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awnnabeth · a day ago
nico, rolling down the car window: what seems to be the problem officer?
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wisegirldanielle · a day ago
A few things in the Percy Jackson fandom we should talk about more - a thread
When Thalia called Apollo hot
How Jason was literally raised by wolves
Hazel cursing out nuns
Hazel also referring to where Octavian should shove his dagger
Annabeth's drakon bone sword
Nico's obsession with pirates when he was younger
Percy jumping off the St Louis Arch and surviving
Annabeth listening to the sirens singing
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allarica · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
“That would be my group of delinquents.”
Part 16 of the Camp Half Blood Jupiter LookBook
Commissions are open! || Support me on Patreon
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sassy-thalia-grace · 2 days ago
The Seven’s Love Languages Headcanons
Percy: Affirmations - His favorite way to show someone he cares about them is to notice little quirks about them and give them compliments about it to help them realize that he sees and cares about them. He’s also really insecure from years of bullying and trauma, so giving him a unique compliment or affirmation, or even a simple “I love you,” mean so much to him.
Annabeth: Physical Touch - She wasn’t cuddled or protected enough as a child and she feels safest in the arms of someone she loves (usually this is Percy, but she is a hugger so this applies to everyone). She loves snuggles and whenever someone needs comfort the first thing she does is hug them.
Piper: Words - This might seem cliche, but hear me out. As a daughter of Aphrodite, she has been taught that appearance is everything. Despite this, she doesn’t care at all about appearance (for herself or others) and she hates when people judge her based on how she looks. Because of this, her favorite way to be showed love and to show love is through communication. She has a way with words, even without her Charmspeak, that make you feel so seen and loved. Any kind of thoughtfully-written note or card will send her to tears, and meaningful conversations with people she cares about are where her heart feels fullest.
Hazel: Quality Time - After years of being alone in the 1920s, she is finally surrounded by friends and people who love her, and her favorite way to show them she cares about them and her favorite way to be shown love is quality time. She loves sleepovers, movie nights, fun outings, etc. but she especially loves just hanging out and talking.
Leo: Gifts - He absolutely loves building custom trinkets and gadgets and giving them to his friends as presents. He takes time to notice the little things about the people he cares about and eventually uses that knowledge to create something truly meaningful and special. He also really likes receiving gifts; he doesn’t really care what it is, but he loves knowing that someone got this for him solely because they honestly love him. It makes him really happy to give and receive.
Frank: Acts of Kindness - He is always the first to hold the door for someone or get something off the top shelf for someone at the store. It’s how he shows he cares. He also loves when people perform acts of kindness for him. It makes him feel loved and seen to see someone intentionally helping him.
Jason: Help - Growing up in a wolf pack and then in New Rome, he was always fending for himself and was never really taken care of by others. Because of the lack of this in his life, the simple moments where he wasn’t carrying the burden were precious and they became his love language. That’s why he’s so intent on always helping his friends - because that’s how he shows he cares and how he wants to be shown he’s cared for. His heart melts when anyone asks if he needs help, or insists he take a break while they clean up, or makes him dinner so he can eat while finishing a project.
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godsdamahalfblood · 2 days ago
Will: *pointing to Nico's red knuckles* What happened?! Are you okay?!
Nico: *flashbacks to him punching Percy for talking about him and Will* Nothing happened
Will: Your hands are rubbed red Nico!
Nico: *panicking* oh it's nothing I'm just part cRab
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latinobipercy · a day ago
the seven having mario kart competitions with nico and thalia. grover's just there to egg them on and eat their soda cans.
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groenlundstroem · 2 days ago
So. I noticed something that probably a lot of people have noticed before but I still want to give a little talk about it because it made me really angry and feel really sorry for all my poc folks.
I wanted to draw Hazel and looked up for references and saw something. And that was how incredibly whitewashed she is in most drawings.
Like, hm yeah oh a little tan skin and wavy hair is enough.
And yes, some ppl might come and say "but maybe she looks like that because Hades is white and she's mixed we don't know that!"
Gosh okay but don't make her look like freaking Emma Watson with a little tanner skin.
I hope I didn't say anything wrong, I just wanted to rant a little bit and make you guys feel seen and appreciated. Stay healthy!
(Also, this is about all poc characters, I've looked them up too and that was the same thing)
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Was Piper not meant to be part of The Seven?
You know what I just realized?
Piper is the only one of The Seven whose mortal parent never knew that their lover was a god. Sure, Tristan found out, but his memory had to be wiped because he couldn’t handle knowing that gods and monsters. Pretty odd when a lot of the other characters shown have mortal parents who knew they were seeing gods.
Also, aside from Percy and Annabeth, Piper is the only one who never had Hera/Juno involved in her life in any way.
* Juno became Jason’s patron.
* Hera was Leo’s babysitter.
* Juno talked to Grandma Zhang and Emily Zhang after Frank was born. Of note, the Zhang bloodline had Poseidon’s shapeshifting ability, something said to be unique even among Poseidon’s other children and descendants.
* While Hazel’s first life was over at this point, Hera/Juno visited Sammy and told him that Hazel’s great danger wouldn’t happen in his lifetime. 
In fact, Hazel’s example is unique because while Juno didn’t visit her in her first life, Pluto did. He made a point of saying that she was born too early and that she would find peace in the future.
Pluto sighed. “Poor child. You were born too soon. I cannot see your future clearly, but someday you will find your place. A descendant of Neptune will wash away your curse and give you peace. I fear, though, that is not for many years.…”
                                 - The Son of Neptune, chapter 6
So even in the 1940′s, Pluto knew that Hazel would play an important role many years in the future which leads me to think her being part of the prophecy was the real reason he didn’t make her return to the underworld. Even Hera/Juno knew of Hazel’s fate when she talked to Sammy.
But Piper? Nothing. Hera had nothing to do with Piper’s life at all. She could’ve been Tristan’s secretary, but that role belonged to a mortal named Jane.
If it wasn’t for Enceladus holding Piper’s father hostage so he could have her lure Jason and Leo (two ensured half-bloods of the prophecy) into a trap, Piper would have nothing to do with the prophecy, would she? Sure, she can Charmspeak, but so can Drew and anyone who can use magic, like a child of Hecate.
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leftpoetrybread · 2 days ago
How I Imagine The Argo II Crew's Answers On A Test
Tumblr media
—It's Chiron who's grading his test (he'd let him slide though ;)
Tumblr media
—It's called ✨logic✨ (nah she'd ace the entire test)
Tumblr media
—He probably stopped going to gym after that
Tumblr media
—She made her mom proud of her <3
Tumblr media
—The only one who isn't dyslexic
Tumblr media
—Wasn't alive at that time, but come on, she's not wrong.
Tumblr media
—He understands those cells. (brb crying.)
Tumblr media
—Same, Nico. Same.
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dinolover360 · 2 days ago
Underrated PJO Moments that need more attention. Part 1
Hello a new post series now that i have time to write stuff.
Underrated scenes from PJO, HOO and TOA.
First up is a scene from Blood of Olympus.
In my copy it is on page 429, This is the scene.
"At that moment, the entire army of Camp Half-Blood appeared at the crest of Half Blood Hill. Clarisse La Rue rode in the lead, on a red war chariot pulled by metal horses. A hundred demigods fanned out around her, with twice as many satyrs and nature spirts led by Grover Underwood. Tyson lumbered forward with six other Cyclopes. Chiron stood in full white stallion mode, his bow drawn."
This is something I have never seen illustrated neither talked about enough. It is great way to showcase many of the minor Characters for some what will be the last time they appear in the series (Rick, mate right a Stoll Brothers stand alone. Please). It also demonstrates a lot of the true power behind camp half blood with many more numbers then the battle of Manhattan with a range of new powers. Just having a smaller version of this scene with the counsellors would be incredible. it can also show Lou, Cecil, Will and Nico looking at it, which Nico admits is a impressive sight.
That is all for the minute, take care and,
Till next time.
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leovaldezdefender · a day ago
i appreciate domestic stuff with vz but honestly i feel like people make them too cute sometimes. those motherfuckers would argue so much i know it
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awnnabeth · a day ago
[at a bar]
percy: i gotta go
annabeth: aren’t you forgetting something?
percy: uhm
percy: [kisses annabeth on the forehead and leaves]
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merlinmichelle · 19 hours ago
Jason: I’m going to the supermarket. Do you want something?
Nico: The will to live.
Jason: ...
Nico: ...
Jason: *pulling Will out from somewhere* Does this kind of will work for you?
Nico: Yes. Give him to me.
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parcai · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he loves you, but he’ll always love his people first
happy bday to percy, but mostly thinking about ms. sally jackson who has waited fearfully for her little boy to come home countless times </3 a war hero second, a son first 😩
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