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#fossil pokémon
are there any regular common pokemon that are considered cryptids in other regions around the world?

That depends on what you mean by “common.” If you mean “non-legendary and non-supposedly extinct (or fossil),” then not really, as classifying pokémon as such would be akin to classifying animals as cryptids. There are, of course, cases in which we have unconfirmed reports of possible invasive populations (usually buneary or nidoran because people insist on buying those as pets and then never spaying or neutering them despite their ability to propagate like nothing else), but that’s essentially it.

Oh, and of course there are also rare cases of swarms or nests of strange, unidentifiable pokémon, but these often lose their cryptid status after a new extension of the pokédex comes out. After that point, it’s simply a matter of locating and documenting these swarms and colonies based on the research from the newly added region, and 99% of the time, these swarms go from being cryptids to being “extra-regional pokémon on a long-term migration.”

On the other hand, if by “common,” you simply mean “non-legendary,” then there are countless stories in every region of kabuto colonies or gardens of lileep or flocks of archen or so forth. None of these reports have been confirmed. Many of them sound suspiciously like urban legends (occasionally complete with dodgy, potentially faked photographs).

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Hi! I found what appears to be a type of fossil I don’t recognise. It looks like a almost human like skull, but with a third eye socket in its forehead. I tried to search the web for it, but had no luck. Who or where can I take this to in order to have it identified?

Interesting. While I’m tempted to say me (as I’m a bit of an expert in extinct pokémon, among other things, and yes, I have an analyzer), it would likely be more professional for me to say take it to your regional fossil expert. You’ll likely need to do research to figure out who this would be and where you might find them. Usually, you’ll have the best luck if you look into who offers fossil restoration services, although in some regions, this might be difficult. Hoenn’s fossil expert is a scientist with Devon Co, for example, and thus, he’s not exactly at liberty to work outside of Devon’s labs for security reasons unless you happen to be Ruby or Sapphire. Alola’s fossil expert, meanwhile … literally lives in a trailer somewhere in the vicinity of Lush Jungle, and thus he’s a bit difficult to find in the first place.

Most of the others are associated with museums or laboratories that are a little more open to the public than Devon, so it should be easier to find someone who can help you.

Best of luck!

(As a final note, if you get this fossil restored, would you mind sending images? I’m quite interested in learning more about what this might be!)

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Do Fossil Pokemon need any particular help adjusting to modern life? I plan on raising a Kabutops and I want to make sure s/he will be able to live comfortably and not be freaked out by the dramatic change of scenery by being dead for 300 million years.

Generally, no. So long as you can approximate their diet and living conditions, they should get along well. For example, feed your kabutops meat, offer a pool of warm water for swimming, keep it well exercised and hydrated, and give it a solid surface on which it can sharpen its scythes, and it should thrive in your care.

Of course, there are a few cases in which it might be more of a struggle. For example, archen once ate a very specific fruit that is currently extinct. Some archen may be picky and not easily satisfied by anything but this fruit, which makes the species difficult to raise. However, there is a chance that you may be able to wean it onto a different fruit (persim berries are perhaps the closest fruit in taste, whereas belue is the closest in texture and look) without much of a problem.

Would a fossil fall victim to the culture shock of being brought back to life after 300 million years, however? No. Revived fossils rarely remember the prehistoric era they came from, and those that do are kept strictly for research purposes. Those given to the public, however, are born in this time period and thus are, for all intents and purposes, modern pokémon. They simply act on instinct regarding preferences on occasion.

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The thing that is so freaking awesome is that they are all rock types so that means traces of the minerals and sediment were fused with the Pokémon.  In other words those aren't’ the ancient Pokémon at all.  What we have are brand new man made Pokémon that is an infusion of DNA and rocks.  I love to imagine what the ancient Pokémon actually looked like.

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External image
External image
 both Kabuto and Omanyte suggest an aquatic environment, but Kabutops and Omastar could go on land. Conclusion-Kanto use to be a Mangrove swamp.


External image
 I think Johto is the native home of Aerodactyl for two reasons-One: the wetlands of Kanto would be a perfect feeding grounds and Two: Aerodactyl would need a lot of room for there not to be territorial fights.


External image
External image
 Two bottom dwelling creatures? Hoenn clearly wasn’t formed until after their passing.


External image
External image
 Sinnoh has clearly shifted north. Both Cranidos and Shieldon look and act more like grassland creatures. There is no way they would be able to survive in the frozen valleys of Sinnoh today.


Pre-urbanized Unova might have been a salt marsh.

External image
Tirouga and Carracosta both would migrate from sea to marsh to lay eggs while 
External image
 Archen were ground level scavengers and 
External image
Archeops being the apex predator.


Unlike Hoenn, Kalos most likely shifted south.  Amaura and Tyrunt are both clearly better suited for a frozen forest, then the warm forests shown.

And that was our trip across the Pokémon world. I hope you enjoyed it. Bye bye!

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I am making plans to create a new Main Pokémon Creations episode. From the animals with the hashtag, #extinctanimaloftheday, are available for the series so far, but there are so many more.
So my question to you is, what animal would you like to see made into a Pokémon? The only rules are that is has to be extinct and it hasn’t been in either the Main or Mini series before.

Here are the types of episodes that will be in the series and the animals associated with them:

-Pokémonsters: Invertebrates, Amphibians, Reptiles (excluding dinosaurs), Fish, and Synapsids (Mammal-Like Reptiles).

-Pokésaur: Dinosaurs (excluding most birds)

-Pokébeasts: Mammals and Birds

There will be a video about how the series works, but for now, feel free to check the series so far.

And if there are any artists out there who want to take part in the series, please let me know.

Pokémon Creations Main series:…

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