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#frank reynolds
communistcharliekelly · 4 hours ago
thinking about how the gang are all so neurodivergent...
Dennis and Dee both try to mask so hard but their Rituals and Behaviours are dead giveaways to anyone outside of the gang, especially Dennis's vocal patterns and social conventions and rules he sets for himself and others. Dee struggles largely with spatial awareness, lending others to view her as more gangly or uncoordinated.
Mac has severe ADHD and has struggled forever with focusing, as well as having pretty severe sensory issues, causing him to cut the sleeves off of all of his shirts (its not just to show off the gunshow!)
Frank is autistic also, and has learned how to mask better than any of the gang as he's older and grew up in a different time, but once he met the gang he allowed his allistic mask to slip a lot, as is common when neurodivergent people interact with one another. he started to wear clothes that were more sensory friendly and comfortable to him once he was able to let his mask slip.
i dont think i need to say much in regards to charlie being autistic, but i do headcanon that hes the only one who is "properly" diagnosed and he has always vehemently opposed masking for any purposes. his mother was always specifically protective and sheltered him for that reason and that reason alone which he resents deeply. i also headcanon that he also has ADHD, which is linked more directly to his dysgraphia and dyslexia.
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garrfiiield · a day ago
Imagine,.. we dated and started using matching Frank Reynolds and Charlie Kelly icons.... 💖
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anneslovegood · 3 days ago
you know when you watch a TV show and a scene happens that makes you go, “so that’s where that meme came from!” that’s what it feels like watching any episode of it’s always sunny in philadelphia
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lanatakanashi · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
No filters there’s my five o’clock shadow. Feeling like a big joke. Existential crisis going on. Hate the man I was but I don’t know wtf to think about the woman I’m becoming either. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t this. Humans, am I really a blight on you? I’m all out of quips and don’t know what to do anymore. Okay one more deadpanned quip: I guess fairy dust really does run out. My regret: not seeing Danny Devito react to me as a transitioned Frank Reynolds. FML
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malewifecharliekelly · 5 days ago
well OBVIOUSLY [situation] isn’t going to happen. “[situation] happens“ will always be one of my favourite sunny gags it never gets old. nobodies gonna get hurt “frank sets sweet dee on fire“. dee you’re fine “sweet dee has a heart attack“. if charlie ever rules the world ill suck my own dick “charlie rules the world“. hysterical
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malewifecharliekelly · 6 days ago
rcg are responsible for a show with incredible cultural impact that has been running for sixteen years (and counting!) and yet. are somehow so bad at coming up with names
like just to start, take your main characters. charlie’s name hasnt even been changed, i cant imagine mac comes from anything other than mcelhenney, despite being later changed to the name of a fast food mascot. sweet dee was the name of one of their exes (im blanking on who). glenn howerton at least had the decency to change his, but even then the best he could do was dennis, which is the name of the kid that sits behind you on the schoolbus and got suspended last month for biting his teacher. and then they managed to get their shit together a little bit and crank out frank. so, like, 1/5. sure.
and then you get your side characters. artemis pebdani becomes artemis. mac’s mother is known only as mrs. mac. multiple characters that are subject to the “haha we don’t know their name“ joke which, like, ok, sure. i’ll give it to you with the waitress, you couldnt come up with a name and its this big thing that charlie is in love with her but doesnt really know anything about her. i get it. but then we keep going and by season eight youre still using it on brand new characters (this time you couldn’t even come up with a new job to name him after, c’mon guys).
and dont even get me STARTED with the animal’s names. we have special agent jack bauer (my dearly beloved), which like. again you couldn’t come up with a new name you just lifted one from 24, but i guess ill still give it to you because like. pop culture reference sure. but then like.... dennis jr? there were two people in that house and you couldnt come up with a third name? “well, ben,” you say to me, “i think it was meant to be that mac couldn’t come up with a third name“, but you’re playing directly into rcg’s hand, and i won’t let you drag me down with you.
plus there’s the alter egos. seriously, with those. dee’s inabilty to come up with an interesting name for her characters. everything that is dr. mantis toboggan. vic vinegar and hugh honey ill go easier on because the names are cute and i like the way they reverse the traditional dynamic (in that mac is more the honey and dennis is more the vinegar), but still just directly taken from the expression they’re based on with a little alliteration peppered in. and then they REUSE them, with vic vinegar’s reappearance in frank’s back in buisness, and then brian lefevre with mandy- which brings us to brian jr.
im honestly meant to believe mandy named her son, her child, her baby that she carried inside her for nine months while the father was in another state with his dick in his hand, after that twat? seriously? i cant do this anymore. im at my limit.
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marthgarenghi · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hungarian singer from Eurovision 2018, Danny Devito and 4 emotive cats
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markokonig · 10 days ago
funko pop its always sunny in philadelphia - It's Always In Sunny Philadelphia Art Poster
Blank walls suck, so bring some life to your dorm, bedroom, office, studio, wherever
Printed on 185gsm semi gloss poster paper
Custom cut - refer to size chart for finished measurements
Includes a 3/16 inch (5mm) white border to assist in framing
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megz-and-peaches · 11 days ago
Underrated Lines in It’s Always Sunny
feel free to add on
Dude you look like a shriveled raisin
And put my hands in the maCHIneRY?
n o c h e e s e
sailors rot? i’m not a sailor dr. jinx
you had me backed against a wall and i had to spray you with a heavy dose of pesticide
poLLEN?! i cant do pollen!!!
oh i’m sorry i’m a terrible maaaaann
MOMMY MOMMY my mommy is a skeleton!!!
youre not the alpha here you crusty ass fool
make our escape by helicopter thwpthwpthwp
lookin for your will pop??
keep singing bitch
all hair is technically dead you stupid stupid idiot
“talking to something thats never going to talk back”... “or is it?” “KILL IT!!”
i gotta feed the baaaaby
“why because i’m straight?” “no. it’s because you put your dirty nose rags in the chicken”
you are beCOMING a chimichanga!
well ya know.... its just one of those freak things
help me dig these crack rocks out of my ass
hitlers painting? the key to the holocaust?! ryan gosling playing yoouuu?!? ri dicu loussss
theres no reason why a bald man with a little bit of extra somethin somethin around his belly cant be a goddamn vet!
it’s all about....the healing process..... (aHHHH) *sobs*
this is what happens when you mess with the pickle party!! (pickle party?)
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