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Tired of the offairs of man

Gonna live in the woods with some chickens and a native approved farm, goodbye

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hello here are some stuff i thought i’d share

news of the past recent days:

-saw a kid with down syndrome at home depot i think?? i know it may be rude to point out but he made me so happy my heart melted

-made a gift for my mom, a little tied up cluster of plants and tiny flowers and a stick :) don’t have any pics though

-sunflower seeds in pocket = gremlincore

- got new plant children!!! don’t have any pictures but i’ll get some soon

-frog hoodie hasn’t come yet, my dad told me that they’d don’t know if it has shipped or where it is 😀😀

-i touched a cow at my moms place

-more bottlecaps into the jar 

-still madly in love with my best friend who can’t handle romantic emotions and doesn’t want a relationship, help

-stepped on a ton of fire ants barefoot

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