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#fragments of sappho
Anne Carson, from If Not, Winter: Fragments of Sappho
Why does Eros weave myths? Perhaps because desire acts in lovers as a lure for the whole life of the imagination–without which neither love nor philosophy could nourish itself very long.
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Anne Carson, from Introduction (On Sappho) in “If Not, Winter: Fragments Of Sappho“ [translated by Anne Carson]
Sappho was a musician. Her poetry is lyric, that is, composed to be sung to the lyre. She addresses her lyre in one of her poems (fr. 118) and frequently mentions music, songs and singing. (…) Of the nine books of lyrics that Sappho is said to have composed, one poem has survived complete. All the rest are fragments.
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Sappho, from If Not, Winter: Fragments Of Sappho [translated by Anne Carson)

(…) sometimes at sunset
the rosyfingered moon

surpasses all the stars. And her light
stretches over salt sea
equally and flowerdeep fields.

And the beautiful dew is poured out
and roses bloom and frail
chervil and flowering sweetclover.

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