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#frank iero
cloxite · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
all the angels is such a winter vibe
there's such a icy feeling about the song, both from the idea that someone is about to die but also if they're going to die, was it a life worth living? with the patient's storyline, it adds up, but this is like another step of gut crushing emptiness before death. the snow is falling outside the hospital and there's a layer of ice over the parking lot. the deadly silence of winter is in the air and the only way to see is from the street lamps. angels could easily walk in the winter nights and blend in, is that icy chill from the freezing temperature or an angel seeking out to find you?
anyways i probably could write an essay on this song <3
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the-ria · a day ago
Tumblr media
Besties ❄️
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skeletoncrevvs · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
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stmichale · a day ago
Tumblr media
Ghoulie ghostie // day 6
N e ways how is killjoy Christmas going for the rest of y’all?
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candyk0rn · a day ago
“ Killjoys, make some noise!”
The fabulous killjoys crushing headcanons! This is gonna be rough, this is my first attempt for writing MCR! Wish me luck!
Tumblr media
Party Poison:
It’s hard to believe that he actually is crushing this hard on someone
It’s like a brick hit his head outta nowhere
He finds himself staring more than usual, asking to help you with things, letting you sit with him at the diner, etc.
He’s pretty overprotective, it’s so obvious but he thinks he’s being sooo sly
The others notice almost immediately
He tries his hardest to partner with you when going against BL/ind
Alwaysss is trying to impress you too
“ Yeah, ‘killed those Draculoids like it was nothing 😏 “
He’s such a dork, good luck
Jet Star:
The most subtle out of all of them
Whenever racing he always makes sure to sneak a peek at you
Calls you his, “ good luck charm.”
He only lets you mess with his hair, if you ask of course…
Constantly finding old car parts and scraps of metal, then gifting them to you
He gives you tips on how to better shoot your ray gun, and how to ride the motor-bikes
Calls you nicknames, all the nicknames
He’s clingy as heck but doesn’t show it
It’s kind of obvious but that’s not the point at the moment
When you two ride bikes, and your behind him, he will 100% put his helmet on your head and pat your head a bit to see if it fits
He does it everytime
Fun Ghoul:
The most obvious out of them all
Goes out of his way to show off and then fails pretty much all the time
Makes absolutely awful jokes but that’s the funny part about them
You’re basically his top priory now, and for him it’s hard to understand that
Like how he goes out of his way to make sure you’re safe when doing dangerous missions or fighting dangerous foes
Tends to your injures!
May or not make them worse, it’s a 50/50
Takes you on rides in the car when everybody is asleep, it could be risky but what life without some risk? Right?
That’s his way of thinking lol
Sits by you when listening to the radio, mocking Dr.Death when he says something weird
Unlike the others he has confronted the gang about this, but merely pushes it away as some platonic feeling
It’s not platonic
Idk when he’s gonna realize that but I hope it’s soon
Kobra Kid:
Kobra is the most quiet and reserved one when it comes to these feelings, he doesn’t tell a soul
When the gang is fighting and he’s about to do one of his martial art moves, he always checks to make sure you’re looking
If you’re not, then he gets super distracted
He probably asks you to go on bike after a long day
Poor guy gets stressed way too much lol
He likes training and may or may not like you to tag along as well
He would be way too happy if you joined him in his training
I hope you can mend clothes because this guy goes through gloves wayyy to quickly
He likes collecting old car stickers and sticks them to the car they all drive in
So if you find any and give them to him
Kobra Kid is now deceased
Thanks for reading
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current-mcr-news · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
kayleighgolds: Name the band, wrong answers only. 📸: @sweeneybob 
[Dec 5, 2021]
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