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#forgot i ever liked batman...
batarangsoundsdumb · 6 months ago
headcanons on interactions between bruce's exs? imagine the comedic potential for harvey and ollie to meet
okay bruce's exes headcanons:
bruce and oliver broke up after bruce graduated boarding school, and they were like 'thanks for the whole *waves hand vaguely*, let's just stay friends', but for the first 5/6 years after their break up oliver would fucking hate everyone bruce dated.
especially harvey dent, who bruce dated in college. oliver fucking despised harvey for no reason at all. he'd try to convince bruce of it by making up the stupidest arguments like "his haircolour confuses me," and "i don't like how he actually pays attention in class"
(oliver is still on the desert island when harvey becomes two face and the first text he sends bruce after multiple years is just "i fucking knew there was something wrong with that guy")
after dinah and ollie got together people kept joking that bruce would get jealous (seeing as he dated dinah), but he doesn't get it so he's like "of dinah? i wish her the best of luck with that weird asshole, but never again"
everyone just stares at him, while oliver just goes: "says you, you fucking weirdo. did it pay off to get out of bed every single fucking day at 6 in the morning? did that help you or was it just to inconvenience me?"
barry just goes: before we go any further does anyone want to confess they've also slept with batman? no?
(diana proudly raises her hand and when clark doesn't move she raises his hand up too, because let's be real, they boinked)
poison ivy, harley quinn, and catwoman don't realise they've all dated bruce wayne/batman for like 5 years and they break out into laughter everytime they remember. (they gossip about him more than is strictly necessary)
two face regularly kidnaps bruce wayne and bruce always gets him talking about weird shit they did in college.
there's a "reporters who dated bruce wayne" club and it has over a dozen members, lois and clark are co-captains.
bruce dated john constantine and every time john constantine mentions it near the league, bruce convinces all of them (successfully) that 'making love' is just the act of calling someone 'love' in british.
(the entire justice league is convinced 'fucking' is just niche british slang for working together)
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clownkiwi · a year ago
ok, so if i wanna b honest w/ yinz, my only proper exposure of batman has been through the dark knight from 2008, lego batman (from the first game to the lego movies), batman vs tmnt, & that harley quinn show with the weird antisemitism in it
thats it, ive never seen the tim burton movies, i never saw the bat nips films (im aware of them, tho), i never sat thru any of the cartoons (besides the lego batman movie & batman vs tmnt), i never saw the rest of the christopher nolan trilogy, and i certainly never saw batman vs superman, and i havent even seen the joaquin phoenix joker yet
so from this point onwards, any of my opinions towards batman will most likely b based on my few past experiences with him from cartoons
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duketectivecomics · a year ago
so my ONLY real complaint about Batman & the Signal is how painfully short it is.
There’s a good opening and closing to it (given that it takes place in the span of One Day, starting with a breakfast meeting and ending with a dinner(?) debrief). And the minute interactions and banter is just as on point as its ever been for Duke.
But there’s just... so much that’s leaving me wanting more for him and for this. Because all this miniseries does is prove to me that Duke could carry a title. He’s a brand new hero just coming into his own, with enough of a previously established cast to keep things interesting and more than enough opportunities for crossovers and team-ups and just??? 
I get wanting to give new characters a place to grow, I understand Why he was put on a team.
But he already had a team... And he already has enough to deal with while he’s still adjusting to working with the batfam. Can we please actually explore that now? 
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aalghul · 12 days ago
Jason Todd’s Childhood Friends
I’m pretty sure these are all of them but if I missed any, let me know!
EDIT: I forgot Chris, so thanks @leoruby-draws for reminding me. They also pointed out that Danny Chase and Jason were implied to have been friends (maybe I need to re-read TT though because I can’t seem to remember). I won’t include him because we don’t actually have them ever physically present in the same panel, that I remember, and Danny’s most important role regarding Jason is breaking the news of his death to Dick. And then getting his ass beat for it. He and Jason probably could have been friends, honestly. It’s just that he kind of got thrown out so early on and all we have is (waves hand) that.
While I’m here again anyways, I just want to say that I’m not including Roy based off that one three page short story. Roy was a whole adult with a child when Jason was 11 going on Titans missions with them. N52 is on something else and I’m not acknowledging it.
In chronological order:
Eddie: In Blue Devil #19, we have Kid Devil and Robin being the absolute cutest babies the world of sidekicks has to offer, and finding out (through their letters, because they’re adorable pen-pals) that they’re after the same criminal. I can guarantee that you have never seen anything more adorable than the tiny pen-pal wonder and his also tiny friend.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Rena: First appearing in Detective Comics #561, Rena was an immediate love interest of Jason’s (literally at first sight lol), and then she instantly invited Jason to get high with her after school. Spoiler: they didn’t, Jason eventually ends up busting the gang that was putting pressure on her, then they’re a couple (of babies). She moved around a lot, every year or so, because of her dad’s job, so she had a bit of a problem with loneliness and not fitting in. Despite all of the drug talk, my girl really was a good kid.
Chris: I originally forgot him, but honestly that’s probably for the best. N52 is famous for bad decisions and not knowing how time works, and a very good example of that is Red Hood and the Outlaws (2011) #25 (Zero Year tie-in) having taken place before Jason was even adopted by Bruce, but for some reason he’s already fifteen. That’s not even mentioning how annoying I found the way Talia’s fighting ability was downgraded. Moving onto Chris, himself, though. I’m sure people could argue that he’s a good foil for Jason as a street kid, but I think it’s stupid + he’s annoying. I’ll give him points for including Jason in his (stupid) idea because he wanted him to benefit too, and that he sided with Jason at the end when he could have just ignored him and stayed with the other Red Hoods. But then he only gets more annoying, so.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gabby: Red Hood/Arsenal #4 shows us Jason being recognized by a waitress at a diner in Gotham, him also remembering her as soon as she did so. Everything about their interaction and the quick flashback is so important because it’s calling back Jason characterization as a kid who had to be rough to help himself and others, all aspects of that being a defence mechanism of some sort. Jason takes a moment to ruminate over how much better his life would be if Batman hadn’t taken him in, not muse that he would be some sort of criminal. I would love to see more that, if writers want to talk about what would have happened to Jason without Bruce so bad. The fact that Gabby triggered that thought in him, as well as reminded him that he was a good kid and helped people long before the cape, really shows that she had weight in his life. She even knew and cared about him enough to deal with when he lashed out. I would complain about Jason implying that he doesn’t care about people, but with the context of the rest of their interaction, it’s obvious that Jason’s self perception is not intended to match the reality. I like what that says about how he perceives his actions and how he thinks others might. His choosing to just help her out with that money but decide to stay out of her life is so typical Jason. I mean that both fondly and derogatorily.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Numbers: Gotham Nights #11. In a home like Ma Gunn’s, while we know he was already a target for the other residents and undoubtedly other people as well, he chose to take the punishment for something he knew Jason had done. All because Jason had been the first to show him kindness after he had already been beaten down by life as a child. It wasn’t the most clear or well done, but I liked that there was subtle commentary on how some people didn’t get to escape a life of crime when conditions force them into it. This story provides proof for why Jason wouldn’t just kill henchmen and people he didn’t deem personally deserving by having chosen to commit unforgivable acts. It’s proof of that choice being the more interesting concept, at least. As with Gabby, Jason doesn’t give Numbers the option of reconnecting with Jason after he has helped Numbers. Not surprising since we’ve seen Jason leave people before they leave him often (example: how he broke it off with Roy Harper).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dana: She only existed for Red Hood: Outlaw #52 and #52, but she is easily the best original character to come out of RHATO. She’s my personal favourite for so many reasons (it’s literally two issues, please read them), but her friendship with Jason is wonderful too. Considering Dana’s filling him on everything, introducing him to her friends, and that he didn’t know about her being a vigilante before #52 or her dad’s leg, we know they didn’t really get to catch up before Jason left Gotham after UTRH. It’s probable that Dana didn’t even know he was alive until the Iceberg Lounge thing. We know she’s been watching over his old apartment, possibly since he first got adopted by Bruce. They were probably very close when they were kids if that’s the case. Especially since her dad remembered him easily and even characterized him as “polite” and having been “skinny”, all immediately after meeting him again. Same goes for Dana’s sister, Denise, who Jason got along with easily as soon as she showed up, even though they hadn’t talked in years.
Tumblr media
Max: Oh, Max. Firstly, I hate this art. Now. Truth & Justice as a whole was a mess because it missed its intention by a whole lot. Seriously, I know DC wanted people to think of it, and I also know that they put effort into making it clear that they don’t care. #10-13 are about Jason attempting to solve the murder of his childhood best friend, Max Dawkins. Max’s death was set up to look like an overdose, but Jason knew that Max would never touch drugs so he set off to find his killer. He does eventually find that killer, Scarecrow, and then there’s some fear gas, an “I trust you.” from Batman, blah blah. Jason is very emotional throughout the entire story, not even attempting to hide how torn up he is over Max’s death. Max gets nothing but praise for Jason and the narrative itself. However, none of that erases that Max’s death was just to give a white boy something to be sad about. It’s more white bs in a comic filled with white saviourism at every turn.
That aside, their friendship truly is beautiful. Jason straight up says that Max was someone he could always trust to be there for him on the streets, and Jason doesn’t usually say stuff like that. This is another case of Jason walking out of someone’s life while helping them, but it feels more tragic because there’s no possibility for a resolution. Just little Robin helping his friend from the shadows and watching his grow.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Secret’s Out
Father of Mine – Part 1 and Part 2
Tumblr media
Bruce was looking at his emails when Y/N arrived at the table.
She was breathing heavily and her hair was a bit messy, just further proving she had rushed to get there.
“I’m so sorry I’m late,” she huffed embarrassingly. “My shoot ran over and every one was moving so slowly.”
Bruce smiled. “Y/N. Relax.”
Then he stood up to greet her with a kiss on the cheek.
The two of them hadn’t seen each other in over a month. Y/N had been traveling for work constantly. And between the vigilante life and Wayne Enterprises, Bruce was running on 2 hours of sleep on the daily.
“I need a drink,” Y/N finally sighed after she got situated.
As if on cue, their waitress dropped Y/N’s favorite drink in front of her.
Y/N eyed Bruce with surprise.
He just shrugged.
Sometimes Y/N forgot how much her father noticed literally everything.
“Thank you,” she told the waitress.
“You’re overworking yourself,” Bruce said with a disapproving look.
She rolled her eyes. “Really? You’re not one to talk, Bruce.”
“You deserve a vacation. I’ll pay for it. Pick wherever you want. Bring Jason. Or some friends.”
She narrowed her eyes. “Bruce…”
It was a warning.
From the very start of their unconventional father-daughter relationship, Y/N had made it clear that she could not be bought. And Bruce spoiling her made her extremely uncomfortable. Even now, she still tried to at least split restaurant checks with him. Bruce always won those battles though.
“I’ll take a vacation when you do,” she finally countered.
That sure shut him up.
“Hey, I actually brought you something,” Y/N changed the subject as she reached for her bag.
A moment later, she lightly placed a manila folder onto the table.
Bruce’s brow furrowed as he reached for it.
As soon as he opened it, he froze.
“I had to clean out some stuff and put things into storage,” Y/N explained. “I found all my mom’s photos. I figured I could make copies of some childhood photos for you.”
Bruce’s silence made Y/N nervous.
“If you don’t want them, that’s totally fine.” She started to reach for the folder out of Bruce’s grip with awkward embarrassment. “It was stupid–”
But Bruce quickly pulled the folder closer to him and stopped her from taking the photos from him.
“Thank you,” he announced.
It made Y/N quickly sit back in her chair, caught off guard by his sincere reaction and how he’d immediately become protective of the photos.
Bruce awkwardly cleared his throat. “Thank you, Y/N.”
He repeated to make sure she understood how thankful he truly was. And Y/N suspected the throat clearing was to hide his emotions.
Now she watched as Bruce slowly went through every picture. He took in every detail with a soft smile.
These weren’t just photos. These were all of Y/N’s memories that Bruce missed, that he could never get back. And he was savoring all of them.
Then Bruce paused and was fully smiling now.
“What?” Y/N asked.
She didn’t know why all of this made her so nervous.
Bruce didn’t say anything as he lifted a photo and flipped it to show her.
It wasn’t from her childhood.
It was a black and white photo of Jason. A candid from when he had escorted her around the slums of Gotham for her most recent gallery show.
After months of thinking about it, Y/N finally had decided she wanted to frame it and hang it somewhere in her apartment. 
Y/N’s jaw dropped with embarrassment and she ripped it from his hands.
“I was developing some photos at the same time as I was making the copies. Must’ve gotten mixed up in those,” Y/N explained too quickly, unable to meet Bruce’s gaze.
It made Bruce happy to know that Y/N didn’t have the same inability to love someone and let people in like he did. It was a relief that she didn’t isolate herself from it like he had. If her mother was still alive, Bruce would thank her for it. But if Y/N’s mother were alive, he would’ve never known about Y/N in the first place.
Their entire dinner was spent with Bruce looking at the old photos. He had at least two questions for each one. Some of them Y/N didn’t remember being taken. But most of them came with stories or a loving memory.
Y/N talked for most of the meal. But that’s exactly what Bruce wanted.
Furthermore, Bruce had nothing of value to update her on. Batman business had consumed his life as of lately, and he had made a promise to never involve Y/N in any of it. And Jason seemed to be on the same page when it came to his other life as Red Hood. 
Both men seemed determined to keep her safe and away from it all. 
Two hours later, Bruce was paying the check and helping Y/N into her coat.
“I’ll give you a ride home,” he muttered as they started walking out.
Y/N had learned by now to give up on those small battles. Jason was the same way when it came to making sure she got home safely.
As they made their way to the exit, Y/N caught a few stares from other patrons who were still eating.
“Do you ever get used to it?” She asked her father in a low voice.
“Get used to what?” He asked, genuinely unaware of what she was getting at.
“People gawking at you.”
Bruce glanced around and unintentionally glared at anyone who was staring at Y/N.
“It’s good that I’m seen in public…for obvious reason,” he hinted in a quiet voice, obviously talking about needing the cover to continue his life as a masked vigilante.
Once they were outside, Alfred was already waiting at the curb with the Rolls-Royce. He greeted Y/N with a hug and a kiss to her cheek before opening the door for her and Bruce.
When they got to Y/N’s apartment building, she said her goodbyes to Alfred. And Bruce walked Y/N all the way up to her door.
Even though Y/N insisted it was overkill and she could get up the stairs on her own just fine, Bruce had seen too many terrible things in this forsaken city. He could think of thousands of things that could happen to Y/N between the car and her front door.
Once Y/N realized that Bruce’s paranoia came from experience, she stopped trying to stop his chivalry and overprotective ways. She finally understood that Bruce had seen things that would prevent her from ever sleeping again. So if walking Y/N to her door gave him a little peace of mind, she wasn’t going to take that away from him.
Y/N turned to Bruce when they reached her door. “Thanks again for dinner.”
“Of course. I’m glad we could spend some time together. Thank you again for the photos.”
Y/N didn’t realize that Bruce was about to hang every single one around Wayne Manor. 
She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and a hug. “Get home safe.”
Y/N woke up wrapped strong arms, her body overheating slightly.
When she had come home from dinner last night, Jason had already left for patrol.
He hadn’t woken her up when he got back home, just proving how exhausted Y/N had been these past few weeks.
But it was the continuous buzzing vibrations of her phone that woke her up. When she brightened the screen, she saw that she had dozens of text messages and three missed called from Bruce.
“What the fuck,” Y/N whispered as she started opening them.
But they were all about the same thing.
Everyone had sent her similar articles from various gossip websites or news outlets.
All of the headlines were joined with photos of Bruce and Y/N having dinner last night. Apparently other customers at the restaurant had snuck photos of Bruce greeting her with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
Y/N could see how it would be misinterpreted as romantic and not familial or platonic. But it still made her sick to see the photos twisted in such a way.
Then there were paparazzi photos of them getting in a car together. Of course there were none of Bruce dropping her off and them going their separate ways. That would be just too convenient for the two of them. 
Y/N’s stomach dropped with panic.
“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck,” she gasped without realizing it.
Jason immediately woke up. “What is it?”
Y/N ignored him and called Bruce.
“I’m handling it,” was how Bruce answered her call.
“Handling it? How exactly?” She challenged. “We can deny the rumors all we want. But everyone is going to keep tabs on us now, and they’re going to see us together again.”
Jason grabbed his own phone.
One of his brothers must’ve sent him a similar article because he rubbed his face in annoyance, finally understanding the situation. 
Nothing like your girlfriend being rumored to have a relationship with her father, who was also your mentor and adoptive father. 
“Y/N, it will blow over. It always does,” Bruce tried to calm her down.
“So what happens when I get photographed with Jason? Huh? They’re going to just say I’m cheating on both of you with each other or some fucked up shit like that.”
Bruce was silent, because they both knew she was right.
Y/N glanced at Jason, who was already waiting for her gaze.
She took in a deep breath and pinched the bridge of her nose. “Maybe we should…Maybe we should just tell the truth.”
“You’ve never wanted that, Y/N.” Bruce tried to argue.
And he was right.
Y/N was terrified of being associated with the Wayne family. People would start believing she secretly built her career off of nepotism that no one was aware of. She also didn’t want that type of attention from the media and the upperclass of Gotham.
“I don’t think we have any other choice,” Y/N finally answered.
Jason reached for thigh and gripped it, trying to offer her some sort of comfort.
“Y/N, are you sure about this?” Bruce asked slowly.
“No. Not at all. But I’d rather not have the public think I’m dating my biological father.”
“OK,” Bruce sighed. “I’ll talk to my publicist today.”
“OK.” She bit her lip before adding. “Just…tell them the whole story.”
“Y/N, if you’re worried how it will make me look, don’t.”
“But I am worried about it, Bruce. They’re going to drag you for being an absent father. And none of that is true. They’re not gonna understand.”
“I’ll call you later with an update,” he told her softly before hanging up.
Y/N tossed her phone to the foot of the bed in frustration.
Jason watched as she buried her face in her hands.
“You OK?” He asked as he rubbed her back.
“No,” she answered honestly.
“Come here.” Jason pulled her into his chest.
There was no fight from her as he cuddled her tightly.
“This is a fucking nightmare,” she groaned into his shoulder.
“I know. But maybe it’s for the best,” he tried to reason with her.
“And what happens when they catch wind that I’m dating my father’s adoptive son? Huh?”
“We’re not actually related, Y/N.”
She pulled her face back so she could glare at him. “Yeah! We know that! But you do understand that people are going to see it that way, right? Like we’re gonna look like some fucked up incestual couple to them.”
“I don’t really care,” Jason finally told her.
“You don’t care?” She scoffed.
“No,” his answer and confidence didn’t waver. “I don’t give a fuck what people say about us, Y/N. If exposing the truth means we don’t have to think twice about going to events or even just going out to dinner, then I’m all for it. I’m sick of hiding our relationship.”
Y/N blinked. She never considered that their subtle relationship bothered him in any way. She was always a strangely private person, so it felt normal to her. But clearly Jason had been wanting to be a bit more public with their relationship.
“What if this changes everything?” Y/N whispered, not meeting his eyes.
Jason smirked at that and gripped her chin, lifting it up so she would look at him. “Some paparazzi and trash tabloids aren’t going to change how I feel about you, Y/N.”
Y/N laughed lightly at that.
“Maybe we should leave Gotham for a bit,” she offered. “Bruce won’t shut up about paying for a vacation for us.”
Jason nodded. “I think that sounds like a good idea. You’ve needed a break for awhile now.”
“Well…where do you wanna go?” Y/N asked.
“Doesn’t matter to me. As long as you’re there.”
She rolled her eyes and hit Jason in the face with a pillow. “God, you really are a sap.”
Y/N appreciated Jason always being able to make her feel better and feel supported. 
But even he couldn’t stop her from wondering...
What would life be like as a Wayne?
Father of Mine – Bonus Content
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evil1ove · 6 months ago
We Should Love Till Death
Sebastian Stan x reader
Requests open!
Mentions of: smut MINORS DNI taunting, unprotected sex (please be safe) female and male receiving, rough sex, fluff, pet names, talking about marriage, talking about kids
A/n: this is jack shit so enjoy!
Tumblr media
There were a lot of things Sebastian loved about you. One specifically is that you were social, you made people’s day by just smiling. Your most defining feature was your smile, it was what home feels like, that you aren't judged and instead loved, it was cozy. It even lit up a room.
On the other hand, what made him laugh was that you could be social all week at any point, and out of the blue you just wanted to stay home and not do anything. It was rare maybe like once every three months, it was spontaneous and he always was caught off guard by it, but somehow those were his favorite days because he had you all to himself (selfishly enough).
But today you chose to be social, you were invited out by Tom Holland and his friend Harrison Osterfield. You could tell that Sebastian was admiring you, he was too quiet, it has been like forty-five minutes since he had last talked.
“Look, Tom, I might agree with you on a lot of things, but Batman would kick Spider-Man’s ass, there is no debate,” you said looking at Tom fondly at why he got to that point, and Harisson let out a laugh because he was finally being heard.
“y/n, you are right the majority of the time but you are wrong on this,” he says leaning forward to you
“How the fuck would Peter Parker beat Bruce Wayne, literally how?” you were so confused
“Easy, spidey senses, webs, and strength”
“You mean Peter tingles right?” You joked “Look Batman kicked Superman's ass, Supermans! Superman is THE strongest hero” you exclaimed almost getting out of your seat.
“She’s right tom, Superman is a god, Peter is just a kid from Queens” Harrison adds
“What- no,” he says
“Your words not his” you backed Harrison up
“Peter's Spidey-sense will make him nearly impossible to hit. And he is faster and more powerful than Bruce. He isn't in skilled martial arts per se, but he has a superhuman advantage.” he says, you look at Harrison and you both roll your eyes in unison which made you let out a laugh and hit him playfully. That was another thing Sebastian loved about you, you were playful and friendly, laughing at everything and anything that most people would just bat their eye at.
“Whatever, Tom,” you say, giving up on the debate.
“Ha, I win!” he says, getting up and holding out his hand for you to shake. You shake your head and mouth ‘no’. When you were about to get up you were stopped by Harrison grabbing your shoulder to make you sit back down.
“I was wondering if I could get your number?” he asks politely handing his phone over to you
“I appreciate the gesture and I am giving it to you as a friend, but I hope you know I do have a boyfriend right?” you grab his phone starting to type your phone number in, you would never cheat on Sebastian.
“No, I understand” Harrison nods profusely and takes his phone back. You smiled at him. Getting up with no interruptions this time, you scan the room to try to find Sebastian, and when you did you smiled and headed towards him.
“I don’t have dick-shaped glasses right?” Sebastian asks
“No, no you don’t” you laugh at the man because you once in fact did make him wear dick-shaped glasses at one point. You were going to lean in for a kiss, but you were stopped and you frowned. You looked at the culprit, you were met with Sebastian’s cheek.
“What?” you ask confused, your eyebrows knitting together. Another thing Sebastian was so fond of. It even made him smile at the time.
“I know you wouldn’t cheat on me, but I feel like you don’t love me,” he says. You couldn’t believe what he had just said.
“Sebastian, I am going to sound like a broken record if you keep acting like this, I love you, dearly. If I wanted to sleep with people I would have broken up with you and just slept with whoever, whenever, where ever but I am so madly in love with you, and only you” This time you tried to lean in for a kiss and he leaned in as well, capturing your lips in his. He knew you loved him, but he never gets tired of hearing you say it.
“Fuck you,” you say pulling away from the kiss, you now realized he was just playing around.
“What time, when?” he says playfully, he knew you knew what he had just did
“I hate you,” you say with a grin
“Oh, but you just said you loved me,” he said leaning back in to kiss you, this time you were the one who moved your head so he would kiss your cheek instead. When he pulled away he had a frown which made you smile deviously and your eyes sparkled. You wanted to play games with Sebastian.
“Don’t be cocky” you say to him, you start to walk away, but he follows closely behind. You don't know where this is heading if you want to go home and sleep or do something else in bed. Everything was cut short with one word.
“Y/N!” Tom exclaims
“Cock block” Sebastian says under his breath, making you let out an airy laugh.
“Where are you guys going,” Tom asks
“Oh, um-” you were cut off
“We were about to go home” Sebastian finished your sentence with an angered tone in his voice, you looked at Tom apologetically. He returned with a simple smile.
“The party is just starting” and like if it were staged you saw loads of actors come in. You aren’t one, yourself, in fact, you met Sebastian when you were a barista at a coffee stand.
“Hey can I get a black coffee,” Sebastian asks
“Weirdo,” you say under your breath, catching Sebastian off guard
“What?” he asks seeing if he heard that right
“I said weirdo” handing him, his coffee
“Oh please you act like people don’t order a black coffee”
“Please, I know people drink black coffee, and they are weird, it’s bitter,” you say looking at him
“Are you not a coffee drinker?” he asks
“I am, but I put like no caffeine in it,” you say
“Weirdo” Sebastian says under his breath, “You’re interesting,” he says
“Yeah I know,” you say looking at him with those evil eyes
“Sebastian,” he says holding his hand out
“y/n,” you say pointing to your name tag and ignoring his hand, he hands you the money and a paper with his name and phone number on it. You never planned to call him, and you never did, the piece of paper with his phone number on it was in a drawer somewhere in your apartment.
“You didn’t call me,” Sebastian says making you look up from your phone, it has been over a week and you completely forgot the encounter
“Oh, shucks I didn’t, ” you say sounding disappointed, but you both knew you were joking
“Give me that,” Sebastian says, taking your phone away. And putting his number on your phone.
“I hope you know I will be deleting that,” you say to him
“I know, that’s why I am sending a message to my phone so I can get your number”
“I’ll block you,” you say testing him
“I have other ways to get to you,” he says dodging the bullets you were shooting.
“I will quit this job,” you say
“I have my ways, doll,” he says, confirming his prior statement
“Gross,” you say, hating the pet name and that made him chuckle, he hands your phone back to you.
Flashback ends
“Do you want to leave?” Sebastian asks
“They’re your friends Seb, I wouldn’t mind staying or leaving, my social battery is at fifty percent, it’s your call,” you say, he looked at you with a grin and kissed the top of your head, god he loves you.
“Thirty minutes and then we can leave,” he says to you
“You don’t have to promise me anything,” you say smiling at him
“I am the luckiest man in the world,” he says to you “Even though you were a bitch in the beginning,” he says making you let out a snort which made you both laugh louder.
“Hey, y/n, right?” you look up trying to come down from your laugh. And looking at the beautiful women standing in front of you
“Yeah, it is, hi Brie” you smile at her “I love your work,” you say, and then you start a conversation with her.
“Would you ever like to act?” Brie asks and all the female cast come in a circle to try to get to know you, almost as if you were the shiny new toy in the class of the kindergartners.
“I thought about it, I would love to, but I already saw a glimpse of what happens in the real world. I think I would rather be a girl that hides in her apartment and ignores the paparazzi at any cost,” you say and the whole cast nodded their heads.
“Do you see yourself marrying him?” Elizabeth asks, you looked over to Sebastian, he was talking to Tom and Anthony and he was slouched against the counter facing you and he met your eyes sending you a wave and you waved back at him.
“Umm, I do, I hope,” you say, looking at him still and then snapped back to reality when you heard a bunch of ‘awe’ and ‘oohs’ “Shut up!” you say with a laugh making sure Sebastian can’t hear
“Are you scared he could hear us” you looked and met eyes with Zendaya and she had a huge grin on her face
“In fact, yes,” you say, grabbing your cup and taking a sip from it. Making the cast laugh at you.
You continued talking and heard a buzz from your phone, you looked at Sebastian before looking at your phone, you saw him looking at you. And when you checked, first you checked the time was one in the morning and two was that Sebastian texted you having fun? You look at him. And ignore the text message. You said you wanted to play a game, and you are now starting it. Don’t start what you can’t finish, he sends another text message. You smiled at the text and continued to talk to the cast, one by one each of them left and you ended up paying for yourself and heading to Sebastian, Tom was the last one there along with Harrison.
“Thank you Tom, tonight was fun” you hug him signifying you were leaving
“Call me” Harrison whispers in your ear while your hugging
“Sure will” you mouth to him as Sebastian says his goodbyes to Tom. You grab Sebastian’s hand and walk to the parking lot, and into the car.
“So what did you guys talk about,” Sebastian asks?
“Just things,” you say to him
“Things? Like what” he continued prying
“I am not telling you” you look out the window
“C’mon doll,” he says, making you gag at the pet name.
“No,” you say looking deep into his dazzling blue eyes.
“I will assume that you said you wanted to have my kids,” he says meeting your eyes
“Look to the road, I don’t want to be caught dead next to you,” you say jokingly
“I love you,” Sebastian says seriously looking into your eyes
“You better, I hope I didn’t waste four years of my life for this relationship,” you say looking at him “I love you too,” you say looking straight into his eyes. When you finally arrived home it was two in the morning.
“Don’t think I forgot what game you started and didn’t finish” he says putting his keys away
“Huh I don’t know what you’re talking about” you acted oblivious.
And with the blink of an eye you were carried up the stairs and into your bedroom. Which made you laugh. Sebastian let go of you and plopped you onto the bed, kissing you passionately, you started to unbotten his shirt while still kissing him and he unbuckled his belt and pants. When you finally reached the end of his shirt you take it off and than you pull away catching your breath as well as taking your dress off with one swift motion. You connect your lips with his again but this time it was more passionate, if fire can be a kiss it would feel like this. You look at his eyes, full and dark with lust you look at him with a devious smile. You pulled your panties down and in a swift motion you are on top of him. His eyes are wide, but he loved that you could surprise him at any given moment.
“If I start a game, I know how to finish it” you say looking at him.
His cock was hard and looked almost painful. You could feel fingers on your clit swirling around. You were caught off guard and looked down to see his fingers play with your folds when you look up you were met with Sebastian and he quickly bit your bottom lip making you moan. He picked you up and took up to the counter in your bathroom. You look at him confused. And he went in hard, out of the blue. Your eyes were wide and your mouth flew open leaving loud moans fill with pleasure behind. You grabbed onto Sebastians hair and pulled him into a kiss while he still thrusted in and out of you. He then trailed his kisses to your jawline, to your neck and that’s where he stopped, he sucked and left what will soon be marks, his marks so you knew who you belonged to. Your legs wrapped around his waist to push him deep inside of you as possible. “God, you feel so good around me” he says airily.
He pounded in and out of you leaving frantic and you looked down at what he was doing and he put a finger to your clit and started to rub fast and hard to make you cum. He picked you up and tilted you so he could go deeper inside of you and you almost lost it on the spot, your eyes rolled to the back of your head and your toes were curling.
You could feel a knot start to tight with each thrust Sebastian makes it gets tighter and tighter making you clench down. “Cum for me doll” although you hated the pet name this time it pushed you over the edge and made you cum.
Then you were pinned down so your ass was up and you could see what he was doing to you in the reflection of the mirror. He did that while still being inside of you and you almost came on the spot. Your boobs were pressed down on the cold marble counter which felt nice and Sebastian started pounding deep inside of you. Your mouth hung open and your hands didn’t know where to go, so they settled on the edge of the counter.
“You were made for me, all for me, no one else, I am not going to share with anyone”. You look at how concentrated Sebastian looked and how his hand was going to grab and tug on your hair. He leaned in to kiss your neck and that made him go deeper inside of you. Hitting you in all the right places. The cold counter and the way Sebastian was pulling your hair while pounding deep inside of you sent butterflies in your stomach. You made eye contact through the mirror and your lust filled eyes made Sebastian snap and his hot liquids squirted deep inside of you. When he pulled out you, you felt empty and cold and he carried you to bed. Knowing damn well you would not be able to walk. Handing you one of his shirts and tucked you under the blankets, he turned his flash on and saw your glistening cunt and almost got hard again. “God it looks beautiful” he says snapping a picture.
“Sebastian!” You try to grab his phone but he pulls it away so you couldn’t reach it.
“It’s just for me” he says kissing you
“Damn right it is” you say to him snuggling up next to him.
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silverwhittlingknife · 3 months ago
Hii i love your Dick and Tim series and I love them too, I’m not sure if u take requests, but it would be so nice if you could fine times where Dick and Tim referred to each other as brothers. Or maybe Dick calling tim little brother ( I’m a sucker for that)
Top 10 Moments of Dick and Tim Being Brothers
Thank you for this delightful ask, wonderful person, I get emotional about this too. ❤ Let's do this!  Here are some of my favorite moments through the years of Dick and Tim getting called brothers.
(in chronological order b/c I’m a nerd & also b/c it lets us save the best for last)
1. “He’s family. The closest thing to a brother I’ll ever have.” (Nightwing 6)
Tumblr media
Dick and Tim have been getting increasingly closer over time, but this is a milestone: the first time Dick describes Tim as family.
In this comic, Tim is Dick’s first visitor in Blüdhaven, and at first Dick’s a bit suspicious, wondering if Bruce sent him to spy. But nope: Tim came on his own, and he insists he’s not going to say anything to Bruce if Dick doesn’t want him to.  This is a big deal to Dick, whose relationship with Bruce is still rocky.
(I consider this agreement a key moment in their relationship.  You can’t become honorary brothers until you’ve agreed on the key rule of brotherhood: no tattling!)
Later that day, when Tim gets caught in an ambush by mobsters, Dick tears through a bunch of enemies to save him, and thinks about how Tim’s like a brother to him.
2. “Got a friend visiting.” "Anyone I know?" “Little brother." (Secret Origins 80-Page Giant)
Tumblr media
This is the first time Dick calls Tim his little brother!
By this time, Tim’s regularly visiting Blüdhaven, and Dick and Tim have gotten very close outside the masks. Tim is best man at Dick’s fake wedding, Dick tells Tim about his plan to infiltrate the police, Tim confides about his new girlfriend and her pregnancy, etc.
(You know they’re really becoming siblings, though, because they both have judgy opinions about each other’s relationship choices.)
In this comic, Tim’s hanging out in Dick’s apartment when Babs calls.  She doesn't yet know Robin's secret identity, so when she asks if anyone's there, Dick first tells her it's a friend... and then says it’s his little brother.  Well then, Babs says, she's got a case!  Dick asks if Tim’s got his uniform with him, Tim says yes, and they head out as Nightwing and Robin.
3. “Guess I forgot about my other family.” (DCU Holiday Bash 3)
A little while later, Tim’s alone at Christmas - his dad and stepmom are in Chicago - and he’s feeling lonely.  Then he gets an urgent message saying to come to the Clocktower at once for a mission.  Tim hurries over...
Tumblr media
...but when he gets there, it turns out it’s a surprise holiday party!  (”Christmas for loners,” Babs says.)  Tim realizes that he’d forgotten about his other family.
(The prank urgent-message was Dick’s idea.  “Told you he’d fall for it,” he says cheerfully.  This is not the last time that Dick will pull a prank on Tim.  Simultaneously the best and worst older brother ever!)
4. “I was hoping to snag you, little Robin.  But I’m just as happy with your big brother.” (Detective Comics 729)
Tumblr media
A bit later, things are falling apart: Bruce is AWOL, post-earthquake Gotham City is about to be declared a No Man’s Land, the last bridge will be blown up in 45 minutes, and Dick and Tim are on their own desperately trying to defend Gotham from the villains who are already taking it over.
Dick protects Tim from an attempted kidnapping attempt - but in the process, he’s knocked out and captured himself!  Gearhead tells Tim that he’s happy to kidnap Tim’s big brother instead.  Tim’s not okay with that.
Tim’s on his own and on the clock, but he manages to track down Gearhead and rescue Dick by masquerading as Batman.  Dick and Tim escape together and dive into the water just in time, as the last bridge in Gotham explodes.
5. “Are you as devoted to the well-being of your little brother?” (Gotham Knights 10)
Tumblr media
(Answer: yes, yes he is.)
No Man’s Land has come and gone, Bruce is back, and Dick and Tim are closer than ever.  This panel is from the Transference arc, one of my all-time favorite Dick and Tim stories.  It features: Dick picking Tim up from school on his bike! Affectionate bullying! Tag!  Popcorn! Tim talking Dick down from a panic attack!
Here, Dick tackles Tim to protect him from Hugo Strange’s bomb.
By now, Dick and Tim’s brotherly bond is firmly established.  Tim’s constantly in Blüdhaven, they regularly call each other for help, and they both know more about each other’s personal lives than even their closest friends do (Steph and Young Justice still don’t know Tim’s real name; the Titans only visited Blüdhaven for the first time after the end of No Man’s Land; both teams are currently kinda suspicious of Dick and Tim because of Bruce’s secret JLA files; etc. etc.).
But their relationship is about to be tested.
6. “We’ve all been through a lot, big brother.”  (Gotham Knights 33)
Tumblr media
When Bruce is accused of murder and refuses to explain himself, Tim and Dick have a fight: Tim thinks he might be guilty, and Dick’s upset that Tim could even consider the possibility.
(Their different attitudes reflect their current relationships with Bruce: Dick recently got adopted and is feeling especially defensive of Bruce, whereas Tim just had a huge fight with Bruce for telling Steph his secret identity.)
As it turns out, Bruce is innocent...but Tim’s still angry at him for keeping secrets.  (By contrast, Dick and Tim patched up their fight quickly.)
In this panel, Tim grumbles about Bruce to his big brother, who then scolds Bruce on his behalf.
7. “We go to baseball games together.  We’re like brothers.” (Gotham Knights 45)
Tumblr media
Some time later, a suspicious social worker is asking questions about Bruce Wayne, trying to figure out if Bruce was to blame for Jason’s death.  Bruce doesn’t show up in time for the appointment, so at first Dick and Tim get interviewed instead.  When asked about Dick, Tim says they’re “like brothers.”
(Dick and Tim’s connection to baseball games is a longstanding one!  Dick’s parents were planning to take him to a baseball game on the day they died; Tim first invited Dick to a baseball game shortly after the end of Prodigal; and when Dick and Tim hang out in Secret Origins, Tim’s wearing a Gotham Knights T-shirt - the name of the baseball team.)
8. “Stay focused, little brother.” (Batman 631)
The next panels may look grim and serious - and they are - but they’re also secretly really, really touching.
Tumblr media
In order to get how touching it is, you need a bit of background, because a lot has happened since the last comic, and Tim’s been seriously doubting his connection to the Batfamily. He worries that if he quits Robin, Bruce and “even Dick” will never talk to him again (Robin 120).  Then his father finds his Robin costume, Tim is forced to quit, and just as he feared, Bruce stops talking to him.  (So does Steph - he finds out she’s become the new Robin from the newspaper.)
Then Tim’s school gets shot up.  Bruce is sure he’s fine, but Dick’s panicked about his safety.  Dick sneaks into Tim’s school to find him, protect him, and bring him weapons.  
When Dick finds Tim, he calls not-currently-Robin Tim “little brother.”
Imagine how much it must mean to Tim, who’s been mostly convinced he lost all his ties to the Batfamily as soon as he lost Robin, to have Dick come and find him, and then to hear that old nickname after all this time not talking to anyone.  Imagine how horrified Dick must be when he hears about the school shooting, especially since Dick’s own life is in shambles - Blockbuster has murdered almost everyone Dick knows in the past week.  Imagine what a relief it is to discover that Tim’s okay.
(Of course, this is just a temporary reprieve.  After this, they both go through even more trauma.  It’s a bleak time in DC comics.)
8. “Having to fight the brother I came to rescue? Priceless.” (Resurrection of Ra’s al-Ghul)
Tumblr media
This panel requires a recap too, because a lot of things happen after the school shooting (Dick goes into a shame-spiral and joins the mob! the Red Hood appears for the first time!), but the most important for Dick and Tim’s brotherhood is this: Tim’s dad is killed, making Tim an orphan.
Tim turns down Bruce’s first offer of adoption, partly because he blames Bruce for Steph’s death, and partly because he’s worried Dick wouldn’t like it.  Instead, Tim moves to Blüdhaven with a fake uncle.  But after Blüdhaven blows up - and Bruce and Dick and Tim take a round-the-world family trip together - Bruce offers again, and Tim says yes.  So after years of being brothers in spirit, Dick and Tim are now legally brothers!
Immediately after Tim gets adopted, though (the very next issue), Bruce discovers he has a biological son.  And then Ra’s al-Ghul gets involved.  Ra’s kidnaps Tim and Damian, and tries to win Tim to his side: Bruce will inevitably abandon you and replace you with Damian, Ra’s says, but I can be your mentor instead.  Tim says no at first, but he’s tempted by the offer of the Lazarus Pit.
So when Dick arrives to rescue Tim, he discovers that Ra’s has tempted him into trying to resurrect his dad, girlfriend, and best friend.  Dick drops from above to try to stop him, and they battle it out.
Don’t worry, though - in the end, Dick stops fighting, Tim gives in, and they do hug it out. Aww.  Brotherly love reestablished.
9. “Nightwing...Dick...thanks for the present.  It means a lot.” “Don’t get any stains on it. - Your big brother” (DCU Holiday Special 2009)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Now it’s Christmas Eve - the anniversary of the day Tim’s mom died.  Tim’s gone to the cinema to watch It’s a Wonderful Life, his dad’s favorite movie.  Dick finds Tim at the cinema and gives him a gift: one of Dick’s old Robin costumes with the original red-and-green design.  Tim’s really touched.
This is the calm before the storm, though: this comic came out one month before Battle for the Cowl, when Dick and Tim’s relationship starts to implode.
10. “Welcome home.”  “You’re my brother.  You’ll always be there for me.” (Red Robin 12)
Tumblr media
Ahhhh okay pardon me while I get emotional.
So there are about a million equally-fun-and-valid ways to interpret Red Robin, because it’s got a lot of narrative gaps and it’s often deliberately ambiguous, but in my favorite interpretation, this panel is a really touching moment of catharsis.  And in order to really appreciate it, you have to know what’s come before, which is a disastrous mess.  
Dick and Tim have a bunch of fights in the month after Bruce’s death, but - again, IMO - the most important fight is when Dick fires Tim from Robin, which Tim takes as a personal rejection.
So Tim spends all the earlier issues of Red Robin spiraling and wondering whether their brotherhood was ever real and half-convinced it wasn’t: “My name is Tim Wayne!” (RR 1), “[Bruce] is all I have” (RR 1), “If we really are brothers—” (RR 4), and so forth.  And Ra’s—sensing an opportunity!—attempts to recruit him again.  Tim ultimately says no, but he’s still not in a good place.
Ra’s threatens everyone in Gotham, Tim rushes home to save them, he remembers he has friends, he’s willing to die to save everyone...
Tumblr media
... and then Dick saves him.
Tumblr media
And Tim realizes that Bruce isn’t all he has.
Because he’s still got his brother.  
Even though they’ve been fighting, even though they’ve both been keeping secrets, even though things are still tense... when it really counts, Dick trusts Tim and listens to him and comes to save him.
He always has.  And he always will.
Tumblr media
Final thoughts
As I’m sure you noticed, I really love this relationship.  Over the course of two decades in comics, Dick and Tim go from tense strangers to found-family brothers who love each other and rely on each other more than almost anyone else in the world (”my best friend,” “my closest ally”).  And like real brothers, sometimes they get on each other’s nerves or argue or fight.
But at the end of the day, they've always got each other’s backs:
Tumblr media
“I’ve got you.” - Dick to Tim in Nightwing 25 (saved from death-by-train)
“I got you.” - Tim to Dick in Black Mirror (saved from death-by-drowning)
Tumblr media
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uncpanda · 5 months ago
The Ties that bind: Birthday Boy
Synopsis: Being the older sister of a literal genius? It’s not easy. Raising said genius from childhood on? An act of love. Uprooting your life again when he gets in over his head? A no brainer. Finding a new family and support system for yourself? Well, you suppose that’s just luck.
AN: This one is coming out a little later than usual, forgot to add it to the que
Master List
Tumblr media
“So, did you get it?” 
Your voice on the other end of the phone is the cherry on top of an already excellent birthday. Between the cake, football tickets, and the chance of going to a football game with JJ, twenty four is shaping up to be an excellent year for Spencer. “I got it. I’m staring at it right now.” The rather large box on his desk is big and somewhat ominous. 
He pokes it once, “Should I be scared?” 
“Do you really think I would put something in that box that would jump out and go boo on your birthday?” 
“Possibly. You did it two years ago.” 
You sigh, “That was a confetti cannon.” 
“It got all over my apartment. I was finding colorful bits if paper for months.” 
“There is nothing in there that will jump out and go boo. I swear. There’s a few things from me, and a few things from Joel.” 
The scowl is automatic at that point, “He didn’t have to send me anything.” 
“Spencer.” Your tone is pure warning. 
“Is he there? I’ll say thank you.” 
“He is indeed. Let me put you on speaker.” There’s half a second of silence before you say, “Okay. We’re both here.” 
“Spencer! Happy birthday man!! What are you, thirty now?” 
“Considering my sister is twenty-nine and she’s five years older than me, that would make me twenty-four.” 
“I . . I know. I was just joking.” 
you cut in before the awkwardness can settle. “Open it up.” 
He places his phone on the desk and puts it on speaker before opening it up. The entire box is filled with colorful tissue paper and individually wrapped presents. There are several books including a few on orthopedic surgery. He wonders if he can classify this as narcissism as he blandly thanks Joel for the books. 
The presents from you are wrapped in more colorful paper. The first makes his eyes go wide. It’s an early copy of Batman: Under the Red Hood graphic novel. “WHERE DID YOU GET IT?” 
“A good magician never reveals her secrets.” They’re words he’s quoted at you since he was six and it feels really good to throw it back at him. 
“This is so awesome! Thank you so much.” 
“There’s more in there you nerd.” 
“There’s nothing that can beat this.” But he digs further into the paper to find a drawstring cloth bag.” 
He pulls it open and the smile is automatic, it’s a stuffed Aardvark. His voice is quiet, “It’s an Aardvark.” 
“There’s one more. At the bottom of the bag.” 
He laughs when he pulls out a tee-shirt that says ‘Awesome like an Aardvark.’ “I love it. It’s amazing!” 
“I have one in purple. I figured we could twin when we go to see mom this summer. Or are you too cool to twin with your big sister?” 
“Nope. I am down to twin. Mom will get a kick out of it.” 
“Happy Birthday Spencer.” 
“Thanks sis. I love you. And thanks for the books Joel.” 
“Anytime man. Happy Birthday.” The man is entirely too cheerful for Spencer’s liking but he let’s it go. You tell him you love him one more time before you hang up the phone. He’s quick to pull the tee-shirt on, grab his new Aardvark which he decides to name Hayes, takes his new graphic novel and plops down on the couch ready to devour it. Best. Birthday. Ever. . . . .even with Joel somewhat included. 
Tag List: 
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ragingbookdragon · 5 months ago
If You Wonder 'Bout The Lightning, I'm Coming Back With The Thunder
Tamaranean!Batmom x Batfamily
Word Count: 1K Warnings: None
Author's Note: For the ask I received! Enjoy! -Thorne
It had been pure luck that she’d met Bruce that night she’d fallen through the portal with the Psions following too. Koriand’r hadn’t been with her, and she was fearful of what had happened to her, but the main concern had been the man in front of her communicating in a language she didn’t understand.
It’d taken a few moments of them mumbling and gesturing back and forth in their respective languages to effectively communicate that she needed to kiss him to understand him. And as far as first kisses had ever gone, it was amazing. Language upon language flooded her mind and she collapsed from the strain of it all; he’d caught her, asking if she was okay. She could finally understand, and she’d smiled, nodding, Yes. Thank you.
She explained all she could to this “Batman”—Bruce was his name underneath the mask; she was a prisoner of an evil scientific experimenting race, only escaping with her Princess Koriand’r, but they’d gotten split up. I am Princess Koriand’r’s Lady-in-waiting. And it is my duty to be at her side but so much was happening then, and we have been split up. She’d taken his hands, pleading his help and he agreed.
With no place to go, he let her come to his own manor, though she was loathe to intrude. I should not overstay my welcome, Bruce. If I am, please tell me. He’d merely laughed at her, a whole-body laugh. You haven’t even been here ten minutes. Relax R'hyathiss, you’re more than welcome to stay as long as you’d like. Then he’d paused and looked at her. You might want to find a human name to blend in. R’hyathiss might be confusing for some people and could possibly draw attention.
She’d agreed. What should I name myself then? Bruce took a moment to look her over. (Y/N) Athis. The name sounded strange on her tongue, unfamiliar, foreign, but the longer she said it, the more she liked it. (Y/N) Athis. I enjoy it greatly. He’d smiled at her. I’m glad.
Of course, it’d taken a few months to even track down where Koriand’r had landed, another few to find her. When (Y/N) finally did meet Koriand’r again, it’d been an entire year and Bruce and her had already gotten married. She certainly wasn’t expecting to meet Koriand’r as her son’s girlfriend, but Dick loved her, and he’d grown confused when the two Tamaraneans pointed at each other and embraced like long lost sisters.
Oh, Richard, Kori was apart of the modeling company I worked for! She and I have been friends for years! (Y/N) lied easily enough, though she felt bad for doing so and ushered Kori into another room where they could talk it out. The fact that (Y/N) had hid her alien nature from her family save Bruce. Kori, bless the Princess, had understood whole-heartedly, and agreed to play along, though (Y/N) never forgot her place as Koriand’r’s Lady in Waiting. And she was always there when Kori needed her.
Dick groaned as Kori crashed into him and he wrapped his arms around her waist. “Are you alright?” he asked, and she winced, getting off him.
“I am fine.” Her green eyes found her sister’s. “Komand’r will not stop. She is too angry.”
“Tell me about it,” he grunted, climbing to his feet before dodging another attack. “We need help. Even the Justice League is taking some heavy hits.” His gaze drifted to his father and the JL, watching as they fought viciously against Komand’r’s forces.
“We need (Y/N).”
Dick blinked in confusion, glancing to his brothers who were equally confused. “What? Why would mom be needed?”
Kori didn’t answer, flying to Bruce; she punched a monster coming his way and looked down. “Call her. Now.”
“We’ve got this.” He retorted and she grabbed his arm tightly.
“Call R’hyathiss. Now.”
Bruce stared her down, but she didn’t flinch, and he raised his hand to his ear. “We need you.”
Moments later, a streak of ivory shot across the sky and hit Komand’r with the force of a freight train on steroids. The queen flew back, crashing into the road and when the smoke had cleared, everyone in the street was in pure shock as (Y/N) stood before them, a mighty look upon her face.
Komand’r scoffed. “I knew you would show up soon enough, R’hyathiss. Our ever-punctual Lady-in-waiting.”
(Y/N) stared her down. “I was never your lady in waiting, Komand’r. I am Princess Koriand’r’s.” Her hands shined with a pure white light. “Your betrayal of her lady, scrapped any chance of me caring about you as well.” Bringing her hands up, (Y/N) threatened, “You have once chance to retreat from this battlefield with your army or I will kill you where you stand.”
“You wouldn’t dare, peasant.” Komand’r shot back.
“You have threatened my lady and my family.” (Y/N)’s eyes glowed a sharp ivory. “Koriand’r is the strongest of us, but I am stronger than you.” She let the white aura surround her. “Make your choice, Komand’r. Face me, or retreat from earth. Now.”
The two locked gazes for a solid moment then the queen called for a retreat, rising high into the sky. “I will come back.”
(Y/N) huffed. “And I will wait for the day in which I fulfill my duty of slaying you. For the suffering of my lady, and myself.”
Komand’r disappeared in a cloud of black as did the army and the entire street rejoiced. (Y/N) lowered to the ground and looked to her family that was staring at her like she’d grown three heads. She winced. “Believe me,” she murmured. “I did not tell you because I was afraid of this occurring.”
“You’re a Tamaranean, mom?” Dick asked.
She smiled warmly, nodding her head. “Yes, my sweet boy, I am.” Fingers touched her palm and she looked down at Bruce who was gazing at her, but even she could see the care in his face. “Hello my darling.”
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mcgonagalls-witches · 5 days ago
Okay, so headcanon that Bruce, and Damian have Autism, Dick has ADHD, and Tim has both ADHD and autism, and Jason has depressive bipolar disorder (is it called that? I have no clue, sorry if it isn't. Also this won't be commented on a lot because it is a topic I do not know a lot about, and I'm not going to just make stuff up).
This is very, very long, and gets of topic a lot, I'm sorry.
Bruce was diagnosed with autism at a young age, a little bit after his parents died
His parents actually saw the signs and were going to get him tested but died before getting the chance too.
Martha Wayne was also autistic.
He doesn't tell people unless he's going to be with him like every day, if not it's not important
Bruce actually goes nonverbal a lot, which is why he speaks in grunts a lot
When Jason died Bruce didn't say a word for an entire month
He stims a lot, but they're subtle so people don't really notice unless they're paying attention
Like, the leg thing, clicking his pen, drums on the table with his fingers
He does this thing with his fingers where on by one his taps his finger to his thumb, don't know how to describe it
Showing and understanding emotions? No way! Impossible! Becoming the world's greatest detective? Easy.
He had a meltdown when Tim to his house, knew his identity, called him on his bullshit, insisting that Batman needed a Robin, offering him self up when he was so small and had zero training what so ever. It was all too much at once.
Him and his kids are all very picky eaters, which is a mess for Alfred because what one person likes, another hates, also has to be mindful of allergies (hc that Tim is allergic to a few different foods/spices, like cinnamon, shell fish, apples and more). There are days where he cooks multiple different meals for different people.
He never complains about it, because while it is difficult he truly doesn't mind it. Just wants them to be healthy and eat.
"Brucie Wayne" is literally just Bruce masking. When you mask you copy the people around you, whenever he's at a gala or really anytime he's in public he's surrounded by rich snobs.
Touch is iffy with Bruce because it's either, "don't touch me, I will die!" Or, "Yeah, touch is fine"
Also stim toys are available in like every room in the manor and used frequently.
It was brought to the media that Bruce is autistic somehow and some bitches were like, "Oh, his parents death made him autistic." This pissed off Bruce, and he ended up having a meltdown about it, thankfully not in public.
After awhile people just forgot all about it and think he's neurotypical, or just refuses to believe he's autistic, this also pisses him off.
Dick is already diagnosed with ADHD when Bruce takes him in
And while he doesn't hide it he does forget to tell Bruce
He was like eight or nine and just lost his parents, that's the last thing that's on his mind.
Bruce after awhile starts to see the symptoms and notice things
One day he's kinda like, "Hey, I think you might have ADHD I'mma make an appointment to see if you do or not."
And Dick's goes, "Oh, I do have ADHD, I was diagnosed like two years ago."
He goes on medication when he's a older and ask to be to help him
Him and all the other batkids have bad sensory issues, like they all cut the tags off their clothes and have certain textures the avoid at all costs
Lucky Bruce is pretty okay sensory wise (there are certain things he refuses to touch, but not a lot, like three things), so if they're on a mission and patrol these things come up Bruce will handle it. Or their friends.
Dick stims a LOT and it is very noticeable.
He especially chews on everything, if he thinks it won't kill him it's going in his mouth, sometimes he doesn't think about if it will kill him or not, will just absently chew on it, and while Bruce is quick to catch him before anything happens he was once hospitalized for putting something toxic in his mouth.
For his birthday one year he gets a bunch of those necklaces you chew on with the superheros symbols on them, he absolutely loves them
The Superman one is his favorite which Bruce hates
RSD is strong in all of them
They all have weighted blankets that are like forty or fifty pounds, the love it
Dick's grades were never bad, but never great either, either B's or C's, unless he was interested in the topic.
Someone once told Dick that he doesn't have ADHD because he's smart
Dick punched them
He and Tim also despises people who lie about having ADHD because, "I'm so quirky, I zone out in class too! 🤡🤡"
If you talk to him while he's sensory overload (I know I worded that wrong... How do it word that???) he will hit you.
The cold is his worse enemy.
Impulsive as hell
Jason diagnosed about two months before he died
Everyone was kinda like, "..... Yeah, that actually makes a lot of sense."
Including Jason
It got a lot worse after his death with because of the pit
But his family does their best to help him with it and make things easier for him
That's all I can really say about Jason, because like I said before, I have very limited knowledge on it and don't want to just make stuff up, just with what little I do know it seems to fit Jason
Tim didn't get diagnosed with autism or ADHD until six months after his dad died.
He knew he probably had one or the other, not both, but never said anything because he didn't want to self diagnose himself and be wrong.
When he was younger he had a nanny who was neurodivergent and suggested to his parents to get him tested
They fired her, because they were high key abilist (spelling???), and flat out told her, "Does he look fucked up to you?" (Something similar was said by a cop to my sister when he was told she's autistic, his exact words were "But she don't look fucked up." The whole family was PISSED, understandably so.)
Tim remembers this vividly
His parents did know he was neurodivergent but cared more about their image then they did Tim.
So as a result Tim grew up being punished whenever he stimmed, talked to much or too little, when he didn't understand social things, showed too little or too much emotion, was forced to eat what was given to him (most of the time he'd throw it up after, slowly leading him to have an eating disorder which is a whole other headcanon), had a meltdown, basically anything that would be considered out of the "norm" or anything less then perfect he was punished for it.
Because you can't just not do these things, and can't control it, he was punished a lot.
Dick noticed pretty early on that Tim was neurodivergent but was masking or forcing himself to act "normal", noticing little things that Tim would do
Like, sit on his hands when he would stim, force himself to eat what was given to him, and all of it, even when you can see the disgust and uncomfort in his eyes, would cut himself off if he thought he was talking too much and apologize, his hands would shake and his whole body when would just scream "No, no, no, wrong, stop" when he would touch certain things but not stop touching it until the task was complete, he would not speak for long hours or even a day and you can see how much he hated it, would often talk when no emotion in his voice before realizing and forcing emotion in his tone, would disappear for periods of time and come back eye red and puffy from crying and sleeves pulled down to his hands, mysterious scars on his hands.
And so much more
The thing is, Dick had noticed it, but he didn't know how to help Tim, especially with Tim avoiding the topic at all, and I mean all, cost.
Bruce was no help at the time because the only time he interacted with Tim was training and patrol, too busy trying to push the kid away, which was not helping the situation at all.
And Alfred's approach was to wait for Tim to open up or for something drastic to happen forcing him to step in.
So Dick did the only thing he could think of, he began to stim more around Tim, would about all the foods and textures he hated, even mention when he would have a meltdown and how a friend or Bruce had helped him. To show Tim that it's okay to be out of the norm.
Unfortunately, it doesn't really work, instead it makes Tim jealous and sad, not that he'd ever show it or tell Dick, because why does Dick get to stim, get to avoid food and textures, get to have someone comfort him during a meltdown instead of hiding or being locked in the closet, but he can't? Why does Dick get to be himself while Tim has to hide who he is?
It takes a long time for Bruce to catch on, but he doesn't say or do anything because, "I'm not Tim's dad, he has parents to do that."
Because they know Tim hides it but not why (in the back of their ("their" being Bruce, Dick, Barbara, Steph, the core four, basically all of Tim's friends and family both Super and civilian) heads they know why, they see the bruises, and know the signs, but they refuse to believe that is happening, especially to someone they're so close to, so they convince themselves that it's not happening. Something they end up regretting forever.
It isn't until after both Tim's parents die and Tim becomes Bruce's child that something is done about it.
Because despite knowing that Bruce is also autistic, Tim mind or anxiety convinces him that Bruce is going go to what his parents did to him because Bruce is now his dad.
So one day Bruce comments on Tim going nonverbal the night before, and Tim breaks, had a whole breakdown/meltdown expecting Bruce to punish him like his parents did.
He says something along the lines of, "Please don't hurt me, I'll do better."
And of course Bruce, and everyone else in the cave (Alfred, Dick, Steph, and Babs) all stop what they're doing and look at Tim like, "What the fuck did you just say?"
It take awhile to calm Tim down, stop him from hurting himself, and convince him that no one is going to hurt him for going nonverbal.
After he calms down, they all (minus Alfred and Babs) take him to Bruce's room, cuddle up to him, letting him sleep. None of them get much sleep that night.
Barbara calls the Birds of Prey, Batwoman, and even Catwoman (who is Bruce's girlfriend because I said so) and they agree to take over patrol. It was weird to see Catwoman beat up and stop villains for the night, but she'd do anything for her Kitten's (Kitten's = all of Bruce's kids).
After Patrol Selina breaks into the manor and crawls into bed with every. No ones mad she broke in. Alfred soon gives her a key tho so she can stop messing up the security systems.
It was the next morning after breakfast that they question Tim, and he comes clean about it all, all of the emotional, mental, and physical abuse his parents put him through all of his life, and how he thought Bruce would continue it, how he thought they all knew but agreed with his parents. They let him talk, no one interrupts him. Except for Ace, who pushes his way into Tim's lap, sensing his distress.
By time he's finished there is not a dry in the house, all openly crying.
Everyone feels rage toward Tim's parents, sadness for Tim with the urge to hold and protect their Baby Bird, and disgust at themselves for not saving Tim. That Captain Boomerang apparently protected Tim better then any one of them.
After that they comfort him, assure him that he will never be hurt by them and all that. While they know it will take Tim awhile to believe them.
They also are pissed that the Drake's died before getting what they deserved.
They soon get him officially tested and are surprised that he has both autism and ADHD.
This got way off topic....
Tim does the same thing as Dick with the chewing on everything and the core four gift him with necklaces with their symbols
Later Bernard (still in high school, and has ADHD) gives him one with the Robin symbol which Tim to this day finds to be the funniest thing (it ends up being his favorite because it has the best texture).
Tim is very blunt, and says what he see, this ends up as him coming off as rude sometimes without noticing. His friends and family are used to it and know he's not trying to be mean, but it has gotten him in trouble multiple.
Not so happy one, both Tim and Damian have stims that are harmful to themselves, like scratching and biting themselves, putting their hair, hitting themselves, ect. These mostly happen when they are distressed and the Batfam keep a look out and stop it when they see it.
They also take precautions like keeping their nails short so when they do scratching it will be harder to actually hurt or draw blood.
Tim goes nonverbal more then Bruce does and the fam decided to learn sign language to help them, really comes in handy when Cass comes in the family.
If you get Tim really excited he will start jumping up and down on his toes, while ranting, making a lot of hand gestures. Tis very cute to witness, can melt even the coldest of hearts.
Both Dick and Tim speak very fast, and it gets faster when they're really happy or really mad. When it's like that the only people who can understand them are each other, Speedsters who have the same problem, the Superfam, Bernard, Cassie, Cass, and surprisenly Damian.
Bruce has called Clark to translate what the fuck his child his saying, or has them write it down, because he cares and wants to know what is making them happy or upset but can not for the life of him understand what they're saying.
Tim and Bernard's dates are literally just them going out to eat, holding hands, and info dumping on each other. They don't go on movie theater dates because they never shut the fuck up (other than Tim going nonverbal).
After they started dating Bernard learned sign language in secret and surprised Tim with it.
Tim cried it was so sweet.
After Jason attacked Tim, he had one of the biggest meltdowns in his life so far, hurting himself and destroying everything around him despite his broken bones and wounds from Jason's beating. It had taken both Bruce and Dick to restrain him to keep him from hurting himself more. Both had gotten many bruises from that, and Tim had broken two of Dick's fingers.
After that he completely isolated himself in his room, and was nonverbal for three weeks. He was absolutely devastated that Jason Todd, his hero, the only source of happiness he had as a child (dramatic as it sounds was true), had hated him so much. His hero had hurt him and told him that he wasn't good enough and never would be.
After he was ready to come out again he had apologized to Dick for breaking his fingers and then acted like it didn't happen.
When Bruce tried to push Tim into talking about it, the only thing that it accomplished was making Tim upset with him.
This is why it surprised everyone that when Jason was reintroduced to the family, Tim forgave him instantly.
At first they tried to tell Tim he didn't have to hide how he felt, or forgive Jason just like that, even Jason was saying it
But Tim had told them, it was his Jason, his Robin, that had attacked at the tower. Jason was being manipulated, and control by the pit when he was attacked, and blaming Jason would be like blaming someone for being mind controled. The man that attacked him in the tower, wasn't his Robin, but the man standing in front of him was.
Jason cried.
After everything settled Jason had actually become Tim go to person when he had a nightmare, when he felt unsafe, or was hurt. Jason took this role in Tim's life as Tim's protector very serious and if he caught word of anyone hurting his Baby Bird, not even God himself could save them. (It was also Jason who figured out Tim had an ED).
I got off topic again.
Damn it
On to Damian!
Damian's situation was basically like Tim's only with the Assassins and they caught sooner than they did with Tim.
It was actually Tim who caught onto it.
It had happened after Tim saved Bruce and finally got rid of Ra's and everything was slowly getting back to normal.
Tim noticed Damian doing the same things he used (and still does, still learning that it's okay) to do, from sitting on his hands to avoid stimming, to pushing through a meal despite feeling like you'd rather die than take another bite.
When Damian is at school Tim calls a family meeting, tells them what he's noticed and tells them, "This is being addressed tonight."
No one disagrees.
When Damian comes home from school they eat dinner as usual but then drag a confused Damian to the family room, forcing him to sit.
After making sure that Damian won't stop him, Tim tells Damian his story, about how his parents treated, and how he thought Bruce would continue that treatment, and finding out how wrong he was.
Jason, first time hearing the full story had to step out when green started to cloud his vision. Came back a few minutes later, not really feeling better but with less green in his eyes.
When Tim finishes Damian sits there for a minute before asking him, "Why are you telling me this, Timothy?"
No one missed that it was Timothy, not Drake.
Tim gives him a sad smile before answering, "Because I think you see yourself in what I told you, I think you relate to it a little too much.... The only difference is, you don't know how wrong you are yet."
Things start to sort themselves out from there.
Just like Bruce Damian stims in a subtle way, does the same hand finger thing, leg bouncing, pencil tapping ect.
Out of all of them, Damian is the most picky eater.
Damian hates crowds and crowds hate Damian.
Damian has a habit of unconsciously copying other peoples stims.
Like when Tim is just chilling, watching a movie, working or whatever he rocks back and forth as he does so.
And if Damian is with him he will start rocking too with even noticing he's doing it.
He does this with everyone and this is actually how the get him to start stimming the they notice he's fighting it. So when they see it they will start stimming next to him and he will copy them.
Damian is kinda picky about which stim toys he uses, he doesn't like the ones that make a lot of noise.
Dick is the opposite, the more noise the better.
Damian gives aggressive love because he doesn't know how to express himself in any other way.
Like, one of his siblings aren't talking nice about themselves? His response would be something like, "Say one more bad thing about yourself I will fight you.... It's not a threat, father, it's a promise."
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batsandbugs · 9 months ago
A Kiss With a Fist
Tumblr media
AN: Hey everyone another fic coming at you! This is for the Maribat Drabble Exchange hosted by @eat0crow I’m so excited to be participating! My fic was for @pixiebuggiewrites​ who wanted a Daminette soulmate fic. Sorry I couldn’t squeeze anybody else in here it was already getting pretty long! I hope you all enjoy! You can also read it here on ao3! (Pictures are NOT mine)
Damian stormed away from the hotel, aggressively zipping his coat. He didn’t care where he was going, only that it was away from here.
He didn’t want to be in Paris. He didn’t want to watch out for incompetent amateurs. He didn’t want to ‘control your anger, Damian’. He wanted to be sent home.
The calm night taunted him, the Parisian streets were too bight and too clean, resembling nothing like his dark city. He missed patrolling, he missed his animals, hell, a part of him (a small, barely negligible part he would never admit to) even missed his siblings. But no, he was stuck here, under his father’s orders until the situation in Paris drew to a conclusion.
Considering it took five years for outside help to be even called in, he had no clue how long the mission would last. He still hadn’t met the so-called-heroes of Paris, but the research he conducted showed they were ill-trained, undisciplined, and relying on so much luck it was a fucking miracle their city wasn’t a smoking ruin by now.
He sighed, sticking his hands deeper into the pockets of his coat. He regretted not grabbing his gloves in his storm out. He’d been so irritated at his father that even though the man was on the other side of a screen, half-way across an ocean, Damian needed to physically leave to calm his anger. It left him little time to grab essentials for a chilly winter night like a hat, or gloves. He considered himself lucky for remembering to grab a coat at all.
He wandered for a solid hour, the cold sinking into his bones chilling the raging inferno that always seemed to bubble inside him. By the time he no longer wanted to scream at anyone, he was sufficiently lost, considering he hadn’t taken his phone with him either.
Coming to rest on a bridge he took a seat on a small bench. He puffed a warm breath of air into his chilly hands rubbing them together. Nighttime in Paris was so… different compared to Gotham. While big cities never truly slept, this was positively peaceful in comparison to what he was used to. He hadn’t even heard a single sound of ruckus or distress, which seemed strange considering the city was currently besieged by a magical butterfly terrorist.
Damian inwardly scoffed. Butterfly terrorist. True, being a Gothamite meant no room to judge, but he found it hard to think of a stranger string of words.
He sighed; Damian didn’t even know what his father wanted him to do here. Sure, he knew French and was a proficient fighter, but what could that even lend to the situation? They needed a detective, and, as much as he hated to admit it, Drake would have been the better option in that department. Unfortunately, he was off-world. Grayson was dealing with a problem in Hong Kong with Cass. Brown was paired with the rest of the Sirens taking care of Gotham along with Batman, and Todd…
Well, even he recognized what an awful choice Todd would be against a villain who literally used strong negative emotions as his weapon of choice. Damian had a temper; Todd was a ticking-time-bomb.
A high-pitched screech cut through the night air, before being noticeably muffled. Damian was on his feet and running before he even mentally acknowledged it. The thud of his boots on the cobblestone bridge sent small shocks through his legs. Another large clatter directed him off to a side street a couple of feet away. Three men had cornered a tiny slip of a woman, who held her purse like a weapon.
Damian saw red. “Hey, why don’t you pick on someone your own size,” he yelled in French. There was one benefit to being in a foreign city, Damian did not have to play the part of a clueless rich kid who couldn’t hold his own in a fight.
The brutes turned to him and grinned mean smiles. One guy stepped forward. “Come on man, we’re just having a little fun. You can join if you-” Damian cut off the disgusting words with a jab to the nose. Then he spun around, sweeping the second guy’s feet from underneath him, hitting him with a punch to the face to knock him out cold. The first guy hadn’t lost consciousness, but he was doubled over which allowed Damian to knee him in the stomach. Another punch to the face and he was out cold too.
He turned to finish off the last guy, only to see the woman roundhouse kicking him to the head. The burly man fell with a thud. The alley turned eerily silent, the only sounds coming from the sharp breaths of both Damian and the girl. His pulse fluttered fast; the heat of the battle warmed his chilled limbs.
A red purse laid on the ground near his feet. Picking it up he walked over to the small woman, no teen she looked about his age, who was still sharply breathing.
“Here, this is-” a blur is all he saw before a sharp pain spread across his nose.
Did she-
Did she just punch him in the face?
The shock of it sent him sprawling onto the ground, and he blinked away the tears forming in his eyes. Damian cradled his throbbing nose, anger bubbled once more under his skin before-
The connection hit him like a train. A deep well of rightness spreading through him. He looked up through bleary eyes to find the woman staring at him in similar shock.
“You’re my soulmate,” they sputtered at each other.
Damian inwardly groaned. The League made initiates kill their soulmate should they ever find them to prove their loyalty. He grew up never wanting to find his soulmate, knowing they would serve as nothing but a distraction and weakness. Even when he joined his father, the idea seemed an unneeded liability. Sure, his brothers found their soulmates within the superhero community, but what were the chances he would too?
A small whimper escaped the mouth of the guy lying unconscious on the ground, knocked out by the woman the universe thought would be the perfect match for him. Damian tilted his head. She might not be a superhero, but maybe the universe knew him better than he first imagined.
“OhmygoshIamsosorry!” the flood of words spilled from his soulmate’s mouth, her face a deep shade of red. “I was just-”
“Acting on instinct and adrenaline? Appropriate, considering the threat you just faced,” he said without anger. “Your right hook is sufficiently adequate.”
“Um… thanks? Are you alright though?” She extended a hand to help him off the ground. He took it, his larger hand enveloped hers, but she showed a surprising amount of strength as she pulled him up. The contact sent another *zing* through his body, smaller and more subdued though. Damian found himself reluctant to let go.
“Yes, yes, I’m fine.” He suffered worse in training before. With the initial pain dissipated, all that was left was a dull throbbing that would be gone by morning. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m good,” she said with a bright smile. He took the chance to finally observe his soulmate. She was small, couldn’t be more than 5’2, which meant at 6’1 he towered over her. She was of mixed descent, with dark hair spilling over her shoulders, and bright blue eyes. Her arms and legs were toned with muscle, and she held herself with grace and confidence. She wore a face of tasteful makeup and was clothed in a short red dress and a pair of strappy heels with no jacket in sight. He had no clue how she wasn’t freezing to death.
Her smile dimmed a bit. “Actually, no, I’ve had better days. Today has kinda been a perfect disaster; first I’m late for school, then I forgot my homework, and my class bully decided it was a pick-on-Marinette day. There’s a three-hour Akuma fight, involving mind-control, which is always a total drag. I finally get home to find my parents worried sick about me because I hadn’t answered my phone which got destroyed at the beginning of the fight. I go to my class’s senior Valentine’s day dance hoping to finally confess to the guy I’ve had a crush on for years, only to get humiliated because he already has a girlfriend, and everyone else in my class knew and decided not to tell me. When I get away not to cause a scene, not only do I forget my jacket, but I also get attacked by three bumbling idiots with more mouths than brains.” She chuckled, hollow and verging on manic.
Damian stood there, unsure how to take all of that. He filed away the fact she was being bullied, and that she commonly dealt with Akuma attacks. Both equally important, as far as he was concerned.
“Now, here I am, standing in front of my gorgeous soulmate I punched in the face, after beating up said earlier idiots, rambling my mouth off because I don’t know the meaning of the word chill. Yep! I’ve certainly had better days. Ohmygoshimatotalmesskillmenow.” She muttered the last part into her hands, but Damian understood her all the same.
He would come back to the gorgeous thing later.
“…Do you want my jacket? You look cold.” It wasn’t the smoothest thing he could have said, nor the most appropriate considering the mess of a day she’d had. However, the manners Alfred drilled into his brain came knocking and if he was cold with a turtle-neck long-sleeved shirt and a jacket, she must be freezing in all that… nothingness. He averted his eyes from her exposed skin, looking at her face instead.
His soulmate looked at him for a long moment, before closing her eyes and taking a deep breath.
“You know what, yeah, a jacket would be nice,” she said in a tired voice. Damian shed his coat quickly, not minding the sharp sting of cold that hit him. He helped his soulmate into the sleeves and took an odd little pleasure in seeing how tiny she looked in the folds of his jacket.  
“I’m Marinette, by the way, Marinette Dupain-Cheng.” She wrapped the jacket closer cuddling into the heat. “Sorry for kinda freaking out on you there.”
“The kind of day you’ve had has surely broken lesser mortals. Any coping method is your due. I’m Damian, Damian Wayne. It’s a pleasure to meet you Marinette.” He smiles, although the gesture feels odd, trying to appear non-threatening. While his soulmate (and maybe he was coming around to this faster than he thought possible) was obviously skilled at dealing with a variety of stressors, he didn’t want to add any more and risk her being akumatized.
“You as well Damian.” She shivered despite the added protection of his coat, as a gust of wind swept through the alleyway. “As much fun as this conversation has been, it might be best for us to get out of the cold.”
“Indeed. What will we do with these inconveniences?” he asked, poking one of the guys with the tip of his boot.
She sighed, picking her purse from the ground where he’d dropped it. “We’ll call the police to come pick them up. They’ll be cold, but fine.”
Damian scowled, “It’s better than they deserve.” He sneered at the guy who offered for Damian to join them. Join them in assaulting this tiny, bright girl, who’d been through enough. His soulmate. The bubbling rage began anew, and he wished he’d done more than just knock them unconscious, they deserved far worse for thinking, daring, to touch-
A small hand rested on his arm, dragging him out of his violent thoughts. “I’m fine Damian. Even if you hadn’t arrived, I would have been fine. I can hold my own in a fight. This is Paris after all.”
“Tt,” Damian scoffed. “Fine. We’ll leave them to their fates.” And if their fates happened to involve complete ruination of their online lives, credit scores, and secure information? Well, that was hardly his fault, now was it?
“There’s a good café opened late around the corner. Would you- would you like to go there?” Marinette asked.
Damian smiled at the tentative offer. “I would very much enjoy that, yes. I’ve been out for longer than I should, coffee would be great right about now.” She giggled and he felt his stomach flutter. Funny, giggling always annoyed him, but that bright clear sound... he could grow used to that.
Walking out of the dark alley, listening to Marinette talk to the police on her phone, Damian sighed. The streets no longer felt too clean, or the lights too bright. Yes, he was colder, and yes this was a complication, but for some reason, Damian could not bring himself to care.
Maybe Paris wouldn’t be so bad after all.
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consumeconstantly · a year ago
A Discowing at the Wayne Gala
Summary: Getting Jason to go to the Wayne Gala each year was more difficult than putting the Joker away in Arkham; he insisted the part was full of pretentious, rich social climbers who were horribly boring. As it turned out, all he really needed to persuade him was an upset, drunk girl rambling about how much she was going to deck her highschool enemies there to convince himself that he’d be in for a great show. (AKA the extremely chaotic and nonsensical salt/crack fic)
“I, Mar--” she hiccupped, “Marinette Dupain-Cheng solemnly swear to rip Lila a new one with Discowing’s godawful costume.”
“You say it girl!” called some random person from across the bar. 
“I will--” another hiccup “--use Batman’s Batmobile to run over Kim. And slam Red Hood’s ugly ass helmet onto Adrien’s stupid face.”
“Better yet,” Marinette pounded the table, “I will use their stupid utility belts to dismantle Gabriel’s empire. Somebody give me a yeah!”
All in all, the sight wasn’t that atypical for a bar in Gotham, if it weren’t for the fact that Marinette Dupain-Cheng was barely five feet, wore pigtails, and knocked five men on their asses when they tried to approach her. 
“Take that, Hawkass,” she hissed. “Think you can pull a fast one on me when I’m drunk, do you? Well I’ve got news for you!”
Her words slurred together, and she leaned on the bar for support. “When I get my way, you’re going to be tied up into a pretzel and dumped into a volcano, then the tundra and then we’ll see how you like your stupid little jewlery touched.”
“Dupain-Cheng,” her blonde companion hissed. “Get yourself together. We don’t need another one of your breakdowns now. You know we’re going to be busy tomorrow night, and I don’t want to deal with you completely hung over all throughout the gala.”
“Aww,” Marinette squished her cheek onto Chloe’s “You know you love me.”
“Yes, yes, but I’m not going to tolerate this bullshit. If you want to make good on your plans, you need to be in tip top shape.”
“Ughhhh, why are they even invited to the stupid gala? It’s not even like they’re rich! Oh wait, I guess they are…” Marinette pressed her face to the bar, which was undoubtedly dirty. She reveled in it’s coolness, brushing her bangs out of her face. “And why do you have to be right? I guess I have to stop drinking if I want to make any of my plans work.”
“Your plans will work, hungover or not. It’s just a question of how much you’ll be able to enjoy them. I don’t want you complaining for months after the fact that you don’t remember half of what happened.”
“I guess you’re right. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and I'm feeling a little too warm to ice them out.” Staggering, Marinette got to her feet. “Call an Uber?”
“It’s already here.”
“What made you change your mind?” Tim frowned at Jason, doubtful that he wasn’t going to cop out at the last second. He was sure that he was only putting on his suit as some sort of deliberate ploy to get out of the Gala. Truthfully, it wasn’t required that all of them attend the Gala, but it was one of the few events that brought together most of the Wayne family.
Jason ran a hand through his hair and smirked. “Let’s just say I’m expecting quite the show.”
Jason kept a hawkish gaze on the entrance, waiting for the appearance of one short, pigtailed girl, and a taller blonde. They arrived almost forty five minutes into the Gala, which was good timing; not late enough to be considered rude, but most people have already arrived and have made their rounds.
Marinette looked different out of the dim lighting of the bar, and even though she definitely looks like she’s nursing a light hangover, she still managed to look stunning. With a matte-black floor length dress that attracted all light in the vicinity towards it, it’s hard not to look her way; Tim, for one, stared at the outfits that Marinette and her companion are wearing with stars in his eyes. Any moment now, he’s going to approach them. Or he would if he weren’t on Jason-sitting duty.
“I’ll play nice,” Jason promised.
“You? Nice?” Tim sounded incredulous, and it’s not like he can fault him. Whenever Jason did successfully get roped into coming to the Gala, it’s a sure thing that he gets at least one fist fight started, if not an everyone for themselves sort of situation. 
“They’re the reason I decided to come. It’s not me you have to be worried about.”
Tim groaned. “Really? They’re trouble makers? But they’re wearing MDC!”
Jason chuckled, slipping a hand into his pants pocket. Tim was weirdly obsessed with the highly secretive French designer. Nobody ever saw them in person. “Wearing your fashion icon doesn’t mean they can’t kick ass.”
Tim rocked back on his heels, looking at the two girls calculatively. “That’s right. If anything, they’re more likely to kick ass, because that’s the kind of confidence that MDC inspires in their designs. Well, if you’re not going to fight them, I’m going to introduce myself.”
“And I can’t leave my little brother alone.” Jason said, watching the blonde girl point in the direction of, if he wasn’t mistaken, Gabriel Agreste’s son and his plus one.
Who knew that doing a preliminary reading of the guests would be so informative? He could only guess what kind of beef Marinette had with Agreste Jr.--Bruce had enough problems with Gabriel; even though Wayne Enterprises only dabbled in fashion, Gabriel was a ruthless man when it came to his competitors, and tried to edge them out of the market multiple times. Foolish on his part, not taking into consideration that both Bruce and Tim were very, very stubborn people who only get more difficult to face when dealing with a challenge.
Wayne Enterprise might primarily be considered with R&D and technology companies, but underestimating the amount of influence Tim could gather when someone pissed him off was just a bad idea.
“Hi, I’m Tim--”
“--and it’s lovely to meet you, but we’re on a mission right now,” finished the blonde girl, who Jason was now 98% sure is Chloe Bourgeois, daughter of Paris’ mayor and Style Queen Audrey Bourgeois. “Dupain-Cheng, it’s your time to shine.”
“God,” Marinette muttered underneath her breath, ducking her head. “I can’t believe you’re holding me to what I said while drunk last night.”
“It’s not just what you said drunk last night, it’s the most effective way of dealing with that liar. She’ll be so embarrassed she’ll hide away forever. Maybe get some plastic surgery and change her name. Daddy will make sure she can never step foot in Paris again.” 
“Chloe,” Marinette groaned. “We all know how that panned out last time. Do you want a repeat performance?”
“By that time Hawkmoth will already be taken down. No need to worry about evil butterflies.”
“Evil butterflies?” Tim frowned. 
“We can fill you in later, Marinette has a car to steal.”
“Oh stuff it, Dupain-Cheng, you’re no goody two shoes, even though you pretend to be one.”
Marinette whispers into Chloe’s ear, eyeing Jason and Tim. “Do you have to discuss that with other people around?”
“Well,” Chloe crossed her arms. “You boys aren’t going to rat us out, are you? They’re part of the infamous Wayne family. They’ll definitely be in.”
“You’ve got to be kidding me. You know they already reached out-- I can’t risk--” Marinette kept cutting herself off. “Fine, but if you-know-what falls through, I’m putting it all on you.”
“Like they’re going to pass you up just because of what’s going to go down at this gala. If anything, they’ll be glad to know that you’re as vicious as you are creative,” Chloe checked her nails and touched her hair, making sure it was in place.
“Sorry, what? I’m a little bit lost.”
“Keep up, Drake. I’m beginning to doubt your title as child-genius.You have the unique opportunity to watch history in the making.”
“Wait,” Tim’s jaw almost dropped at the display in front of him. “How did you even--”
“Trade secret. Marinette doesn’t kiss and tell.”
“But that’s the Batmobile.”
“Yeah, and?”
Jason laughed. He stole the hubcaps off the Batmobile, Marinette stole the whole thing. What a sight.
Here’s how the rest of the night went: Chloe plied Marinette with copious amounts of water, trying to get rid of her headache. Marinette hopped into the driver’s seat of the Batmobile (to which Chloe cackled, “And she doesn’t even have a driver’s license yet,” and Tim paled to the shade of freshly fired ceramic plate.) They ran over Kim, who, somehow managed to get into the event as a server of sorts, at which point Tim swore that the background checks would have to be upped again. Marinette landed the Batmobile in the middle of the gala, barely managing to avoid several innocents who were in her path. She reached into the convenient storage compartment that Jason was previously unaware of and pulled out the Discowing outfit and his helmet-- seriously, how did she get those?-- and slammed the car door.
Security, of course, was waiting for them. How couldn’t they, with that big of a disturbance? Half of the guests were up in a tizzy-- mostly the ones who were experiencing their first Wayne Gala-- and the other half were looking on, amused. Tim waved the guards off as Marinette made her way to Lila and Adrien, like a vengeful Valkyrie.
“You,” Marinette grimaced. “Chloe, say the words, I forgot them.”
“We decided that words were useless, remember?”
“Oh, that’s right,” Marinette said, before promptly slamming Red Hood’s helmet onto Adrien’s head hard enough for him to fall to the ground, likely concussed. Lila, who started screeching and running away made for a surprisingly difficult target. Well, difficult in the fact that she was using other people as shields, but once she came across a group of Experienced Wayne Gala Goers, she got pushed out of her comfort zone.
In eight inch heels and with her hair down, Marinette stalked towards her prey. 
“Lila Rossi,” Marinette intoned. “Your sins will be judged.”
“What are you going to do, Marinette? You have no power here. We’re in America now. No Ladybug to back you up. No public opinion in your favor.”
Marinette shuddered. “Ugh, your voice makes me want to vomit. In any case, I sentence you to life in Discowing’s costume.”
“You can’t make me wear anything!”
Famous last words, Lila.
“I’m still so confused. What just happened?”
“Don’t worry,” Chloe gave Tim a pat on the back. “You’ll get used to this kind of thing if you end up hanging around Marinette more often.”
“I think I’m in love,” said Jason.
“Get in the back of the line. The only thing Marinette has time for now are her plans to take down Hawkmoth.”
“I’m not opposed to joining you. I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve.” Jason paused. “By the way, has she already stolen the utility belts to take down Gabriel or does she need more? I’ve got contacts.”
 "Fair warning, everything in Paris is at least twenty times crazier than what you’ve seen here today.” Chloe swiped through a few notifications on her phone. “And please, do you think someone who hotwired the Batmobile needs your help getting her hands on a couple utility belts? If she really put her mind to it, she could get the Lasso of Truth from Wonder Woman.”
“Yeah, Jason, I’m definitely not going to join you on that trip.” Tim turned his attention towards Marinette, who was currently passed out on the hotel couch. “Anyways, You two are wearing MDC, right? I have a meeting with them tomorrow!”
Chloe looked at the poor boy with pity. “Good luck. You’re going to need it.”
i’m really churning out these jasonette prompts like butter (god butter is so freaking good you ever eat butter straight? i do. heart attack city & the next paula dean) even tho i only thought about joining in right when july was ending but here we are 
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hintofelation99 · 7 months ago
The Bats and Alcohol Headcanon
The reckless and slightly flirty drunk
He will ask you to ask him to do a back flip
"Do you dare me to...?" is a regular thing he says
His acrobatics are still surprisingly good
Frequently yells "PARKOUR" then just jumps off of random things. He has jumped off of many things including:
A building
A plane
Superman (while he was flying)
Batman, they weren't flying or anything. He just climbed on Batman's (yes, Batman, not Bruce) shoulders and jumped. Bruce was trying to have a serious meeting with the Justice League when this happened
Also if he is with close friends he might start losing clothes as the night goes on
Everyone is surprised by how bad his hangovers are. They always expect Goldie to be perky the next day but instead he shows up with sunglasses, a headache, and the greasiest fast food imaginable
While he's fine to get mildly drunk, Dick tries to avoid getting wasted. Partially because he just doesn't enjoy feeling so out of control and also because if he drinks too much he becomes a sloppy drunk
When Dick is sloppy drunk he cries. a lot. But he'll hide it and he try to physically isolate himself. He also texts friends about traumatic experiences and ultimately ends reliving those experiences. Wasted Dick is to be avoided at all costs
He's great to be around if you want a fun time and some funny stories, just respect his limits and don't pressure him to drink too much (I mean that goes for anyone/everyone, but still)
Melodramatic, clingy, and a bit childlike
Roy is not allowed to leave his side, Jason follows him everywhere
He still acts relatively stoic, but he just grumpily follows Roy or the person he's closest to around
This includes into the bathroom.
And into the shower, nothing happens he literally just stands in the shower fully dressed talking about random shit
This has happened more than once
Roy finds this hilarious
He will often say "HOW DARE YOU..." and throw himself on someone's lap
He also frequently quotes his favorite books and poets. He does this in the most dramatic way possible
One time at a party Roy left to go get a cup of water (without telling Jason) and Jason sat in the corner pouting until Roy came back
Jason has also recited the entirety of Winter's Tale
He also acted it out. Roy recorded the whole thing
One time while drunk Jason decided to put on the hood (no one really knows why), later he forgot he was wearing it and tried to shotgun a beer
Bruce and Alfred rarely see Jason drunk, however when they do it's a little sad because it reminds them of how he was before everything happened. He's less guarded, more childlike, and he even looks less burdened
Hungover Jason is to be avoided at all costs
Cuddly, sleepy, and encouraging, all he really wants are hugs, naps, and hearts to hearts
No one has ever seen Tim wasted because he always falls asleep before he gets that far.
He is constantly touching someone or holding someone
Tim's drunk heart to hearts are legendary, everyone ends up crying and hugging
He has been known to randomly kiss people on the cheeks or foreheads
His friends have learned to have a designated Tim Hugger at every party
Honestly it's a great role to have, they just make sure to pre plan it to avoid a sad Tim
Tim once drank with Roy, and Jason, Roy has never been so coddled in his life
Tim spent the entire night braiding Roy's hair, while Jason laid on top of him and talked about 19th century literature
Tim should never be drunk with Dick because he will encourage Dick to do anything and everything
"Do you dare me to flip over this bonfire?" "Yes! I believe in you, you can do anything you set your mind to!"
Dick could not flip over a bonfire while drunk
Drunk Tim is pretty wholesome to be around, however he can get really sad if he has no one to cuddle
Tim will also just casually say incredibly sad things like "Honestly I never remember my mom hugging me," or "Yeah I'm just a place holder in the family"
Give hungover Tim coffee and painkillers and he's good to go
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deathwishy · 10 months ago
Marinette knew that Tom Dupain wasn't her biological father. Nonetheless, she loved him and he loved her. He married her mother when she was two and have been inseparable ever since.
On the other side, her biological father was a prick.
He first came to visit her after she developed a ... rather interesting set of abilities. She was five when that happened. Her mother had somehow contacted him and, even though he doubted it, he came.
It is safe to say that he was beyond shocked when he saw that Marinette was his spitting image, not counting the blue eyes. She had a mischievous smile and sharp eyes, carrying herself like royalty, worthy of the title of the daughter of the god of mischief.
That day, Loki found out he had a demigoddess daughter.
While he was reluctant at first, the little girl grew on him. He visited at least twice a month, mainly to help her control her powers but also to let her know that he actually cared about her, to ensure that he wasn't with her like his father was with him. No other Asgardian knew about Marinette and he would like to keep it that way. There was no need for his brother of father to swoop in and ruin everything.
As the years passed their bond became unbreakable. Marinette still thought that Loki was a prick and an idiot at times but she wouldn't have it any other way. Life was boring anyway, why not sprinkle it with a little bit of mischief?
When she became Ladybug, he knew. He called out Tikki as soon as he stepped in her room and her parents were out of hearing range.
"Tikki, you can come out. You should know better by now."
Marinette was dumbfounded when the goddess came out from behind some books, with a pout and with her arms crossed.
"I knew it. Trixx did say that you came to Midgard and Marinette looks like a miniature female version of yourself."
"I'm actually surprised the guardian gave her the Ladybug miraculous. I would've guessed she would have been a better fox."
"She is a very good match for me too. Her soul is a creative one, but yes, she would be a perfect fox."
"Um... Can I get in the loop too?"
The two gods turned to her. Marinette had her arms crossed, tapping her foot on the floor. Loki gave her a sheepish smile.
"I am a God, Marigold, I do know the other gods too."
The day passed talking with the two deities about all sorts of things, Tikki especially scolding him for the New York disaster, Marinette joining her. It happened before she was born so even if he changed it was still a horrible thing
"Look, daddy issues are a pain to deal with. I was very angry."
"Dad, it's no excuse to be an asshole."
"I know." Loki rolled his eyes then grinned. "But what's this I'm hearing about from Tikki about a boy?"
Marinette flushed, glaring at the offender, now munching on a cookie, her eyes sparkling with laughter. She was shaking her head and vigorously gesturing with her hands.
"Nope. I'm not talking with you about this and, Odin forbid, if I see you around him I'll cut your macaron supply."
Loki only raised his hands in surrender, laughing heartedly. He wouldn't dare cross his daughter, so he swore, between tears of laughter, that he would keep his distance.
"But if he breaks your heart I'll throw him in Jotunheim."
A few years later, when Lila came around he knew. There was no mistaking the dimming of the fire in her soul. He could see that she didn't want to talk about it by the way she was dodging the subject so he had to take the matter in his own hands.
He shapeshifted into a horsefly and flew after her when she went to school. It took a lot of his power to hide from Marinette's sight but if was worth it. Now he knew why she started closing in on herself.
Loki could admire a good lie. After all he was the god of trickery, lies and deceit. But this girl spouting off the worst lies he ever heard. Not only were they ridiculous, they were also completely devoid of any drop of truth. That was the base of any good lie, and she was lacking it entirely. What confused him more what that some of her classmates believed her. Only a handful others didn't seem to believe her, one of which was a blond boy that looked at the leech, glued to his hand, with disgust. By his aura Loki assumed he was the holder of the Black Cat.
He confronted Marinette when she came back from school. Some of the lies were concerning, they were hurting his daughter and he couldn't let it fly. He assumed the harpy was set on Marinette because she wouldn't buy her lies. That was not surprising, she could see even though his best lies.
"I know, Marigold."
Marinette knew what he meant. She inhaled deeply and looked around.
"Can we go somewhere else, outside of Paris?"
The furrowed his brows, getting more concerned by the second. He couldn't read her in that moment. He could read most people like an open book, but that was his daughter. She knew how to hide things from him.
"Yes. Tell your parents, we don't want to concern them."
After she told her parents that she would go with Loki on a short trip, he opened a portal to a high rooftop over a city. She could feel the darkness of it, potent and corrupting. She figured that was why her father would bring her there, no one would notice them. As soon as the portal closed, she broke down. She hugged him, crying into his chest.
"I'm so tired, dad. The responsibility of Ladybug, Lila and her lies, half of my class turned against me, Hawkmoth just sending out akuma after akuma, it's just so much."
He let her cry, hugging her closely and patting her head. Even after all these years he didn't know how to properly comfort his daughter but it was something he actively was working for.
"But I assume you still don't want me to help?"
"The Avengers or The Justice League would notice if you do something. I managed to keep them away, for the time being, but I doubt they would hesitate coming if they heard that you came into a highschool, knives flying after a teenage girl or if you burnt down half of Paris searching for Hawkmoth."
She sighed, sitting on the edge of roof.
"I can handle it, I think. It's hard but I can manage it. I have Chat Noir and the others, we will succeed."
"You know that I will always be by your side if you need me, right?"
"Of course, dad." She hugged him once more, not letting go for some time.
When she calmed down, she asked him to get them to Paris.
"Dad, where was that? I've never felt a more malicious feeling to a place in my entire life."
"Gotham City. That place holds a centuries long curse."
Marinette nodded then hugged her father one more time before he left. She then went on her balcony, sketchbook and laptop in her hands. The afternoon sun was providing perfect lighting for sketching. She set aside the sketchbook for the moment, opening the laptop. She heard about Gotham from Alya when she was gushing about the vigilantes. She wasn't especially interested about them so she listened politely but forgot everything the next day.
Gotham was dubbed the Crime Capital, which was not surprising. The maliciousness surrounding the city was overwhelming, even if she was there for only a few minutes short of an hour. She could only imagine what that could do to the locals. A meeting with Fu after her patrol that night was mandatory.
Apparently he knew about the situation in Gotham. An old friend kept him updated. He confessed that he wanted to talk with her about it but decided to tell her when she was prepared. Fighting that kind of corruption would be hard and it would take years. They decided to put a pin in it and deal with it after they defeated Hawkmoth. Marinette did NOT need this on her plate now.
Things got a little complicated when Wonder Woman decided to drop by. It was night, just a few hours after an akuma attack. Ladybug had to patrol on her own, Chat Noir was held back in his civilian life. She caught Ladybug on the Eiffel Tower, just when she was finishing her round.
"Wonder Woman. I wasn't aware that you would be coming by."
"I apologize, but this is important. Your presence is required at a summit between The Avengers and The Justice League. Some discussions will be about the situation in Paris and as the city is in your jurisdiction, you are invited to attend."
Marinette felt like she didn't tell the whole truth but agreed, under the condition to bring Chat Noir too. They were a team.
Loki wanted to come along but Marinette shot the idea down quickly. The was a chance that Thor would notice and everything would go south very quickly. She didn't need an international incident on her hands. The others didn't trust Loki but they were civil with each other after the brothers made amends and he helped them a couple of times. Still, she didn't think they would appreciate Marinette bringing an unauthorized guest.
A few weeks later they were in a secret base in the Alps. After she got the coordinates of the location she used the horse miraculous to get there. They were fairly early, only a few members of both teams being present. Batman with his team, Thor, Wonder Woman, Black Widow, Winter Soldier and Green Arrow.
Batman was the first one to greet her, soon after she closed the portal.
"Tikki, Kaalki, divide."
The horse kwami landed in her hand, where a sugar cube was waiting for her. She then nestled on top of her head. She slid the glasses there too, for easy access, just in case.
"Ladybug, glad you could come." Batman greeted her cordially. She shook his outstretched hand.
"Of course. After all, I was said this was concerning us."
Before Batman could say anything, a man dressed in black, with a blue bird symbol on his chest jumped in front of her, grinning like a child.
"I can't believe it, you are a real magical girl!"
Ladybug took a step back, blinking, a little shocked by the grown man's reaction.
"Tt. Nightwing, be professional."
"Yeah Wingman, you're going to scare the little Pixie."
"Ignore them, they are idiots." Said one of them, coming beside her. She identified him as Red Robin, one of Batman's... Associates? It felt wrong to call him a sidekick. That would be Robin.
"Red Robin. The idiots there are Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin."
"Pleasure meeting you." She smiled to them warmly. Robin narrowed his eyes, looking at her head.
"What is that?" He asked, taking a step closer to take a better look. Kaalki flew in his face, indignated.
"I'm a goddess, you oaf." Robin took a step back, hands on his katana, shocked by the little goddesses reaction. She narrowed her eyes, suddenly tamer. "Are you famous?" Robin was sputtering, clearly not prepared for the change in her demeanor.
Red Hood burst out laughing.
"Fucking hell, his face. I've never been more grateful for the camera in my helmet."
"Kwami don't show up on camera, but his face definitely will." Chat Noir pointed out. He went beside Ladybug, up until then scanning the compound. "I'm Chat Noir, the fabulous purr-tner of Ladybug, at your service." He made a mock bow, grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Ladybug, Red Robin, Red Hood and Robin groaned.
"Tt. I can't handle two of them. I'll inevitably going to break the no killing rule."
"Um, what's going on?" Ladybug turned to Red Robin, who was grimacing.
"Nightwing." He said, giving her a pitying look.
"Oh, come on, it can't be that claw-ful." Retorted Nightwing. Chat Noir lit up like a Christmas tree.
"My lady, see. I was sure I was feline a fellow paw-nner nearby."
"Kill me." Ladybug and Red Robin said at the same time. They looked at each other and laughed.
As more heroes were arriving, Ladybug introduced herself to each of them. She tensed a bit when Thor came beaming at her.
"Ah! I haven't seen the miraculous for centuries! I am not really that familiar with the Chinese Miracle Box but I did encounter a wielder of Trixx."
She smiled tightly listening to his encounter with Fylja. She knows from her father about her, a trickster just like him, who managed to seduce Thor and steal Mjolnir and hide it. Thor decided to omit that detail. He liked the young hero but something seemed oddly familiar about her.
When Aquaman came, he looked very uncomfortable with his proximity to Chat Noir. He was cordial but kept his distance after finishing introductions. Chat Noir did tell her once that Plagg said that he was the one who sank Atlantis. It was a real story, apparently.
Ladybug preferred the company of Red Robin. They had a lot of things in common, from mutual interests to similar experiences as heroes. He asked a lot of questions without being invasive or trying to find out things about her civilian life and actually seemed interested about her answers. She actually blushed when Nightwing called them cute. She could see with the corner of her eyes how Chat Noir was wiggling his eyebrows but swooped up the other boys when they started teasing them.
"Everyone is here. Only the official members of the Justice League and the Avengers are allowed, as well as Ladybug and Chat Noir. The rest will stay here." Wonder Woman announced, leaving the rest of the young heroes pouting and protesting.
Ladybug turned to Red Robin and gave him a wave.
"See you after."
"Definitely." He grinned, making her blush.
Chat Noir came beside her, smiling knowingly.
"At least you're not a stuttering mess this time."
"Shut up you alley cat, that was four years ago."
"So you do like him." He smiled even wider. Ladybug blushed furiously, punching him in the ribs. He only giggled.
"Nightwing and Red Hood owe me 50 dollars."
"You're unbelievable."
All the heroes were seated at a circular table, everyone having an assigned seat. Even Ladybug and Chat Noir, their symbols gleaming brand new on the backs of the black chairs.
"The summit begins. We are now gathered here to discuss the Paris situation." Superman began, opening a slide on the projector.
Ladybug narrowed her eyes. It became obvious that they called the summit just for this. They were trying to take control. She clenched her fists, but didn't say anything. She hoped this wasn't what it looked like. She put her hand on Chat Noir's shoulder when he looked like he wanted to say something. She squeezed twice. ' I got this.'
"Ladybug, Chat Noir, it's been four and a half years since Hawkmoth has been active and so far we haven't seen much progress. The akumas seem to become more powerful and aggressive and the damage to Paris greater each time. We think you might be over your heads."
"What we are trying to say," Batman stood up, glaring at Superman for his lack of tact, "is that the situation is becoming increasingly difficult and we feel the need to intervene. We know that you are young, let us help you."
"You are kids, we can tell. We thought that because of the nature of the miraculous you will be able to neutralize the threat in due time, seeing as it's the same type of magic." Added Captain America.
"We trusted that you could handle it, as you said, but some of us already have doubts." Iron Man said, crossing his arms.
"Your miraculous might not be enough this time. But that's ok. We want this to end as much as you do." Professor Banner added, looking at them like he was explaining to children why they couldn't cross the street when the traffic light was red.
Most of the heroes didn't notice the way the two young heroes narrowed their eyes, faces darkening, but some, mostly those who knew the power of the miraculous, did. Aquaman was uneasy, a sense of foreboding dawning over him, Wonder Woman looked like she didn't know what her peers were going to say. She stood still, but tense, like preparing for an attack. She knew they were somewhat right, but that wasn't the way to help them. Green Lantern was leaning in his seat like he wanted it to eat him. Thor looked around the table, damning every one of them present. They were going to get them killed. Black Widow was glaring at Banner, knowing what his words did to the Parisians by their increasing straining to say nothing and stay in place. Batman was following them carefully. Something about the two of them screamed danger.
Then Superman dropped the bomb.
"So, effective immediately, we take jurisdiction of the city of..."
He was cut off by a sudden boom reverberating through the room. All heroes jumped in a battle stance. When there was no threat in sight, they looked at Ladybug, who had made a dent in the table with her fist. Her eyes were entirely blue. But it was not her usual color, it was an icy blue, that could freeze the fires of hell. Thor held his breath. They looked exactly like frost giant eyes. And familiar ones.
"How. Dare. You."
She didn't yell but the heroes could feel the ice in their veins.
"For four years we've been tirelessly fighting an emotional prying bastard, while controlling our own to the point where it seems that we have none, handling our civilian lives at the same time, trying to minimize the destruction of Paris even though we new the cure with bring everything back to normal, tending to our citizens after they've been akumatized, ensuring they would get therapy and support, even stopping minor crimes around the city and you have the balls to say that we are in over our heads?! We may be but we are handling it way better than any of you do! You are not one to speak, Superman. Metropolis gets trashed every other week with you're messy fights, and there is no cure. You obviously have no regard of the destruction or the victims most of the time. The rest of you are mostly the same. But there is no one getting in your way saying that you're doing a horrible job and trying to replace you. And if there is, gods forbid, you just send them to prison or in a mental asylum. You have NO right to criticize our ways when yours are statistically worse!"
Both the Justice League and the Avengers were silent and wide eyed. Thor was the first to recover. Her eyes went back to normal after she finished but there was no mistake. The girl wasn't human.
"Who are you?" He pointed his hammer at Ladybug. She rolled her eyes.
"Put that down, you're not intimidating anyone."
"Those were frost giant eyes. Answer me or perish."
"Dad would not appreciate the perish part, you know."
The Avengers and the Leaguers were now exchanging confused looks. What were they supposed to do? What was that about? After exchanging glances, they remained silent, watching the exchange curiously.
"What are you talking about?" Thor retorted, now gripping Mjolnir tighter.
"I guess this is as a bad time as any but... Hello uncle."
It wasn't ideal but she couldn't have both the Justice League and the Avengers trying to arrest her. She took the yo-yo from her hip and slid it open. She scrolled through her contacts and tapped the one named 'The God of Bullshit'. After a few beeps, during which the heroes were recovering from their stupor, Loki's face appeared on the screen.
"Daughter dearest. What's the matter, are the others bothering you?" He said in a sarcastic sweet voice. She rolled her eyes then pointed the screen towards Thor.
"L'Oréal blond knows."
After a few seconds Loki starts laughing like a maniac.
"This is the best way they could've found out. This is PERFECT."
Thor walks in wide strides to an unimpressed Ladybug and takes the yo-yo from her hand.
"I have a niece and you didn't TELL ME!"
"Of course not. You pieces of shit are not worthy of the presence of my daughter. I don't know why she even agreed to come to the meeting. She is doing a wonderful job in Paris and does not need any interference. Beware, brother, if you upset her I'll come for your heads. I have to go now, see you soon, daughter."
Ladybug closed her yo-yo and looked around the room.
"I don't care what you decided. Paris is my city. You don't come barging just because you think you can do a better job. And yes, I'm the daughter of Loki but that doesn't mean that I have bad intentions. I'm a hero as much as you are. Now, have I made myself clear?"
"Yes, Ladybug." Wonder Woman was the first to respond. Even if she was a daughter of Loki, the young hero earned her respect. She stood her ground against them and made her point crystal clear.
The rest of the heroes agree, though some reluctantly.
"Now, I agreed to come here mainly because I wanted to say that I have a strong lead. Hawkmoth may soon fall."
After some other arguments with some of the reluctant heroes and a few protests that were quickly shot down by Ladybug and her supporters, the heroes dispersed. She and Chat Noir were between the last ones to leave, having a shushed conversation while the others left.
"We will discuss it back in Paris. But yes, it's true."
"So you're a half goddess?"
"Demigoddess, but yes."
"That is awesome."
When they entered the hall, they saw it was almost empty. She was disappointed that maybe Red Robin left until he was in front of her. He gripped her shoulders and looked in her eyes.
"I think I'm in love with you. That was the greatest hero smack down in history."
She was a blushing mess by the time the other boys and Batman came around. They were all snickering, even Batman and Robin.
"How did you..."
"Father turned his com on when he saw that you looked like you were ready to kill someone."
"B, you are not allowed to adopt her under any circumstances, do you understand me? We do not need another sister."
"Yeah Bats, don't ruin your only chance at grandkids."
Now Red Robin was blushing too.
"So... You don't care about the Loki thing?"
"We noticed that he toned down a few years ago. We didn't know why. Now it makes sense."
"Yeah, trust me, you're not the only one with a villainous parent 'round here." Red Rood pointed, putting his elbow on Robin's shoulder. The latter looked like he wanted to rip it off.
"And you are clearly taking your job seriously. Even father respects your efforts."
"I didn't intend to make you feel like you are not good enough. We wanted to help you, but it got out of hand. I apologize."
"Apology accepted. I understand where you're coming from, but trust me. This is coming to an end. Soon."
When the Bats were going to the zeta tubes and Ladybug was merging the horse miraculous with her own, Red Robin stayed behind. He handed her a phone.
"It's a non traceable phone. Of you ever want to talk, my number is programmed in there. I really enjoyed our conversation"
She took the phone, smiling brightly.
"I did too. Thank you."
She pulled him into a hug. He hugged her back, kissing her on the cheek then running to the zeta tubes. Her cheeks were as red as her suit. She touched the place where he kissed her, smiling like an idiot.
"Aww, I'm going to die of fluff. I ship it."
"Shut up." She grumbled but still smiling.
A few months later Hawkmoth’s reign of terror came to an end. It was messy and heartbreaking but they were finally free. Adrien was exonerated by both the Justice League and the Avengers when accusations started to appear in the media. Not wanting to live with the Graham de Vanily’s, Adrien was taken in by Selina Kyle a.k.a Catwoman. It was quite fitting.
They have revealed their identities during the battle when they had to recharge and barely found one place to detransform. When they had the Butterfly and Peacock miraculous secured and Gabriel and Nathalie in police custody, they swung to the Eiffel Tower and collapsed there on each other, crying their hearts out for the first time in five years. Loki got there at some point but he kept his distance, understanding that it was their time. That was how they were found by the Justice League and the Avengers. Huddled together on the railing, not talking, with Loki next to them, smiling serenely. Thor almost had a heart attack. When she noticed that Red Robin came too, she ran to him and kissed him like the world almost ended, which almost actually did.
Fu passed guardianship to Marinette not long after, deeming her ready.
After everything was solved in Paris and the trials of Gabriel, Nathalie and Lila, for her aiding Hawkmoth, were done, Marinette began her first mission as Guardian. Cleanse Gotham.
Soon, a new vigilante, with a black fox theme, swung through Gotham with the Bats and Tim Drake appeared in public with his new girlfriend, Marinette Dupain-Cheng.
When I first saw what the prompt for today was I had no idea what to write. I didn’t want to do the class trip to New York so I took my favorite character, Loki obviously, and brainstormed. This came out. I don’t know if this has been done before but I love biodad!Loki.
So this is approximately 4326 words (I added and edited things on here so I don't know for sure) which is a new record. I did enjoy writing this. Maybe I will do something biodad!Loki again in the future, it's fun to write.
And as a sidenote, Marinette can lift Mjolnir.
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frownyalfred · 10 months ago
have you talked already about how batmans no killing rule reflects jewish views on justice? i would love to hear it!
hey anon! I totally forgot to do that, didn’t I?
If you’ve read my other Batman/Judaism post, I argue about the canonical likelihood that Bruce is considered halachically Jewish, though most likely does not view himself as such. You can check that out here, as well as some comic panels that suggest a slight cultural Jewish influence (here). 
So, how exactly does Batman’s “no killing” rule reflect Jewish views and teaching on the concept of Justice? 
One of Batman’s most famous characterizations is his refusal to kill. Though it wasn’t always present (hello guns and killing of the early Batman comics!), it’s come to shape Bruce’s personality and, in the words of Medium, makes him “a much more complex character than one who has no limits.” 
Batman doesn’t kill criminals. He might injure them severely, but never to the point of (immediate) death. Inextricably tied to this rule is his refusal to use guns, likely because of his own parents’ deaths in Crime Alley. This is slightly subverted in BvS, but still largely holds true throughout his history. 
So what does this have to do with Judaism?
Modern interpretations of Jewish teachings on the subject of violence are just as interesting and complex as Batman. Just like Bruce’s rules, Judaism holds a capacity for both extreme violence, and the teachings of nonviolence and the pursuit of peace. 
To quote wikipedia, since my days in hebrew school were long ago, this principle can be stated as "(wherever) Jewish law allows violence to keep an evil from occurring, it mandates that the minimal amount of violence be used to accomplish one's goal."
And, again, like Bruce, within Jewish teachings, the “shedding of blood (shefikhut damim) is the primeval sin (Gen. 4:8) and throughout the centuries ranks in Jewish law as the gravest and most reprehensible of all offenses.”
Essentially, one should deescalate a situation using the least amount of violence possible, and reserve killing as the absolute last option. Sounds about right for Batman?
Interestingly, Talmudic teachings also make a distinction between killing in self-defense or in defense of another's life (supra) and killing in the preservation of life (pikku'aḥ nefesh) in general. The first is acceptable under (some, debatable) circumstances, while the latter is forbidden. 
So, unlike other super heroes (looking at you, Green Arrow), Batman does not justify broader killings in the name of “saving” Gotham. In a way, he already reflects a rejection of pikku'aḥ nefesh by weighing every criminal’s life as sacred, essentially on a case-by-case basis. 
In other words, no singular life is worth the overall betterment of Gotham. To claim so would put him on the further path of killing (a fear of his) and into the grey world of pikku'aḥ nefesh.
Was this characterization intentional?
It’s hard to say. Batman’s creators were indeed Jewish, but as stated above, the transition from killing/guns to absolutely no killing/guns didn’t happen immediately. 
It’s also hard to make an argument of it being an intentionally Jewish-coded trait when Old Testament teachings undoubtedly influence modern, Christian creators and readers. Yet Talmudic teachings are not included in the Christian version of the OT, and the OT is quite arguably not a copy of the Torah itself. 
Batman’s “no killing” rule reflects a core tenet of (ever-evolving) Jewish teachings, which forbids the act of killing with minimal exceptions. 
Whether or not this was intentional, Bruce’s aversion to killing in the name of a better Gotham clearly reflects the divisions between killing in self-defense or in immediate defense of another's life (supra) and killing in the preservation of life (pikku'aḥ nefesh). 
Dovetailing this is the concept of minimal violence, which Bruce may or may not adhere to, depending on the reader. Does beating the shit out of a criminal affect that criminal’s ability to commit acts of evil at a level of violence that is unreasonable for the situation? 
Again, it’s open to interpretation, which is a very Jewish saying. And again, the saying “two jews, three opinions” applies here: I am just a lowly reform Jew with minimal Talmudic familiarity under my belt, and I certainly don’t speak for everyone on this topic. 
However. The inherent Jewishness of characters or their moral codes within the DC universe (often thanks to Jewish creators) is important to me, and I think more folks should know about its roots! 
I welcome any and all questions/criticisms! Thank you, Anon <3 
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two can keep a secret
Character: Jason Todd x Fem!Reader
Summary: What is the difference between a secret and a lie? Jason Todd is in love. But will his relationship survive when Y/N realizes she doesn’t know him at all?
Word Count: 9,500+ [One Shot]
Warnings: Violence, mentions of rape, domestic violence, and murder
Tumblr media
She is the first thing he thinks of when he slowly comes to.
Not her face, like some glowing angel that you always see in those stupid movie montages, where the protagonist’s wife or girlfriend tragically died and he’s thinking of her.
No, Jason is thinking about how pissed Y/N’s going to be when he misses date night.
Jason didn’t need to go out to a fancy restaurant or cocktail bar to be content. Doing absolutely nothing with Y/N was more than enough for him. But she deserved more than that – not that she ever said so. Jason was the one who insisted on taking her out every so often. So he sucked it up and did anything to make that woman smile. It didn’t hurt that Y/N was too talented at dolling herself up.
Y/N was probably sitting with her hair curled and her makeup done to perfection (after watching a YouTube tutorial for a look she had been wanting to try for weeks). Or, depending on how much time had passed, she had given up and bitterly changed into her pajamas.
The other unfortunate fact was that Y/N still didn’t know that Jason had a double life. She had zero idea that her boyfriend of a few months was also the infamous Red Hood.
So, yeah, Y/N was going to be pissed, thinking that Jason simply forgot about date night or just completely blew her off.
Just when Jason was fighting the migraine to open his eyes, someone kicked his shins roughly.
“I know you’re awake,” someone sang to him.
Jason blinked and squinted, realizing that his helmet was still intact.
Well, that’s one positive.
He looked at the man standing just a few feet away from him. Decked out in a fancy green suit, horned rimmed glasses, and that stupid little bowler hat.
The Riddler.
Jason always found him to be mostly an inconvenience. But clearly he’d done something to piss off the annoying genius, because this was a lot of effort on his part.
“What the fuck do you want?” Jason growled, knowing his voice sounded even more dangerous with his helmet distorting it.
Riddler smiled and put his arms behind his back. “You have become rather troublesome, Red Hood.”
“Oh, how the tables have turned,” Jason answered with sarcasm.
But Jason hadn’t been interfering with the Riddler for quite some time, so he was still rather confused what was going on.
“Our mutual friend is quite tired of you meddling with his business. Also, it’s not cheap to replace all of his goons you keep murdering.”
Jason tilted his head. “You’re gonna have to be a bit more specific.”
Riddler narrowed his eyes with slight annoyance. “Why the Clown Prince of Crime, of course.” Jason’s body tensed at the name and the Riddler noticed immediately. “He figured if you came back from the dead once before, there’s a chance you could do it again.”
Then the Riddler stopped his pacing and did a dramatic gesture to himself. “Which is where I come in. You see, he thought it would save him some time and effort to simply hire me.” He moved closer to Jason. “He figured if he couldn’t kill you…maybe you deserve a different punishment.”
Jason audible sighed. “Am I supposed to be scared?”
While it sounded like a joke, there was a truth to the question. Jason stopped fearing death long ago. And once you’ve died and come back to life, there’s nothing really that scared Jason Todd anymore. Which was why he had become the ruthless and merciless antihero of Gotham.
Batman would hurt criminals enough to break them. Red Hood would simply kill them.
Though after fighting his family became too much, Jason finally agreed to stop his massacres. But the criminals of Gotham didn’t need to know that. And Jason would be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy how much they shook at the mere sight of him.
“Oh, I’m sure we can figure out how to return some fear into that ice cold heart of yours,” Riddler whispered in Jason’s ear before pressing a button.
A swinging light bulb flashed on.
No, no, no, no. no.
Below the source of the light was Y/N, tied to a chair by her hands and feet. A rag was across her mouth and tied at the back of her head. She was only in her underwear and a baggy t-shirt – Jason’s t-shirt. Further proving that she had been ripped from her bed and brought here against her will.
Jason completely controlled his reaction to seeing his girlfriend being held captive just 20 feet across from him. But in reality, his heart was about explode out of his chest.
Not this. Not her. Anything but her.
“What is this?” Jason asked, trying to sound as devoid of emotion as possible. The less she seemed to mean to him, the less Riddler would want to use her against him.
“I think you know exactly what this is, Red Hood.” Then Riddler practically skipped to Y/N’s side, who looked confused and terrified, clearly having no idea why any of this was happening to her of all people.
“Your quarrel is with me, Riddler. There’s no need to involve an innocent civilian.” Jason’s voice was cool and even.
But he ignored Jason and pulled a pistol out from the back of the waist.
Jason couldn’t remain calm any longer. He started struggling against the ties.
“Don’t worry. The fun has just begun. You get these three riddles right and I won’t hurt her – at least…not yet.”
But Jason was looking at Y/N. She was looking back at him, which did little to reassure her. She didn’t know who he was and his helmet wasn’t designed to comfort people.
“Hey, it’s gonna be OK.” He tried to tell her as softly as he could.
For some reason, she nodded. But Jason knew her well enough to see his words had little impact on her. Tears started streaming down her face and her entire body was shaking as she felt the cold metal of a gun pressed to her head.
“Shall we begin?” Riddler asked with a creepily joyful smile.
Jason waited. But as the Riddler was distracted, he was able to maneuver his arms to press the panic button on his wrist to send out a distress signal to the right people. It was his first time using it, always too proud or stubborn to ask for help.
But if Y/N was involved, none of that mattered anymore.
The Riddler’s eerie tone brought him back, “When you have me, you feel like sharing me. But if you do share me, you don’t have me.” He took in a deep breath. “What am I?”
Jason’s chest was heaving with anger. He should’ve been more careful. He should’ve stayed away from Y/N. He was a curse, a disease. Anyone that got close to him just ended up in danger. And he should’ve known better than to think he could be happy without consequences.
“Clock’s ticking, Red Hood.” He cocked the gun. “What am I?”
“A secret,” Jason growled.
“Surprise, surprise. There does seem to be some semblance of a brain underneath that stupid helmet of yours.”
Y/N closed her eyes in relief, causing more tears to escape and slide down her cheeks.
“When you have me more, you can see only less. What am I?” The Riddler asked.
Jason thought on the next riddle as he tried to find one of his knives hidden in his sleeve. But even when he grabbed one, it would take far too long to cut through this thick rope that kept him tied down.
“Darkness,” Jason answered confidently.
The Riddler seemed annoyed now. “One more riddle and then we’ll move on to another game. Or maybe we won’t, if you get it wrong.” He shifted so he was directly behind Y/N and facing Jason as he pointed the gun at the back of her head.
“The person who built it, sold it. The person who bought it, never used it. The person who used it, never saw it.” He tilted his head. “What is it?”
Jason finally found the edge of a knife. He subtly started cutting at the ropes on the back of his chair, praying he could buy himself enough time to get him out.
The Riddler lifted the gun to the ceiling and shot it, causing Y/N to jump and let out a yelp.
“I’m waiting!” He snapped at Jason.
“A coffin!” Jason growled. “Put the gun down and let her go. You’ve had your fun.”
The Riddler laughed. “Oh, you think that this was the main attraction?” He put the gun down, but moved to grip Y/N’s chin roughly.
“Secrets, darkness, coffin,” Riddler listed the three answers aloud. Then he turned to Jason. “What do all of them have in common?”
Riddler moved back behind Y/N and leaned down to whisper in her ear. The feeling alone caused a chill to go down her spine. “You’ve been lied to, my dear. The decision to bring you here was not random at all. That I can promise you.”
“Secrets, secrets are no fun. Secrets, secrets hurt someone,” he sang loudly, his voice echoing in the warehouse. Then he danced back to Y/N and pulled down the rag around her mouth, finally allowing her to speak.
“Red Hood, question for you. How many people have you killed?”
Don’t do this, Jason begged in his mind. 
He didn’t answer.
The Riddler didn’t appreciate this and quickly walked to Y/N, smacking her across the face with the back of his hand.
Jason struggled against his restraints.
Riddler whipped back to him. “Answer the question!”
“I don’t know,” he barked back.
“You don’t know because there’s so many?” Riddler challenged.
“I don’t keep track,” Jason answered quickly, knowing his silence would only cause Y/N more pain.
“More then 10?”
“More then 50?” Riddler asked with an evil grin.
Riddler turned to Y/N. “It’s actually 83.”
It was the first Jason had heard the number. But he knew better than to question it.
“You call yourself a hero. But looks to me like you’re just a murderer,” the Riddler cooed with a sneer. 
Jason hung his head in shame. “I’ve never called myself a hero.”
Riddler ignored his comment and turned his attention fully to Y/N now. “Now this next one is for you, dear. And it’s a tricky one.” The Riddler took in a deep breath. “I hurt the most when lost, yet also when not had at all. I’m sometimes the hardest to express, but the easiest to ignore. I can be given to many…or only just one.”
Y/N swallowed, repeating the words over and over again in her head.
“L-Love,” she finally stuttered out, but seemed sure of her answer.
The Riddler smiled at her response. He turned to Jason. “You sure know how to pick ‘em, Red Hood.” Then he shifted his weight. “Or should I say Jason?”
Jason saw the confusion on Y/N’s face from the comment.
“Tell me dear, did you know you were in love with a murderer?”
Y/N was discombobulated by such a question.
But before she could figure it out, the Riddler rushed to Jason and ripped off his helmet. When he saw that Jason was wearing a domino mask underneath, he rolled his eyes. “All you bats and birds are so paranoid!” Then he ripped that off, too.
Y/N’s eyes widened at the sight of her boyfriend.
But Jason didn’t catch it. He was too busy hanging his head, scared to meet her gaze.
“Surprised?” The Riddler asked her with glee.
Her tears started again. But they weren’t just from being scared now. They were tears of betrayal.
“Oh, sweetheart. Don’t cry,” the Riddler mocked.
“You did what you wanted. Now let her go,” Jason growled.
He tugged at his ropes, but his knife wasn’t cutting fast enough.
“Let her go?” The Riddler was baffled. “Who said anything about letting her go? I said I wasn’t going to hurt her if you cooperated. But killing her is the only way I can hurt you, Red Hood. Don’t worry, I shall make it quick!”
With that he raised his gun to her head once again. Y/N squeezed her eyes shut, truly believing this is how she was going to die.
“NO!” Jason screamed.
But right before pulling the trigger, Riddler’s grip was knocked away by a batarang.
Jason felt sick with relief when he turned to see Batman and Robin making their way to the Riddler.
Riddler was not a fighter. He always made a run for it.
But when he turned to do so, he was met with Nightwing blocking his path.
Jason felt someone drop behind him and realized that Red Robin was getting rid of his restraints.
Riddler looked around him with crazed eyes, realizing he was about to be outnumbered five to one. “This is too many vigilantes for my liking. Time for backup.” He pulled out a button and pressed it before Dick could rip the unknown device from his hands.
An explosion erupted in the warehouse, catching everyone off guard.
Tim had just finally released Jason from his restraints when the impact hit.
Jason saw as Y/N’s chair was knocked off its legs, taking her to the floor with it. Her head slammed against the hard concrete floor.  
As soon as the explosion settled, Jason sprinted to her.
When he reached her, she was knocked unconscious. “Y/N! Come on, beautiful. You’re OK. You’re OK.” 
But the words were to convince himself. He felt for a pulse and let out a sigh of relief when it was still strong.
Ever so carefully, he untied the ropes that held her to the chair. He ripped his jacket off his body and wrapped it around her shoulders. She seemed so small like this – so vulnerable. He’d tried so hard to keep her away from this darkness. And seeing her like this was the horrid reminder for why he’d lied to her about who he was.
His family watched with concern as Jason stood with her limp body in his arms. By some miracle, the blast missed all of them. It was used as more of a distraction than as an attempt to take any of them out.
Jason slowly walked to Bruce.
“Take her. Please.” His eyes desperate at first, but then they darkened. “There’s something I have to do.”
Bruce’s jaw tightened. “We had a deal.”
But he still gently took Y/N out of his arms.
“That was before her,” Jason answered as he took a final glance at Y/N.  
“Jason, don’t do it,” Dick urged.
“Keep her safe,” was all Jason said before turning from them and running after the man that had put his love in danger.
“What shall we do with her?” Damian asked coldly as he eyed the young woman he was seeing for the first time.
“We’re taking her back to the manor,” Bruce told his sons.
“Is that wise?” Damian countered.
“He’ll need her. And she’ll need to know everything,” was all Bruce said as he started carrying Y/N to the batmobile.
Y/N wasn’t awoken by people screaming from the streets below or the garbage truck coming too early to throw every neighbor’s trash can around at 5AM. She couldn’t hear the blasting of her window unit air conditioning.
No, instead she heard birds chirping outside and the wind rustling countless trees.
Did she even have a single tree on her block?
She squinted her eyes open and the night came rushing back to her.
Goons storming into her apartment, ripping her from her bed and throwing a bag over her head. Y/N just remembered thinking, “I’m just glad Jason wasn’t here. At least he’s safe.”
But Jason was far from safe. He was Red Hood: the infamous anti-hero that half of Gotham thought was a murderer and the other half swore he was just as much of a hero as the the other masked vigilantes.
How did she not see it sooner?
The random cuts and bruises. Constantly missing dates. Late-night texts when she had already fallen asleep. Always being exhausted when he was present.
But it was easy to ignore all of this because when they were together, things were good – no, things were amazing.
No man had ever made Y/N feel more seen and loved and appreciated. In fact, before him, Y/N had come to terms with being alone for the rest of her life. She made peace with it, had no problem with it.
But then Jason came stumbling into her life. And he didn’t accept Y/N being unloved the way she did. It was the thing that made him get over his own self-hatred and constant need to punish himself. If he wasn’t going to love Y/N for him, then he’d love Y/N because that’s what she deserved.
And Y/N felt that.
But he wasn’t who she thought he was. He had lied to her over and over again. When she was concerned over his injuries, he made up story after story. When she asked where he’d been after skipping a date, he used work as an excuse.
Did Y/N actually know Jason Todd at all?
Or had she only seen what she wanted to see?
Did the man she love even exist?
These were the questions racing through Y/N’s mind as she awoke in a bedroom that she didn’t recognize. Bedroom – if that’s even what she could call it. It felt more like a palace. She’d never slept on softer sheets or a comfier mattress. The room was bigger than her entire apartment. And from what she could see in the ensuite bathroom, it looked like it belonged in a five-star hotel.
Y/N’s observations paused when she saw Red Hood’s leather jacket tossed on top of the fancy chaise lounge on the other side of the room. No, not Red Hood’s leather jacket. Jason’s. It was the only indication that he had been there.
Am I in Wayne Manor? Y/N asked herself.
At least Jason hadn’t lied about that, explaining his afflicted relationship with his family casually a few times. But in a way that always told Y/N he didn’t want to talk about it in depth.
The leather jacket then caused Y/N to look down at herself. She was wearing a white t-shirt and grey cotton sleep shorts. Clearly they were mens. Someone had changed her while she had been asleep – or…unconscious.
Fuck, her head really hurt.
Having enough of being confused, Y/N slipped out of the bed and decided she was going to hunt down an explanation.
The bedroom was placed in a long hallway. Taking a 50/50 chance, Y/N decided to go right instead of left.
She walked as quietly as possible, still feeling uncomfortable in such surroundings.
After she stepped down the most extravagant staircase she’d ever seen, she heard sounds come from around the corner. It sounded like movement in a kitchen.
When she reached a doorway, she saw an elderly man dressed as a butler. As he was cooking, he caught Y/N’s presence from the corner of his eye. He quickly turned and gave her a comforting smile.
“Ah! Ms. Y/L/N, your timing is impeccable. I was just finishing up breakfast.”
But she remained unsure of the situation.
“Oh, I do apologize. Where are my manners? I am Alfred Pennyworth.” He quickly stepped to her and offered his hand. “I am the butler for the Wayne family.”
“So…this is Wayne Manor?” Y/N asked after awkwardly shaking his hand in the doorway, completely forgetting to share her own name. But he cleary already knew it.
He smiled at her. “Yes, Master Wayne brought you here after last nights…theatrics.” Before either of them could discuss the “theatrics” he slyly mentioned, he pulled out a chair at the table in the kitchen. “Please, sit. You must be famished.”
This man hardly looked threatening, so she decided to follow his instructions.
Alfred quickly placed a large plate with a full English breakfast on it, a mug of steaming coffee, and a glass of water. Then he offered her a bottle of advil.
Y/N looked up at him with a curious glance.
“I can only assume your head is aching quite a bit. From what I was told, you took quite the fall from the explosion.”
At least Y/N knew she hadn’t imagined the nightmare. It was real. She quickly took two of the pills and chugged the glass of water.
Alfred didn’t hover, instead continuing to work on more breakfast.
But Y/N’s breakfast was quickly interrupted when Bruce Wayne walked into the kitchen.
He eyed her carefully, hiding his surprise at her being awake. Casually, he went to the coffee pot to pour himself a cup.
“How are you feeling?” Bruce asked her.
Y/N was surprised how genuine his concern sounded.
“Confused,” she blustered out without meaning to.
Bruce smirked. “I meant your head.”
She cleared her throat. “Right. Ummm…just a terrible headache. But I think I’ll live.”
To her shock, Bruce sat across from her. He drank his coffee as his eyes raced across the tablet in his hand.
Y/N took a few bites of food before she had the courage to ask one of the many questions that were racing around her head.
“Where is Jason?” She asked slowly and carefully.
Alfred seemed to tense at the question and hesitated before saying, “Master Jason thought it best to give you some space.”
Y/N didn’t know what to make of his answer.
Bruce seemed to be studying her.
Y/N wanted to shrink under his scrutiny, but fought the feeling and met his gaze head on, as if challenging him.
“He’s in the cave,” Bruce told her evenly.
It seemed no one was trying to hide their family secrets from Y/N.
“I’d like to see him.”
Bruce and Alfred shared a look and what seemed to be a silent conversation.
After a moment, Bruce stood up. “I’ll take you.”
Y/N jumped out of her seat to follow him.
Next thing she knew, Bruce was taking her through a secret passage and there was a dark and dreary staircase in front of her.
Bruce gestured for her to go forward, silently telling her he wasn’t coming with.
As soon as Y/N started down the cold staircase, a shiver went down her spin. The temperature immediately dropped.
When she reached the bottom, she looked around and found Jason sparring with a man she recognized as Dick Grayson.
Jason did a double take as soon as Y/N took a step away from the staircase.
Dick followed his gaze and his face dropped.
The two men shared a look and their sparring ended.
Dick walked to her and gave Y/N a charming smile as he held out his hand. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Y/N. I’m Dick.”
Y/N forced a shy smirk and shook his hand, but said nothing.
Now it was just Jason and Y/N.
Y/N’s arms tightly held herself because of the freezing temperature of the batcave, and because she didn’t know how this conversation was about to end.
“Hi,” Jason said awkwardly.
“How’d you get down here?”
Y/N shrugged. “Bruce.”
Jason looked her up and down before quickly turning and grabbing the sweatshirt he had discarded before working out and sparring.
He handed it to her, making sure not to get too close. “Here. It gets fucking frigid in this stupid cave.”
Y/N quickly put it on. But she didn’t miss how Jason tried to keep his distance.
“I’m not scared of you,” she muttered.
He cocked an eyebrow, but she could still see the hurt in his face. “Really? Because you’re not looking at me like I’m the same person.”
“Because you’re not,” Y/N snapped.
Y/N imagined this conversation would be filled with rage. She thought she’d start yelling at Jason and then she wouldn’t be able to stop. She’d tell him how disappointed she was in him, how he was just like every other man who had hurt her. Her hands would be quivering in fists at her side. The anger…it would consume her.
So imagine her surprise when her bottom lip started trembling and tears started streaming down her face. And she could do nothing to stop it.
Little did she know that watching this hurt Jason more than her anger ever could.
He took a step toward her. It was his instinct – an instinct that was so hard to fight in this moment.
“You know…it’s really hard for me to let people in – no, it’s hard for me to let men in. I don’t trust them. I stop doing that a long time ago. But you – fuck – I don’t even know why now. But I did let you in. I really did. I told you things I’ve never told anyone. I trusted you. I…I loved you, Jason.”
Jason looked in more pain than ever before. His eyes watered from seeing the woman he loved breaking down like this. And it was no one else’s fault, but his own.
“But you hid this whole part of yourself. You lied to me. Every excuse you made for your bruises and cuts, you were lying. Every time you canceled a date, you were lying. And I’m realizing that you lied to me about your life more than you ever told me the truth.”
She tried to wipe away the tears, but they were coming down too fast.
“Was the Riddler serious?” She accused. “Have you killed all those people?”
“I have.”
Y/N studied him for a second. A part of her hadn’t expected him to admit it. She was waiting for him to give her another lie. After all, it came so naturally to him.
“Were you ever going to tell me?” She practically whimpered.
“Yes,” he answered quickly. “I just…I didn’t know how. I was scared.”
Was there even anything he could say that would make her hate him less?
Jason ran a hand through his hair. “Y/N, I’m so sorry. I should’ve told you. And I should’ve kept you safe. You almost–” He felt sick. “You were almost killed last night. And it was because of me.”
Y/N’s eyes went dark. “Did you kill him? Did you kill the Riddler?”
Jason’s jaw clenched and his hands turned into fists at the mentioning of the criminal’s name. “No, but I should’ve.”
In truth, he almost had. It hadn’t been hard to catch up to the bastard. Jason beat him to in an inch of his death. But not before he confirmed that no one else knew of Y/N’s existence. No, he didn’t kill the Riddler. But he beat him so badly that he would be in the coma for the rest of his days – unable to speak, meaning no one else would ever know about Y/N.
“I don’t do that anymore. Bruce and I…we have a deal.”
“He’s Batman,” she wasn’t asking. “And your brothers…” she didn’t need to finish.
“I don’t expect you to forgive me.” His head hung low. “I don’t deserve it. And I never deserved you in the first place. I always knew that. It’s probably why it was so hard to tell you. Because I knew the moment I did… you’d see me for the monster I really am.”
Y/N’s eyes were red now and her nose congested.
“You don’t owe me anything. But I just…I need to tell you this before I never see you again,” Jason quickly said, sensing this was their final goodbye. “I love you. I didn’t even think I could love someone the way I love you, Y/N. You…you’ve made me better. And you’re probably the only reason I was able to stop myself from killing that son of a bitch last night.”
It was Y/N’s face Jason saw when he was beating the Riddler. And then he realized, in some twisted way, that such a death would also be on her hands. He could handle having blood on his hands forever. But would never do that to Y/N.
Then Jason’s word turned so, so quiet. “But I also know I can’t ask you to stay after everything I’ve done to you.”
And for a moment, the two of them just stared at one another.
Y/N tried to wipe the last of her tears away once again. “I think I should go,” she mumbled.
“You can’t go back to your apartment. It’s not safe there anymore. Bruce offered to let you stay here for as long as necessary. I’ll leave,” he quickly added. “So you don’t have to worry about being around me.”
“I’m not staying here,” she said with a surprising amount of conviction. “I’ll stay with friends or something. But I don’t want to be here.”
What Y/N meant was that she didn’t want to be surrounded by the secrets Jason had kept from her. She didn’t want to be reminded of how little she actually knew him.
Somehow Jason seemed to realize that.
He took a cautious step toward her. “For what it’s worth, you do know me. I know you think that’s a lie. But no one sees me like you see me, Y/N. No one.” He pointed up. “Not even the fucked up people that call me their family.”
His words struck in a way she wasn’t expecting. But she made sure he didn’t know that and controlled her expression, staying as emotionless as possible.
Jason sighed, knowing this was their end. “Alfred will take you anywhere you want to go.”
He wanted to tell her more. He wanted to ask – no, to beg – to hold her. Just one last time. But he would never ask that of her. How could he?
So he just watched as Y/N slowly turned and made her way back of the stairs.
Jason wanted to memorize her face as if this was the last time he’d lay eyes on her. But he knew himself better than that. He’d make sure she was safe, add her to his patrol as if it was normal addition to his vigilante life. Y/N didn’t deserve to be at risk for the rest of her life because she made the mistake of loving a man like him.
Y/N didn’t realize how hard it would be. She thought she could just go back to the life she had before Jason ever fought his way into her heart. But it took her a month to understand that was never going to happen. She’d never be able to just forget him.
She thought anger would take over and make her hate Jason. Hate was always easier than love. And Y/N was banking on that.
But after everything Jason did, Y/N still couldn’t find it in her heart to hate him.
Because, at the end of the day, they still loved each other.
Despite his secrets and his lies, Y/N knew that Jason had been telling the truth about his feelings for her. He really did love her. She had felt it every day. Even at the beginning of their relationship – before they realized what they were feeling was love – Y/N always felt how much Jason cared for her.
That was why all of this was so hard for her.
Take away the lies, the secret vigilante life, the killing. Take it all away. And Y/N knew she had never met another man that made her feel the way Jason did – or…had.
That was really what Y/N had finally realized over the past weeks. She had thought it was betrayal and fear. 
She now understood that what she was feeling was a broken heart. 
It was a first for her. One had to be in love in order to get their heart broken. And the only man Y/N ever loved was Jason Todd.
As the understanding washed over Y/N, she was staring out the window. She’d made herself a cup of coffee, but had been so lost in her thoughts that she’d let it grow cold. Then she felt a tickling down her cheek and realized that she had started crying. 
Suddenly there was a quick knock at the front door of her apartment.
Y/N squinted in suspicion at the sound and sloppily rubbed the tears off her face.
She slowly walked to door, but stopped a few feet away, and just stared at it as her heart rate increased.
After Riddler’s men broke into her home and ripped her from bed, she had been anxious and cautious about any and all unexpected visitors. She hadn’t been sleeping. Either she couldn’t fall asleep or if she did, her night was infested with nightmares.
“Y/N? It’s Dick Grayson,” a voice called from the other side of the door.
She let out a small sigh of relief. How long had she been holding her breath?
There was a part of her that was screaming to still ignore the uninvited guest, despite it being someone she knew. But how well did she actually know Dick Grayson?
Except the other part – the part that could admit she missed Jason – wanted to speak to anyone that was from the part of her life she was trying so hard to forget.
Ever so slowly, she opened the door.
“Hi,” Dick beamed at seeing her appear. His smile and eyes were warm and friendly in a way that none of the other boys were.
“What are you doing here?” Y/N asked with a bit of rudeness.
She didn’t appreciate him giving her a scare. Especially because her two best friends that she now lived with were out of town for the weekend.
“I was hoping I could talk to you,” he gave her a shy but hopeful grin. Then he held up a tray of coffee and a paper baggie. “I brought you a latte and some doughnuts.”
Y/N eyed him. Her first thought was that maybe something had happened to Jason. But Dick’s delivery proved that wasn’t the case.
Her only invitation to Dick was a widening of the door and making room for him to walk past her.
This seemed to make him happy though.
Y/N directed them to the little breakfast nook that was flooded in the morning light.
She didn’t waste any time. “Did Jason send you here?” 
“No, Jason doesn’t know that I’m here,” Dick clarified as he slid one of the lattes to her side of the table.
Her nerves were the only reason she picked it up and started sipping, just trying to give herself something physical to do while Dick stared at her from across the little table.
“Is he OK?” She mumbled without looking at him.
Her pride wanted to her to shut up and not ask. But she couldn’t stop the question from spilling out, even though all evidence pointed to Dick having no bad news to share.
“He’s fine,” Dick quickly assured her. “Well…physically, at least.”
“What are you doing here, Dick?” She repeated her original question.
“It should be Bruce here, really. But he…” His words died out and then he cleared his throat. “Well, these types of things aren’t exactly his strong suit. Tim wanted to come, too. But I didn’t want to…overwhelm you.”  
“And what ‘type’ of thing is this exactly?”
Dick took in a deep breath and then leaned forward, placing his forearms on the table.
“You deserve to know the story – the whole story. I’m not here to get you to forgive Jason or to change your mind about leaving him.” He rubbed his face. “But I just want you to know the truth about him before you live with those decisions.”
Y/N’s heart was racing now. She felt sick.
Was she even ready for this conversation?
“So, is that OK?” Dick asked her carefully.
After a moment, Y/N finally nodded her head.
Dick took a deep breath.
He knew where he needed to start. And he wasn’t just about to share Jason’s secrets, he was about to tell Y/N all of their secrets. But it was what needed to be done.
Dick told her about Jason living on the streets, how his dad abused him, and his mother was a drug addict that couldn’t protect her son. Little Jason Todd turned to crime to take care of himself and get enough money to take care of himself and his mom.
Dick smiled as he told her how Jason tried to steel Bruce’s wheels on the batmobile. That was the moment that Bruce knew he couldn’t leave such a desperate child on the streets. Then everything happened so quickly. Next thing Dick knew, Jason had replaced him as Robin and Bruce had a new sidekick.
“I should’ve been there for him more,” Dick confessed. “Jason didn’t just need a home and a parent… he needed a brother, too. And I take responsibility for not really being there for him. If I’m being honest, I was bitter. It was hard for me to see how quickly Bruce could just…”
“Replace you?” Y/N offered softly.
Dick swallowed and nodded.
This was the hard part. Now he had to explain how Jason died, how the Joker tricked a child who was desperate to find the truth about his mother. How a dead boy became a resurrected man.
Dick knew he couldn’t gloss over the gory details. Jason deserved better. He didn’t need to have his secrets protected from the first woman who loved him. He needed to be seen and still loved.
Dick watched as Y/N shifted in her seat, trying her best to compose herself as Dick told her about Jason dying so horribly and then being resurrected. Joker’s maniacal laugh flashed in Y/N’s mind. As Dick spoke, she could almost feel the warmth of the explosion that he’d set for Jason. 
It was all so terrible.
How Jason was able to overcome it all left Y/N in awe of him.
“Jason has never really fully been himself since before…everything,” Dick said. “But it wasn’t fair that any of us ever expected that after what happened to him. I know there’s still so much that he’s never told any of us. And I’m not sure he ever will.”
Dick explained Jason’s rebellion from the family and his war with Bruce. Dick was the one that got emotional now, as his eyes glossed over, remembering how angry and ruthless Jason had been.
“Bruce has one rule: no killing.” Dick sighed and rubbed his face. “Jason thought he was being what Gotham needed. He was tired of watching criminal after criminal beat the system and repeatedly get set free. We eventually had to make a deal with him. We couldn’t stand by and let him continue on the way he was.”
Dick gave her a nervous look. “I can only assume that the hardest thing to wrap your mind around is the–”
“Killing,” Y/N quickly interrupted harshly.
Until now, she had remained quiet but engaged. Never interrupting or adding unnecessary responses.
“Yes,” Dick replied before tightening his jaw.
Y/N couldn’t look at him now. “I know–” She had to pause because her voice was shaking so much. “I know he did it to protect people. And I know – in his mind – that they deserved it, because they were bad people.”
“I might not agree with Jason’s views or his past actions. But one thing is for sure: Jason Todd has never killed an innocent.”
“I just don’t know if that’s enough,” Y/N said with teary eyes.
“I understand,” Dick nodded.
There had been a part of her that always knew Jason was fighting demons. But she could’ve never guessed how bad it had truly been for him.
How could he hide all of this from her?
Y/N couldn’t hold back her emotions any longer. After hearing Jason’s life story, how could she? Tears silently ran down her face. She wasn’t embarrassed to cry in front of Dick. He had such a calming presence about him.
Dick just let her consume everything he’d spent the past hour telling her. He just wanted to be there for her as she processed it.
So he sat there and let her cry. And eventually she got a hold of herself.
“You’re forgetting the most important part of this story,” Dick told her with a shy smile.
“I am?”
Dick nodded. “You.”
She scoffed at that.
“I’m being serious, Y/N.” Dick leaned forward again.
Y/N didn’t know what to say to that. She wasn’t one to share her emotions and feelings freely. So she wasn’t about to open up to her ex’s older brother, whom she hardly knew.
“He loves you, Y/N.” Dick insisted.
“None of you even knew about me,” Y/N tried to argue.
“That’s not true. Just because he didn’t tell us directly doesn’t mean we didn’t know about you.” Dick smirked. “We’re a nosey bunch. When we noticed a change in him – a good change – we did a little investigating.”
Y/N couldn’t find it in her to tell Dick that Jason made her change for the better too.
So she changed the subject to what was really stopping her from running back into Jason’s arms despite all the lies and secrets.
“How did you get over it?” Her voice was so quite that it was almost a whisper.
“Get over what?” Dick squinted.
“The killing.”
He sighed and leaned back in his chair. “Police Officers kill people every day.”
Y/N made a look of disgust. “Law enforcement in this country is corrupt. I figured a man who felt the need to wear a mask and become a vigilante was well aware of that.”
Dick winced. “Why do you think Gotham is so hard to clean up?”
She stayed quiet.
“Soldiers have killed more people on a single tour than Jason has,” Dick continued.
“Soldiers are following orders,” Y/N countered. “Orders from authority whose ethics and motives are often questionable.”
“Exactly.” Dick’s back straightened. “We’ve normalized both of those things. But I can assure you of one thing, Jason has no ulterior motives. There is no systemic prejudice that controls his actions. Just right and wrong, good and evil.”
Then he rubbed his face, wondering if he wanted to say the next part. “When things with Jason were bad – really bad – and I thought I would have to be the one that put him behind bars, the one thing that gave me hope was knowing that Jason had rid the world of evil. That doesn’t mean I condone his actions…but it helps me sleep at night.”
Silence filled the apartment. Y/N was still processing the information. And Dick didn’t want to force her to talk or speak just to fill the silence.
Slowly, Dick rose from his seat.
“I don’t want to intrude any more than I already have,” he told her gently.
There were those classic Wayne manners that both Bruce and Alfred had ingrained in him. It reminded Y/N of Jason. Even though Jason had a dark, sarcastic sense of humor and quite the temper, Y/N couldn’t remember a time when the man didn’t say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ – not to mention all the old-school gentlemanly gestures that always caught her off guard.
Y/N followed Dick to the door.
He hesitated. “Thank you for listening, Y/N.”
She just nodded.
“Like I said when I got here, I’m not telling you what to do. All I ask is that you consider everything you learned.”
She nodded again. “You’re a good brother, Dick.”
He chuckled darkly at that. “Jason would disagree with you on that. I’m lucky if he even calls me his brother most of the time.”
Y/N managed to force a shy smirk on her lips for his benefit.
Then Dick was reaching into his pocket for a piece of paper. He slowly handed it over.
She looked down to see what appeared to be an address. “What’s this?”
“The safe house Jason’s been hiding out in since you last talked.” Then he gave her one final nod. “Goodbye, Y/N.”
————————————— 3 WEEKS LATER. —————————————
Jason had been on autopilot these past couple of months. He let his work take over his life. To make matters worse, he barely added eating and sleeping to that mix. The only reason he managed to get himself to eat was to keep his strength up… so he could keep working.
Right now was the one of the few times his exhaustion was so heavy that he managed to get a couple hours of sleep.
That is until one of the alarms for his safe house went off.
Someone had triggered the sensor for the floor.
It could easily be a homeless person. It wouldn’t be the first time. But that assumption went on the window when Jason heard a polite knock at his front door.
Completely silent, Jason moved out of bed and grabbed the gun that sat on his nightstand.
Quickly he tiptoed to the door and waited, half expecting someone to start shooting. It wouldn’t have mattered, seeing as the door was made out of bulletproof steel.
Without making a sound, he made his way to the peephole.
When he spotted who was on the other side, his body moved on reflex alone. He instantly put the gun on safety and whipped open the door.
His guest jumped a little in surprise.
“Y/N,” Jason gasped.
Once she got over the scare, she seemed to take in his appearance.
Jason looked awful. There were shadows under his eyes. His hair looked greasy from the lack of washing. And because he was “working” so much, his body was littered in more injuries than usual. He stood completely shirtless in black boxer briefs.
But the only thing Jason was embarrassed about was his autopsy scar that was on full display for her.
Yes, Y/N had seen and felt it. But it was always in the cover of darkness. If they had sex in daylight, Jason always found a way to keep a shirt on. It was always effortless and subtle. Plus Y/N was so preoccupied with the passion between them that she never really considered how self-conscious he was about it.
Once again, Y/N was wondering why she normalized things like that instead of pushing Jason to open up about things he was obviously hiding.
She had assumed they were scars from his childhood. He had told her his dad was abusive and his mom did nothing to protect him. Y/N thought the scars were from an incident – an incident that was too traumatizing for him open up to her about.
But they were autopsy scars… Because Jason had died once.
“Did I wake you?” She asked him gently.
“No,” he quickly lied. Then he shook his head, still processing that she was standing in front of him. “Come in,” he hurriedly added.
She game him a grateful nod and walked past him.
Her eyes quickly took in the safe house. It looked like an industrial loft. But what she was really locking on to was the multiple tables covered in weapons and gear.
After all that time of Jason’s vigilante life being hidden, now it was all completely on display for her to see.
“Are you OK?” Jason quickly asked her.
She nodded.
“How is your new place?” He then asked.
“Fine,” she offered.
“Your roommates are OK?”
She nodded again.
“Are you sleeping alright?”
“Jason,” she said it sternly, in a tone that she knew would make him finally stop with the frantic questions. “I came to talk to you.”
This took him aback.
Then he looked around him. There was a fold out table a few feet away from them.
“Here,” he muttered before rushing forward and moving what appeared to be a dozen knives and multiple guns.
He pulled out one of the chairs and motioned for her to sit.
Then Jason seemed to finally realize his state of undress. “I’ll…just give me a second.”
Y/N would’ve laughed at his adorable franticness. But she was too busy feeling nauseous and anxious.
She turned her back to him changing since the loft style gave little privacy. 30 seconds later, Jason was moving back to the table and sitting across from her in a black hoodie and sweatpants.
Y/N gently cleared her throat. Her gaze couldn’t meet Jason’s as she said, “Dick came to see me.”
Jason’s face darkened. “I’m sorry. He shouldn’t have done that. I’ll ta–”
“No, it’s fine.” Then she shifted in her seat. “He came to…uhh…he came to talk to me about you, actually.”
That wasn’t what Jason was expecting.
“He told me everything,” she stated. “I mean, everything you never did.”
The true meaning of her words slowly washed over Jason.
He leaned back in his chair, his massive form making it squeak.
Y/N took in a shaky breath. “Jason…I’m-I’m so sorry.”
He shifted his weight.
“You have nothing to be sorry for, Y/N.” He told her quietly.
Usually Jason’s death and resurrection was a joke. He loved making his family cringe, shrink, and become uncomfortable with his dark humor about it. That was just how he’d grown to deal with it all.
But he couldn’t do the same for Y/N.
A few beats of silence passed between them.
“I miss you,” Y/N finally told him.
Jason’s eyes widened at the confession. “I miss you, too.”
Silence again.
“Was I just part of a cover?” She quickly asked him.
“No,” he immediately answered.
“Was our relationship even real?”
“Yes, Y/N. I promise you that it was.”
Y/N bit her lip. She came here with no plan. And now it was starting to feel very real. She knew what she needed to know and she knew what she needed to say. But she wasn’t sure how to get there.
“Do you still love me?” She whispered.
Jason flinched at the question – not because of the answer, but because she felt the need to even ask it.
He nodded.
“After everything that’s happened,” she began, “what would a relationship between us even be, Jason?”
This was not the follow-up question he was expecting.
“What do you want it to be?”
But what he really wanted to say was it could be anything she wanted. He would do absolutely anything to get her back. Anything.
Still, he didn’t want to push her. So he let her take the lead.
“No more lies,” Y/N demanded. Jason opened his mouth, but she cut him off. “I know you can’t tell me the details of the nightly occurrences from your…other life.”
“It was to keep you safe,” he tried to explain. “The less you know, the safer you are. No one can try to use you for information.”
Y/N nodded in understanding. “I’m saying no more lies about where you are or why you can’t make something. And no more hiding injuries.”
Jason nodded firmly, trying to mask his eagerness.
“But more importantly…No more lies about your past. Dick may have told me everything he knew. But I know there’s missing parts and it’s only his perspective.” Then she hesitated, “And I’d…I’d like to hear it from you.”
Jason felt sick by the idea. He thought maybe he’d gotten out of such a request because of his nosey brother.
“You might not like what you find…” he warned her.
But Y/N was already shaking her head. “You know me inside and out.”
Jason did a weird half shrug, half nod. “I like to think so.”
“Don’t you think I deserve the same?”
Jason knew he had a point. But he loved everything about her. Y/N’s flaws weren’t even flaws to him. They were just what made her the woman she was. And that so happened to a woman he was deeply in love with.
But his sins? They were what convinced him that he was unlovable – a monster.
“You do,” Jason agreed with a mumble.
Y/N struggled to swallow with how dry her throat had suddenly become. “You had made a deal with your family – a deal you almost broke because of me.”
Jason knew what she was really asking. She didn’t even really know what she wanted.
“You want to know about the people I’ve killed,” he said low and even.
But she didn’t answer.
Jason leaned forward on the table and thought over her request. He rubbed the scruff on his jawline and chin.
“One was a man who was trying to rip down the pants of 5 year old girl in an alley of the Narrows.” His expression and tone was numb as he started listing them. “Another was an abusive husband that pushed his pregnant wife down a flight of stairs, causing her to have a miscarriage and almost die.”
Y/N felt sick as she listened.
“The last person I killed was Gotham’s number one human trafficker. When I asked him – with a gun to his head – how he had such a lack of remorse, he said, ‘These sickos are going to find their fun one place or another, I might as well make a buck off it.’”
Y/N could tell as Jason shared these stories that he felt no remorse for his executions.
“Bruce would tell you that every one deserves a chance to change. Or he’ll tell you that we’re not the law, we’re just enforcing it.” Jason shook his head. “But I’ve seen thousands of rapists, murderers, and – god knows what else – get freed time and time again. They may get locked up for a bit, but most of them find their way back on the streets. The system is broken. I know it. You know it. And Bruce knows it.”
Then his eyes darkened. “And before you ask, I wouldn’t take any of it back. Truthfully, I believe the world is a better place without those fuckers in it.”
As harsh as it sounded, Y/N appreciated the honesty. And perhaps there was a part of her that agreed with him. 
Jason was right: she did know the system was broken, just as much as he did. But she wasn’t in a position to execute the same justice as he could.
“Can I ask you something in return?” The softness in his voice surprised Y/N.
She nodded her head.
“That morning at the manor…you said you weren’t scared of me.” He paused. “Were you telling the truth?”
“I wasn’t scared of you – at least, not like you’re implying. I felt–” She searched for the right word. “Defenseless. Because you knew me, but I didn’t know you anymore. Does that make sense?”
Jason nodded. “And what about now? After knowing all I’ve done.”
To his surprise, Y/N reached across the table and gently grabbed one his hands. She held it in her grasp, tracing the lines in his palm. The skin was rough and scarred.
After so long without it, the feeling of her touch caused a shiver to go down Jason’s spine. 
Y/N knew these hands had killed dozens of people. But she also knew that they’d been nothing but gentle with her.
“You’ve never hurt me, Jason.”
“I never would,” he answered quietly, almost with a certain desperation.
She nodded, already knowing that.
“No matter what happens with us, I don’t ever want you to be scared of me, Y/N.”
Then she was crying and jumped from her seat. Without even thinking, she was on the other side of the table, throwing herself onto Jason’s lap, and wrapping her arms around him. Jason pulled her even tighter to him, cradling her face to his neck.
“I’m sorry, Y/N. For everything. I just…I just want you back. OK?”
Y/N pulled away and Jason wiped the tears from her cheeks. She nodded and gave him a teary smile, “OK.”
Their relationship wouldn’t mend itself just like that. They were going to have to work at it. But with all their secrets on the table, they knew what they were fighting. And from now on, they were going to face them together.
Yeesh. That one was a lot. 
Let me know what you think!
(If you have criticisms about how I wrote Jason, I’d love to hear them, just don’t be a fucking asshole about it. There’s a right way to give feedback and there’s definitely a wrong way.)
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softholand · 8 months ago
heart shaped bubbles - h.o
Tumblr media
pairing: harrison osterfield x reader
warnings: swearing, fluff, smut — minors dni
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a/n: i had to, i just had to ;))) please, let me know what you guys think, enjoy!!
It was official. Today was one of the worst days ever. Everything that could’ve gone wrong, went wrong. First of all, you woke up half an hour later, which made you late for work. Then if that wasn’t enough, you forgot to bring lunch and even worse, your wallet, which had your credit cards inside, so you were left with no option but to starve for the rest of the day.
Everything else seemed to be going smoothly until it wasn’t. Your boss came storming through your cubicle, carrying piles of papers, demanding they had to be finished by the end of your office hours. You groaned, feeling frustrated just by looking at the pile of paper in front of you, that you, unfortunately, had to take care of, alone.
Once you were finally done, you dropped off the papers to your boss, who didn’t even thank you for it, as usual. Going back to your cubicle, you gathered your stuff, ready to go home, only to be met with rain pouring down outside the building.
Thankfully, the train station wasn’t too far from the place you worked, but that didn’t stop you from being soaking wet once you got there. While you waited to finally get home, you texted your boyfriend, Harrison, telling him about your shitty day. After a couple of seconds, you received a text from him, letting out a smile once you saw what it was. A picture of his adorable pouting face, captioned “I’m sorry, babe!”.
You had to face the weather again once you got to your station, which made you even wetter than you already were. While you took the steps to yours and Harrison’s flat, your clothes kept dripping water on the wooden floors, making you pray that it didn't ruin them, otherwise you’ll most likely have to pay for it.
Taking your keys out, you opened the door, being immediately met by warmth, something you were craving since you were shivering from your soaked clothes. Leaving your purse and keys at the table, you called Harrison’s name, receiving a quick “Bathroom!” in response.
Once you got there, you were met with a scene that looked like it was taken out of a magazine. Your boyfriend at the tub, with his arms behind his head, bubbles covering the lower half of his body, a smirk plastered on his face.
“What is going on?” You asked, completely perplexed by it. “I felt bad for your shitty day and wanted to make you something that made you forget it, so… care to join?” He let it out, stretching one of his hands for you to take it.
Your heart warmed at his words, and once your clothes were off, you took this hand, joining him in the warm and bubbly water. “Oh my god, I’m in heaven!” You practically moaned with the feeling of warm water on your cold skin. “That good?” Harrison chuckled, making you nod.
“You have no idea how cold the rain was. I’m most likely going to catch a cold.” You closed your eyes, feeling your boyfriend getting closer. “Well, then I’ll make you a very nice cup of tea once we get out of here.” He whispered, making you realize his proximity.
“I’m not planning to leave anytime soon.” You let it out, hearing him chuckle. Once you reopened your eyes, he was right in front of you. “Yeah? And what we’ll be doing to pass time?” He asked, making you smirk. “Well, I can think of some things.” You said, crashing your lips to his.
Your hands were quick to find their place in his damp hair, while his massive ones scooped you up, properly sitting on his lap. With nothing between your bodies, you could feel Harrison growing erection between your legs and if you were honest, it was driving you crazy.
All the built-up anger and frustration from the day was quickly left out of your body, now your only focus was the gorgeous boy in your arms. “You taste so good, baby! I missed you!” Harrison's hoarse voice made you even needier for him. “Please, baby! I need you!” You whined, rocking your hips until you heard your boyfriend moan.
Harrison guided your core to his hard member, kissing your lips before asking if you were ready. You nodded and with the water making everything much easier, Harrison’s had no problem sliding inside of you. The sounds you both made once you were finally connected were pornographic, the feeling so overwhelmingly good you had to contain yourself from screaming his name and waking up your elderly neighbors.
“Haz!” You moaned, feeling your walls clench around him. “Yes, baby! I got you!” Harrison whispered, helping you move with his hands firmly on your waist. “You look so beautiful on top of me, y/n!” The blonde kept praising you, making your already clouded mind even crazier for him.
The water splashed through the bathroom with your movements, and you were sure you’ll have bruises the next day from how tight Harrison pressed his hands to your body. “God, I love you y/n!” Harrison exclaimed, trailing his kisses through your neck. Your lips found their place on his jaw, while you increased your movements on top of him.
“I’m close, baby!” Harrison warned you, gripping your ass with both of his hands. “I’m too, oh fuck!” You said, feeling the coil in your stomach ready to snap. “C’mon, y/n! I wanna hear you scream my name while you cum!” Harrison’s words were enough to make you lose it, your orgasm finally taking over your body, while you practically convulsed on top of him.
“Fuck!” You heard the blonde before feeling his cum coat your walls, making your already sore body shake with pleasure a final time.
With your body collapsed on top of Harrison’s, you couldn’t help smiling, kissing the proud smirk out of his face. “Feeling better?” He asked, making you chuckle. “Yeah, much better! Thank you!” You responded, pecking his lips. “Anything for my girl!” He smiled, helping you off of him before you two popped in the shower to wash off the bath bubbles.
Once you were completely dry and in your pajamas, Harrison called your name, making you quickly turn off the lights of your shared closet and make your way to one of your favorite parts of the house. “Hungry?” He asked once you stepped foot into the kitchen. “Are you kidding me? I didn’t even have lunch, I’m starving!” You exclaimed, excited to finally put some food in your body.
“I got us some sushi, from your favorite restaurant, of course!” Harrison said, opening the little containers, making your stomach groan with the smell of the seafood. “You’re the best, you know that, right?” You took a few steps closer to him, wrapping your arms around his body. “Yeah, I’ve been told that!” Harrison smirked, pressing a kiss to your head. “C’mon, let’s eat!” The blonde exclaimed, making you squeal with excitement.
With your stomach finally full, you wrapped yourself with a blanket on the sofa, waiting for Harrison, who was currently making the tea he promised you earlier. When he was ready, he joined you under the blanket, where you stayed cuddled for the rest of the night.
Harrison asked you to pick a movie to watch, and since he had already done a lot for you that night, you decided to choose Batman, knowing it was his favorite. He tried to protest, but you shushed him with a kiss, which you came to realize worked most of the time.
“Here, I think it is cool enough to drink now!” He passed you the giant cup of tea, blowing out some of the steam before taking a couple of sips. “Good?” He asked, to which you nodded. “Amazing! Thank you, Haz! For everything!” You said, feeling your heart full of love and adoration for him. “Of course! As I said before, anything for my girl!” He smiled, leaning in to kiss you. “I love you!” You mumbled between his lips. “I love you too!” He smiled, pecking your lips one last time.
That night, you fell asleep on the couch, with Harrison wrapped up in your arms, feeling like you exaggerated and the day wasn’t too bad after all, all because you had Harrison by your side, and that made you feel like the luckiest person in the world.
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