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#fox 911
charliewrites99 · 14 hours ago
Christopher: *exists*
Fanfic writers: Someone give this child some pancakes!!! STAT!!
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sagevs911 · 2 days ago
the way the “you just go with the flow and […] when things start to go wrong” and eddie saying “yeah, who does that?” sarcastically is such a CLEAR WAY to compare it to eddieanna and their eventual breakup
if it’s clear enough that eddie recognizes it you have to assume the writers intended it to be that painfully blatant and hopefully infer that bucktaylor is also performative and doomed and on their way out
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buddieclowncar · 2 months ago
Hen and Chim when Eddie and Buck walked away clearly mad at each other:
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chris: hey dad, can you pass me the salt
buck and eddie: *both reaching for the salt*
eddie: *smiling at buck, pulling his hand back*
buck: *smiling like an idiot, handing chris the salt*
chris: thanks dad
hen, whispering to chim: and you're sure they're still not together?
chim: yep, i don't think they even know that they're in love and raising a child together
hen, sighing: idiots
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bibuckleydiaz · a month ago
good morning fellow buckley-diaz family truthers
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himbobuckbuckley · 6 months ago
eddie said "there's nobody in this world i trust with my son more than you" and he fucking meant it
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arrenemris · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a curse in a young man's body by @rosyredlipstick / @buckleybalms
For as long as he can remember, Buck has been wanting. 
- Flashes of this: blueberry pancakes, smoke, sweat, three truths to build himself on, greasy burgers, video games, doughnuts, sweet and light perfume, a loving hand running through a mess of curls, colored pencils, bad calls, good calls, broken glass, a bag of sweet bread, and a whole lot of therapy—a love story, somehow.
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charliewrites99 · a day ago
I don't believe for a second Taylor and Buck are endgame.
You can call me a clown or whatever, BUT I rewatched The Survivors and only upon watchong it a second time I really noticed how insignificant their romance is compared to Buck and Eddie's storyline.
They kiss, she leaves, he runs to Eddie.
They get together and the will scene. Like comparing the two there is no competition.
Endgame couples getting together shouldn't be so underwhelming.
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mychildhoodisweeping · a month ago
I just keep picturing a scene where Buck says "babe" and Taylor and Eddie both turn around and Eddie has to brush it off really quickly, and Hen and Chimney just look at each other and then Eddie with a "Oooooooh" expression.
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buckleyblueyes · 5 months ago
My big season 5 wish? I want to see Buck’s 30th birthday. I want a big party with the whole extended family. I want Christopher to make him a card. I want Eddie and Buck to hug. I want Maddie to cry over the fact that Buck is growing up. I want Bobby to tell Buck how proud he is of how far he’s come. I want Hen to bring a cake with a firefighter theme that looks like it was probably intended for a child’s birthday. I want Chimney to get him some stupid gag gift that’s covertly actually really sweet. I want Albert to make jokes about how old Buck is now. I want Buck sneaking extra cake to the kids, and only stopping when Athena gives him a stern Mom Look. 
I want vibes from the welcome back party in 3x01, except y’know. without the pulmonary embolism. Just Buck surrounded by the people who love him. 
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eddie: i love you and i'd like you to be part of our family
buck: i love you too, you're my best friend but weren't we bro-parenting the whole time?
eddie: buck that's not- forget it
eddie, murmuring while walking away: how could i fall in love with him
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itsbuddiebaby · 2 months ago
Eddie: All I want is for Buck to be happy and get the love he deserves
*Buck starts spending time with Taylor*
Eddie: No not with her, I meant me
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