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#forest animal

My commission page on ko-fi where you can order a picture like this is now live! Check it out if you want.

Thank you (◕‿◕)

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Fun little design for my redbubble.
It’s not much, but I couldn’t get the idea out of my head….

It’s also available as a version with no text, in case a plain screaming opossum is your thing…

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Just some forest spirits meeting in the dark I guess

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Cutest visitor to see right after waking up <3 Usually this fellow don’t come out to eat until sun has set but I bet it now was eating and enjoying spring sun. Tho the sun shines on that spot in the morning and it was afternoon when I took this photo.

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Closing the book on my first big summer project- though truth be told I started this thing back in April. I just want to take a minute to acknowledge the life-changing influence Pinterest has had on our household. Before Pinterest a man might, say… burn? a dirty old pallet he found propped up against that sketchy shed leaning in his backyard. But now- and I hope I’m conveying sincerity here- a guy can spend two and a half months turning that same pallet into wall art because his wife typed “forest animals” and “boy’s room” into a search bar. You know, I never considered it might have been there to hold the shed up.

Sure, I might poke fun at some of my wife’s artsy/crafty/antique-y ideas or the fact that she ordered a literal truckload of pallets last fall in a passing bout of Pinterest-fueled pregnancy insanity BUT- right up until I had to paint those letters this project was actually pretty fun. Those things were on par with that hoosier insignia. Next!

Until next time,


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Any mori folk out there? Reblog this and tell me what forest animal you associate yourself with the most! (and why, if you want to!) 

Mine would have to be bunnies, obviously. ^^ Bunnies are one of my favorite animals and my personality kinda tends to be on the shy and skittish side, like a bunny.

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