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#franz kafka
quotemadness · 2 days ago
But what shall I do when instead of a heart this fear is beating in my body?
Franz Kafka
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fungusamongusblog · 2 days ago
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metamorphesque · 17 hours ago
"... it is, after all, not necessary to fly right into the middle of the sun, but it is necessary to crawl to a clean little spot on Earth where the sun sometimes shines and one can warm oneself a little."
Franz Kafka, Letter to His Father
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perfectquote · 2 months ago
There are times when I am convinced I am unfit for any human relationship.
Franz Kafka, Letters To Felice
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flowerytale · 14 days ago
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Franz Kafka, from "Diaries, 1910-1923"
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quotefeeling · 2 days ago
Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.
Franz Kafka
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beyondgenre · 10 hours ago
Thinking about when someone rests their head on your shoulders and suddenly you are barely breathing because you don't want to disrupt their comfort by moving. I will never get over how there can be so much love in silent gestures.
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