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for @mindfullostitinerant
260 words
Rated T
I know somewhere we can hide. Do you trust me?


Darcy shrieked as a pair of strong arms yanked her backwards and a door slammed in front of her, effectively closing her off from the shambling hoard that was hellbent on eating her.

She turned and came face to face with her neighbor.

A man who introduced himself as Pete, but whom she knew to be Frank Castle, AKA the Punisher.

Her bosses at SHIELD had her looking after him, but it appeared old Pete/Frank was doing the same for her.

“I know you know who I am,” he breathed, turning around and stalking to a closet nearby.  He pulled out what looked like a shotgun and turned back to face her. “And I know who you are. So can we trust each other now?”

“Yeah,” Darcy said, nodding slowly.  He tossed the shotgun towards her.

“I know a place we can hide,” he informed her, while pulling an entire fucking arsenal out of the closet. “It’ll take us a couple days on foot, but if we can hot wire a car, we’re golden.”

“I have a car,” she said. “I have keys. No hot wiring necessary.”

“Okay then.” He scooped up a bag and looked over at her. “I don’t think I have anything that will fit you, and your apartment is…”

“I’m a SHIELD agent. There’s a go bag in my car, no worries.”

“Okay, so are we good?”

“For now,” Darcy said cryptically.

“Good enough for me.” Frank cocked his own shotgun. “You ready?”

“Ready,” she nodded, and he kicked open the door and started shooting.

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Frank Castle/Karen Page, with an ensemble of characters from The Punisher, Jessica Jones, and Daredevil | 10,471 words | Rated Explicit | Please read the author’s note!

On the outside, Karen Page is fiercely independent. She rejects the idea that she needs to be taken care of—she’s been on her own for years, and she works hard to be taken seriously by her colleagues. On the inside, well. She could use a goddamn break.




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If you’re one of the people who champion the vigilantes that kill and realistically think there’s nothing wrong with that you’re probably an irl piece of shit

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Requested: anon

“No, no way. Absolutely not.”

“Come on Frank, please! We’ll be in costume, no one will even know its us!” You knew Frank was a stubborn man, but you could be stubborn, too. Halloween was your favorite day. You loved everything about it. You hated that you couldn’t do any of the things you loved, the least you could do was go out and have a little candy. It was fool proof. You’d been planning for weeks, gathering supplies for costumes, making sure you wouldn’t be seen just like he told you. That was his number one rule: don’t be seen. You couldn’t be, not when you were on the run like this. Your name an face were plastered across every news station, framed for something you didn’t commit. Frank was the only one to believe you, to take you in and protect you. As the holiday rolled around, the drama of you finally dying down. Surely it was safe enough to go out in costume, at least. 

“You’re really willing to risk everything for candy?” He asked, not believing what he was hearing. It took days for him to gain your trust, to get you to open up, and even longer to train you on the rights and wrongs of this new life. You’d been let out as little as possible, for your own protection. He knew something like this would happen. He caught you staring all starry eyed at the TV, like a kid in a candy store, watching all the Halloween movies and commercials. He knew what you were up to when you thought you were being sneaky taking supplies. He knew it wasn’t fair to ask, but if you really wanted to be safe, to build up your case so you could fight your charges, you needed to stay in, to pretend like there was nothing special happening, like it was any other night. 

“When you put it like that… . yes, definitely.”

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