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#frank yerby
wishingwellfairytales · 3 years ago
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From where they stood, they could see the castle - Frank Yerby
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paperbackben · 4 years ago
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Saracen Blade
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soulbrotherv2 · 7 years ago
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Judas, My Brother; the Story of the Thirteenth Disciple. an Historical Novel by Frank Yerby
A new slant on an old theme--the story of Jesus--told by a friend and contemporary who was born into wealthy circumstances, descends into the depraved Roman society, and eventually through his contact with Jesus and his family, is restored to respectability.
Yerby, probably the first author of coloured origin to achieve recognition in the USA, is gifted with remarkable descriptive ability, transporting the reader into the homes of not only Jesus, but Pontius Pilate and his wife, Claudia, and even the Essenes in a totally believable way without making the visits seem contrived.
This book may not be to the taste of all, in particular devotees of Mary Magdalene, and it may stretch the imagination in the way that Yerby takes liberties with the universally accepted story, but it makes for excellent reading as a fiction intermingled with factual characters. [book link]
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pulppassion · 9 years ago
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The slow corruption of the old society is only matched by the emergence of those desperate enough to rule over the new South.
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black-poetry · 8 years ago
You are a part of me. I do not know By what slow chemistry you first became A vital fiber of my being. Go Beyond the rim of time or space, the same Inflections of your voice will sing their way Into the depths of my mind still. Your hair Will gleam as bright, the artless play Of word and glance, gesture and the fair Young fingers waving, have too deeply etched The pattern of your soul on mine. Forget Me quickly as a laughing picture sketched On water, I shall never know regret Knowing no magic ever can set free That part of you that is part of me.
frank yerby, you are a part of me.
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saucerkommand · 6 years ago
Shabazz Palaces, Ham Sandwich
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elmattic · 6 years ago
Shabazz Palaces - "Ham Sandwich"
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