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So Why Don't You Give Me One More Chance
Camilo Madrigal x gender neutral Reader
synopsis : Camilo trying to court the reader and he always gets the same answer. one more time wouldn't hurt. right?
Tumblr media
"How about-"
"What if I-"
"I already said no."
"Come on, bonita. I just-"
"I know what your gonna ask and I already said no. Bye Cami."
This was an everyday thing for you. Ever since you met Camilo, you've always known him to be a sweet talker. Everyday, he would ask you to go out with him and everyday you would give the same answer. No. It's not that there was anything wrong with Camilo.
To you, he was an amazing friend, funny, and there was no denying he was attractive. However, you didn't know if he was joking or not. Sure, he probably asked you to date him everyday but, you didn't want to embarrass yourself by saying yes and having him burst out in laughter.
You shook your head, shaking the thought from you head and tried to go about your day and forget about the curly headed shapeshifter.
Camilo groaned as he ran a hand over his face. Right now, he was ranting to his sister about the terrible day he was having. When he mentioned you, Dolores hummed and raised an eyebrow.
"Maybe, you should be more serious about it when you ask."
Camilo looked at her in confusion. Then it clicked. His eyes lit up and he held Dolores' shoulders.
"What did you hear them say about me."
Dolores squeaked.
"Well, I did hear them say they were afraid your just joking with them when you confess."
Camilo thought this over. Every time he confessed, it was very light hearted. He always made a joke, came up with a cheesy pun, or was just laughing when he asked you. He didn't realize you thought he was joking around with you. Taking in another deep breath, he lets go of Dolores and scratches his head.
"How do I let them know I'm serious about them?"
You were very busy.
Between sewing a new skirt for your little sister who ripped hers while playing and watching your aunt's new baby, you were up to your nose in responsibilities. Thankfully, the bay was somewhat sound asleep you were able to finish the skirt. You decided on a long blue skirt with white butterfly designs. Holding the skirt up, you examined it and nodded, satisfied with your work.
Folding the garment, you left it on your sister's side table and went to go check on the baby. Luckily, the baby was still asleep so you decided to cook some dinner and prepare a bottle for when the baby woke up.
Humming a soft tune, you made the bottle and put it on the countertop. You started making dinner next. While chopping up the vegetables, there was a knock at the door. You raised an eyebrow and quickly put the chopped vegetables in the pot. Opening your door, you saw Camilo. You rolled your eyes and tried to close the door but, he blocked it with his foot.
"Wait! Just listen."
You look at him and wait for him to talk.
"Tonight. Can you meet me out here?"
You studied his facial expression. He didn't have his usual grin and he even looked a bit nervous. With the way he was playing with the ends of his ruana, you frowned.
"Sure. If it's takes too long I'm shaving your head."
You close the door and release a breath. Going back to the stove, you turn it off and stirred the pot. You leave the soup on the stove and take of your apron. Changing into a fresher outfit, you run your fingers through your hair and look in a mirror. Your nervous. Nervous because of the way Camilo asked you to meet him.
It made you think the worst of things. Rubbing your temples, you grabbed a shawl and huffed.
"Better to find out than not know at all."
Going outside you see Camilo leaning against your house. You clear your throat and he pops up with a smile.
"Y/N. I have something I want to ask you."
Your stomach churned. Camilo never called you bye your name. He always has a nickname that either made you grow hot with embarrassment or chase him around the Encanto, ready to pull his hair. You swallowed and looked into his hazel eyes. He held both your hands in his and spoke slowly.
"I'm not really good at being serious but, I'll try for you."
Your heartbeat picks up and you pull your hands from his. However, you don't get to move them as Camilo tightens his grip on you. Unable to look away, you swallow again, butterflies filling your stomach.
"Y/N, I like you. I really like you."
"Is this a joke?"
A small smile makes his way to his face as he shakes his head. You look down at your joined hands and you smile too.
"This whole time I thought you were joking."
Camilo looks at you and his own stomach is in knots. He tries to keep the look of anticipation off of his face and he waits for your answer.
"Camilo, I really like you too."
Camilo lets go off your hands and engulfs you in a hug and a laugh escapes his lips.
"I was so nervous you were gonna say no."
You twirl one of his curls around your finger and watch as it bounces and you sigh and let go. Before any of you could say anything, you heard a squeal. The two of you looked around until you saw Dolores.
"I knew the two of you liked each other. I thought I would have to push you to together myself."
notes: hey! so this is my first try at writing for Camilo. Let me know what I should do next time to make it better!
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Luisa x Reader
synopsis: You have a crush on Luisa but have no idea how to tell her so, you just observe from afar.
notes: reader does wear glasses for aesthetics so if you don't wear glasses, im sorry. also mentions of curly hair
Tumblr media
One word, one syllable. However, it plagued Luisa's mind everyday and it was all because of you.
It was a fairly sunny day and Luisa had just finished throwing the donkeys back into the pen. Dusting the dirt and donkey hair from her hands, she turns around to see you. You were just staring at her, jaw unhinged, and your hands clasped in front of you. Luisa raised an eyebrow at you and almost asked if you needed something.
But, before she could say anything, you squeaked and ran off.
This happened very often. It was almost routine for Luisa to seek you out and she always gave you a small wave and you would always run and hide somewhere. She never really understood why you watched her so carefully everyday but it didn't bother her so she never approached you.
However, it still never stopped her from thinking why. Why would you always stare at her with childish wonder and then scurry off when she acknowledged you? Most of all, why did she like the attention?
She decided to ignore these thoughts long enough to complete her chores but then came you again. This time, you were following her as she picked up the donkeys that got out. Of course, Luisa pretended not to notice you in hopes that you wouldn't run away this time. Quickly throwing the donkeys into the pen. she spun around and caught your shoulder before you could run and forced you to look at her.
The first thing she thought when she saw you. Your curls reminded her of her cousin, Camilo's hair and your black circle framed glasses made you look cuter than she thought you were. Clearing her throat she lets you go and you look down at the ground. Twisting your fingers, you look up at her.
"I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-"
She cut you off.
"Why are you always following me? Not like it's a bad thing. Is it a bad thing? I don't know but- agh, I'm rambling, sorry."
You giggled and pushed your glasses up on your nose and extended your hand for her to shake.
"My name is Y/N."
She shakes your hand, careful not to hold to hard and smiles at you.
"I'm Luisa."
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:D Hello! Can you write Luisa x reader fem? I would like to see Luisa somewhat perverted (it's a guilty pleasure, sorry haha), reader fem doesn't wear underwear (she doesn't wear panties, is it weird? I don't wear underwear TwT), she always walks calmly holding her skirt in her fists, it's a habit, one afternoon alone with Luisa in the mountains she forgot to grab her skirt and without realizing it the wind made her get up and Luisa saw EVERYTHING, and a lot of sexual tension and red faces
With the Wind
Luisa x reader(gn reader with afab body)
reader's gift- floating
notes: thanks for this request! (wearing no underwear isn't weird i swear life is more comfy without it) this is suggestive/nsfw so be warned.
Tumblr media
"Mamá, it's not a big deal!"
Your mom huffed and crossed her arms. It was the same argument as usual. Your habit of not wearing underwear anywhere. Not in the house and surely not outside. You were comfortable with it and it's not like anyone could see you. Your skirt reached to almost to your ankles so, there was no way anything drastic could happen.
So, you set out( ignoring your bother calling you back to put some panties on) on your way.
You went to the market to try and pick up some things for dinner tonight. A light breeze blew and your curls flowed with it. You payed for your groceries and went off to go buy some new fabrics for sewing. You hummed a tune and started off to the shop. Absorbed in your humming, you didn't watch your step and tripped on a rock.
Yelping, you held your skirt tightly to your body and prepared for the impact of the ground. However, the feeling never came. Instead, strong arms held you and you opened your eyes. You smiled at the familiar face.
Luisa smiled down at you and helped you up. You dusted yourself off and took a breath.
"Thank you."
"No problem."
Luisa wanted to say more. The both of you were acquaintances that spoke from time to time when she wasn't busy but, Luisa saw you as more than that. To her you were an angel. Your hair always framed your face perfectly and you always seemed to move with a purpose even if you were simply walking to get some fresh air.
You waved goodbye and went to walk away. Luisa was nervous. You were slipping away and she had nothing to bring you back. She racked her brain for an idea, any idea and she finally blurted out.
"I need to tell you something! Privately."
You turned and nodded, smiling at her again. The both of you decide to meet at the mountains in an hour. You drop off your groceries at your home and you decide to change your dress. You fluff up your hair and smile at your reflection in the mirror.
Luisa has been biting her nails and pacing around the grassy field. A million thoughts raced through her head. She took a breath and shook her head. You were and honest person and she shouldn't doubt you. She saw your figure in a [color] dress and a pretty flower in your hair. Her heart thumped in her chest as she saw you make your way over to her.
You smiled up at Luisa and played with your fingernails.
"You wanted to tell me something?"
Honestly, you were hoping for a confession. Even though you didn't talk much, you admired her. She was strong, kind, and she was absolutely beautiful. You planned to make a move sooner but you were nervous she would turn you down or not have time to talk. The was a moment of silence. Luisa laughed nervously and swallowed.
"Well, I wanted to-"
Suddenly, a strong breeze blew past the both of you. You closed your eyes and shielded your face with your arms. Luisa's jaw fell open and she couldn't take her eyes off of you. Specifically, your waist. Her mouth was dry and her own underwear began to fell damp and she swallowed. When the wind stopped you put your dress down and smiled.
"What a strong breeze."
Luisa nodded quickly, her face a bright red and her body hot with embarrassment and arousal. Luisa couldn't meet your eyes as she spoke and you were confused. Then, it hit you.
You cleared your throat and there was an awkward silence.
"I'm sorry. It's a habit I have."
"I-it's fine. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have looked."
You chuckled and twisted your index fingers together.
"Since we're so...well acquainted, is it okay to ask you to be my girlfriend."
Luisa's heart soared and a smile stretched across her face.
"I was going to ask you the same thing."
Luisa grabbed you into a hug and you melted in her embrace. Another breeze blew past the both of you and Luisa laughed. You sighed into her shoulder and ran your finger down her bicep.
"Well, I suppose the wind would like my skirt to stay up."
Luisa chuckles and she whispers quietly into your ear.
"I would like that too."
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I'm in Love With You
Luisa x Reader
synopsis: 2nd part to Mi Amor.
disclaimer: this is gonna be nsfw so don't click if your uncomfortable. also, y/n is shorter than luisa bc luisa is a tower and im sure most of us are shorter than her anyway
Tumblr media
When Maria was finally gone, Luisa kept her full attention on you. You looked up at her with pure happiness and love in your eyes and her heart skipped a beat. Pressing a short kiss to your lips, she smiled and hugged you closer to her body.
"Let's go home, hm?"
Surprisingly, the Madrigal house was empty. The unusual emptiness made you feel uneasy and you looked to Luisa. She only smirked and pulled you to her room. Once the door was closed, Luisa kicked you up and you locked your legs around her waist. Pushing you against the door, her lips met yours in a hungry kiss. You looped your arms around her neck bringing her closer to you.
Lodging her knee between your legs earned her a moan and she used it to slip her tongue into your mouth. Detaching your lips for a second, you only said one word.
Luisa gripped your ass and brought you to her bed. You hit the mattress with an audible thud and Luisa's large hands pulled your dress off of you, leaving you in your underwear. She took off her own dress and before it could hit the floor, she was pressed against you. Her index finger tugged at the middle of your bra and your breasts spilled out. You hissed as your nipples met the cold air of the room.
"Amor, you so beautiful."
You felt her suck harshly on your right nipple and she pinched your left nipple. You gasped and closed your eyes. Her hand made its way from your breasts to your underwear. Pushing your underwear to the side, she slipped two fingers into your sex and she moved from your nipple to chuckle.
"I made you this wet, corazon?"
Her fingers moved slowly but they always hit that one spot that had your back arching and your fingers threaded in her hair.
"F-faster, p-please."
If it was possible, her fingers seemed to slow down and you whined. You tried bucking your hips up into her finger but she kept your hips down. Kissing your cheeks, she slowly added a third finger and whispered.
"Been making me jealous for days. 'm gonna take my time with you, amor."
The agonizingly slow pace was almost maddening. You could feel every slow drag of her fingers made your stomach form knots and you felt yourself about to go over the edge. Right when you were sure you were about to come, she stops. Your eyes fly open and you shake your head.
"No, no, no. Not this. P-please. Anything but this."
Luisa smirked and kissed your collarbone. Kneeling in front of the bed, face to face with your sopping wet cunt. Her hand gripped your thighs hard. Her eyes stared intensely at your as her tongue entered you and you moaned loudly.
You felt dizzy and the only thing you could focus on was her tongue and her nose bumping against your clit. It wasn't long before you felt the familiar knot in your stomach. You bit your lip, hoping if you didn't say anything she would let you cum.
Luisa, however, knew you like the back of her hand. She moved her head away. You whined loudly and tear formed in the corners of your eyes. Luisa kissed your inner thigh, nipping the skin occasionally.
"Beg me."
You whined and blinked away tears.
"Mommy. Please. Wanna cum so bad."
Your words strike a cord in Luisa and she eats you like a starved man. Her tongue drills into you along with two of her fingers and you can feel your eyes roll back to your head. Your moans and wet smacking fill the room and your stomach feels tight.
"Gonna cum. So close."
You pull tightly on Luisa's hair and you feel your orgasm wash over you. You feel high and you moan loudly. Luisa get up and kisses you.
"Let's get you cleaned up."
Before she can turn around, you grab her hand and half open your eyes.
"You didn't get to-"
Luisa gives you a soft smile and kisses your cheek.
"Don't worry, baby. I did."
You slept for almost the entire day and it was about evening when you sat up. Luisa was gone so you assumed the family was having dinner. Picking up your clothes from the ground, you twisted your curls around your fingers and hoped you didn't look a mess. When you opened the door, a familiar pair of strong hands pulled you into her chest. You smiled and she put her chin on your head.
"Y'know, I was thinking we tell the family about my proposal today, what do you think."
You looked up at her and smiled.
"Yeah. Let's tell everybody."
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Mi Amor
Luisa x Reader
synopsis: Luisa gets jealous and insecure. you cheer her up.
note: might be slightly suggestive. just a warning
Tumblr media
This has been going on for days. Instead of you usually keeping Luisa company while she did her chores, you were laughing with someone else. This girl was new to town so you naturally wanted to show her around. But, in Luisa's mind it didn't take 3 days to show one person around one town. Of course, she never told you this out loud. She was too embarrassed. So, instead of saying anything, she pushed her feelings down in hopes of them going away.
The feeling did not go away. In fact, it was stronger. With every passing day, she felt her chest tighten and her eye twitched every time she saw you with her. Yeah, you and Luisa still hung out but everything turned into a memory of the time you spent with her. To be honest, she couldn't take it anymore.
You were having a great time.
Your new friend, Maria was amazing. She was smart, funny, and she made you feel less lonely when Luisa was off helping the towns people. Now, the both of you were sitting in an open field taking in the view of the mountains surrounding the Encanto while eating some food Julieta made.
"Luisa's mom makes really good food."
Maria started shoveling food into her mouth and her eyes practically rolled to the back of her head. You giggled and nodded.
"Yeah. Mamá is the best cook ever.
You don't notice but Maria's heart sinks. She was hoping to confess to you today but you just called Luisa's mother, Mamá. Calming herself down, she lets herself assume its because your great friends. Of course if you've been to the Madrigal's often of course you would get close with everyone there.
She turns her attention back to you and her heart skips a beat. You look ethereal. The way your eyes shine in the afternoon sun and your curls blowing in the wind makes her even more determined to confess her feelings for you. Even though she's only know you for a few days, you've been the kindest and the first person she's ever truly had feelings for.
Smoothing her sweaty palms over her dress, Maria clears her throat.
"Y/N. I-"
Maria doesn't get to finish her sentence before Luisa comes out of nowhere. Tears are in the corners of her eyes and her lip is puffed out in a pout. She scoops you up from the grass and into a bone crushing hug.
"Mi amor, I'm sorry but I was sad about you hanging out with your friend and I thought were were going to break up and then I came here as fast as I could because I didn't want to."
Even though she spoke fast and was literally two seconds away from crying you understood. You kissed her cheek and she put you down. Holding her hands, you smiled at her.
"Why would we break up? Maria and I are just friends."
Your words echo in Maria's head and she has to will her tears away. Approaching you she grabs your wrists. Right now, she doesn't care if Luisa is around. Honestly, she's pissed that she ruined the moment the both of you were having.
"Y/N. I was trying to confess to you but then she came and ruined it."
Your eyes went wide and you didn't know what to say. You felt your hand on your shoulder and Luisa had a serious look her face.
"They're my fiancé. I don't think they'll be accepting your confession."
Maria crossed her arms and eyed you. Smirking, she chuckled and sighed.
"I don't see a ring anywhere."
"You would if you weren't around all the time so I could propose."
Your eyes widened and you gasped. Your face felt hot and tears brimmed your eyes.
"Were you really going to propose?"
Turning to you, she smiled and pulled a box from a bag.
"I wanted to propose when you came over for dinner tonight but I guess now's better than never."
The box opened to reveal the ring and tears made their way down your face. Luisa couldn't even ask before you nodded your head yes. Slipping the ring onto your finger, she kissed your forehead and smiled at you. Holding your waist, she looked to Maria and with the most smug grin she said,
"My fiancé and I would like to be alone now."
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c1oudyf0ur · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
name: four
age: 16
pronouns :they/them
fandoms i write for: genshin impact, encanto, demon slayer
things i write: angst, fluff, smut
things i don't write: child like characters [unless platonic or parent/sibling relationship], also please don’t request anything for minors if your 18+ it’s weird
mbti type: infp
requests are open so feel free!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
why don't you give me one more chance [camilo x reader]
mi amor [luisa x reader]
i'm in love with you [luisa x reader]
why? [luisa x reader]
don't say i didn't warn you [camilo x reader]
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