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#found family
timinette-is-best · 23 hours ago
Twin!Sibling Tim and Marinette where Tim is digging into his parents old files one day and discovers he had a younger twin sibling that was given up cause she wasn't planned. Tim does what Tim does best starts tracking down where she was sent/adopted to and finds out she's in Paris. Marinette has always known she was adopted and doesn't even bat an eye when he shows up. Basically they bond over coffee/riddles/problem solving, and discover each other hero identities.
Siblings don’t shake hands, siblings gotta hug!
sorry this took so long!
Tim didn’t want to be at the manor.  He was tired, and it wasn’t because he hadn’t slept in like 4 days, no his tiredness was bone deep.  It has been a year now since he was proven right that Bruce was indeed alive.  He was right, but Dick never apologized, Damian was still trying to kill him, Jason was still doing his thing in Crime Alley, and as long as he stayed far away from there he would be fine.  Bruce, at least he had thanked him when Tim had pulled him out of the time stream.  But that wasn’t enough, because he never stopped Damian’s many attempts to kill him, he often let Jason, his also attempted murderer, into the manor whenever the guy wanted!  Dick had even threatened to send him to Arkham for even suggesting that Bruce was alive, and would you look at that, he is!  So no, he didn’t feel safe at the manor.  And yes, he was tired of doing so much for everyone and having to be trampled on and thrown away for someone or something new.
He didn’t know why he was at Drake Manor.  Honestly this place wasn’t any better, but he knew that no one would ever think to look here.  So he let the back of his mind take control and he wandered through old dusty rooms.  He was honestly surprised Bruce was still spending his money to keep this place.  He was wandering through his father’s old office and saw a filing cabinet.  Why not, Tim thought tiredly as he opened one of the drawers and he was met with files upon files.  Some mindless work would be good for him, it would keep his mind off of his horrible thoughts and the feelings he really didn’t need right now.
He didn’t know how long he sat there, just going through old documents, bills, reports, but it was fine.  Well it was fine until he stumbled upon a birth certificate that wasn’t his own.  It was a girl’s certificate, she was born the same day, of the same year, two minutes after him.  Tim sat there staring down at the piece of paper before his mind basically exploded and he was a flurry.  He was going through the metal cannot drawers much faster.  He pulled out everything he could find on “Marinette”, and that’s when he stumbled upon a journal entry inside one of the envelope that held his —oh my gosh, he had a little sister, he wasn’t alone anymore; shut up, he’s not crying— apparent sister’s name on it.
19 July ####
Stupid child.  We didn’t know that this stupid girl was going to disrupt our plans!  We don’t need another heir, especially not a girl.  This might just set back our plans for Tim… unless we get rid of her.  Nobody has to know who she is, not even her if we put her up for adoption.  I’ll have to run it by Janet first, but I may have just found the answer to the problem.
Tim felt disgusted, how could his parents do something like this?!  Tim imagined what it would have been like to live with his apparent twin and thought how much better and warm it could have been.  Tim came to a decision, he was going to find her, he was going to meet her, he had to make sure that she was in a good home and that hi-er, their parents hadn’t just shipped her off to some random family that could be hurting her.  So that’s what he did.  After collecting all the information he could find and stuffing it into one of the manilla folders he ran back to the manor and to his room where his personal laptop sat on his desk.
Marinette always knew she was adopted.  While she had many similarities to Sabine, she knew she couldn’t be her real mom.  She was different from them, and while she had learned so many things from them and she was so happy, she knew that she was missing something.  She had always felt some sort of loss, and it wasn’t their fault, but at the same time it might have been.  So when she saw a boy around her age with dark black hair and eyes so similar to hers she could feel a connection.  It felt like something had just fallen into place and the world was finally beginning to be complete.  The two stared at each other for what felt like hours but was probably just a few minutes before he approached her.
“Umm..h-hey.  Um,”
He awkwardly cleared his throat before continuing.
“I’m Tim Drake, and I know this is going to sound weird…but I think I’m your twin brother.”
Marinette blinked a few times before a wide smile spread across her lips.
“It’s great to meet you Tim!  I’m Marinette, though I’m sure you already knew that.”
They both chuckled at that before the awkward silence surrounded them once more.
“Sooo….would you like some coffee?”
Marinette asked, noticing the tired posture that her —she had a brother, a twin no less, that’s so cool— brother’s exhausted posture.
“Wait, you're just going to take my word for it?!”
He asked incredulously.  Marinette rolled her eyes at that as she went behind the counter of the bakery and began a brew of her special all-nighter coffee.
“We have the same eyes, hair, and how dare you be a bad influence to me when I haven’t even met you!”
She joked, but he looked confused.
“W-what do you mean?”
“You look like you haven’t slept in a week, and I’ve been there, done that, and I know I’ll do it again.”
Tim didn’t have anything to say to that, because he was the older sibling, and he was a bad influence, even from an ocean away.  How could he fall into such a bad habit and let his sister think it was okay to do!  A large cup of coffee was placed in front of his face breaking him out of his stupor.  He carefully took it and gave her an awkward smile.
“Thank you.”
He said sheepishly.  He slowly took a sip of the hot drink and his eyes widened with wonder and delight.
“Magical coffee goddess, I worship you.  This is the best coffee ever.  I’m so glad we’re related right now!”
Marinette giggled and played along tilting her chin the air in a ‘better-than-you’ sort of way,
“Of course you should worship me.  I am your sister and thus I obviously deserve all of the praise.”
They made eye contact and began laughing again.
“Follow me, mama and papa made some cookies upstairs.”
Tim said with hope and pure joy.  Marinette could see the loneliness in his eyes, and she understood it.  They both carried a burden, maybe they had more similarities than they would ever truly know.
“So, do tell brother-o-mine, what are your hobbies?”
Marinette asked as she opened the apartment door that led to the main room.  He thought over for a bit as they settled on the barstools in front of the counter where the cookies sat in a pile atop a decorated plate.
“Well, I like photography, I do a lot of tech stuff, I solve cold cases, and solving riddles is fun.”
He said before nibbling shyly on a cookie, like nobody had ever really cared or asked what he liked to do.  Marinette was going to change this, he was family and he should be treated as such, which means she’s going to treat like he’s the most important person.  And considering their twins he is!
“Oh?  Ok then Tim-Tam,”
He made a confused face but didn’t say anything,
“I speak without a mouth and hear without ears. I have no body, but I come alive with wind. What am I?”
Tim's eyes widened before they sparkled with a bright happy gleam. He took another bit, a bigger one this time, of the cookie and swallowed before easily replying,
“An echo.”
Marinette nodded her head and held her hand up, he looked at it for a second confusedly before he realized what she was doing.  He quickly high fived her back and her bright smile made him so happy.  Was he doing this right, Damian had never given him a chance to be an older brother, he was even kicked out so he really didn’t know if he was doing anything right.  But she looked happy, and it seemed genuine, so maybe he was.
“Alright, my turn.”
He said and after a bit of thought said,
“White bird, featherless. Flying out of paradise. Flying over sea and land. Dying in my hand. What is it?”
Marinette had never heard of this one, but she was determined to figure it out.  She took another cookie from the plate and began to eat it as she thought.
“Could you repeat it please?”
He smirked and did.  She would wipe that smirk off his face, she would not surrender!!!  After a few more minutes it hit her an she smiled brightly,
“A snowflake!”
Tim wanted to feel upset, he did, really!  But her smile was so bright and she looked so happy and prideful, he couldn’t help but smile too.  Marinette opened her mouth to ask him another riddle when her Akuma alert went off.  She glared at it before she sighed and stood up.
“I’ll be right back Tim, I just need to grab something in my room, okay?”
Tim hesitated a little but nodded silently and gripped his hands together.  Marinette wanted to scream, because of course he had abandonment issues.  She was going to kill whoever hurt her —she didn’t know who was older, she’d have to ask— brother in such a way.
“Tim, I promise that I will be back, and I’m not trying to get away from you.  I want to get to know you, I just need to take care of this, okay?”
Tim could feel tears stinging at the back of his eyes at her words.  How long had he been waiting for someone to say that to him?  That they weren’t going to run for him, that they would stay, that they actually would come back.
He whispered not daring to meet her eyes for fear that she would see his weakness.  He could hear her feet on the stairs and the door close and then he waited anxiously for her to return.
It felt like hours that she had been gone, but when he checked his phone again it had been, half an hour.  He bit his lip in anticipation and came to a decision he would knock on her door and ask if she needed help with anything.  If she was working on some project it would be rude of him not to try to help her in some way.  So he carefully made his way up the stairs and knocked on the door.
“Marinette, do you need any help?”
There was no reply and it was silent in there.  It was too silent for someone to not be in there.  And he was a paranoid man, so could you blame him for opening the door and when she wasn’t there looking around?  When he heard a thump come from the loft bed he quickly looked up and took a defensive stance only to see a lady in ladybug themed spandex and ladybug themed mask, and the suit was disappearing into magical pink sparkles, and his sister was staring at him instead of the ladybug girl, and oh, his sister was the ladybug girl.
“I’m a terrible, horrible, absolute worst, influence to ever exist.  The worst big brother to ever exist.”
Tim groaned, burying his face in his hands.  Of course she was also a superhero.  When was anyone he called family not one?!  Marinette did not expect or understand his reaction.  How was he such a terrible influence, it’s not like he was a-unless he was.  So he was the older twin, question answered at least.
“What hero are you?”
She asked as she stared down at her brother from her bed.
“Red Robin, in Gotham.”
He groaned, face still covered.
“Well, want to meet the rest of the team?  We were planning to meet for ice cream soon.”
Tim looked at her eyes shining with emotion.
“Just like that?  You’re just going to accept it, except me so easily?”
Marinette hopped down and hugged her brother tightly and felt her heart ache as he practically melted into her touch.
“Of course!  You’re my brother, my family, and I’ll never leave my family behind, ever.”
They had both lost people important in their lives, both been betrayed in ways they weren’t able to talk about quite yet, but one day they would.
Tim had begun to zeta to Paris almost every other day to visit Marinette, and sometimes he would stay with her for weeks on end.  Tom and Sabine were such genuine and sweet people and he had never felt so loved then he did in her house or with her and her friends.  Chloe, Luka, Kagami, Adrien, and Juleka were some of the most genuine and protective people he had ever met.  He would often patrol with them, and when Adrien using a bo staff as a sword finally got to him, taught the kid how to use his precious child properly.  With his spare time he would help them track down Hawkmoth and he’ll then narrow down the suspect list.
He had been gone from Gotham for almost a month now and all of them were just chilling in Chloe’s room.  Luka was strumming some soft melodies on his guitar, Juleka, Chloe, and Marinette were talking about designs, and Adrien and Kagami were talking about fencing techniques.  Tim looked up from his laptop, he had been doing WE work from here and attending meetings via video call, and picked up the camera he had brought with him from the table next to him.  He set his laptop aside and stood in a corner of a room getting the perfect angle to capture the serenity of the moment.  He stared down at the picture with a gentle smile and went back to his spot on the couch only for Marinette to lay down across his lap.
He smiled gently at his little sister.  She seemed to understand how touched staved he was, but knew how it was awkward for him to be touched or held for long periods of times.  So, she would often just lay in his lap and let him control the amount of touch that happened, he would often just run his fingers through her hair, and when the roles were reversed she would do the same for him.  He liked being able to fall asleep to her gentle touches.  They may have only officially met about 3 months ago, but it felt like they’d known each other their entire lives they were separated.  Suddenly his computer began to fuzz out and…he knew Oracle’s work when he saw it.  He sighed tiredly and leaned his head on the back of the couch as his brothers’ faces popped onto the screen along with Oracle herself.  He had been ignoring their texts and calls all week, he should have seen this coming.
“Tim!  We’ve been trying to get a hold of you for weeks!  We could really use your help right now!”
Tim grumbled tiredly under his breath as Marinette stared at the screen that held the faces of Dick, Damian, and Barbara.
“Tt.  We don’t need the pretender’s help, we’re just fine on our own.  In fact we’re better off without him completely.”
The small boy with green eyes said.  She glared at the screen and she could tell her friends were glaring as well.  Before Tim could do or say anything she snatched the laptop and made sure her face showed through the camera.
“What the-“
“Who are you?”
“Shut. Up.”
Marinette said darkly as she glared at the screen.  Damian went to open his mouth but she beat him to the punch.
“You will never, and I mean never call my brother that again.  And none of you have even noticed where he’s been!  None of you are worried about him?!  All you care about is what he can give you, what he can do for you, right?”
It was silent on the other end, everybody shocked at the words she was saying, specifically the “brother” part.
“I’ve dealt with people like you before.  Always wanting something, always asking, never caring about the person doing it.  You just expect it to be done even if they have other things they need or have to do.  And when it isn’t done you guilt or shame him, don’t you?!”
It was silent and she could tell she was right by the way two of them went pale, the other just crossed his arms and looked away definitely.
Her team was coming up to the camera and they made sure that the people saw their faces.
“Never call here again unless it’s for an apology or it’s the end of the world.  He's ours, and I’m going to make sure he’s protected from people like you.”
Then she shut the laptop.  Tim looked at his little sister and her, no, their friends with shock and utter joy.  He could feel warm tears begin to flow down his face and his family…yea, family were hugging him and reassuring him.  He loved it here, and he was so thankful he found his little sister.  He could share anything with her, and she never judged him, in fact she just up and helped him.  He made sure he did the same for her, and they often spent late nights working together and helping each other.
“Thank you Bean, and everyone.  Thank you.”
“We love you too Tim-Tam.  We'll always be here.  Because family don’t shake hands.”
“Family hugs.”
He finished.  It was a joke as after the first time they met before he left he held out his hand in a hand shake, but instead wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug.  Yea, he loved his family, and he was happy that they were always there for him.
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swan-shaped-scones · 2 days ago
When Mom Russel says you can't have a giant plush, but Murdad gets it for you anyway!
Mom Russel: *frowning as Murdoc and Noodle wrestle a giant cat plush through the front door* Muds, I told you we weren't buying her anymore giant stuffed animals!
Murdad:*toothy grin* I didn't buy it, I won it at the Fun Fair!"
Tumblr media
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novelist-becca · 18 hours ago
Here's something sad-ish I came up with the last time I spoke with one of my best friends about The Owl House…
What if Eda and King secretly do want to legally adopt Luz into their family, but hesitate because of Luz's thing with her bio mother? To them it would feel like taking Luz away from her mother.
Imagine if King or Eda got legal adoption papers for Luz stashed away somewhere, just in case when the day comes for Luz to be reunited with Camila and Camila approves of them. (Or if Luz ends up stranded there a looooot longer)
Both of them present the papers to Luz directly, (kinda like the ending scene of Hunting Palisman) admitting that they want her to be an official part of the family, but they completely understand if she wants to wait or if she doesn't want it. I'd imagine that would warm Luz's heart.
There's a lot of guilt that comes with this scenario, but I just think it's sweet.
(Also I know you don't need legalized documents to be a family, but I like this idea)
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weskers-bitch · 2 days ago
AU where Wesker leaves umbrella but only cause he finds family in the S.T.A.R.S unit
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therealslmccl · a day ago
Tumblr media
Brother turned against brother…saving brothers.
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chubbles5 · 2 days ago
Thanks to found family, who simultaneously helped me with a rough patch in my life, and also caused my lonliness and unreachable standards.
Fuck you. Is it that hard to find someone to go on a heist with? Wake a sentient forest?? Fight the Yakuza???
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delilahfairchild · a day ago
Found family dialogue prompts please? Also love your blog sm! <3
💛 anon
thank you so much for your love 💛 anon <33
found family dialogue prompts
"fortunately we weren't friends. i would be able to refrain myself from killing you" "bold of you to assume having me in your family is better than me being your bestie"
"before you came along, i didn't do anything but wasting my life" "and now?" "and now i give my life to you, kiddo."
"you need to protect your own blood [name]" "i am adopted, asshole"
"look look they are getting close to each other" "yes! kisskisskisskiss-" "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING BEHIND THE DOOR"
*arguing about something important* "SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO ME" "listen to the kid or i will kick you out of this house"
"you fell again! how could you be so clumsy!" "but why are you angry like this?!" "you will have scars!!" "but they are not on your body so why would you care??" "you are my child, [name]. i have to care"
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being an ace/aro writer in a class of non-ace/aro writers is just a huge reminder than so many people don’t view found family or platonic partnership as something deeply emotional and important. Like I keep getting the question “why does character A care about character B if they aren’t attracted to each other?” or insinuations that romance and sex are the height of love and therefore should be in every story
like I’m tired of hearing “lol I really thought they were gonna get together at the end” just because there are two characters that care deeply for each other. They ARE together dummy, just not romantically or sexually!! There’s so much more to love than those two things.
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blueblue73 · 3 months ago
I finally watched Luca and this is what I have to say:
Tumblr media
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marxistgnome · 4 months ago
All found family shows have
Asshole with a heart of gold and self esteem issues
Really sweet character who's capable of murder and also has self esteem issues
Incredibly cool character who is the only one with a brain cell
Sassy and hiding pain
Furious bisexual
Only one capable of keeping a plant alive
and finally
Emotional support himbo
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sparring-spirals · 3 months ago
After all of that, after EVERYTHING, the thing that finally broke me was Jester, Jester popping in to tell them about a sea turtle she saw and tell them that she misses them. It was the way the dynamic and the tones were familiar and affectionate and there was a promise of seeing them again soon, sleepovers in the future, excited sharing. Jester and her out of the blue messaging and the way Beau took it in stride and immediately pulled in Yasha so they could all share in it, and I love Beau and Yasha and Jester so much and they all love each other and how did a message about a sea turtle finally get me
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cherrry-bombs · 2 months ago
you know that feeling when you’re watching a show or movie and there’s a scene where the found family is just having the best time celebrating something and it slow motion pans out while music plays in the backround and you’re just filled with this feeling of immense joy but also deep desire for that kind of happiness and friendship?
no, just me? okay.
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