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#forest witch
hearthpixie · 4 months ago
I haven’t seen any mention of this on tumblr yet and it breaks my heart. Tribal nations, community and environmental groups in Minnesota have fought for six years to stop Canadian oil giant Enbridge Energy from building the massive Line 3 pipeline in Northern Minnesota, to take oil from Canada’s tar sands region to Superior, Wisconsin.
Pipeline 3 will have the Co2 equivalent of 15 new coal-fired power plants. Please stand strong against the law-free oil pipeline, which seeks to keep us tethered to destructive fossil fuel practices at the expense of the land, the sacred, and the livability of the future.
The Obvious Threats:
-Oil spills
-habitat destruction
-harm to indigenous livelihood
-climate damage
Its carbon footprint would exceed the entire state of Minnesota’s and, like Keystone XL, would extend the economic viability of the ultra-polluting crude oil source in a way that one expert famously called “game over for the climate.”   All pipelines spill. It's a question of when not if.
Line 3 violates treaty rights by endangering critical cultural resources like sacred wild rice. Line 3 will cross 227 bodies of water including the Mississippi river twice and multiple state parks and national forests.
Tumblr media
Pipeline construction also means bringing thousands of out-of-state workers into rural communities. These settlements are called man camps and they lead to missing and murdered indigenous women. Pipelines directly correlates to violence against indigenous women, girls, and relatives. Native women are murdered at 10 times the national rate; 1 out 2 Native women will be raped in her lifetime(based on REPORTED statistics), and 3 out of 5 physically assaulted. Even worse, 96% of the perpetrators are non-native and cannot be prosecuted by tribal governments. approving this landline it's literally inviting violence into Indigenous spaces.
- take the pledge of resistance 
- donate directly to the front lines
- donate to Honor the Earth
- write to Biden to stop Line 3
- follow and listen to indigenous leadership
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