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oldshowbiz · a month ago
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The desolate parking lot at The Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum in Victorville, California
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lanireadz · 2 months ago
Roman Sionis
Dating Roman Sionis
Warnings: Female Reader, Cursing, I think that’s it...
Type: {All}
Summary: What dating Roman Sionis would be like.
A/N: I just felt like writing... so if you wanna request anything, I suggest doing it now because it will probably be out sooner tbh.
Tumblr media
Acts hella mean, but has a huge soft spot for you.
Cuddle? Damn right he would.
Your having a bad day? Not anymore! He’ll get you all your favorite things and make sure to at least get a smile from you at the end.
He needs comfort, lots of it.
And don’t listen when he says he’s ‘ok’ because he’s not.
He loves to kiss your hand. When he first met you, he greeted you by gently lifting your hand to his lips placing a soft kiss on it.
Always down at his club. Literally.
If your crying and nothing will help, he’s there to hold you as long as you need him too.
Sleeping position is definitely you on his chest with his arms around you. Fight me.
If you go out on dates, he’ll spend HOURS deciding what suit to chose.
Afraid that you think nothing of him at times because of his villain reputation.
But you assure him that you love him deeply and nothing will change that.
He likes to be at the bottom and tied up. Again, fight me.
I think he’ll like to be oversimulated.
Likes to finger you.
Eating you out is one of his favorite things ever.
Ngl I can see him recording you just to hear your moans and cries.
Loves touching you. Let’s say your having dinner with some friends or whatever. He’ll sneak one of his gloved fingers down to your clit and rub it in circles.
I can see him using a vibrator.
Dumbass tbh.
If he’s REALLY mad and it’s one of those days... he will fucking yell.
At the end he will hold you tightly with his tear stained face buried in your neck apologizing over and OVER again and won’t let you go until you fully reassure him your fine.
You will have occasionally arguments, no doubt
He might make you cry.
Hitting? Yeah, no. He can be the maddest you’ve ever seen him or he’s ever been, and will still NEVER lay a finger on you.
Definitely slams, throws and breaks things tho.
Would stay quiet and then shout all of the sudden.
You can ask him something and he’ll be FURIOUS.
Then again, he’s your Roman and you both love each other so much.
Ahh... Roman Sionis. So handsome I swear.
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lordmajeed · a month ago
Tumblr media
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sailorplanet1997 · 26 days ago
am i the only one that wants Disney to continues with the Tinkerbell franchise movies?
Tumblr media
i’m very well aware DisneyToon Studios doesn’t exist anymore because of “money problems” but i feel that other Disney studios can picks it up like the one that makes Raya and the last dragon, their qualities is REALLY great, they were supposed to make a movie that’s based on Tinkerbell again that goes to the Tinker academy and explore stuff and includes new characters there but it never came out and that sucks but what if we can convince Disney to continues to make more Tinkerbell movies? i feel that we can bring back the Tinkerbell movies if we can make a petition, maybe even making our own story so we can bring our ideas to Disney and convince them even more to bring back the Tinkerbell movies with each of them based on others then Tinkerbell iridessa with the eclipse (she’s a light fairy that can control light afterall) Silvermist with the floods (she’s a water fairy that can control each kind of waters, including an tsunami) Vidia with like tornados, strong storms and everything you can think of that has to do with strong weathers (i mean she’s a fast-flying fairy) Rosetta maybe with puffy’s that makes everyone to sleep and i like to see more of sled who she fell in love with (she’s an garden fairy that takes care of each kinds flowers and plants) Terence that can finally confess his feelings for Tinkerbell whetever Tink likes it or not but eventually she feels the same for him (i know he’s been on the main role before but i like to see more of him since it’s his time to shine, it’s been going backwards instead of forwards after the 2nd movie and we all know he has feelings for Tinkerbell, everyone can see that expect Tinkerbell herself obviously i do like a little drama though, kind of like in the 2nd movie but it ends up good and brings their love to everyone once they arrives back in pixie hollow, i want it to be VERY simular to the 2nd movie if that’s that one thing i’m sure about, working on the friend/relationship scepter with gems instead of the moonstone, if it turns pink it means they becomes a thing and if it’s like....i don’t or so? they are just friends, i made a fanfic about this) Zarina that needs to deal about something VERY serious that brings pixie hollow in danger and she ends up saving pixie hollow while risking her own life by doing so, monsters or something that’s dangerous to fairies, (not hawks or other dangerous animals though since we first had Fawn for that and Zarina’s NOT in animal fairy, zarina is an alchemist fairy that can switch talent or change it to non talents one an neutral one that can’t do anything harm anymore) Periwinkle also deserves her own movie since she’s a frost winter fairy that also collect lost things, just like her sister Tinkerbell, she goes through the snow storm, stuff gets out of hand and she’s the only one that can save that snowstorm even if it means risking her own life by doing so, she’s a winter version of Tinkerbell a movie based on Queen Clarion and Lord Milori aswell, mainly based on their past how everything has been before making the rules but at the end of the movie it’s on the current one and Lord Milori ask Queen Clarion if she wants to marry him and they indeed get married, with these 2 having the word about their past and how these 2 got brought together centuries later, and they kissed right infront of everyone and they all clapped so this way it’s an good ending i also want a movie based on all of the girls, Tinkerbell, Zarina, Fawn, iridessa, Rosetta, Silvermist and Vidia for sure, since i like the drama from others aswell, not just Terence, i like when Tinkerbell argues with the girls from whatever reason it is that gets Tink under a lot of pressure, calling girls out by cursing them or something and they all gets mad at her by calling them like that, with maybe Vidia even slapping Tinkerbell or something and they all leaves aswell and later ask girls for her help but then argues again with Tink, both of Tink and the girls telling each other a true friend won’t do curse words and an true friend that will always been there for each and has them back that leaves Tinkerbell to cry out loud, she always has Clank, Bobble, Terence and Periwinkle who she can talk to, especially Terence since he went through exact the same thing with Tink and sees things in his own perpective and gives Tink advices with what to do, later on Tinkerbell leaves pixie hollow to look at something to fix something with Blaze again so she won’t have to do it all alone in that meanwhile all the girls goes to her house to see Tink isn’t there and decides to follow after her to make it up for what happened and when Tink mess things up she wished her friend are being here for her no matter what wishing they are still her friends but then the surprise is waiting for her when the girls are standing behind her and get into group hugs, Tinkerbell acting surprised to see the girls again, they brings her back to pixie hollow and it ends up good and they all forgives her for the mess she made and arguing with them earlier and they made up (kind of between the 2nd and the 5th movie for sure) and the last movie is based on how Tinkerbell meets Peter Pan and leaves pixie hollow till like after the adventure she has with Jane back in the Peter Pan 2 movie, Tinkerbell thinking Peter Pan is using her or something and only thinks about the lost boys she decided to return back to pixie hollow with everyone at first still be mad at her for leaving pixie hollow not thinking about her friends how they were feeling when she left but eventually warmed up to Tinkerbell, forgiving her and get into group hugs, makes her feel welcome again after in like forever and she tells the girls everything what has happened and Tinkerbell asking others what she missed out on everything and it all turns good and we have a good ending (i don’t know if it’s an finale Tinkerbell movie or an Peter Pan movie but i want an good ending for sure) and when all of this all ends i want Disney to make it an Tv show with the same Tinkerbell animations what do you think about those movies i have on my mind?
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lovestereo · a year ago
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santiagoortizz · a year ago
Tumblr media
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burningvelvet · 22 days ago
I love how Fantastic Beasts 3 is already one of the biggest messes in cinema franchise history and it’s not even out yet for another year
It already has numerous celebrity scandals attached to it, has to follow up to the prior flop, retconning, censorship of a major plotline by China, a complete lack of plot consistency, the Depp situation, the creators literally forgetting about the main character and premise of the series, thousands of people only wanting to see Mads and Jude have gay scenes together which we already know will feel like queerbaiting even if it does happen, controversial nazi era Europe, potential Hitler cameo, etc.
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lanireadz · 2 months ago
Hello! Not quite sure how this works so I apologize if I’m doing anything wrong, but could I request a Jonathan Crane helping his s/o during the hot weather? Its way too hot right now and I need some fluff with my scary man. Thank you so much!
Jonathan Crane
Hot Weather
Warnings: Heat? Fluff? Tiny bit of smutish? Umm that’s it?
Summary: The Request!
Type: ☁︎
A/N: I love and hate the heat tbh. I went to Vegas and it was HOT. Like I was there for a basketball tournament and no AC just a fan that someone was hogging like bruh!
Tumblr media
He wouldn’t like the heat. But he would help you through it.
Your guy’s air conditioning would be BLASTING at 50-60 degrees no more.
He would make sure your fresh at all times.
Even if you complain about one little thing he’s right on it.
Let’s say you want ice cream but there’s no more, he’ll be back with all your favorites in minutes making sure your all stocked up.
The heat would not stop you to from kissing and hugging.
Let’s be real. You can’t help yourself from turning a but red when his shirt is off.
The room would be cold just so you two can cuddle in peace.
I don’t think he’s the type of person to go to the pool, but if you REALLY wanted to then he would go.
He would def make out in the pool though.
Cold showers together.
Other then that! He’s is the best person to help you through the heat!
I hoped this was at least ok... if you don’t like it, I’m so sorry! I can do another one for you :) <3
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errorfound401 · a year ago
Tumblr media
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draggoplush · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Aurora (?) - Room on the Broom Dragon
10.5" (large), 6" (small)
This guy's so friendly looking! Very crocodilian.
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