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#fred and george weasley
awkwardbisexualstruggles · 21 hours ago
friends to lovers - g.w.
nav. | m.list
word count- 0.4k
pairings- george weasley x gn!reader (hopefully)
a/n: i haven't written in a while because i literally have zero ideas, so send in any requests you might have. in the meantime, have some headcanons :)
trigger warnings- n/a, i think. let me know if there are any.
so y'all met in your first year
he and fred tumbled into your compartment on the train, giving you a scare
you threw the book you were reading at his head
(love at first sight, yk)
they sat with you till the journey to hogwarts
and after the initial awkwardness passed, you were easily able to engage in conversation with them
once you guys got to hogwarts, you saw them a lot less
but you were still friendly around them, and vice versa
you eventually got close with george in your fourth year
you bonded over a potions project, your shared hate of snape uniting the two of you
it was only when you burst into a fit of giggles at snape ogling your practically perfect potion that george knew he was screwed
man is completely whipped
he nearly talks fred's ear off (too soon?) to the point where the second he says your name, the room is already filled with groans
fred is completely fed up with george's inability to "grow a pair"
and your friends are just as exasperated with you
fred purposefully makes plans with the two of you before backing out at the last second
"sorry, forgot i've got detention. i'll see you guys later!"
"fred, we haven't done anything in over a week-"
"goodbye, lovebirds! use protection!"
and while you and george feign anger and call fred out on it later, you're both secretly glad for the time alone with each other
george finally manages to ask you out in the sixth year
it's long overdue, and the mixed signals were driving you crazy
it's the time of the yule ball, and you're telling your friend about someone who asked you to go
george overhears and makes a beeline for you from across the room, urgently excusing you from your conversation before dragging you away
he's silent while you walk through the courtyard, at war with his own mind
"george? what's up?"
finally, he speaks. "don't go with him."
"don't go with him. to the ball."
you cock an eyebrow, "well, i don't know if you've noticed, but suitors aren't exactly lining up to take me. so, unless you have any other suggestions-"
"me. go with me."
and so you did.
fred fucking shouts when the two of you get back, arms linked, and it doesn't take long for cheers and whoops from your friends to fill the air
you just smile, cheeks reddening as george loops an arm around your waist, happier than you've ever been
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30 Fluffy Fic Recs for 300 Followers - Weasley Twins
(Oh my gosh thank you so much for 300 followers. Ima go cry in a corner now. You guys are the absolute best I can’t handle it 🥲)
Fred Weasley
1. “technicolor” by: @weelittleweasley
2. “tired eyes are the death of me” by: @nancybycrs
3. “Jacket Thief” by: @emf005
4. “I Hate You” by: @saintlike78
5. “smiling kisses” by: @plant-flwrs
6. “it was all yellow” by: @ickle-ronniekins
7. “madly in love with you.” by: @eatingcloudsxx
8. “excuses” part 1 | part 2 by: @wondernimbus
9. “unlike me” by: @panda-noosh
10. “You’re lucky you’re cute, Weasley” by: @bl597
11. “Games” by: @wreckofawriter
12. “not morning yet” by: @damn-stark
13. “The Bet” by: @gobletofweasleys
14. “That’s Definitely You” by: @rons-wheezely
15. “mornings sighs (what a sight)” by: @butterbeerblurbs
George Weasley
16. “ink stains” by: @accioxreparo
17. “too cold for that” by: @lovequills
18. “Shower Buddy” by: @george-fabian-weasley
19. “Golden” by: @nancybycrs
20. “Early Practice” by: @law-nerd105
21. “love at first sight” by: @wondernimbus
22. “Stupid Soulmates, and Valentines Day” by: @scarletwidowvibes
23. “Pathetic” by: @bl597
24. “the one I was meant to find” by: @ickle-ronniekins
25. “Never Let Go of You” by: @awritingtree
26. “how to carve a pumpkin” by: @moonlitmeeks
27. “Greenhouse Suprises” by: @iliveiloveiwrite
28. “Work until late” by: @angelblacksmith
29. “if I’m smiling it’s because of you” by: @butgilinsky
30. “knitted sweaters and fuzzy socks” by: @weasleysandwheezes
(Again, I can’t thank you guys enough, honestly. I love you all so very much. 🥰 So, any ideas for what I should do for the next milestone?)
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theoreticslut · 10 months ago
pairing: charlie weasley x reader; bill weasley x reader; fred weasley x reader; george weasley x reader
 requested: nope
word count: 5.1k
warnings: SMUT, age differences but all characters are 18+, first times, fingering, oral (female receiving), penetration
A/N: Please do not judge me for this. That’s all I ask. I know this is questionable, but the weasley boys?? All of them?? They’re pretty hot and I’d be down to sleep with all of them, just saying. I’ve had this written for months and have just been too scared to post it, but you know what? It’s written, it’s pretty freaking good in my opinion, & I just really want/need to post shit again so hopefully you enjoy this. 
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^let me know if you’d like to be added/removed (or add yourself here)! Xx
You were excited to be staying at the burrow again this summer. You had pretty much grown up with the Weasley boys as your parents were friends from their time at hogwarts.
You had also been around to see Ron and Ginny grow up, so all of you were almost like siblings. You got along with all of them really well, and you were an only child so anytime you came to the burrow felt like you were coming home.
You were closest in age to the twins, being only a month or two younger than them, which meant that the three of you were as thick as thieves. There are plenty of stories from your childhood of you three planning pranks...and getting in trouble for them later.
Even though you’re closest to Fred and George, both in age and friendship, you still got along really well with Bill, Charlie, and Percy. Percy could be a bit stuck up at times so you didn’t socialize with him too much, but you did have a good relationship with Bill and Charlie.
In fact, most of your late childhood into early teen years you had a bit of a crush on the two older siblings. It’s bound to happen when they’re cute, older than you, nice to you, and almost always around.
Once you started at hogwarts, however, your crush on the two faded as they weren’t around as much and you were surrounded by other guys. Not that that really mattered any because you found yourself starting to crush on Fred and George more and more.
You knew it was weird since you literally grew up alongside them and they were your best friends, but you couldn’t help it. Even though the two of them could be a menace, they did know how to be really sweet. They had consoled you many a time from scraping your knee to losing your longtime family pet, even to when you had had a falling out with a friend.
You suppose that’s part of the reason you had fallen for them; since you grew up with them, you knew all these different sides they had that others didn’t necessarily get to see.
“Y/n! It’s so nice to have you stay here with us again.” Molly smiles at you in greeting as you, Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny walk through the door after yet another school year.
You, Fred, and George had just finished up your sixth year and were excited that you were so close to graduating.
“Thank you for letting me stay again. I swear I’m not trying to permanently move in.” You smile, earning a chuckle from her as Fred rolls his eyes and mumbles a sarcastic ‘sure’ to which you slap his bicep for.
“Don’t worry about it, dear.” She chuckles. “You’ve been a surrogate daughter to me for years. It’s almost wrong to not have you here.”
You smile, loving that you’re essentially a part of the family. Don’t get it wrong, you love your parents just as much and wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world, but something about being a weasley just sat perfectly with you.
You frown as you make your way down the stairs. You’re not really sure where everyone was. You’ve been hiding away in ginny’s room with a fan trying to stay cool while you read a book you bought in hogsmeade you just hadn’t had the time to read yet.
It’s surprisingly quiet, which is why you become so curious. It’s almost always full of noise in here.
Even though it confuses you, you decide to  ignore the itch you have to figure out why and instead find yourself something to eat as your stomach is growling something fierce.
You make it down to the kitchen and make a beeline for the fridge, looking around to see what there is. Just as your about to pull stuff out, you hear someone call you’re name from behind, startling you.
“Ah, sorry, y/n.” the same person chuckles as you turn around.
If you had been annoyed before, it all left your body when you saw who it was that had scared you.
“Charlie! What are you doing here? It’s been ages!” You ask, running up to give him a hug.
After he graduated, he decided he wanted to study and work with dragons and moved out to Romania to do so. That was nearly four years ago now, and you’d barely heard anything from him since.
“Nice to see you too, kiddo. How have you been?” He chuckles, hugging you back.
He doesn’t like admitting it, but he’s always had a bit of a soft spot for you. He remembers always wanting to take care of you when you were real little, granted he was real young then too, but something about you fascinated him. Maybe it was because you weren’t a boy.
Either way, he took care of you a lot when you were both real young. He got to watch you grow up, seeing you as a cute and innocent toddler to a carefree child.
He loved how you were wild enough to keep up with his twin brothers, yet were so soft and laidback as well.
He ended up having a bit of a crush on you. But he never acted on it as he was about five years older, and didn’t want anyone to think he was a pervert or anything. It’s not like it would matter, you two had grown up together, but you were both young and people don’t always like an age gap in young couples.
“I’ve been really good, Charlie. I was chosen as one of Gryffindor’s prefects this year! Not to mention I’ve done really well on all my tests.”
“That’s amazing, kiddo. I always knew you would do good. I hope you’ve been able to keep Fred and George in line?”
“Well, sort of...” you trail off. You didn’t really want to tell him how being a prefect gave you the ability to help Fred and George sneak around even better to set up their pranks.
“You’ve been helping them out with their pranks, haven’t you? I remember how much you three would get in trouble for them when you were younger.”
“We only got in trouble because Percy would rat us out.” You argue to which Charlie chuckles. He does remember how feisty you were at times.
You sigh as you take in his features. He was the same Charlie you had always known, but he was so much more mature now. His muscles were even more defined since his days of quidditch from working with dragons day after day.
You couldn’t help the butterflies that had started fluttering in your stomach as your heart started racing. You thought you were over your crush on him, but seeing him now resurfaces all your old feelings, only tenfold as you’re now with raging hormones.
“I see you’re still as feisty as ever, kiddo. Glad to know you haven’t changed that much since I’ve been gone.”
“If I’m ever not feisty, somethings wrong.” You chuckle, getting him to smile as he looks over you.
He has to admit just how well you’ve matured. Your y/h/c hair fell smoothly against your shoulders, not much longer than that. Your locks only highlighted your soft face, framing your features perfectly.
Same as you, he can’t help but feel his childhood crush on you reappear.
“You know, you never did answer what you were doing here? Does molly or any of your siblings know you’re here?” You ask after a moment of you two admiring each other.
“No, she doesn’t. Nor do they. I was hoping to surprise them with my visit, but none of them seem to be here. Honestly, I was more than surprised to see you here.”
“I’m surprised to see you. I don’t know where anyone else is, but I’m glad I got to see you first.”
“Same here, pumpkin. I didn’t expect to see you at all, but I’m glad I am. It’s been real nice seeing you before anyone else, especially since I don’t think I’ll have much time away from them whenever they do come home.”
You smile, looking up at the man you’ve been crushing on for years. He’ll never know what his words do to you.
“Y/n, kiddo. Can I tell you something?” Charlie asks, pushing some of your hair out of your face as he tucks it behind your ear.
“Of course.”
“This might be crazy and I know it’s probably a bit weird, but I used to have such a crush on you.” He confesses, smiling at you as you watch him.
“Yeah? Well, I used to have such a crush on you too, Charlie.” You blush.
He quirks an eyebrow at you, chewing on his bottom lip as he mulls over his next action.
“Used to? Or still do, kiddo?”
“Still do...” you mumble, your cheeks a furious shade of red now as you admit to liking him.
You’re not really sure where your confidence came from. Sure you’ve always been comfortable talking to him about anything, but this was unchartered territory.
“Good.” He smiles, kissing you before leaning in so he can whisper in your ear.
“Because I do too.”
You gasp as he kisses your neck, not giving you any warning.
“Charlie.” You gasp, as you wrap your arms around the back of his neck, your hands tangling into his hair and tugging.
He moans, pulling you even closer as he sucks on your earlobe, drawing a whiny moan from you.
“What do you say to taking this up to my room? We can have a bit of fun before everyone gets back?”
“O-okay.” You agree, melting against his body.
You’ve never been kissed before, let alone touched like this. Your body was going crazy with all the sensations and you weren’t sure what to do.
Charlie leads you up to his old room, that had been left pretty much the same. He closes the door, placing a locking spell on it even though no one should question why his door is closed. Molly keeps it shut anyways.
“Have you ever done anything, kiddo?” He asks, laying you down on his bed as he hovers over top of you.
You shake your head, chewing on your bottom lip as you watch him for any sort of reaction.
He smiles warmly at you, gently tucking your hair behind your ears as he admires you. He would love to be the one to take your virginity, but only if you’d like him to.
“Are you okay with all of this?”
You nod, moaning lightly as you clench your thighs together.
“Do you want me to stop?”
You shake your head, not wanting him to stop at all. No, you much rather he do something to help this sensation you’re having.
“No.” You whine. “Please don’t stop.”
He smirks, pressing a soft kiss to your nose as he feels down your body.
“You’re so beautiful, y/n. I hope you know that.”
“Charlie, please do something. I-I don’t know what to do.” You whimper. You’ve never felt so needy before and you need something to happen.
Charlie chuckles lightly above you before pressing a kiss to your lips.
“Are you feeling a bit needy, pumpkin? Need me to take care of you?”
You whimper, nodding at his words as he smirks.
You close your eyes as he leans down, pressing a soft kiss to your lips before whispering to you, “let me know if you want to stop, okay? I want you to feel comfortable.”
You nod, moaning as he starts to undress you, feeling your body up and down.
“So pretty, pumpkin. You’re so so pretty.”
Slowly you feel him drag his hands over your breasts, gently massaging them in his palms before trailing his hands down to your thighs, pulling your legs apart so he can see your pretty sex.
“Charlie.” You groan as he trails his fingers around your inner thighs, placing kisses at the tops of them but not touching where you need him to.
“Patience, kiddo. We gotta make sure you’re warmed up enough. I don’t want to hurt you any.”
You nod, tossing your head back as he tauntingly trails his fingers closer.
You become lost in the bliss of everything, not being able to separate his hot kisses from when he starts rubbing your clit before sliding two fingers into you.
No, you’re too far gone in the bliss to even realize he’s ready to slide himself into you until his head is pressing against you, ready to be enveloped within your soft walls.
“You okay, pumpkin?”
You nod, a few tears falling out as he begins sliding himself inside you, intertwining your fingers with his as he holds your one hand near you head, the other gripping at the sheets while his is planted on your hips to hold you still.
“Feel so good, pumpkin. You’re taking me so well.” Charlie praises, slowly pushing his way inside you.
“Oh, Charlie. Fuck.” You groan, squeezing the hand that’s intertwined with yours.
“It’s alright, pretty girl. You’re doing so well. Just a few more inches and I’m inside you, yeah? Can you handle that?”
You nod, moaning as he pushes further into. You never would have expected him to be so well-endowed. It felt heavenly, but bloody hell.
He hisses when he finally fills you completely with his dick. He’s had sex before, but nothing has ever compared to this. He swears there’s nothing that could top the feeling of filling his childhood crush  with his cock.
“Charlie. Oh Merlin, please move.” You whine, your walls finally stretching enough for the pain to dissipate.
The next few minutes go by way too fast. One second, Charlie’s thrusting into you making you feel the best you ever have, and the next you’re coming all over him as he does the same in the condom he’s wearing, his dick still buried inside you.
You sigh as you come down from the high, not quite believing that just happened, but wanting to do it all over again.
You groan, frustrated at the feeling you’ve been dealing with for the last few days. Charlie only stayed for a week, and as he said, he had been swept up by his siblings wanting to spend time with him before he left again.
Since you two slept together, you’ve been finding yourself getting turned on and needing release more and more.
Charlie had been kind enough, or needy enough depending on how you want to look at it, to please you a few more times during his stay. Each time was absolutely amazing and you wanted so much more, but you knew he would be leaving again while you were stuck here.
Charlie has been gone for nearly three weeks now and yet you still find yourself getting turned on and needing release. Unfortunately, there was no way to do that, not unless you want to risk completely embarrassing yourself.
Bill had come home for a visit and he’s been here a few days now. You wanted to blame him for getting turned on, but you knew it wasn’t anything but your own thoughts doing it to you.
Same as with Charlie, the moment you saw Bill, all your old feelings arose and hit you tenfold.
Unfortunately, no “promising situations” arose where Bill might confess that he’s had feelings for you all along as well.
“You look grumpy, kid.” He points out as you come into the kitchen.
“I am a bit.” You frown, making your way over to the fridge. Again, you had been so preoccupied that you didn’t realize just how hungry you were until your stomach was yelling at you.
“What’s got you so grumpy?”
“I’m really hungry and just kinda tired.” You half-lie. Sure you were hungry and tired, but that’s not really what was making you so grumpy.
“Really? I would’ve pegged it on something else.”
“Yeah? Like what?” You ask, too irritated to really care what he thought anyway.
“Well, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re turned on and haven’t done anything about it yet.” He states, not shy about it in the slightest.
“Excuse me?!” You blubber, choking on your own saliva at his answer. You never expected him to say that, especially to you.
Bill was always the mature, proper one out of all the boys. You two were close, but never in a million years would you have expected him to say something like that.
“Y/n, kid. I’ve been through puberty myself. I know what it’s like to be sexually frustrated.”
You whimper, not meaning to in the slightest, but it’s out before you can stop it.
“Is that the case, beautiful?”
You nod, blushing furiously. You don’t like to admit how needy you are, but here you are anyway.
“Would you like some help to feel better?”
You look up at Bill with such a needy expression on your face. Your eyes are wide and your lips are pouted. You don’t want anything more than to have him help you out, but the thought embarrasses you.
“Is that a yes, love?” He chuckles, caressing your cheek as he watches you. He’s always thought you were attractive but for merlins sake the sight of you all horny was a bloody masterpiece.
You nod, watching as he smiles at you, grabbing at your hand and tugging you along behind him.
He leads you up to his bedroom where he kisses you, pulling you flush to his body. Even though you’re younger than him by a number of years, he’s always had a crush on you. Seeing you now, nearly all grown up and matured, he wants nothing more than to make you feel good.
“Please do something.” You moan as he keeps kissing at your neck, his hands feeling  over your sides, hips, and ass.
He nods, placing one last kiss to your lips before ripping your shirt up over your head and quickly unbuttoning your shorts.
Before you know it, you’re naked underneath him as he’s naked hovering over you. He looks absolutely delicious, and you can’t help but kiss at his neck as he pushes his way into you.
“Oh, fuck.” You groan.
“Ugh, fuck. Doing so well, love. Taking me so well.”
You can’t help but moan at the praise. You love knowing that you doing good, that you’re making him feel good.
As soon as he’s all the way inside you, you’re arching your back, wanting him to move. You swear he’s even bigger than Charlie and yet you’re taking him better.
Before long, Bill has a fast pace set that’s nearly knocking the bed into the wall.
“Feels so good.” You whine, arching up against him.
“Almost there, love.”
You let out a high pitched moan as you both hit your highs, you arching against the bed as your one hand grips at the sheets, your other holding on bill’s shoulder.
“Feel any better, love?” He asks, panting as he pulls out of you.
“So much better. Thank you.” You smile, happily curling up into his arms as he holds you to him.
Summer passes by with days filled with happy and fun memories of swimming in the pond near the burrow or eating marshmallows that you toasted over the fire.
Soon enough though your back at hogwarts, stressing over classes and spending all your free time with the twins.
Tonight they had decided they wanted to drink and play silly muggle party games as it was a Friday after a big test in potions. You all felt pretty confident with your work, but it had been a long and stressful week. One that Fred and George just wanted to drink away. Being their best friend, you were of course invited.
“Alright, y/n. Truth or dare?” George asks.
“Let’s go with truth, I guess.” You say, taking a drop of the Veritaserum you all insisted you play with to make things more interesting.
“Alright, let see. Fred, what are you thinking?” George asks, leaning over to his brother to converse.
You were drunk, but not so far gone that you weren’t aware of what was happening or that you’d forget tonight’s events in the morning.
“Yeah. Yeah, that’s a good one. Okay, y/n. Have you lost your virginity?” George asks, giggling at the alcohol coursing through his veins.
Neither of the boys knew you had, which is why they both choked on their drinks when you blatantly answered “yes.”
“Wait, really?!” Fred asks, his eyes wide as he looks at you in a new light. How did he not know his best friend had lost her virginity?
“Over the summer.” You answer before you can stop. You really, really did not want to tell you’re best friends that you had slept with their two oldest brothers.
“Over the summer? B-but, you never left the house.” George splutters out, not quite putting the pieces together yet.
“Mm-hmm” you hum, your cheeks flushing in embarrassment as you can’t help but tell the truth. Stupid veritaserum.
“The only people you would’ve seen...w-were,” he trails off, blanching at the realization that you slept with at least one of his brothers.
“Bill and Charlie.” Fred answered, not yet at his brothers realization.
You all sit in silence for a minute before Fred shouts out.
“Oh Merlin! You lost it to one of our brothers?!” Fred asks, a hint of disgust in his tone.
You nod, closing your eyes as both Fred and George shake their heads at the images.
“Which one?” Fred asks.
“Uh, well...both?” You answer, the veritaserum wearing off only slightly as you had such a small dosage.
“Both?!” Fred and George exclaim.
“What the hell, y/n! They’re our brothers!” Fred groans, disturbed by the thought of you sleeping with his older brothers.
“Hey! I didn’t start any of it, okay! They initiated it each time.” You defend.
“Each time?! How many times did you sleep with them?” George asks, exasperatedly.
“Uhm, 3 or 4 times with Charlie. Twice with Bill.” You admit, the veritaserum kicking in again as it works it’s way out of your system.
“Oh, godric. Ugh, we didn’t need to know that.” Fred huffs.
“You two asked!” You huff, blushing wildly as you lean back on the bed, crossing your arms.
A few minutes pass in silence as you mull over your words while Fred and George try to accept this new information.
“What was it like? D-did it feel...good?” George asks, shyly.
“What? Sex?”
He nods, blushing lightly as you start to get wet, thinking back on how amazing it feels.
“It feels amazing, Georgie.” You sigh, your thighs clenching together unconsciously.
“Yeah. I-I don’t know how to explain it, but the high it's-it's phenomenal.”
“C-could you show us?” Fred asks, both twins flushing madly.
“You want me to show you?!”
“Yeah. C-can you take our virginity?” George asks, shifting around in his spot as he gets turned on by the idea.
“I-I guess. B-both of you?”
They nod and you smile shyly, a deep blush on your cheeks as you lean forward to give each of them a kiss.
“Alright, well both of you lie back then, yeah?”
They do as you say, laying down on the bed you three were sharing. You take a deep breath, trying to calm your nerves. These were your best friends for merlin’s sake, you had literally grown up together.
Slowly, you climb on top of George as he’s closest to you and you smile lightly as his breath hitches at the sight of you on top of him.
“You’re sure you two want to do this?” You ask, looking between the two twins.
They nod, gulping as they watch you. True they had never really thought about you being their first, but now that the moment had arose, they knew they didn’t want it to be anyone else.
“Okay, uh, how should I do this?” You mumble to yourself, blushing at the reality that you’re going to be taking your best friends’ virginity. Not one of theirs, both of theirs. At the same bloody time.
“How did your first time go, love?” Fred asks, watching you as you try to figure out what to do first.
“Uh, well. It started with kissing; kissing each other’s lips before h-he trailed down my neck.”
George gently sits up, connecting your lips as Fred works on kissing your neck, drawing a moan from you.
“Like that?” Fred asks, as George pulls away and taking his turn at your neck.
“Just like that.” You hum, pulling the older twin into a soft kiss.
“What next?” George asks, trailing his fingers up your sides.
“A lot of touching, caressing. W-we undressed.” You say, a bit breathily as you pull away from Fred, the red head immediately moving back down to your neck and shoulders.
“I-I’m supposed to be making you two feel good.” You moan, both of their hands feeling all over your body.
George had decided that he’d trail his fingers over your hips and thighs, roughly grabbing onto them every now and then to get you to grind against him.
Fred, however, decided he’d take responsibility for groping your breasts, sides, and stomach. His touch sending shivers throughout your body.
“We’re feeling good, don’t worry, y/n” Fred mumbles.
George nods, groaning in agreement.
“No. Let me take care of you guys.” You say, halting their movements as you push Fred back down on the bed.
You trail one of your hands up each of their stomachs, lifting their shirts as you do. You place a kiss to both of their lips before ripping off the fabric.
You slowly grind against George as you reach over and palm Fred, locking your lips with him as George throws his head back in a moan.
“Fuck, y/n.” Fred groans, upset at the lack of contact as you switch to kissing George.
You slowly trail your kisses down george’s neck and stomach as you crawl down to unbutton his trousers. You can hear him groan and you smile to yourself. Sure you’ve had sex, but you had only just started and were still quite inexperienced, especially when it came to focusing on the guy's pleasure. Hearing that they were enjoying it certainly made you feel better about your skills.
Once George’s trousers are off, you move over to Fred to give him the same attention. You slowly straddle his hips, grinding into him slowly as he grabs yours.
“Godric, y/n. You’re good to us.” Fred sighs, grinding you down onto him harder.
After a few minutes you get both boys rid of their bottoms and them ridding you of your clothes except bra and panties.
“You’re so beautiful.” George smiles, kissing you before easily removing your bra.
“So beautiful.” Fred agrees, kissing you after his brother. You let out a shocked gasp of air when Fred pushes you back onto the bed, kissing your neck.
“Can we fuck you now, princess? Please, angel?” Fred begs, looking up at you after making a mark on your collarbone.
“Go ahead, weasley.” You hum, a shiver running up your spine as he hooks his fingers in the crotch of your panties to rip them off you.
“Oh fuck, Freddie.”
He smirks, carefully bringing his finger to your folds, circling your clit carefully before slowly inserting his pointer and middle finger inside of you.
You groan, back arching up off the bed as your one best friend fingers you, your other best friend gently massaging your breasts.
“Come taste her, George.” Fred says, pulling his fingers from inside you and sucking on them.
You moan at the sight, never imagining your two best friends would be here taking turns on you to lose their virginity. In all honesty, it was quite a spectacle. You really hoped you’d be able to do this again with them...except maybe one at a time though.
You sigh out in pleasure as George begins fingering you, bringing his tongue to your folds and eating you out at the same time.
You fall into a bit of trance, not able to differentiate between all the pleasure, the twins taking their time in prepping you. You don’t even realize they’re ready to fuck you until you feel George enter you, stretching you out.
“Oh fuck, Georgie. So big. Feels so good though, baby.” You groan, grabbing ahold of his shoulder as he pushes himself inside you.
You can just barely see Fred kneeling at the end of the bed, watching the two of you as he absentmindedly palms himself slowly.
George groans, twitching as soon as he’s inside you, much too overwhelmed with all the stimulation.
“Merlin, darling. You’re s-so tight. Feels so good.”
You moan, feeling him finally enter you completely. He waits a minute, letting the both of you adjust before he starts moving.
The next ten minutes or so go by much too fast, it didn’t take long for George to cum, pulling out of you as Fred takes his place. You register the switch, Fred feeling different inside you as well as going at a different pace.
You’re a moaning mess, reaching your high with Fred who stills inside you, leaning into you as you both ride out the bliss.
“Oh fuck, princess. That was amazing.” Fred smiles, kissing you as he massages your lower back, laying down beside you, facing you.
“Yeah it was.” George agrees, laying behind you and massaging your hip.
You smile tiredly, nodding in agreement as you try to catch your breath. The three of you lay together in silence for a few minutes before Fred kisses your nose, George kissing your shoulder.
“Is it cool to do that again? Like, tomorrow or something?” Fred asks, smiling at you as you chuckle.
“Yeah. Yeah, we can do that again. It felt amazing.” You smile, looking at Fred and then over your shoulder at George.
“Definitely, angel.” Fred agrees, kissing you and you feel george nod against your back as he continues placing soft, warm kisses to your shoulder.
You never expected all this to happen when arriving to the burrow this past summer, but you can’t say you weren’t pleased with the outcomes. Not only did you get a confession from your two oldest crushes that they also liked you back, but you lost your virginity to one, got to sleep with the other, and you got to sleep with your two best friends; which you’re pretty sure the three of you are going to continue to do for quite awhile. What more could you possibly ask for?
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“The thing about growing up with Fred and George," said Ginny thoughtfully, "is that you sort of start thinking anything's possible if you've got enough nerve.”
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✨ harry potter characters as john mulaney quotes because pinterest keeps throwing them at me and i’m not sad about it ✨
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fred and george
Tumblr media
ernie macmillan
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in summary i’d die for him ✨✨✨
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potter-imagines · a year ago
Left Waiting at The Three Broomsticks (Fred Weasley x Read)
Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader
Request: Hi! I was wondering if I could have a Fred Weasley imagine where he pisses off his gf somehow and so she gives him the silent treatment and only talks to literally everyone (including George) but him so he gets all jealous and pouty lol. Eventually he gets her to start talking to him again and then it’s all fluff etc. Hopefully this wasn’t a confusing request! Thank you!! :)
Warning: Tiny bit of sexual content towards the end, little bit of swearing, kinda angst at the beginning ?? and a lil towards the end ?? I think that's all, a lot of fluff scattered about
Word Count: 9.5k (I am so sorry I got carried away)
Two hours. Y/n had spent two hours waiting for him. Two stupid hours on a Saturday night that she could have spent elsewhere making something productive of her day but no. The last two hours Y/n had been seated in a small booth in the corner of The Three Broomsticks waiting patiently for her boyfriend, Fred Weasley.
The thing that infuriated her the most was that it was his idea in the first place! Originally, the couple had planned a stay-in date in her dorm room for the night before, Friday, but other plans came up. Fred got tangled up in a prank with George that had landed him in detention with Snape for the night. Yes, it annoyed her but what could she do? It wasn’t like Snape would excuse Fred because she tells him they have a date. If anything, Snape would hold him back longer.
When Fred and George were finally dismissed, it was nearly eleven at night and Fred was sprinting down through the dungeons to the common room. Their arrangement was for eight and he was praying to anyone listening above that she was still awake, but not furious at him.
Skipping up the transporting stairs, Fred basically shouted the secret password at the Fat Lady making her narrow her eyes at him. She swung open, not without muttering about how rude he was, and Fred jumped inside. Ten or so students were scattered around the common room, chatting amongst themselves. Hermione, Ron and Harry sat around the couch near the grand fireplace. They sent Fred a wave, which he frantically returned. The golden trio watched in curiosity as Fred darted up the stairs of the girl’s dormitory.
Hermione looked back to the group and asked,
“Wonder what that’s about- he seemed in a hurry.”
“Heard him and George got detention. They put stink-bombs in the Slytherin common room! Heard it stained some of the furniture maroon!” Ron chuckled at his brother’s antics then resumed his debate with Harry over their thoughts on the Quidditch World Cup happening every four years. Harry tried to explain the concept of the Olympics to Ron, but Ron was too focused on how amazing it would be for the World Cup to happen each year. Hermione went back to her studies, blocking out the mindless bickering of the boys.
Above the common room, Fred Weasley was scurrying to his girlfriend’s dorm room. He hoped Angelina and Alicia were out so he could be alone with her. Their time spent together had been oddly less than usual the last few weeks. Fred had no change of heart- actually, he found himself falling more in love with her every day, but their final year at Hogwarts was creeping up from the woods and he was working on a dream career behind the scenes with George that was eating up his time with her. He had shared this idea with her before- but it was just an idea then. Fred and George planned on putting their dreams to action once they finished up the next year. He wanted her to come- George did as well, but he didn’t want to mention it until it was a reality.
Reaching his destination Fred took a second to compose himself. A thin line of sweat was forming near his forehead. This was the first chance he had to take a breather since detention ended. Fixing his dark robes Fred knocked against the door, quiet enough not to startle her but loud enough to hear.
“Y/n… Y/n… love, are you awake? It’s Fred-“
Abruptly, the heavy wooden door cracked open and a weary looking girl poked her head out into the quietness.
“Darling, did I wake you up? I’m so sorry.” Fred stepped forward and wrapped the girl in a tight embrace. Y/n’s head fell against his chest out of instincts. His arms fastened around her waist as he invited himself in the room, slowly walking her back.
“Here, go back to bed, love. You look exhausted.” Fred led the sluggish girl to her familiar bed. Throwing back the covers, he readjusted her pillows so there would be room for him to fit as well. Fred then walked back to Y/n and took her hand softly. Kissing the back of her hand, Fred helped Y/n get into bed then slipped in beside her. His arms snaked around her body without thought. The naturalness of holding her in his arms made Fred feel confident in his dreams of starting a future with her. All the tension in his body collapsed when she leaned into his frame. Fred held her close and kissed the side of her cheek lovingly.
“I’m sorry about detention tonight but I promise I’ll take you out Saturday, alright? We can have a date at Hogsmeade and spend the night together, does that sound nice?”
The sleepy witch gave a tired mumble and nodded her head. She was cuddled under a stack of blankets, wearing Fred’s sweatshirt which made him smile. He’d usually crack a joke at this and tease her but, she was already asleep when he looked back to her. Fred couldn’t help but stare at her for a while. There was never a moment that went by where Fred didn’t think of Y/n as anything other than beautiful but in these moments, she looked ethereal.
Moonlight poured in from the open window and splashed across her s/c cheeks. Her hair was sprawled against the white pillowcase. Fred smiled at the sound of her light snores. Fred wouldn’t leave until he was sure she was deep asleep. It was their thing. She hated going to bed without him there.
“Okay, I love you, Y/n. Get some sleep, angel.” Fred whispered.
He pecked her forehead, then kissed her lips gently. Removing the covers, Fred tucked them back into Y/n so she could keep warm. He closed the open window then tip toed out of the room. Instead of rejoining his friends, Fred decided to head to his room. He felt too guilty for missing out on their plans to go have his own fun. Anyways he did have a Potions paper coming up and if he was going to spend the day with you Saturday, he surely wouldn’t be doing any homework.
So, the plan was confirmed the next morning, Friday. Y/n ran into Fred on her way to breakfast and they discussed where they’d meet and a time. They ate breakfast together, walked to class, then headed in different directions when six rolled around. Fred had a Quidditch match and she had a group project, so they didn’t cross paths for the rest of the night. Even though he refused to admit it, Fred absolutely hated when Y/n missed one of his games. His favorite thing to do was search for her in the stands during each game and it made him sad not to see her smiling face standing out in the crowd. Y/n entered the common room around midnight and went straight for her bed. Gryffindor had lost so there wasn’t a single housemate sitting in the common room. She could only imagine how upset Fred must be, she’d be hearing about it tomorrow. Y/n giggled to herself at the recollection of Fred’s angry rants about his teammates to you in private. She basically crawled to her bed, dreaming about the handsome, goofy, witty twin that had captured her heart.
Which would bring us to Saturday night. Fred and Y/n had made specific plans; they were to meet at The Three Broomsticks at seven then hangout for a while and spend the rest of their night sneaking around the castle with the help of The Marauder’s Map. Fred had practice at six so he was planning on meeting up with the girl at the pub. Y/n expected him to be running late- it wouldn’t be Fred if he didn’t show up a good twenty minutes late.
Only Fred never showed up at seven thirty, not at eight, and by the time nine neared, he was still nowhere in sight. The Three Broomsticks would stay open for a few more hours but the thought of sitting there alone for any longer, jumping at the sound of the door every time it opened, it made Y/n feel less than sane.
Throwing a handful of coins on the table, Y/n thanked her server then exited through the front doors. The walk back to the castle wasn’t long but being with Fred made it a lot more amusing. He’d pick her flowers, give her piggy back rides, play games, race, and hold her hand the whole walk back.
This time, Y/n walked alone hugging the material of her raincoat to her chest. A light drizzle had been pouring on and off for most of the day. Earlier, it was perfectly bearable- hardly noticeable. Although the weather had only worsened as the night grew darker. Hard rain drops crashed against Y/n coat, cascading down her covered arms and bouncing to the wet ground. Her black boots were soaked. She could feel the water rising to her socks, one of her biggest hatreds. Wet socks.
The hood of her jacket only helped so much before the pelting raindrops started to seep to her hair. Typically, Y/n loved the rain. If Fred was here, they’d be dancing right now. But he wasn’t, she had no clue where he was and that was exactly what Y/n was headed to find out.
By the time Y/n made it back to the castle and up to the Gryffindor common room, it was past ten.
Much as Y/n had expected, the common room was lively with energy and conversations. Katie, Alicia, and Angelina were all sitting in a circle with Fred, George, Lee Jordan, Seamus, and Dean. A dark bottle of Dragon Barrel brandy and Daisyroot Draught were being passed amongst them. Y/n watched as Fred leaned into his brother’s side, obviously tipsy and slurring his words while he practically shouted to their friends who were only sitting feet away.
His frame twitched with every small hiccup he let out. The whole group was smiling, they were happy. Y/n wondered to herself if Fred even noticed that she wasn’t there. She wondered if he liked it more when she wasn’t there, they were having fun and although the group was also her friends, no one was interested enough to invite her. Biting on the tender skin of her bottom lip, Y/n bundled her fist to her sides. The anger refused to simmer, only continued to boil. Her dripping clothes weren’t helpful to her sour mood.
It wasn’t the fault of her friends, no, but they were bound to get caught in the crossfires. Fred was the one who left her waiting for hours on end. Her chest was tight- livid yet sad all at once. It was an aggravating feel, unfamiliar. Y/n hated the suffocation entering her drying throat. More than anything she longed to handle situations like these in an aloof fashion. The last thing wanted was to wear her emotions on her sleeve, but she couldn’t help it. Her head screamed ‘just go to bed, ignore him’ but her heart wanted to scream at him and let him know just how bad he had hurt her. Her breathing quickened, each inhale received a choppy exhale.
For the first time, Y/n decided not to join her friends or to even say a word to Fred about how he stood her up. She was sick of it- completely exhausted and drained from his lack of care and presences in their relationship the last few weeks. If he wanted her as bad as he claimed, he’d find a way to show it. And leaving her sitting alone in a noisy pub while he partied and drank with their friends, showed her the exact opposite of his words.
Diverting her leer from the inebriated group and studied the rest of the room, hearing voices near the sitting area. Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville were all staring at Y/n in mixed judgement. Harry, Ron and Neville looked concerned by the appearance of Y/n. Hermione on the other hand, she was absolutely flabbergasted, Y/n could see the pity written on her face. You had mentioned having a date night with Fred in Hogsmeade to the four the night before. Harry had invited Y/n to hangout with them and visit Hagrid, but she politely declined and informed them about the special night Fred had planned for them.
Harry and Hermione stood up at the same time ready to comfort the teary-eyed girl. They motioned her over but just as she started towards them, Angelina Johnson noticed her friend who had been absent for most of the night. Setting the bottle of brandy down, Angelina wobbled up to her feet and smiled giddily,
“Y/n! Come- come drink with us! I was wondering where you- why… why’re you all wet?”
As the words fell from her mouth, a crowd of eyes planted on Y/n. Her fists clenched, bone white knuckles visible, at her sides. Angelina scurried over to her friend and wrapped her in a tender hug. If the scenario had been different, she’d gladly join in the fun but there wasn’t an ounce in her body that desired a drink.
Y/n’s eyes found their way to the boy she had been longing for all night. Her lips quivered, the anger and sadness reaching it’s overpour. He looked so handsome, so happy, but it meant nothing to her.
Pulling back, Angelina squinted in confusion at Y/n. The lack of embrace given back had thrown her off. The group had been awaiting her arrival, no one was quite sure where she’d gone off to. Angelina scanned Y/n’s reddening face, noticing the emotions bubbling under the surface.
Moving away, the dark-skinned girl turned to her friends. No one else seemed to notice the offset of Y/n’s attitude.
“Angel, where have you been? I missed you!” Fred’s face lit up like a Christmas tree. Quickly standing up, he held his hand out to his girlfriend. Y/n shot a dangerous look to his outreach, then up to his face. Usually she’d find his toothy grin and childlike state loveable but for obvious reasons, it made her irate.
Stepping back, Y/n sternly scowled at Fred,
“Missed me? You’re the one who left me waiting all goddamn night, Fred Weasley.”
A part of Y/n felt guilty for forcing her friends to witness their unpleasant exchange. George was now to his feet standing behind Fred, just as lost as the group he had been sitting with. Despite the alcohol running in his veins, George could sense an argument budding by the second.
“Not like any of you really seemed to care where I was.” Y/n kicked herself for this cold statement.
Her friends weren’t at fault- not in the slightest. But everyone was at risk of becoming a victim to her fiery wrath. In actuality, it did hurt her a little that no one had gone searching for her. It had been hours! Tears welled in her eyes as she took in the reactions of the group. George took his arm off Alicia and nudged his twin.
“What- I don’t know what you’re talking ‘bout, love. I think you should have a drink and loosen up-“
Y/n couldn’t take it. She just couldn’t take it anymore. Scrunching her face, she used every bit of strength to force her salty tears to hide at bay. Although her emotions screamed to be heard and saw right through her façade. Sweeping her hand across her cheek, Y/n caught the stray tears that rolled down her rosy cheeks. Huffing all her emotions out at once, Y/n shook Fred away from her and hurried towards her room.
Fred stood appearing dumbfounded. He could only gawk in perplexity. Blame it on the alcohol, but Fred’s mind was drawing a blank when surveying her words. For most of the night, he was the one thinking she was leaving him waiting. No one else had a clue as to where she’d gone off to, so he assumed she was in the library or wanted some space.
“You’re an idiot, Fred.” Hermione’s sharp voice cut through the thick air. The happiness and drunken laughter was extinct. The girl’s shared an exchange, all confused as to what just happened. The glass bottles didn’t help clear their judgement. Dean and Seamus took small sips from the Daisyroot Draught. The tension was unbearable, it felt wrong for their friends to be a part of it.
George set a hand on Fred’s shoulder, pulling him back slightly. Leaning forward, George whispered to his twin,
“I reckon it’s best if we turn it in for the night.” Fred gave a tug of protest. His intoxicated fought against him though he knew he did something wrong and needed to find Y/n. In spite of his desire to chase after the girl, George couldn’t let him do that. It was obvious Fred had forgotten something and Y/n was more than upset. Sending his brother up to drunkenly apologize to his hurting girlfriend for a reason he can’t even recall, that was a recipe for disaster and would only cause a bigger mess.
“Fred, you’re going to bed. You’re too drunk to talk to Y/n right now, okay? We’re going up the boy’s stairs, not the girls, okay? You two can talk in the morning, maybe you’ll remember where you fucked up tonight by then.”
Suddenly, Fred stop moving and let out a low groan,
“Oh shit… merlin’s sake, I fucked up, George. Oh my god- Hogsmeade… shit! I told her we’d meet at Hogsmeade and I forgot-“Fred whipped around in his discombobulated state. Everything clicked at once. Fred had been so concentrated on Quidditch that once practice had wrapped up, his exhausted body dragged him back to the common room out of muscle memory. It was his typical routine; Quidditch practice, head back to his dorm, shower, change, eat, work on some possible products with George, then hangout with his friends. How could he be so neglectful?
George sent his brother a comforting look then grabbed him by the shoulders, helping aid him up the winding staircase. It came as a shock to him that Fred had forgotten about their date. All he spoke about was Y/n, it was a rare occurrence for the couple to
“So that’s where she’s been all night?” George pushed open the door to their room, looking to his twin sternly. Fred had most of his weight piled on George, trying his hardest to remain upright. Lee had decided to stay back, allowing the brothers a chance to talk.
George helped his frantic twin in the dark room, then gave him a light push towards his bed. Fred plopped down, burying his face in the fluffy pillow. Pulling off his jumper, George threw the large maroon comforter over Fred’s tall frame while he wailed,
“I’m a terrible boyfriend. I planned the bloody date too! I left her-“
“How ‘bout you get some rest? You can find her in the morning and apologize to her and… hope for the best. It’ll give you more time to think of a way to make it up to her. You’re just a rambling mess right now.” The alcohol was not wearing George down. He had been on an adrenaline high since his second shot. This was the first moment of the night where he had stepped back. His tiresome hands rubbed against his face as he made his way to his bed and collapsed on it.
Fred was still moaning on, the sound of his drunken voice making it harder for George to fight back the urge to sleep,
“She’s gonna dump my sorry ass-“
“Go to bed, Fred. It’ll be okay.”
George let out a sigh of exhaustion. The twins had been best friends with Y/n since they were just children, new to Hogwarts and unfamiliar with the power of magic. It pained him to see his brother hurt, but it also hurt to see Y/n upset. He was stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Turning his head, George let out a breathy chuckle at the sight of his twin passed out cold. The worry that dripped from his voice was now gone as he eased into his dreamland.
George wanted to scold him, knock him upside the head for skipping out on Y/n again. He cared a lot about her, she was basically a sister, a triplet to him. If Fred was gonna win her back, it wasn’t going to be easy, George knew this. Y/n was stubborn, and the twins had witnessed this first hand for years, it was a trait they loved, when not directed towards either of them.
As George’s head hit the pillow, all he could do was pray to Godrick that the morning would bring good news.
Sunday morning arrived much faster than Y/n had hoped. A bright, loud, light interrupted her sleep as the gears in her head started to turn. Her mind was groggy, the events of last night were foggy. Warm sunlight broke through the glass stained windows. Y/n wiped her eyes and slowly sat up. Her mouth was dry, screaming for a drink of water.
For a minute, she felt calm- happy almost. The room was half empty; Angelina’s bed was bare and Alicia laid in a star-fish position, a snore sounding from her mouth. The image made Y/n laugh.
Standing up, Y/n’s hands flew above her head as she stretched. She cracked her back, a morning ritual for the girl. Just as she reached for the knob of her dresser, a wave of recollection nearly knocked her off her feet.
Fred had stood her up, of course, how could she forget? The irritated skin under her eyes and nose suddenly made sense. Leaning against the wooden cabinet, Y/n huffed. It was times like these she wished she could crawl into bed and stay there for eternity. Nothing would get better though if she didn’t at least try to fix it.
As quick as the thought came, it had evaporated once more. Why did she have to be the one to put forth the effort to fix things? There was no use in fixing their relationship if Fred wasn’t willing to try too. More than try, Y/n thought. It took a piece of her when she came back to the castle just to see him drinking with their friends, not thinking a thought of her. She needed to see that he cared. His words held no value to her anymore, not until he could prove he meant what he said.
Y/n went through her morning routine like a snail, wanting to drag out her time. Eventually, she was fully dressed and ready for the day. She liked to take advantage of the days her school robes weren’t required. The cooling weather led her to a fuzzy black sweater, and light washed jeans. Sliding her delicate wand into her back pocket, Y/n exited the room and took the stairs down to the common room.
Approaching the bottom of the steps, Y/n could hear familiar voices exchanging hush words. She stepped into the room and was surprised to see the lack of students. The only ones present were sat one the long leather couch on the left half of the massive room. All of their gazes fell on Y/n.
Fred, George, Ron, Angelina, Harry and Hermione were all relaxing- well all of them except Fred. He on the other hand was frantic- disheveled. His knee bounced in anticipation. The clock was sneaking
“Oh, uh, hey Y/n!” Ron Weasley moved his hand side to side, waving to Y/n. The temptation to admire the handsome boy at his side leaped into her heart. Using every ounce of strength, Y/n trained her eyes on Ron, not allowing a single peek at Fred.
“Hey, Y/n/n!” The voice of Angelina brought a perk to Y/n’s head.
“Hi.” She greeted the younger Weasley and her close friend back, then headed for the portrait. Before she could make it half the distance, the tall figure of her boyfriend appeared.
“Angel, how did you sleep?” Fred was by her side in an instant. He was desperately trying to read her expression, testing the waters to see her mood. He had hardly slept, he spent most of the night thinking about this exact moment, when he’d have the chance to apologize and make it up to the girl he loved. “Can we please talk? I’m really sorry for last night, honestly, I am so so sorry, darling.”
Y/n stared at him, or rather, through him. It was like she didn’t see the tall wizard in front of her.
“I’m gonna go study, I’ll meet you with you guys later.”
“Y/n, love-“ His warm hand took hold of her of her own, an action she’d typically love. The familiar grasp sent a burst of comfort in her stomach, but she ignored it.
Wiggling out of his grip, the girl shot him a look of displeasure then rushed off. Hermione chased after her, no one else brave enough to step in. Besides, Hermione was one of her closest friends. Watching the younger girl follow after her roommate, Angelina walked after them. Fred stomped like a toddler having a tantrum as the portrait swung open then closed. He knew he had to do something- anything to get her to talk to him again, and that was his plan.
For a Sunday evening, the school library was relatively empty. A majority of the students occupying the tables were studying away for their O.W.L.S. The exams weren’t for another two months but hardly anyone dared to procrastinate until the last week before opening their books. The stress of the exams was enormous, but the students still had other classes to keep in mind.
Y/n Y/n/l and George Weasley were sitting across from on another at a study table. Three hefty textbooks were open as the two discussed their Potions paper. Y/n had been stuck on hers and George had yet to start so they decided to head to the library together and get it done.
Fred was usually right by their side, his hand wrapped around Y/n’s shoulders, but she neglected an invite for him. About an hour after their exchange in the common room, Y/n had apologized to each friend she had snapped on the night prior. They were understanding, clearly seeing where her frustrations had come for. They also felt bad as she was right, no one had even checked to see where she’d gone, and George especially felt terrible for not searching for his friend.
At least three hours had passed since the two Gryffindors started their study session. Y/n was sneaking up on her last two pages while George still had three left. They collaborated every few minutes, then returned to tranquil silence, scribbling away.
Y/n was in the middle of sharing her idea for the last section of her paper when George’s eyes brighten and he interrupted her,
“Fred, how nice of you to join us.”
Turning in her chair, Y/n found her boyfriend standing behind her with a nervous smile. She hated how perfect he looked, even in the poor lighting of the library. He still managed to make her breath hitch in the back of her throat.
“Hi, Y/n. You look beautiful as always.” Fred announced himself softly. George scoffed teasingly, muttering a ‘hello’ to himself to make up for his brother ignoring him. Freds words were genuine though didn’t make much of a difference. Y/n was still hurt and a compliment wasn’t going to mend that. She needed to feel it, to see him truly show that he cared- that she meant something to him. That she was deserving of his time. Sweet comments didn’t not add up to that feeling.
George closed his textbook, then glanced up at his twin,
“Should I leave?”
Before Fred could answer, Y/n slammed her hand on top of George’s Potions book. Wide eyed and frightened, the boy gaped in shock. Even Fred was taken aback by her unexpecting movement. Leering at her friend Y/n replied,
“No. I want you to stay, we were in the middle of a conversation.”
Fred’s heart dropped at her words. It was heartbreaking to have the girl of his dreams now shunning him- brushing him off with ease. It was driving him mad. All he wanted was for her to acknowledge him, give him a little hope that he can earn his way back in her heart. He loved her, every bit of him loved her.
All he wanted was to make it up to her for his mistakes the night before. He couldn’t stop thinking about the look on her face when she saw him sitting with their friends. She was miles exceeded hurt- more devastated at his negligence than hurt alone.
Maybe it was the fear of meeting the reality that losing Y/n was a possibility, but Fred experienced a new sort of emotion when his girlfriend asked for his brother to stay. Yes, they’re friends, all three of them are. Fred had to remind himself of this like a record on repeat. He couldn’t fight the envy off though.
It made his heart twist as she stared at George. Never did he think he’d be jealous of his own twin, but Fred was livid. The seething stream of covetousness overtook his veins. Fred wanted to be the one you ran to for comfort, not his brother. His entire life he had shared everything with George, Y/n was far too meaningful to Fred for her to be shared.
Now it does take two for a turn of events like that to happen. Fred knew, clear as day, that George had no romantic feelings for Y/n and she had none for George. This was true, but for some reason, it didn’t help tame Fred’s envy.
He knew causing a jealous scene would do no good for anyone, so Fred realigned his train of thought and asked,
“Could I steal you from that conversation, please love? I really need to apologize to you.”
Fred allowed his hands to reveal themselves from their previous position hiding behind his back. When he moved them, a full bouquet of colorful flowers and small green plants of different shapes and sizes. The flowers were a display of fuchsia, pink, orange, red, and yellow. They were beautiful, so beautiful, Y/n thought to herself. She couldn’t help the gasp that slipped past her lips.
Fred had gotten her flowers their first-year dating but since the last month or so, she hadn’t received many of his heartwarming gifts. It wasn’t the monocle value of a present but the thought and attention to care that captured Y/n’s heart. Fred had always been the best at creating meaningful gifts on a tight budget. Whether it was flowers he stole from school grounds, or necklaces he made out of stones she found around the Great Lake. He’d make her perfume- proving rather excellent in the Potions department. He also asked Molly to teach him how to knit in order to make Y/n a sweater. This of course delighted Molly over the moon.
George bit on the skin of his knuckles to keep for laughing at his brother. He recognized the flowers, as did Y/n. Fred had picked them from the garden outside the castle- something that had earned him a detention before. George decided not to comment on his observation, Fred was sure to murder him in his sleep if he put his apology in any jeopardy.
Fred extended the bouquet to his flustered girlfriend. He felt a sense of accomplishment while watching her reaction. It was small to most, but for as stubborn as she was, it was big in his eyes. The girl reached forward, accepting the gift with a tiny smile rising to her lips, one she didn’t force down.
For the first time since the night before, Y/n fully saw Fred. She peered directly at him silently. George glanced between the two, stuck between a dual. Without speaking, Fred took some steps forward and pulled the chair next to Y/n out. He slipped into the seat, the couple still staring at each other. Y/n studied his demeanor, he didn’t push her anymore, but he wouldn’t leave her side. Not that she would tell him but, she was happy he joined in. She didn’t want him to leave, she had missed being around him. Tearing herself away, Y/n focused herself back on the other twin.
“As I was saying, George…”
Fred drowned out the words but accepted the fact that Y/n didn’t reject him from sitting down. She also didn’t set the flowers down for the rest of their study session. The remained clutched in her hands, resting in her lap the whole time.
Monday night came in the blink of an eye. Classes had resumed and the castle was bustling in stress. When the end of the year neared, the time spent sitting through lectures was an eternity, while the weekends flew by. Fred had always hated summer break, actually, that’s not entirely true. His dismissive of break budded around the same time his relationship with Y/n became official.
Their first two years, she would spend the holiday back home in London with her family. She loved her family but once she experienced her first holiday at the Burrow, she never wanted to miss another. Her family was a bit distant, not the warm and welcoming pure-bloods like the Weasley’s, but not as cold as the Malfoy’s. Y/n’s family had no issues with her spending breaks at the Burrow, as long as she had Molly and Arthur Weasley’s approval. Molly insisted each time that there was no need for her to even ask to stay. They accepted her with open arms, ecstatic to see Fred had found such a lovely girl.
The end of the school term was coming up and Fred needed to fix things with Y/n before that happened. She planned to spend the break at his family’s home and he feared she’d take her agreement back if things weren’t improved between them. Spending almost two days stuck in the anger of his love was two days too many. Fred was going to fix this and he planned the best idea he could think of, good thing he had their friends happily available to help.
Unbeknownst to Y/n, while she was resting up from her illness Harry, Ron, Lee and George were helping Fred create his masterplan. Hermione helped in her own way by remaining near Y/n’s dorm, sitting in as the lookout. It gave her an excuse to get her school work done so she didn’t protest.
Alicia and Angelina stayed in the room. Once Y/n started to feel better, thanks to Madam Pomfrey, the girl’s altered Hermione who passed the news along to Harry as the chain continued until it reached Fred. At the confirmation, his plan was set into action. Ron was sent to retrieve the girl after Alicia and Angelina convinced her to get some food from the dining hall.
She walked through the common room then down the moving staircase, when her redheaded friend popped up. Ron scared the girl, making her stumble back, her hand placed over her chest.
“Y/n! I’m so glad I ran into you! No one has seen you all day- Angelina said you were feeling ill this morning.” Ron rambled at a fast pace. Y/n, still surprised by his sudden arrival, took a deep inhale, nodding to the boy,
“Yeah, I saw Madam Pomfrey this morning when classes started. I just had a stomach bug and she said I’d have to wait it out but the medicine she gave me seems to be doing the trick.” Y/n gave Ron a kind smile. Ron was two years younger than her but they had always been great friends. Y/n would travel to the Burrow as a guest of the twins during the holiday breaks, so Ron and her had spent a lot of time hanging out together. It was sweet of him to ask how she was doing, but he didn’t seem that her health was the reason for their conversation.
“That’s good to hear. You wouldn’t happen to be heading anywhere, are you?”
“Just to get some food. I’m starving-“ Ron nodded eagerly, cutting his friend off in the process.
“That’s great! I mean, not great, just… well… uh, follow me please!” Scrambling like a mess, Ron clasped his hand over Y/n’s wrist and abruptly dragged her down the stone corridor. She couldn’t find the words to question him and allowed Ron to lead the way. Her curiosity was far too big to ignore his odd request.
Ron carried on for another five minutes then took a sharp turn, heading for the courtyard. Two figures ran off around the side of the castle in the darkness. Y/n swore she recognized the pair as George and Lee. What were they up to? Snapping her head to the younger boy, Y/n waited for him to fill her in on why he had dragged her halfway across the castle to the freezing courtyard.
“Okay! We’re here- I’m just gonna… head out. See ya, Y/n!” Ron rushed his farewell then ran off towards the direction George and Lee had escaped to. What in the world is going on? Left by herself without any explanation, Y/n threw her hand up in annoyance.
Alone in the cold, Y/n wrapped the opening of her fuzzy cardigan against her body, attempting to keep warm. Although warmth entered her vein as a pair of arms snaked around her waist, snatching her backwards into a firm surface. She gasped, thrown off by her attacker and tried to turn in retaliation, but their grasp was far too firm. The familiarity of the hold made her body ease up. As much time as the spent together, she could recognize his touch anywhere. Fred.
His touch released a swarm of butterflies through the girl. She could feel the anger washing away as she leaned her body into his chest, having pined for his arms for two too many days than she was accustomed to.
The tall Gryffindor held her tightly. Moving forward, Fred pressed his lips against the shell of Y/n’s ear. The heat of his breath causing her to shudder as he whispered,
“I’m so happy you came, darling.”
Y/n smirked, looking up at him. The concurrent willfulness of her nature could only carry on for so long until her headstrong demeanor crumbled. A pang of chagrin still grumbled in her stomach but the sight in front of her certainly was a runner in her change of heart.
Soaking in her surroundings, Y/n realized they were just a few hundred feet outside Hargid’s hut. This explained the garden full of massive orange pumpkins. In the middle of the path was a small gazebo decorated in fairy lights and sunflowers. A small table set for two was tucked inside. Small teacup white candles line the path, creating a runway of sorts. Another candle, larger and purple, sat flickering in the breeze in the center of the neat table.
Y/n stood motionless absorbing the creation her boyfriend made- all for her. Speechlessness was not common for Y/n so Fred undoubtably began to second guess if his efforts were good enough. His fears were stomped in a matter of moments when Y/n harshly yanked at the material of his collar and placed a brisk, short kiss to his lips. Fred was startled, losing the opportunity to kiss her back but Y/n didn’t want him to. It gave her a sense of control- they still had issues they needed to work out, but she loved him nonetheless. Besides, avoiding and staying mad at Fred forever? Impossible. In two days, Y/n had to stop herself a million different times from approaching Fred and sharing a laugh with him, or kissing him, or holding his hand and giving him a hug. She didn’t want to fight off the urge anymore- and Fred couldn’t handle the distance spaced between them. Thus, being the motivation for his grand, heartfelt, date.
“I’ll assume that means you like it. I won’t take all the credit- it was my idea, but our friends are the main reason I was able to pull this off. I feel really bad and… I need to do something special for you- I don’t do that enough lately. I forget sometimes to remind you how important you are in my life and how much I love you.” Fred sheepishly smiled, nervously awaiting her reaction.
The small table was set, a new bundle of crimson red roses placed on her seat. To the side of her plate was a small box with a beautifully wrapped ribbon tied to the top. Fred had a special way of showing his love and adoration for his girlfriend, but even this was new to her. Never before had he gone so over the top to prove his feelings to her.
Y/n lifted her hand and intertwined it with Fred’s, smiling up at him,
“It’s gorgeous, Freddie.” The bashful smile made Fred’s heart melt on sight. He had prepared himself for the repetitive rejection she had been sending, so when she whispered those sweet words, his chest tightened, and his pace stopped.
Fred almost fainted in shock at the sound of her voice. He squeezed her light hand and drew it back, forcing her body into his own. Y/n couldn’t help the laugh that fell from her lips. She missed his playful ways. With the foreheads pressed against each other, Fred grinned,
“I’ve missed your voice, love.”
Although his words made her heart take flight, the reality of her hurt was still roaming. Y/n detached herself from his grasp and rested her hand on the black metal table. Her fingertips fumbled with the white cloth, it served as a distraction only for a short period of time. Fred sent her a sorrowful look. Her shift in moods was confusing to him, he only wanted to make things better.
Y/n sighed and ran her hand through her h/c locks. Closing her eyes, she inhaled deeply then asked,
“Why don’t you have time for me anymore, Fred?” The question of the night- or rather month. His date was beautiful, absolutely stunning. As riveting as it was, it couldn’t erase the hurt she had been experiencing.
Fred shook his head frantically, dismissing the accusation. He knew why she would think that way, he understood. It wasn’t true, though. Actions speak louder than words and Fred despised the fact that recently, his feelings for Y/n weren’t lining up with his actions. His words could only do so much. But he also knew soon, things would be different. Missing the Hogsmeade date was his fault, and he paid for it. Two days might seem minute to most, but when you spend essentially everyday attached to someone’s hip, two days of them purposely ignoring you and speaking to every soul expect you, it can feel like a lifetime. He realized a few things in this time.
Fred remembered how fun it was to act as if he was still trying to win her over. Gifts, no matter their cost, always brought a gleam to her face which never failed to make Fred grin. However, it was much more entertaining when she wasn’t upset with him and would throw the flirtatious comments right back at him. He was also reminded of how lucky he was to be with Y/n. While she ignored him, Fred found himself envious of every living being Y/n spoke to, as they were not him. When he started engulfing himself in his plans for the joke shop, his effort in his relationship had decreased and this was something he vowed to never let happen again.
“I’ll always have time for you, darling. And if I don’t, I’ll make some. I truly am sorry about this weekend- you don’t deserve that.”
“It just seems like you’re distracted, like you don’t care anymore.” Y/n batted her reddening eyes, finally throwing her worries to the air.
“No, no, Y/n, not at all. I’m so sorry I made you feel that way, love. I’m a terrible excuse of a boyfriend, I never meant to create this mess. I love you so much.” Fred’s head bowed down. It tore him up to know the way his actions made her feel, the only girl he loved.
“I love you too, Freddie. I really do but I can’t feel alone in this relationship. I let our date Friday slide, even though I was annoyed, but Saturday night? I feel like it broke me. Just knowing you forgot about me-“ Y/n fought back the burning sensation in her eyes as the tears began to brim.
The anxiety blooming inside her was clear to Fred. Suppose that was the downside to dating your best friend, they can always tell when somethings wrong. Before a tear could hit the floor, he whisked her to the iron garden chair, then kneels before her, his hands holding her face as if it was a priceless, dainty piece of china.
“I didn’t forget about you, darling, that’s impossible to do. I’ve been… well I’ve been working on something with George for when we leave school next year. It’s real important to me and I wanted to share it with you but I was scared that it might not happen but… if I have your support and you with us, I know it’ll happen.”
“What’re you rambling on about, Fred?”
“Remember how I told you that George and I wanted to open a joke shop? Well, it’s happening… I think. We’re really close, we just gotta make it through next year then we’re free! We’ll have our own joke shop and get to sell our own products and start our future.”
A silence overtook the atmosphere. Y/n’s lips were stuck open in a small ‘o’ shape, eyes glued to the floor. Was he really going to leave her all alone next year? Would they have to break up? Surely, he wouldn’t want to be in a long-distance relationship.
She was snapped from her own mind when her skin registered the touch of Fred’s lips as they traced her knuckles, kissing each finger as he did. His eyes then peered up to meet her own. She could tell he was serious by the feeling of his stare. Then he continued, making Y/n perk up,
“But none of that can happen without you… Y/n I want you to come with me. Move in with George and I, start a future with me. We want you to be a part of the shop. I want you there. You’re the only girl I want, for the rest of my life.”
Her once open mouth clamped shut in a swift motion. Ever since she met the twins, Y/n wanted a future with Fred. Everyone saw it as a childhood crush, but she always knew it was more. She never stopped loving him- never could. Even when his pranks took a step too far over the line. They always found their way back to each other and would work through it. Fights such as the most recent were rare- but Fred’s admission filled in a lot of empty spaces that had left Y/n sleepless for days. Finally, the crushing weight was lifted from her chest as she choked out a shaky breath.
Leaping forward from the chair, Y/n threw her body into her boyfriend’s body and clamped him in a koloa like hold. Fred chuckled in amusement, falling onto the near ground at her jump.
“Why do you have to be so lovable? I hate it. I should be angry with you, but I just love you too much. Besides, I think you did enough suffering.” She giggled as she pinched his round cheeks in her hands. Fred poked his tongue out at her and grabbed at her sides. Y/n swatted his hands away, giving him a stern glare saying, ‘don’t push it’.
Slowly, she leaned down and brushed her lips against Fred’s, smirking down at him. It was a change in roles. In their more adult situations, Fred was typically the one on top with Y/n pinned below him, but that’s a story for another time.
A small, almost whimper, sound came from Fred. He hated being teased- that was his job. Dragging out the moment, Y/n tugged on the skin of his bottom lip with her teeth, earning a groan of approval from Fred. She grazed over his mouth one last time before dipping her head down to meet his and interlocking their lips, still straddling his waist. Fred’s hips pushed towards her core out of instinct. Not ready to give in quite yet, Y/n lifted her body and shifted forward, entrapping Fred even more so in the heated kiss.
They parted for seconds to sneak a bit of air, then continued their needed make out. It had been a while since they proved their love to each other in this way. For the last month, it had been small kisses here and there when the couple had a chance to see each other. Y/n needed his touch- she needed him. Fred longed to have under him, pleasuring her. He desperately wanted to sink his head between her legs and really show her just how much he loved her.
The coldness of his fingertips hit Y/n’s skin as his fingers dug into the sides of her waist. As much as she longed to keep the exchange going, the last thing either of them needed was a detention.
Y/n plucked herself away, a small pout lining Fred’s lips. His hands remained tied up in her own, lying them on his stomach. The weight of his question seeped in like molasses. Opportunities like this presented themselves once in a lifetime, there was no way Y/n was going to let it slip by.
Rolling off his lap, Y/n plopped down on the ground to the side of Fred. Their heads turned simultaneously towards each other, Fred winking to Y/n.
This is what she wanted. To see him care for her, show his love. His attention. It was the one thing she had been striving for but now that the cat, or rather joke shop, was out of the bag, Fred didn’t feel the need to hide anything from her anymore and keep his work to himself. He was over the moon with excitement to have her join George and himself. It was everything he could hope for.
Coyly averting her peer, Y/n asked,
“Do you really mean it, Fred? You really want me to come with you and George?”
Kindly, Fred swiped his thumb under her chin and raised her head up so their eyes were level.
“I wouldn’t want you anywhere else in the world then with me.” The serenity in his voice didn’t go unnoticed. Y/n propped herself up to her elbows and brought Fred in a bone crushing hug. Heavy chuckles croaked from Fred as she smothered him lovingly. He managed to sneak in a tiny peck to her check and she hugged him. Placing her head on his shoulder, Y/n poked the side of Fred’s cheek, commenting,
“You’re gonna be stuck with me forever, Fred, I love it!”
Throwing his arm around the elated girl, Fred just smirked.
“Duh, that’s kind the whole point of you moving in with me.” He replied in a matter-of-fact tone. The night was growing darker and the steady wind was escalating. In an hour, two if they were lucky, Filch would be surveying the grounds in search of students, mainly Fred and George, out past curfew. It was a sport to him, catching students breaking rules and getting to turn them in. It was part of his job, yes, but Y/n hated that he never took it easy on anything for the Gryffindors like he did the Slytherins. Fred looked at the scenery around them and remarked,
“Y’know, angel, as much as I’d love to spend the rest of the night laying with you in my arms, we can do that in my dorm room tonight… in an actual bed instead of dirt. I mean, we didn’t set up this whole thing for nothing! If I knew laying in the dirt would win you back, you should’ve told me!” His sarcastic words were received with a light slap.
“Smart ass.” Y/n rolled her eyes teasingly and started to sit up. Before she could get to her feet, a pair of hands planted themselves at her waist and lifted her. Fred had his moments, but he was always a gentleman to her. His teasing ways were comforting to Y/n, reminding her that they were good now, in comparison to the recent downfalls.
Fred helped Y/n to her seat, then jogged over to his own. He presented the girl with a cake he made for her. Hermione brought him to the kitchens and taught him how to make one. It took about three hours, he burnt the first, put too many eggs in the second, then forgot to add eggs to the third. Finally, on the fourth attempt, Fred created a passable cake. Hermione had no desire to spend any more time in the kitchen, so she quickly frosted it for him, not wanting him to ruin it this far in, then covered it and locked it in the fridge. Much to Y/n’s surprise, it was one of the best homemade cakes she’d ever had. Her teeth were practically chattering from the intense amount of sugar, but she had to keep in mind it was Fred who baked it.
After eating, Fred and Y/n took their sweet time strolling around the castle. Fred swung his hand back and forth, causing the same effect to Y/n’s. They laughed feverishly as Fred chased Y/n up the moving stairs as they raced to the common room. When they entered the room, they sprinted straight for Fred’s, still in a chase. Hermione, Ron, Harry, George, Angelina, and Lee all watched in amusement as the couple seemed to be reunited.
“Wonder if they’re back together. You guys think the date worked?”
Everyone shared glances at the obliviousness of Ron. There were times when social cues and context clues just didn’t exist to Ron. George scoffed at his little brother and shook his head. The rest of the group roared with laughter as Ron’s face scrunched in irritation.
“Not sure, Ron. Why don’t you go out to our room and ask them?” George smirked mischievously causing Ron to turn white as a ghost in realization. A faint ‘oh’, tumbled out of his lips and his eyes went wide.
Despite their assumption, up in the top room in the Gryffindor boy’s dormitory, Fred Weasley laid snoring in his large mattress, still in his school robes. Squished against his chest by his arms, Y/n was sound asleep, similarly dressed. The two didn’t care what they looked like or who came in, as long as they were together, that’s all that mattered.
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writing-wh0re · 4 months ago
can you do fem reader topping dom fred weasley like tying his hands up and he gets really mad then fucked her into oblivion
All writing will be #writing-wh0re-taglist.
Dom!Fred Weasley x Fem!Reader
Words: 887.
Warning: Smut18+, Unprotected Vaginal Intercourse, Female Performing Oral, Dom!Fred, Daddy Kink.
I looked over Fred’s body, his hand slowly pumping his cock causing my pussy to flutter.
“What are you thinking pretty girl?”
Tilting my head to the side, a devilish idea popping into my mind. I flick my eyes to the pile of clothes on the ground, quickly rummaging through to the fabric and finding his tie.
“I have an idea.” Before Fred can respond, I lean over the bed, tying his hands together and attaching it to the bedpost.
“Babygirl.” Fred warns, causing me to bite my lip.
“I wanted to try something.”
I kiss his lips softly, pulling away from him as Fred leans closer to me, attempting to catch my lips in another kiss.
“Uh, uh.”
Fred groans, licking his lips as his eyes trail over my body.
“Very cheeky, now, untie me.”
I don’t acknowledge Fred’s statement, wanting to be in control just this once.
Kissing down his chest causing him to release a sigh, his hands pulling on the tie.
“Just enjoy this daddy.”
Fred groans at the nickname, his hips thrusting slightly. I take his cock in my hand, licking from the base to the tip, swirling my tongue around the head. A shuddering breath falling from his lips, his eyes locked on my actions. Fred hisses when my lips wrap around the tip, bobbing my head up and down, swirling my tongue around his member.
I keep my eyes on him, watching his face wash with pleasure, his lips parted and eyebrows twitching. This is a sight that could wreck any woman, a sight that is mine and only mine to see.
“So good.”
My hands rest on his hips, allowing me to take him deeper causing my eyes to water a gag filling the air due to Fred thrusting his hips.
His cock falls from my lips with a pop, his eyes darkened with lust. I wiggle myself into a new position, my legs spread wide open, glistening pussy on full display.
I smirk at his warning, ignoring it as I take my middle and index finger into my mouth. Trailing my fingers down my body, slowly dragging them up my thighs, a small trail of spit shining on my skin. Goosebumps dance over my skin at my own teasing, gasping as I start to rub my clit.
“Freddie, fuck.” My head falls back, the tingles of pleasure washing over my senses. My body feels hot, my mind slowly going fuzzy.
“Y/n, untie me.”
“Deeper daddy.” The sound of my wetness fills the air, Fred’s eyes fixated on my fingers sliding in and out of my pussy. I flutter my eyes closed, focusing on my pleasure, Fred mumbling incoherently.
I yelp in surprise at my ankles being pulled, Fred caging me under his body.
“Enough.” Fred growls, slapping my thigh. “You’re going to take daddies cock without a sound, understand?”
Not trusting my voice, I nod softly in response.
“Words darling, use them.” Fred’s hand wraps around my throat, his pupils blown with lust.
“Yes daddy.”
His smirk causes arousal to leak onto my thighs. Running his cock up and down my slit, collecting my wetness. I bite my lip as he slides deep inside of me, the familiar sting of him stretching out my walls.
Fred keeps his hips still, his lips trailing kisses up and down my neck. My pussy clenches around his cock, waiting for him to move. Needing him to move.
“Mm, needy little thing.”
A gasp falls from my lips once Fred starts thrusting in and out of me. My nails raking down his back, feeling his muscles under my fingertips.
I squeeze my eyes shut, keeping my lip between my teeth, focusing on muffling my moans.
However the second Fred’s dick hits my sweet spongy spot, I cry out his name, pulling his body closer to mine.
“Tell me who you belong to.” Fred’s finger starts to rub circles on my clit, slow, leg shaking circles.
“Louder baby.”
“You, Fred!”
“Good girl.” The warmth of his breath against my neck causes goosebumps to fill my skin, my nipples hardening at the reaction.
“Feels so good.”
Fred holds my hips tighter, pushing me into the bed, the new position allowing for him to slide deeper.
“Daddy, I'm close.”
“Hold on for me.”
I groan in frustration, wanting nothing more than to cum. To have Fred cum.
No response, his cock keeping a familiar rhythm.
His cock twitches, his hand wraps around my throat. His lips capture mine.
“Daddy, please.”
I cry out against his lips, wanting nothing more than to cover his cock with cum.
My legs shake around his hips, his grip on my throat tightening, my mind going fuzzy as I start to see spots, both from the pleasure and lack of air. Heat washes over my body, my skin clammy, my pussy filling with Fred’s hot release.
Fred grabs my chin, locking our lips together. I whimper against his lips as he pulls out of me, feeling empty.
“I won’t be so nice next time, don’t tie me up again.”
I giggle at Fred’s warning, placing my hand behind his neck, pulling our lips together.
“But it was fun daddy.”
I roll my eyes at Fred as he grabs my chin.
“Less attitude.”
“Yes Daddy.”
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angelblacksmith · 2 months ago
Work until late (g.w)
Pairing: George Weasley x fem!Reader
Warning: fluff, my English
Summary: You're working late, and George doesn't want to go to bed without you.
Word count: 393
Tumblr media
When you went to work in the ministry, you did not think that there would be so much work. It had to be done even at home. There were a huge number of documents and all these documents had to be completed by tomorrow. Therefore, as a productive employee, you took these documents home. You have almost finished them, but there was a heavy sigh near you. One red-haired adult boy was not happy that you took the documents home and worked until night. Over the past hour, he has already sighed a huge number of times and begged you to go to bed with him.
"Honey, are you still here for a long time? You promised that we would go to bed twenty minutes ago. But you're still filling out these parchments and papers." George put his head on your shoulder. One of his hands was on your knee, and the other was on your other shoulder. George's eyes were closed and he spoke softly. George looked incredibly cozy in a cute sweater from Molly.
"Georgie, you're going to fall asleep on my shoulder right now...Maybe you should go to bed alone after all. I have very little left and I will also go to bed." George raised his head and opened one eye and looked at you. He shook his head negatively and put his head on your shoulder again.
"I'm not going anywhere without you. I am the very cheerfulness!" George yawned and almost fell asleep on your shoulder. Meanwhile, the last document was signed and you gently patted George on the shoulder.
"I finished my work." You smiled wearily. George opened his eyes and stretched, got up from his chair. Following his example, you did the same.
As soon as you entered the bedroom, George immediately fell on his face on the bed. Laughing softly. You lay down next to the red-haired boy. George hugged you from behind and kissed you on the temple. Then on the cheek...
"You wanted to sleep." You turned to face him and smiled. George couldn't open his eyes, but he managed to blink.
"I didn't say that. I said that I am the cheerfulness myself." You leaned over and lightly kissed George on the corner of his lips. "Good night, Princess. "
"Good night, Georgie."
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horrorxweasley · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Spit Kink
George Weasley x Fem! Reader
I know this isn’t October anymore I'm just posting them this month 1 I feel bad for not posting anything for ages and 2 these kinks are the best
Warnings: Smut, Swearing!, Spit Kink, Vaginal Penetration, Oral (Male receiving), degradation, use of word ‘slut’ and ‘whore’
Word Count: 1.3K
Prompt(s) used: none
Summary: Dom George….that is all
General Masterlist
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Y/N was currently sitting on her knees in the middle of her and George’s shared bedroom. She was wearing a small black tennis skirt that stopped just above her knees, and a black crop top that showed the underside of her bare breasts poking from underneath it.
George had come home from work pretty stressed and upset about an order not processing properly resulting in the shop being low in stock. He had spent the majority of the day on phone call after phone call with different suppliers to see if they were able to ship a last minute order. All of which failed horribly and George had to spend the rest of his day explaining to customers why they weren’t selling certain things in the shop that day.
All George wanted was to fully dominate Y/N, something that happened every time they had sex but this time it was about George. Normally George would be desperate to have Y/N squirming under his grip but this time he wanted to use her as stress relief. Y/N of course was fine with this, the very thought of being completely dominated by George sent butterflies through her stomach.
The bedroom door creaked open as George stepped inside. His shirt was undone just enough to see some of his pale freckled skin, and his hair was messed up from him running his hand through it with stress.
“Look at you, such a slut already on your knees f’me without me having to say a single word” he chuckled looking down at Y/N his lustful gaze burning into her eyes.
George leaned down, grabbing her face with one of his hands and kissing her roughly, his tongue sliding through her lips dominating hers with ease. Y/N moaned as a result of the roughness of the kiss causing George to bite her bottom lip harshly. George pulled back, his hand still squeezing her cheeks together slightly.
“Open your mouth” he growled
Y/N complied, opening her mouth and sticking her tongue out just as George wanted. George spat onto her tongue, the feel of his saliva mixing with hers sends shivers down her spine. Y/N kept her mouth open with George’s spit laying on her tongue waiting for further instruction.
“Swallow” he commanded, letting go of her face. Y/N swallowed George’s spit, opening her empty mouth and showing him her tongue.
“Such a filthy whore, you liked that didn’t you?”
Y/N could only nod her head, not wanting to speak unless George said she could, she always tried her best to be the most obedient submissive. The very tone in George’s dominant voice caused a wet patch to form in her panties.
George moved his hand to his trousers, removing his belt in one swift motion, throwing it to the ground before unzipping his work trousers, pulling them down along with his boxers, allowing his hard cock to spring free, slapping his lower stomach slightly. George walked slowly over to Y/N ripping his shirt off in the process, his hand rested on the side of her face, his thumb stroking her cheek.
“Open that pretty mouth for me again”
Just like before as soon as her mouth opened George spat directly onto her tongue, but this time instead of telling her to swallow, George directed his cock into her mouth forcing her to suck. Y/N was fine with this, she knows her safe words and actions if things get too out of hand or she feels uncomfortable and George will stop if she does or says either.
Y/N hollowed out her cheeks sucking his cock, causing George’s head to fall back with pleasure and a low groan to escape his mouth. George grabbed Y/N’s hair into a make-shift ponytail and guided her head on him, gradually beginning to fuck her face.
“Fuck yes, fucking slut taking my cock down her throat with ease, look at you, spit dripping down your chin, so-fuck-pathetic” he growled
Y/N looked up at him with her teary eyes as the tip of his cock hit the back of her throat making her gag. The sight and sound of her made George go wild, the warm feeling of her throat added to the pleasure. Only now and then did George release her to breathe, spitting on her each time. The sight of his spit on her face or tongue drove him crazy, like an animal burst out inside him.
The room was filled with gags, muffled moans, groans and slurping sounds. Each time George moaned loudly, Y/N could feel her arousal begin to drip down her thighs, her panties completely soaked.
George could feel himself getting closer, his grip of Y/N’s hair getting tighter and tighter.
“Fuck m’gonna cum, and you’re gonna swallow all of it down your whore throat got it?”
“Mfhm” she muffled out in response, her tongue licking along the vein on the underside of his cock and George thrust a couple more times into her mouth before his release shot down her throat.
Y/N swallowed each and every bit of his cum that she could, proudly showing her empty mouth to George.
“Good girl, now on the bed, clothes off”
Y/N did just that, getting up from her carpet burned knees, ripping her clothes off and disregarding them onto the floor of the room, climbing onto the soft mattress lying on her back. George climbed on top of the bed, hovering above her, looking down at her with a hot smirk. He leaned down capturing her lips in yet another rough lustful kiss, both moaning into the kiss, George could taste himself on her tongue.
George broke the kiss, moving down to suck and bite marks into her neck and shoulders as he swiped his cock through her folds and then slamming into her tight heat roughly, causing Y/N’s back to arch and a screamed moan to escape her lips.
“like that don’t you whore”
“Fuck yes, you’re cock is so big fu-ck” she moaned out and George chuckled
George began to pound into her, the sound of skin slapping ripping through the air. Each groaning and moaning at the feeling of each other merged as one. Y/N’s walls squeezed George’s cock perfectly causing his breath to hitch.
“Fuck, you love it when I use you for my pleasure don’t you slut”
“Yes I love it” Y/N cried out.
“That’s what I thought” he growled as his hand reached up and gripped round her throat, the dizzy feeling making her pussy throb with pleasure.
George gripped onto her sides, surely leaving marks but that didn’t bother Y/N. The feeling of George’s cock pounding into her made her head foggy, all she could focus on was how much pleasure she was feeling at that moment in time.
Soon enough, Y/N’s legs began to shake slightly as her release came nearer and nearer.
“You gonna cum? Hm? Can feel it, go on soaking my cock like the whore you are, cum!”
Y/N didn’t hold back, her body went numb with pleasure as her legs shook violently, her mouth opened in a silent moan and all you could see were the whites of her eyes as they rolled into the back of her head.
George’s pace slowed slightly but his thrusts became harder, the tip of his cock hitting Y/N’s g-spot which helped ride out Y/N’s high. George was also extremely close, he could feel his stomach tightening with pleasure and as soon as he knew Y/N had finished he pulled out and stroked his dick vigorously before cumming all over Y/N’s stomach and breasts with a loud groan. His head falling back and his lips parted made him look better than he ever had before, in fact if Y/N wasn’t so tired she’d be up for another round.
As soon as George came down from his high he looked down at his work, smirking at the sight before him.
“Look at you, covered in my cum, suck a slut f’me” he chuckled
“And only you Georgie” Y/N smiled as he leaned down kissing her lovingly
“I love you” he said pressing his forehead to hers
“I love you too”
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alexnikki18 · 27 days ago
Late Nights
Fred Weasley x FemReader
Summary: Fred’s best friend is staying at the Burrow with him over Christmas break. One night alone may change the course of their relationship.
Y/N quietly crept down the big flight of stairs at the Burrow trying hard not to wake anyone else. She had been invited to stay over Christmas holiday by her two best friends, Fred and George Weasley to which she excitedly accepted. The muggleborn girl loved staying with her two favorite people and their wizarding family.
It was a little past midnight and the girl was having trouble falling asleep. After an hour of tossing and turning, she decided to go down to the kitchen and make her self a cup of hot cocoa. When she got there though, the smell of hot cocoa instantly filled her nostrils and she noticed there was already some cooking on the stove and a half drank cup sitting on the counter beside it.
At that moment she heard someone entering the kitchen behind her and she turned to see Fred smiling at her. She couldn’t help but stare at him. He was bare chested and his pajama pants hung lowly around his waste. Y/N was hopelessly in love with Fred and she always thought he looked good, but moments like this she hoped to remember forever.
“What are you still doing up?” He asked moving beside her to grab his cup of cocoa and breaking her out of her trance.
“I couldn’t sleep. Looks like we had the same idea, Freddie.” She answered nodding to the cocoa.
He smiled and started pouring her a cup. Handing it to her afterwards he said, “It amazes me how you always tell us apart so well.” It actually made Fred’s heart soar. The girl he loved could tell him apart from his twin when sometimes his own mother couldn’t.
“It’s easy. I don’t know how people can’t.” She answered taking the cup from him and leaning against the counter. She brought the cup up to her lips to take a sip and when she did the big sweatshirt she was wearing pulled up so slightly that Fred could see the beginning of her underwear. Merlin, he wished every night could be like this.
He then realized that she was still wearing his sweatshirt that he had leant her earlier when she had said she was cold. He smiled at the thought that that was what she had decided to wear to bed. “How can you tell us apart?” He asked coming closer to her and touching the edge of the sweatshirt.
Flustered by his sudden closeness and his fingers brushing against her thigh she felt her cheeks burning. She was used to his natural flirtatious attitude, but moments like this always got to her. “I don’t know.. I guess I’ve just picked up on certain things about you.”
“Like what?”
“You smell like a mixture of cinnamon and fireworks. When you’re concentrating you start to chew on your tongue. You have a freckle just here,” she brought her hand slowly up to his face and touched the freckle just below his lower lip, “but most of all, every time I see you I get butterflies in my stomach. Only you.”
“Y/N…” Fred cupped her face with his hands and slowly brought his lips down onto hers. Their first kiss was sweet and passionate and only stopped when they needed a break for air. He put his forehead against hers and they wrapped their arms around each other.
“I’ve thought about doing that for so long.” Y/N said.
“Me too. And I will everyday we’re together from now on, if you’ll let me.”
They quietly walked up the stairs hand in hand to Fred’s room.
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“I’m Her Boyfriend. Who Are You?”
George Weasley x Reader
Tumblr media
(Gif not mine)
Requested? No
Summary: George has been in love with his best friend for as long as he can remember. Could it really only take one flirty foreign guy for him to make his move?
Warnings: starred out swear words, angry Georgie, cuteness, Fred being stupid?
Pairing: George Weasley x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
George’s grip on his bag tightened so much that his knuckles turned white. He’d been looking for his best friend (Y/n), having planned on walking her to her next class, when he found her smiling up at some Durmstrang bloke he’d never seen before.
“Woah, who p*ssed in your pudding, brother?” George turned to his twin for only a moment, to acknowledge that he had heard him, before his eyes returned to the pair. Fred followed his gaze and snorted loudly.
“Well, look at that. (Y/n) seems to be enjoying herself, don’t you think?” George’s jaw clenched angrily. “Careful, Georgie. You’re jealousy’s showing.” George shot him an annoyed look.
“I’m not jealous.” He spat earning a knowing look from Fred.
“Sure. And I suppose you aren’t madly in love with the girl either, right?” He asked sarcastically, but George just nodded.
“Right.” Of course that wasn’t right. Not in the slightest. George had been madly in love with (Y/n) (L/n) since the day he knew what love was. But was he going to tell her that? Absolutely not. You never tell a girl you like her. It makes you look like an idiot. Besides, what if she didn’t like him back? It would ruin everything. And George couldn’t have that.
“So you just gonna stand here staring at them, or are you gonna do something about the uncomfortable look on her face?” George whipped around at Fred’s words only to find that he was right. The polite smile she had upon initially greeting the foreign boy had been wiped from her face, and replaced with an awkward half-grimace that he knew all too well from their years of friendship. She wanted out of that conversation. Even Fred could tell.
“You don’t think she’ll be mad at me for interrupting?” George asked, still not completely over the jealousy burning inside him. If she really wanted to talk to the bloke, who was he to stop her? He had no claim over her, no matter how badly he wished that weren’t true.
“Mate, go save her from the creep before someone else does and she has them to thank, if you know what I mean.” Fred wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, making his brother frown angrily at what he was implying.
“I’ll see you later.” Fred whooped excitedly, as George pushed his way through the crowded hall, his gaze set on (Y/n) and the Durmstrang boy. He didn’t have a game plan, though, quite frankly, there was so much pure fury going through his mind at that moment that, he was fairly certain, there wasn’t room for much else. And that was before the random guy grabbed her arm.
“Darling, I’ve been looking everywhere for you!” He called out once he was rather close to the two. (Y/n) pulled away from the boy and turned to smile at George gratefully.
“Georgie! Hey!” She greeted, leaning into him as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder. He knew his grip was tight around her, he*l, he was tense everywhere, but, thankfully she didn’t comment, probably just glad for his intrusion. At least he hoped she was glad. There was still an inkling of doubt in his mind, but he brushed the thought aside. It was too late to turn back now.
“(Y/n), who is this?” The boy asked, his accent coming out thickly, as he glared at George and his arm around the girl. The next words out of George’s mouth were either really brave or really stupid…
“I’m her boyfriend. Who are you?” (Y/n)’s eyes widened to the size of saucers, so much so that George had to pull her face into his chest to stop her from giving away his ploy, and what a dangerous ploy it was.
“(Y/n) did not mention she had a “boyfriend.”” He argued making George’s jaw clenched harder. This bloke was really pushing his buttons.
“Yeah, well she probably didn’t think she had to. I’m kind of a big deal around here.” George had to hold back a fond smile when he felt (Y/n) shaking with laughter at his words, trying desperately to hide it. He pinched her side quickly, an indication to stop, as he gave the Durmstrang boy a final glare.
“Do you need a proper invitation? Scram!” He barked, causing the now embarrassed guy to run off down the hallway, earning odd looks from the people he was pushing out of the way. George laughed at his retreating figure before turning to (Y/n) who was shaking her head at him with a small smile.
“You’re “kind of a big deal” are you?” She asked, earning a playful shove as he laughed at his own words.
“What’s he know? He’s just from Durmstrang. Probably didn’t understand half of what I said anyways.” He chortled at his own joke, earning an eye roll from the girl, but she couldn’t hide her smile.
“Don’t be mean.” She said, through giggles of her own. George just grinned at her, before wrapping his arm back over her shoulder and steering her off towards History of Magic.
“So…” she trailed off making him turn to her questioning. “You’re my boyfriend, huh?” She smirked teasingly. George blushed profusely, the adrenaline from the confrontation long gone now, along with the part of him that had, so daringly, claimed those words.
“Yeah…I-uh… sorry about that. I just-“ (Y/n) cut him off with a laugh, which George was grateful for, as he hadn’t known where he was going with that explanation, though that didn’t mean his heart didn’t ache at her blatant disregard of the idea.
“I’m only messing with you, Georgie.” George tried to join in her laughter, but couldn’t bring himself to omit much more than an awkward chuckle, which stopped (Y/n) in her tracks.
“George? Are you okay?” She looked up at him worriedly, which only made the boy feel worse. It wasn’t fair. Why did his heart have to make him feel such a way about his best friend, when he knew he couldn’t have her, at least… not in the way he wanted to. It was a cruel punishment, though he didn’t know what he’d ever done to deserve it.
Not to mention the fact that he couldn’t even get upset about his rotten luck without seeing that worried expression on her face that made his heart clench even tighter. He knew it was cliche, but when (Y/n) was upset, George couldn’t breathe. Not until he saw that perfect smile again.
He sighed, running a hand down the side of his face in frustration. How in Merlin’s name was he going to explain this one to her without ruining everything?
“Georgie? You look pale. Do you want me to take you to the hospital wing?” George shook his head, looking at the floor so as to not have to see the concern in her eyes.
“No… no, I’m okay, love. I promise.” (Y/n) just scoffed.
“Yeah, sure you are. And you’re also Snape’s favorite student.” George chuckled lightly at her joke, unable to help himself. She could always make him laugh, whether she was trying to or not. No matter what sort of mood he was in, (Y/n) could always cheer George up. Fred and Lee called it her superpower. George just called it her. He looked up at her slight grin and couldn’t hold back anymore. He’d loved this girl for years, and he’d be d*mned if he didn’t tell her. He would be miserable for the rest of his life if he didn’t, trapped in a friendship when all he wanted was more. At least this option was more black and white. He was tired of the grey. Screw it…
“(Y/n)… I need to tell you something.” Here goes nothing. “I like you. I have for years… and not just a friend way. Like really like you.” George took a deep breath, preparing to spew some rather nonsensical explanation of his feelings, when angelic laughter stopped him. George’s forehead crinkled in hurt. Did she really find his feelings that amusing? She noticed his expression and shook her head quickly.
“Oh no! I wasn’t laughing at you! Oh, Georgie, no.” His pained face didn’t waver, as she let out another string of giggles.
“It’s just, Freddie owes me five galleons.” George tilted his head in confusion.
“What?” She made the same wide-eyed ‘oh-sh*t’ expression again, as she seemed to realize she wasn’t making any sense, before her face softened into a fond smile.
“Oh, Georgie… I know. You’re not very good at hiding it.” His heart started beating a mile a minute at her words.
“So, you and Fred…” He trailed off, completely unsure of where she stood at this moment. Why couldn’t she have just said “oh Georgie, I like you too! Let’s get married and have a bunch of little redheaded wizard babies!”? Well, maybe not necessarily that. But something along those lines would have been much nicer, easier to understand, at least.
“We had a bet going on to see how long it would take you to ask me out on a date.” George’s cheeks burned. She’d been waiting for him?
“Wait… so, that means-“ she cut him off with another giggle.
“I like you too, Georgie. I thought it was obvious. Fred said it was.” George’s head was spinning. She liked him too? She’d liked him this whole time? And here he’d been sitting around pining after her like a chump? And she wanted him to ask her out on a date?
George was about ready to faint, but he needed to gain back at least some of his suave exterior, or else this would be completely embarrassing.
“Well, you know, I haven’t exactly asked you on a date yet.” He pointed out, smirking as best he could, through the blush that dusted his cheeks. She just shrugged her shoulders in response.
“You’re going to.” George’s smile widened.
“Is that so? How are you so sure?” She grinned up at him.
“Because, you’re my “boyfriend” remember? Kinda comes with the territory.” She walked off in the direction of her class, the two of them considerably late already, but that was the last thing on George’s mind. The girl he was in love with, just told him that she liked him too, asked him to take her on a date, and to be her boyfriend. Could this day get any better?
“Hey, wait for me!” He ran to catch up, grabbing her hand in his when he was close enough, the widest of smiles gracing both of their features. That is, until one final thought registered in George’s mind.
“Wait a second… did you say Fred knew all about this and didn’t tell me?” (Y/n) laughed heartily as she pulled George into the classroom behind her. He’d just have to have a little talk with his dear brother later…
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emotionlesshoe · a month ago
Ginny: What if the person who named Walkie Talkies named everything?
Fred: Pregnancy tests are Maybe Babies
George: Socks are Feetie Heaties
Ron: Forks are Stabby Grabbies
Fred: Defibrillators are Heartie Starties
George: Nightmares are Dreamy Screamies
Ron: Stamps are Lickie Stickies
Percy, annoyed: You are disappointments
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peach lipgloss
request: Hi I was wondering if you could write a george x reader or fred x reader? Where the reader gets make-up from her mom mostly just lipgloss and george or fred finds out after hearing that muggle lipgloss has different flavors and see the reader wearing some of it.Hiding it only telling the reader that he'll only give it back in return for a kiss.
pairing: weasley twins x fem!reader
note: let me know if you guys want separate works of peach lipgloss for each one of the twins and not both of them together!
warnings: none
Tumblr media
sitting in the great hall at your house table with your friends, you conversed about your long-awaited mail. you had been sending owls to your mom, asking her if any new flavors of your new lipgloss had been released. your housemates didn’t understand your obsession with it, but the way your lipgloss plumps your lips, tastes of your favorite fruit (and other flavors), and the way your lips shined, how could you not be obsessed?
being from a muggle family, you quickly realized wizards do not think much of muggle items - like lipgloss. sure, they have it, alongside lipstick, but rarely anyone wears it and it is not as popular as you’d imagine. 
however, your fascination - or obsession - with lipgloss turned heads of your housemates and soon enough, girls were asking you to buy them from the muggle world. they could do it themselves, but you figured they’d be overwhelmed by the number of choices they’d have to decide from. so, to make it easy, you recommended your favorite flavors - cherry, peach, dragonfruit, and strawberry.
soon enough, girls over the school were paying you in galleons to send to your mother to buy orders of lipgloss. there weren’t hundreds of orders, so you were not particularly overwhelmed, but it shocked you as how intrigued your wizard friends were.
as though she was summoned, your owl Thor came swooping in through the Hogwarts great hall, dropping off a package right in front of you. with a loving pat, you gave Thor a treat and handed him a letter, thanking your mother for all she was doing. with a flap of wings, he was on his way and quickly, girls surrounded your seat.
you had a list of everyone who ordered which flavor, so without wasting any time, you ripped open the package and listed off each name, giving said girl her requested flavor.
“hannah abbott, here you are, my love!” with the call of her name, you handed hannah a cherry-flaved lipgloss and she smiled, “thank you, y/n!”
you crossed your fingers that her and neville would finally work out.
“luna, here you are with the dragonfruit flavor - enjoy!” luna took the small cylindar from your hands and gave a smile, “i’m hoping it tastes as sweet as it sounds. thank you!”
your face grew pale, “please don’t eat it!”
aaaaand she didn’t listen.
after handing out the rest of the lipglosses, you finally stuffed the rest of them in your pocket - 2 orders of peaches and one of strawberry. peaches was dangerous, you knew you were addicted, but it was the one that made your lips tingle and you felt irresistable.
after finishing your school work, you quickly applied some lipgloss and popped your lips, missing the smell and slight taste against your lips. putting your ‘peaches’ lipgloss back in your pocket, you stood up and handed your work to professor snape who made quick work to try to ignore how soft your lips looked.
his face turned a slight pink.
after reviewing your work, he handed your notebook back and you went on your way back towards your dorm. moving carefully with the staircases, you failed to notice two red-haired twins following closely behind you before reaching your house dormitory.
right away, they both yelled, “boo!” in your ears and shook your shoulders, making you screech. turning around, you grasped at your chest before smacking the both of their arms, “fred and george weasley! i nearly had a heart attack, by merlin!”
the twins laughed before fred spoke up, “you know we always have to give you a spook, peach. at least you’re still breathing!”
george let out a snort alongside his twin, “besides, we needed to talk to you anyway.” he leaned down before continuing, “privately.”
you raised an eyebrow, crossing your arms, “and you couldn’t just ask me that like normal people?”
fred grinned like the chesire cat, “where’s the fun in that? now c’mon, sneak us in!’
with a slight smile, you ran your tongue over your lips slightly, tasting peaches; you failed to notice fred and george looking at your lips until they bounced on their feet. turning around, you said the words to unlock your house dormitory and snuck in your favorite twins, thanking the painting.
pulling the two up the stairs, fred and george plopped onto your bed, fred lying back and groaning loudly, “i just want this day to be over already!”
you raised an eyebrow, moving towards your desk where you restocked your lipgloss, “isn’t it only 11am?”
george snickered, “he’s only been awake for 4 hours and has decided he’s done with the day.”
you rolled your eyes, back turned to the twins as you shuffled your items, throwing away old lipgloss, “maybe occupying your time with something to do will help time move faster, hmm?”
george stood up from your bed, fred following right behind him, making little to no noise. fred put his hands in his pockets, “any ideas, peach?”
you hummed, “oh, i don’t know, maybe schoolwork, studying, anything -”
george grabbed your hand that was pulling lipgloss from your pocket and you gasped, almost dropping the cylindar containers. you frowned, “didn’t i just say to not spook me like that?”
george shrugged as fred snickered, “’was just curious as to what you were hiding from us, peach.”
fred took the lipgloss from your hand as george held your face between his thumb and pointer finger, “what is this stuff, anyway?”
you blushed, “it’s lipgloss, it makes your lips plump and shine...and they have different flavors. and i kind of need it back, so..”
george smirked, “mm, what kind of flavors, peach?”
fred rolled the lipgloss in his hands, “tell him, y/n. i see the flavors here.”
you let your tongue roll over your lips quickly, “it’s - um - there are strawberry, cherry, dragonfruit and - um - peach. i’m wearing that now, and i’m running low, so can i please have it back?”
george’s smirk widened and his thumb rubbed against your cheek, “peach, hmm? can i give it a try?”
your face turned pink and you nodded, “o-oh, yeah, of course! i may have extras of peach, so i can lend you-”
you were unable to finish your sentence before george leaned down and captured your lips in a kiss, his lips slotting against yours almost perfectly. george’s thumb ran over your cheek, his other hand resting against your hip, pulling you impossibly closer to him. you felt george softly kiss your lips continuously, almost seeming as if he was trying to taste every last bit of your peach lipgloss, tongue swiping across your bottom lip.
you sighed into the kiss, hands splayed onto his chest as he pulled back one, two, three times, laying soft kisses on your lips until he deemed he was finished his work. running a thumb over your lips, george asked fred for the peach lipgloss and put it in your hands.
george tapped your cheek, “let freddie have a taste, yeah?”
your face flushed pink and you nodded, unscrewing the cap to the peach lipgloss and using the soft brush to lay the gloss onto your lips. fred had come up on your right side, looking albeit nervous but he smiled at you.
you smiled back, lipgloss back in your pocket and fred shuffled, “is this alright, peach? i don’t want to-”
you let out a breathy laugh, “fred, if i didn’t feel okay with this, would i have put on the lipgloss again?”
fred stumbled over his words, “well, i-i guess not? can i?”
you nodded, giving him a reassuring smile before he leaned down, your noses touching before you stood on your tippy-toes, closing the distance between the two of you. fred immediately smiled into the kiss, one arm wrapping around your waist and the other laying softly on the side of your face.
fred was gentle and his lips were warm, his tongue trying to taste every bit of your lipgloss. his lips repeatedly pressed against yours, feeling him pull back and pecking them over again. you let out a small laugh, as did he, and he kept kissing you anyways.
somewhere during the mix, george came up beside you, laying his own kisses on your cheek. fred pulled back, kissing your lips once more before he ran a thumb over your lips as george did. george pressed a kiss to your neck, “we have time to taste the other flavors, peach. how’s that sound?”
you smiled, hands tangling themselves in the twins’ hair, “sounds perfect.”
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carolinesalvawhore · 2 months ago
You all know that I love the Weasley's to bits, but, let's be honest, Molly and Arthur were absolutely horrible at handling money. So, so horrible. They won a lottery. A fucking lottery. Think about how much money that is. And then they blew it on a vacation? Yes they were visiting Bill, but think of all the better uses for that money. They could've ensured that all the kids had robes which fit for the next year, upgraded their home, put it into savings, the possibilities are endless.
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writing-wh0re · 5 days ago
All writing will be #writing-wh0re-requests. 
Inspired by @buckystrenchcoat birthday! AND her awesome plot prompt. 
1. Buying a stripper pole and giving Dom George a show (I will sell my soul for someone to write this one) Which I used loosely. 
George x Reader x Fred
Words: 1,995
Wanrings: Smut18+, Daddy Dom, Possessiveness, Hints of Jealousy, Unprotected Sex, Both Male and Female Performing Oral, Threesome, Slightly Rough Sex, Dirty talk, Both Praise and Degradation. 
A/n: Happy Birthday Bestie! 
I stand in front of the pole, my robe tied around my waist as I study the new piece of furniture. 
This is probably the craziest thing I have done for George but after being together for years, I figured why not make his birthday just that little bit more exciting. 
I wrap my hand around the cold metal pole, nerves filling my body, suddenly remembering I don’t know how to dance on a pole. I huff, taking my robe off and taking a few hours to practice different moves before George comes home, wanting to make sure I don’t completely suck. 
“Darling!” George calls, my heart rate picking up as I throw the black robe over my shoulders, leaving it open to allow for my blood red lingerie to peek through. 
My heels click against the floor announcing my arrival, George’s eyes land on me, slowly dragging up my body, taking in every detail. I play with the gold necklace hanging around my collarbones, the simple ‘G’ catching the light causing George to smirk. 
He owns me. 
George licks his lips, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed in front of him. 
“Y/n, what do you have planned for me?” 
I smirk, walking over towards him, his hands instantly fall to my hips, his fingers caressing my exposed skin. 
I lean up to George’s face, our lips brushing against each other, a cocky smirk dancing across his lips. 
“Follow me and find out.” I wink at George before pulling away from him, grabbing his hand in mine and leading him down to the room. 
George chuckles, following behind me with no objections. The room is dark when I pull him inside, turning the lights on, changing the colour to a dark red. 
I push George down onto the couch situated in front of the pole. I place my hands beside his shoulders, caging his body against the couch. 
“Happy Birthday Daddy.” 
George smirks at me, licking his lips before closing the gap between us. I smile into the kiss, his hand moving to the back of my neck to keep me from pulling away, always wanting to be in control. 
“So fucking good.” George mumbles, breaking away from me and looking over my body. 
“Look at you, all of this for me?” 
I simply nod in response, George licking his lips, resting back against the couch more. 
“Please darling, don’t keep daddy waiting.” 
I back away from George, walking over to the pole, his eyes widening slightly, clearly having missed the new furniture piece. I quickly press play on the music, taking a deep breath before swinging my hips to the beat. 
George’s eyes stay locked onto my body, watching the way my boobs bounce and my ass jiggles. I drag my hands up and down my body, causing goosebumps to litter my skin. The straps of my bra fall down my arms, allowing for me to unclasp the material, my boobs on full display. George bites his lip, chuckling low and gesturing for me to come over to him. I shake my head, continuing to dance around the pole, hooking my leg around the metal and sliding down, the coldness causing my nipples to harden. 
George leans forward, his elbows resting on his knees as he watches me. I turn my back to him, dropping down and bouncing on my heels, shaking my ass for him.
“Come here.” 
I instantly spin around to face him, walking the short distance between us. George loops his finger under my necklace, pulling me to him. 
“On your knees darling, daddy wants to use your mouth.” 
My knees brush against the lush carpet, my fingers fumbling with his belt buckle as his cock springs free. I moan at the sight, our eyes connecting as George nods, encouraging me to continue. 
I pump his dick slowly, building up a rhythm. George rests his head on the top of the couch, his lips parted and eyes closed. I drag my tongue around his cock, from the base to the tip, swirling it around the head. George bites his lip attempting to muffle his loud moan before I take him fully into my mouth. His fingers trace through my hair, pulling on the strands using his grip to guide me. He tilts my head back, my mouth falling open wider as he watches his cock disappear into my throat, the new angle causing me to gag, tears pricking at my eyes. 
“Good girl, you take daddy's cock so well sweetheart.” 
I moan around him, arousal pooling between my thighs at the praise. 
“Hey, are you guys-” 
My eyes widened at the sound of Fred’s voice, having completely forgotten that we were supposed to celebrate with him tonight. 
George winks at me, keeping his cock in my mouth as he looks over at his twin. 
“Freddie, just in time.” George looks back to me, thrusting his hips slightly as I moan and gag around him. “Beautiful Y/n here, was just giving me my birthday present.” 
I look over at Fred, his eyes attempting to look anywhere but me, a slight bulge in his pants forming. George looks at me, nodding his head as I continue to suck his dick, swirling my tongue around him, his fingers laced through my hair. 
“Have a seat, I don’t mind sharing my gift.” 
My eyes widen at George’s request as he pulls his cock from my mouth. 
Fred stands awkwardly at the doorway, torn by what he should do. 
“Don’t leave her hanging, Freddie.” 
My eyes lock with Fred, his darkening with lust as they wander over my body, boobs on full display, G-string hugging my hips and heels strapped to my ankles. Blush heats up my cheeks, an excitement and nervousness taking over my senses. 
Fred slips into the room, closing the door behind him and sitting beside George, his eyes staying locked to me. 
“Sweetheart, do you want to touch Freddie?” 
George’s thumb brushes against my bottom lip as I softly nod, flicking my eyes from his to Fred. 
“Can I touch you daddy?” 
Fred’s jaw clenches at the nickname, George smirking, his hand brushing hair out of my face. I shuffle around to be completely in front of Fred, my hands trailing up and down his clothed thighs. Fred looks to George who nods encouragingly as I smirk. 
“It is your birthday after all, Freddie.” 
Fred fumbles with his belt, my words being the last bit of confirmation he needs. 
I replace Fred’s hands with mine, placing a soft kiss to his clothed cock before pulling the fabric down and having his dick out. 
A smirk crosses my lips, guess what they say about twins is true. 
I place a soft kiss to the tip of his cock, darting my tongue out to swirl around the head. 
Fred’s hands grip the couch cushion, a deep breath escaping his lips. I bob my head up and down his cock, locking my eyes with George as he smirks, shaking his head at me. 
George moves from the couch, pulling his clothes off as he kneels next to me. He places a soft kiss to the side of my head, his lips brushing against my ear. 
“You like sucking Freddies cock, don’t you?” 
I hum in response, Fred moaning at the vibrations swirling around him. George grabs my face, pulling me from Fred as his two fingers fall under my necklace, pulling the chain. 
“Just remember who you belong to, sweetheart.” 
I nod in response as George tuts, mouth slightly agape as he waits for me to speak. 
“Yes daddy.” 
George’s eyes flick from mine to my lips, closing the distance, his hands gripping my ass before spanking the skin. I gasp in response, his tongue slipping into my mouth. Fred’s hands fall to my boobs, pulling at my nipples, soothing them with his lips, open mouthed kisses placed along my skin. 
I trace my fingers through George’s hair, doing the same to Fred as the twins touch my body, sharing different parts of me. 
“Lay down baby.” George gestures to the couch as I move instantly, my clit throbbing with need. I lay with my head on the arm rest, Fred pulling his clothes from his body, standing near my head. 
I look down at George as he sits between my open thighs, his hand cupping my heat. 
“Oh she’s a good girl, she’s fucking dripping for us Freddie.” 
Fred hums in response, pumping his cock, his eyes dragging up and down my body. 
“Darling, you’re going to let Freddie use your mouth while I play with your sweet little pussy.” 
“Please daddy.” 
Both of them moan at the nickname, a cocky smirk on my face. 
“Use me daddy, you both own me.” 
George slaps my thigh, “Don’t be a whore, you’re mine.” 
I smirk, licking my lips as I look up at Fred. 
“Use my mouth Daddy, come down my throat.” 
Fred hisses as I replace his hand with mine. 
“Bit of a cock whore, isn’t she George?” 
George groans, his weight dipping mine as he shuffles around. My mouth falls open, a gasp escaping me as George pulls my panties to the side and licks a stripe up my slit. 
Fred takes my open mouth as an invitation to slide deeper down my throat. My eyes flutter closed as Fred fucks my mouth, George’s tongue flicking and swirling around my core, tracing his name on my clit. 
Fred leans over my body, his fingers toying with my nipples, grabbing my boobs before wrapping his hand around my throat, feeling his cock slide in and out of me. 
George pulls his mouth from me, replacing his tongue with his thumb, rubbing circles on my clit. I squeal around Fred’s cock as George slides into my dripping cunt. His fingers dig into my hips as he thrusts in and out of me. The sound of my wetness fills the air, his thumb still circling my clit, his cock massaging my walls perfectly. 
Fred’s cock twitches in my mouth as I swirl my tongue around him. 
“I’m close Y/n.” 
I hollow out my cheeks around Fred’s cock, wanting him to cum. George’s places one of my legs on his chest, my ankle resting on his shoulder, the deeper angle causing my brain to go fuzzy. 
I wrap my hand around Fred’s cock, my lips locking around the head of his cock, licking around the tip as he grips my boobs roughly, painting my tongue with cum. I swallow his salty release, his lips locking with mine as my fingers run through his hair, tugging on the strands. 
“You like that baby? Being our little whore?” 
“Daddy, fuck yes.” 
The twins chuckle in response, Fred’s lips trail down my neck, landing on my boobs as he sucks and licks my nipples. 
My walls clench around George, the coil inside of me tightening as my skin becomes clammy. George moans, his head thrown back and eyes squeezed shut. 
“Cum sweetheart, cover daddies cock.” 
I arch my back off the couch, Fred’s lips brushing against my ear. 
“Just like that Y/n.” 
“Good girl.”  
“Our little whore.” 
My eyes squeeze shut as Fred’s words tip me over the edge, his hand wrapping around my throat as George’s fingers dig into my hips, his hot load flowing through my core. 
George pulls out of me, his lips trailing up my body before meeting with mine. I wrap my arms and legs around him, our lips moving in perfect sync. 
“Hope you enjoyed your present.” I mumble as the twins chuckle. 
“Definitely unforgettable.” Fred winks, throwing his clothes back on as George follows suit. 
“C’mon, let's get you ready for dinner.” George smiles, grabbing my hands and helping me up. 
“Right, dinner.” I smile, having completely forgotten. 
“Maybe we can invite Fred to dessert.” I wink as George sucks his teeth, looking over at his brother who simply shrugs.
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