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#forever quotes
arya101804 · 6 months ago
What's the Saddest Sound in the World?
The saddest sound is the sound of a heartbeat;
coming from a heart that doesn't want to beat anymore.
Now an apathetic rhythm,
I see the lifelessness in your eyes.
The same ones that use to sparkle before.
I place my hands on your chest,
wondering how I can ease your pain.
It makes me mad that you have to suffer;
suffer with all that poison in your veins.
I know you can't help it,
and as much as I try, I can't help you.
Saying that one day it will pass,
doesn't necessarily make it true.
So for now, I'll hold you close because our love for each other
is the only thing that hasn't drowned.
And let's just slow dance;
dance to the beat of the saddest sound.
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itsyurikoluv · 5 months ago
When Selena said el dinero no importa en ti ni en mi “Money does not matter in you or me” because to be honest all the money in the world couldn’t make me happy if I didn’t have your love.
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sudheerrongali · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
U don’t fall off unless U stop Trusting
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jess-amelia · a year ago
I wish I could promise to love you forever. I wish that amount of time was available to us. But unfortunately it's an unrealistic notion of time and it doesn't mean what we think it does. Forever could be minutes, months, or years; it is the amount of time that makes sense. So I promise to love you as long as it is right. As long as it makes sense for you, myself, us. As long as it is healthy. As long as it is what you, I, we need.
And remember that if our forever ends, it only means that we are moving onto something that better suits our wants and needs at this time - Jess Amelia
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blueisminex · a year ago
Tumblr media
Reading this still makes me think of you.. Of us..
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alexxendra · a year ago
If someone likes a lot to be with you, does not want to be away from you, fulfills even your small wishes, cares about your likes and dislikes, remembers almost everything associated with you, continuously misses you, takes care of you and has feeling for you this clearly shows that this person has true love for you and wants to be with you forever.
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rpmemes-galore · 2 years ago
Forever — The Wolves of Deep Brooklyn  {Sentence Starters} 
“I’m worried about him.”
“I just want to be helpful.”
“He made me kill a man.”
“I mean, he killed a man.”
“Not really a surprise, is it?”
“Stop staring at the customers.”
“Why not you and me, tonight?”
“It’s not your job to protect me.”
“Could be better, though, right?”
“You’re just afraid... and so am I.”
“I thought you said he was cool?”
“Yeah, he turned up this morning.”
“What the hell is wrong with that guy?”
“You had no choice. It was self-defense.”
“Are you back? Please, tell me you’re back.”
“I’m sorry, did you say that you... stole these?”
“Seems you have a taste for dangerous living.”
“You could’ve been killed! I could’ve been killed!”
“We’re both a little guarded. A little screwed up...”
“Now he’s paying you to take the fall. How much?”
“I didn’t have to kill him. I shouldn’t have, but I did.”
“We need to have a serious talk about our options...”
“I gotta show this guy what I can actually do for him.”
“But being ferocious is absolutely what it takes to win.”
“Did you know many of the people that he worked with?”
“I know that, but there’s some things you can’t run from.”
“Yeah, we had a disagreement... not what I’d call a fight.”
“Well, you experience time a little differently than everyone else.”
“If you’d seen the things that I’d seen, lost the loved ones I’ve lost...”
“Loving someone means supporting them. Even if it scares you to do so.”
“But, that’s the thing, isn’t it? I had... no choice. I was manipulated. Outsmarted.”
“For me, you make that a little easier. I just want to be able to do the same for you.”
“You’ve become like a son to me. And, what can I say, I believe in spoiling my kids.”
“I also know that coming back to work was one of the only things that made me feel better.”
“I’ve been through this before. What goes through your mind after taking a life... it is not easy. You know you can talk to me.”
“What you don’t understand, maybe what you can’t understand, is that... risking your life for something you believe in? Its a blessing. Not a curse.”
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itsyurikoluv · 5 months ago
When your in love with someone you always think about forever and though sometimes forever never lasts...I’m in love with you and I want you to be my forever.
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