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#former cop geoff au

Geoff being a young cop in Los Santos trying to make difference in the city - He fails and loses hope. His friend has become corrupt, no one believes in him - he’s alone. He’s about to call it quits when he meets Jack. She’s a petty criminal with heart of gold. She steals to give to others in need.

She tells Geoff that he dosen’t need to be a cop to make change. That he can help people if he’s willing to get his hands dirty.

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He did actually ! He caught Jack a few times. At the time she was just a basic thief/pickpocket. He’d picked her up a couple times but usually let her go. Just giving her a warning. They ran into eachother quite a bit and develop a friendship. It becomes a game of cat & mouse for them. It gets to the point Geoff dosen’t stops bothering to take her in. He eventually asks her why she does what she does.

She explains to him that she was in bad position and ran. She had no where to go, no one to go to. She steals and pickpockets enough to get by.

This really gets Geoff thinking about how flawed the system is.

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