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I wanted lose weight soo I download this app (Yaizo) and I know anorexian is not good but I wanna be. Now I wach Avatar The Last Airbender.

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Te perdonaré, pero primero quiero verte arder.

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//okok Anakin has made his return. 😏//


Dom¡ Anakin x reader

Warning: Daddy kink, rough play, overstimulation, Hair pulling, fingering, Choking kink.


(Y/n’s) POV

“I think it’s safe to say the little stunt you pulled earlier today was not okay. Don’t you think?"Anakin asked, his tone eerily calm, yet sounding like that of an almost patronizing father scolding their child. A firm hand found itself resting upon your right shoulder. While the other lay atop your head, gently caressing your (h/c) tresses, Anakin’s fingers were threading through it lightly, in a nurturing, almost loving fashion. But you knew better, this was anything but a lovers warm touch. There was a captivating, controlling notion behind it. He felt his relatively passive outlook towards your foolish actions were what scared you the most. His ability to assert his dominance over you in a properly mature manner; this was the one thing that ever truly concerned you, made you feel that you’d much rather prefer an outburst of rage and seething jealousy. To elicit a common reactor of most men and women, that normal blinding ascendence, anger and or feeling of deceit. Any of these factors were a hundred times better than Anakin’s ways in coping with your negligence, disrespect, and flirtatious being. Your insubordination never ceased to go unnoticed by him. You were like a map, Anakin could read you every which way. He could see right through you, although Anakin could sometimes never anticipate your every move. For you, he was like a time bomb; and you knew just what made him tick.

”(Y/n) when I ask you a question, I expect an answer. I always expect an answer.“ chided, Anakin. Rather timid, actually. Attempting to respond, you could never find the proper words. It was infuriating  how he made you feel tongue-tied without having to do much. Always at a loss for the right thing to say.

While in deep thought, you had not noticed Anakin’s hand slide further up and around your neck, his fingers gripping lightly, so not as to suffocate you. A startled gasp escapes your lips as you feel him crank your neck backwards, giving you an upside down view of his gorgeous features. His perfectly chiseled face looked down on you. His eyes, once a crystal blue, were now a pitch black sea consumed of darkness. A dark hunger, a lusting.

You began to tremble in slight fear beneath him, your steady heartbeat quickening. He could feel it. Hear it, what with your continued state of absolute silence.

"Oh little dove, don’t go mute on me now.” He cooed, mockingly. “You know what you did.” More and more, your anxiety grew; heavy breathing now turned into light panting that would surely continue to increase by the minute.

Slowly, Anakin bent forward, bringing his face directly next to yours; his plump lips brush against your earlobe, sending goosebumps all over your body.

“You. know. what. you. did.” He repeated, punctuating every syllable" And (Y/n), I want to hear you say it.“ Anakin whispered, in an almost menacing tone, as he then proceeded to nibble along your cartilage. This little action brought upon a muffled moan from you, one which you had so desperately been trying to suppress as he scolded you. Why did you like it. Love it. You didn’t want to like it. He shouldn’t have this affect on you. But somehow he did, it enraged and excited you simultaneously.

After what feels like an eternity of frozen time. You feel large hands grip your forearms tightly, bringing you to your feet. Without warning, your small body was shoved forward; now roughly pressed up against the vanity, one that stood quite tall in the shared bedroom Anakin and yourself had been occupying. The only thing louder than that Furniture piece thudding back against the wall from your tiny frames forceful impact, was the uneven intake of breath coming from the both of you. It was not only that of an exertion, but an inhabitant of a voracious hunger, of anger. The panting of desperation.

Anakin held you in place with his left hand, while his right made its way up the valley between your breasts, until it once again reached to wrap around your neck in a possessive embrace.

"I’m not one to repeat myself (Y/n).

So tell me. why is it that your in the position you are right now?” He said. Right as his face found shelter, nestled along the curve of your neck.

His body pressed firmly against yours, you shuddered faintly at the feel of Anakin’s hard member. That too, made itself quite known. Not another word was said as he began trailing wet kisses down the side of your throat. Fingers press harshly into your sides 1..2..3 times. This was his signaling a warning to you; speak when spoken to. And right now, he demand you explain your every foolish action of the day.

Where would you begin?

“I’m-I just-I wanted-.” Was all you could muster. Anakin did not tolerate the fumbling of words. Even though he found your incoherent babble precious, at other moments amusing. This was not one of those times. At the speed of light, his hand clamped around your jaw forcing your head to the side, both of you finally making direct eye contact. As you expected, the windows to his soul were still a pitch black abyss of lingering lust; an eager dominance swam in those captivating irises. One you had been all to familiar with, staring it down numerous times as the man before you had thrust in and out of your sacred walls.

Mocking a defeated sigh, Anakin’s eyes held yours in a deadlock through the vanity mirror. Although he enjoyed watching you shrink back quietly, not able to speak. His patience for such behavior, had its limits. “Alright then…I’m sorry my dear (y/n). Truly I am.” says Anakin, a fake sincerity evident within his voice. His eyes, that which held very little playful undertones; had now been swallowed up completely by the endless abyss. His ocean blue orbs, now ink shaded, had become thin slits peering at you from the smallest of crevices. “You brought this upon yourself, little dove. You’ve forced my hand.” He adds, cynically. Before you knew it, the top layers of clothing you had on vanished in an instant. In nothing now but your (f/c) lingerie. vulnerable and in somewhat of a sedated trance, you continued to stare Anakin down through the vanity, not once letting your eyesight slip away from his, then again you were unable to look away even if you so desperately desired to. He held you in place with not only his hands or lean body, but his gripping gaze. It just wouldn’t let you go.

His hands began caressing up and down the curves of your body, now and then he’d reach around to feel your supple breasts behind the thin lacy material. You could feel your heart pound against your rib cage, as tingles shot throughout your entire being. Anakin’s lips brush along your neck, feeling the delicious thrumming of your pulse. He could sense your fear and delight. “Your enjoying this aren’t you? All of it.” He cooed. His hands traveled down towards your lower region, fingers skimming at the hemline of your panties. Shivers. An electricity ran up your body like never before. You did.


“What was that? I couldn’t quite hear you, little dove?”

“T-touch me…”

A deep, throaty chuckle escapes his lips. Retrieving his hands, Anakin leans closer to your ears.

“Why..give me one good reason?” He replies, taking a pause at each word. With no shame, no humiliation; you grabbed hold of Anakin’s hand, clinging to it tightly while dragging it back to the one special place you found needed it. Only this time, you pushed his long, hard fingers passed the brim of your undergarments, sliding it across the silken wet folds of your most precious gem. At this, you shudder pleasantly; a fire set a flame within you as a clouded haze consumed your entirety.

You needed him, and you needed him right now.

“I deserve to be taught a lesson, don’t I? Teach me a lesson, daddy. One I won’t soon forget.” Your voice had stopped shaking, now possessing a new found confidence, a sultry sweet essence. You knew it’d drive him crazy, then again. Was that not what you wanted in the first place?


Before you knew it, Anakin had released himself from the confines of his trousers; aligning his member at your entrance, quickly ramming himself within the drenched vulva. A serious of groans stumble from anakin’s lips, all the while you whimper in pure ecstasy.

“I-that f-feels so-.”

“You can never finish a proper sentence, can you dove?” Grins, Anakin;

his hands hold your curvy hips in place. Tightening his grip. Harder, rougher, faster he went. Their were no signs of stopping, he’d go on chasing his delicious release, ever so desperately. Certainly that did not mean he’d cease his attempts at driving you towards the edge, so close, simply to pull you right on back.

You’d never felt such an excessive amount of pleasure in your whole life. No one. Men nor women, would ever be able to bring you the gratification Anakin never abates to give you. Minutes pass and their it is. The stirring; a sensation your all to familiar with. A pressure increasing oh so rapidly in the pit of your belly. You feel as though your body is straining, fighting to latch hold of its sexual liberation. It grows and yearns until it is absolutely unbearable.

“Oh-g-god ye- please l-let me.” Again, your abilities to form a sentence are rendered incomprehensible. You find yourself pushing back hard onto Anakin’s long, swollen cock. At this, he grunts in a pleasurable anger. One hand finds its way into your luscious locks, the other clasps around your neck squeezing lightly. “What exactly are you asking of, pet?” He, scoffs; then proceeds to pull your head back against his broadly defined shoulder. You were so painfully close. Then suddenly, you weren’t.

Anakin halts his fierce movements, his aching manhood still deep inside your Blessed cavern. Gazing at you through the mirror, a smirk expands across his face; eyes still dark with an insatiable need. As you manage to control your heavy breathing, you turn your head to look at him. He could see a pleading look on your face

“I w-want t-to cum, sir. Pl-ease let me.” You beg. As pathetic as it was, you had not a single care left for your dignity to stay intact. Nothing was of importance, except feeling Anakin pummel into your soaking cunt.


“My sweet little girl, do you think I’m doing this to please you? No, not at all. If anything, only one of us will come out of this fully satisfied.” Anakin, hisses. His one hand releases it’s hold on your neck, only just enough to push you closer against the vanity. Spreading your legs wider, arching your back further. “You’ve yet to explain yourself, young lady.” He growls, his fingers threading harshly between the strands of your hair. “I just wanted your attention, daddy.” You whimper. All the while, you attempt lowering a free hand down between your legs, wanting to brush your petit fingers along your engorged clit. You needed to be touched, fucked, anything.

However, this little action had only irritated Anakin all the more. Another growl emits from deep within him. Hastily, he grabs hold of your sides once again, pushing past your slippery walls. You scream out in delight while grabbing hold of Anakin’s biceps, nails digging deeply enough to break skin. Low guttural moans spill past his lips here and there.

“My attention, huh?” He grunts. His hips now ramming viciously into yours, it feels as if though you might break. Did you care? Force, no! He could ruin you completely for all that mattered. As each second passes, his thrusts quicken rapidly. Low groaning and loud whimpers were all that could be heard within the enclosure of the large bedroom. Sweat beaded both yours and Anakin’s hot skin. His hands groped your breasts, pinching the hardening nipples beneath the thin fabric of your brazier; your hands reached up to yank his hair harshly. Something you knew drove him insane. Although you hated to admit it, watching him fuck you senseless like this through the vanity, turned you on more than you could ever imagine. Still, you did not wish for him to know such a thing. You turned your head away from the sight of you two in the reflection of the mirror. Anakin, however, was simply not having it.

“Oh no you don’t.” He says, harshly gripping at your chin, forcing you to look back at the bare figures through the looking glass. “Don’t you dare look away, little girl.”

Over and over again, just as you were about to approach your orgasm. Anakin would pull you back from it. This frustrated you immensely. Tears began to brim at the corners of your eyes.

“Whatever is the matter, precious?” Asks Anakin, mockingly. He knew what.

“Pl-ease d-d-daddy! I need to cum. I’m s-sorry.” You cry out, right as you feel him brush against your g-spot. A fast interaction, but it still shot nerves throughout your body. The tears now streamed down your face. Still, as he notices this, not an ounce of guilt travels through Anakin. Well, perhaps a there might be a sliver of regret. Yet, he still maintained his ground. Another few seconds pass, when he finally stills within you, pulsating violently before coming inside of your needy Canal. You follow not to far behind, ready to quell the aching sensation between your thighs. It never comes. You never come. You tremble, not from an outpouring of orgasmic aftershocks, but of complete overstimulation. You look Anakin dead on, a dangerous glare so fierce washes over your beautiful (e/c) eyes in a silent rage.

He pulls out of you rather quickly, making you weak at the knees from such prominent sensitivity. Though seeing this, he grabs hold of you, hoisting you up to a standing position. Your legs wobble incredibly as you try to find your balance.

Another sly smirk finds its way upon Anakin’s deceitfully stunning face.

“There are other ways of getting my attention, darling.” He starts to say. Leaning the both of you closer to the vanity mirror, gradually pushing aside the tuffs of hair that clung to your face from pure perspiration. Before walking away. He looks back at you with just as much intensity as you did him.

“Purposefully flirting with the Jedi’s in training, is not one of them.” He adds, grinning maliciously.


Jesus Christ! I’m son sorry this took so long to post. I wanted to do it sooner, but I was swamped over with school assignments and work. I really hoped this would come out nicely, but it’s really bad. I’m so sorry! I tried, I really did. 😭

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