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the-loverboy-poet-no73 · 2 days ago
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“I felt my existence was tainted, in some subtle but essential way.”
- The Secret History
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macau1ay · a day ago
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countryhouse lazing
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if you say "old man" to a mirror three times, Bunny Corcoran will appear and make fun of you for being poor
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bitterbloodrose · a day ago
he’s a 10 but he will say he was looking for ferns then punt you off a cliff
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deadpoet-of-asgard · 18 hours ago
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latinadarkacademiawannabe · 6 months ago
you want me to make friends in college? the thing that killed bunny corcoran?
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unabashednightlady · 7 months ago
Only hot people cry on their birthday
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ghost-of-a-muse · 7 months ago
Dark academia is 90% introverts who resort to murder when exposed to society.
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moonyslake · 2 months ago
when henry winter said that all he ever wanted to do was live without thinking, i felt it on a profound level
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strausswinter · 9 months ago
The Secret History Translation Masterlist
i was going to put this on a spam account but then decided to put it on a public one. who knows, maybe someone will benefit from it! if i’ve made any mistakes, do let me know
à moi. l’histoire d’une de mes folies (to me. the history of one of my follies or my turn. the tale of my madness)
quod erat demonstrandum (it can be shown)
cubitum eamus? (will you sleep with me?)
consummatum est (it is done)
hoi polloi. barbaroi [the many/majority. barbarian (person who doesn’t speak greek)]
bei nacht und nebel (at night and in fog)
deprendi miserum est (it is wretched to be found out)
khairei (hello)
bakchoi (initiates)
cuniculus molestus (annoying rabbit)
arrectis auribus (attentively/ears peeled)
dormir plut��t que vivre (sleep rather than live)
dans un sommeil aussi doux que la mort (in a sleep as sweet as death)
requiescat in pace (rest in peace)
n’est-ce pas (isn’t that so)
amor vincit omnia (love conquers all)
raison d’être (reason for existence)
nihil sub sole novum (there is nothing new under the sun)
quel plaisir de vous revoir (what a great pleasure to see you again)
genis gratus, corpore glabellus, arte multiscius, et fortuna opulentus (smooth-cheeked, soft-skinned, well-educated and rich)
dénouement (outcome)
salve, amice (hello, friend)
valesne? (are you well?)
quid est rei? (what is the matter?)
benigne dicis (i thank you)
bureau de tabac (tobacco store)
Χαλεπά τά καλά (beauty is harsh)
mais, vrai, j’ai trop pleuré! (oh, truly, i have wept too much!)
les aubes sont navrantes (the dawns are heartbreaking)
hinc illae lacrimae (hence those tears)
sic oculos, sic ille manus, sic ora ferebat (such eyes, such hands, such looks)
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roses-withthorns · 6 months ago
Donna Tartt developed some of the most stoic, serious, and selfish characters I’ve ever seen. The way she made every character in the Greek Class horribly unemotional for one another, really adds to the terror of the book.
That is one reason I wish she would’ve been able to keep the initial title of the book: The God of Illusions. Because that is the backbone of this group; it’s all just an illusion of friendship, an illusion that they care. They don’t care for one another, none of them are overly concerned about anyone but themselves. They are all extremely solitary people that came together for the look of being able to have friends, rather than for the want of friendship.
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kitoruereads · 24 days ago
The only 'secret' in The Secret History was how the sexual tension between Richard, Francis, and Henry never got resolved and we'll never know what would've happened.
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lonleybookworm15 · 2 months ago
"It is is better to know one book intimately than a hundred superficially."
-Donna Tartt, The Secret History
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reneewalkersknives · 7 months ago
Reading the goldfinch and getting to post Vegas arc is like “oh finally we can take a break from all that sad repressed homosexuality shit” and then you turn the next page and Theo can’t find anything attractive about Pippa other then she laughs like Boris, then you turn the next page and Theo is feeling guilt and shame and horror at himself and his filth for no good reason he can identify, then you turn the next page and he meets Francis Abernathy, then you turn the next page and he refuses to tell you if Hobie was with Welty, then you turn the next page and he’s marrying Kitsey to make his mother figure happy, then you turn the next page and repeatedly mentions that gay men make up one of the biggest parts of his clientele (and the art community in general), then you turn the page and he calls a waiter a male model for no reason, then you turn the page and he’s being touchy AGAIN abt ppl assuming he’s gay, then u turn the page and he’s describing how Boris grew up to be handsome and oh shit we’re back to a Boris arc again but we never rlly did leave the repressed homosexuality behind did we??
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deadpoet-of-asgard · 5 months ago
The secret history is a comedy and here are the facts:
Henry is trying to understand math only to poison someone.
Henry killed a dog only to prove a point to himself that he can kill someone with poison.
Henry was so ready to poison the entire Greek class only to get rid of a bitch. Bruh, have you heard of using a knife and digging a hole??
When Henry called Francis and Richard picked up, and then Francis whispered: tell him I'm not here and then Henry said: I know he is there. HENRY AND FRANCIS SOUNDED LIKE A 20+ YEARS OLD MARRIED COUPLE!!!! Donna Tartt, you wrote a comedy; not a drama!!!
Francis coming out of a bush saying: Henry, can I smoke now? Waiting for murder is so boring, I need nicotine.
The fact that they tried to flee the country in the middle of the semester was insane!! What were you thinking????
They wore bedsheets to summon a god in the woods!!!!!! I don't blame them, I would try it too.
Bunny never questioned why his friends were covered in blood. We all have our dumb moments, BUT IF MY BEST FUCKING FRIEND CAME INTO MY HOUSE WITH A BLOODY SHEET ON, I WOULD FREAK OUT
Henry, mastermind, killer, prodigy, speaker of 8282838 languages (dead and alive) wrote in his damn diary how he killed someone??? I gotta give it to him, at least he used another language. But still dumb asf.
Again, Henry, a genius, used the excuse of "picking up ferns" from the woods with his entire greek class, completely ignoring Richard Papen, the only person who kept his murders secret!!!!
And bunny, what a dumb mf. He truly believed he would live after threatening the fantastic four??
Your honour, the secret history is full of clowns and I love every single one of them! Case closed.
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queenmoriarty · 3 months ago
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À moi. L'histoire d'une de mes folies.
~Donna Tartt, The Secret History
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manic-demon · 2 months ago
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francis abernathy & henry winter
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seniorloser · 6 months ago
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The Greek class <3
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ghost-of-a-muse · a month ago
I give a little piece of me to every book I read, and in return they let me escape for a moment or two.
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c4rraway · 2 months ago
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secret history affirmations💋
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