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#found fics
irondadfics · 4 hours ago
hi could you help me find a fic in which Peter has to go somewhere and he gives Tony his fish to take care of but unfortunately the fish dies and Tony has it replaced. Thanks a lot.
can you please feed my fish? by yeeharley
"I've got a fish."
A pause.
Back in the kitchen, May drops something and bites out a curse.
"That's... nice," Tony says slowly.
Peter clears his throat. "A betta fish. And May and I are going on a vacation because she has a bunch of sick days left over from this year and she's going to lose them if she doesn't take them and we didn't wanna-"
May cuts him off. "Peter, honey, you're rambling," she says sweetly. "Just tell him what you need."
"Yeah, go ahead." Tony waves a hand. "It can't be that bad."
He takes a deep breath, closes his eyes, and- in one breath- shouts, "Ineedyoutofeedmyfish!"
(Peter asks Tony to take care of his fish before he goes on vacation. Tony tries, fails, panics, and tries some more.)
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someshitiguess · 21 hours ago
Aaaaahhh hi, okay well. Deep breath.
The Dadnix and the Diva au is a canon divergence/non-disbarment au that takes place after T&T, right before the Gramarye trial. It's an au where I give Phoenix a braincell for a solid 30 seconds and he remembers that whole thing about evidence law and y'know, last time he made an impulsive decision, he fell off a bridge and ended up in the hospital so. Maybe he shouldn't present this evidence he received from a child literally five minutes ago.
Instead he decides to ask the judge for an extension on the case so he can actually investigate maybe or if not, then he can just help Zak file for an appeal and gain more time to investigate that way, it's what he did for Maggey after all. The judge decides that Zak's guilt had already been made clear, moves to declare his verdict when 💫 Presto Magico Magician Disappearo 💫 and the case is declared a mistrial. No one is the wiser about the damning forgery that could have been presented....
...Except one person. Technically four people but the other three aren't important right now
Klavier Gavin is a 17 year old rockstar prosecutor, maybe a bit of a brat and not very happy about this outcome. He's convinced without a shadow of a doubt that Phoenix Wright is corrupt and he's really upset with himself for not being able to reveal the truth in court. That, combined with Kristoph's disappointment in him for losing control of the trial, pushes Klavier to a decision.
It's now his personal mission to get closer to Phoenix Wright, find his weaknesses and prove to the whole world once and for all that the Turnabout Terror is a dirty, lying forger.
Things do not go as planned.
I. Have so many thoughts about this au. It's practically my baby at this point. So if you have any questions about this au that you wanna ask me, I am SO HAPPY to answer them. Also, I'm in the process of writing this out as an actual fic and I've been posting WIPs on my twitter so go check those out if you wanna read some of it!! 💜💜💜
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blouisparadise · 14 hours ago
hi!! do you know the name of that fic abo where harry kinda ignores louis for a while and then he tells him that it was because he was on celibacy??
If I Don’t Have You (There’ll Be Nothing Left)
- BLP 🍑
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lazy-luc · a year ago
Reasons why people write fanfictions
5% just wanna write and have an idea
10% canon did WHAT!? I’m sorry(I’m not) to disagree BUT *write intensely*
15% wanna write something with these characters specifically
70% didn’t find the very specific and precise fanfic they’ve been searching for hours and came to the inevitable conclusion that they have to provide it themself  *mutters* “ fuck ”
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auroraphantasma · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
@dragonsdomain  Happy Holyday Truce! I’m sorry for cutting it so close!
their prompt was: “Ghost hunger AU but Danny can also eat ghost plants. He doesn’t have to eat the other ghosts.”
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irondadfics · 3 hours ago
Hi! Thank you for doing this. I was just wondering if you could find a lost fic for me about peter being possessed by venom. Venom goes around decapitating people and it's this whole investigation. During this, peter is thought to be one of his victims because they find his blood (im pretty sure) and so is mourned. However, it turns out that peter was alive and had just been possessed by venom the whole time. Thank you!!!!!
Tumblr media
That's okay! We're glad you found it. Here's the link for anyone who might be interested.
The Humbling River by mysterycyclone
Peter’s been distant lately. Edgy. Angry. On his best days, he moves through his life in a vague daze, skipping meals and sleeping. On his worst, he’s hit with fits of anger that border on unthinking rage.
Monday afternoon, he breaks Flash Thompson’s hand.
Wednesday evening, he goes missing.
That night, the first headless corpse appears in Queens.
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deanwasalwaysbi · 4 months ago
If Castiel was planning a date
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I think if Castiel were planning a date he would um he would endeavor to make a romantic dinner of some sort even though he um he really has never cooked to speak of and he would put a great deal of effort into it.  He would google. He would find a recipe, he would make something, ... it would be a fiasco. I think the presentation might be nice and then there would be this awkward interlude which would be the meal itself during which Castiel’s date would eat or choke down whatever it was that he made and Castiel himself of course a non eater would simply watch. ...  lecherously. [eyebrows]  There you go”   (x)
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sparxwrites · 8 months ago
Vex and Vax have a secret, and it is this: they don’t know whose dæmon is whose.
They think, perhaps, that Kari is Vex’s – given that Vex has wanted to fly practically since she could talk. The raven looks at home on Vex’s shoulder, after all, flaring his wings and nipping at her earrings, toying with her hair. He looks as though he belongs there. As though he is part of her. As though he could never possibly leave her.
That leaves Kira as Vax’s, a cat as black as the shadows he walks in so often. They’re not sure what breed she is – probably a moggy, Vax had said once, affectionately, and gotten bitten for his troubles. She is a sleek thing, as light and soundless on her feet as Vax is, and equally good at getting into places she really shouldn’t. She follows him across rooftops and through open windows without a care in the world, a ghost in a rogue’s footsteps.
The dæmons know whose is whose, probably – or maybe they once did, but they too have forgotten. Either way, neither of them are telling.
Then Vex gets a broom, and Kira takes to sitting on the back of it when she flies, all neat and elegant like a real witch’s cat. Then Vax gets wings, and a pact with the Raven Queen, and Kari takes to calling death is coming, death is coming from his place on one pauldron of his ancient leather armour. The twins begin to think that, perhaps, they had guessed wrong.
When the Raven Queen comes to claim her Champion, though, it is Kira who runs after Vax into the eternal dark – just a cat, in the end, chasing after the bird that she never quite managed to catch.
And it is Kari who stays behind, perched upon Vex’s shoulder as though he is a part of her, and crying out softly for his flock-mate: come home, come home.
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doodledrawsthings · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So I actually had the first comic done like weeks ago when chapter 10 came out i just never posted it, but i guess theres probably no better time than now to post it oh my god the new chapter murdered me  Comics from chapter 10 the doodles are for chapter 11 Stag Beetles and Broken Legs is by @aryashi and @lost-kinn Thanks for being like the first ongoing fic I’ve read in this fandom
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queenofmoons · a year ago
When Angus spoke he had a tendency to swing his legs like a child.
Not like a child, Taako reminded himself, he is a child. Angus made it easy to forget that sometimes.
“Which spice is that?” Angus sat on the counter, leaning just slightly over the stove to watch Taako prepare dinner. 
“Isn’t that really expensive?”
“Only when you’re not a famous chef.” Taako handed Angus a spoon with some rice on it. “Try this.”
He was getting better at that. When Angus reached for the spoon, Taako didn’t feel dread rising behind his ribs. He owed that to Kravitz-- who invited himself over on nights he knew Taako was cooking, and who reminded him, gently, that even if the food was poisoned (which it wasn’t), it wouldn’t kill him-- And Lup, who wouldn’t let him stop cooking.
“You got your name cleared,” she reminded when his face fell as Magnus stole a cookie from the baking sheet, “it wasn’t your fault.” And, really, how had he managed to survive so long without her?
Sure enough, the rice didn’t kill Angus.
“It’s good, sir!” Angus said. “But…”
“Watch it.”
“It could use some more salt.” Angus looked so apologetic while he said it that Taako gave him the benefit of the doubt. He tasted it.
It needed more salt.
“Good catch, kid.” Angus’s face lit up with the praise.
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charlietheepicwriter7 · a year ago
“He’s My Uncle!” Au
Wrote this in the laundry mat, hope you like it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Jean-Paul “Jagged” Stone is kicked out of this home at 18. The reason his parents gave was that they wanted him to stand up on his own two feet, but he suspects its because he didn’t want to join the Paris Orchestra like his parents and because he’s decided to go goth. 
He ends up homeless for about 6 months. He mostly crashes at his friends’ places, including the home of his high school crush, Penny Rolling. He tries to get jobs, but his style throws off interviewers. 
When Jagged’s not job-hunting, he’s jamming in the park, practicing his songs. Once again, his style scares people so he’s mostly left alone until one day, after finishing a set, he hears little hands clapping. 
It’s a 3-year-old Marinette Dupain-Cheng and she’s absolutely thrilled to finally meet the boy with pretty hair who plays music in the park across from her parents’ bakery. 
Jagged is... less thrilled.
“Little girl, where are your parents?”
“My name’s Mari! I’m 3!” 
“That’s very nice. But where are your parents?”
“Don’t you wanna tell me your name?”
*Internally screaming*
It’s only after introductions that Mari tells him where the bakery was and Jagged takes her home. Tom and Sabine had searched the entire house for her at this point and are so relieved that Jagged found her and brought her home that they invite him in for lunch. He accepts since he can’t really afford anything more than ramen at this point. 
Through the power of bread and family, Tom and Sabine learn all about his parents and being homeless and the two of them aren’t going to let that stand. Next thing Jagged knows, he’s moving into the bakery’s loft and has a job working at the cash register. 
He tries to convince them to let him work in the back, since he doesn’t want them to loose business because of his appearance, but Sabine says that if someone gives him trouble for how he looks, they’re not welcomed back. 
Marinette’s thrilled that Jagged’s living with them and loves listening to his music. She calls him “Uncle J” about 3 months into his stay. Jagged cries. 
Mari still ends up wanting to be a fashion designer but her personal style mimic’s Jagged but with more pink. 
With the money made from his first single, Jagged buys Mari a baby electric guitar so he can teach her to rock. 
Jagged moves out once he starts making it big, but visits in disguise whenever he can. He’s practically a Dupain-Cheng by the time Mari’s in school. 
Mari’s crush on Adrien doesn’t end up being so stalker-like, since growing up she knew that women tried to stalk Jagged. He always made sure she knew that kind of behavior was wrong and that if a boy was following her or harassing her to tell her parents and him. 
Mari grew up listening to Jagged complain about Bob Roth, so when Bob tries to steal Kitty Selection’s music and costumes for XY, she’s already on the phone with Jagged and he threatens to find a new producer and sic Fang on him. Roth immediately backs down and Silencer never happens (though Luka still confesses). 
Speaking of Luka, Marinette is much more willing to give Luka a chance. Not only is she not stalking Adrien in this AU, but she also finds him more handsome than Adrien. 
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ukiyokki · 5 months ago
mars reads too much dreamnotfound fanfiction for their own good
a dreamnotfound fanfic recommendation list by your resident dumbass (me)
this took way to fucking long... i’m tired
below is a (very extensive) list dedicated to all my favorite dnf fics, ranging from quick one shots to 100k+ word monstrosities that devour the storage on my computer, forever incomplete masterpieces to ongoing works of art, you get the idea. i provided links for each fic/series for your reading pleasure. there will be no smutty/nsfw fics on this list, that’s just not my vibe lmao. this list goes in no particular order, and i’ll update it from time to time when i feel like it. now, without further ado, let us begin.
Heat Waves (complete) by tbhyourelame
(wtf else did you expect, looking at a dnf rec list?) amazingly well written, and while it’s not my favorite dnf fic it’s damn near close. in the midst of a brutal heatwave, a suffering dream comes to terms with the fact that he is desperately in love with his best friend. everything i could say about this fic has already been said by nearly everyone who’s read it, so if you haven’t yet caved into the hype, just go for it. you won’t be disappointed.
Gonna be around (completed) by georgescatcafe
(mc irl) my favorite dnf oneshot to date. just read it, i don’t wanna spoil for you :)
Inferno in the Sky (ongoing)by zairielon
(star wars au) an ongoing star wars au currently clocking in at almost 200k words. need I say more? everything about it absolutely slaps, each chapter is amazingly written, and it’s just good. also, can we just appreciate dream and tubbos dynamic in here? 10/10, amazing, must protecc. oh right, a summary: george, an exiled padawan turned engineer, must return to the jedi temple after attacks on it from an unknown assailant threaten the safety of himself and the other jedi.
Like Magic (ongoing) by KangarooKen, NotGra55 (Gra55)
(harry potter au) the unofficial official dnf harry potter au. we watch the young unlikely wizard pair grow up together throughout their years at hogwarts as they battle good old fashioned wizard racism. beautifully written, incredibly fun and suspenseful, and just an overall blast and a half.
GeorgeNotFound, Son of Poseidon, and the League of Minor Gods (ongoing) by Clichewho_69, Cygnvs, Trash_Kinggg
(percy jackson au) percy jackson au? check. “road trip” (technically quest but u get what i mean)? check. enemies to friends to lovers? check. this fic follows the plot of the lightning theif (albeit loosely), but everything is explained enough where you don’t have to read percy jackson to understand what’s going on. basically after moving to the usa, george gets taken to camp halfblood where he learns that a) gods exist. b) he’s the son of poseidon and c) he needs to prove that he didn’t steal zeus’s master bolt.
Protected (completed) by aenqua
(royalty/camelot au) my favorite piece of dnf media of all time. dubbed the official dnf camelot au, where dream is the heir to the throne and george is a servants son with a secret that couldp get him killed. these childhood friends grow up together and learn trust, love, and acceptance. (that summary did not justice to the masterpiece that is this fic) here’s the directors cut
The Hunter (completed) by HederEgo
(mc irl) a choose your own adventure fic with 13 different endings, where dream the hunter must kill george and stop him from beater the ender dragon. enough said.
The official dream team cowboy AU (series)(ongoing) by antsu_in_my_pantsu
(cowboy au) cowboys and outlaws horses and shit. and the big gay. it’s a cowboy au, what else did you expect? fucking yee haw (all seriousness this is a great read, i loved it so so so so much and i can’t wait for the final chapter to release).
This is a Drista moment, let's just accept it (completed) by Qekyo
dnf fic from drista pov. considering its unique perspective, it’s perfectly done. beautifully showcases a sibling relationship through drista and her memories/moments with dream, and it just works, y’a know? also drista supremacy.
Dear Dream (completed) by Qekyo
(wwii au) i don’t cry when watching/reading anything sad. translation: i’m a heartless bitch. however, this fic is the only exception. it caused me to cry so hard my mom walked in my room and asked if i was ok. ‘nuff said.
TECHNOlogical Wingman (completed) by Closeted_Bookworm
techno is the autocorrect ai on dreams phone, and he gains sentience. interesting concept, and the author fucking nailed it. great fic.
It Was Only a Fic (ongoing) by imagineitdear
dream starts reading a dnf fanfic (we’ve all been there buddy).
Teacher’s Pet (ongoing) by niyuha
(teacher au) in which dream is a high school english teacher and george is the new comp sci teacher in room 297.
Saltwater Secrets (ongoing) by earlgay_milktea
(mermaid/high school au) a great example of the shear amount of variety in fics this fandom has to offer. when i started reading dnf fics i would have never thought i’d find one about a mermaid george hopelessly crushing on his human friend, who happens to be his schools star swimmer. yet here i am, and i am far from disappointed.
Smash My Heart (incomplete) by dontrollthedice
george and sapnap are commentators for duper smash brothers tournaments, and george develops a crush on an up and coming smash streamer named dream.
roleplaying in the dark is harder than it seems (completed) by Alienu
laser tag. 10/10
solar system (completed) by quartzfia
(mc irl) george vists dream in pandora’s vault.
Ramblings of a Lunatic (completed) by jungkooksfic
ahh communicating through a notebook left on a shelf in a bookstore- what a perfect way to start a relationship.
Paint me like your French Girls (It's Charcoal, Actually) (completed) by Turtle_ier
(artist au) george is an art student, and dream is a model.
00:00:00 (completed) by isleofdreams
(soulmate au) 00:00:00 is the moment you meet your soulmate, as indicated but the clock ticking down on your wrist until the moment you meet. i’m not a fan of soulmate aus; this fic is the exception.
Blue Skies Smilin' At Me (completed) by kivy
(artist au) i don’t usually cry while reading stuff, but this brought me damn near close. george is a painting conservator and chats it is with the ghost of the artist if the painting he is working on. they fall in a love.
Current Location (incomplete) by hendollana
(influencer au) george simps for a hot american instagram model. who knew he’d actually follow back?
The Withering (series) (series ongoing, 1 work completed) by App1e_Juice
(mc irl) lore and world building and fight scenes and everything i crave. what’s not to love? something starts making the plants and crops around dreams village wither, and must team up with new friends to find the cause of the mysterious disease plaguing the land.
Minecraft, But You Can't Leave (complete) by facadecake
(mc irl) dream and george are sucked into their own private minecraft world together and must beat the game to escape.
Free The Game, Beat the End (incomplete) by goatgoatwasfound
(mc irl) a glitch in minecraft causes thousands of players from around the world to be trapped inside minecraft, with only one way of escape- beating the ender dragon. first dnf fic i ever read, and it’s still 10/10 for me.
Why don't you come a little closer? (completed) by lifeofandoms
george gets stood up by a date, and Dream pretends he’s the date to save george from the embarrassment. simply adorable.
lightning bug (completed) by saintachesP
(band au) while on tour, dream realizes his feeling for george.
Hold me closer (completed) by Treesofmyheart
(mc irl/dsmp) i just,, really like this trope.
Dizzy on caffeine (completed) by GleamingGreenGoggles
(coffee shop au) best dnf coffeeshop au i’ve read. periodt.
living a life of crime isn’t always easy (series) (completed) by itisjosh
(mafia/assassin au) stockholm syndrome except it’s not weird.
Inhibitions Make Interesting Situations (completed) by Ship_On_The_Sea
i pissed myself laughing. it’s just a dream and george being hilariously dense, flustered idiots. serotonin central.
thy eternal summer shall not fade (completed) by gracequills
(high school au) that moment when you recite shakespeare to your crush in your ap lit class instead of confessing (hate it when that happens).
All is Fair in love and Football (ongoing) by graciegirl2001
(college au) #1 favorite college au. in which george is a cheerleader, and dream is the football teams rising star player. this one gets extra points because of the amazing karlnap moments sprinkled throughout. *chefs kisses air*
online love (completed) by andbutso
(high school au) online classes go zoooooooom
Can’t help falling (completed) by isleofdreams
dream re-learns the guitar to sing to george on his birthday. beautiful. fluffy. amazing
dance in the rain and my arms (completed) by lazy_kitkat
george is a rain god, and dream is a wind god
Weather Boy (completed) by DaintyDiizzle
wouldn't you like to know, weather boy? (where dream can control the rain)
The color orange (completed) by anon
(mc irl) dream describes the colors of a sunset
Family Mode (completed)by Strawberry_flavoured_tears
they’re dads :,)
Breathing Room (incomplete) by papercranes
(band an) an amazing band au. the mad lad author wrote original songs for each chapter. above and beyond, mad props :). unfortunately, it’s incomplete
Piece of Clay (completed) by carbonbrine
(artist au) george is a sculptor and his sculpture comes to life- but oh no he’s hot.
Try (completed) by Not4typicalwriter
(royalty au) george must choose a suitor, but none of them are up to dream, his head knights, standards. or dream is hella jelly. also protective dream is perfect
When the Roses Bloom (completed) by HederEgo
(royalty au) close second for my favorite fic. go to royalty au for a quick serotonin bost. it’s all fluff and flowers and crushes, and i love it. criminally underrated.
Heavenstruck (ongoing) by dontrollthedice
george is dreams guardian angel, and dream want to find out more about him and his past life. bittersweet :,)
Bang and Burn (completed) by App1e_Juice
(spy au) george accidentally falls for target number 1 on sapnap’s secret agency’s hit list. this ones great, i love me a spy au :)
Can I get a uhh… (completed) by lemonskies
dream keeps pulling up to the drive through mcdonald’s that george works at drunk.
Pretty Stranger (completed) by anon
when looking for dream in the terminal, george sees a cute guy and decides to flirt.
Take my Hand (completed) by latinbias
(royalty au) another royalty au? poggers. surprise twists? double poggers. love this a lot.
seconds, minutes, hours, lifetimes (complete) by meridies
ROAD TRIP ROAD TRIP ROAD TRIP ROAD TRIP *inhales to compose herself* roadtrip au. unrequited love, ignored feelings, longing, pining, you know the drill. absolutely love this one, its the best roadtrip au i have ever read, in any fandom. (maybe cause i identify with it a little too much, but thats not important. whats important is that you read this fic. right now. im waiting).
Message redacted (complete) by justyouraverageloser
(text fic) dream asks for a girls number and realises hes been given the wrong number. however, an unexpected relationship starts to form between him and the stranger on the other end of the line.
the waves (completed) by anon
(mc irl) this fic was written by the same anon who wrote the color orange, which is up there on my fav dnf oneshot list. dream and george know they have a higher purpose. they don’t know where they came from, or why they are seemingly the only humans in the world, or how they feel about eachother, or even where the skeletons come from, but they are sure of one thing: they have to beat a dragon.
The Dream Doll (completed) by PeppDream (Pep_Pizza)
(voodoo i guess) i’m a real big fan of fics with really out there or unique concepts, so naturally this one makes the cut! i really liked it, it’s really sweet and made me think a lot about what matters to me in the world. george finds a strange doll in an antique shop, and would really like to just stuff it in a drawer and forget about it. sadly (?), the doll has other plans.
last updated February 6th, 2021
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