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fly-pow-bye · a year ago
DuckTales 2017 - The Absolute Best!
After doing the least best this series has done, it's time for a much, much harder list to put together: the absolute best episodes of DuckTales 2017. I am not going to lie: this was hard to put together. Anyone could guess that based on how I once planned to have this list alongside the worst list and that did not happen. I can also see myself forgetting about other really good episodes of this show. However, after days of pondering, I believe I have a good list here.
Same rules as the last list.
It has to be an episode of DuckTales 2017. No shorts, even if the shorts combined can make up a full episode.
With this list, I have to say something bad about each of these episodes. Not necessarily the worst part of the episode, but a bad part nonetheless. These are going to be more nitpicky, but it is only fair to prove the constant that there is no such thing as a perfect piece of media and it is a decent challenge for me.
This is my opinion and my opinion alone. There are episodes I didn't like as much that a lot of people did. The last list should be a huge hint at that.
Alright, let's begin.
10. Jaw$!
Tumblr media
I mentioned this episode in my Least Best as the better example of the show establishing the relationship between Lena and Magica De Spell. It establishes Magica De Spell better than either of the episodes that featured her before this one. One was a tease put in the very last minute of the episode to show how Lena is going to be far more important than the "cool new goth girl", and the other was the Terra-Firmians episode that used her as a way to improve what would otherwise be a not-so-good filler episode. This one is a far better example, and it's not just because a money-shark is a lot more interesting and threatening than a bunch of cutesy rock creatures.
It also has a B-plot about Scrooge's Board of Directors scheduling an interview to improve his PR, and hilarity ensues when Scrooge has to defend his zillionaire antics when a shark made of his own fortune is causing havoc throughout the town. Glomgold also makes an appearance during this, which only makes it better. Along with some neat Jaws references along the way, this is not an episode to miss.
Bad thing: They really did not want to mention the obvious plot hole of the kids being able to go into the money bin. This was long before F.O.W.L. began their plans against Scrooge or even the 87 cent problem, but still, one would think this would be one of the most highly secure places at Killmotor Hill considering all of his enemies. Considering I didn't particularly love the Impossibin episode, as much as I love the idea of it, it might be for the best.
9. The First Adventure!
Tumblr media
Going from an arc from season 1 to an arc from season 3, though some may argue the F.O.W.L. arc has been happening since season 1. Anyway, this is an episode that brings back the younger Donald and younger Della that was first seen in "Last Christmas!" in their first adventure with their Uncle Scrooge. It's very interesting to see the similarities between their first adventure with Scrooge and the first adventure with Huey, Dewey, and Louie.
Even though this does give good development to the arc, arguably even bigger characters in this episode are Bradford Buzzard and Black Heron, as this episode details the origins of the Fiendish Organization of World Larceny. Their antics throughout this episode are very entertaining, with the plot toying with the dynamic of the more chaotic evil Heron and the more lawful evil Buzzard. With all it all ties together, I had to put the First Adventure on this list.
Bad thing: The sense of time in this episode is odd. We get a title card showing that it's the 60's in the opening scene, and yet there is very little suggestion of any passing of time between the opening scene and the scenes that I assumed took place in the 80's.
8. Quack Pack!
Tumblr media
It would be too easy to just put in episodes that are important to any of the various story arcs that went throughout this series, so here's an episode that could be taken out of the series without harming anything. However, it is still a very memorable episode of the show, where the cast of characters have to be in this weird sitcom. There's also a mystery element, as there is a culprit to why these characters are in this sitcom world.
I really like the whole meta element, with the characters picking apart all not only the clichés in sitcoms, but sitcom production as well. I also really appreciated the "special guest", another sitcom staple, being a character from a different Disney Afternoon show with some great references to it. Quack Pack turns out to be the antithesis of the show it was named after; it's not dated, it's really funny, and it realistically portrays how freaked out these characters would be if they saw those weird hairless apes.
Bad thing: I wish they did more with the concept of this world being made up by someone who was locked away from the world since 1990. Maybe not references to the era of Disney that gave us "Gotta Be Gettin' Goofy", but more jokes about how the 90's were different from now. They kind of ignore this, as if they only mentioned 1990 because of the DuckTales movie they were referencing.
7. Last Christmas!
Tumblr media
Wait, a Christmas episode in a Top 10? I have my reasons for including this one. It's not just because the idea is pretty great, as it uses the very tale that inspired Scrooge's entire character in the first place. Obviously, we already had one of the best cartoon renditions of A Christmas Carol, and this episode does not try to recreate that. Instead, we get a different tale, mostly featuring Scrooge and Jiminy Cricket, er, the ghost of Christmas Past, going back to the past to experience a good Christmas party. If only we can do the same, like Dewey accidentally does in the episode.
This was also the first time we also got to see a young version of Donald, who, in this episode, is voiced by none other than the late, great Russi Taylor. It was almost like having one of the siblings from the old show interact with one of the new ones. This is also the first time we got to see and hear her outside of a painting, and it's heartbreaking and yet understandable when we get to the scene where Dewey has to say goodbye. It's a good scene, and they weren't afraid to even throw in a joke that does not ruin the moment.
Bad thing: No, episode, this is the Scrooge they were looking for. Were they trying to make it seem like Scrooge was always a hero and not a miser who would deserve getting three ghosts to visit him with that line? I don’t buy it.
6. The Ballad of Duke Baloney!
Tumblr media
Got to pay some respect to Scrooge's arch-rival with an episode that really shows off his character, which is a bit ironic as this is an episode about him getting amnesia and getting a brand new, at least to us, persona named Duke Baloney. Amnesia episodes tend to be a dime-a-dozen, and anyone could predict this new persona is not going to last, but the way this episode develops is actually much more interesting. This is the episode for Glomgold character development, with dream sequences, flashbacks, and a great scene in the ending that takes place in a storm that he may or may not have made up in his head. I may not have given a lot of his episodes high-rated reviews, but this is easily not only one of his best appearances, but one of the best episodes of DuckTales 2017.
Bad thing: The dream sequence really subtly implies that Duke Baloney is about to become Glomgold again. How? By having him outright say "this gold, it's GLOOMING onto me!" ...okay, I'll admit, that was a stretch for a bad thing, but with a dream sequence with subtleties, that took me out of it.
5. The Last Crash of the Sunchaser!
Tumblr media
I called this episode "the best episode of the series so far" when I reviewed it, a pretty late episode in a season with lots of good episodes, I would say that's a good sign that this one was going to be a shoo-in for at least the Top 10. What I love most about this episode is that it gives a little more humanity to the legendary Scrooge McDuck. Sure, this was shown a bit in "Woo-oo!" and "Mount Never-Rest!", but I felt this episodes was one of the best examples of that. Throughout this episode, he sees himself as this legendary figure, as everyone sees him, and he ends up failing to live up to those impossible standards by crashing in a plane in a way where they may not survive.
Much like Quack Pack, there's no traditional villain like Glomgold or Magica. Eventually, this leads to Scrooge finally bringing up his biggest failure: his loss of the Spear of Selene and a certain relative that was piloting it, and it is one of the biggest emotional moments of the series, both in and out of universe. It's one of the most important episodes in the series, and it is also one of the best.
Bad thing: The Last Crash of the Sunchaser is a neat title, but it doesn't really fit the episode. The Sunchaser will certainly crash again. At most, maybe it could be referring to Scrooge crashing down to the lowest point he gets to in the series, but that's not the Sunchaser's fault.
4. Moonvasion!
Tumblr media
My big hot take: the season 2 finale, the best of the season finales in my opinion, is not the best episode of the series. However, it is very close. It's actually kind of funny; I had plenty of criticism against the build-up to his finale, especially the Louie Inc. plot that led to an episode that was just kind of lackluster to me, and of all the, some alien commander from the Moon who thinks the Earth revolved around his "planet" wasn't exactly as threatening as an all powerful witch or the scheming businessman who knew Scrooge's every move. Okay, when I put it like that, the alien does sound more threatening, but trust me, even Bradford had his moments.
The biggest thing about this episode is the sheer scale of it. It really did feel like every major player in the series had a part in this, from Scrooge and the nephews, to Dijon and Amunet, to the new Darkwing Duck, to Donald and Della, to even the Greek pantheon! Oh, and Glomgold, too, in what may be his finest moment in the series! It really does feel like a finale for the series, and I say this even if I felt The Last Adventure was a great one as well.
Bad thing: In hindsight, this would have been a good time for the Terries and Fermies to come back. They're in the earth! That episode wasn't bad because of them.
3. Let's Get Dangerous!
Tumblr media
I'll tell you a secret: I did not watch Darkwing Duck as a kid. It was just DuckTales '87, and even then, I did not remember a lot of episodes of that. This show was made for people who did not grow up with DuckTales '87, because they were not even alive. Though there are parts of this episode that can be appreciated by those who were familiar with the heroes of the Disney Afternoon, I will still say this episode works very well as its own superhero movie. That is what it is, really!
This special is the true continuation of another episode, though we saw this defictionalized-within-the-fiction Darkwing Duck in the Moonvasion, and it may as well be a pilot for a Darkwing Duck reboot that spins off from this show, with its villains, its origin stories, its sidekicks, and its memorable catchphrases. It all works very well. Who knows where the new Darkwing Duck reboot will go, though I would at least imagine that they would eventually get to certain Darkwing-related plot threads that never got resolved.
Bad thing: Outside of using a few cliche moments to extend the episode that end rather predictably, in the attempt to make Darkwing Duck as cool as he wants to be, the regular cast essentially become jobbers in their own show.
2. What Ever Happened To Della Duck?!
Tumblr media
It's the question everyone wanted to know ever since Dewey said the last line in the first episode: what ever happened to Della Duck? This is one of the more artsy episodes of the show, focusing on one duck on what she assumes is a barren moon until she finds a monster that seems to do nothing but impede on her quest to get someone to save her. It does heavily expand from there, to the point where we get to see some more new characters, one who I thought was going to be way more important than the other. I decided to call that guy "General Not Penumbra", and that name could still be fitting as an insult.
This episode would be made or broken by how good Della is, and this is a very good episode for her first voiced debut as an adult. We did get to see her in the IDW comics, but this episode is where her character is developed. Throughout the episode, she has elements of her kids and especially her brother Donald. While there are future episodes that develop her further as a mother who wants to make up for all of those years she missed, one of the biggest defining moments is right in this episode, where she sings a version of the Capcom game's famous moon theme. An amazing episode all around.
Bad thing: Do I have to? Uh, flares do not work on the Moon? No, seriously, I can't think of anything worse than that.
Honorable mentions from each season:
The Shadow War! - An excellent way to end Season 1 that would only be topped by the Moonvasion.
Nightmare on Killmotor Hill! - A dream episode that really works with the concept, especially how Lena is the one involved with it.
Double-O-Duck in You Only Crash Twice! - This is an action packed episode where Launchpad really shines.
And now, #1:
1. The Duck Knight Returns!
Tumblr media
Yes, I decided to put the prequel episode to Let's Get Dangerous as higher than the big Darkwing Duck episode, and part of this may be a little bias on my part. While it was not the very original intention of it, Fly Pow Bye started as a project to review a reboot, so of course an episode about Darkwing Duck, a fictional show within the fiction, getting a dark and gritty reboot would be right up my alley. We have Launchpad, a Darkwing Duck superfan, reacting to how they're going to ruin Darkwing Duck. We got the conflict between what the big studio execs wanted Darkwing Duck to be and Dewey's version of it. Finally, we have the conflict between Jim Starling, an obvious reference to original Darkwing Duck voice actor Jim Cummings who is even voiced by him, and his replacement, who appears to be some guy named Drake Mallard.
A lot of these plots converge in very interesting ways, with plenty of twists. Drake Mallard, the guy Launchpad was trying to replace with the original, turns out to be very worthy of the role by also being a superfan! Dewey's version has dancers, just like that Batdance music video! Okay, maybe that last one isn't that great, but it does not overstay its welcome. And, of course, Jim Starling ends up causing a huge cliffhanger that, despite the show being over, we will still be hanging from. We can only wonder what was going to come next, but I do not have to wonder what the best episode of DuckTales 2017 is.
Bad thing: I can't really think of a bad thing for this episode, but I can say that it is odd that there's no real transition from "TV character" to "real hero". It does help that it's not the TV actor that ends up becoming Darkwing, but "fanboy of TV character turning into a real hero" is just as much of a leap, even with an incompetent hero like Darkwing. I would also consider the show never following up on this episode's cliffhanger a bad thing, but that's not this episode's fault.
How does the whole show stack up?
It is an excellent modern take on the Disney Ducks. Opinions may vary on how this will compare with the original, since it is very much a modern take, with a different style of humor than the one from the original or the one in the original comics. Anyone who loves shows like Gravity Falls will be right at home here. Any fan of the original comics or the original cartoon may balk at some of the creative decisions made with the characters, but I would say it pays some good respect to them.
Oh, and before anyone asks, no, I am not going to give a rating for the whole series. I've already imposed a 10 image limit on myself, and since I grade on a relative scale, the average is always, in theory, going to be in the middle. It's a good show, that's what you're going to get from me.
And that's it for DuckTales 2017. Hurrah for Disney and Clan McDuck. Bye.
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sunnydaleherald · 8 months ago
The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Friday, October 8
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djsnola · 2 years ago
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fly-pow-bye · a year ago
The Powerpuff Girls - The Good Episodes!
After we use mouthwash to wash the taste away of those last 10 episodes, it's time to reveal what I think are the top 10 best episodes of The Powerpuff Girls. This was way harder to make than the worst list for many reasons, but I believe I found my top 10.
The same rules I used for the worst list apply to this list.
Once again, it has to be either an episode or a special of the original Powerpuff Girls. I decided The Powerpuff Girls Movie would have been too easy to put here.
I have to say one bad aspect about the good episodes as well. They're going to be pretty minor, and fixing them could potentially be bad for the episode, but I still think there's got to be something that could be considered bad.
This is my opinion and my opinion alone. There were some episodes everyone loves that I didn't like as much (Power-Noia, for example), and vice versa. If someone felt these episodes weren't that great, I respect their opinion.
Let’s begin!
10. Telephonies
Tumblr media
This is the series' first villain team up episode, and it's a bold decision to make it after each of the villains involved in this only appeared in one episode each. One would think this would be better if they fleshed out the villains in different storylines before deciding to put these villains together. However, with Telephonies, it just works. A part of this may be due to how simple and clever this plot is, with the Gangreen Gang making prank calls to the Powerpuff Girls, falsely saying that a villain has run amok, and the Powerpuff Girls rush in to beat up the villain despite them not actually doing anything evil.
The calm scenes of the villains in their off-duty are all clever, with Mojo Jojo sleeping on the couch, Fuzzy Lumpkins just having a nice bath, and Him just sweating to the oldies. Mojo Jojo's reaction to this gets a special mention here that I must quote: "Oh goodness, I better not SNORE!" It all ends with a fight scene, and it's not the usual one. It's not the absolute best villain team up this show has ever done, and that would be pretty sad if it was as this was the first one, but the way the villains are used puts Telephonies among the funniest episodes of Season 1.
Bad thing: Maybe it's because of his strong competition with the usually amazing Mojo Jojo and the eccentric Him, but Fuzzy is the weakest link of the three victims.
9. City of Clipsville
Tumblr media
I do want to be fair to the post-McCracken era of The Powerpuff Girls. Sure, Season 5 and 6 are the weakest of the six seasons for many reasons, but once in a while, there are episodes that hit it out of the park. City of Clipsville is an episode that pokes fun at shows that ran for so long that they found excuses to just reuse old clips because, back in the day, nobody could just pull up an old episode unless they religiously taped it. After using clips from Cover Up and both of the Monkey See episodes, the episode shows its true colors by showing off clips from episodes that both don't exist and probably shouldn't exist.
We get it all: scenes with the Powerpuff Girls as babies, the Professor getting married, the Powerpuff Girls as boy-crazy teenagers, and even short little comedic scenes like the Powerpuff Girls losing the ability to fly and the Mayor remembering the Professor making a giant pickle. I almost wish there were more scenes to talk about, which is why this is relatively low, but what is there is really good. A shining spot in what is otherwise a rather dull season.
Bad thing: I know this is going to be controversial, but I'll say it anyway: I think they spent a little too much time on the teenager scene. I'd trade a lot of that scene for just more rejected Powerpuff ideas. I know why they did it, I know they wanted to make it even longer, and I know everyone wanted to see even more scenes with the Rowdyruff Boys. Maybe it's how some fans actually took it seriously and wanted them to expand on this concept despite the scene lampooning the whole idea of grown up Powerpuff Girls acting like stereotypical teenagers. I guess with that upcoming CW show, they got what they wished for in the end!
8. Bought And Scold
Tumblr media
Bought And Scold's premise is pretty solid in itself: Princess takes control of Townsville and, in revenge for not being allowed to be a Powerpuff Girl, decides to make crime legal so the Powerpuff Girls are out of a job. It's perfect for Princess; a petty law she made out of vengeance against her enemies, not really caring that making crime legal would affect not only Townsville's economy, but possibly affect her economy in the end as well. While I do like how they handled crime being legal by showing a bunch of little scenes of criminals with the decree in their hands, and the contrast between those scenes and the scenes in the end, it's really the second part of the episode that makes this one of the best episodes.
After we see a rather long scene showing the effects of this new law in Townsville, Bought and Scold becomes one of those "from the villain's point of view" episodes, which is not too common with this series, and the latter half of the episode does very well with that aspect. One could argue Stuck Up Up And Away, her debut episode, also shows this off with Princess, but that's just her whining to her daddy to give her superhero-grade super suits. Here, we get to see where she sleeps, how she yells at her daddy, and, for the only time ever, we even get to see her in utter fear at her father's potential anger when her house gets robbed. That last one is really something that puts this episode near the top for me; once this episode gets to the ending, it adds an extra dimension to her spoiled brat character that sadly just doesn't appear anywhere else.
Bad thing: What was next for Princess in this plan to rule over Townsville? Just delight in being the ruler of a crime-not-only-ridden-but-encouraged city? Yes, there is implication that Princess promises her daddy that she's going to be the best town ruler ever, but they don't go beyond that.
7. Forced Kin
Tumblr media
Season 4 suffered a lot from having episodes that were a half an hour long, but here's a plot that is somehow good enough to deserve all the time it gets despite having a high-concept plot. Alien comes in, Powerpuff Girls can't beat the alien, they have to get Mojo's help, they basically try to out-evil each other, Mojo eventually goes crazy and defeats the alien, the end. There's no story to the alien, there's no complicated plot, just Mojo Jojo vs. an alien. They could have easily put this in 12 minutes.
It's the way everything comes together that makes this episode great: the alien being this prophet who can predict all of the Powerpuff Girls moves and counter them, Mojo Jojo teaching the girls the way of the evil genius, how wacky Mojo Jojo's evil plans are and how they manage to work in the end, and Mojo Jojo's unpredictable-even-by-the-alien tantrum in the end. Combined with the rather epic scale of the alien invasion, this is a must watch for sure.
Bad thing: Apparently, this nameless alien is the most evil being they have ever encountered? Why? Because it can beat them? What about Him? Maybe they're not counting the more psychological villains.
6. The Bare Facts
Tumblr media
The Powerpuff Girls' main character are three girls that are supposed to represent three different aspects of one's personality, and there's no episode of Powerpuff Girls that really treats it that way more than this episode. We get to see each of the Powerpuff Girls lay down those titular bare facts to the Mayor, who was kidnapped by Mojo, each with their own different way of telling that story. Each Powerpuff Girl gets their own art style, too, a highlight being Bubbles' cutesy crayon drawings. Each of these perfect little girls tell the truth, each in their own little way.
There's plenty of jokes along the way, too. Bubbles keeps going off the record to talk about flower drawings or clouds, Buttercup just keeps trying to get to the end, and Blossom keeps trying to make the story all about herself. And, of course, there's the ending, which really shows why this episode is called The Bare Facts and gives the episode some rewatch potential. It's one of the more unique episodes of the series, and one that plays to its strengths. If one watches this episode and doesn't know who their favorite Powerpuff Girl is, I don't know who that person is.
Bad thing: Bubbles has those aforementioned crayon drawings, Buttercup has this dark comic book style, and Blossom's is just...pink. I get it, the joke is that the pink Puff is making it all about herself and her leadership skills, but it does seem like the weak link of the three, just like that pink villain from Telephonies.
5. Just Another Manic Mojo
Tumblr media
Going from one Mojo Jojo episode to an episode with Mojo Jojo to another Mojo Jojo focused episode, one could probably argue from this list that Mojo Jojo is my favorite recurring villain in the show. As silly as saying the arch-nemesis is my favorite villain, though I do have some villains I wish were featured more often, it's hard not to think he is with episodes like this. Even beyond his first appearance in Monkey See, Doggy Do and his origin story in Mr. Mojo's Rising, this is the quintessential Mojo Jojo episode. Much like the second half of Bought And Scold, this is a day in the life episode, this time featuring everyone's favorite evil genius monkey.
An episode about a villain going to the grocery store can only really be good as the villain and his reactions to everything. Also, this episode heavily focuses on his famous catchphrase, using it as a really good running gag. It's not all just regular stuff, either. We get to see the machine that dresses and gets him ready for the day, he yells at kids to get out of his evil moat around the volcano, and he eventually just can't help himself to do a plan to exterminate those "bugs" once and for all once he gets the chance. This is the best spotlight on a particular villain this series has ever done, and it's only fitting that it was a spotlight on its most notorious.
Bad thing: The Powerpuff Girls themselves don't get that much of a role besides being annoying to Mojo, which is for this episode's plot, but it's not really playing to any of their strengths.
4. Something's A Ms.
Tumblr media
Something was a miss, and this episode sure wasn't! The episode starts as a big mystery, as the girls have to figure out how these mysterious thefts were happening, all while Miss Bellum is acting so odd. All between, this episode reminds us what Craig McCracken's favorite movie is. I still haven't watched that movie, and that should be a testament to how good this episode is that it's still this high. It's as if references don't ruin episodes if they're good enough!
The mystery, the hidden jokes, and the final fight scene all add to the quality of the epsiode. Not just the final fight scene with the girls, but with a character that deserves a lot more respect than she got a decade-and-a-half later. It's also a breath of fresh air that the Powerpuff Girls managed to figure out what was really happening, and it's not just the villain just suddenly revealing themselves to their utter shock. An excellent ending to what would be a potential Sedusa arc, even if it's not quite the last time we ever saw her.
Bad thing: The fireplace scene, while great looking, isn't really something that The Mayor would do. That did take me out of the episode to think, "yeah, that's got to be a Big Lebowski reference." It is, by the way.
3. Meet The Beat-Alls
Tumblr media
Lately, it's been a recent controversy among Cartoon Twitter that cartoons nowadays are just trying to reference popular things like Sonic the Hedgehog just to make people go "oh my goodness, they're nerds like me!", and I never got why that was inherently bad. If I was making cartoons, I would totally be sneaking references to my favorite games in them. Well, after that Big Lebowski-O-Rama that was Something's A Ms, here's an episode that's nothing but Beatles references. It's not even subtle about it. Song titles, album covers, parts of the Beatles history, and even the Beatles themselves in their 60's cartoon designs make a probably unauthorized cameo in the middle of the episode. It is a laugh riot.
I did say Telephonies was not the best villain team-up, and that's because that honor goes to this episode. Even if one doesn't know about the Beatles, and that could be more likely than one might think among today's youth unless they grew up on the Beat Bugs and would apply to me as a kid, the episode is still entertaining. It's not like the villains are out of character, I could see Mojo Jojo ending up in a Yoko Ono situation. This episode doesn't need any help to be as good as it is.
Bad thing: Him has always been betrayed as someone who is way beyond the other villains, but he's just another villain that just happens to shoot lasers out of his hands in this one. Even in an episode like Birthday Bash, another contender for greatest villain team-up episode of the series, he was treated as a villain far beyond the villains in the jail cell, taking over the news and Professor Utonium's mind.
2. Uh Oh Dynamo
Tumblr media
Giant monsters? Awesome. Giant robots? Also awesome. Giant robots fighting giant monsters? Even Jet Jaguar led to that amazing flying kick scene in Godzilla Vs. Megalon. There's no giant lizard monster seemingly skidding on his tail here, but that doesn't mean this half-hour of power deserves any less respect.
I haven't even touched upon an episode that put a major focus on the Powerpuff Girls' father figure, and putting this near the top may be me trying to make up for that. The first half does make one kind of feel for the Professor's plight, as, while the girls can easily handle crime themselves, he doesn't want to see his children get hurt. The second half is just as good in a different way, with lots of creative scenes. The attacks from both the giant fish balloon, which became kind of a recurring character in their own right even for just two episodes, and the giant robot Powerpuff Girl. Monster fights, city destruction, family issues, this episode has it all and more. I should also give a special mention to this episode's sort-of-sequel.
Bad thing: This episode does have a little bit of that issue everyone had with Daylight Savings, which was an episode I thought was just in the mediocre category, in that the Professor's insistence on being an overprotective dad does cause the episode's problems. I'd say it's the least justified here, even if it does lead to the giant robot.
It was so hard to make this list, because there's so many episodes just as deserving to be in a best list. Here's the next best thing: an honorable mentions list. All of these could have been the 11 spot, or at least the first four, anyway.
Bubblevicious - The danger room scene that really pushed the envelope on TV-Y7-FV violence and Bubbles turning into a vicious monster leads to a great character study for the little blue one.
Speed Demon - With its dark atmosphere that would only be matched by Samurai Jack years later, it's hard to forget this one, as much as our minds really wanted to.
Child Fearing - I almost put this episode in the list, but I felt there was too much Jojo. I still think about "if I was a bunny I'd HOP HOP HOP!"
Him Diddle Riddle - There's so much variety in Him's riddles, one may ignore that some of them seemingly make no sense.
Bubble Boy - This episode's idea of having Bubbles try to hang out with the gross boys is a really good one. Most of the Rowdyruff Boys' post-"The Rowdyruff Boys" appearances have been hit or miss, but this one's the biggest hit. I would talk about the first Rowdyruff Boys, but I felt Bubblevicious was superior.
I See A Funny Cartoon In Your Future - I already mentioned Live and Let Dynamo, so I'll go with this one. An amazing Rocky & Bullwinkle parody that really nails it down. Having the late great June Foray appear as the villain helps, too.
The Powerpuff Girls Rule - Hooray, I justified the rule of including specials! I was surprised on how much I liked this one. Maybe it is a good watch after watching the rest of the series, as there's tons of in-jokes. The fast pace didn't bother me as much as I thought it would.
Finally, #1. I wanted to surprise everyone, but...
1. The Powerpuff Girls Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever!
Tumblr media
That GIF's "Fly fly fly fly, pow, bye bye bye bye bye" was an intended name for this blog, but I felt that was really annoying, so I shortened it, and that's how Fly Pow Bye was born: from this episode. It's a relatively simple concept, too: it's a rainy day, and not even the criminals want to be outside, so the Powerpuff Girls have to pretend to fight crime using toys. After 2020 and the seemingly eternal quarantine it caused, this episode is even more relevant!
There are so many scenes in this that will stick in anyone's memories. Buttercup as the monster that surprises, Blossom's Miss Bellum impression, the Professor filling in for Bubbles and just wants to get it done, Bubbles and Buttercup dressing up as Fuzzy and Him, respectively, and even near the end, where, in a scene that is definitely similar to what happens in childhood playdates, Bubbles and Buttercup just decide to play video games during Blossom's epic Mojo Jojo impression/hide and seek game. During this project, I wanted to find an episode I can say that was more memorable, more quoteworthy, and more relatable than the very episode that gave Fly Pow Bye its name, and, while there were episodes that were very close, I'm still going to give the gold to this one. The Powerpuff Girls Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever is the Powerpuff Girls' Best Adventure, period.
Bad thing: If there's any bad thing to say about this episode, it's that I'd wouldn't recommend it as a first episode. Viewers of this episode need to know what the Powerpuff Girls usually do.
The Powerpuff Girls is a classic cartoon, and one of several cartoons that defined Cartoon Network in its classic era. It's no wonder why Cartoon Network just didn't want to let the Powerpuff Girls go, whether it be wanting to force a Season 7 despite the crew not wanting to do one, to that rather unfortunate event that happened in 2016, to letting it get the Riverdale treatment. Whatever happens next, all I can say is hurrah for Cartoon Network and the Powerpuff Girls. Bye.
See you on February 27th!
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sunnydaleherald · 8 months ago
The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Friday, October 22
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The Dawn (Buffy, MCU xover, PG-13) by Emmeebee
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There's No Going Back to Normal Again Chapter 3 (Willow-centric, PG-13) by Rutkowski
Alternate Repercussions Chapter 2 (Buffy/Spike, NC-17) by JWS1993
You Learn Chapter 8 (Buffy/Spike, NC-17) by bramcrackers
You're the One Chapter 10 (Buffy/Spike, R) by BloodyThorn
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Magic Man Chapter 5 (Buffy/Spike, NC-17) by touchstoneaf
Damaged at Best Chapter 17 (Faith/Tara, PG-13) by BuffyBot3000
Here We Go Again: Operation Stop Real Family From Dying Chapter 4 (Faith/OFC, R) by Ren (mizdarknezz3)
22:16 Chapter 2 (Buffy/Giles, NC-17) by froxyn
Sillabub's Vampire Diaries Chapter 6 (Drusilla/Sillabub, Cats xover, NC-17) by Hysperia
Impression, Sunrise Chapter 17 (Buffy, Star Trek xover, G) by Energybeing
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The Prickling of the Stars Chapter 2 (Buffy/Spike, PG-13) by JayeMaru
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Covariant hamiltonian for gravity coupled to $p$-forms. (arXiv:1906.11852v2 [hep-th] UPDATED)
We review the covariant canonical formalism initiated by D'Adda, Nelson and Regge in 1985, and extend it to include a definition of form-Poisson brackets (FPB) for geometric theories coupled to $p$-forms, gauging free differential algebras. The form-Legendre transformation and the form-Hamilton equations are derived from a $d$-form Lagrangian with $p$-form dynamical fields $\phi$. Momenta are defined as derivatives of the Lagrangian with respect to the "velocities" $d\phi$ and no preferred time direction is used. Action invariance under infinitesimal form-canonical transformations can be studied in this framework, and a generalized Noether theorem is derived, both for global and local symmetries. We apply the formalism to vielbein gravity in $d=3$ and $d=4$. In the $d=3$ theory we can define form-Dirac brackets, and use an algorithmic procedure to construct the canonical generators for local Lorentz rotations and diffeomorphisms. In $d=4$ the canonical analysis is carried out using FPB, since the definition of form-Dirac brackets is problematic. Lorentz generators are constructed, while diffeomorphisms are generated by the Lie derivative. A "doubly covariant" hamiltonian formalism is presented, allowing to maintain manifest Lorentz covariance at every stage of the Legendre transformation. The idea is to take curvatures as "velocities" in the definition of momenta.
from gr-qc updates on arXiv.org https://ift.tt/326GOWB
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fly-pow-bye · a year ago
DuckTales 2017 - “The Lost Cargo of Kit Cloudkicker!”
Tumblr media
Story by: Francisco Angones, Madison Bateman, Colleen Evanson, Christian Magalhaes, Ben Siemon, Bob Snow, Tanner Johnson
Written by: Colleen Evanson & Tanner Johnson
Storyboard by: Vince Aparo, Kristen Gish, Victoria Harris, Ben Holm
Directed by: Tanner Johnson
Spin it!
Before doing research when Don Karnage first came to the series, my knowledge of TaleSpin began and ended with me having that awful Genesis game as a kid. I do know that the show took place long before the modern day, which is when DuckTales 2017 takes place, and it appears that the events of TaleSpin in this universe still goes with that. Why do I know this? Because this episode does not start with Baloo piloting the Sea Duck...
Tumblr media
...but a grown-up version of his surrogate son, Kit Cloudkicker, who is now running Higher for Hire by himself. However, while things have definitely changed for Higher for Hire since Baloo's apparent retirement, mostly for the worse, some things remained the same. Namely, he is still being tormented by the nefarious Sky Pirate of the Skies, the corsair of the air, Don Karnage. Or Dan, as he calls him much to Karnage's annoyance. The good news is that Kit is now an ace pilot who can easily fight off sky pirates like he did back in the glory days. The bad news is that he can still do what he did as a kid with a giant cargo plane. He even says it, and with most of his dialogue in this cold opening suggests this is going to make him look foolish.
Even worse news for the business is that the fragile box addressed to F.O.W.L. is just sitting in the center of the cargo bay with no security whatsoever aside from a caged chicken and a goat. After rocking back and forth due to Kit fending off against Don Karnage, the box breaks to reveal a rock with a blue lion carved into it, and when that aforementioned chicken and goat touch it, they both turn into some sort of chicken-goat hybrid that Kit has to fight. How is able to fight this goat-chicken while piloting the plane? Simple: he puts a crowbar in the steering wheel, just like Baloo did in the original. Here, the idea is played as silly as it would be to someone who had never heard of TaleSpin. It is doubly sad when one considers Kit treats this crowbar like his only crewmate, because it is.
I do like that this first scene introduces this show's version of Kit very well. He's obviously an incompetent pilot, and not one that is lovably incompetent like Launchpad, and this incompetence is pretty well known among his customers judging by this line:
Kit Cloudkicker: Who's the terrible pilot now, everyone?
He's surprisingly cheerful about that, which, again, makes him look foolish. Despite all of this foolishness, he does appear to still be competent at coming up with plans to defeat his enemies, whether they be sky pirates or mutated goat-chickens, even if those plans end up putting the cargo he was supposed to deliver into the water. This includes that lion stone. He looks onto this and says "my bad" in a way that shows that his business is definitely going to be in the red in a few years.
Tumblr media
A few years later, we see that Della is taking Huey, Dewey, and nobody else to Cape Suzette, and she's even allowing Dewey to fly the plane along with her. It is easy to see why Huey is extra prepared even if Dewey is doing surprisingly well, as Huey is not only using extra seatbelts, but having a Safety Boy helmet as well. Huey's also prepared with the knowledge of that Lion Stone we saw go into the ocean in the previous scene, which, you guessed it, is a Missing Mystery of Isabella Finch. Specifically, it's the Stone Of What Was, which was described with the mysterious phrase "what was once two becomes a-new." Huey does not seem to figure that one out. The good news is that it was found, but the bad news was that it was found by F.O.W.L, but the better news is that they lost it, but the worse news was that the stone was made of potassium benzoate. Okay, that last one was made up. There's a few throwaway lines to fill in how Huey even knows F.O.W.L. had the stone in other scenes, and those plot holes are really not that important.
After nearing their destination, which we learn was based on a clue from an intercepted F.O.W.L. transmission from a throwaway line from Huey slightly later in the episode, Della has the bright idea to let Dewey land the plane. Letting a little kid fly a plane? Not a good idea. Letting a little kid land a plane? Also not a good idea. Telling that little kid that there's nothing wrong with a basic landing? May be a good idea in the off chance it could even come up, but definitely not a good idea when it comes to Dewey. To Della's credit, at least it was Huey that did that last one.
Tumblr media
After the crash landing, and not a Launchpad-type one, they arrive at Higher for Hire, which shows an advertisement showing its legacy playing on a television screen with plenty of TaleSpin references. This includes one shot of Baloo and another shot of a younger Kit and Molly Cunningham riding on an airfoil done in the style of the original show. This is great for people who were not aware of TaleSpin, which the target audience for this show may not have seen unless they have Disney Plus. Kit, still shown to be the sole employee years later, assumes anyone knocking at his door is the bank demanding payments, but he's delighted to see one of his former classmates at pilot school. He constantly has to tell Della that he is an ace pilot now. Most likely, he's telling that to himself too, as we'll see in the next scene. He at least has reason to believe he's a better pilot than his former classmate, as it doesn't look like her plane is in good shape. Della could have explained that this state was because she let one of her less competent sons fly the plane...and that would have probably made her case about a thousand times worse.
That television commercial also inspires a sort of B-plot that also ties into Kit's character arc, as seeing young Kit cloudkicking makes him want to do it, too. Despite his failure at even mimicking it, Kit is happy to see a fellow cloudkicker and would be glad to teach him the ropes. Della is not too excited by this prospect, but ends up allowing it, because she doesn't want to be the mother that does not support her kid. They aboard the plane, which ends up being a very bumpy ride, and Della goes to investigate, only to find that Kit was in the bathroom, letting his only other employee, the crowbar, be his substitute.
Tumblr media
Kit tries to stop what he calls "mutiny" by saying that he's the only one who knows where the cargo could be, only for the crowbar to slip and reveal that he's been keeping a map in the glove compartment. The map actually has some Xs and a circle on it, which suggests that Kit may have been trying to correct his previous mistake, but either never getting the motivation to go through with it, or, more likely, he isn't competent enough to deal with whatever is on that island he circled. Maybe I am thinking about this too hard, but I would say it would be fitting.
Kit decides to distract everyone from him getting kicked out of the pilot's chair by giving Dewey his airfoil and the cloudkicking rope for him to hold onto, and a shot of Dewey's excitement instantly cuts to Dewey screaming for his life, holding on for dear life as he can't seem to. The parallel between a former cloudkicking guy who isn't really a good pilot, and a kid who can actually fly a plane who isn't really a good cloudkicker is easy to notice, and the episode plays around with this. For starters, similar to Kit and his not-so-ace piloting skills, Dewey also tries his hardest to hide how terrified he is at the cool new thing he wanted to do. Of course, it is very possible that Kit is acting the way he does because he's in a certain someone's shadow. Dewey just does it because that's how he is.
Despite that difference, this parallel is enhanced even more when they get attacked by the Sky Pirates, and Kit has to intervene and show that he, at the very least, can get Dewey out of the danger that Kit himself has caused. And yes, Don Karnage's Sky Pirates are now working for the very organization that they indirectly harmed years before by attacking that cargo plane and making them lose that precious stone. That does not come up at all, not even as a throwaway line. What does come up is that Don Karnage is delighted that one of the people after the Stone of What Was is his new arch-nemesis, Dewey. It's a long story that started all the way back in Don's debut in Season 1. It's neat to see these old references. After they all make a landing on the circled island, some more safe than others, they get to meet the wildlife of the island. Let's say there's a good reason why this island was circled, and why Kit could not handle it by himself.
Tumblr media
It's a rhino and a gorilla crossed together, either a rhinosorilla or a gorillanoceros depending on whether one likes Dewey's word for it or Kit's. Clearly, this is the result of the Stone of What Was...what was...Wuz...Wuzzles! Admittedly, the Wuzzle was also not a show I grew up with, though that could be because it lasted only a season. In fact, I just now notice the lion carved into the Stone of What Was happens to have bumblebee wings. These animals are a little more realistic here, as they don't talk, and they're not cute or fuzzy like the original Wuzzles were. In fact, the character this gorillanoceros was based on was actually a monkey-rhino. There is a difference, even if they are very similar species genetically!
They eventually get to the stone, only to see that Don Karnage and his crewmates have found the stone first. Hiding, they see Don Karnage command Hardtack Hattie, his strongest crewmember, to lift it up. Unfortunately, she happened to lift it as a bunch of ants were crawling on it, turning her into an ant centaur to her and Don's horror. Despite that horror, and fitting for someone who just wants to finish his mission, he tries to get some of the other crew members to lift it...
Tumblr media
...leading to these freaks of nature, which is what Don Karnage actually calls them. DuckTales 2017 isn't too afraid to show the horrifying nature of some of these fusions, continuing with the theme of how they portray the Wuzzles as these monstrous beasts. I would not call it nightmare fuel, but I would not be surprised if it already has an entry on TV Tropes. What makes these even worse is that there is no way for these guys to revert back to their normal forms. There's no "if the stone feels like it, it'll separate you" clause here, that snail-dog is permanently a snail-dog, and that pirate will have to live with a hand for his head for the rest of his days. These guys just end up getting forgotten.
Della tries to sneak by climbing around this horrific scene, only to be caught on some sort of sticky rock. Dewey decides to try to save her with his airfoil-riding skills, much to Huey's disagreement. Dewey's got to Dewey it! Oh yeah, I forgot, Dewey ends up doing "Dewey" puns for most of the episode. It's not funny, but I have a feeling it wasn't meant to be funny, and it's certainly not funny when he ends up falling down near the pirates. Face to face with someone who considers him his arch-nemesis, he tries to save face when he notices Kit stole Don Karnage's plane...which he immediately crashes into a rock.
As for the rock that Della was stuck on, it turns out it wasn't a rock. Nor was it a rock lobster, either!
Tumblr media
It hatches into another classic Wuzzle character: the Butterbear, or the Bear-terfly as Don Karnage calls it. They never quite match the original Wuzzle names, and it is not like they would know them. There is one part of this where Kit and the Bear-terfly cross paths, and it almost seems like they're going to bond because they happen to be a similar race. Then, it instantly cuts to Kit running away from a rampaging Bear-terfly. How are they going to continue from this? Have the Bear-terfly get caught in some rope, and have it run in a way that ties up the stone, and have it fly away with Della still on its back. It is a bit convoluted, but it works in the end as it is a way for the stone to travel without it mutating even more people. Whether any of these fusions can use the stone to combine into other fusions is left unanswered, which is for the best.
One may notice I didn't talk a whole lot about what Huey did, and that's because he really didn't do much for most of the episode. He delivered the exposition, he tries to stop Dewey from "Deweying it", and that's about it. However, he does have a major part in the episode: he gets to take part in the scene where the two bumbling fools realize what they have been doing was foolish. Namely, they needed to realize that they should do what they were good at: Kit should cloudkick and Dewey should fly the plane. It is a good lesson that had some good buildup. Sure, they were pretty much failing throughout the episode, but there were scenes where they were surprisingly competent, like the scene where Kit rescued Dewey with his Cloudkicking skills, and Dewey managing to fly the plane in the beginning before he decided to "Dewey it" and crash it. It does not come out of nowhere. Speaking of which...
Dewey: Okay, let's do it.
What would be an unremarkable line actually works really well here, mainly because he decided not to make a pun on his own name, which he did way too much. It does show development, as if this fun-loving showboater is actually learning his lesson throughout the episode. I expect this from DuckTales 2017, and there are certainly cartoons where I don't.
Tumblr media
Fittingly for a TaleSpin episode, this all ends with a flight chase scene. No, not the usual DuckTales 2017 fight scene, though there are some fights here and there, especially with Kit and Don Karnage, armed with that crow bar and sword, respectively. The scene actually manages to make Dewey keeping the plane steady an action packed scene, as he has to save his Mom while trying not to let the stone fall into the ocean and make an octopus-fish-squid hybrid that would rival the Eldritch horrors. Again, whether any of these fusions can use the stone to combine into other fusions is left unanswered, which is for the best.
It's not really a spoiler to say the good guys win, but I will say the TaleSpin part of the plot is very much all tied up in the end. If Kit only makes a minor appearance in the finale, and I'd actually be surprised if he didn't appear considering how packed the clips were, it would be completely understandable. Also, there's a cliffhanger and we finally get to hear Don Karnage sing another song, if a very short one. It seemed like he just couldn't do it in his other appearances.
How does it stack up?
With the genius way of using not just one Disney show's legacy, but another Disney show as well, there's a lot to love about this episode, though I wouldn't say it's among the absolute best. Four Scrooges.
Tumblr media
Next, Scrooge gets indicted.
← Beaks In The Shell! 🦆 The Life and Crimes of Scrooge McDuck! →
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Powerpuff Girls - The Bad Episodes
I've been doing mini GIFsets of every episode of the original Powerpuff Girls, along with short summaries and reviews of them. That was the original intention of Fly Pow Bye, and I just never did it until now. Finally, after completing a rather different mission that wasn't nearly as entertaining, at least, not intentionally, Fly Pow Bye's original mission has been completed. I had to do something special to celebrate that, so why not do two different top tens? Worst is first!
Setting down three rules for both of these lists.
It has to be either an episode or a special of the original Powerpuff Girls.
I have to say at least one good aspect about the bad episodes, and one bad aspect about the good episodes.
This is my opinion and my opinion alone. There were some episodes everyone hates that I didn't hate as much (Town and Out, for example), and vice versa. If one liked any of these episodes, I respect their opinion.
Anyway, let's begin with the episodes I did not like.
10. Prime Mates
Tumblr media
I do remember watching maybe one or two Droopy cartoons when they aired on Cartoon Network back when they had entire blocks dedicated to old cartoons, but I don't remember much about them. However, I at least know enough about Droopy to know what Mopey Popo was referring to with his style of voice.
Younger me found this episode boring, and current me's opinion has not changed, and it's all because it feels really repetitive. Mojo Jojo tries to do something, Mopey Popo gets in the way, Mojo gets angry, repeat, repeat, repeat. They do throw a curveball in the end, and it does provoke some thought into how the ending happened, but it's not a great payoff for the slog that precedes it.
Good thing: One thing that does outshine the ending is that, despite this running on cartoon logic, they actually show the damage the previous scenes did. For example, if a giant ray gun gets lasered in half, it's in the next scene with a giant bandage on it. I thought that was a neat touch.
9. Monkey See, Doggy Two
Tumblr media
No, not Monkey See, Doggy Do, that's a good episode, and this episode sure knows it. Doggy Two is a direct sequel to Doggy Do where Mojo Jojo does the exact same plan with a few alterations. It is so exact, that almost half of the episode is just stock footage from Doggy Do. Not just the shots from Mojo Jojo's VHS tape of the events of the previous episode, but it even lifts entire jokes from the opening scene and just does them as if nobody saw them before. I know this was before the days of Netflix, as only the truly dedicated would be able to just pull up a funny moment from a particular episode and would benefit from clip shows, but why do a clip show with just one episode?
I get what this episode was doing besides save some money on animation: it is basing its humor on the silliness of the first Doggy episode. It all hinges on Mojo Jojo deciding the two things he did wrong were not protect his butt with a metal block and not have the Powerpuff Girls turn into dogs. This could be good for a minute-long promo like they did with the Super Friends, but not for 12 minutes. The predictable ending does not help in the slightest. I'm glad there's no Doggy Three.
Good thing: The episode isn't entirely worthless, as it does have maybe three or four decent lines from Mojo Jojo when he's watching that VHS tape. I like the part when Mojo Jojo has to explain to the girls that, yes, he does have a lot of cameras around Townsville that can replicate those camera shots. If only there were more moments like that; a self-targeted MST3K episode could potentially work.
...speaking of Super Friends...
8. Superfriends
Tumblr media
The Powerpuff Girls get a new friend for this episode named Robin Snyder, who was apparently an accident, too. Robin gets sad that the girls are so busy, so she ends up becoming friends with Princess instead. Princess decides to get Robin to steal a gumball. As Robin gets captured by Princess in an attempt to show that she can be a Powerpuff Girl that can fight crime, Princess just decides to yell about it and make it obvious that she set her up for it, and the Powerpuff Girls just forgive her. The end. Just stretch that out to a half an hour and that's this episode. Honestly, this episode would be boring even as a normal episode!
This episode does suffer a problem a lot of the half-hour Powerpuff Girls had: there's not enough material here for a half hour, and, as the Powerpuff Girls seemed to have a strict ban on B plots, they have to stretch out scenes to the point where they get boring. This one goes beyond even beyond those episodes; there's a reason why this is the only one on this bottom 10. Three minutes of this episode is dedicated to a music video set to that Apples In Stereo song which wasn't as catchy as I remembered it being, and about a third of it is a still image of a Powerpuff Signal! There's a lot of overly long scenes that add nothing, too. It's a shame, Robin Snyder could have been a decent addition to the cast, but this episode doesn't make me wish she appeared again.
Good thing: Besides the aforementioned "I was an accident, too" line, I do like the idea of the Powerpuff Girls having an ordinary classmate to be friends with. Really, who else do they have? Mitch Mitchelson? He's a bully! Harry Pitts? He's gross! Elmer Sglue? Did anyone even know he appeared in more than one episode without them explaining how he demutated from his glue monster form? He appeared more than Robin, that's for sure. No, that girl from Stuck Up Up And Away wasn't Robin.
7. Slave The Day
Tumblr media
Slave The Day is the Powerpuff Girls' take on a cliche plot. The Powerpuff Girls save Big Billy's life, Big Billy decides to become their personal servant, and he ends up being more of a nuisance than anything else. There are episodes that use cliche plots throughout the Powerpuff Girls, but usually they do a spin on it. The spin here is that the Powerpuff Girls beat up Big Billy at the end. Unlike a certain other episode that gained a lot of infamy over the Powerpuff Girls beating up someone, they try their hardest to explain why Big Billy deserved that beating, and it just comes off as awkward. There's not much else to say; it's just another boring episode.
Good thing: The scene where Big Billy gets rescued is pretty well done. I like how we just see a bunch of swooping camera shots, and a graffiti bottle getting mangled by the train, giving a sort of G-rated blood splatter effect with its contents.
6. The City of Frownsville
Tumblr media
(tw // 9/11)
The most interesting part of this episode is a piece of trivia associated with this episode that claims that this episode was supposed to be this show's 9/11 tribute. I almost put that one in the review, but then I realized I didn't remember seeing any kind of memoriam card. Not on the DVD, not on TV recordings, and not on any of my contemporary sources. Turns out, this trivia came from one person who decided to edit a bunch of wikis, sometimes even including a "Memoriam card" that is littered with spelling and grammar errors, is in the wrong aspect ratio, and has a rest in peace to the "World Trade Centre" (sic) itself. Remember kids, research before trusting wikis.
(tw over)
As for the episode, it's an episode that really banks on seeing people cry endlessly being a good source of entertainment. It isn’t. Yes, the villain slips on a banana peel, and that somehow ends the episode on a happy note, but that banana ends up getting set up for a very long time. The one joke that might have been great, and it's ruined by this episode's seemingly glacial pace. I wouldn't cry about it, but I would not want to watch this episode again.
Good thing: It's not an idea I've seen before, I'll give them that.
5. Toast of the Town
Tumblr media
There is one character that really suffered from the seasonal rot of Seasons 5 and 6, and that is the once as-lovable-as-he-was-not-too-smart Mayor. In most of the Season 5 and 6 episodes he was in, they essentially turned him into a toddler with a moustache. They were also really obsessed with him being in the nude, making me think they were mistaken on why everyone liked The Bare Facts. Thankfully, this is not one of those episodes, but there's little else to be thankful for in this one.
The Mayor is just not a great character here; here, that comparison to him being a toddler with a mustache far more fitting, as he actually acts like, and is rightfully treated like, a toddler in this one. I would slightly forgive this if they explained that the Chemical X-induced growth didn't apply to his brain, but judging by later episodes, I would have had a hard time believing it. It doesn't help that this "character growing into a giant and causing mayhem" plot was done much better and a little more creatively in What's The Big Idea.
Good thing: It has a really neat reference to Dee Dee from Dexter's Lab and her catchphrase.
4. Sweet N Sour
Tumblr media
It's a devil in plain sight episode. Next.
In all seriousness, I went into this episode with an open mind. Sure, this episode has the plot of the worst episodes of any cartoon, but, hey, Mommy Fearest could be considered a devil in plain sight episode, and that episode's good! After rewatching it, my opinion has certainly changed: this episode is even worse than I remembered! The usual Devil In Plain Sight plot has the devil usually not committing crimes in the sight of the people they're fooling. Here, they do the crimes, and nobody wants to arrest them because they're so adorable!
Even Save Mojo was a better episode than this, because at least I can say that episode was meant to be a commentary on how certain animal rights groups would see the Powerpuff Girls.
Good thing: There is a minute of catharsis in the end, where it's implied that these animals are being hugged to death. It does feel a little stretched out, but I think of all the scenes to stretch out, I'd take that over still shots of the Powerpuff Signal.
3. Fallen Arches
Tumblr media
I'm just as surprised that, of all of the episodes that could be considered to be worse than Sweet N Sour, it could be an episode from the McCracken age. Remember when I said Frownsville had a seemingly glacial pace? Here's an episode that intended to have a glacial pace, and succeeded far more than they should have. That GIF is a pretty good representation of the episode: almost nothing happens until the end, and the end is almost as bad as the rest of the episode. It's not funny.
I mean, I get it, they're old! Old people move very slowly! That's the joke for the entire episode when it's not focused on the two superheroes bickering until the episode decides to just have them make up. It really doesn't help that it came out a year after the much better Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy episode. It may be a coincidence, but let's just say there's a good reason why Fallen Arches didn't become its own series of episodes.
Good thing: I do like the idea of other superheroes being around, especially in Townsville's pre-Powerpuff Girls days.
2. Say Uncle
Tumblr media
The Powerpuff Girls confuse a taffy-loving sasquatch to be their uncle. That idea could work, and they must have had plenty of ideas because this episode feels like a hodgepodge of a bunch of them. A bunch of incomplete ideas that don't really lead to anything that could be called comedy, but ideas nonetheless.
Throughout the episode, one just wants to scream at the television, as if they weren't already animated to do what they were going to do next, that this guy is not a human being. Even the people who should know better, like Blossom or Professor Utonium, are still going along with it because the episode just wouldn't be as long. The whole taffy part of the character feels forced, and so does all of the taffy related events that have to happen to make this bigfoot go bananas. In the end, they forget to actually tell a joke. Also, what was with the turtle race? Is this supposed to represent how slow this episode is? That's the best I can come up with. Terrible.
Good thing: The sasquatch just barging into Ms. Keane's class is the only time I cracked a smile at this.
First, some dishonorable mentions:
Tough Love - Having all of Townsville be against the Powerpuff Girls is a neat idea. Too bad it just ends with Him just giving up for no real reason. I almost put this at #10 just because I wanted to have an episode from each season for variety's sake, but I didn't feel like leaving out Prime Mates for the sake of an episode that's more disappointing than bad.
Getting Twiggy With It - Gee, I hope Mitch Mitchelson isn't a bully to Twiggy! Uh oh! Gee, I hope Mitch Mitchelson isn't a bully to Twiggy! Uh oh! Gee, I hope Mitch Mitchelson isn't a bully to Twiggy! Uh oh! Oh, he's getting what he deserved. The end.
Mojo Jonesin' - A very special episode about kids getting hooked on Chemical X. Played as straight as possible and not really good at all, but I can appreciate the moxy of doing an anti-drug episode that blatantly to leave it out of this list.
Film Flam - An episode about a fake film about the Powerpuff Girls is more convoluted and slow than anything else. It has a good Professor expression, though.
Pee Pee G's - No, I don't want a plot about the Powerpuff Girls potentially wetting the bed.
Custody Battle - One will remember the classic line near the end of the episode, and the beginning is really good. Too bad most of the episode is just a naked Mayor crawling around acting like a toddler!
Finally, the #1 worst episode...it's Sun Scream. I tried to hide it to not spoil this list, but come on.
1. Sun Scream
Tumblr media
However, a few months before this experiment, I was utterly convinced Sweet N Sour would be my least favorite episode. A special thank you to younger me for completely blocking this episode from my memory. This episode feels more like a creepypasta than anything resembling even bad comedy. This evil episode has the Powerpuff Girls writhe in pain throughout the entire episode, and after watching it, a photorealistic Powerpuff Girl jumps out the screen and beats the tar out of the viewer with their many, many tiny hands that make up their supposedly handless arms. Okay, maybe I just imagined that last part, but it sure felt like it.
It's not that I hate gross out humor. It's not that I hate overly preachy episodes. It's not that I hate that even Blossom apparently felt sunscreen is for nerds when she's the nerdiest one herself. Not only is Sun Scream the worst episode of the original Powerpuff Girls, it may actually be the worst episode in the entire franchise! Coming from me, that should say a lot.
Good thing: Uh, the card game playing crook's name is Monty? I guess that's kind of clever.
It was kind of easy to pick out this list because there actually aren't that many episodes I would call horrible. One may notice I've called some of the episodes on this list just "boring", and how that could make an episode worthy of being on this list is, in itself, is a testament to how good The Powerpuff Girls is. Next week, we look at the good episodes!
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DuckTales 2017 - "The Life and Crimes of Scrooge McDuck!"
Tumblr media
Story by: Francisco Angones, Madison Bateman, Colleen Evanson, Christian Magalhaes, Ben Siemon, Bob Snow
Written by: Bob Snow
Storyboard by: Stephanie Gonzaga, Krystal Ureta, Brandon Warren, Hayley Foster
Directed by: Matthew Humphreys
I'm not the only judge around here.
Tumblr media
The episode begins with Scrooge and Louie dealing with a bunch of furry, multiplying monsters that are in no way supposed to be the Tribbles from Star Trek. They're Gribbles, they're completely different. Before they can deal with them entirely, and almost immediately after Scrooge tells Louie how he should accept responsibility, they are suddenly summoned into the All-Powerful Karmic Court. This otherworldly court features a seemingly all-powerful bailiff, and a giant Lady Justice holding a scale that will hold Scrooge's innocence and guilt. Who was responsible for getting Scrooge and Louie into this Karmic Court?
Tumblr media
None other than Doofus Drake, who is just as creepy as he always was in this reboot. He makes his entrance by being wheeled in while wearing a strait-jacket, an obvious reference to Silence of the Lambs, he puts chap-stick all over his face, and, right before a commercial break, he appears to start an attempt to lick Louie's face. We get it, the character was bad and unlikeable in the original, so the new version of the character has to be disgusting and intentionally unlikeable. They could have just not have him appear, put him on a milk carton somewhere, or, since this is a reboot, they could have made him a different character entirely like they did with Burger Beagle, but instead, we get this Licky McCreepo.
Using the combined money and supernatural powers of him and his witnesses, Doofus, wanting revenge, er, justice over losing his inheritance to his own family, managed to get a supernatural summon to sue Scrooge McDuck out of the fortune, land-holdings, and treasure that would have been Louie's inheritance. Why? Because he ruined their lives! Scrooge immediately balks at these accusation that he can be guilty of ruining anyone's life, saying that he got everything fair and square and he has done nothing wrong. The Bailiff, acting as the judge as the giant Lady Justice can only nod or shake her head, has to keep telling him to sit down and be quiet as the plaintiff and his witnesses bear their case. As Scrooge can't help but make himself look guilty in the face of the all-powerful and all-seeing Karmic Court, it's up to Louie, the irresponsible schemer that Scrooge was scolding minutes before, to help him against three different shorts, er, three different witnesses! Our first one is...
Witness #1: Flintheart Glomgold!
Tumblr media
Or, as he puts it as he jumps out of the door:
Yes, he even introduces himself with lightning strikes behind him. I'd like to think he requested the court supply those, as that was also the explanation for the Hannibal impression. It does not matter to the Karmic Court that the plaintiff and witnesses are acting like villains, as the case is supposed to be that Scrooge's actions have led them this way in the first place. We get a flashback, courtesy of the Karmic Courts power to get video clips of anything that happened in the past. Having video clips of things that couldn't possibly have been recorded is a reason for the supernatural element to this court. It is magic, it does not need to be explained.
Tumblr media
No, this isn't about his former Duke Baloney persona, though I like how they mention that right in the beginning, but how he managed to steal the heart of Duckburg from him. It happened all the way back in 1987, as they sure liked that year for reasons that should be obvious. Back then, Duckburg was in a state of Glomgold Fever, as reported by Webra Walters. Her joke, besides being an obvious parody of Barbara Walters, is that she has a lisp. In the beloved adventurers latest adventure, he's going into a cave full of sharks and booby traps to get a large, sharktooth-shaped diamond for the people of Duckburg. He even takes Webra Walters and a cameraman with him, all so they can report on his benevolence. He is trying so hard to make himself look like a hero, though I'd argue putting a reporter in danger for the sake of his own ego is a hint that things are not right with this. Well, besides the fact that he's Glomgold, but the people in 1987 didn't know that.
However, that unapproachable and miserly billionaire, Scrooge McDuck, shows up with a grappling hook, swinging effortlessly. Glomgold, in his anger, accidentally pushes Webra off the rock she was standing on. As she grabs onto the ledge for dear life, Glomgold sees this reporter struggling to not get eaten by sharks and accuses her of being in cahoots with Scrooge, and jumps away to that diamond without even trying to save her. As Scrooge manages to get to the diamond and Glomgold ending up holding on to a stalactite after accidentally hitting a booby trap that caused that rock Webra barely managed to climb back up to start sinking. As Debra starts with what she thinks is her last report on how Glomgold has revealed his stupidity and cowardice, assumedly ending Glomgold Fever for good, Scrooge uses the grappling hook to save her and the cameraman, the diamond still strapped to his back.
Tumblr media
Needless to say, Scrooge becomes the hero of Duckburg as Webra reports that the originally "miserwy" Scrooge is now showing his "herowic" side, while Glomgold Glomgold then laments at the days he had to hang on to the stalactite, eventually having to make friends with the sharks that infested the cave's waters. It's here where we learn why Glomgold loves sharks so much: because it's the only love he had after that fateful day. Revealing key moments of the villain's past that shaped them into the villains they became is going to be a theme with all of the witnesses, bringing some more importance to this episode. I'll admit that this part is the weakest of the three to me, though I can't deny Glomgold's charm in his reminiscence of his friendship with the sharks. Also, his unforgettable intro.
There is one moment that definitely did not shape them into the villains they became: Scrooge. At least, according to Scrooge himself, who continues to blast the court for even considering this to be evidence against him. The bailiff has to conjure up a muzzle at some point, though even that does not last. Louie eventually comes up to the court and tells them that he was clearly evil even before this incident, and the court. This goes to show that the court is indeed all-seeing, though I do still have a feeling that this court seems to be really easily convinced, as they seem to accept it. They probably should have accepted the "dooming Webra to a shark-caused death" as evidence against the Plaintiff, but this isn't even the worst the court gets with this sort of thing. There's no reason to complain, it's currently Innocent 1, Guilty 0.
Witness #2: Ma Beagle!
Next, it's Ma Beagle, and she wants to get the deed for the town the Beagles rightfully owned before it was stolen by that crook. While the last story revealed Glomgold's shark affinity, this one is the very backstory for how the Beagle Boys became the enemies of Scrooge. We finally get the story behind that painting of Scrooge McDuck and Grandpappy Beagle on how he managed to get the deed for the place. It's been shown in that picture that hangs on Scrooge McDuck's wall, but this is the first time we actually get to see what events that picture depicted, taking place long ago in a place known as Fort Beagleburg.
Tumblr media
To make a long story short, it was an arm wrestling match, with Grandpappy as the undefeated champion. Scrooge shows up, talking about how this place used to be known as Fort Duckburg, and he offers to buy the town with his endless riches. Putting his money down on the table, Grandpappy and Scrooge agree to an arm wrestle for the fort's deed, the former getting praise by his daughter that he never lost. However, Scrooge proves that "never" rarely lasts, as much sense as that makes, and manages to defeat him using his wit. He also reveals him to be a cheat, once again revealing some villainy on the part of the Plaintiff that the all-powerful Karmic Court seems to ignore. In fact, unlike Glomgold and his former Glomgold Fever, there's no sense of heroism with these guys at all. In fact, they're all wearing the masks that would be made famous by their descendants.
Scrooge: Pleasure doing business with you! (Takes deed and the cup of juice Young Ma was drinking)
Young Ma Beagle: (crying) Aw, I can't believe you-
(video pauses)
Sure, Grandpappy Beagle was a cheat, but Scrooge does admit that it was unnecessarily mean to young Ma Beagle, and this would be a major cornerstone in her becoming the evil mastermind that headed the Beagle Boys. Lady Justice decides this is a win for Guilty, teleporting Ma to the Guilty side. Much like the wrestling episode, the episode's tension would be completely gone if one side went 2-0 unless they were planning on more than three witnesses. However, Louie isn't going to deal with that, and points out that the young Ma Beagle's line was clearly cut off, which it was. Again, for an omnipotent and omniscient karmic court, not only can't they keep a muzzle on Scrooge, they sure like changing their mind. Then again, this seems to work for the villains as well. At 2-0, it seems like Doofus is doomed to have his case dismissed, but he has one more short, er, witness:
Witness #3: Magica De Spell!
Right from her appearance and despite Louie gloating that he can totally take her case on, Scrooge realizes this is the one that may outweigh the other two. We flash back to a time where Magica is currently controlling an entire town's wealth and food with the power of her magic. In fact, she's not alone, as she reveals she's not an only child.
Tumblr media
We get to meet a brand new character: Magica's brother Poe De Spell, making his first appearance in the series. One may guess by the amount of guilt Scrooge is showing that it is also his only appearance, and they are correct. To give more of a description, these twin sorcerers are causing chaos among the people they ruthlessly rule over, turning people into various animals, including a daddy goat that is expected to give them milk. Don't think of that too hard. While Magica is just as evil as she ever will be, it's Poe that ends up being the closer to Earth one. This all changes when Scrooge comes up, and, much like the Beagles, he manages to defeat Magica and Poe with his wit and make off with the money. Some of it went to rebuilding farms.
Of course, the worst part is the reason why Poe is missing. I'll keep this one vague as it is a major crux of the episode, as this is mainly caused by Scrooge being selfish. Even though Magica and Poe are clearly villains, this is one true The episode does build up more and more in both Scrooge's guilt and the quality of the segments. One may guess Poe's fate judging by the author he's clearly named after, and if they can't guess, they haven't gotten to that part in their English class.
Tumblr media
What's important is that this is the one where even Louie has to admit that he can't weasel his inheritance, er, Scrooge's innocence out of this one. The ending seems like it's going to go into this cliche where they just admit Scrooge's guilt and the court decides that's good enough to let him off the hook, but they throw a few curveballs at that. As much as I don't want to spoil it, it's hard to believe Scrooge and Louie are going to lose their fortune, land, and treasure, especially an episode before the finale, but I think the way the episode ends, while feeling a bit rushed as a lot of events happen in the last minute, is good enough for me to judge this episode as innocent.
How does it stack up?
I debated whether this should be 3 or 4 Scrooges, and I felt this shouldn't get the same rating as Kit Cloudkicker despite being a good showing of Louie's cleverness. With an okay first part, a second part that is good to see, and a third part that's quite interesting, I'd put this at the same level as the decent Split Sword of Swanstantine. Unfortunately, with DuckTales 2017, decent can only go so far. 3 Scrooges.
Tumblr media
Finally, after facing off against all of these non-FOWL related villains in a Karmic Court, the McDucks get to face off against FOWL once and for all.
← The Lost Cargo of Kit Cloudkicker! 🦆 The Last Adventure! →
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DuckTales 2017 - The Shorts! (Part 2)
For completion's sake, let's look at the remaining DuckTales 2017 shorts as of this writing.
A few more shorts have come out since the big batch of shorts from before. Unfortunately, none of them are mini-adventures split up into segments like The World's Slowest Death-Trap or Dewey Dew-Night. However, as mentioned before, I should still bring these up for completion's sake. I did leave out the Top 4s and the Marshmello "Fly" music video, but that's because the former is self-explanatory and the latter is just cool and well animated. Let's go!
Theme Song Takeovers
Tumblr media
There were two of these for DuckTales 2017. One of them is with everyone's favorite incompetent pilot, Launchpad McQuack. It does it in an interesting way: he's not taking over the Theme Song despite the title, he just wandered into it. He does have to act the part, not only singing his own version of the theme song, as he's certainly not one to memorize any lyrics beyond the Darkwing Duck theme, but he's desperately trying to catch up with everyone else in the best way he can. I like this feeling that this is what he was doing during the parts where he was off-screen. It has a pretty weird ending, too. As good as this one is, it is only of slightly lower quality than the next one. There may be a reason for that: because it was actually used in the show itself.
Tumblr media
The other one is Glomgold's Theme Song Takeover, where he sings his own version of the DuckTales theme song all about himself and how much Scrooge stinks. One of the lines is "Scrooge stinks, Scrooge stinks, Scrooge stinks." Highlights include the first part being in the style of his infamous blueprints, the stylistically bad 3D render of him as a muscleman, and him running out of budget for the last part to where he had to use popsicle sticks and paper. It's no wonder that the theme song was used in the episode called "GlomTales!". Watch the internet version, too, it has a few extra scenes, including a scene where Glomgold curses copyright law.
Random Rings
Tumblr media
DuckTales 2017 characters appeared twice in this series, and by characters, I mean just Launchpad. He sure was meant to be the breakout character. The first is a little chat between him and Big Hero 6's Baymax after he accidentally calls him instead of a pizza place. Baymax tries his best to be Launchpad's personal healthcare companion and tries to help him after Launchpad gets a bump in his head, not knowing he's referring to the head of the Sunchaser he just crashed, and Launchpad misinterprets his suggestion of using frozen peas as a recommendation of what to eat. It's about what one might expect from the not-too-bright character and a robot, but it does not last long enough to where it would be annoying. It's only a minute.
The other one involves Launchpad trying to call "Mr McD" only for him to accidentally call Cricket from the show Big City Greens. I should note that the vast majority of the segments involve this show, most of them involving Cricket, the show's lead character and trouble-maker. This does have a significant difference from the other one: Launchpad almost manages to realize he probably should not be talking to some random kid, only for that random kid to try to take advantage of him after he mentions the giant gemstone his plane is carrying. There's a different joke here other than Launchpad does not have a lot in the brains department, and I can appreciate this one a little bit more. I will admit: it is possible I would have appreciated this even more if I actually watched Big City Greens, but that is not this short's fault.
I should note that these shorts are also perfect for those who want to know what DuckTales 2017 would look like in Adobe Flash. Just wanted to point that out.
Chibi Tiny Tales
Tumblr media
Chibi Tiny Tales was a series of cutesy little cartoons based on Disney Channel shows, itself loosely based on a series of shorts made for Big Hero 6. These are all simple concepts done in a very quick, no dialogue, gag-a-second way, all done in a pseudo-anime style as implied by the word "chibi", complete with the face faults they were not allowed to do on the real show. It's a little funny that they didn't make any Chibi Tiny Tales for DuckTales, a show with the word "Tales" in it, until the time the very last episodes of DuckTales 2017 were airing.
The first one has Scrooge McDuck, the nephews, and Donald raiding a tomb for some treasure. The second one has Magica and Glomgold trying to steal the Number One Dime while Scrooge is reading the paper. The third has Launchpad and Webby go on a quest for the ultimate burrito. All of these follow a similar pattern of them getting into different situations throughout the minute-long short. It is very Looney Tunes, funnily enough. There really isn't anything to say about these. They're cutesy, they are only sort of witty, but they do not overstay their welcome either. Much like the DuckFails shorts, I can imagine enjoying these during commercial breaks, and they are the perfect length for them.
This Duckburg Life
Tumblr media
This isn't a short, but there is nowhere else to talk about this.
The newest addition to DuckTales 2017's canon is a parody of NPR's This American Life, and our Ira Glass equivalent is Huey Duck. The first episode, titled "Adventure Calls", is about Huey listening to Launchpad's answering machine, which ends up being filled with various calls. The vast majority of them are about an adventure involving Dewey and Louie getting kidnapped by the Beagle Boys. The Beagle Boys did not really make a major appearance in Season 3 beyond Ma Beagle in "The Life and Crimes of Scrooge McDuck!", so this could be an apology for that. Eventually, this adventure gets into the strange when they find the Hand of Hammurabi hidden in the stash of treasures the Beagle Boys stole, and they end up getting teleported to Tibet and then another dimension. While all of this is happening, Big Time Beagle is trying his hardest to be a threatening kidnapper despite losing the people he was kidnapping.
Even without the images, it still feels like DuckTales 2017 in a different format. It uses the podcast format very well, with the sponsor featuring Webby and Scrooge and Donald Duck reading the credits like it's one of those "support for" segments on NPR, and it would be neat to see where this goes. Even if one wants to know how this would look animated, the YouTube video that has this does have an image that shows off some imagery that fills in some of what people might want to know. For example, yes, the Hand of Hammurabi does look like the Infinity Gauntlet. Oh, and it's important to note that it's likely this podcast takes place before "The Last Adventure!". I am not going to say why that is, and maybe that might change with future episodes.
And that's it for now. This Saturday, the least best.
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