered. He actually was attracted to me, however, I'm actually not sure if I like him beyond the persona I built in my head, based off his teaching. What drove me to want to continue getting tangled with him was the need to see his true smile. That beautiful indentation in his cheek.
All the guys teasing and interactions with Evan continued as normal. All except for my subtle flirting. It was the only thing that brought a real smile to his face. It was also the part of my day I always looked forward to.
Now, what was Armando trying to ask me? Oh yes. I told Carla about the interaction and she gave me her signature giggle. "He was trying to ask you out to homecoming silly" she explained. "Armando has never been good with timing though...Remember? We were all saying this would be the first time we would go to homecoming."
Homecoming was the last thing on my mind right now. Right after my school work and Evan Henry. "Oh" was all I could answer. A few seconds of silence passed and Carla finally cut the silence with "well! I'm going. But with Davon"
"Oh great!" I thought. An opportunity to switch the conversation's focus to her.
"Ooooh!" I squealed while poking her repeatedly with both index fingers on her shoulder. "I didn't even know Davon was the dancing type" I laughed. "He's so lanky and unbalanced!"
"Well! He happens to be a pretty good dancer" she answered quickly, coming to his defense. "Anyway... I'll dance a few songs with you but I won't sulk with you on the sideline so you better find yourself a date if it's not Armando" she added.Sat?
As it turned out, I found out the next morning, Armando wasn't planning on going anymore. I was on my own. I quickly latched on the the group of single girls that couldn't get a date for homecoming and made plans to arrive with them.
My only plan was to dance like no one was watching. Oh but he was watching. Mr. Henry stood idly by as one of the many assigned teacher chaperones. He wore a pastel purple long sleeve shirt with a vest to enhance how adorable he looked and with a bow tie to top it all off. Regardless of how adorable he looked, I couldn't help to notice how deadly his stare was when he saw me dancing with some of the same guys that would tease him during class. His body language screamed off standish as he had his legs spread a whole two feet apart and his hands joined at his midsection. Just like your common security guard.
I tried my best to ignore his stare but it felt like he was the Mona Lisa painting that follows you only with her eyes as you move from one side of the room to the other. This went on for the entire duration of the dance. I'm not even sure if I saw him take a bathroom break.
I managed to convince my parents to let me stay over at Carla's for the night but we were already planning to head over to the after party right after. Still running high on energy, the teachers started kicking us out by turning down the music and turning the lights on. "OK let's go guys!" Screamed one of the girls as she grabbed the nearest girl by the arm causing all the other girls to follow, forming a human chain.
As we were walking outside, in the parking lot, I had a gut feeling Evan was still watching me somehow, so I decided to turn back for a split second. Sure enough, there he stood behind the door we had just walked out of, in the same stance.
"That's the last ill see of him tonight" I thought. I thought wrong.
Not even 2 hours into the after party, I start hearing loud cheering coming from the backyard where the pool and bar were. Some people gave into the hype and ran towards the cheering outside. I was one of them.
I couldn't see what was happening when I reached the crowd that had formed around the bar but someone was making drinks with fire so you could hear the occasional oooh and ahh. I spotted Carla in my peripheral view, up on top of a raised flower bed that offered her the perfect view apparently. "Oh my God May! You have to see this" she said, waving for me to join her up on the raised stone wall. A guy, who I did not even know helped me up to where Carla stood.
The cheering continued, but when they finished cheering I could make out what was happening. Mr. Fucking Evan Henry. Making fire drinks for minors. Most of them his students. I heard a guy's voice scream "yo! Who is this guy?" And a girl answered him "that's Mr. Henry!! My English teacher! Wooohh!" This started an immediate chant "Mr. Henry! Mr. Henry!" During this chant is when Evan finally noticed I was staring at HIM this time. I also had my feet 2 feet apart but with my hands to my hips and my lips curled In disappointment.
"May! Carla! Come help me!" He called over as he waved us to him. Carla was more than ready to answer his call but I stopped her by putting my arm in her way and answered. "No!" Then telling Carla I was going home.
I made it all the way to the front yard by myself. No one following behind me. Just my thoughts revolving in my head. "He didn't look drunk". "Is that the real him?" "I don't like this side of him - especially If that's how he is sober." "I can't leave now. People will know I was upset by that exhange. However, people were recording it on their phones and posting it online. I don't want to be anywhere near that. He's going to lose his job though. I need to stop him before it gets worse than that. Ugh! I have to go back and make sure he doesn't actually get drunk and do something that he regrets even more."
I was alone with my thoughts long enough for the cheering and drink making to stop. When I walked back outside Mr. Henry was gone. I sighed in relief, but stopped Carla in her tracks to ask her "Hey did Mr. Henry leave?" Davon stood by her side and didn't let her answer, saying "oh! Mr. Henry is in the guest bedroom" then kackling with his hand to his mouth.
That's not good. Not good at all. I fast walked as fast as I could in heels to where the bedrooms were and asked around for the guest bedroom. A girl with her make up smeared, fully wet from being thrown into the pool, smiled at me putting her hand to a door next to her and said "it's here but I don't think you want to go in there".
"Yes I do" I quickly responded, tearing her hand off the door and barging in. Barging in only to see Mr. Henry having full on intercourse with a skinny, clearly underage girl. I stood at the door long enough for him to make two swift movements, look up at me and flash me that damn dimple again with a smile.
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