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beautyinthislife · a day ago
Tumblr media
Red Roses
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prettyboykatsuki · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
put me in your mouth, baby, and eat it 'til your teeth rot
➳ tags ;; afab!reader, reader wearing a dress in atsumu's part, public sex / exhibitionism, getting gagged w ur panties (also in atsumus part..), established relationship, mirror sex in omi's part, oral (f!recieving), use of petnames like "baby" "beautiful" and "darlin'"
➳ wc ;; 6.8k
➳ a/n ;; my bias for atsumu n iwa are showing so hard. esp atsumu sorry LMAO also tumblr please dont nerf me for using the horny banner <3 pwease <3 thank u kai @/kisseswithkai for the manga cap. and thank u to @katonshoko for beta-ing this nightmare
title is from doja cat song, candy! happy reading <33
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Iwaizumi Hajime always catches you off-guard.
It’s nothing major. He’s not the grand gesture type to begin with, so you’re never knocked on your ass by any of his choices or random decisions. He’s never off-guard in a way that would upset you or disrupt your average and daily routine. You think, for the most part, the way Iwaizumi makes decisions is standard. He’s a little strict about it even, certain things about himself unchanged in the most comforting way.
But, sometimes he does things, and they strike you as almost out of character. Sometimes, he buys you little trinkets, or acts a little unusually affectionate with you. It’s always the briefest gestures that make your heart race the loudest. Confessions about how long he’s actually liked you versus when he told you, or even what things he’s strangely sentimental about. His normally aggressive features softened out and well-lit, looking like the second male lead in a shoujo manga. It’s the little things that remind you that he loves you, in a soft way and not just a tough one.
Iwaizumi Hajime always catches you a little off-guard, though most days you know what to expect to come out of his mouth, others he hits you with something just a little out of left-field. It’s enough to make you do a double take, at the very least. Most of the time, you just giggle and tease him a bit. Other times you stare at him in disbelief before breaking out into a grin.
Today, it makes you stumble a little. Coming home after a long day and even longer hours, you kick off your shoes and plant yourself into your couch, face buried in pillows while you take a long deep breath. You’re exhausted, half-way between tense and dead. When Iwaizumi finds you, he can’t help but laugh a little.
“Welcome home, baby,” are the first words out of his mouth, a raspy chuckle attached at the end. You lift your head up, face smushed into a frown with your arms held all the way out. He stares at you then laughs again. Leaning forward, you wrap your arms around his neck and he picks you up, just briefly before sitting himself down on the couch with you in his lap. You give him wide eyes, tired ones - a groan leaving your mouth as you settle in the crook of his neck. He smells like home - a little like deodorant and sweat. It makes you feel dizzy.
“Rough day?”
Another groan makes him chuckle as you cling to him, sighing.
“Yeah. Work was weirdly busy,”
“That so?”
“Mm.. yeah,’
It’s quiet for a few seconds, and Iwaizumi already has his hands under your work shirt - just resting on your waist. He’s got calluses all over his hands, from the pads of his fingers down to the palms and you can feel the friction. It makes you warm all over, everything about Iwaizumi tends to do that to you.
“I need to force myself to relax a little,” you muse, slumped in his arms.
“I could help you with that,”
You pull back to meet his eyes, green and pretty, staring back at you. They look low, curious even. You squint, putting your hands on his chest.
“Huh.. how's that?”
Suddenly his hands travel down the expanse of your back, around your ass and thighs. He grabs a handful, and you squeak, catching onto the fact he wants to do something lewd. You shift your weight a little, pulling back more but he holds you there - your arms on his shoulders to keep you steady.
“Kinda want you to sit on my face,” he murmurs, voice dropping impossibly low as he leans forward, kisses landing on your throat. You gasp - distracted by the warmth of his mouth on your skin. You want to push back but he’s strong enough to hold you there, impossibly close.
“I’ll crush you,”
“And I’ll die a happy man,”
“Hajime,” you protest, voice weak.
This time he kisses you, searing hot. His tongue slips against yours and you melt right into him. Falling into his trap so easily as you moan and kiss him, letting yourself grind a little on his lap. You think he’s too dangerous for his own good.
“C’mon baby,” ― he sounds clear, concise ―”It’ll help you destress,”
“After my shower, maybe,”
He’s stern about this, wrapping his arms around your midriff and holding you.
“I wanna see how your day went, don’t shower. Give me all of it,”
Your lack of further protest is enough to ignite him. He’s already repositioning - moving all the pillows off of your couch until there’s enough room. He lays flat on his back and then pats his stomach, watching with great interest as you strip yourself of your day clothes. Nothing but flimsy cotton between him and his prize, he watches as you crawl over his lap. He seats you over his bulge, his hard cock pressed between your folds. A little shiver runs through his body while he watches you take your top off. Everything about you is so pretty, chest soft and nipples hard. He grinds into you a little harder.
You crawl over with hesitance and you can feel his arms, strong and big around your waist, pulling you down. You’re still hovering, just barely above him but Iwaizumi is wordless, pulling your panties to one side before forcing the rest of your weight down on him. You can feel it. His nose pressed right into your navel and how far his tongue reaches, the edges and the details of his face. You’re trying to move but he won’t let you, nails deep in your thighs as he pokes his tongue out and lays it flat against your clit.
You moan, loud and unruly, as you feel the heat of his tongue. The heavy muscles drags once, then twice over the nub before he sets a pace. Not too fast or too slow, just right, enough pressure to make you out of your mind. He’s always been good at everything, almost without trying. You figure this is no different, but you’re still caught off guard. In a new position and he has you bent over the side of the couch, praying to a god who’s name you can’t remember. It’s not sloppy but careful, almost precise how fast he gets you to unravel.
Your fear of crushing him disappears from your psyche as he brings you closer and closer to the edge. Knuckles curled around the arm of your couch, turning white as you hiccup a moan, his name.
“H-haji, Haji, Haji. ‘m gonna..c..cum!”
The words come out incoherent, nothing but a ragged breath inside of your lungs as your whole body spasms and you cum all of his face, on his tongue and chin. He shows no signs of stopping even as your whole body jerks. A soft swallow sounds underneath you and a loosened grip is enough to know he’s giving you a breather, as you scoot back to observe him and the mess all over him. His green eyes peer up at you, a harsh hit landing on your ass.
“Fuck.. do you have work tommorrow?”
You shake your head.
“Good.. I’m gonna need you to get back here,” ― he wipes his chin, licking the back of his hand ― “I know you can give me a few more than that,”
Above all else, you would consider Sakusa Kiyoomi an aloof character.
That isn’t meant with any malice. You don’t really resent him for it and you’ve never found any reason to resent him either. It’s not like he’s incapable of being good to you or anything else extreme. He’s considerably blunt, and some would call him brutally honest. But, really, you think he’s more compassionately honest than he is brutal. He’s sarcastic when he wants to be but it’s always pretty charming, mostly observational comments here and there. A surprisingly good sense of humor.
He does most things with a predictable attitude. He likes the things he likes, dislikes the things he dislikes - same as always.. He’s had the same favorite song since he was in highschool, doesn’t like his eggs too runny (“They’re best if they’re a little jammy in the middle, and fried on the edges”) and he likes to take things slow. You didn’t kiss him for the first 6 months you were dating. Everything he does takes practice, takes time - even getting him to open up. You consider it a feat, seeing sides of him no one else gets too.
There’s nothing bad about it, really. You think the stability of his very being is grounding, and you like the way he does things precisely. No cut corners or frayed edges but practice, patience. When you find your temper lost or your frazzled, Omi is always there. He likes to think things through for you when you feel like you can’t, mind scattered one million and one directions. He’s not very verbal about his feelings.
He’s a little bit aloof, a little stand-offish the first few times you speak to him but you think that’s to be expected. It’s his default, that standard and clean slate. You like it and you find he rarely strays from it.
So you consider yourself lucky, when you do see him stray from it. You hate to admit it but there’s something about seeing him frustrated that gets your gears turning. A subtlety to it like he’s trying to hold his composure together, an eyebrow furrow. His tongue in his cheek, a little huff leaving his mouth. Sakusa has a set of tells that you’ve learned to look out for. He paces around a bit more, and his hands stay in his pockets instead of resting at his sides. If his mask stays pulled over his face the whole night instead of coming off every now and again, to kiss you or take a drink.
All kinds of things can make him irate, so after a long gala - you’re not expecting his mood to be peachy. You know he’ll want some alone time to decompress for a while, so you give that to him but retreat to the bathroom in your hotel. It’s big and spacious, comfy for you to just hang out in. You’re expecting to be in there until he feels better and eventually seeks you out with a cool-head.
So it surprises you, really, when you see him pull through the bathroom. The doors still open, and he’s only half undressed. His shirts unbuttoned to reveal a strong chest, and his hairs pushed back. The only that’s off are his shoes, ties, and blazers - but his pants are still on and snug. You glance at him, halfway through the mirror. More confused than anything.
“...Hey, Omi,” ― you hesitate. pausing as you take off your chain ― “Did you need something, my love?”
He looks uncomfortable, agitated. The way he steps into the bathroom a little more and leans on the counter, facing you with his arms crossed. It doesn’t lend you any hints to what he’s feeling, and he can feel it - your concern growing with every passing second. He looks at you and maybe it’s because he’s a little tipsy. The liquid courage in his system might be making him feel like this, all prickly skin under his collar and high with the adrenaline of a long night.
“I want you to sit on my face,” ― he says, with no pause or breaks or even any warning ― “Please. I’d appreciate it,”
There’s something especially Kiyoomi about the last part, the burning desire masked underneath too much honesty and a little bit of shame. You drop whatever's in your hands to look at him and he gives you this look of what can only be despair. It makes your core clench, your whole body shivering.
“...Can I ask what brought this about?”
“You looked good tonight,” is his short reply, as if that’s enough reason for the sudden and abrupt question. As if that explains everything perfectly. For Sakusa, it does. You shift a little, clit suddenly preening for attention.
“Is that all you wanna do..? It’s been a long night but,”
“Yeah. I can.. I don’t need to… I just want you on my face,” ― he says again, even more quietly than before ― “Please,”
“It’s..I don’t mind. I just wasn’t expecting it so I’m not ready, so if you wanna give me 15. I can shave and -”
“Don’t do that. I’m impatient. C’mere,”
It’s only a few words and Kiyoomi is dragging you by the hand, to the big king-size bed in the middle of the room. He motions for you to sit first and you do, on the edge of the bed towards the headboard. You criss-cross as Sakusa lays on the edge of the bed, his feet on the floor with the rest of his body on the mattress.
“Sit this way.. want you to face the mirror,”
Your eyes go wide as saucers, and you stare at him. He looks generally unfazed but there’s an impatience to his actions, arms reaching up and back. You scoot forward too far and he ends up dragging you until your lower half is hovering just over his face. Your hands are splayed on his thighs to hold yourself up. But you’re not like that for long.
He takes your panties off, a soft groan leaving his mouth at the sight of your cunt. Pretty and perfect for him - soaked. The visual is enough to make his mouth water and it only takes a few seconds for one of his arms to circle your waist. He hugs your middle tight, forcing the weight onto him.
You can’t help yourself but squeak, voice gone high at the way Omi’s tongue makes contact with your clit. You can feel the way he snakes around it, hitting the most sensitive angle. Your whole body shakes, hand cupped over your mouth at the way he goes for it so quickly. Sakusa does most things, almost everything, so carefully but he’s lapping at your clit like it’s ambrosia. It feels like he’s getting drunk off of it, tongue dipped carefully between your folds, focused on your sensitive bundle of nerves.
It’s addicting, the feeling of it pulsing on his tongue. You help him unbutton his pants and slide his cock out, readying yourself to return to the favor but just as you get ready, he stops and pulls away.
“Don’t touch me, this is about you. Just need your spit on it,”
You whimper, loud at the way his voice shifts. It makes you feel sticky inside, and you lean forward to do as he asks, spit on it. You watch the way his hand wraps around the base of his cock, jerking himself off while he sucks the soul out of you through your clit. You feel like the airs been knocked right out of your fucking lungs, burning hot between your thighs. It’s almost torturous, not being able to touch him. The steady crescendo of your impending orgasm is enough to distract you from it, and you cum. You cum and you cum hard. Shaking as you catch glimpses of yourself in that big mirror, practically collapsing.
Sakusa pulls away, if only to get a lungful of air, before stroking your pussy with his fingers. He kisses it too, like it’s for good measure.
“I still feel restless. Gonna take more.. okay?”
You whimper, limp. Whatever plans you have out of the window.
Atsumu Miya is one cocky bastard.
This is.. kind of true. To a degree, you think when it comes to things he cares about - he has this tendency to be a little cocky about it. He gets in over his head a lot, bites off more than he can chew. He’s good at making sure things work out regardless of whether or not they should. This is what makes him one of the best setters in all of Japan, and overall a good player. Not only is he willing to take the risk, he almost always manages to execute it.
You think he has, for the most part, good reason to be so cocky. You like that attitude in him, a certain kinda fire lighting up in his eyes when he has some impossibility or plan that he wants to set up. You’ve seen him on the court more times than you can count on your fingers and toes - you know exactly the face he makes when he’s gonna do something extreme. To you, he’s almost screaming it with his actions. He’ll bend forward with his hands on his knees, and his whole body will get a little tight. His tongue slips over his lips and he grins, big with all of his teeth. He’s telling the whole world in that moment - just fucking watch me.
Outside of the court, you think Atsumu is a bit of a dweeb. Between the two brothers, he still has that overzealous confidence but he doesn’t really come off as a jerk. He just has an excitement, like he’s bursting at the seams to show you how cool he is. He doesn’t always fail miserably. You do think he’s cool, most of the time. You think he’s good at talking and he’s charming, and a little dorky in a hot way. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, to begin with. You like that about him, too , always have.
Sometimes, and rarely, you see Atsumu really, really want something. He’s not someone who often yearns. He’s too goal oriented for stuff like that, too precise. Everything that Atsumu Miya does or says normally comes with at least a little planning. He thinks a lot, more than he needs too but that has more net positives than net negatives.
So, it’s true that it’s rare to see him want something in such a way, that he’s yearning. But you always know when he does because he has such obvious tells.
It’s a Sunday and Atsumu Miya is in a park with you. You’re all the way in Kyoto - and the seasons are in between so the leaves are pretty colors. It’s still warm enough to be outside without a coat on and the warm breeze slides against your skin. It feels nice out - and you’re having a picnic outside. You spent a while planning today's venture, wanting to get some cute pictures together since you haven’t taken any since before Atsumu went on tour.
That’s all fine and good. It’s been nice so far - you have a little charcuterie board of cheeses and fruits and crackers and deli meat. You’ve taken some cute photos too, the best ones being saved in your phone with the outtakes being welcomed on your story. You’ve even got some handsome outtakes of Atsumu fixing his hair, where he’s smiling. It’s been a good day.
For better or for worse, you know Atsumu Miya like you know the back of your hand. You know his tells, when he wants something. His hands get a little sweaty, fingers curling at the base of his jeans and he moves around more. Shorter sentences and more intense eyes. It’s been a few hours and you’ve mostly managed to ignore it, but you want to stay out a little longer. And you’re not sure if you can do that if you don’t take care of whatever emotion he’s displaying. You breathe a deep sigh, putting your phone down and giving him a tired look.
“What is it,” you say more than ask, like a statement. You already know it’s something. His eyes go wide, and he has the audacity to look surprised. His mouth goes agape.
“Whaddya mean -,”
“Atsumu Miya,”
“What do you want,”
It’s silent for a minute, just a while. Atsumu looks guilty, and he swallows. Opens his mouth a little and then closes it and so on and so forth. Finally after giving it some contemplation, he says something.
“Don’t get mad,”
“I’m gonna kill you. Say it again. Slower.. clearly,”
“I want ya to..sit on my face. Yanno.. like now,”
You pause.
“...Right now?”
He nods his head sheepishly, clasping his hands together with a desperate plea. You stare at him, mouth agape.
“‘tsumu, baby - we’re outside. In public. You are a pro-athlete. You know the answer,”
“An emphatic yes?”
He scoots a little closer to you and you scoot back. Atsumu gets you before you can, slipping a hand between your thighs with a smile. He almost looks innocent, the way he presses his cheek to your shoulder like this is the most casual in the world has you considering a divorce.
His voice does that thing it does where it gets a little soft, a touch lower. Enough to make all the hairs on your neck stand. You curse all setters and their stupid fucking hands - the ones with nimble fingers that drag up the inner most part. You can feel him press into the flesh, and he’s mumbling something.
“C’mon, baby,” ― he coaxes, index finger pressing against the soft spot of your panties ― “If anyone sees well.. wassit matter, right? ‘s what lovers do,”
You tell him, weakly, to shut up. The use of the word lovers has you reeling, stomach singed with heat. You turn to him and he perks up, smiling. It’s like he reads your mind, immediately placing leftovers in the basket and pushing it to the side. You sit on your knees on one end of the blanket but Atsumu pushes you to sit on your ass. He lifts your legs up, hands sliding carefully underneath your skirt and hooking into your panties.
He gets them off in one smooth motion, holding the fabric up like some kind of prize. He folds it carefully, setting your legs down, and opening your mouth. His thumb rests on your bottom lip as he shoves the fabric in your mouth. You whine a little and he kisses your cheek, full with fabric.
“Bite on it if ya wanna make a sound, ‘kay beautiful?” he tells you. You watch, biting on the fabric with almost spite, as Atsumu lays on the ground. He taps his cheek with two fingers.
“Hop on,”
You leave your skirt on and do what he tells you, looking around anxiously to see if anyone is around. It’s empty, you’ve chosen a spot far out enough that there’s no one within a few hundred feet. You seat yourself, not sure how to hold your skirt, but Atsumu pulls it down so he’s trapped. He pats your thigh a little, almost like he knows you’ll panic. In a few seconds, he’s got a hand on your thigh. You’re facing forward and Atsumu kisses the hood of your clit before he takes initiative.
This is ridiculous and unbelievable and fuck - Atsumus mouth feels so good. He eats you with so much confidence, his tongue diving between your folds to lap at everything soaked between your thighs. You can’t help but bite down, drooling down your chin as the makeshift gag garners more teeth marks. Your clit is sore with how harshly throbs, blood pumping through and making your body go as hot as the sun. You can’t do anything but choke, hands curled into fists as your head tries to make sense of everything it’s feeling. All you can feel or think about is Atsumu and the little circles he’s drawing in your thigh while he sucks your clit into his mouth, tongue flicking to add a layer of pressure. It feels good, like the heat does after a cold night of winter, that burning sensation permeating through your whole body.
You’re going to cum and you’re going to cum soon, and Atsumu has to know because he goes faster and harder. In what feels like a matter of your seconds your whole body convulses and you go limp, like everything in you has been squeezed. You hang on by a thread as you cum, replacing the gag in your mouth by cupping your head as you moan his name.
When you feel like you can breathe, you lift your skirt up to look at Atsumu, hot and sweaty. When you lean back, he smiles, biting your inner thigh.
“Good right?”
Right. He is a cocky bastard indeed.
There is nothing Suna Rintarou enjoys more than doing fuck-all.
He likes a lot of things, though. He likes Travis Scott, and Batman, and playing video games at ungodly hours. He likes being awake at dawn and sleeping in public places because for some reason that’s super relaxing. He really likes playing volleyball because he’s been doing it for more years than he understands and he hardly ever gets tired of it. Suna likes to appreciate things for what they are, so rarely will he ever pretend to like something. If he’s gonna partake in something, he’s gonna go all in
There are things he doesn’t like, like sneakerheads on Twitter, and any weather that’s too hot. He’s also not really a fan of super oily lotions, and has a shitty relationship with certain barbershops on the west-end of his city. For the most part, Suna Rintarou likes to keep things.. consistent where he can. He’s a man who’s willing to change and he’s really good at admitting when he’s wrong about something. He needs to be good at that to strike a good balance within himself. Regardless, he’s pretty consistent with his taste.
He likes to do things with assurance, so when he likes something - he really likes it and vice-versa. There’s probably some universe where Suna isn’t a volleyball player but some sort of advertiser. He can justify almost everything he does, even if he doesn’t have too. It’s not really that he talks in circles but that he wants to make sure people have it clear. That everything he partakes in, he enjoys immensely and thoroughly, and that the things he hates are objectively bad. He likes to argue with subjective things just because it makes him laugh.
Of all the things Suna Rin enjoys doing, he enjoys doing fucking nothing the most of all.
There is precisely 0 sarcasm in that statement. In fact, it’s maybe the most honest thing he’s said since his career started. Suna busts his ass when he needs you to optimize “doing nothing time,” which is any and all time that has a net zero productivity. Where he lays into his couch and watches Tik Tok. He likes this time the most, in part, because he knows you’re a working part of his “favorite things'' playlist. Doing nothing means he can be with you and Suna likes you a lot more than he knows what to do with half the time. It’s weird for him because normally in relationships, he has a tendency to be aloof. He’s not super expressive about his feelings but with you, it’s different. With you, Suna tends to nudge and worm his way into your presence, your view. He likes you, he can say this with the utmost amount of confidence.
You have to admit that you like doing nothing with Suna, too. You don’t think there’s anything like spending time just laying next to each other, conversing every few minutes with long moments of silence in between. When he comes home from practice early, you don’t bother moving from your spot. You’re sure he’ll waltz into your shared bedroom with a yawn and invite himself into your space.
After about 15 minutes, you can almost feel his presence before you hear him. The door clicks open, and you turn your head a little to catch a glimpse of him. A black t-shirt and basketball shorts, all of his hair pushed back since it’s wet. He dries it with a towel, shaking it out.
“Hey, baby,” you hum. Suna looks at you, about to say hey back when he catches a glimpse of you. Laying on your stomach with nothing but some panties, and a big shirt that rests right above your ass that you haven’t bothered to fix. He’s trying not to be distracted but he fails miserably, gaping.
Instead of saying anything more, Suna strides towards you and spreads your legs apart a little farther. You’re moments away from questioning him, a little gasp leaving your mouth. He lays between your legs, facing the ceiling, his hands reaching up to squeeze your ass.
“Well hello to you too,” you chuckle. Suna doesn’t say anything for a while.
“You should get on your knees and sit on my face, I think. For all my hardwork in practice,” Suna tells you, informs you, incredibly amused. You feel a flutter pass through you, squirming.
“You’re so annoying, Rin. No hello? No,’how was your day?’”
He pauses.
“Hello. How was your day? Good? Great, me too. Anyways, you should -”
You can’t help but laugh at him, it’s so on-brand. You sit up on your knees and scoot back until you’re hovering just over his chest. Your hand reaches up to cup his cheek and he smiles, fingers finding your thighs with new-found confidence. You roll your eyes.
“You’re the worst,”
“Give me 10 minutes and I can change your mind,”
He says it as his fingers curl into the waistband of your panties. All it takes is a few seconds, and Suna slides them down your thighs. He pushes you up, gently, until you’re hovering over his face. You lift your leg until the fabrics out of the way and Suna sighs right against your thigh, teeth sinking into the flesh as you whimper. Suna can’t keep his hands off of you, massaging your thigh with strong palms as he drags your sex closer and closer to his face.
His breath is warm and minty, hot over your core. It makes you shiver, hands reaching for his hairs as you whine out. A small “Rin,” leaves your lips and that’s all it takes for Suna to dip his tongue out and over. There’s not anything precise to it, it’s a messy and wet stroke, with the hardened tip of his tongue, grazing over sensitive folds. Suna is confident about the things he likes, and he loves to do fuck-all, but when it comes to making you feel good - he never cuts any corners.
Another stroke but this time with flattened tongue, he makes sure your clit is angled perfectly on his mouth and let’s his hands do the rest of the work. He guides your hips and rocks you against his own mouth, lets you grind into his face as he gets face-deep in your cunt. The pleasure is slow at first, almost gentle, like he’s massaging your clit with his mouth. Your whole body feels like it’s being pulled apart, soft and sticky - warm like pastries from the oven. Your thighs clench at the sensation, moaning as Suna hardens his tongue. You’re riding his face but Suna makes sure he does all the work, the fat of your thighs dimpling under the grip of his fingers. Your clit goes back and forth on his mouth and your insides go molten - arousal dripping into his mouth.
The sensation is too much, like it’s gonna swallow you up along with it. It comes the way a wave hits the tides and your whole body starts to go so tight. Your core and your thighs all tensed, as you fold over, gripping the headboard until your knuckles turn white. You want to warn him, and you try but Suna can tell you’re coming much earlier than you do.
“Oh.. oh please,” and you cum, hard, right into Suna’s mouth. A whole tremor moves you and a silent scream has your mouth dropped in an O. Too much, too much, too much. Fuck it feels so good.
You lean back, breathless, to look at Suna who gives you a happy smirk.
“Still the worst?”
You throw your head back and laugh, struggling to breathe.
“Yeah. Definitely,”
Tsukishima Kei is mean.
If you tell this to someone, they probably wouldn’t even think twice before agreeing with you. In fact, you think they’d pause to ask you why you’ve bothered saying something so painfully obvious. Water is wet. The sky is blue. Grass is green. All of these things are obvious statements, with no point to reiterating them because yes.. obviously these things are true. Some things aren’t subjective, like the qualities of a human being. It’s like saying Tsukishima is tall, an objectively true statement. Tsukishima Kei is mean - among other things, sure, but mean above all else.
For you, at the very least, it’s pretty easy to see through Tsukishima. It’s true that to a degree, he has a complex about his intelligence. But there’s a lot of other things, more vulnerable things, about him that exist too. He hates putting in effort because he’s deathly afraid of embarrassing himself. His self-worth is strangely low for someone so capable, and he hates when he’s not good at things right away. You think most of the things he says that come off as mean, while mostly true, simply exist because he projects a lot. The older you both get, the more he grows out of it, but old habits die hard. Tsukishima Kei is mean, that’s not exactly wrong.
But he also has kind of a dorky sense of humor, he laughs a little hard at things he’s not supposed to. He likes playing Magic The Gathering, and he has bad fashion taste. He would never admit this, but he also enjoys cutesy things. When he sees stuffed animals in the store, or decorated notes and pens - he buys them for you because he can’t justify buying them for himself. He likes the sound of your voice over the phone, and sometimes he knows he’s being callous - so he gives himself a 20 minute breather so he doesn’t freak out on you. Tsukishima Kei is well aware that he’s hard to get along with, smart as he is - he’s not good at feelings. Not good at saying what he wants or what he needs.
So, it’s true that he’s mean. His version of flirting with you is teasing you, messing with you, making fun of you. But, no matter what he says, he always tells on himself with what he does. When he tells you that you’re an idiot, but he leans down to tie your laces anyways. So on and so forth - you think Tsukshima Kei is just.. bad at being honest. With himself and with you, so he says the opposite of what he means, hoping he can throw you off of his tracks.
You’re probably one of the only people who sees through Tsukishima with such an alarming amount of ease. Other than the obvious Yamguchi, and even Yachi - everytime Tsukishima opens his mouth with a teasing comment or aggravating word, you’re the first person to call him on his shit. Tsukishima fell for you begrudgingly, after calling you all sorts of things - it was followed by a stupid confession. He bought you a rose and made you a card (that Yamaguchi forced him to make) and told you how he felt about you.
Lucky for him, you liked him back. And now you’re here, deep into a relationship, and still in the process of trying to get him to tell you his feelings. You’ve learned it now, the meaner he’s being - the harder it is for him to say what he thinks. It catches you by surprise when you two are out on a date, later in the evening, and you hear Tsukishima comment on your outfit with a soft blush painted on his face.
“With your legs out like that, you’re gonna go and get yourself sick,”
You know he doesn’t actually give a shit what you wear, but his comment makes you pause anyway.A soft breeze passes by. The two of you are meant to be heading home soon but you turn to look at him under the street-lights anyways. He’s burning red, up to the tips of his ear and down to his chest. He looks at you weakly before looking away.
“You’re terrible at this,” you comment, amused. He scoffs at you but can’t argue in the end - but you pull down your shorts over your thighs anyways. After that you keep walking with Tsukishima in tow. Your apartment is a few minutes away, but you decide to tease him anyways.
“Whaddya want, Kei? You know I’m not gonna say no,”
It’s not like he can tell you, directly, that he wants you to sit on his face. He can’t even tell you that it’s embarrassing, so his mouth is snapped shut. It’s quiet the whole way home, into the elevator, the first floor, and all the way until you’ve unlocked the door. Only after all that, does Tsukishima take a shaky inhale when he gets inside the door and you turn to glance at him. He looks nervous, unsure.
“I want you to..”
You turn around, and coax him - a soft look of curiosity in your eyes. As fun as it is to tease him, sometimes you just want him to be straightforward. You don’t wanna push him into a corner.
“You want me too?”
“I want you to sit on my face,” he says, clumsy and awkward. Your eyes go wide at his request, and you stare at him. His hands stuffed in his pockets, looking at everything but you - huffing as if he’s getting ready to defend himself.
“..Right now?”
His mouth falls open and he stumbles a little, as if he wasn’t expecting you to say no.
“Yeah. Yeah.. right now,”
As if the opportunity might slip him by, he weaves past you and goes to the couch in your living room. You follow him curious, watching as he sits on the floor with his head back onto the couch cushion. He takes his glasses off with a soft sigh, running his hands through his hair to push it back.
“You sure that’ll be comfy for you?”
“I want it to be.. this position is.. yeah. Just do it before I embarrass myself more.. please,”
Tsukishima watches briefly as you take your shorts and underwear off in one swift motion, the bare sight of your skin making him swallow all the saliva in his mouth. You crawl towards him on the couch, settling yourself over his face. You thread your fingers through his blonde locks with a soft sigh.
“Okay.. tap if you can’t breathe,”
“I promise you I’m not tapping,”
You laugh a little at the joke he cracks, before settling yourself right over his mouth. You’re not sure what you’re expecting from him - it’s the first time you’ve done it in such a position. It’s Tsukishima, so you know what he’s like when he gives head. He does almost everything with efficiency, and you figure this won’t be any different. It’s like you forgot what you knew, that Tsukishima's actions tell on him before his mouth ever could. It’s why you let out a loud gasp at the feeling of his tongue, the way his skinny fingers drag the entire weight of you down onto his face. You’re not sure what you planned for it to happen.
But you do know that you’re not expecting him to be so sloppy, the muscle of his tongue running on every inch of your skin as he sucks your clit right into his mouth. It’s messy, more than it’s anything else, the lewd sound of sucking and slurping making your whole body convulse. It’s nothing like what you’re expecting, the sudden frenzy of pleasure - merciless as it fries each of your nerves. Every part of you feels sensitive. Your hairs on your neck stand all on their own as Tsukishima moans between your legs, keening for you to give him more. The vibrations strike you like a match, heat pooling inside of your cunt. You’re dripping and reactive, every movement driving you into the edge. You aren’t sure what to do with yourself.
“Kei.. Kei - holy shit,”
Your orgasm is too sudden for you to warn him, all you know is that your eyes get screwed shut and your whole body stops, and you cum with everything you have. You cum and you cum and you cum and Tsukishima doesn’t show any signs of stopping until you’re tearing himself from your face.
You step off completely, sitting on the couch with your body slumped into cushions. He wipes his face with the back of his hand, sighing.
“I didn’t say I was finished, you know,”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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extrafew · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Is it just me or is boss looking a little heavier?
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xxautumnivyxx · 3 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some amazing pieces that Incognootle snagged during my Fem Formal Hawks look... Can't wait to see what we can do with the full outfit next time.
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archerinventive · a year ago
Tumblr media
“There is a saying in the Islands. Beware the women of the warrior class, for all they touch is both decorative and deadly.” - @tamorapierce
The second image from the first shoot with the Armored Dress. This one shows off a bit more of the plating and detail, as well as my medieval visor themed mask. :)
A huge THANK YOU to my amazing roommate and assistant on this shoot Hanna V for all her help, as well as to fashion icons like Versace who were a huge inspiration behind this piece.
Stay safe all! ❤️
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prettyboykatsuki · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the liminal space between love and lonely | m. izuku
➳ tags ;; PLEASE READ! 18+ slow-burn, strangers to lovers, fem!reader, plot with porn, explorations of themes like loneliness, minor character death (oc character!), critique of the hero system and of deku, a character study of izuku midoriya, reader is a college student but no age specified!, cooking scene solo!male masturbation, emotional sex, praise kink, fingering, oral (f!recieving), unprotected sex, mostly very vanilla, multiple orgasms, creampies,
➳ wc ;; 26.2k
➳ a/n ;; well folks. we did it. a week of non-stop yelling and screaming, emotionally damaging myself, feeling weird and fucked up and finally.. finally we're here. after all this goddamn time. credits to @/rat-zuki for the izu on the corner and my most honest to god thank you to the bubblepop server who has been only kind to me as i made this thing. especially @cyancherub, @katonshoko and @a-shy-blueberry for betaing this goddamn monster (sorry i make. This many spelling errors lol)
check out the extended authors note here!
spotify playlist | pinterest board
➳ synopsis: pro-hero deku rarely breaks from routine - the one he'd been keeping up with damn near four years. he's meticulous and lonely. he finds he doesn't really have time to feel things like love or lust or anything inbetween. he only meets you circumstance and he finds himself unprepared for the chaos you set off in his heart. what is love but an escape from the loneliness of life?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He can hear the rain from inside.
He changes out of his costume in a little stall on the far east end of town. It’s empty. A single fluorescent light hangs over his head. An eerie clean on the inside, all black tiles on the floor and white doors. A white toilet with a manual flush on it. No toilet paper on the ground, astray. His bag hangs out in the corner as he shimmies out of his hero costume. It sticks and clings to his sweaty body, the thick kevlar material stitched together with steel.
His suit looks about as grimy as him. Sliding off of his torso is a task, he carefully peels himself out of it. His arms first, slowly over his abdomen and then a pause between to take off his belt and gloves. The rest gets tugged haphazardly over his thighs and ass and he steps out of it just before it hits the floor. He doesn’t take too much care to fold it, knowing it can handle the damage. He shoves it into the little duffel bag he has on him, then stacks the rest of his accessories over top. He zips it shut carefully - and stark naked, he takes a deep breath of stale bathroom air.
It hits his body first, the exhaustion. Right in his shoulders where he drops a little. Scratching the back of his neck, he sighs while no one is watching. His whole body droops as he unceremoniously relieves himself, the sound echoing especially loud in the tile bathroom with great acoustics
After that, he reaches into his bag for some babywipes. He keeps them on him to help him feel a little hygienic after long nights. The commute home is going to be long, two bus rides to his block. He uses one wipe to clean his dick off and another few to get the first layer of sweat off of his skin. He can’t help but feel uncomfortable, a leftover residue all over him. It’s better than nothing. The wipes get folded and rest on one of his bags and then he shuffles around in his backpack for clothes.
An all-white hoodie and some basketball shorts, the kind that hang to his knees with that mesh material. He changes into them immediately, soft fabric sliding over his body and making him shudder. The act of changing clothes doesn’t get enough credit for being an act of self-care, he thinks. The shorts come on next, slide just over his v-line, and hang at his hips loosely. There’s a cap and a mask at the very bottom, a white one and a black mask that he slips over the messy mop of green on his head. He snatches another wipe for his face, quick and easy, before sliding the black mask over his mouth and nose.
He makes sure everything is in order before he dips out of there. His duffel bag over one shoulder, his bookbag on his back - steady and secure. He rummages through his things and grabs a torn-up All-Might wallet, the one he’s had since 7th grade, before grabbing the used wet wipes and crumpling them in his hands.
With his freehand, he undoes the door. There’s not a single soul in here, not even a ghost. No leaky faucets or creaking doors to signal the fact that this place is alive. A big mirror stretches along one of the walls, all connected. He doesn’t give it more than one glance as he chucks the wipes in the trash and hurries outside.
When he gets there, it’s still raining. It’s an incredible, thundering rain now. It’s gonna soak him to the bone if he even steps foot in it, and he doesn’t have an umbrella. He could wait for it to pass, he thinks - staring out into the sea of night. Just a few streetlights and gusts of wind to keep him company, a flickering light at the station, and a vending machine between the male and female bathrooms. He’ll have to run through it anyways. To make it on the transport and get home so he can get some hours of well-needed rest, maybe eat and watch a documentary.
He thinks about it for a little, mouth open and brows furrowed. If Deku goes now, he could stop by 7/11. It’s the one that’s always open no matter how late it gets.. and if he goes there maybe he could warm a bento and get a gel pack of electrolytes. He should visit his mom soon, if not for anything else, for a homemade meal. He misses his mom a lot but tries not to think about it.
He should probably just go for it, so he does. With everything clutched to his body, Izuku Midoriya runs towards the first bus-stop that he’ll have to take. One more bus when he makes it and then he’ll be home. It’s not a far run, but running in the rain is always hard. For some reason, it feels like drowning, which is weird - shouldn’t you only be able to drown if you’re in a big body of water? He runs and inhales several gusts of air and water and it feels like he’s in the ocean. He makes it in the nick of time, still catching his breath when he stops.
He ducks into the plastic shelter for people who are going to ride the bus - some advertisements stuck to the wall. He got soaked like predicted. In his head, he’s practicing the way he’s gonna bow his head to the driver. He waits a while. Everything around here is closed now, all dark and dreary. There’s a hue of blue that sets over the whole place, he thinks the streetlights here are colored like that on purpose.
He thinks it’s 10 minutes before the bus gets there. The doors make a loud whoosh sound as they pry open and Deku slips himself between the cracks of the door. He bows at the driver extra deep, an apology whispered from chapped lips that gets waved off. He sits himself in the back, on the edge - just out of instinct. If anything were to happen on the bus, he would be able to see any suspicious passenger. He’s always vigilant, like a 6th sense, sometimes he forgets he’s doing it until it hits him, randomly. All out of nowhere, leaving him to sit in. It’s uncomfortable.
He decides to put on some music, just one headphone. His airpods are deep in his bag and he has to fish for them. He has a playlist that he defaults too, softer lofi sounds and some random acoustic - or whatever he feels like. He’ll listen to anything if he likes it enough.
Another habit, he takes account of everyone in the bus with him. He’s learned to do this everywhere he goes; it’s easier. If something happens - he’ll know what to tell the police and it gets done a lot faster. Late at night, there’s not many shady characters. A man in his late 50’s wearing a construction uniform, a drunk, brown-haired male college student, and a young woman with dyed hair who keeps staring at her ring finger. Other than all of them, it’s just the bus driver and Deku. He probably looks the most suspicious, with the hat and the mask on but he figures there isn’t anything for him to do about that.
The bus ride is smooth and quiet. Nothing happens. No signals to alert him to the threat of danger, just a shared sense of nothing-ness. When he gets closer to all the shopping centres, it’s a bit more lively. He listens to music and closes his eyes. It’s nice. There are so many more colors on every street and every sign, it’s a little easier to look at. He’s the first person to get dropped off among this crowd of people, and all of them watch as he idly passes.
When he leaves and steps off , the scent of petrichor invades his lungs - a hard hit to his chest. He breathes in so much of it he stumbles. The rain is soft now, like a kiss, but it still feels he’s drowning when he inhales. Short pants between each long breath. It’s cold and his clothes cling to him a little. He has 45 minutes till the next bus gets here, and there’s a 7/11 around the corner. He’s never been to that one specifically, he just knows it’s there. Today is the first day he’s going to try to look inside. He needs some more electrolytes, a protein bar, and probably something hot. A cup ramen with an egg, or something else that he can get down in under 15 minutes.
The rain made it look misty and far but the walk to the 7/11 was less than ten minutes. When he comes in, still soaking wet - he finds that no one is at the counter. He thinks whoever is working is probably inside of the break room so he doesn’t bother. He thinks anyone working this late should probably avoid strange customers, even him, so he grabs a basket instead. A little water squishies in his shoes as he walks around, a trail of wet steps following behind him
The bright lights makes his head ache, so he finds himself squinting as he walks around the store. It doesn’t stop him from getting what he needs. He finds some protein bars in one aisle, next to all of the electrolyte gel packages. He throws several of them in his basket and keeps moving through, examining each thing with care and patience. He doesn’t need a lot of the things in there, but he buys them anyways. Some jelly candy, a packet of biscuit sweets, some other junk. He normally eats well, healthy - but it’s been a long day.
He gets other things. Some baby wipes for his bag since he’s running out, gauze and bandages, a small two pack of headache medicine over the counter. A silly dog trinket to put on his keys that he buys a little more shyly. He’s so engrossed in it, he doesn’t hear your quiet footsteps as you meander back to the counter. You were on your bathroom break and when you came back, a shady dude in a hoodie and mask came in. Alarmed, you watch for a while.
But given all the things in his basket, he seems harmless. A squishy shiba-inu charm isn’t exactly something a villain would own.
You get engrossed in your reading again as he gets to the food in the back part of the store. Some warm street food, warmed in a rotisserie, cup ramen and a station for hot water, disposable chopsticks and a few left-over pre-packaged bentos. He decides on ramen, some eggs, and protein bars. When he gets home he’ll eat a proper meal, or at least try - but his stomach has been rumbling since he left the bathroom.
After 5 minutes of debating, he comes up to the counter - startled by your presence. You don’t stick out to him and he doesn’t know if that’s good or bad. He blinks down at you as you tuck your book away, a paper napkin being used to keep track. It goes somewhere under the counter as you yawn before greeting him.
“Welcome to 7/11. Did you find everything okay today?”
He goes blank for a second before registering what you’ve said.
“Oh, uhm - yes,” he replies awkwardly, putting his basket on the counter and slowly taking his things out.
You don’t look up as you start scanning his items one by one, punching something into the screen as you do. You talk on autopilot.
“Long night?” you ask, mindlessly. He gives you another surprised look before breaking out into a mostly genuine laugh.
“That obvious?”
His banter catches you off-guard. Before you know it, you’re cracking a smile at him. A little laugh leaves your mouth, heavy with the evening. Raspy from exhaustion, he imagines. You give him a once over, as if you’re thinking about it before nodding.
“A little, yeah.”
The pleasantry makes your mood lighter as you scan and bag his items. With rapport built, he feels comfortable asking.
“..Is it just you working tonight?”
Caught off guard, you lift your eyes to look at him. A little ribbon of fear pulls through you before relaxing. You nod a little.
“Yeah.. just me. I work the night-shift,”
He blinks at you like you’ve said something ridiculous. In a way you have, you know you have. It’s a little unheard for a woman your age to be working alone, late at night, in the middle of the city. It irritates him that your boss, whoever they are, would let you. The hero in him wants to ask if you have any weapons you know how to use, and if you know all the exists exits and how to signal for the police.
Nothing really comes out of his mouth, brow furrowed. Noticing his concern, you decide to give him a little more info.
“I live around the corner, maybe two blocks from here. The hours aren’t great but it works for my schedule. It’s a safe area. I’m pretty vigilant, so -,”
“Still.. a civilian should already be cautious but especially a woman your age -”
You pause, and so does he. A soft pink flush dusts his cheekbones. You blink.
“Civilian… are you a hero? That would explain why you're here so late,” ― you say aloud, ringing up the last of his belongings. You give him a good look, green hair peering out of cap and green eyes bright and blinking ― “...Pro-Hero Deku right?,”
Despite the fact he’s been a pro-hero for almost 4 years, he still isn’t sure how to handle being recognized. His face is plastered over the country yet he still finds the whole thing uncomfortable. Not knowing how to reply, he just nods.
“Y-yeah.. that’s me,”
Your eyes go wide for a moment, a little shock hitting you before giving him a smile.
“ Nice to meet you,”
After bracing himself for a slew of questions, his check back into reality feels weird. You tap at the screen a few times before going back to normal.
“That’ll be 2,950 yen” you tell him plainly. He’s stuck for a minute but manages to grope around from his wallet. He slides his card on the little machine, punching his pin in and hearing a little ding sound. Transaction complete rings on the machine and you print the receipt, tucking into one of the bags before pushing it lightly towards him.
He can’t describe it, the sudden need to stay here for a while, instead of rushing home like he’d planned. Maybe it’s because the hero in him couldn’t just leave, knowing you’d be alone this late at night. Maybe it’s something else. He doesn’t want to think about it.
“Can I eat this here?” comes out as a messy rush, hastily pulling out the ramen. You blink at him before smiling a little. He has a charm to him, a little awkward, that makes you laugh. Makes you feel better. It’s not so bad.
“Sure,” ― you tell him, leaning over the counter ― “Want me to keep you company?”
“So you’re a student here?”
Deku is less than halfway into his ramen, blowing on the hot noodles between each question before carefully sliding them into his mouth. You laugh a little, nodding your head with your chin resting on your palms.
“Yeah. I’m in what’s supposed to be my last year, but I don’t think I’ll graduate until next year,” you explain. You worry it’s too much information, you doubt a hero like him is all that interested.
But he looks engrossed in your conversation, even though one of his cheeks is swollen with hot ramen.
“I don’t really know anything about college,” he admits to you sheepishly.
“Oh yeah.. not a lot of pros go into college right?,”
He shakes his head, swallowing a bite and taking a breath.
“Not really. There’s some Hero Colleges and programs but most of us just join another agency as sidekicks or try to open our own,” ― he explains to you, raking his thoughts on who he can think of that went to one ― “I don’t think anyone from U.A’s graduating classes has gone to one. Some people at Shiketsu High, but not U.A,”
You give him a half-way smirk.
“I don’t see why a school of elites would need to go to a hero college either, yknow”
He chokes on his ramen, giving you a soft pout as you giggle. He wipes his mouth with a napkin, shaking his head as if to dispel any of the thoughts.
“I didn’t mean it like that,” he insists. You smile at how genuine he’s being.
“I know, but isn’t it true? A school of such prestigious heroes.. I figure most of you went pro right away,”
“Me, Kacch- Dynamight, and Shouto opened our agencies as soon as we were 18. Most of our classmates went into being sidekicks but they almost all have their own agencies,”
“It’s cool that you have your own agency. I see you in the news all the time,” you tell him, comfortable complimenting him. His whole face always stops before it hits, a little blush delicate on his face.
It’s charming about him, you think. You have to admit, even you feel starstruck. A chance encounter with Pro-Hero Deku is nothing to sneeze at. Somehow, you think interviews don’t do him enough justice. In person, he’s much more charming. He’s awkward but he banters well and he’s handsome. He listens, too. Polite and respectable, you understand why he won Japan's Sweetheart last year.
“Ah.. thank you. It’s a dream come true for me, so I have to do my best,”
You give him a little smile.
“My little cousin loves you, so I’d say you’re doing pretty good,”
His eyes go wide, big and green and full of life.
“Really really. I was pretty starstruck when I realized and I’m not that big into hero stuff. I learn second hand from him,”
He gives you a laugh this time, loud and bright.
“Starstruck? Really? I’m surprised… you didn’t seem fazed at all,”
You shrug.
“I’m good at hiding my reactions. Working this late, it’s part of the gig,”
He gives you a deep laugh at that, straight from his chest. It sends a little chill up your spine.
“I bet..probably see a lot of.. interesting people here, huh?”
“Yeah, sometimes. Mostly just me though, gets kinda lonely,”
You don’t mean for the words to come off so heavy when you say them. You’re going to make a joke but you stop, stagnant - his green eyes are unusually somber. The most you’ve seen them the entire night.
“Yeah..” ― he replies back, voice distant and eyes far off― “I get what you mean,”
It’s hard to explain the feeling. It’s not like anything else you’ve ever felt. Maybe it’s just the adrenaline of good company, or the absence of light that has you feeling like this. It’s odd, all of it. You take an inhale and it’s quiet, and you think for a while.
“It was nice,” ― you say first, breaking the silence ― “Having company, I mean. It was nice to have someone here. My shifts are always super boring,”
He lifts his head to look at you. He’s probably just tired, just sleepy. The plausible reason for all that can only be his exhaustion. He’s compelled anyway. With a little laugh, he throws his things away and packs up his other belongings.
“It was, wasn’t it?,”
You’re the only person he’s spoken to in weeks. Just this small talk, so far removed from everything in his life.
“I’m here at the same time, everyday so,” ― you feel shy saying it, flush reaching your neck ― “If you’re ever in the area.. wanna kill some time. It’d be nice to see you again. I’m sure you’re super busy so no -”
“I’ll be back soon,” he says with finality, a little breathy at the end of your sentence. He smiles at you and you smile at him. It’s dizzying
You laugh back, and your shoulders relax. A grin makes itself permanent, cheeks aching.
“I’ll look forward to it, Mr. Deku,”
It’s his turn to look shy.
“Ah.. Midoriya. You can just call me Midoriya,”
“I’ll look forward to it... Midoriya,”
He gives you one last goodbye, watching as you wave from the window towards him. He can’t help but laugh. When he turns around, he checks the time and his eyes go wide. An exasperated chuckle leaves his mouth. The bus he was supposed to take left more than an hour ago but the next one is close by. He’s still kind of wet from the rain, and his shoes are soaked.
But he feels full, and not at all uncomfortable . When he walks to the station, he has a permeating warmth in him. He catches the next bus with all of his things intact and makes it home in around fifteen minutes. The suns just about to rise when he stumbles into his empty apartment.
Normally, he’d feel like he’s dragging his feet. But when he gets home, he has all this energy he’s not sure what to do with. He showers first, hot water washing off the grime of the day, and when he gets out he changes into new clothes.
But when he gets out, he finds he’s not hungry. He doesn’t really want anything other than to sleep and for it to be tomorrow again. He goes home and thinks of you the whole day. He doesn’t remember the last time he slept so easily until his head hits the pillow.
Deku’s daily routine for the last two years has been very consistent.
It took some time for him to get it all in order, a lot of planning and replanning. He’s the head of his own agency - in the first place, he feels like he’s always on the clock. The biggest of the big three, All Might's successor, he has a lot of responsibility. When people need advice about running an agency, he’s normally the first person they’d ask. These days some of the responsibility gets passed onto Kacchan and Todoroki, but Deku has always been the friendly one, the helpful one.
He really doesn’t have it in him to say no, so when Kirishima calls him at odd hours with his most sincere “Midoriya!” it’s hard for him to ignore. A routine is less of want and more of necessity. To keep his sanity intact, he has to know exactly when and how something is going to happen. He’s more disorganized than Kacchan, and more lenient than Todoroki. And it took a long time - almost two years - to get a good schedule that he could follow every single day without getting too exhausted or overworked.
Everythings worked out, down to the most devilish detail. During the weekday, he patrols the night shift about 5 days a week. He wakes up around 12pm after going to sleep at around 6am each night. On Mondays and Fridays, he does cardio first thing in the morning and the rest of the week is weight-training. Half a gallon of water before and after each workout. He eats for the first time at 2pm and logs his macros, almost 200g of protein a day. More water and then he showers at 3pm. He’s always in the shower for 27 minutes exactly and out of the bathroom at 3:30.
After his shower, he meanders around his house and takes care of little tasks before he leaves the house in another hour. He dries his hair and puts product in it, puts on lotion and deodorant, waters whatever plant he manages to keep alive. It’s nice, the domesticity. In that time, he normally checks up on chats and replies to old friends. Always shallow, little conversations when he has the time. He calls his mom and she gives him a lecture about taking care of himself.
It’s all routine, and at 4:30 he gets dressed. The commute to his agency is about an hour, most of it just waiting for the next bus and on a good day - he makes it around 5:30, half-an hour before he’s supposed to be there. Most days though he’s lucky to be in around 5:45. When he steps foot in the agency, he’s normally swarmed immediately.
His assistant fills him on what paperwork needs approval and what’s going on in the day, within the week. What meetings, what dates, what information needs to be sent to the data analysts on the bottom floor. He’s in the office for about two hours doing housekeeping, and delegating tasks to the rest of his team. He normally eats again, right before patrols. At 8, he knows it’s time to change into his costume.
He patrols from 8:30pm to 3am, sometimes later if there’s more crime than usual. He’s the last person at the agency, and at 3am he picks up his stuff from the office. Sometimes he changes in there but most of the time - he’s rushing to get it completely closed down. He normally grabs his bags and walks to the little restroom station in the middle of nowhere.
He changes and takes two buses just like before. It’s better for the environment to commute, but he thinks maybe he should invest in a car, or a bike. The commute is much shorter at night than during the day, when there’s traffic. He’s normally home sometime around 5. He eats one big meal again and goes to sleep. He thinks he should eat a little less at night but patrols leave him starving. He showers before bed and does it all again the next day.
He has one day off a week, on Sundays he doesn’t work at all. He’s mostly unreachable except for the emergency phone he has. He disconnects other than the news on TV. He only really started taking a day off because of his mom, anyway. He spends it in the house, watching documentaries, or sleeping, or getting some more weight training in. He can deadlift a few tons by now.
His week is routine, and he keeps busy wherever he can. It’s hard to see friends when everyone is scheduled at different times, doing different things. Sometimes he gets lucky enough to see Todoroki or Kacchan during the week - and even if his childhood friend is hard pressed to admit it, it’s nice to see each other. Most Sundays, he visits his mom and hangs around her house. He thinks most people would find it weird, but it’s comforting. Laying on the couch and watching romance movies with her, passing her tissues when she cries.
He’s gotten good at laughing off her comments about when he’ll find someone. They’re lighthearted by nature, but he knows there’s an edge of truth to them. Deku doesn’t remember the last time he thought seriously about love, or the last time he changed his routine. Some things, he just doesn’t think about. He can’t, realy.
He’s had the same routine for almost 2 years and he doesn’t normally deviate from it.
But it’s been a few months, and everyday after work - Deku pushes back his plans to go home by about an hour. He catches the latest bus there and gets about an hour less of sleep than normal. It’s not enough to stop him. He doesn’t eat as much at night like he used to, not as hungry as before. He just goes home and sleeps. And lately on Sundays, he still visits his mom but he can’t wait for the weekdays to come again.
He’s been journaling since he was young, too, accustomed to jotting his day down. Just to keep track of heroic stuff. Important details. His habitual note-taking never really went away, notes of notorious villains and cases line his walls edge to edge. In his personal journal, he normally jots down whatever comes to mind. Nothing interesting. Nothing special, by nature. Deku doesn’t really have much going on.
These last few months though, each page has more than a few paragraphs. Sometimes the entries fill to the edge of the page. They’re long and detailed. Sometimes beautiful, maybe even poetic. These days, they’re filled with the words of a person. A someone. Not a classmate, or a new sidekick. Just someone, who works the nightshift of 7/11 and likes to sleep.
He’s started to keep his pen and paper in the bag instead of waiting to get home, words buzzing around in his head. He writes down the details of your conversation on the bus ride back, a playlist in his ears. On each page, there’s little bumps and blips from where the bus hits a pothole. It’s dated, and organized. You can see where little notes become full pages.
And it’s filled edge to edge with new facts about you. Next to words about what beautiful things he’d seen that day. The sun and how it rose, the dog walking on the street. It’s different for him, to sit down and think of beautiful things. He doesn’t remember the last time he found anything beautiful, at least not like this.
Deku learns these things about you, in order. He learns your name - your full name. The country you're from and where your parents are from. Where you go to school and what you major in. Your best friend's name. He learns what your tattoos mean, and how many piercings you have and which ones you want. Why you part your hair the way you do or why it’s styled the way it is, and what your favorite colors are. One week, he learns in detail your analysis of your favorite anime franchise. He learns what colors you like to paint your nails and why your manicures are always chipped.
Some details you don’t express to him, some he just catalogs. You always have your right hand over your left. Your smile is a little lopsided and you don’t rest your face often. You always look sleepy, even when you’re wide awake. You like to laugh and you like making stupid jokes. You like complimenting him. You don’t mind when he stutters in conversation. You like to eat those little jelly packets when you’re feeling antsy. Your physics class is exhausting because it’s the only book you study when you’re not reading a fiction book or manga.
You’re exhausted. You’re pretty to look at. When he looks at you, he thinks he should know more about you. He’s starting to feel something for you. It’s weird. He doesn’t mind your company. He wants to see you again.
He wants to see you again.
He wants to see you again.
He starts bringing face wash in his bag to look decent for you.
It works. Yesterday, when he saw you, you told him he looks refreshed. He did today again, but he knows you might not notice. Still, it felt like the right thing to do.
He ducks his head a little when he enters after his long shift. The bright lights are still blinding and it’s raining again - knee deep into storm season. He should buy an umbrella soon. When he walks in, he immediately looks at the counter. When he finds you're not there, he’s more disappointed than he should be. He gets over it fast, busying himself with grabbing his to-go choices of dinner. It’s quiet, just him and his thoughts. His back aches a little so he buys a little muscle relief pad to put on it when he gets home.
It was a busier day than normal. There was a shoot-out earlier, a couple miles from his agency. Him and Kacchan ended up taking care of it, and about a group of 7 villains were arrested at the scene. There’s three more on the loose. After everything, Uraraka came by to help take care of the aftermath but those villains were tough to fight. All long range fighters, not Deku’s speciality even with blackwhip. A small criminal organization trying to gain some notoriety in the public, Deku’s been watching their case for months now.
Nothing they can’t handle but exhausting all the same. His body is sore all over, covered in bruises. He got patched up in the agency, in the medical unit but he can’t help but feel tired.
Still, he ended up coming here. He decides to eat a bento today, instead of ramen.
When you wander back behind the counter, you smile. You watch him mutter to himself for a minute or two before calling out for him.
“Look what the cat dragged in,”
His whole body gets warm when you talk. He stands up and turns around, a grin on his cheeks. Sheepishly, he walks over to you with a basket on hand. He walks over to the counter and places the little basket on top of it. You go to scan his things with your usual autopilot on.
“Oh! A bento today?,”
He smiles and laughs, resting his forearms on the counter. Your eyes are drawn to them. Instead of the usual hoodie, it’s a white v-neck that sticks to all the most muscular parts of his body. You shiver as you look and then look away. He yawns.
“Yeah.. felt like I should eat something more proper,”
You snort a laugh at that.
“For being a pro-hero, your diet is kinda shit, isn’t it?”
He blushes at you.
“What gave it away?”
“Ramen, I can forgive. But the protein bars and electrolyte packs are dead give-aways. You don’t cook..?”
He flusters a little bit more, shaking his head when he winces.
“Never picked it up, to be honest,”
You give him a smug smile before laughing as you ring up the last of his things.
“You’re such a mamas boy,” ― you tease, and he laughs and lets you ― “Lemme guess, you didn’t learn how to do a bunch of stuff until you moved out,”
He chuckles, paying for his items in between exchanges. He nods.
“When we moved into the dorms, Kacchan had to show me how to use the washer and dryer. I was also super clumsy about washing dishes. Too much soap, not enough time under the water. Little stuff like that,”
“And now…?”
He crinkles his nose and gives you a faux-pointed look.
“And now.. I use the dishwasher. I’m clean though, I swear,”
“Uh-huh. Sure,”
He rolls his eyes and the look sends your stomach fluttering. It’s a little more snarky, more comfortable. Your cheeks ache from smiling.
“What about you?”
You hand him some wooden chopsticks, putting his basket under the table as he settles into the seat closest to your counter next to the window. You give it a thought, as if deciding on what to say.
“My place is mostly spotless, other than my bedroom. My bedroom is a complete nightmare. Clothes and books and stuff everywhere. I can cook though, had to learn since college made me super broke,” you muse. He gives you a soft smile.
You pause, tugging your lower lip between your teeth.
“I could cook for you sometime,” ― you suggest, treading especially careful, heart in the back of your throat ― “Whatever gets you to stop eating out like this.. for the greater good, y’know,”
He stares at you, gaping. For a split second he thinks he’s gonna be sick, but before you can retract - he scrambles. Chewing and swallowing his rice with impatience, he lifts a hand and nods his hand.
“No, I’d - uhm, I’d love that. I miss.. eating home cooked meals, honestly. Maybe you could.. you could teach me something?”
Your turn to be surprised. Your eyes go wide before relaxing and grinning, dropping your head down.
“Yeah. I can teach you to make curry. It’s really easy, but if I’m gonna take time out of my precious schedule to teach you, you have to promise to be a good student. No half-assing,”
Everything is so relaxed. So pleasant. He laughs, so loudly and so openly it makes your heart race. That feeling in your gut triples in size and you think to yourself, only briefly, what the odds were of meeting someone like him.
“If there’s one thing I’m good at is trying my best,” ― he tells you confidently, a little smugness tied to the end of his words. It flushes you instantly ― “I’m a fast learner too. I’ll make you proud,”
You can’t stop smiling. You think if a car came through the other window, all of your attention would still be right at him. Something about him is homely, familiar. He’s so easy to talk to, you forget that you haven’t known him long. You forget all the work you have to do still, all your worries.
“You better,” you try to say with authority. The both of you fall into laughter and it goes quiet for a moment. It’s not uncomfortable, a soft thrumming heartbeat and two people and nothing else.
“By the way,” ― you lean forward, examining him a little more closely ― “what happened today that’s got you so beat up?”
He widens his eyes and shakes his head.
“Nothing to worry about,” he assures you. The response immediately makes you frown.
“I know I’m a civilian Mr. Deku, but c'mon,” you urge “You look tired and you bought those little muscle patches - what’s up?”
He strains his face, frowning. His brow furrows.
“Are you sure you wanna know?”
You roll your eyes a little.
“Yes I’m sure. I’m always sure. If I didn’t wanna know, I wouldn’t ask,”
He supposed he can’t argue with that. He thinks on it, for a moment like he doesn’t know what to say. Your face softens watching his back and forth.
“You don’t have to sugarcoat it,” ― you say cautiously ― “Just say what,s on your mind. Don’t think about it too hard,”
He gives you a quick run-down of the day. All of the information is public, in the news. He sprinkles in some details about who he fought but doesn’t go into detail. He watches as your face strings up in concern, smiling softly at you.
“You don’t have to worry about it,” ― he tells you, his best hero look on ― “I got patched up, just sore. In a days’ work,”
“Of course I’m gonna worry,” ― your mouth curls into a pout, sighing a little ― “I know it’s your job and everything. It’s just like.. I don’t know - I still worry. I care,”
He laughs, and smiles. He doesn’t like making people worry, but from you.. it doesn’t feel so bad.
“Are you okay?” ― you ask, as if trying to figure out what you can do ― “Mentally or physically. Are you… is everything okay? Do you need anything,”
His heart feels heavy, just a little. He doesn’t remember the last time someone asked him that. He doesn’t know how to reply to it, mouth going cotton dry. His chest feels tight and his eyes are itchy.
“I uhm.. I’m really okay. Sore, like I said. But today’s job wasn’t so bad. Nobody got hurt, and everyone got out safely. It went well, all things considered,” ― he pauses like he doesn’t know how to finish his sentence ― “I’m.. today it was okay. I’m okay. Tired though, I even showered at the agency,”
You’re still frowning. Maybe you’re pushing it, the boundaries between the two of you.
“When it doesn’t go okay,” ― you say through a bated breath ― “Even when it doesn’t go okay, you can tell me. I don’t mind,”
But it sounds a lot like a please, like an “I want to know when something bad happens” and it’s enough to choke him up a little. He simply nods.
You give him a tight smile, before sighing.
“You said you were sore right? Do you… I could uhm.. help you put on your muscle patches. So you can just go home and sleep,” ― you say awkwardly ― “Th-the break room doesn’t have c-cameras so you wouldn’t have to worry about anything. I just.. I think you should rest as soon as you get home,”
There’s that funny feeling again, deep in his gut. It curls all over him, a sticky feeling so syrupy, it burns. A pink hue brushes against the nape of neck, wrapping around his ears, dancing on his nose and freckled face. He’s really not used to it. Not a moment of it.
But without thinking, he nods. Something comes over him, and he says sure.
“Yeah.. uhm. If you want too.. sure. That’d be.. nice,”
When he finishes his food, he throws it away in a grey trash can with a round opening. You tell him he leaves his stuff behind the counter instead of where he sits, and he obliges without hesitation. He leaves it right next to your stool where your book sits. You put a little sign up - that the employee is on a break and will be with you shortly and gesture for him.
Carefully, you guide him through a narrow hallway into the breakroom. It’s a big and windowless room. Inside of it there’s some lockers along the walls and a little rack to keep jackets and bags - separating the place into two. A TV sits against one of the walls and then a bunch of poster boards. You have employee of the month, an awkward photo of you put up. He smiles at it and you flush.
“I’ve had it for 4 months now, so the pictures are kinda old,” you explain self-consciously. He chuckles. He can’t help but feel that’s so very typical of you.
There’s a table in the center of the room. You tell him to give you a minute as you go back behind the wall. While you do, he examines the rest of the room. A machine for clocking in and out, a sink and a trash can, some chairs and some random pins for putting on your employee lanyard. Some coloring books, some crayons and other random stuff.
You return with a wooden stool you think he’ll fit on.
You take the little bag out of his hand and place it on the counter. He’s taller than you so you have to reach up to guide him to the stool. He plops himself down on it and flushes.
“Where do you need them?,”
“Uhm.. a lot of them are on my back. Upper and lower, and a few on my shoulders. Wh-when I do it alone, I just stick them on and hope for the best,” he explains to you. You shake your head.
“I figured,” ― you brush something touching your skin out of your face ― “I can press around and then you can tell me where you need one. Does that sound okay?”
His whole body goes stiff.
“I used to do this for a friend in highschool. So.. don’t worry about it too much,” ― you explain, trying your best to swallow the abashed feeling ― “Y-you might wanna take your shirt off though,”
“Oh! U-uhm.. yeah. One sec,”
You step back and try to avert your gaze. He takes his hat and mask off first and pauses. After, he gives a shaky exhale as he grabs the bottom of his v-neck in his hands, scarred hands crossing as he tugs it over his torso, above his head, and eventually all the way off of his body. All of his clothes get dropped on the table next to him, and he runs a hair through curly green hairs. Just to push back most of it, away from his face. He sits there, straightening up his back and you see it for the first time.
You’ve heard all sorts of stories about Deku and his scars. Your younger cousin has told you about it, how cool they are. It’s rumored that he has over a hundred, all kinds of battles lingering on his body. You know he has a lot, and have known ever since you saw his hands. It’s more scar tissue than skin.
It’s.. so different up close. Mixed emotions well up inside of you, and your hands tremble when you reach out and touch it. A little jolt of electricity goes up his spine and he twitches, but you don’t move your hand. Like you can’t. Your eyes are making him nervous.
“I know it’s kind of.. ugly to look at,”
You shake your head, but you realize he can’t see. You place your whole hand on his back, the muscle between his spine and shoulder. A delicate thumb brushes on the skin. You can’t seem to pull back, can’t look away at all, even when you try. Your eyes are big and they feel unusually tearful.
“No.. I don’t think they’re ugly at all. I just wasn’t expecting so many scars,”
He laughs unsteadily. It’s so intimate. His heart is in his ears. His body feels somewhere far away.
“Yeah. I hear that a lot,” ― he replies, nervous, and playing with hands like he doesn’t know what else to do ― “It doesn’t bother you..?”
It’s the softest touch. So gentle, and so.. caring. He shakes a little as you run them up, on his shoulder. You squeeze it.
“Not at all.. I like them,”
His eyes widen. He turns to look at you over his shoulder and you don’t look disgusted. You look fascinated. You look at his scars, then briefly at him. Your eyes meet and he stares at you.
“You.. like them?”
You nod, and don’t break eye-contact.
“I like them,” ― you confirm with finality, like there’s not more to be said ― “They’re unique. I don’t know.. I don’t think they’re ugly,”
He feels it, when you say it. He knows it’s nothing to ride home about, but he can’t remember. When was the last time someone touched him like this? When was the last time he let someone.. look at him so close? He can’t remember. He isn't sure he cares but he can feel your hands.. all over his skin. He breathes out.
“Thank you.. for thinking that,”
You really don’t mean to touch him. You weren’t planning on it. But your hands move freely across his skin and before you can think. You pull back.
“Is this okay?” but there’s an addendum unspoken, is it okay if i touch you like this?
He nods a little, voice barely above a whisper.
“Yeah.. it’s okay,” but it sounds like yes, yes please
You reach out again, like a ghost on his body. Your hands are gentle at first, you press them against the muscles of his back. He takes a breath. You don’t feel like your voice is in its place. The words come out quiet, hushed.
“If I press somewhere and it hurts.. tell me and I’ll put a patch on,”
You don’t mean to touch him like this. Yet you can’t stop yourself either, your hands roam over the free parts of his skin, thumbs pressing down. You watch his body carefully, listening to his deep sighs or when he winces. He lets out a sharp inhale when you're closer to his lower back, so you stop and feel around. Your fingers knead the tense muscles and he lets out a soft sound, like a whimper. It’s halfway between pathetic and exhausting. Your core tightens a little.
“You’re so tense,” ― your voice is halfway above a whisper, electric ― “Relax a little,”
He wants to say he’s trying. He swears with everything he has he’s trying. But all he can think of is the pressure of your nimble hands, this skin on skin feeling - intimacy. The word feels like swallowing swords, so sharp and so deep. He can feel it in his chest, so suffocating. Overwhelming. He wants to relax but all he can think is how long it’s been.. to be touched. He hasn’t even had time to think about it. To wrap his head around something like that.
“Sorry,” comes out his mouth and you shake your head.
“It’s okay,” ― you press and he winces, then you pause and put one on ― “This is for you. I don’t want you to stress about it,”
It shocks him a little. It’s for him.. He feels feverish. He feels lightheaded and like he can’t breathe and your hands are hot they feel like steel rods. Molten against the skin of his back, you dance over every bump. He’s jagged from how often he’s been torn apart but you’re so unfazed. You touch every part, up his spine over his shoulders, down his arms.
It’s blistering to experience so much all at once. Like a flood, a natural disaster in the crevices of his heart. It’s overwhelming. The presence of your body, how the heat radiates. Your soft breaths, concentrated. The shuffle of your feet and the sounds of plastic being torn and placed. There’s nothing he can focus on other than you and how your hands are feeling his body. How small they are compared to his muscular form. How soft they are, scarless and warm. So inviting he can feel it stir in his stomach. He’s barely holding himself together, clenching his muscles so the blood stays in place.
“Is there anywhere I missed?”
No, not from what he can feel. His whole body has heat on the sorest parts of him.
“My shoulders.. the right one,” he rasps. You massage the muscle underneath until you hit his shoulders. His whole body is like stone, both stiff and muscular. You wince a little as you touch it, press on it. His whole body convulses at the feeling.
He breathes in.
“Y-yeah, there,”
His normal numbness is replaced with oversensitivity. Every movement, or gust of wind, or touch makes him feel like his stomach is binded in knots. You don’t stop until every muscle that’s sore is covered in a soft white bandage. He tries his best to adjust to it, but he never does. When you’re all done, you smooth another hand over his skin, patting his back. He urges his disappointment down. Tries his best to leave it behind. His gut sinks.
“I think I got everything,” ― you whisper, almost noiseless, as you step away from him ― “If there’s anything else I can do for you, Midoriya - just let me know,”
He slips his shirt over his body and gathers his things. He watches you as you throw the little packets away and rearrange his bag. There’s a lingering feeling all over him, each nerve bristled. More awake than they’ve been in years. When you turn back around, his heart races even faster than before. Your eyes are unchanging, half-moons and delicate. Little rings of exhaustion and heavy lashes. He wants to do something for you, but he can’t think of anything.
“Can I have your number?”
You stumble a little at the question. You press your lips together and nod.
“Yeah,” ― you look down at your feet, shuffling nervously ― “My phones by the counter,”
The tension is so thick, he can feel it web in his lungs. Every breath he breathes smells like you, sweet. His whole body feels like it pulsates, the blood rushing in his skin. His ears pound and his footsteps feel heavy and the idea he has to leave and just go home after this makes him antsy.
You guide him back through the narrow halls after he puts his mask and hat on. He takes his bag from behind the counter and exits to the other side. No one’s come by and it doesn’t look like anyone will. You immediately grab your phone, and your hands feel like they’re buzzing.
“I’m not free this Sunday. I promised my mom I would help her with her tomato beds” ― he scratches the back of his neck, staring at the counter before braving face to meet your eyes ― “But next Sunday, if you still wanna teach me how to.. uhm, cook,”
You survey his expression, corners of your lips upturned.
“.. Yeah. Give me your phone and I can give you a time that works for me,”
He reaches for it, unlocking with a quick swipe, pulling his mask down for face ID. He hands it to you carelessly and you give him a little side-eye laughing. A pro-hero like him should be more careful. He watches as you type some words, scrolling through a sea of emoji and making sure your contact is all set up. You hand it back to him and he tucks it in his pocket.
“Text me that you made it home safe Mr. Deku,”
He shakes his head, laughing.
“Isn’t that what I’m supposed to be saying to you?”
You shrug.
“Maybe. But I said it first, so you gotta do it okay? Otherwise how will I know my dame made it home safe,”
He laughs then blushes at being called a dame, shaking his head. At how ridiculous you make him feel at ease. He nods his head.
“Of course. You too, be safe getting home,”
“I’ll see you tomorrow, Midoriya,”
“See you tomorrow,”
He doesn’t remember the last time he’s been so high strung
After his bus ride home, he finds himself alone with his thoughts for the very first time in a long time. Normally, after seeing you, his body doses itself on whatever sleepy chemical and he falls asleep promptly. But today, no matter what he does, he can’t seem to fall asleep. One hundred jumping jacks, a warm shower and warm glass of milk, counting to almost one thousand. He’s been at it for what feels like hours, trying his very best to sleep.
But he can’t turn his thoughts off. They’re especially loud and they seep themselves into every crevice of his mind, no stone unturned. He just wants to sleep. He wants it desperately but every time he reaches for it, eyelids heavy, his desire pulls him right out.
Deku’s relationship to sex is.. complicated. The older he got, the less he got off. Not because he didn’t want to, or that he didn’t have any desires but mostly because he was so swamped he didn’t have it in him to do it. He was drained enough, and if he wanted stress relief or to get the hormones out of his system - a couple hours of powerlifting seemed to do the trick. He’s had plenty of offers for sexual favors but he doesn’t really have any strings attached. The last time he had anyone.. touch him was in highschool when he lost his virginity to Uravity in his third year.
Those feelings washed out and he was left an adult with no practical experience in sex or dating. He has his fair share of fantasies, stuff that goes in his bank of materials when he finds the time for it. But he works now, so much and so often, he can only really get a quick one in when he’s in the shower. In the same way you might scratch an itch, it’s quick and easy. Not fulfilling but it gets the job done and settles his want for intimacy.
He hasn’t thought about it really at all in almost a year. There’s always so much to do, no time to think about anything but hero work. In the prime of his career, it’s even less than an afterthought.
But now it’s almost 7am and Izuku Midoriya is tossing and turning in his bed with a desire so raw and so hungry it makes his whole body burn up. He feels guilty to make you the object of his desires. It’s already hard enough for him to admit to himself what this all means. He still hasn’t and he isn’t sure when it’ll happen.
But the sun is rising and birds are chirping, and Deku has one hand pulling his shirt over his abdomen and another tugging at his cock, hard and thick and heavy. He hasn’t touched himself in so long and this yearning feeling doesn’t do anything to settle it. He spits into his palm and drips it on before setting a pace. His own hand runs carefully up his torso as he remembers your touch. So intimate and so patient. He doesn’t remember a time in his life where anyones touched him like that. You’re the first to ever treat him so gently. Your hands are so small compared to his, compared to him. He towers over you.
He knows all the little expressions you make - happy, sad, excited. He can almost see it when he squeezes his eyes shut hard enough, what you’d look like with your hands wrapped around his cock. How’d you stroke it so patiently, how soft they’d feel - it makes him fuck into his fist. Like if he goes at it hard enough it’ll start to feel like you. He wants to be sated so he holds off on cumming so quickly. He lets himself get impossibly hard and tugs his cock, edges himself till the tip of its stark red.
All he can think of is you. If he got lucky, maybe he could touch you in return. The thought sends him reeling, how your body would feel locked between his palms, massaging your skin. He wants you so bad and he wants to cum, fuck he wants to cum more than he wants anything else. He wants to cum with you, or on you, or inside of you.
“Oh fuck,” ― something guttural leaves his chest as he fantasizes about you calling his name. Not Deku or Midoriya but Izuku ― “Fuck, fuck,”
Izuku, Izuku, Izuku - it’s all he thinks of. Bouncing you so pretty on his lap while you call for him. Touching you in the same way you touched him, burning all over your skin. He wants it so bad he’s drooling. His whole body tightens and he spasms and his fist goes sloppy. He cums so hard he thinks he might see light, and it shoots so thick - all the way up to his chest. It comes out in ropes, hits his chin and keeps spurting until there’s nothing left. His body shakes, little tremors in between each breath. His breath is ragged like he’s been running a marathon. He’s sticky and he has to get up to wash his hands and clean himself off - feeling just slightly ashamed at what just occurred. He’s sure when he wakes up he’ll feel the full force of his embarrassment, and the thought alone makes his heart almost fall out of his ass.
More than anything else though, in the cool fluorescent lights of his bathroom - he examines himself. He hasn’t done that in a long time either, examine his state of being.
The nature of loneliness is that it seeps into you slowly. So slowly you don’t feel it at first. You become so isolated that you forget what it’s like to be in the company of someone. Something happens, and you don’t feel it for a brief moment, and it’s like you can breathe all over again. Someone welcomes you to themselves and you want to stay. When they smile, you want to share in their joy and when hardship troubles you, they carry their burdens on your shoulders. You meet someone, someday, and it clicks that they understand you and you are reminded of how lonely you are and have always been.
It’s nearing 8am and Deku stares at himself in the mirror for the very first time in weeks. The sun peers in through the side windows, yellow golden light making shadows all over his body. He looks at his eyes, his hands, his scars - the muscle patches and he thinks of you. And how the dreadful feeling he’s been avoiding this whole time finds him again. He knows what it’s like to be knocked on your ass, but this feels worse. Heavier, somehow.
Everything he’d been avoiding till now falls into his lap with a sudden force. It’s gut-wrenching but not agonizing. The sort of stomachache you get from knowing instead of not. He wants to go back to right before this, when he didn’t have a word. When he was ignorant to his own needs that he’d been putting off.
Japan’s Sweetheart, All-Mights Successor, Number One Hero - Izuku Midoriya is lonely.
Next Sunday comes so quickly he almost misses it.
It was a busy week, more so than usual. The beginning of the fall season means an increase in organized crime and a decrease in violent crimes. It’s less strenuous physically but an uprise in gang-related or villain organization killings tends to put him under an unusual amount of stress. The whole he was in and out of the agency, tracking evidence with the police and generally working longer hours. Sleeping in and napping at this desk, his assistant putting a jacket on his shoulders as he plants himself face down on his desk.
It’s more of an issue since Deku is... meticulous. He likes to be through in a way a lot of his peers just aren’t and it means he’s double, triple checking every single thing before it goes out in the reports. Tracing and retracing steps - generally stewing over hero work even when he’s asleep. Twice that week he had to jump out of his shower, naked and covered in soap, to jot down some leftover thoughts. No stone unturned and not a single path untaken.
In between all of that, he spends most of his time texting you. Or the other way around, where you give Deku silly updates about your life and he checks them like it’s what's pumping air in his lungs. What you ate and where, your commute to campus, the cat you saw on the street and thought about bringing home. He thinks you’ve caught onto the fact he doesn’t like talking too much about his job. He doesn’t mind it, hearing about things like that. It’s nice that he can reach you. That he doesn’t have to think twice about it and can message you silly little things.
You wonder if it bothers him but he always replies so enthusiastically - prompts the conversation further so he can keep it going. He fills you in on the details of his life much more sparsely, always ends his texts with a sweet little emoji and a polite “thanks for asking ☺” that sends you reeling. He’s cute. It’s a weird way to describe him but that's how you feel. He texts you dawn till dusk, each night sending a short text about everything he did that day. You start to get accustomed to his morning messages and late night texts. It’s the same for him, that soft feeling when he sees your messages.
Sunday shows up on Deku’s door much more quickly than he’s ready for. It’s the first time you’re spending official time together, and he tosses and turns the night before all night. He spends it staring at the ceiling, heart in his stomach - covering his face with his hands and rolling around his sheets. He’s inconsolable until exhaustion takes him out.
He wakes early to work-out and shower - going through his full and most thorough routine. He scrubs his whole body spotless, washes his hair with his expensive co-wash conditioner, and comes out soaking wet. He does the whole nine-yards, a nice and clean lotion, deodorant, his curl cream that he spends a whole scrunching until all the moisture is soaked in. He examines his whole body in the mirror with too much scrutiny before exiting.
He eats breakfast and tries to calm himself down all morning but to no avail, there’s no way to get around the fact he’s incredibly nervous. And now, he’s staring at his closet with regret because of how.. sparse it is. He’s never taken time to purchase anything.. nice unless it’s for a hero gala. His closet is split evenly between formal wear and athleisure but nothing casual really.
He sighs a little as he digs through the back of his closet. He manages to find an old pair of jeans - a light-washed pair that he fits a little tightly over his figure. He probably shouldn’t dress too nice, he doesn’t wanna look like a try-hard. But he also wants you to know he cares about being presentable.
He ends up with a white v-neck and a grey windbreaker overtop, snatching a headband to secure his hair so it stays out of his face. He wears a different pair of shoes, grey to match his jacket. He feels like he looks stupid, really. He takes the jacket on and off, switches shirts, but keeps the jeans and always ends up with the same outfit. He decides he’s being stupid about it at the very end, and leaves.
It’d be a lie to say that Deku hadn’t thought about today at all.
He has thought about it. Just a little. When he packs up to leave his house for the day, he grabs his bag of groceries for curry-making, his facemask and a hat, his water bottle and his keys. Including a set of keys for a brand new car, specially purchased by his assistant after he very awkwardly asked him about cars and how to go about buying one.
Deku has no experience with car stuff, and it was too embarrassing to ask Kacchan. And his assistant wouldn’t ask any questions about why his boss, who’d been commuting for almost 4 years, decided to buy a car. He also wouldn’t question why he wanted one that made him seem.. put together. And why he didn’t put a limit on the spending.
If Deku is anything these days, it’s well off. A car is only a mild dent in his expenses but the only thing he spends money on is his mom and sometimes some hero merch that goes on sale. If he finds a surplus, he writes off some donations and calls it a day.
He has to admit, it’s a bit much. Maybe more than a bit and it’s been a while since he’s driven. He normally ends up being designated driver when he goes out with his friends, and one too many times - he’s dragged out drunk employees from bars when they’ve had a little too much during company dinners.
He leaves the house in something of a hurry. It’s cloudy above, all grey and dreary. Clouds stick to each other in big clumps as he walks into his garage. Over the years, it’s just been a collection of old knick-knacks and tools. It’s the first time he’s used it for its purpose.
He slides in the front seat and turns the ignition, listening to the revv. He does a little laugh at how truly ridiculous it is - the briefest moment of self-awareness passing by in a flash. He uses his phone to open his garage door and close it before backing out and heading down the road.
Your apartment complex is exactly two blocks from the convenience store, like you’d promise. He parks on the side of the road, punching in his time on the parking meter before grabbing his things from the front seat. He goes through everything, including a small welcoming gift from his mom in the form of some pickled radish.
He jogs to your complex and heads into the lobby - finding the machine and pressing the little button on the door. He leans forward, clearing his throat.
“Hey, I’m here,”
A beat passes before he hears your reply.
“I’ll let you up now,”
There’s a loud buzz and unlocking sound. Deku steps inside and is greeted with an elevator. Third floor, 4th door on the right. He repeats it to himself as he steps onto the elevator, a soft yellow light illuminating him as he feels his weight press down. He presses number three and waits - listening to elevator music for what feels like ages. It stops at the second floor and an old lady enters. He bows immediately, out of habit. She’s small and frail, carrying just one bag in her hands.
“Oh.. my. What a handsome young man,” ― she comments, give him a once over ― “You must be visiting on the third floor,”
His eyes go wide.
“Oh! Thank you and yes, I’m here to see a.. friend,” he trails off. She gives him a warm smile, laughing.
“A friend, is it? Well. Tell her I say hello. All that young lady does is go to work and go to school. It’s nice to see her.. friend visiting her,”
He blushes a little at the implication. His skin grows a little hot as she laughs again.
“Ah.. yes ma’am,”
By the time the conversation is over, the elevator doors open to the third floor. Apartment doors lined up stretch across the way, and he turns around to give the old lady another bow. She gives him a wave before the doors close again and with that she’s gone. He’s still a little flustered by the interaction so he gathers himself before finding your door. Fourth door down, he walks towards it.
He stares at the wood, painted a dark blue with a little decoration on it. Another lungful of air and with a shaking hand, he gives three meek knocks. He waits a moment, and hears some rustling on the other side and in another few, it swings open.
When he finds you in the doorway, he feels his lungs go short of air. It almost feels like something out of a movie. You’re wearing an apron and casual clothes - and he realizes this is the first time he’s ever seen all of you out of uniform. A cotton t-shirt and half-way nice sweatpants on your hips - you greet him a little out of breath. A sheen of sweat, your chest heaving, you still smile when you see him.
“Hey, sorry,” ― you wheeze, brushing something out of your eyes ― “Was trying to get my fitted sheet on before you came in. It didn’t agree with me,”
There is something about seeing you that makes Deku’s heart feel like it’s taking a seat at the dinner table. He really can’t describe it, doesn’t know how to word it poetically or pace it in a way that makes sense. He’s always been good at controlling himself. He’s seldom anything but idle. His feelings are absorptions, the world around him shapes the clay of his very nature. Without rhyme or reason or anything in between - he’s always thought to trust it. To let it happen. To let things happen to him, just so it doesn’t happen to anyone else.
His everything can be traced back to a sense of justice ingrained in him so deeply, there is no way to know himself without it. His feelings aren’t his, he knows this. He is simply an amalgam - the corkboard in which the hero world pins their travesties on. In his whole life, all the years he’s been alive, he’s known this much about himself. From the inside out and back again, he knows he is wholly a reflection. His sense of self is fragile at best.
Seeing you ignites in him the strangest feelings. His feelings - so uniquely his that he doesn’t even know how to feel them. How to navigate these emotions that fester in his heart, and how just your presence has this guiding hand. How his heart takes a seat at the dinner table, the kind of meal where there is only a single light and another person. In a moment so brief, he zones out and looks at you and there is this ache. A reminder that he is so real and so human it rubs him raw. He stares at you dazed and you smile, unknowingly, and chat to him about everything you like.
How strange is love but a reminder that you exist.
“I’m rambling aren’t I?” ― you shake your head a little, before stepping aside ― “Welcome to my humble abode! I bought some slippers this weekend that should fit you,”
He smiles at you, and it’s warm and inviting.
“Yeah.. thanks,”
He takes his shoes off and puts them on the rack before slipping his feet into the house slippers you’ve set out. They’re a bright green, covered in little frogs. He laughs a little at them, as you step beside him. He gives it a look around - the place looks just like you. It’s well-lived in, like a home and not just a place to live in. There’s random knick-knacks everywhere, a consistent color scheme, and other little decorations. A stack of books in one place, an open card-game.
“You might wanna take your jacket off,” ― you say amused, watching as he slides it over his shoulders ― “Today you’re my student,”
He laughs at that and takes his jacket off, where you let it rest on the arm of one couch. He picks up the bags you’d asked him for.
“My mom told me I should bring something so she packed up some pickled radish for you,” ― he says sheepishly, handing you the bag ― “She was excited to hear that I was spending my weekend with someone who isn’t her,”
You grab the bag and peer inside, a jar of pickled radishes - purple in hue, waiting for you. You look between it and him, smiling a little.
“You.. told your mom you were coming to see me?”
He realizes a moment too late what it sounds like. His green eyes go wide as he stutters over his next sentence.
“I tell my mom everything,”
You snort a laugh at him, grabbing the rest of his bags. He gives you a little pout, nose wrinkling in embarrassment.
“Well.. tell your mom I said thank you. Maybe take her some curry home and show off your new skills,” ― you tease, easy and effortless, but you’re staring at him a little longer than you need too ― “I appreciate it,”
He gives you a lopsided smile.
“C’mere, the kitchens this way. I’m gonna worry you’re not gonna fit,” you confess. He has to duck underneath, just a little bit - and he doesn’t have to do much to touch the ceiling. He fits just fine, much to your relief. He looks in your kitchen, quaint. There’s a window above the sink filled with fresh herbs in a nice little planter with a light above. A cat timer.
“How skilled are you at cooking, would you say? Like.. none at all? Or just not very much?”
He scratches the back of his neck, trying to remember the last time he made something.
“Uhm.. we made curry during a training camp in highschool, but I think that’s the last time,”
You give wide eyes before shaking your head.
“You’re hopeless.. but that’s why I’m here,”
He watches as you roll your sleeves up as if you’re getting into gear. He’s glad he wore short sleeves.
“Wash your hands first,” you tell him. He immediately steps the sink and washes his hands as he hears some clatter in the background. You’re looking through your oven. He watches as you grab a cutting board and a small knife.
“All clean?”
He nods. You smile at him.
“I got everything ready before you got here because I had.. a feeling you would be very clumsy. But I will whip you into shape,” you scold, stern. He blushes a little.
“Yes ma’am,”
You giggle a little bit. On the kitchen island is a bunch of ingredients lined up on the table.
“We’re gonna make Japanese curry - it’s a little sweeter and milder than Thai or Indian kinds. It’s a lot easier since the roux is premade. And it’ll last you some days in the fridge. Today we’ll make it with chicken since I assume you need protein,” ― you explain to him pointedly. When you look over at him, he looks so concentrated, you almost laugh ― “We’ll cut the vegetables first, and then the meat. After everything is prepped, we’ll work on the sauce and cook everything. Sound doable?”
“I’ll try my best,”
You frown at him.
“Come on Mr. Deku, where’s the confidence?”
He laughs aloud when you call him that, straightening up a little bit. He gives you a one hand salute and you fall out. It’s so warm.. so welcoming.
“We’re not gonna do anything really complicated because it’s your first time. I’ll cut an onion and then you’ll do the next one. If you do a good job.. I’ll give you a pack of electrolyte gels,” you grin.
“Wow.. what a prize. Sure wouldn’t wanna miss on that,”
“Exactly,” ― you take an onion and steady it on the cutting board ― “Now watch me okay? First you wanna cut it half and place the flat edge down on the board,”
He follows along, making mental notes in his head.
“Now you see this part? This is the root end. We’re gonna do a large dice, so make sure you don’t cut it off. We can cut off this paper bit at the end though.. then we’re just gonna go through the middle. See that?”
Another nod, he watches as the knife slices through the middle part. You don’t cut the ends.
“Now it’s in half, so you’re gonna cut in the middle of those. 3 cuts vertically, 3 horizontally. You got it?”
“I.. think so. It doesn’t look too bad so far,”
“Good. I’m gonna show you the speed I normally do this at but you can go slow. We have all day,”
Warmth spreads through his whole body at the words “We have all day,” so soothing to his heart. His stomach fills with butterflies, loud and desperate but he nods.
“Yeah.. right,”
You show him this time, the normal speed at which you cut through your vegetables. His eyes go wide at the speedy sound of the cutting board. He wants to tell you to be careful but he doesn’t think he has the right.
“Okay. I’m gonna put these in the bowl over here and now it’s your turn,”
You switch sides, carefully moving the first half of the onion into a small bowl before placing the next one. For a man.. a hero, so tall and powerful - he looks unusually nervous. He goes for the knife, but picks it up so unsafely, you gasp aloud.
“Woah there.. getting a little eager, are we?”
He puts the knife down like it’s evil and steps away, and you breathe a laugh through your nose.
“Here.. hold your hand out,”
He does and you carefully take the knife and place it in his palms. You use your hand to curl his fingers around him, then gently guide his hands. He stutters a little and grips the butt of the knife more tight than he needs.
“Look.. see. You have to handle it like this so you don’t cut yourself. Go slowly,”
“Oh.. that feels a lot better,”
You laugh again and he gets to cutting.
He goes slow.. very slow. It feels awkward at first but he gets through it. He manages to cut the first onion into all of it’s pieces with all of his fingers together. It takes at least 10 minutes, yes - but your cheerleading makes him feel good about it.
You hold your hand to high-five him when it’s all over and he laughs and high-fives you back. He’s so pretty when he laughs, all crinkled eyes and summery - you stumble when you hear him, flushing.
“Onto the next,”
You guide him through how to cut potatoes, then carrots. After your demonstrations on the cutting board, Deku takes at least double the time you do to cut each thing. But you cheer him on each time, floating around him and never leaving him too long to his own devices. You show him how to cut everything, even garlic (which he likes because he just has to smash at it to get it small) and eventually all the veggies are chopped.
You don’t have him touch the chicken, say it’s probably too much for the first time - but you demonstrate it. He takes note of every step, hearing words he’s never heard in his entire life. You have to let the fond build, the veggies sweat, and all sorts of other things. He learns you normally don’t measure, so every measurement out of your mouth is more a guess than anything. You promise to write down a recipe for him, anyways.
It starts smelling good after you add the onions - like his mothers kitchen. He hasn’t had a proper homemade meal in a week and his stomach growls with intensity. He watches as you build a sauce out of thin air. A curry roux cube, 4 cups of water, some sugar, some soy-sauce and ketchup. It fascinated him.. seemingly random things all coming together and making something so familiar. It looks good. He feels good that he helped even a little.
It’s taken a while, maybe 2 hours and some change, though he’s sure if he did it alone - it’d be even longer. For you, it’s probably the longest it’s ever taken, but if that’s the case, it doesn’t show on your face.
In the last leg of the curry making, you direct him to wear all the cutlery in your little apartment.
“There’s some beer in the fridge too, if you want. Other stuff too, but I thought a drink would be good for relaxing,”
“A beer would be great. Do you want one too?”
“Hm.. yeah, actually. That’d be awesome,, thank you Midoriya,”
He waves of your thank you and goes off to rummage your kitchen. He knows how to set a table at least. He grabs the beers first, placing them on coasters, before going to get the rest. Two plates and two spoons, and a bowl to keep some sides in. He sets everything up all nice, clearing the space out.
He hears the stove click off, getting out of your way as you put on some oven mitts. You take a deep breath as you lift, the savory smell filling the small kitchen.
“Woo, it’s hot,” ― you huff, setting it down on a mat on the counter ― “It’s still burbling so I’ll give it a second before I serve it,”
Next, you bring the white rice that's been sitting on the counter since before he got here, on warm for who knows how long. You pick it up out of the rice cooker and set it next to the curry, hurrying to get another bowl. You portion out some pickled radishes in the smaller bowl. and then spoon rice into the bigger one. You put one portion on Dekus and one on yours.
“Don’t be shy about getting more,”
You pour it out evenly, a stream of hot curry surrounding pristine white rice. It looks and smells good, unexpectedly. He’s so surprised it’s not a disaster, he laughs as he watches you do it. Piece of chicken thigh, potatoes, and onions float in the sauce and he can barely stop himself from eating.
“It’s been so long since I’ve had something someone else made,”
“Aw c’mon, you made this!”
He gives you a look and you laugh as you spoon yourself a portion.
“Okay.. we made it. But you helped! And you learned a lot, right?”
He chuckles, shaking his head.
“I definitely learned a lot but you’re the teacher,” ― he leans forward, palm on his cheek as he stares at you. Straight out of a daydream, painfully handsome ― “How’d I do teach?”
You mimic him teasingly, legs crossed, tapping your foot in the air.
“Hm.. I’d give you a solid 8/10 for your first time. No cuts, and your chopping was actually pretty good,”
He brightens at the praise.
“Really? Good enough for electrolyte gel packs?”
You laugh so hard you bend over yourself.
“Yeah.. yeah definitely.”
“Nice job, Midoriya.”
“All thanks to my teacher, super wise.”
You bow your head a little and he claps for you.
Wordlessly, he cracks both of your bottles open with seamless strength, returning them to their spot on the table.
“It should be cool enough to eat now,”
He bows his head and so do you.
He feels warm.
After your meal in the afternoon, you and Deku continue to drink into the late night. He makes sure to watch himself - knowing he’ll have to drive himself home. You drink just a little more, not enough that you’re a mess. But your defences are lowered, and you’re sleepy. Maybe even a little giggly too. Beer bottle sit on the coffee table that separates the two of you
You sit adjacent to each other. He has his legs crossed, table pushed back so he can get all of him comfortably between the couch and table. You have your knees up, chin resting against one of them as your arms wrap around your legs. You’re all smiles, all warmth.
“I had fun today,” you muse, voice softer than a whisper. He glances at you, nodding.
“Me too,” ― he admits, voice barely above a whisper ― “It’s been a long time since I’ve spent time without someone.”
“Aw, what, your mom doesn’t count?”
He laughs a little.
“Just teasin’. Me too.”
“Mhm. It’s just work, then school, then work. All on a loop. I don’t get much time off.”
“...Is there a particular reason for it?”
“Tryna get to know me, Midoriya?” you tease. He chuckles.
“Caught red-handed.”
It makes your heart flutter. To hear him tell him to your face that he’s interested in you. You rub your feet together nervously.
“I don’t see a lot of my parents. I’ve always taken care of things on my own. It’s hard, but..” ― you confess to him voice, weary, and worn out ― “‘s not all bad. Stressful. It gets lonely, but I think it’ll be okay in the end”
“What about you, Pro-Hero Deku?,”
He laughs uncomfortably, a tight lipped smile on his mouth.
“What about me?”
“D’you get lonely a lot..?”
His gut reaction is almost violent, a spear through his chest. The blood is already in his mouth, the bitterness of heroism deep in his gut. He shakes his head at the panic and how it stirs inside of him.
“No.. I.. well -.”
“You must, right?” ― you let out a soft yawn, face so squished it’s hard to hear you talk. You struggle to get the words out ― “You’re the number one hero, All Might successor. Must be busy, right?”
“You should sleep soon,” ― his voice is strained.. it aches in his throat. He can’t tell you to stop, but he can’t bear to listen either so he gets ready to appease you ― “You’ve had a lot to drink,”
“I’m sober, Midoriya. Mostly, anyway. Just sleepy.. I’m just sayin.”
“I notice it in you sometimes,” ― you hum, lifting your head to look at him ― “You always hesitate to say things. But.. ‘sokay to admit things are hard. Life is hard for your average schmuck like me.”
He laughs a little.
“You’re not a schmuck.”
“Maybe not but I’m no hero, either. It’s hard for me and I bet it’s hard for you too. That’s okay, you know? You’re still.. still a person. And to me, you’re just Midoriya. A guy with a hard job. And cool scars.”
He stares down at the beer bottle he’s been nursing in his lap for god knows how long and feels something shift inside of him. It’s tectonic, the way his whole body shifts its weight. A steady build, like a geyser - everything coming to a head inside of him. It’s so heavy, this burden that makes his shoulders slump. He really doesn’t mean to get choked up like this. He’ll blame the alcohol but there’s more to it than that. Much more about why he’s splitting apart at the seams.
It must be that you are nothing like anyone he knows. And it breaks him, tears him apart like how people crack eggs - he feels soft and yellow like a yolk, any moment and he’ll break. He doesn’t know how it happens, but he cries. Quiet and steady at first but slowly he can’t keep holding it. It’s a crescendo, a cacophony of all of his misery. He cries then sobs. So loudly it’s almost violent. It cracks and thunders, and suddenly he’s an open wound on your living room floor. He finds himself sobbing so pathetically he doesn’t know what to do. The backs of his palms are rubbing his eyes and in between each choked breath, he’s trying to tell you he’s fine. He’s fine. He’s fine.
But suddenly, your body is pressed around him. You’ve slotted yourself next to him on your knees and you pull his whole body onto you. The weight of his torso ends up in your arms. You hold him and you run your hands over your back and he cries and it’s so ugly. It’s ugly and loud.
He’s so raw from emotions and all he can hear is you and your voice, shushing him quietly. He clings to you for life. It’s so unusual for him.. to cry like this. Over something like this. Maybe because it’s the first time in four years he’s admitted to himself something so small.
It’s so hard. God.. it’s all so hard.
He sobs into your neck, uncontrollable and you don’t say a word. You melt your body into his.
Before he knows it, your body is shaking too. You’re crying and clinging to each other and everything in the world is blind with your tears. You hold each other desperately, your loneliness stuck together like it can’t be pulled apart.
On the floor of your living room, the rain outside pours in heavy sheets. And Izuku Midoriya cries into your shoulder, tipsy and tender from the force of your words. His stomach is tied and eventually he can’t help but cling to you. He wants to hold you in his arms but he doesn’t know how to ask. How does he approach you? Why can't he take the hand you’ve put out for him?
“Midoriya,” ― you whisper hoarsely, stroking his hair ― “You can trust me.”
He sobs a little harder at that. You almost don’t hear him at first, the way his voice falls apart as you listen to it.
“I’m sorry for crying.”
You can’t help but laugh. You keep holding him, just a little tighter.
“It’s okay,” you hum “It’s gonna be okay,”
He believes you when you say it. He believes you when you hold him. He believes you when you say he can trust you, and with every part of him - he wants to love you. He wants to give it all back tenfold. This selfish feeling that festers in the cracks of his heart, this yearning - he doesn’t have any choice but to call it love.
If he were more sober, and less tired - he’d probably be losing his mind at the thought. To call something love, to call this love. It makes him feel like he’s losing his mind but right now all he can focus on is you and the way your heart rests. He’s thinking of your hands and how gentle they feel on his skin and how he’s holding you. How relieving it is to hold someone.
“It’s hard sometimes,” ― he confesses, all jagged edges ― “I don’t regret it.. not ever. But it’s hard sometimes.”
You run your fingers through his curls just a little, soft and gentle.
“Yeah.. I bet it is.”
Izuku Midoriya believes firmly in one thing.
He believes love, above all else, must be a choice.
At the very least, you must have some choice in love. If you intend to love someone, or love anything for a long time - you have to choose it everytime. He thinks loving people is like that. A series of decisions we make in order to show or prove it. We choose love. It finds us and then we get to choose how we harbor it. He thinks he’s something of a hopeless idealist, in every aspect of his life. About everything in the world, he wants to do it in the most poetic way. He wants his whole life to be shrouded in the feeling that he’s doing something beautiful.
He could call justice something of a first love. In that way he does everything for it. That he chooses to fight for it, to contribute to it everyday he’s alive.
He thinks love itself is a choice but he thinks falling in love is the only decision in your life you have no control over. He thinks loving you, in particular, is something that happened to him rather than something he looked for. Falling for you the first time he saw you, he had no part in it.
But hopelessly and endlessly searching for you - just maybe that had something to do with him.
After the night in your apartment, you make him comfortable and send him home with some curry and warm regards. Of all the nights he’d gone home feeling lonely, that night had been the hardest. There was this desire out of his control that he’d been ignoring for so long but it all came to a tide that night. The longing was borderline unbearable and since then, he’s had to take a long hard look at himself and at this.. all of this.
Izuku Midoriya can admit to himself after all of this that he’s a little helplessly in love with you. He hasn’t stopped seeing you, either. On Sundays, every other Sunday, he drops by your place for little cooking lessons. He misses when he was ignoring it and he could just enjoy your company but now your every movement has something feeling hot under his skin. He finds himself daydreaming about you on the job and his heart feels like it’s gonna burst out of his chest.
But, this is the first time he’s ever love. It’s the first time he’s ever felt something so strongly and it’s more terrifying than it is romantic. He feels like he’s been blindsided by something and he stays up into the late hours of the night, counting off all the reasons it won’t work out.
It’s what he’s best at, thinking of every possible outcome. You could always find someone who could be with you more and move on, and maybe you’re not even interested in Deku. It’s always possible you just think you are. He thinks a lot of things are possible and he focuses on the worst case scenario each time. It’s easier not to set up expectations that way. If anything happens, he’ll be ready for it.
But with you, the worst case scenario is that he confesses and you reject him - and you disappear out of his life. He knows rationally that it’s unlikely, but he thinks about it and something in him breaks profoundly. There’s another situation where you remain friends but you fall for someone else and it makes him almost sick.
All of it is gut-wrenching. For so long, he’s had any number of defenses up. A busy schedule, the burden of work, short answers and the redirection of those prying questions - he’s gotten so good at making sure no one gets past them. It’s rare that anyone has even noticed. His heart is so many layers deep. Only a few people know, namely Kacchan and his mom and All Might.
And then there’s you, with soft hands, tearing through all the ground and rooting him up from Earth. You who digs his heart from the ground and holds it up to the warmth of your love.
It burns so hot he feels like he can’t get close to it. When he thinks of you, he thinks of all of his short-comings. He thinks of all the things he can’t be for you.
But he can’t get himself to let go either, and when your hands reach into his ribs and take his heart, he doesn’t shake you off to stop it. He lets it happen, lets you consume his every breath. All over his body are the sensations of you and your touches - ghostly in his memory.
Izuku Midoriya thinks love is a choice and he knows he can’t take back the one to love you.
He just.. doesn’t know what to do with all of it.
The day is so long it bleeds.
That’s the best way he knows how to describe it, really. It’s longer than ever because daylights all soaked up before 8pm, and it’s so dark it webs across the city without patience. After a day like today, it’s all he can see for miles. Darkness for miles and miles - the path of it sunken and terrible.
He’s had a lot of days like this in his life, as a hero - there are always lives you can’t save. People who don’t make it out of the disaster, people you miss, people who get trapped. Dekus sees things so gruesome it makes his skin crawl, seeping into him while he’s awake. He has nightmares and he takes medication to manage all of it. Goes to therapy when he can. No amount of conversation could really make it go away but it’s nice to tell someone his feelings.
Deku still doesn’t know how to deal with something so inevitable such as loss. As a hero it’s never easy.
After months of stagnation in the villain case, the one that he had to solve with Kacchan, there was finally word of activity. Normally in situations like that - groups will simply disband or dissolve because of the lack of members and it goes cold before anything else can happen. It’s rare that anything ever comes out of it later, it just sort of disappears after the first big arrest.
He figures that would be the case today too. After getting on his shift, about an hour into it, he gets pings from every direction. A villain attacks on the east side, only a few blocks from his route. It’s an emergency, CODE E - meaning it was a big mass of destruction and that other heroes were on the way.
He was on it before he could think twice, feet moving faster than his head as he activates a steady 8% for speed, jumping over buildings and skipping traffic until he ends up on the overhead of the scene. From the view above he can practically taste the chaos. It’s a big build-up of cop-cars around the scene. There’s people everywhere, first responders, evacuating all nearby residents. There’s already been some explosions and destruction but no serious injuries.
When he finally gets down, he meets with the police chief, Kacchan, and Todoroki - all of them breaking down the situation carefully to him. He comes to learn that the leader of the organization is holed up in one of those buildings and that he’s hysterical.
Human beings are incredibly fragile. They crack and shatter and splinter like glass under the pressure of life. Every person in the world is capable of bad things. The unimaginable becomes possible when you remember how briefly we bask in goodness. It’s not that humanity is evil but it’s fragile.
He learns about the boy inside - he’s young, just 18. He’s a highschool student. He learns about his whole life, abusive family and suffering. His list of traumas make his gut wrench just to listen too and Kacchan has that solemn look in his eyes that he only gets when he knows things will end badly. He details to Deku all of his miseries and Deku listens like his heart is made of lead.
“So where are we?”
Kacchan tells Deku that he’s inconsolable and his name is Yamato and doesn’t say a word more. Deku gives him that pleading look that he always has when it gets to be like this, but Todoroki is quick to put a hand on his shoulder and shake his head. It’s not in them to give up on anyone, hero or villain - so it makes his stomach clench.
Deku gets told to help the other heroes clear the area out and take care of civilians and with that he’s sent away. It tears him apart, the knowing and the dread. The dread of it all is so, so heavy.
At 7pm, the sun is set completely, and he gets word that he’s dead. It’s over, just like that. In a moment another person - gone , and his name was Yamato and he was 18. Just like that. Human life is so fragile. We only live briefly and we do it so delicately it’s impossible to know the outcome. Deku thinks of all the things he could’ve been and he finds himself on a bench in front of his agency, crying his eyes out for a kid he doesn’t know.
Loss is always a part of the job. There will always be someone, something that you can’t change. He knows it’s important to remember the good things but today, the world is dark at 7pm and Deku is wiping his tears with the back of his gloved hands. He’s sad about all of it. He’s sad he couldn’t change anything. The helpless feeling about this job and the loneliness. It will never be enough no matter how much he fights. There will always be a life he can’t save.
He’s told to go home that day, a little earlier than normal. It’s ironic, on a day he knows you don’t have work. After everything happens, he takes their advice and goes back to his agency. All he hears when he’s there is condolences. They know how it is.. how he is on days like today.
The day is so long it bleeds. When darkness hits, it still feels like time is stuck in the same place. It dries and scabs and itches.
He’s planning on going home today and resting. The most you know is that he has a day off, he got sent home earlier because of a case but he hasn’t told you the details.
He gets a text from you not long after he tells you.
from 7/11 girl ; oh! do you wanna come over for dinner then?
He stares at the message for a long while. It’s a moment in which his body moves before he can think
to 7/11 girl ; i’d love too.
He ends up at your doorstep with all of his belongings still in his arms.
Shifting his weight uncomfortably from one leg to the other, a shaky breath enters his lungs. His heart rate is rapid and the feeling of regret is tying his hands to his sides, finding it impossible to reach his hand up and knock. His head is going a million miles an hour, racing with the thoughts of remorse. Reprimanding himself for being selfish, trying to see you in this state. He should just go home and call it a night, there’s still time for that.
Another text pings his phone, startling him out of his thoughts.
from 7/11 girl ; i’m glad you’re coming over. i was getting a little lonely today.
He takes a deep breath, just trying to gather himself, and raises his trembling hand to knock on the door. He winces at the meekness of the sound, unconfident. Each second that passes by is another of him contemplating leaving. He could leave it all here, he could leave, he could leave, he could leave.
The door swings open, and there you are in a big comfortable hoodie and shorts that hit your knee and mismatched socks. Deku stares at you with wide emerald eyes and you look back at him, smiling with your teeth.
He can’t leave.
Your eyes widen at the sight of him. He trembles like a telephone wire in a storm, uncentered and shaking desperately. You catch it, that despair in his eyes before he can blink it away and it has you stopping dead in your tracks. All of his things are still in his arms and he’s covered in grime. His hand quivers as it clutches his bags to his body. He racks his eyes over you, no words coming. Just a gaping mouth, gasping like a fish out of water, struggling to speak,
“Midoriya,” ― you press forward, brows furrowed together ― “Are you okay?”
Is he okay? No, not particularly. His mouth opens, then closes, then opens again and he stares at you for a long while. Slowly at the seams is where it always starts, falling into nothingness.
Love is an abyss, he thinks to himself. That must be where the phrase falling in love comes from. He is on the cliff as he looks at you, rock crumbling and breaking beneath his feet the longer he stands in your doorway. The uncertainty that comes from that darkness, looming and inviting. It calls to him with the voice loud enough to sweep nations to dust. He sees you, and you look like a clump of stars - burning hotly in the stark obsidian night. You are the silver lining, the muse, the answer. To Izuku Midoriya, you are everything and some change. You’re the girl he meets at 7/11, the one who puts muscle patches on his back, and teaches him to cook and makes him feel like he exists. So alive it almost makes him sick. He is nauseous at the way love has him acting.
There is a brief moment before you jump into open waters, or darkness, or anything that requires you to fall with no promise of land - that your head is completely clear. Only after you’ve leaped, the action set in motion, do you know what the right choice was.
Deku understands it briefly, the cost of his actions. The consequence of choosing love, taking it - the hand held out. He understands, for just one moment, that love is one step in the door. That love is right there but he has to reach for it, to feel it. He won’t know unless he jumps.
He reaches for you. He steps one foot in the door and drops his bags to the side of him and he shuts the door and he reaches for love.. for you. Just this one time.
His arms wrap around your shoulders like vines and he clings to you for dear life. His face is buried in the nape of your neck and his body feels like it’s submerging in the darkness. He feels like he’s falling, so far he can’t see what was before this. He holds you tight and your hands snake around his waist.
“Izuku” he corrects hoarsely.
You decide that the first thing he should do is bathe.
“You can take a shower in my..”
His eyes are round and worrisome. Gruesomely exhausted. You don’t think you could tell him to be in there alone in good conscience - no matter how willingly he would accept. He hasn’t stopped touching you in some way, something silently inside of him aching to hold you. You can feel all the places he holds back, a violent force. With Midoriya.. with Izuku - you find sometimes you have to force yourself inside of his boundaries.
He’s holding your hand and staring at it, dark rounds underneath his lower lash line. You reach your hand out a little further as he sits, and press your palm against his cheek. Your thumb brushes underneath his eyes and he smiles a little.
“We can take a bath together,”
“I don’t want to make you uncomfortable,”
“You won’t,”
It takes a little convincing and you worry he’s too tender for it but he just nods and closes his eyes. Leaning into your touch, he moves his mouth to kiss your wrist and then looks at you as you flush. Still uncomfortable with this touch - the intimacy of his hold has your breath shaking in your lungs.
“C’mon with your clothes. My bathroom is pretty big so you should fit in it just fine but it might be a bit tight,”
He nods, absent and soft. You watch as he takes his things from his bag and stands - eyes immediately searching for you like a small animal. He takes your hands in his but nudges you to guide him and gives you a soft smile as you flush. Just moments ago he was clinging to you but it feels different somehow.
You lead him to your bathroom and it’s a nice size. It’s a little bit wider, with a small closet and a tub that he thinks you could both fit in. There’s a big, wide mirror on the wall and on the counter there’s skincare and makeup. He smiles at it, only frowning when you let go of his hand. He watches as you run the bathwater hot and go into your closet for towels and soaps of all kinds. He stands awkwardly, his own nerves just starting to catch up to him. It’s mostly overshadowed with desire.. with yearning that stretches across the sun at least 3 times.
You’re still turned around as you speak.
“You should.. uhm.. undress,” you say, stiff as a board. His eyes go wide and he flushes a bit.
“Oh! Uhm.. yeah, right,” ― he coughs, heart in his throat ― “Are you…?”
You nod, meek.
He can’t mask his shock, nor the immediate twitch in his jeans that he spends a few minutes managing before carefully undressing. His shirt first comes off, slides over his shoulder blades and comes completely off.
After that, it’s his pants and socks, until he’s left with nothing but boxers hanging on his hips. He hesitates a little to take them off, so he does it with a deep breath. He’s self-conscious of it, his physique so bare. He doesn’t remember the last time anyones seen him completely naked and it makes his heart stammer uncomfortably.
You turn to him, shyly grazing over at him before closing your own eyes and taking your clothes off. Deku watches you with a bated breath, mouth catch flies as you slide your hoodie off to reveal nothing underneath - same as your basketball shorts. They simply fall to the floor and you’re naked. Your whole body is under his eyes with scrutiny and you find yourself covering your body with your hands almost inadvertently.
It comes out as a clumsy and confused gasp - with more vigor than he means.
“You’re beautiful,” and you can tell he means it with the way he blinks and just looks, over again. You flush a little, wanting the Earth to swallow you up. But he’s so.. gentle. So easy.
“...You should get in the water,” ― you tell him, reaching for something ― “I picked a bathbomb out so..”
He stops, lips turned in the corner before nodding. The water is hot and full and Deku steps inside of it, bending down and securing himself to the wall with the showerhead and faucet. The water relaxes the tenseness out of his muscles almost immediately, eyes going heavy. He looks at you, and watches you prepare yourself. You drop your hands and steel your nerves, softly walking towards him.
“D’you want me to sit on the other side…?”
He shakes his head, feeling hesitant.
“No uhm.. if it’s okay. I thought you could sit.. y’know. So I can.. hold you,” he explains sheepishly. You nod.
“That’s okay. I’d.. I think I’d like that,”
So you do. He widens the space between his legs as much as possible and lets you step inside the warm water. It sloshes around the tub, just a little as you adjust but eventually, you end up right between his legs bare naked. He has to shake any inappropriate thoughts away, especially with you so close in his reach. He watches idly as you reach over the side of the tub for a bath caddy you placed on the floor, just before getting in. You take the bath bomb from the middle compartment, and drag it to the water.
You hold it as it fizzes, still a big gap between you and him. He stares at you for a while. It’s tense, steamy air clouding your air and inhibitions.
“You can come closer,” he assures you, voice barely there. You freeze, looking over at him from one of your shoulders and you nod. Your lips are tucked between your teeth but you scoot back and you can feel.. him a little more. More than anything, you can feel the way his arms lock around your middle. Your back is on his chest, his arms circled tight around your waist. He tucks his chin over one of your shoulders and leans you back into him - just enough. Just so it’s comfortable and close.
It’s more intimate than everything you’ve ever felt in your life. The touch of his naked body, scarred skin - your hands are still holding the bath bomb. He presses his cheek to your shoulder as he watches. He’s amused by how the colors turn indefinitely. It smells a little bit like vanilla, a soft sugary scent permeating through the water. It’s green. He wonders if that was on purpose.
The weight of you rests in the crooks of him. You reside in this space in his arms, intimately. Your skin is soft to the touch and the water is warm - with two bodies it never gets too cold. For a while, all he does is hold you. He holds you indiscriminately, nothing extra to his actions. Not lust nor tragedy but just something pure and basic, the need to feel love through someone else's hands. Skin to skin, soft and gentle. It’s quiet and wordless.
With your body resting on his, you lift your head to look up at him briefly. You watch him with interest.
“What happened today, Izuku?”
He lets out a deep sigh, his voice scratchy and worn.
“On the job today.. one of the villains. Uhm.. he was really young. No one could talk him out of it no matter what he tried,” ― he tells you wearily ― “He.. didn’t make it. It just happened and then everything just kept happening. Loss and stuff like that is normal for hero work, but I can never.. get used to it.”
“...That’s good, that you can’t” you reply. He looks confused.
“That’s good..?”
“It means you have your humanity still intact inside of you. If you still get sad over people, no matter how mundane, then it means you still haven’t been.. desensitized from all of it. Means that you still care,” you explain to him gently “It was hard wasn’it?”
His voice trembles as he holds you closer, so impossibly close to him. The world is dark but you are like sunlight, brilliant. He mumbles something under his breath, rubbing his face into your skin like a cat might. You find it endearing.
“Yeah it was.. It was hard,” ― his voice is a breeze, feathery ― “It was a really hard day today and I was just gonna… I was gonna go home and then you texted me.”
You smile a little at that. It goes quiet again.
“Can I.. tell you something?”
“Yeah.. what is it?”
He shifts, and his voice becomes slow - it’s like the moment right before a fan's blades swirl. That moment where everything feels like it’s being set in motion, the drag of it. The inertia that builds - this is the very start of something so beautiful it spins.
“I love you,” ― he whispers, right into your shoulder blade with the weight of a million lives - and his too, right in the crook of your neck ― “I love you..”
The weight of the world, of heroism, or selfless acts and martyrdom - all of it falls onto the water below. He’s so tired, worn out. You think this is his way of asking you, if it’s alright to share this part of myself.
I’ve cut myself into so many parts, can you take this one? he says, without words but with hands Will you take the heart I’ve kept locked away and hold it? Will you take the only part of me that is still whole?
You find something deep inside of you. It’s unruliness. Everything in the world that is ugly has stopped, falling in front of your feet and the loneliness that itches inside of you suddenly melts. Like a popsicle in the summer sun, it fades away into pure sugar, sticky. What is love but hands that hold?
“I love you too, Izuku,”
His eyes shut and he breathes a breath, shaky and unsure. He squeezes you as if you might disappear, closer and closer.
“Can I ask.. is it okay if I ask why?”
“Why I love you?”
“What you see in me.. I just… I want to be sure,” ― he laughs a little soft, insecure ― “I guess it’s hard for me to understand it all the way. I only know all of this from my side.”
You wrap your hands, small over his. You hold and stretch it out, staring at his scarred palms under the sea green water. You sigh, and collapse a little as if you’re letting something out.
“I’ve always liked you,” ― you explain absently, squeezing his fingers and leaning into his touch, eyes closed ― “You’re awkward and sometimes shy, but you’re charming. You’re kind. It’s always been easy to like you.”
You take a deep breath, and your eyes open as you lean your head back, you look up at him and he looks like sunlight. A home in a person.
“But, then you would ask about me. You would worry for me and remember me. You listened to everything I had to say, even when you were somewhere busy and far away. I wondered if maybe you treated everyone like that,” you admit to him. He shakes his head and you laugh, reaching your hand back to hold his cheek.
“I didn’t know if I was special to you or if maybe.. I don’t know. Maybe you were like this to everyone, but you always made an effort for me - it made me feel special. When you tell me to do things and carve your time out for me,” ― you close your eyes again and they rest just against your cheek ― “The more I got to know you, the more I realized that you went out of your way for me. I like you, as is, but I liked feeling special to you. I wanted to be closer to you. I wanted to be the one who knows you best like how you know me”
“What about you, Izuku?” you ask, gently “What was it about me?”
He hums a little, shyly and awkwardly.
“It felt like you saw right through me, instead of looking at me. It was scary, but you just.. you make it so easy. It makes me feel selfish to pull anyone into my life, but the more I saw you, the more I didn’t feel like myself. It was scary.. and I didn’t understand,” ― he said with a laugh, eyes pressed completely shut ― “You were the first person… the first thing I’ve wanted so badly. It almost hurt,”
He realizes what he said and his eyes go wide and yours go wide too.
“You.. wanted me?”
The air becomes thick. Warm water suddenly feels hot and something feels awake inside of him the way you look up at him and he looks down at you. It makes him feel dizzy.
“I want you.. still. Want you, always,” with the double meaning sitting heavy on the end.
You flush, look away and stiffen.
“You weren’t uhm.. y’know.. down there. Didn’t think you were.. attracted to me,”
“I’ve been holding back. Didn’t wanna make you uncomfortable,” he strains, deep in his throat.
“You won’t,” you assure, shaky.
“Are you sure? We don’t have too… and I mean! I’ve never really - I don’t have much experience so I don’t wanna.. disappoint,”
He squeaks.
Your lashes look heavy when you blink, lips tugged in your teeth.
“I’ve wanted you too.”
His eyes grow the size of the moon and you laugh, just a little.
“Y-you have?!”
Wordlessly, you take your hand, the one around your waist, and guide it so gently between your thighs. He feels frozen behind you as you maneuver his hand to be touching just against your sex. It’s burning, sticky on his fingers. He lets out gasp, soft under his breath as you guide him to touch you shivering. All the blood in his head rushes straight to his dick, and it grows so stiff it almost aches.
“Holy shit” he gasps and then groans, a little guttural “Holy.. holy shit,”
“Are you.. shit - I don’t have any. I don’t have much e-experience with this stuff,”
You hum at the way his hands keep moving anyways, still rubbing softly against your folds.
“S’okay. I’m a good teacher right?,” ― you say through a breathy sigh ― “You’re a quick learner, too,”
“Haah, holy shit. I really might die.”
You laugh at this fully, smiling at him.
“I want you really bad,” you say with a squirm “I’m on the pill, too.”
His eyes go wide and you laugh again, a little - feeling mischievous. Enjoying the effect you have on him, as he looks at you with eyes wide. Blown out with lust.
“Don’t regret it, okay?”
“I won’t. Not if it’s you.”
He takes a deep breath like he’s trying to wrap his head around all of it. It makes you laugh a little.
“We should get out of the bath first,” you say amused.
Before you can think about it, Deku is standing up. You scoot away, planning on doing the same. But after he stands up, he grabs a towel and immediately lifts you. He carries you on one arm like you weigh less than a paperclip and you yelp as he draws you to his chest.
“I-Izuku, let me down, I’m -,”
This time he laughs at you, almost knowing what you’re gonna say.
“Sorry, I’ll warn you next time but if you think you’re heavy, you’re sorely mistaken” ― he tells you with amusement ― “I did curls with double your weight by the time I was a first year.”
You squeak, feeling incredibly shy as you cling to him.
“My bedroom is on the left.. don’t drop me.”
He laughs at you again, a little more teasing.
“I won’t baby.”
He carries you all the way to your bedroom, where you find yourself more grateful than ever that you cleaned before he came. He drops you onto his bed with a soft thud, towel underneath you as your back lands on it. It’s different like this, the lighting a little dimmer but with him still so perfectly in view. Your eyes go wide at the sight of him as you scoot yourself towards the headboard.
He follows you in hot pursuit, body hovering over yours. Your head hits the pillow and Deku is right above you, with his hands on either side of your head. You smile at him and he looks down at you with big eyes.
“You’re so handsome.”
“I’m already hard.”
This makes you laugh and makes him grin, and you reach your arms out. Wrapping them around his neck - you drag him down to you. His mouth ghosts over yours, full and pretty. This is the first time you’ve really looked at him and god - he’s gorgeous to look at. His mouth is full and his eyes are so round - full of this pretty dark green that turns just seafoam in the middle. You feel like you’re going to drown inside of them, already yearning.
“You’re pretty,” he groans, and looks up at you through thick lashes “So pretty, think it every time I look at you.”
“Izuku, kiss me,” ― you demand.
He chuckles against your mouth, soft.
“Your wish is my command.”
He presses his mouth to yours, feather light at first. It’s been so long since you’ve kissed someone, you can’t help but feel it. Something about his lips makes you feel weak, the heat is of his body melting together with yours. It starts with one, soft and gentle - but it goes quickly to another one. Slowly he pulls away and then kisses you again, makes you open your mouth a little wider as he presses a little further. You can’t wrap your brain around how it’s making you feel. Your whole body feels like it’s sinking into your mattress, his mouth soft and full. His tongue invites itself inside, sliding against yours with the embers of flame.
What starts as kisses turn into hot pants, deep into his mouth. You can feel saliva run down your cheek as desire burns through, molten in your core. Your clit throbs with want, and you feel Deku before you see him. It makes you gasp - how big it feels, heavy too, against the meat of your thigh. You grind against it without meaning too. Deku moans in your mouth right as it happens
It feels like you're breathing each other's air - months and months of lust, pure and unadulterated, slipping out from beneath you. It’s overwhelming to be touching him, finally. Your fingers thread through his hairs and you tug, another pretty sound coming from him. . He’s so vocal with you, every moan or breath like fuel to the fire.
His hands find you soon after, exploratory - they start at your side, slowly moving up to cup your tits. His hands are firm, albeit shaky - and he touches them like he couldn’t wait a moment longer to get his hands on you. They’re so big. He dwarfs you right on top like this, and you fit perfectly in his cupped hands. His groping incessant, just like his kissing - invasive. You can feel how he can’t seem to get enough, each motion heavy with the want of many months prior.
Everything about how he touches you sends your whole body leaping, you feel weightless - the way your heart raises. It ends up all the way in your throat, in your mouth. It’s a stuttering and blind desire, all white. All you can think about is how much it aches. How much you want him, wanting and wanting and wanting.
“Izuku,” ― it comes out as a gasp when you pull away, a string of saliva as evidence when you reel back and look at him, his lidded eyes gazing down at you ― “Izuku..”
“What is it, baby? You okay?”
You squirm at the sound of his voice, gone deep like he’s been holding back all this time. It’s denser, coming from his stomach instead of his chest.
You kiss him again, and then pull back, brushing your nose to his.
“I like when you call me baby.”
“My baby,” ― he adds, kissing your nose, then the corners of your mouth ― “You’re so pretty. Don’t know anyone who looks as pretty as you.”
“Stop, I can’t fall for you anymore than I have.”
He giggles at that, kissing you again, and again and again until you’re laughing. A mess in his arms, he presses kisses all over your face.
“Just trying to make sure it stays that way.”
You frown a little.
“What happened to you being nervous?”
“I’m still nervous,” he insists, squeezing your tits in his hands with a breath, thumb brushing over your nipples. You gasp a little, shaking, as he gives you a troublesome grin - he’s bad for your heart “But I just.. I want you so bad. I’ve been thinking about you for months.”
“Maybe longer.”
“What were you thinking about…?”
His eyes go wide, mind racing with detailed fantasies that he gave into so long ago. He swallows a lump in his throat.
“Thought you would taste.. wanted to uhm - put my mouth on you. Still want too,”
He groans, burying his face in your neck. You laugh, granting him a little mercy
“Fucked myself wishing’ it was you,” you tell him, whispering like a secret.
He snaps his head up immediately, just to stare as if he were worried you were bluffing. You look at him sheepishly and he groans. Everything about you makes him feel drunk, unkempt. His hands are back on your skin and he presses an opened mouth kiss to your jaw, down your neck. He’s thankful for all the perving he’s done in his life, at this moment. The way your throat bobs and you sigh as his tongue slides over the sharp edge. He trails them, stamping them across your skin and all the way to your neck.
You feel his teeth, flat but sharp, as he sucks the flesh into his mouth. A gasp rises out of you.
“Oh,” you whimper, hands around his shoulders, trying to steady yourself as he sucks marks into your neck. “Izuku,”
“Wanna take my time tonight,” ― he sounds like he’s pleading with you, an edge to his voice as fingers draw circles in your waist ― “Wanna make you feel so good,”
“Can I…? Please..?”
You blink at him and then nod, watching as his lips turn into a soft grin. He slides his hands over every inch of your body, placing his lips at your neck first and trailing kisses all over it - over the marks he’s already left, the base of his throat. His tongue is summer along the new bruises, a trail of hot saliva sticking to your skin as he goes lower and lower. His mouth feels like a bunch of tiny pricks, how deeply the craving sets in. Kisses against your collar bones, down your chest, until his mouth ends up at your tits.
He bites and licks with care and precision - careful not to be too hard but not soft either. His hunger for you seems almost insatiable, and he’s learning with practicality. Every pleasant sound from your lips garners him trying it again, going a little harder like he wants to pull it right from your throat. His free hand squeezes the soft flesh and his mouth sucks on your nipples, pebbled and hard under your tongue. You feel impossibly wet, boneless in your bed at the way he pays so much attention to you. All need, all lust.
There’s a vulgarity to it, how he licks and then bites soft, tugs until you cry out with your head thrown back. He learns where to touch you once and runs it to the ground. It feels like time is moving at a snail pace as he disarms your hesitance. Even when it feels clumsy, it never stays that way for long. You can’t keep up with how often you're moaning his name. Over and over like an incantation. Izuku, Izuku, Izuku - god how you want him.
You want to beg him to touch you but all he does is unravel you, for so long you almost feel teary. He wants to make you feel good, massages your whole body with his mouth - hot as sin. You feel like a falling star falling into the atmosphere and burning up. What feels like millenia of being torn apart is only minutes. Down to the devilish detail, he learns how to make you feel so good with nothing but your tits and his mouth.
“Izuku, please,”
His voice is soft against your skin and the view is nothing but call for misdeed, eyes lidded and mouth swollen from where he runs it over your skin. The room has to be at least a few hundred degrees - sweating and clenched.
“Can’t get enougha’ you,” ― he whispers against your stomach, cheek pressed to it ― “I wanna make you feel good.. wanna see you touch yourself,”
Your eyes grow wide as you look at him, and he gives you a soft smile.
“You’re a good teacher,” ― he teases, a devilish laugh attached ― “I’m asking as your favorite student.. show me how.”
“You’re really too much,”
But you oblige, and Deku knows by how you shift. He scoots back until the view is perfect, spreading your legs wider. He kisses up your thighs as your hand shifts, soft and nervous between your legs. He’s so close - you can feel his breath on you. It makes your spine tingle.
“Don’t be shy.. you’re beautiful.”
You want to tell him that that only makes you more shy but he’s got his eyes glued onto you, anticipatory, and you can’t believe yourself but god it makes you wet. How he stares, how he longs for it.
You go slow, shifting your fingers to be at the right angle. You know yourself well, so many nights alone in your bedroom, thinking of him. The visual of him wide-eyed and slick mouthed, makes it easy to do again. You put the pressure slowly, just to fingers so he can see - and relieve yourself. Touch yourself in front of his very eyes, slowly forgetting the humiliation. You’re not sure how long he wants you to go, but it feels so good to get the pressure off. Your toes curl and Deku speaks under his breath.
“So pretty.. all of you,” ― his hands are at your navel, spreading you further ― “I love looking at you.”
You feel like you could cum from nothing at all. The pleasure for now is a frazzle crescendo. It’s not enough - like even if you came from it, you would still be chasing after another one. You need more, so much more - need him. You keep asking for him, after each little pant you call for him. He murmurs, voice soft as sand, almost breaking apart after each word.
“‘zuku, Izuku,”
“I’m here, I’m here baby.”
Again and again, making your orgasm stir. The knot inside of you slowly comes undone, piece by piece, but it’s not what you want. It frustrates you, annoyance welling up inside of you until you can’t take it anymore. Your brows are furrowed and it almost feels itchy. All it is is need, an insufferable amount of need.
“N-need you so bad,” ― you manage, words caught like they’re stuck in your chest ― “Please, please.. touch me,”
“Okay.. shh, shh - it’s okay.”
He moves your hands by your wrist, mouth curling around your fingers. He shivers, eyes curious and eager. You look at him hazy, drunk off of a sense of lust you can’t shake.
He takes a few more kisses up your skin, down your navel, then with one hot stroke - runs his tongue against your entire sex before resting right at your clit. Your eyes go wide with a gasp. The reaction from you is immediate, hands going to tangle themselves in the mess of green hairs. His sturdy hands are quick to clasp your thighs. They go underneath your thighs, dragging you towards him with an inexplicable strength. His face is practically buried in it, bumping his nose against your clit until he settled himself. He brushes your pubes back a little with a hum.
“Aaah, fuck - hnggh,”
The noise is so obscene, scorching hot tongue sliding against your folds. It’s so fucking overwhelming, all-consuming - what you’ve wanted for so long. He shifts around and watches for your reaction each time he tries something new. Flattens the muscle against the throbbing little bundle of nerves, pointing it and flicking. He watches and waits until he finds a good pace - learning as he goes. It doesn’t feel as clumsy as it should. As you wish it would. It just feels pleasurable, too much and not enough.
He sucks your clit between his lips until it’s on his tongue, and flattens against it at a maddening pace. The kind of natural ability he has makes your toes curl, mind lost to something. A far out, funny feeling holds you down to the sheets as his arms tight around the back of your thighs. He’s so deep, tongue buried in your cunt and it’s filthy. Shamelessly loud as he licks and licks and licks like it’s his only reason to be alive. His hands feel around till they find yours and he locks fingers as he does it, and everything in the room is spinning.
“Ooh, I-Izuku,”
He hums against your clit and looks up at you through his lashes, and you feel your whole body go slack from the visuals. All you can think to yourself is that you want to cum, over and over, you want to cum. You want to cum all over his face, down his chin. You wanna be all over his everything
“I’m gonna..! I’m gonna c-cum, I’m gonna cum, Izuku.”
He doesn’t stop, doesn’t stutter, doesn’t slow - like he knows if he shifts even a little, he’ll lose his chance. You can hardly think, mind completely blank as you reach your peak - the climax. You can feel it. It’s so unbearably there that every word out of your mouth becomes mish-mash and gibberish.
“Ohmyg’d, oh, oh please.”
Your whole body locks up and you cum - you cum so hard you can barely breath. A gasp gets webbed inside of your lungs and all you can do is spasm unbearably. You grind your clit into his tongue, your orgasm making everything inside of you tremble. Your walls clench harshly around nothing at all and he still hasn’t moved or slowed. You try to move, overstimulated but he doesn’t budge - he just changes the pace and angle.
It doesn’t settle you much, the syrupy lustful feeling, only stronger with the passing seconds. Deku groans as he breaks to lap up as much of your cum as he possibly can. You can feel his saliva dribbling down your sex. He lets go of your hands only so he can spread your thighs as wide as they can go - looking at your swollen clit with almost affection. He stares at it for a few minutes, another hand resting on your navel as his thumb brushes over it. You shake as he touches it.
“You take it so good.. good girl,” ― he praises naturally, easily ― “Such a good girl. Wanna make you give you one more.. before I fuck you.”
Your voice is so rough by now, you cough a little as you look at him.
“W-what about you? W..wanna touch you too.”
He smiles, a soft and pretty smile - it makes you dizzy to even look at. Everything about him makes you so damn dizzy. You give into him unintentionally when he grins, kissing the hood of your clit.
“Some other time, maybe,” ― he announces to you softly, sweetly ― “Just wanna take care of you today.”
You nod for him, absently and without another warning - he tongues your clit again. This time wraps around, sucking on it soft but not doing much else. You question him, briefly, until you feel his fingers.
Izuku’s hands have always been of interest. They’re big, thick, and strong. Everything is sturdy but his hands especially make you desperate. All scar tissue, gnarled from years of use, and so bulky. You’ve always found them attractive - many daydreams surrounding them. You can almost feel the ridges of them even in your fantasy but now he’s right in front of you. His middle finger is so much thicker than yours. Clean and pretty hands, he presses to your hole. You’re so soft inside, it makes his chest tight. He can’t imagine he’ll be able to fuck you long if you feel like this.
“You’re soaking wet, huh?” ― he laughs a little, smiling ― “Cute.”
You don’t have it in you to get upset with him. With the way his finger slowly slips inside of you and prods around, all you can do is whimper a little. You feel strange, pliable in a way you’ve never been in your life. Terribly vulnerable.
“F-feels different,”
You cover your face with your hands, shivering.
“Your hands are so much bigger than mine.. so it feels.. yknow,”
“Does it feel good, baby?”
There it is again, baby. You clench unintentionally, and he has to hide his laughter so as not to embarrass you any further.
“Feels really good. I want more.. please,”
“You’re so cute. You sure you’re ready..? Don’t wanna hurt you,”
You nod a little but he still seems unsure, so he fucks it in and out of you first. His fingers prod inside and he finds it, that little spongy part a few inches deep, pressing onto it without intent. It makes your whole body freeze and tremble, and he stares at you wide-eyed. You’ve got a hand clasped over your mouth, unsure of what it was until he does it again.
“Hnggh, Izuku,”
He hears you loud and clear so he laughs, this time his pointer finger. He’s quick about it this time, granting you the most bare minimum mercies. His fingers stretch you out good, but you’re so wet from cumming once and his saliva, slick on everything. It’s enough to burn just a little but not so much it hurts. You just feel a little full, a little pleased. Deku slides them into you slowly, deeply - and curls them up press against your g-spot. This time, you have a full body reaction - back arching up off the bed. Fingering yourself rarely feels like much of anything but when it’s him, it makes you ache and drip with pure need. This pleasure is a little more hazy to start, but when he fucks them in and out of you, something shifts.
He finds a rhythm that has you breathing heavy, panting between long breaths like there’s not enough air in your lungs. It’s electrifying, sending little sparks through you every time he finds it. This pleasure is deeper, like you can feel it in a place you didn’t know it existed. It carves something out of you. You whimper as he takes your clit into his mouth one more time and the added layer makes your throat constrict.
You really don’t know how to proceed. Your whole body looks like it’s in a state of shock, the dull pressure of his fingers on your sweet spot with the current of your clit buzzing on his tongue. Warm mouth, humming a little just to see you twitch. He’s knuckle deep inside of you, reaching almost into your throat.
“It feel so good, feel so good, Izu.”
He goes a little harder when you call his name, thinking about how he can barely hold himself up. He spares you a little, stretching you out and holding it. He manages to fit all of it inside, rubbing against your walls with precision.
You look so damn good falling apart, all swollen lips and round mouth and pretty blinking lashes. Your eyes go soft, hooded with desire as he fucks into you with two fingers. He adds another when he knows it feels good for you - the little mewl because it’s not enough, another one, so slowly entering inside of you. You feel stuffed to the brim, a never ending fullness. You can’t help yourself but imagine his thick cock inside of you and how that’ll stretch you so nice.
You weren’t sure if it was possible to feel more pleasure but he proves you wrong instantly. His mouth descends on you and he sets his fast pace, consistent. Pleasure again and again and again in little intervals. Your mouth is dropped open in an open scream, this orgasm so much more deep. You can feel how much it will rock you, the sheer force of it has you drooling. You’re his pretty girl, and he can’t help but stare at your blurry expression.
It’s a tremor, unsteady. The first waves of it having your mouth going slack - it’s the kind of orgasm that sort of just creeps on you. It’s brief but strong, an impossible impact like the splitting of atom. It’s one moment, just a little bit longer. Suddenly your mouth is open so wide, unhinged jaw aching and your head thrown violently on the sheets.
“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, ohfuck, ohfuck,”
It’s more brief but you cum and you cum hard. You can barely understand how it happens, the rapid shaking as you blink tears away from your eyes. Entirely overwhelmed, you swallow your shock.
“Holy shit,” you gasp, staring at him. “Holy shit!”
You watch as he takes his fingers out and sticks them into his mouth, not a lick of hesitation. It makes you flush how he tastes it, a soft moan from his mouth. His tongue drives over all the edges and then he wipes them on his thigh. He leans up, just to kiss you right after and you can taste yourself in his mouth.
“You taste nice,” he tells you, so earnestly it makes your whole body rise with heat. You ignore replying, just kissing him harder and making him laugh. After everything, you find some strength in your hands and reach down, peering at his cock. He’s big. The only way you can describe it is thick, like a coke can. You reach out for, small hands wrapped around it and he moans, especially loud. It makes your eyes go wide.
“It’s so big, Izuku,” you say, breathless. He gives you a sheepish smile.
“Ah.. you think so?”
You frown a little, tugging at it. He drops his head a little as you jerk him off, precum making your hands slick.
“It is big. I wanna.. wanna feel it,”
He gives you a shaky smile, hands reaching towards the other side of the bed.
“Ah.. do you have any condoms?”
You give him a little laugh, releasing your hands from his cock and wrapping them around neck, pulling him down towards you again.
“Did you think I was kidding earlier?”
He doesn’t remember at first, confused - but as soon as he does, his mouth goes agape. His eyes almost seem like they hit the top of his hairline. A shiver runs through him as you give him another kis, grinding your hips up just a little. He groans into your mouth.
“Fuck.. are you sure?” he asks, hot at just the thought of not using a condom. He can barely imagine it, how it’ll feel to take you all the way raw on his cock. You nod at him, smiling as he pulls away.
“I wanna feel it in me raw, ‘s so big. It’s a waste otherwise,” ― you let go and he sits back, watching as you use your fingers to spread your pussy out for him, chuckling ― “It’s a reward for all your hard work,”
Izuku feels like he might lose his mind, staring as he strokes his cock with one hand. If he can last more than three thrusts, he’ll be impressed with himself. Maybe all of his years edging himself will finally prove to be worth his effort. A molten heat starts in his stomach, all the blood rushing to his cock with infallible force. He stares at your cunt, pretty and open for him- all pulsing and hot. He shivers again, and drags you to him. He lets the heavy weight of his cock sit right against your cunt, pressing down a little. You blink at him before whimpering, the heavy head of his dick pulsing against your clit with need.
He drags it, grinds it in and watches through lidded eyes as cum and saliva mix all over it. A little shiver evades him, throwing his head back as he grinds steadily into your pussy. His head is thrown back, mouth dropped open and moaning your name. You watch as his hips stutter, just grinding against your pussy, eagerly but agonizingly slow. It feels so fucking good. It’s an excruciatingly slow buildup of pleasure, how he just feels you.
“Izuku, please,” you plead, hands reaching for him. He grabs them and pins them to the bed with a soft smile, humming.
“Told you I’d take care of you.. be patient.. I wanna feel you,”
You aren’t sure how much more you can take but then it happens. He leans, tell you to take a deep breath, and then you feel it. The head of his cock, curved and weighted, pressing against your hole. It makes you whine, makes your mouth drop into a shocked gasp. You want to squirm or cling but your hands are still pinned so you can’t thrash. You can’t do anything but lay there and take it.
You feel every single inch as it slides so miserably slow inside of you. He’s being sweet with you, his voice in your ear with adoring praise - little whimpering sounds “fuck you feel good, so good,” over and over. It makes you wet, clenching further on his cock as your whole body pulses like a beating hard. You feel ravenous, starving to be so full of him you can’t breathe. He’s just so fucking thick, no matter how you take it. It stabs your lungs, thick. So, so big - it makes you stretch impossibly wide. It’s not like anything you’ve ever felt in your life. He swallows some saliva in his mouth.
“Half-way, baby. J-just a little more”
You can’t think.. only half? You brace yourself, snivelling. You feel a mess, are a mess - listening to the loud shlick sounds. Your brain feels static, whole body giving into the feeling of being fucked full. You want him so bad you don’t know what to do, every word you’ve learned is lost to coveting him. You want him so blindly.
“Iz-Izuku, please fuck me, please,”
Without another word, he lets his hips rut - a sharp thrust that makes you scream, silent. He’s so deep inside it makes you scramble, and he leans down to kiss you. You feel his cock inside your stomach, it’s so big. It feels incredible, so hot and heavy and big. All you can think about is how it feels inside, mind free from anything other than him. Izuku Midoriya, so big and handsome and sweet. He groans into your mouth.
“Can I move, baby?”
“Please. Please move,”
He lets go of your hands, grabbing your legs and sliding them over his shoulders. He looks so fucking pretty, all green-haired and freckled skin and his dick inside of you. So deep it aches, he presses a kiss to the back of your calf - your legs pressed together giving you perfect pressure on your clit. You don’t know how to do anything but brace yourself, fingers buried in the sheets as he pulls his hips back. He’s clearly going slow for you, at least for now - the pace he sets is steady.
His cock feels nothing short of fucking incredible. This rolling pleasure inside of you on your spot and the steady pressure on your clit from where his hands rest on your navel. You can see how hard he focuses to get you to cum agains, how he rolls his hips with all the strength and finesse he can. Izuku fucks you with dancer's hips, so steady and worked out. He doesn’t look tired, his core tightening so he can get the angle just right. It feels like you’re being torn apart, uprooted like grass from the ground. The pleasure is particularly mind-numbing. So terribly desperate. Sweat dripping down the side of his forehead, he goes soft on you. You’re boneless and he gives you a soft smile.
“You take it so well,” ― he praises, kissing up the back of your leg, bending you ― “Such a pretty girl. You’re beautiful.. wanna see the face you make when you cum again. Please? Can you do that for me?”
The praise has you reeling, nodding with pouty lips and too fucked out to respond proper. This orgasm hits you like a natural disaster, this brilliant and overwhelming force of nature that has everything inside of you feeling ruined beyond repair. He ruins you so gracefully, until you are warm and tight around his cock and all your troubles reduce into nothing. It makes him preen, his pretty baby - so fucking sweet around his cock. He wants to cum but he wants you to cum again, just one more time, just for him.
“Izuku, hngg, Izuku,” it comes out hazardous, a warning for what's next. All the lust and need and everything, all at fucking once. It’s an earthquake, the entire hurricane of everything crashing into you. Your whole body seizes, as you cum on his cock - wearily.
“Oh.. oh my fucking god,” and you cum, hard, right on his cock. He groans as he feels it, finally - the way it pulsates and holds onto him like it would hate to let go. He groans as he fucks into you with no will to stop, a little sloppier now.
“Fuck, fuck - you’re so tight. I’m gonna cum soon, wh-where do you,”
You clench down on him this time on purpose and he groans, falling forward and folding you completely in half. You blink at him, still feeling the waves of your own climax but egging him on anyway. You smile at him.
“Cum inside me, Izuku,” ― you whisper, voice hoarse with exhaustion ― “I’m gonna drain you for all your worth,”
The sound of your sultry voice sends him reeling, and in the last few minutes - he lets himself go. Fucking you so hard your headboard digs into your wall and cumming inside of you in what feels like seconds. He cums and cums and it fills you up so deeply. It makes your whole body shiver as you feel him unload - thick white hot streams pouring until there’s nothing left to give.
He collapses on top of you, completely breathless and half-way out of his mind. You feel his cock soften inside of you as you wrap your arms around his back and relax your legs. The two of you kiss like that for a long while, sharing soft glances in the dimness of your room. You’re exhausted but he seems fine, kissing all over your face and cheeks. You let him pamper you, giggling a little.
“It’s raining out.. can you hear it?,”
He nods, smiling at you.
“Do you like the rain?” he asks you. You shrug a little, smiling at him.
“I’ve always wanted to spend a day inside with someone I love, that’s all,” ― you hum ― “Kinda romantic right?”
His whole body feels weightless. This burden, this love, everything inside of him. All the parts of him he so slowly gives to you - there’s no way it wouldn’t feel romantic. He chuckles a little, staring at the window.
“Yeah… I think it’s romantic too,”
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1495. Formalwear
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Hire this High-Quality Ghost now! a MASTERPIECE!
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The dining room remains just as architect Addison Mizner designed it, complete with a table he procured for Charles Munn in Europe.
Private Palm Beach - Tropical Style, 1992
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[Suits - Itachi and Kisame]
These are more recent ones. I wanted to do a series with all of the Akatsuki members in formal/semi formal wear. As I make them, I’ll be uploading them in pairs.
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