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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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The Untamed is really out there like “here are 3 minutes where barely any words are spoken but there’s lots of silent looks and you WILL get emotional and might even tear up because of reasons” and i’m very here for it tbh!!

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You guys ever think about the fact that both Wen Ning and Jiang Cheng are known to tail their respective juniors on night hunts to protect them if necessary? And the fact that Jin Ling befriending some of the other juniors means that their night hunts probably overlap a lot more post canon? What I’m getting at is how hilariously awkward it would be if JC and WN accidentally ran into each other while trying to protect their kids on the same night hunt.

I imagine once JL officially becomes leader of the Jin sect (and, like, gets some actual friends), JC probably tries to back off from tailing him on night hunts just a bit. Because who’s gonna take JL seriously as a leader if his uncle is holding his hand all the time? He’s probably also heard about how the Ghost General hangs out with the Gusu juniors, and makes a point to avoid hunts he knows will involve them. But at the same time, this is JC’s beloved nephew who he helped raise from a baby, so sometimes he just can’t help himself.

So JL is going on a night hunt that sounds particularly dangerous and/or isn’t supposed to involve the Gusu juniors. JC is following from a distance, only planning to step in if necessary when, just his luck, JL’s friends show up unexpectedly, and JC runs into the Ghost General, who is also watching from a distance.

While WN would usually be willing to quietly deal with it, JC is feeling particularly stubborn. There is a brief moment of “I’ve got this covered. Leave” “I’m not leaving, YOU leave” “No YOU” before they both realize neither one of them is caving, and they begrudgingly agree to stay out of each other’s way and just focus on protecting the kids. Whether they end up needing to intervene, leading to more funny awkwardness, or even a Moment of Solidarity, I’ll leave to your imagination.

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Ok hear me out: Xining/Ningchen Arranged Marriage AU (bc I think this ship is actually really cute and want an excuse for it to happen)

So I imagine this happening a couple different ways.

1. Pre-Sunshot Campaign, either in order to maintain a tenuous peace with the Wens OR bc the Wens strong-armed them into it, a main family member from one of the other major sects has to enter into a political marriage with a Wen.

Even if Wen Ruohan’s sons were both unmarried, there’s no way he’s letting another sect marry THAT closely into the family, so a branch family member it is. And Wen Qing is both too valuable and too strong willed, so Wen Ning is the one ordered to get married. WQ and WN are both fairly distraught, but know they can’t really fight this.

The other sects get together to decide who will get the dubious honor. There’s no way in hell Nie Mingjue is letting himself or his little brother marry a Wen, and that’s final. Meng Yao hasn’t been accepted into the Jin clan yet, and both Jin Zixuan and Jiang Yanli are protected by their sort-of engagement that the Wens don’t need to know was technically called off. Jiang Cheng also utterly hates the idea of marrying a Wen. Wei Wuxian is basically willing to volunteer as tribute (especially if it means protecting JC & JYL), but there’s the whole (rude) question of whether he REALLY counts as a Jiang enough to be acceptable. Lan Wangji is also willing to volunteer for the sake of protecting others, but Lan Xichen won’t let him throw away his happiness like that since LWJ is already in love. Which basically leaves LXC as the only eligible match left.

Cue awkward blind marriage that both parties are sort of terrified about. From there it’s all cuteness as LXC and WN get to know each other and both realize that they married possibly the nicest person ever, and slowly start to fall in love and have a genuine relationship. (Unsure how much canon events change or play out as usual in this version)

2. Post-Sunshot Campaign, where the Wen remnants are allowed to remain a sect with WQ as the new sect leader. This time the other major sects demand a political marriage as a show of loyalty and solidarity from the Wens. Since WQ is settling into her new role, it’s decided WN is an acceptable candidate.

The meeting to decide who will marry WN and the rest of the story go down basically the same way, albeit with slightly less tension since the sects have the power this time (but this time the reason WWX is ruled out as a marriage candidate is bc LXC isn’t letting the Wangxian ship sink dammit. JGY probably manages to sweet talk his way out of it somehow). Also I imagine in this version, Wangxian get their feelings sorted out a lot sooner and WWX is thrilled to be in-laws with WN while Lan Qiren has a conniption in the background about both his nephews’ marriages.

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Started reading the mdzs manhua yesterday! While I’m enjoying it, and understand that artists adapting such a long story probably have to pick their battles in terms of what to keep in and leave out, I swear it feels like sprinting through the plot compared to the novel and donghua!

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Jin Guangyao: If you had to choose between Wei Wuxian and all the money I have in my pocket, which would you choose?
Jiang Cheng: That depends. How much money are we talking about?
Wuxian: Jiang Cheng!?
Jin Guangyao: 62 cents.
Jiang Cheng: I’ll take the money.
Wuxian: JIANG CHENG?!?!?
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