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#fred weasley

This is Fred and Hermione from Harry Potter :)

Fred trying to make Hermione (his cute little shy and fiesty girlfriend) show a bit more PDA, teasing her relentlessly, which she secretly loves despite trying to hide it 😉. (Hermione in her 5th year at Hogwarts and Fred in his 7th)

I love these two so much! I imagine if they were cannon that they’d have a playful relationship, enjoy battle of wits and suit each other very well. Both ambitious, innovative and quick witted. Hermione admired the twins work. Can you believe they were basically business men by the time they were barely 18?

Anyone remember how our little Hermione admitted to likeing breaking rules (“Isn’t this exciting? Breaking rules” the cheeky smile Fred makes at her comment while walking behind her is just ❤️)

These two remind me so much of James and Lily, Peter Pan and Wendy Darling ❤️

The rumour of JK Rowling concidering at some point of pairing these two just breaks my heart! Instead she paired our beautiful warrior princess with a lowesy guy who is prone to jealousy, insecurity, puts her down (mental abuse), unambitious, lazy bigot. It’s just kills me! No wonder JK said they’d need counselling.

Can’t believe she killed off Fred! And the other thing that really pisses me off is if Hermione and Ron instead of having that kiss in the chamber of secrets they could have saved time and perhaps saved Lavender and or Fred! I have this thing in my mind that if they got out of chamber of secrets earlier both Hermione and Ron could have saved Lavender and Fred which might have had a knock on effect of possibly saving Remus and Tonks. Do you see what I mean? I can rant about this fooorr daaayyyss!

Anyway I digress :D hope you like it :)

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hey! just a reminder i’m taking ship requests! send one in and i’ll write a small. blurb on how you met! what i need from you:

  • I’d prefer if you’re following me!
  • Tell me what house you’re in, along with your favorite Hogwarts class!
  • Please let me know your pronouns (optional) and sexuality!
  • Give me a brief description of yourself (personalilty and physical traits)
  • Your name (optional)
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Fred, stoned: it’s so beautiful tonight

George, drunk: it really is

Ron, looking up: the stars are so bright right now


Y/N: guys, where the fuck is our roof?

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umm well yeah tbh i don’t care if he looks like someone who can’t be within 10 feet of a high school by court order…wreck this pussy james❤

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Prince! Fred Part 2 – So close yet so far 

Warnings: mentions of some sexual content but nothing happens.

Summary: Fred can’t stop thinking about you so he takes matters into his own hands. And then he makes and an irrational decision that he needs to see you more.

Taglist: @manuosorioh

Hey guys. So here is part 2 of prince Fred. First I wanna say thank you so much to everyone who reblogged and liked and commented. It really left me speechless. This blog is just something to have a little bit of fun and unwind from the real world so yeah. Thank you with all my heart. Like I said this is part 2 but they are still a bit far from lovers ahah I will probably make this a series i think? I most definitely write another parte but I don’t think I will be satisfied with only one more. Also english is not my first language so please excuse any mistakes and feel free to leave a message if you feel like I should add any other warning or anything else. Thank you so much once again :)

Part 1 of Prince Fred can be found HERE 


Fred had been having the worst week ever, he didn’t think it could get worse. Ever since he left the market a week a go he thought seeing her (and for the first time for that matter) that it was a sign to him. The day of the talk of weddings and he finds her? The most precious and strong-minded girl he ever encountered? Lucky guy.

As soon as he hit home a week ago things took a turn. He came home to his father and mother accompanied by the queen and princess of the south. It took him a few seconds to actually understand what was happening in front of him, but as his thoughts started to make sense Fred’s mood switched completely. He has nothing more nothing less than In front of his future wife, according to his father’s next words. Fred despised his father then more than ever. Although he knew it was an obligation to marry, he never thought it would come so fast. Or was it that fast? Maybe it wasn’t but the idea never stuck with him.

From that point on his worst week had started. Both the queen and the princess would stay until the wedding had some structure and things had a course. Fred didn’t want to seem rude, or uninterested (which as this point, he was but still) but planning something that we was praying wouldn’t happen, was starting to take a toll on him. Physically and emotionally.

Very rarely did he appear in the meetings his father had planned, and he almost never made appearances in the meals throughout the day. He started eating his in chambers, either alone or sometimes accompanied by some girl who he thought would take is mind of, of everything.

So exactly a week after he first saw you, he decided that he had enough waiting and thinking around. He needed to see you, to talk you, he wanted to get to know you. And now leaving the castle was not as easy has it was a week ago. His father had reenforced security after his son’s sudden change in behavior. Fred didn’t really understand why seeing has he was always a rule-abiding kinda person. And his recent behavior was totally justified in his opinion.

So, after he got himself presentable he sneak out through a different door and a different passage way, and soon enough he was walking towards the market and you. Although he had only seen where you worked one time he remembered well and clear enough. He was attentive this time, and he very quickly got his sight on you. It was only you and your mother this time and has started to approach your stand your mother nudge you slightly, making you break eye contact with the things you were doing and looking at him for the second time ever.

“Your Grace.” Your mother said before you could speak and before he could announce himself to. You however didn’t say anything and just bowed to him, much like your mother had done.

“Good morning.” Fred said, his voice come out very soothing. What could he say next that would make his appearance justifiable? He was a Prince for crying out loud why was he now worried about what they could think about him being here and not buy anything? So his silence prolonged for a bit to long, until he finally mustered up the courage to start talking. “I was wondering if I could talk to you for a bit?” He was looking directly at you now.

Your mother tried her hardest to hide the smile that was threatening to appear on her face. She decided the best was to keep working on some stuff around her. But also keeping and eye and an ear peeled to what you would day or do.

Now you couldn’t just refuse royalty. It wasn’t something that would look good around and specially for your family. So, still very quietly you nodded and rested the small box you had on your hands and then came out around and next to him. “Before you go do you wish to have something to have something to eat your grace?” It was your mother.

“Oh I appreciate your kindness but we will have something along the way.” He smiled at her and then turned to you. “Should we go?” He spoke gently and then started walking and you followed, walking had silently has you could scared that any sudden move was going to scare him way. He was so used to big, fancy and expensive stuff how could he like or want to be next you?

“You highness your visit is very unexpected but very much appreciated.” Your voice finally made it’s way out of your throat, and your thoughts had finally started to make some type of sense. Until now nothing had really made sense.

What you didn’t expect from such a simple phrase was his laugh. A short belly laugh. “ You are very eloquent. But you do not need to speak to me in that way. You can relax I’m not here to hurt you or do any unwell to you or your family. I’m here because…” He trailed of. Could he admit to you that even though you both had a very small talk last week that he was left to wish more?

You finally smiled a little, letting that pent up nervousness subside. “You don’t have to justify yourself. I understand.” Even though you didn’t very much understand it still felt right to assure him that.

“Things have been getting chaotic up there, and I have not been able to stop thinking about you, about the incident” He admitted, stopping for a second because they were now close to a little lake and garden that was not very far from the market. You looked at him and waited for a second to see what was he going to do. He seated himself on the grass and you followed. The food he promised nowhere to be seen, but you didn’t mind His presence was already something to big to comprehend.

You decided to stay quiet, because by reading his expressions and movements you knew more was to come and somehow you had a feeling, he needed this a lot.

“My father decided that to be king I should get married.” Why was his brain allowing to share such personal stuff with someone he did not know. Someone he was only now seeing for the second time? “And I don’t want that.” He looked at you. The sun was shinning, and the light was hitting you beautifully. Every part of you that he already found beautiful was now even more prominent.

You found that this time was best to start talking. “I’m really sorry about that.” That was the first thing you had the courage to say. Your brain was trying to process all of this. All your life you thought you had it difficult. I mean how could you not? You weren’t born into wealth. But just the little bit he said also made you see that royalty doesn’t have it easy either. I mean you could not imagine yourself marrying someone you didn’t love. And for your age, and people around you, you were considered “old” to not be married. Most of your friends from when you were little already had kids of their own. And you? Well, you still helped your parents and lived with them. But they never pressured you to marry someone you didn’t love. Your own father had once said that he preferred that you lived with them all their lives, instead of marrying someone you didn’t love and didn’t make you feel appreciated.

“It must be very hard to have to marry someone not for love but for necessity, for other arrangements other than love.” You also looked at him, the sun hitting your eyes made it kind of difficult to look at him with a straight face, but he was also affected by it so you didn’t make a fuss out of it.

“Yes, it is. I know it is my duty to all of you, to give structure to our country, but I feel like my parents are just pushing me into a trap. One I will never be able to get out of.”

“Can you not marry out of love?” You asked but this time you broke the eye-contact and stared straight ahead into the clear water.

“I could yes, first if I found someone to love, and second if somehow my parents approved of it. They were always the best parents ever and I have nothing to put against them… but with this, this seems different. But I could yes.” Fred said.

“Then, you should marry out of love. I know it not to be a simple thing. You simply do not fall in love for someone out the blue. “ A big lie there, but maybe he could let that pass. “You just need to make the most out the time you have and find someone.”

“That does not sound like finding someone to love, seems to me like finding someone to substitute the girl my parents already found for me to marry.” He chuckled.

“Oh. You parents already found you someone? I’m sorry to hear that.” The feeling you felt in her chest was very different to something you ever felt. I mean how could you feel this for someone who was not yours? Maybe you could justify this by saying everyone, at least girls would feel this way. Seeing he was the prince, everyone had some kind of attraction towards him, and it would break every girls heart to know that someone they dreamed all their lives would be taken, and not to you.  

“They did. She is, what you would expect every princess to be.” His simple explanation brought a lot of meaning in there. Because what was a princess suppose to be like? You sure as hell never thought about it. You dreamed of being one, but not how to be one. “Enough of my sad life. Please, tell me about yourself.”

“About me? What’s to know about me?” You have never been asked that question before. The boys you’ve been with never took their time to you. You thought they did, in the beginning, but you were naïve, and didn’t know better. All they did was getting something sexual out you and then they were out. To never be heard or seen again. So, this question took you by surprise. And by the time you took responding he could feel you didn’t have anything prepared.

“Well, I work with my parents and given that I’m an adult that should be a lot to say about me, right?” You tried to joke, but when his face was kept serious you knew it hadn’t stuck.

“Well, when I look at you, I see a hardworking woman. Someone who’s passionate about what they do. Do not think otherwise. You do not have to be married, and be out of your parents just because people around you do that. Break the norm, show them what you can achieve.” He changed his position so now both of his hands where behing his back and supporting his body and stretched out his legs.

“That is very nice of you. But as woman in this society, we are expected to married and have our first child by the age of twenty. As you can see, I have none of those. All I have is money my parents give me and that ends up in the either way because we have things to pay and cannot afford to be behind on them.” You concluded. And that’s when you saw Fred’s demeanor change.

“Come with me.” He started to get up, and his eyes followed you to the same.

“Where are we going?” You couldn’t hold in the small laugh that left your lips as you got up and followed him.

“To the palace.” That’s all he said before he started walking in the direction of the castle.

The arrival at the castle was not what you had expected. Very honestly you thought that the prince was gonna take you in through the back door, maybe the kitchen, the stables. Never, through the front door. So when you entered and faced the King and the Queen you felt the air on your lungs leave. Your mind racing, was your dress ok? Of course it wasn’t. it was not, it was the oldest of your dresses, ripped. Your hair looked nice! You had took the time this morning to do make it look pretty. It was something rare, but today was one of those ‘rare days’.

“Mom, Dad. This is y/n.” Fred cut right to the chase. Since they were there in front of you might as well just present you.

“Your highnesses.” You tried to do it the best you could, a small smile on your face and never looking them in the eyes unless they spoke directly to you. Before they could even talk Fred was already making himself heard and explaining the reason why you where there, which you, also didn’t know.

“y/n is looking for a job. I found her in one of my morning walks to the village. We have been talking for a while and I was thinking we could offer her a job here.” There some lies in that sentence, but I don’t think his parents needed to know that.

“y/n is it? Well, I’m sure my son here will help you find something important to do around the castle, given we always have so many tasks.” It was his mother talking, you knew her from all the beautiful stories your mother told you, how kind she was. “After that son I would ask you to join us in the greenhouse for some tea with the queen and the princess.”

“Sure mother, whatever your heart desires.” Fred gave her a mocking gesture before grabbing your wrist and pulling further into the castle, to you, unknown territory. “ I was thinking you could work as a maid. My personal maid.” He added the last part with a small shade of pink appearing in his cheeks. “I have very few people who I trust to work along side me, and also very few people who I trust to help me in the mornings. Almost none of them come in contact with me directly mainly because I appreciate my privacy. But I would like you to be a part of them. This job I’m offering will give you a monthly salary that we will discuss further, should you choose to accept this job. Is this to much information?” He asked when he looked at your face to see you look perplexed and a little lost.

“No I just.. Just didn’t think you would offer me a job. Me of all people” You said and when he stopped walking and opened the door you knew exactly where you were, even though you’d never been there. Certainly, this was not ok. He should not be allowed to bring one of his subjects to the castle and certainly not to his chambers. He should also not be allowed to offer a job to someone he barely even knew. But today was made of surprised and that was happening.

“Well, you just had to charm me with your small talk and I was hooked.” He jokes, entering his chambers and closing the door as soon as you entered to. “I will give you some time to think about it, as this is a big step, but I think personally you should consider it. I will give you way more than what you are making with your parents and although they might loose someone to help they will gain your income, which is already a plus, in my point of view.”

“Yes of course, please never think I don’t appreciate your offer hole heartedly, I do. And I will most definitely consider it.” You were now just standing in the middle of his chambers waiting for him to give you some type of instructions. When he motioned for you to seat, you did just that, in the chair he had pointed at.

“We should discuss further things related to it, in case you might change your mind.” He said. And so, after that you spent what thought was hours sitting there listening to him talk, but in reality it was no more than an hour. “If you have any more doubts about it, please do not hesitate to come to the castle, I will let the guards know that if you come I should attend at you immediately.” You nodded, still trying to process all the information from the past hour, but finally, after what seemed like an eternity, your brain was putting the pieces together.

“Thank you so much for this I will not forget the good you are doing for me. I don’t know what I did to deserve it, but thank you.” After finishing that sentence Fred came forward and hugged you tightly. Took you by surprise but you did not hesitate to wrap your arms around him and retribute the hug.

You left after that. Not many words were shared after that unexpected hug.

You spent some days after that lost in thought. Not a single task your parents asked you seem to get right. They knew of the offer, they more than anyone else supported you in going for it. It was an amazing opportunity for you. You thought it was the best for you all, they would be able to live a comfortably from then on. But parents being parents they were thinking of your future, you would be able to start a better life. So you had you mind made up 5 days after the offer was made.

That day you woke up with a sense of relief upon you. Your mom knew of your decision so she made sure before she left for work to lay down your best dress and your best accessories just so you wouldn’t go to the palace unprepared like the first time. You got dressed and made yourself look as presentable as you could and on you went.

When you got there you followed Fred’s instructions and at first the guards where suspicious but after much insisting they went to warn him of your arrival. Being early and Fred being a night owl he was still a sleep, but very quickly came to his senses when he realizes you were there.

Thoughts evading his mind. Where you there to reject the offer? He hated the feeling that came upon him when he thought you not working there. For the days since you last talked all his brain could conjure where images of you working there, him being able to see you every day. Talk to you. Maybe in of those days he thought and dreamed of you, it might have gotten a little filthy, which scared him to admit that. But what if you were there to say yes? The joy he would feel. But the problems his mind would bring him if he had to look at you every day. Would he be able to control himself?

He had let his thoughts run wild for so long now that he feared when he came down you wouldn’t be there to speak your mind. But has he came down the last flight of stairs he found you, staring at everything, your hands behind you back, and your eyes moving quickly as if to catch every single detail around you.

They announced his arrival, what made you break your train of thoughts and look in is direction in seconds. You moved to his proximity and smiled brightly.

“Thank you for meeting me so quickly Your Grace.” You knew he didn’t like what you just called him. But first you were surrounded by guards, and they could not hear you treat him like you treat on of yours, and second if you were to work for him you would have to always call him that. Whether he liked it or not.

“Nonsense. Do you want to seat?” He asked, at the same time he gestured to the guard to leave you both alone. But you spoke fast after that.

“I a coming in to take up the offer you highness made days ago, if it’s still stands.” You looked at him. And you couldn’t believe, or at least your mind didn’t want to believe what you saw. The brightest glow his face has ever had, or that you have seen, appeared.

“It does still stand. And I’m very glad you decided to accept it. You don’t have to start today but I can take you to Miss Agatha. She’s the one in charge of all personal things, she does know I was thinking of adding someone new, so you are to be expected. Is that ok with you?”

It would never seize to amaze you how much the Prince consented to everything. Always making sure you were okay, and that what he was doing was okay to. You were so not use to it. You nodded and behind him you followed.

And so, that’s how you became part of the royal troupe. That’s how, from that day on you would work for the crown. More specifically Prince Fred himself. To attend to his needs. You didn’t think you would be able to let the little infatuation you had for him stay the way it was. You would have to work very hard to keep it small and discrete, after all he could never, and would never fall in love for someone like you.

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Does daydreaming about my comfort character 24/7 help ease the burden of my trauma?

Probably not, but idgaf. Get outta here I have a whole plot to get through before I get to the sexy part.

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Do you have any idea how much I hate the fact my comfort character isn’t real?

That I will never be able to just hug them and feel okay?

It’s fucking horrible.

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he keeps doing it guys..😔🤺🤺🤺🤺


james stop i cant defend u anymore..✋🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

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George x reader


-> Part 1

WARNINGS: cussing, smoking, some angst, some fluff, mentions of sadness and anxiety…, couple fight…

With a cigarette on your lips, you continued admiring the beautiful lake behind the Burrow; a place George, Fred and you always used to hang out. Even since after leaving the house, you hadn’t stopped crying, the emotional reunion with everybody, specially George, and the encounter with Angelina were too much for you to handle in such a short amount of time.

You couldn’t say you were not surprised to see her at the Burrow, since Hermione hadn’t mentioned her once in her letters, but you guessed that as you needed someone to be by your side like Dean, George needed someone too. And she had been crushing on her since his third year, so you were happy for him.

Except this was a total lie. You wanted to be happy for him, he deserved to be happy, but not with her. Ever since your years at Hogwarts she had been there to remind you how you were only the friend that nobody wanted, how you’d never be enough for anyone, specially the twins.

So the fact that she was in front of you, ready to hex you if she needed to, literally destroyed you mentally. You already knew you had fucked up things with George, and that was a conversation you needed to have with him, but you didn’t need her to appear like that and talk for him, or anybody else in the house. Even though deep down, you knew she had all the rights to talk to you like that…


You turn your head towards the soft voice, quickly wiping out your tears.

“Hermione! Hey…”

“Can I sit down?”, she asks shyly.

“Of course you can…”

You pat next to you and she sat down. Both of you took a deep breath, looking in front of you.

“I miss our summer here…”, you hear her whisper, “all gathered here, having picnics and throwing each other in the water…”

“Me too…”

Your mind wandered to all the memories you had made around the lake, all the laugh, water splashes, even minor injuries, you had made there, “It surely was great…”

“I’m sorry for Angelina… She’s not… She’s really protective of George, you know?”, you chuckled at that, “Yeah, I can see that…”

“It’s not personal-

"It has always been personal, Hermione…”, you say, taking another cigarette, “But it’s okay, I’m okay, really… I know I’ve made mistake, and I deserved it…”

“We all made mistakes…”, she sighed, “After all that happened, the war… We all lost things, we all made mistakes… We all needed someone to help us heal…”

“Did you heal?”, you ask.

“I think so… I still think about everything, and the ones we lost, like Remus and Tonks, Fred of course… Even Lavender sometimes… But the past is the past, unfortunately we cannot changed it… So the best was just… move on with my life and accept the fact that I’d have to live with that for the rest of my life… And Ron is great, he’s amazing! He has it harder though… Because of Fred, but he’s strong, he really helped everyone…”

You felt your heart crush in your chest at her words. She was right, the only thing left was move on and just live with it… Even if you didn’t want to, it was the only thing to do.

“I don’t know how to move on, ‘Mione…”, you whisper as you feel another tear roll down your cheek.

“What about Dean?”

“It’s not the same… I like him, I really do…”, you sigh, “But when I’m with him, something’s missing… He tries! I know he does! And he’s always supporting me and helping me but I feel that it’s not what I need… And now it seems impossible to heal or move on… I-I just can’t…”

Hermione puts her arm around your shoulder and puts your head on her shoulder, embracing you tightly.

“It’s okay… I understand what you mean…”

“And I know I shouldn’t have left, it’s been killing me for 4 years, I should have stayed and help George, and Ron, and Ginny, and Molly and Arthur… And I left…”, you didn’t know why, but you needed to be blamed for what you did you needed to tell yourself that it was your fault. The way you left everyone.

“No… you did what you thought would be better for everyone, you didn’t mean any harm…”

“But look at him… Look at George… Even though the rest is healing, he’s not… and I could have helped him, we could’ve had healed together…”, you cried in her arms.

“At least you’re here now, Y/N… It’s all that matters…”

“I miss him so much, 'Mione… Everyday I think about Fred and it hurts… So bad…”

She hold you tighter as she felt your body become weaker. She understood your pain, and she knew you needed to let it out, so she just hold you, petting your hair, not saying a word, letting you talk when you needed it and letting you cry.

After what seemed to be hours, you finally had stopped crying, still in Hermione’s arms, now just talking about your years at Hogwarts… How you missed McGonagall’s scolding whenever you ran through the halls, or visiting Hagrid for a cup of tea…

“Yeah… These were good years…”, Hermione sighed.

“I wish we could turn back time and live all of it all over again…”

She chuckled and smiled, still looking at the lake.

“Come on, the others are probably wondering where we are…”, she says, helping you get up, “And i’m keeping these!”, she takes the cigarettes in your coat and shove them in hers, “Smoking is bad”

You rolled your eyes and headed up with her to the Burrow. She hadn’t changed a bit, she was still the Hermione you once knew.

“Hey… We’re here…”, she said quietly while opening the door.

“Oh, hi, dear!”, Molly exclaims warmly as she cleaned her hands on her dress.

It looked like no one was around, except for Molly, who was doing the dishes.

“Do you need help, Molly?”, you ask.

“Don’t worry, darling, I’ve got this!”, she smiles, “But you should go take a rest now, it has been a long morning…”

You nodded and after giving her a hug, you made your way up to Charlie’s bedroom. On your way you could see Harry and Ginny, just hanging out in her bedroom, Arthur reading a muggle book in his, and Ron napping. All of them looked peaceful and happy, perhaps you were the only one that still wasn’t able to move on…

Just as you were thinking about that, you heard loud voices coming from Fred and George’s old bedroom.

“… Angie, I promise I didn’t know she was supposed to come…”

“4 years, George! 4 years! She disappeared and abandoned you!”

“She didn’t!”

“Yes, she did! Where was she when you couldn’t sleep or even look at you in the mirror?! I was there! Not her!”

“This is not what the conversation is about!”

“It is! You can’t forgive her and hug her like nothing has ever happened!”

“YES I CAN!”, you heard George’s voice getting louder, “I need her!”

And with that, complete silence. You decided it was better to not keep listening, it was a private conversation and you’ve had already heard enough.

You finally reached for the doorknob of the bedroom and when you were about to open it, you heard a loud thud followed by a quiet “fuck you, George”.

“Oh, great!”, Angelina exclaims when opens George’s door.


“Not. A. Word.”, she spits, “I have heard and seen enough of you”

She turns around and makes her way down to the living room.

You raise your head and exchange glances with George, who was sitting on his bed, looking completely miserable.

“Are you okay?”, you ask, slowly entering his room, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-

"It’s okay… Don’t worry about me… She’s right I suppose…”

“She is… Look, I can’t explain how sorry I am… for everything, for leaving you, for not keeping in touch with you…”

He didn’t say anything, he just stood up and hugged you. You had missed him so much, and it’s been so long… But nothing had changed, he was still the same George, same hair, same smile, same smell…

“You’re here now…”, he whispers.

You stayed like that for a few moments, enjoying each other’s company, and you could feel how he needed this hug as much as you needed it.

“Can we talk?”, he says when he separates from you.

“Yes, of course!”

“I’d rather do it in private, if you’re okay with it… There’s a lot to talk about and I feel it won’t be the same if everyone’s around…”

“Yeah! I understand… Tell me when you feel like it…”

“Tonight? I don’t want to rush or anything, I just need-

"Tonight is great, Georgie…”, you caress his cheek.

“I missed you calling me "Georgie”, he smiles, taking your hand in his. He placed a soft kiss on your knuckles and decided to go to the kitchen help his mom with the rest of the dishes, to what you decided to go to your room and take a nap.

Closing your eyes, hundreds of images of you running through the castle with the twins invaded your mind. Memories of them chasing you after pranking them, or simply trying to escape from Filch… You felt a something warm and comforting rushing through your body for the first time after what seemed to be an eternity. Perhaps being there was really what you needed to heal…



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Summary: After a fight with George, Fred ends up admitting something to you he never thought he would reveal. 

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Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was a maze of shadows and dark corridors, full of secret hiding places and hidden passages. And no one knew them better than the Weasley twins, with their incredible pranks and their mischief-making schemes that somehow made them two of the most famous Hogwarts students. 

They were barely separated from each other, the two of them always sitting next to each other and exchanging jokes and ideas with each other throughout your classes. You couldn’t recall a time where you hadn’t seen one without the other, they were always a pair, but suddenly they weren’t. 

It was a gloomy Saturday night, rain battering the windows and wind howling on the other side of the school walls. The moon was dark and the sky even darker, and the only place that made sense to hole up in and wait for this weather to pass was the Gryffindor common room. You were stretched out on the main sofa in front of the roaring fire, trying to catch up on some reading for Dark Arts, and even though you knew Lupin would let you off without much fuss, you knew you should get it done. 

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A fred and also a minho (the one from tmr) imagine might or might not be coming soon ;)

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Hi sorry for the ever so slight, okay maybe more than that, delay. I may have watched the mcu movies in timeline order and then read all the bridgerton books (honestly don’t know why I did that one).

It took Fred months to get you to hold a conversation with him but he was dedicated. Every morning he’d sit across from you at the ravenclaw table for breakfast, even if you had friends with you. He’d throw notes at you in astronomy, why he’d elected to take that he didn’t know. Until he saw you across the room. The notes would have dumb jokes in them and soon your few word replies evolved into conversations. Fred was grinning the first day you held a conversation about how much you both hated the girl who separated the two of you in astronomy.

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