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Friendship… The Confessional - Atacama - Roswell New Mexico (TV 2019) [Archive of Our Own]
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Scenario regarding Forrest and Alex (and Michael) in season 3: After the time jump we learn that Alex and Forrest are no longer together but were fairly serious. During the relationship, Forrest told Alex about his military past and revealed some information about Deep Sky (perhaps he was in it at one point, maybe he just mentioned it in passing to Alex). In present day, Alex calls Forrest for information on Deep Sky. 

This could make so much sense. It would explain why Forrest is in an early episode but seemingly only that one (so far). It would be a reason Jeanine said malex fans would be happy about forlex in the season. It would explain Forrest’s ring and make his military background relevant. And it would give forlex fans some closure and give all of us the knowledge that Alex did have a relationship with someone who cared about him, but it just didn’t work out - though they’re still on good enough terms to be talking. 

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so i have a bit of an unpopular opinion (i think it’s unpopular, i see a lot of people strongly disagreeing) 

i actually really liked the way roswell new mexico ended (mostly speaking about relationships here) 

starting with echo, i think its good for liz to go to california (?) and work on her projects. i see where she was coming from with the lab and everything, but i also think that she took a risk doing that and (unknowingly) put the aliens at risk. and she is def gonna be back in roswell by s3 and i hope she and max talk things through because srlsy communication is key guys (but then we wouldn’t have any drama so…) and i think down the line they will get back together. 

then we have the subject of michael, alex, maria and forrest. this is the part that i see lots of people hating. i actually like the idea of forrest and alex together, because they have things in common (the army and maybe also the fact that their families are quite homophobic) and i really hope forrest stays around (alex needs more friends, and a friend of his own) and i just genuinely like his character. now for michael and maria, i have mixed thoughts. i really like them together but whether or not the show puts them back together, rn either is fine with me (i’m curious to see how their relationship is after the time jump). i also really want to see more of alex and maria’s friendship. i believe that malex is endgame, that’s for sure, but i also think, as michael said in the finale, this is not their time. 

overall, i enjoyed how the show treated their relationships (there are also some things i son’t like, but i am not a show writer, my google docs is just full of drafts) and i am curious as to what happens in season 3

if you want to discuss things, feel free to! my askbox and my inbox are always open and i will be happy to talk about roswell! 

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I wanna make a forrestkyle amv so bad but we have NO footage

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A prompt for forlex: (sorry if this sucks or its not what you’re looking for) protective and head over heels Forrest…perhaps him going off on M*ria and trying to keep her away from Alex. And Alex just being extremely happy and free with him

I did not intend this to be a 2x06 spite fic of sorts, but that’s what happened.


There was this spark that lit in Alex’s eyes whenever he sat at his keyboard piano. A way he bit his lower lip as his fingers hovered above the keys, a way he smiled to himself whenever he tinkered with the notes and managed an accidental, beautiful melody.

“Not bad, huh?” he’d say with a shy smile that made Forrest want to grab his face and kiss him senseless to show him just how not bad it was.

Instead, Forrest would rest his chin on his palm as he watched Alex with a fond smile that he had no hopes or desire of ever controlling.

“That’s one way of describing it,” he’d say, and Alex would blush and look away, like he couldn’t believe the complement but liked hearing his boyfriend’s praise anyway.

Forrest had a love/hate relationship with that reaction. On the one hand, Alex Manes was the cutest man alive, screw whatever anyone else said, and he was glad to be the only one allowed to see that side of him.

On the other, he hated Alex not knowing how special he was. And when he remembered the quiet confessions made in diner booths and in the small space between them in bed, Forrest knew who to blame for it all.

He was laid out on the couch now, listening to his boyfriend play around with the keys and occasionally stopping to jot something down in his song writing book, when a knock came at the door.

Alex stopped writing and looked over his shoulder, brows furrowed.

Forrest lifted his head slightly off the armrest. “You promised you’d rest today, Alex.”

He shrugged. “I have no idea who that could be.”

Forrest sighed, pushing himself to stand. “I do. No, sit down,” he said as Alex began to move off the settee. “I’ll take care of it.”

“But I —”

Forrest took Alex’s face and smothered him with kisses, turning his objections to laughter.

“Okay, okay,” Alex giggled as he grabbed Forrest’s sweater, keeping him close instead of pushing him away. “Whatever you want.”

Forrest pecked his lips once more and returned his attention to the person who had knocked again.

His smile dimmed as he opened the door and found Maria. She tilted her head in what Forrest supposed was meant to seem cute. Clearly, she wanted something.

“Hi, Forrest,” she said. “Glad to see you’re here.”

“Hey, Maria,” he said with a sigh, leaning against the doorframe, his arms crossed. “And yeah, Alex has a day off, so we’re working on some music and stuff.”

“And stuff,” she raised her eyebrows suggestively. “Well, it’s good. Alex needs a day off with his boyfriend.”

The tension in Forrest’s shoulders began to fade. “Yeah,” he said. “He does.”

“I won’t take up too much time,” she said, and the dread returned. She held up the laptop she’d been carrying in one arm and tapped it. “I just need him for, like, two minutes.”

As she moved toward the door, Forrest sidestepped to block her path, holding his hand up to keep the other side blocked, too.

“Yeah,” he said with grim resignation. “I don’t think so.”

Maria frowned at him. “Excuse me?”

“Maria, I just told you,” he said. “This is his one day off in months. Whatever you need, can’t you save it for tomorrow?”

“Alex doesn’t mind,” she defended.

“Because this is how he thinks friends are supposed to act,” Forrest said, getting more and more frustrated. Was this really how they’d been treating Alex all these years? He probably didn’t mind being taken advantage of, so it was okay?

“I want to talk to Alex.”

“I don’t really care what you want, Maria,” he said, pinching the bridge of his nose. “I think what you want has taken enough priority in Alex’s life, don’t you? If you ask him for something, he’ll feel obligated to help you. But he’s finally having some fun, let him enjoy himself.”

She scoffed, offended. “You’re acting like I’m asking him for things all the time.”

“No,” Forrest said, “that would mean talking to him. And you don’t. You just pretty much take whatever you want, don’t you?”

She looked furious. “Where’s Alex?” she demanded. “I want to talk to Alex.”

Forrest checked over his shoulder to make absolutely sure Alex couldn’t hear them, and stepped down. “Why?” he asked. “Think if you’ll keep pushing, you’ll get what you want from Alex again?”

She blanched. “I… I don’t —”

“Oh, I think you do,” he said, somehow managing to keep his voice steady. “But, see, that won’t work this time. Because I’m here. And Alex knows that if he says no to you, I’ll still be here to keep him safe, to tell him it’s okay, to love him anyway.”

Forrest shook his head, disgusted. “I only wish Guerin had given him that same protection from you. But you both. Just. Needed him too much. Right?”

Maria stood, horrified and furious and near tears. Forrest didn’t care. The only person he cared about was sitting inside, creating stories with his piano. He turned and closed the door behind him, and made his way back to the living room.

“Hey,” Alex said distractedly, “who was at the door?”

Forrest sat down next to him, and kissed his shoulder. “I took care of it, Cap.”

Alex raised an amused brow at him. “Anything I need to know?”

Forrest shook his head, pulling Alex in closer by the waist and kissing his cheek, making his smile widen. At the sight and touch of him, warm and happy and safe here, Forrest felt himself able to relax again. “I took care of it, baby.”

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“Hey there, cowboy.”

Michael’s hand tightened around his coffee as he slid deeper into the booth, exuding all the false bravado he could muster. With a tilt of his chin, he greeted his surprise breakfast guest who was helping himself to a piece of bacon.

“Forrest. How can I help you on this beautiful morning?”

Smiling, Forrest looked down at the table top taking a deep breath, making Michael squirm uncomfortably in his seat. Reaching behind him, Forrest produced a wrinkled piece of paper, pressing it gently on the cold Formica. Michael found himself leaning forward, trying to see what Forrest was taking such gentle care of.

“You know I’m in love with Alex, right?”

Every muscle in Michael’s body tensed and he couldn’t keep the frown off his face. Before he could speak, Forrest managed to stop him in his tracks.

“And you’re in love with Alex, too.”

With his heart racing, Michael nodded, biting his lip in discomfort.

Silently Forrest pushed the paper across the surface. He picked up Michael’s coffee and cradled it in his hands, taking a sip while his eyes never left Michael’s face. 

With soft fingers, Michael carefully picked up the paper and read the messily written words. Some he recognized, the memories wrapping Michael in a warm embrace but some were new, jarring his from his reverie, reminding him of what he’d let slip away. 

“We both know those lyrics aren’t for me, Alien Guy.”

Without lifting his eyes from the paper, Michael nodded wordlessly again, unable to stop reading the song over and over again.

“You still dating the beautiful bartender?”

Swallowing the lump in his throat, Michael croaked out, “no,” watching Forrest smile and nod before taking a final gulp of Michael’s drink.

“Good.” He slid from the booth and stood, tossing a few bucks on the table. “Do something about Alex, okay? Don’t be that guy who ends up alone or, worse, ends up in a relationship knowing the one is still out there.” 

He gave Michael’s shoulder a kind but firm squeeze and whispered, “someone will sweep him up and take him away someday, man. He’s fucking incredible. Stop wasting time, Cowboy.” 

He nodded again and gave a wave to Liz behind the counter. Michael placed his shaking hands on the table, food growing cold to the side as he read and reread the lyrics. 

“We all want you to be happy, Mikey,” Liz whispered with a soft smile as she poured him another coffee. “Go get your man.”

Michael laughed, blinking back tears. His fingers danced across the words, never look away blurring before a tear dropped and smeared the black ink. Behind the ink, a pop of gold surprised Michael, a crinkle of confusion rising between his eyebrows.

With a sniff, he flipped the paper over and brought his fist to his mouth, desperately covering the sob that tried to escape. The drawing didn’t seem to be of anything in particular but it spoke to Michael instantly. The turquoise in the sky, the same familiar color as his beloved truck. The stars that seemed to shine a bit too brightly, covered in wisps of clouds, making everything look celestial, cosmic. Tumbleweeds surrounding an abandoned guitar, colored too yellow, too golden to be natural. 

Alex loved him. Alex loved him and Michael had let him go. He folded the paper and tucked it in his shirt pocket. He wiped his nose and dropped a ten on the table. 

He didn’t stop moving until he had Alex in his sights.

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That massive comment I added to my last rb (apologies, @donnasweett) gave me an idea: the ideal RNM polycule

(Yes I’d be willing to elaborate further but only if asked)

(Description: a diagram demonstrating the relationship between Alex Manes, Forrest Long, Kyle Valenti, Michael Guerin, and Liz Ortecho, where each link signifies a romantic/sexual relationship. Kyle is in the middle, linked to all four other characters. Michael and Liz are also linked, as are Alex and Forrest. Michael is not linked to Alex and Liz is not linked to Forrest).

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i am rewatching the series spartacus and i realises that tiberius is played by the same guy who plays forrest long in roswell new mexico and now i cant look at either of them the same way anymore

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it’s probably time to finally give up on rnm, nothing about the show or the fandom brings much joy anymore and all the negative things outweight the very few things that i was excited about 

pretty much everything that’s been shared about s3 turns me off. it’s obvious by now that forrest will only be back for one episode to end things with alex and to wrap things up. jeanine talked about wanting to see more characters of color, particulary Native American but instead of casting mindy, clay and trying to give believable development to flint they’re too busy hiring dozens of white guest stars. 

it looks like they replaced flint with greg, who’s conveniently very white passing, and gave flint’s long-anticipated redemption storyline to wyatt. the best we can hope for flint is that he’ll work on redeeming himself off screen and towards the end of the season he makes a short apperance to apologize to aliens or whatever. And this is just not satisfying to me at all. 

but why waste screentime for a reedemption arc of an abused native man when you can focus on white supremacists and racist rednecks amrite? it’s like the show is not even hiding that only white characters deserve second chances and only their pain matters. 

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The 18+ Roswell Discord got me back on this vampire bullshit…. so i wrote a little bit the other night. Get’s kinda naughty at the end. Hope you enjoy it. I have NO CLUE when I’ll be writing more and posting more…. but rn I’m so into this. Ugh, I love vampires. Fucking love them. Anyway, enjoy! Would love to here if you’d be interested in me continuing this AU or not.  (Tags would be: Jealousy, Blood, Typical Vampire Behavior, Blow Jobs….I think thats it?)


           “Were you jealous, Michael?” Alex asked, arms caging Michael in against the dark wood paneled hallway. The lights were dimmed and despite the noise that drifted up from the bottom of the stairs, it felt private in the upper hallway leaning against Michael’s apartment door. Alex pushed his body in closer, enjoying the heat that came from Michael in waves, so much warmer than even his own skin which still sung with the blue-haired boy’s blood. He felt drunk with how he’d indulged himself, gorged himself on Forrest in his fit of pique, and now he was drunk on the heat and smell of the man in front of him like he was a different vice altogether. He wondered what Michael had seen when he’d walked into Alex’s sitting room, what his mind had told him he was seeing, because surely if he’d seen Alex’s fangs or the blood pooling on his lips he would screaming right now, fighting, running away. He wouldn’t be staring boldly into Alex’s eyes, gaze scorching across Alex’s skin as his entire body challenged him to take Michael next. Alex’s gums itched to let down his teeth and he hovered his mouth inches from Michael’s spit-slick lips. “Did you want that to be you?”

          Michael shuddered slightly, his eyes dipped closed, and Alex could hear the hammering of his heart under his skin and see the pulsing of the vein in his neck. He’d had him in his dreams for weeks, but this was reality. Would he taste as good as he did in dreams? Would he be as pliant beneath Alex’s hands, as wanton and needy? Had Alex imagined the pitch of his moans correctly and how he’d rip the frail lace of Alex’s bedspread with his clutching fingers? Would Alex finally indulge himself in tasting Michael once and for all, drawing deep from him and feeding it back?

         “You’ve been tormenting me for weeks. I see you when I close my eyes at night, feel your body against mine in my dreams, and then when I’m awake here you are again taunting me. I can’t escape you and you can’t seem to leave me alone,” Michael responded, voice dark and husky with lust as much as anger. He reached out a hand between them and cupped Alex through his pants, hand curling over the outline of Alex’s straining cock. “And I would never leave you like this.”

           Alex wanted to tell him that Forrest had nothing to do with that. That was all Michael’s fault with the way he’d watched rapt from the doorway, frozen in shock, but body pouring out desire and outrage at the sounds Forrest was making and the way he clung to Alex’s body with his own. When he’d turned and fled the room, Forrest was almost dead, and Alex had to lie him gently onto the couch before he could follow Michael up the stairs. Forrest, who knew what he was and craved the knife’s edge between life and death that he always danced upon when he submitted to Alex’s kiss. Forrest, whom Alex would’ve killed tonight just to watch Michael’s eyes continue to dilate as he held Alex’s, to hear his breath quicken and deepen as the blood began to rush south, to smell the intense aroma of whiskey, rain, and oranges that always seemed to infuse everything when Michael was around.

           After a few quick tugs at Alex’s waist, Michael was dropping to his knees and exposing Alex to the cool air of the hallway before enveloping him in the wet, devastating clutch of his lips and mouth.  Alex couldn’t say anything, couldn’t think, past his ragged breaths and need to bury himself deep in Michael’s throat. He looked down, catching Michael’s eyes as he stared up at him, tongue moving sinfully around the head of Alex’s cock and before he could do something worse, Alex was collapsing forward against the wall over Michael’s head. He sank his teeth into his forearm, the blood cool and unsatisfying as it filled his mouth when what he craved was right below him hot and willing. Michael kept moving below him, kept swallowing him down and stroking him and Alex could only squeeze his eyes shut, grunts and groans pushing past where he’d latched onto his own arm as he rode the waves of ecstasy rolling through him. Michael was damning his soul to eternity with how close he was to making Alex lose control.

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Me: *Shipping Kylex , Malex and Forlex because i just wanna see Alex happy*

X: You can’t shipp Alex with everybody…


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