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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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#fostering saves lives

Are you feeling that working from home is your jam? Salsa prefers the quiet and the low key scene, too!

This shy girl has been through a lot but has made great strides with her friends at Chicago Land Animal Rescue. If you’re looking for a low key pal to ride this all out with, contact @chicagolandanimalrescue today to make an appointment to meet Salsa. They’re in the Chicago, Illinois, area and their email address is #AdoptPureLove

Just reminding you that, with adoption events and locations closed due to the pandemic, it’s more important than ever to reblog pets for adoption… and please consider fostering!

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Shelter pets need your help! We’ve been hearing from the shelters and rescue groups we work with that their adoptions have dropped off a lot due to the coronavirus pandemic. That means people aren’t going to adoption events or to the shelter, which means your shares of posts about pets looking for homes are more important than ever!

Even if a pet isn’t in your immediate area, you may know someone who has friends or family near them. Please consider sharing not just the pets we post but any other pets you see on social media. You could be responsible for saving a life and creating a beautiful family.

And if you’ve ever considered fostering, now is the time! Contact your local shelter and offer to foster. The animals need you!

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Apartments are ridiculous and nothing can convince me otherwise.

Most of them limit your pet count to 2 if they allow pets at all- despite the size of your apartment and type of pets. That means no fostering, which if we were allowed to do would really help our local shelters and even save lives.

The landlord or anyone who works for the apartments are allowed to enter your residence, your home, your safe place, you know as long as they give you a 24 hour notice (dependig on the state)! Even if you’re not home!

I understand that we are renting these spaces, that we do not own them, but these are our makeshift homes when we have nowhere else to go. How can anyone justify taking someone’s privacy like this? If you own a home and run into a maintenance issue, you call someone to make an appointment of your choosing to get it fixed. You are in control because you live there and that is your safe place. Why don’t renters get this same respect?

They are absolutely expensive for utterly no reason, and some even require a certain minimum income. I’ve encountered one that required you make 3x their monthly payment ($800+), have good credit, and they weren’t even decently sized living spaces.

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The cats have figured out how they like sleeping on the bed

And i can’t move.

So Em always sleeps on my left side. Always within reach, stomach level, and touching me in some way.

However the foster kittens have figured out their spots and it’s adorable and hilarious and slightly uncomfortable.

They are both on my right side. Tof curls up at my knees or feet and will usually end up under a blanket at some point through the night. She likes her own space unlike her brother. Mac on the other hand will be right in my face usually. He sleeps on my neck, or against my back. Usually at shoulder level or very close to my head. Oh and he gives kisses. Yes goodnight kisses are essential to Mac. Right on my nose. Every night.

So basically moving at all results in waking up all three cats. Therefore late night trips to the bathroom are accompanied by yes all three cats.

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Fostering saves lives.

I made the mistake of watching the video of Badger growing up. This little guy survived premature birth, a bunch of gastrointenstinal parasites, a necrotic tail, megaoesophagus. This boy had HOT MESS syndrome 😂 and now he’s adopted with his best friend and I’m crying so muuucchh 😭😭

He would have never had to suffer had people signed up for TNR and spayed and neutered their cats.

Badger had a little sister who didnt make it. But please, if you have free time sign up for TNR or to foster or just HELP educate others.

Help end the suffering.

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This is just an anecdote showing how out of hand the cat overpopulation epidemic is.

My heart is so heavy right now as I just saw on a foster page that I follow on instagram 5 out of 6 of the babies she was trying to rescue died from a virus they couldn’t fight off. Kittens get vital antibodies to fight off viruses/diseases within only the first 18hrs of nursing on their mother’s milk. They can’t always get as many personally crafted nutrients from kitten formula… And tragedies happen.

I honestly can’t stop crying, so many babies are born into the world to mammas who can’t look after them and end up orphaned, people find babies and take them to shelters where they unknowingly will be euthanised due to lack of resources and the cat overpopulation epidemic we face. If you love cats as much as I do PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELF.

If you find orphaned babies, look for a mamma first then contact a TNR or fostering organisation. It’s their best chance at survival in a safe environment and then being spayed/neutered to prevent potentially thousands of more kittens being born and suffering the same fate.

Please don’t be apart of the problem. If you want kittens in your home, sign up to foster! Don’t let your female cat have tonnes of babies you can’t promise to get all spayed/neutered and don’t leave your male cat un-neutered and allow him to go out and impregnate feral females and create so many more babies that will suffer and eventually go on to make even more babies who will have the same fate. Not to mention how BRUTAL cat mating season is.


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Can love bloom in the depth of winter? I sure hope so!

I’m Petunia – an exuberant flower girl at Rescue Haven Foundation in Caldwell, New Jersey, who’s searching for a home… and could also use a foster home if forever isn’t ready for me yet!

See, deep inside I’m addicted to love, but I get uneasy when I first meet new people and dogs. I’m just not the type of girl who’ll jump right into the arms of anyone. I need to take it slow, as I want to make sure these newbies are friendly before I pledge my love to them.

Your patience as my foster or my adopted human will pay off, because after a while, I’ll flop right on my back, begging ever so sweetly for my favorite thing of all – BELLY RUBS! A close-and-running second to belly rubs are KISSES. Note: Kisses won’t happen as quickly, but don’t fret, once I’ve fallen for you, they are required (both giving and receiving) and will be part of the relationship.

If you want some flower power in your life, please email, and make a shout out that you “Pick Petunia!”

Love from your beautiful flower,


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This Christmas is going to be one for the animals, literally. I have 3 cats and a dog that are mine (my babies my angels my perfect baby angels), a family friend kitty is visiting through the holidays, and I just picked up two kittens to foster over the holidays so they have a warm place to sleep. I will also be picking up my mothers two dogs to babysit while she goes to visit her mother. This makes a total of 9 animals running around my house!! I’m humbled honestly, I love animals, I have a big home and plenty of room. After the devestation of the Atlas Fire I’ve really been trying to give back…that is the point of this holiday right?

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