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In many years Fossil Hunting in Florida, this may be the largest extinct Mastodon Tooth I have ever discovered. Mastodons were one of Florida’s largest Ice Age animals and are a prized find by even seasoned fossil hunters. Teeth this large are extremely rare and are normally broken into many pieces before ever being recovered. Mastodons were browsers unlike Mammoths (who grazed for their food) because of this they have distinct “lophodont” teeth just like us. This led scientists to realize it was the first extinct animal in the late 18th century. This tooth will make a fine addition to the Digging Science Fossil Collection and another fossil saved from the treasure guarding alligators of Florida’s swamps. All fossils collected under Permit issued by the Florida Museum of Natural History.

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Original caption:

“Here is another video from one of our fossil hunts, make sure to stick around the end of the video to see the special fossil at the end! This time, a shale-preserved scattering of Ichthyosaur bones, along with a belemnite! This is an insight into the past, what life was like 180 Million Years Ago even before many of the most famous land-dwelling Dinosaurs ever existed. Now, turned to stone, these fossils are falling from their stoney resting place of the cliffs and onto our beaches. ”

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