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#formula 1

Yuki: Charles says you’re a bad influence on me.

Pierre: Sharl is a liar and you should never listen to him.

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Interviewer: Do you get along with your teammate?

Yuki: Yes I do! It was a bit awkward at first, but ever since we tried to adopt that pand— I mean *nervous coughing* yes yes, we get along great *smiles innocently*

Charles [from the other side of the room]: You did what?! PIERRE!!!!

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Lando: Ok, answer quickly! If I suddenly turned into a kid version of me, what would you do?

George: Send you back to your family.

Alex: Help figure out what happened to you and then try and fix it?

Charles: Adopt you, name you Charles Jr, and attend your funeral after you’ve been declared dead because you know….. no one will know you’re a child again.




Charles: What? You said answer quickly. That’s all I could come up with!

Lando: The fact that you thought about attending my funeral and everything is deeply disturbing, mate. But I appreciate the consideration.

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“what was god’s name, i forgot” 🤦‍♀️

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sebastian vettel ended toxic masculinity in f1 and you can’t change my mind

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As Daniel Ricciardo was born in Perth, are there any pictures of him with a Quokka? This is important I need to know

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P: I’m looking for the Bosphorus Bridge…

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Bahrain to offer COVID-19 vaccination for F1 testing and race attendees
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So you’re gonna tell me that the drivers and teams will get the vaccine in Bahrain while normal not-rich people have to wait?

If it continues like this in Germany, I will get the vaccine… In a few months at best. Maybe before my birthday in September.

If we take Mick, he’s two years older than me. There is legit no difference between us other than the amount of money on our bank accounts.

What is this major rich people bullshit.

And yes, I get that it’s good to keep the teams save but???

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Apparently at some point when Pierre and I were flirting with each other but not quite in a relationship, he asked me how I felt about pet names, to which I replied, “Well you have to call them something.”
The fact that I have managed to end up in a relationship is really a testament to his patience.
Your boyfriend is moronsexual.
Please don’t call my boyfriend a moron.
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Today I got banned from an f1blr discord for joking that we should play the rate-the-badguy game using Helmut Marko, and then defending it to the mods as a joke.

*winks* If you’re gonna go down for something, at least make it something you can stand by.

#joking about the game #not a fan of the man

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i’m actually gonna cry 🥺

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Hello quick q is using “mega” to mean “great” (ex: “mega race, man!”) a motorsport thing or like a non-American English thing because I had never heard it used that way until I got into F1 where it’s apparently everyone’s favorite adjective

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