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          Adventure Hunting March 3, 2021 (part 2)

Ended my adventure today in Homton with this last shot from the deck of the taverna that looked out over Heron Lake. 

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                   Adventure Hunting March 3, 2021

I took the soft rail to Hompton and walked on to Hompton Wode this morning to celebrate Vertmas. Good news is all the snow is gone and the weather was warm. Bad news is I spent the T4.50 for the rail and there was little in the woods happening. Well, accept for spying on these two Cedar Waxwings. The flipped and flittered about the tree and the puddles for a good long time, giving me some great shots. A sure sign spring is in the air and purple painted cars are on the way :D Well, its was a nice wander anyway. And its gave me the chance to make some new corn muffins. Oh and collected some ivy for the door.

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while picking the pictures i was thinking to myself “would this place be an ideal place for a fairy to vibe in?” 

disclaimer - I don’t own most of my lockscreens; they come from Pinterest! if one of them happens to be yours, just message me and i will give you credit :)

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hello here are some stuff i thought i’d share

news of the past recent days:

-saw a kid with down syndrome at home depot i think?? i know it may be rude to point out but he made me so happy my heart melted

-made a gift for my mom, a little tied up cluster of plants and tiny flowers and a stick :) don’t have any pics though

-sunflower seeds in pocket = gremlincore

- got new plant children!!! don’t have any pictures but i’ll get some soon

-frog hoodie hasn’t come yet, my dad told me that they’d don’t know if it has shipped or where it is 😀😀

-i touched a cow at my moms place

-more bottlecaps into the jar 

-still madly in love with my best friend who can’t handle romantic emotions and doesn’t want a relationship, help

-stepped on a ton of fire ants barefoot

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                                The Adventure Hunter I am…..2

I am the Winter Wanderer, that walks through the snow, lookin for shelter while admiring the cold change of the landscape all around me. And though the mountains are snow capped, the trees are barren and the rivers frozen hard, its still a magickal world I wander

I am the cook and the baker, finding a world of wonder of the foods I make: Bread and cakes, stews and steaks. Be they made in a rustic oven or any open fire, I make these foods with love, so that MAYBE some day I can break these breads with a fellow Hunter

I am the Village Wanderer. The more rustic the better. I am enchanted with courtyards of vendors, oddities shops and streets that wander twist and turn. I find fun and magick in finding an obscure shop on and odd street, shopped them and at night even danced in them.  

I am the swimmer in the sea depths. I am enchanted in the watery world and its denizens. The creek craw-dad, the dolphin, otter and the sea turtle call to me and I find I am called back their often

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