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#fred weasley
lumosandnoxwriting · 2 days ago
Kinktober Day 14 - Fred Weasley
Tumblr media
Kinktober Day 14! Pairing: Fred x Reader Warnings: Minors, DNI! this contains dirty talk, overstimulation, female receiving oral and vaginal fingering! tags: @feltondarling @pandaxnienke @raerae27 @hufflrpuffforfred  @theweasleysredhair @dracoswhore007 @amourtentiaa @lexymoniqu @p0tat0nug @levylovegood @mischiefisbeingmanaged @littleweaslette @inglourious-imagines @darthwheezely @rosaliepostsstuff @hufflepuff-babe @frecklesandfirecrackers  @prismarts @thisismysketchbook @freds-slut  @izzyyy-1 @gwhogwartslover  @rqmanoff @amarabln@omghufflepuff @jorduhnn @edithreads  @hey-kenna  @weasleyhargreeves11 @haroldpotterson @fancy-pantaloons @fand0mskullfa1ry @rainmaybank @somwhereonlyweknow @hpslutt @alrightyaphrcdite @theweasleytwinsgirl@person992004 @nanahachikyuu @touchstarvedhippie@foggyheartsoul (if your name is crossed out I couldn’t tag you!) @nevilles-top​
Fred keeps his forearms pressed firmly to Y/N’s hips, forcing her body to stay down against the mattress as he licks and sucks at her dripping cunt. His tongue flicks at her clit as he fucks two fingers into her pussy, curling them so that he presses against her g-spot with each stroke. He moans as Y/N’s fingers tug at his hair, letting his teeth just barely nip at her clit.
“Fuck, Fred, more,” she begs breathlessly, grinding her hips down against Fred’s face. She’s rewarded with another finger pushing into her cunt alongside the others, and a long moan of Fred’s name drops from her lips as her orgasm crests, making pleasure wash over her in waves as she writhes against Fred’s hold.
“That’s it baby,” Fred encourages, letting his thumb drag circles against her clit so he can look up at her. “Such a good girl, getting my hand so messy.” As Y/N’s breath starts to return to normal Fred dips back down, taking her clit between his lips again and humming as he sucks.
If not for the arm Fred still has thrown over her hips Y/N would have been off the bed from the way her back tries to arch at the intense pleasure that rockets through her body at Fred’s ministrations. Y/N’s body struggles between trying to get away from his eager mouth and fingers and trying to edge even closer to his mouth.
“Please, please, please, too much,” she pants, using her grip on his ginger locks to try and push his head away from her cunt. This only seems to encourage him more, and Y/N’s toes curl as her heels press into Fred’s back and her hips start to grind against his face without her permission.
Fred inches his face away from Y/N’s cunt, blowing a sharp, cool breath against her clit to make her shiver. “You can take it,” he says gruffly, before burying his face back in her pussy.
With the aftershocks of her first orgasm having barely faded away Y/N can already feel herself inching closer to the next, Fred’s deft and practiced fingers curling inside of her cunt to coax the next one from her body. It only takes a few strokes from his fingers as his mouth works at her clit for Y/N to cum again, her whole body trembling as the pleasure courses through her body.
Lightening the pace of his fingers as they fuck Y/N, Fred laps at Y/N’s clit gently to help ease her body through her second climax, but as her body starts to relax back into their bed he picks up his previous vigor. His tongue laps at her dripping cunt before his swollen lips once again attach themselves to her clit. He suckles at the over sensitive bud harshly, reveling in the scream it pulls from Y/N’s lungs.
“Fred, Fred, Fred, please, please, please, please,” she babbles incoherently as her body speeds towards her third climax of the night, brain too fuzzy from the pleasure to make sense of anything other than the feeling of Fred’s fingers as they drag against the walls of her cunt. Her hand switches between pulling Fred’s head deeper into her pussy and pushing him away from her all together; unable to decide which it wants more as he ravages her body.
“One more baby, I know you can do it,” Fred encourages, his own pupils blown wide as he watches Y/N squirm against the sheets. Her whole body is flushed red and glistening with sweat, making his cock twitch from the knowledge that he was the one to do this to her. “Be a good girl and cum one more time for me.”
Once Fred’s mouth is back on her cunt Y/N is cumming, nothing but a sharp whine coming from her lips as her eyes roll back into her head. He keeps her hips tight to the mattress as she writhes from the pleasure overcoming her body, his attention on her cunt slowly waning as he helps her through her final climax.
As Y/N’s chest heaves with deep breaths Fred slowly extricates himself from her pussy before he slowly kisses his way back up her body, keeping his movements gentle and soft so as to not overwhelm her oversensitive body. When he reaches her lips he pecks them briefly, stroking a hand through her tousled hair.
“That’s my girl, always so good for me,” he murmurs, pressing his lips against her forehead.
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➳ and it was all a bet ♠ ♡
in which george bets fred 5 galleons that he cannot score a date with the elusive y/n l/n. he agrees, before falling heavily in love with them.
fred weasley x gn!reader
word count: ± 1.6k
tw: angsty, but super fluffy at the end
drop a follow if you wanna see more of this content!!
my masterlist:D
Tumblr media
silly games lead to sillier heartbreak
love is a ruthless game
unless you play it good and right
and it was all a bet
you couldn't believe it when fred weasley started talking to you. sure, he was a social butterfly, but you were as mysterious as it got.
you both discovered that you had a lot in common, and you found yourself being more drawn to the reckless redhead, who threw you winks and smirks that made your heart pitter patter like the rain.
it had to be obvious, it had to be. and he knew too. he would purposefully say things to make your cheeks heat up and your expression to change to one of flusteredness.
sometimes you would think maybe he liked you back? maybe he wanted to kiss you and love you the same way you wanted to do to him, but he was fred weasley. he was known to charm the pants off anyone no matter who they were.
"hey, y/n!!" you heard the voice of fred from all the way up on the stairs that led to the potions classroom.
you wave back and he grins as you catch up to him.
"good morning, freddie," you greet him, "hi george!! how's it going?"
george nods, "good."
"yeah! we've just developed a new product!" fred fishes out a pastille, "wanna try?"
you shake your head. "i'll skip."
he grins at you, "good choice," and you feel yourself falling down the rabbit hole of love again, pushing past him to go and sit with angelina to hide the blatancy of the words of adoration written between the parting of your lip.
this absolute infatuation turns into something more as you see him stooping down to help a first year who's spilled all her books and seems to be quite distraught, her situation is fixed with a casual flick of his wand and a few bluntly put jokes which causes the girl to giggle.
he points to the transfiguration classroom, before walking ever so effortlessly away, whistling a merry tune before being hit on the head by snape, ('quiet down george!' 'i'm fred!!!') and cheekily sticking out his tongue at the potions' professor.
over the next few weeks, you can't hide it anymore without giving yourself away. so you decide to tell him in a sophisticated and sensible way.
you've recited what you're going to say over and over again, and as you step into the gryffindor common room you spot him immediately. he's smiling to himself, head seemingly in the clouds as a fierce red paints over his freckled face, like he's admiring a picture in his mind.
you head over to him, sitting down next to him.
"o-oh, y/n, fancy seeing you here!"
you laugh, "it's a common room, fred, where else would i be? snape's storeroom?"
he laughs, the blush never fading as you tilt your head enquiringly at him.
"is anything the matter?"
"n-no, not at all," he rubs the back of his neck. he's smiling sheepishly now.
"alright then. i wanted to tell you something."
"could we go somewhere a little more private??" you fiddle with your hands.
he seems to understand, "of course, lee and george and i always go up to this little corner off of the tower, here."
he leads you to a secluded corner, before looking at you encouragingly.
"i kinda might be in love with you," you blurt out and he smiles.
it's not a grin, or a smirk, it's a smile. a genuine one.
"well, i might love you too-"
"oi- fred! have you forgotten the bet?" lee's voice can be heard.
"yeah, remember you have to get l/n to fall in love with you!" a second voice joins the snickering.
"five galleons is a lot, isn't it, georgie?"
you feel your heart plummet as you shakily stand up, walking briskly and furiously out of the common room, fiercely wiping away any tears that even dare to brim in the crevices of your eyes.
fred calls after you, but you ignore him.
he was just about to tell you he loved you too, but what was all this? a game. a stupid bet that made you the target. what was it about you that was so gullible?
he just wanted the galleons, you think, what a jerk.
you're angry at him. angry at lee and george. angry at yourself, for ever believing in their gimmicks. sad because there was no way he'd ever love you, bet or not. bitter that it took five galleons to get you two talking. envious of how easily he can just do it. just make a girl fall in love with you. tell her you love her back. like 1 2 3. clockwork.
you're sobbing into your pillow as you shake uncontrollably. the room around you feels cold and empty. a few of your dormmates peer concernedly over at you but you shake your head.
exhausted, you drift asleep, not even bothering to change your clothes or take a shower.
the next morning, it all seems drab. usually your day starts off well, but today? you're reminded that instead of the sun shining nicely and the clouds drifting lullingly, that there was a bet.
one that made your mind go wild. one that made salty tears fill up in your eyes. one that made you feel little and disgusting.
he notices a change in you. the light in your eyes is artificial and fake. there are heavy bags under your eyes and you pick at your food.
"you can have the five galleons," you blankly stare at him, passing him five gold coins, "now please, move."
"no, no, i wanted to explain the situation."
"i get the situation," you tone is cold and harsh, "now, move."
fred sighs, "i won't until you let me explain myself."
you stonily stare at him, "i have potions."
"we both know you don't. look, it's true, it was a bet. george and lee bet me that i couldn't get you to fall in love with me at first. and, i, being the stubborn person i am, took it on. and i-i'm glad i did. you're really beautiful and i found myself thinking about you a lot and falling in love with you eventually, regardless of the bet."
"stop playing with my feelings. i've given you the galleons, congratulations. your bet was successful. do you know how happy i was when you were going to tell me my feelings were reciprocated? and do you know how much it hurt when the guys stormed in and wiped it all away? and do you know how it's like a knife is stabbing me in the heart when you come up with these lies? the bet is over. celebrate. and most importantly, stay away from me."
fred flinches at your words. "please, lovely-"
"stop," tears flow down your cheeks, "please stop. just promise me one thing, okay?"
"never do it to another girl. play all the pranks you want on teachers, friends, but never ever try to lie your way through relationships," you smile painfully, "and stop with your jokes, they're funny. but stop. because they hurt."
"whatever do you mean?"
"y'know, the bet's over, you can stop trying to make it better. you won," you walk away, "you don't like me, and i like you, you got what you wanted."
fred knows you won't believe him unless he does something about his feelings.
so he greets you everyday and accompanies you to your dorm room every night, even if none of it is acknowledged by you. he slips little love letters in your pockets that you pretend to not see but in truth, you just want him to stop trying to make things better, especially because you know he couldn't be genuine.
he leaves sugar quills in your bag and braids your hair when you find it too annoying, as long as you agree to it begrudgingly.
fred gives you compliments which can't possibly be truthful. he sits next to you in classes and takes extra notes for you.
as he's playing with your fingers on the quidditch pitch, you decide you're sick of this behaviour, so you sigh.
"fred, why are you doing this?"
his lips curve into a smile as he realises that you're not asking him to stop.
"'cause you don't believe that i love you."
"okay. i believe it. now will you stop? seriously, you don't need to do this if you feel bad. i'm over it."
"are you really over it?"
"no," you mumble quietly, "i don't get how you can just make someone fall in love with you and then it's a bet and you're still trying to make them fall in love with you," you say defeatedly, "i'm in love with you, okay? now please," you beg him, "stop."
"when will you ever realise that i'm genuine, lovely?"
"well you'll probably announce that it's another bet! i don't want to be hurt, okay?"
"but i'll never ever hurt you," his tone is quiet and sure, "if i hurt you, i hurt me. i promise. i really really adore you. please, i know i've been a jerk but i'm sorry and please, give me a chance?"
you ponder it, "okay," you whisper.
his face splits into a grin and he moves to hug you but hesitates.
"can i?"
you nod. he holds you close, planting a kiss on your cheek. you blush, hiding your face into the crook of his neck and he laughs.
"i am truly sorry, my love."
"it's okay."
"nonsense. i'll make it my life goal to make you happy."
"that's a silly life goal, i'm already quite content with the life i have," you cheekily quip.
"well i know for a fact people find themselves laughing a lot more around me-" you roll your eyes, "so yes, happier. happiest."
"ah yes, truly the greatest thing about you is the size of your massive ego."
"mhm, but won't you listen? you make me ten times happier, and i think that matters a lot, doesn't it?" he says smoothly.
"i'm glad i make you happy."
"i'm glad you do too."
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writing-wh0re · 15 hours ago
October 17th. Kinky Halloween Special Masterlist
Kink: Fingering
Fred x Reader.
Words: 743. 
Warnings: Smut18+, Fingering, Public Space, Slight Praise Kink. 
A/n: I hope you enjoy, sorry its short!
Potions class was always interesting and adding Fred to the mix only made it better. 
“I’m bored.” 
I roll my eyes at Fred ignoring him as I continue to copy down the notes from the black board. 
“Y/n, baby, we can slip out.” Fred places his hand on my thigh, squeezing the skin causing a shiver to run up my spine. 
“Focus Freddie.” 
Fred rolls his eyes before he absent mindedly draws circles on my knee, his hand moves up my thigh, closer to my clothed pussy with every stroke. 
I flick my eyes to him, a sly smirk on his lips as he brushes against my core, quickly flicking his eyes around to ensure he doesn’t look suspicious. 
“Fred.” I warn, my whisper a little louder than I expected, earning a small slap to my thigh. I bite my lip to muffle any sounds that attempt to escape me and attempt to regain focus on the work in front of me. 
Fred’s delicate strokes on my thigh move over my pussy, massaging my clit through the lace as I cross my legs, trapping his hand. 
He chuckles, his eyes trailing up and down my body as I quickly look over at him shaking my head. 
Fred wiggles his hand between my thigh causing them to uncross, a proud smile on his lips. 
“Y/n, would you like to answer the question?” Professor Slughorn asks. 
“I’m sorry Sir, I didn’t quite catch the question?” 
Fred presses against my clit, slowly swiping his finger side to side over my panties as my mouth goes dry. 
I quickly shot daggers at him, silently telling him to wait a few seconds. 
“List the three known ingredients for the Fired Protection Potion.” 
I smile at Professor Slughorn, my eyes quickly skimming over my page to confirm my answer. 
“Bursting Mushrooms, salamander blood and uhh.” I cover my mouth, the small moan having passed my lips as Fred’s finger slipped into my panties, nudging against the bundle of nerves. I cough to cover the moan and hopefully pass it off without question before continuing. 
“Umm, Wartcap powder.” 
Professor Slughorn smiles at me, nodding his head enthusiastically before turning back to the board and continuing to follow the textbook. 
I turn slightly to face Fred, wanting to scold him before biting my lip and feeling my body relax as he rubs circles on my clit. I sigh in relief as the pleasure courses through my veins, not having realised how stressed I have been. 
“Let me take care of you.” I softly nod in reply to Fred, scotting closer to him as he slips a finger inside of me. I grab onto the chair, my grip tight on the wood and my eyes staying locked onto the page in front of me, hoping we go undetected. 
Fred kisses the side of my head quickly before looking down at the textbook with me, pretending to skim along the words as his fingers pump in and out of me. 
“Good girl.” 
I take a deep breath in at his praise, reveling in the feeling of my tight pussy being filled by his fingers. Fred uses his thumb to rub against my clit as my nails dig into the wood of the chair a little more, my bottom lip tight between my teeth. 
“Please.” I breathlessly whisper, my free hand brushing against Fred’s crotch, his semi hard cock beginning to strain against the fabric of his pants. 
Fred ignores my plea, continuing to curl his fingers inside of me, messaging my walls perfectly, his thumb circling my clit with practiced skill. 
I feel my walls tighten, a shiver running up my body as the coil inside of me pops. 
The rush of cum coats his fingers, heat hits my cheeks and uneven breathing circles through my lungs as Fred smirks, winking at me. 
I gasp quietly when he pulls his fingers from me not knowing how empty I would feel afterwards. 
Arousal quickly pools between my legs again at the sight of Fred licking his fingers clean, his eyes quickly looking around as everyone remains oblivious. Fred leans over to me, his lips against my ear. 
“I’m going to fucking ruin you.” 
I clench my thighs together as the sound of the bell rings through the classroom. Fred stands from beside me, a sly wink sent my way as he walks out of the room, leaving me breathless and with a soaking pussy.
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yoooespinosa · 12 hours ago
quote: ‘people are not medicine’ + any character
word count: 0.2k
His tears burnt your skin.
They sunk through the fabric of your shirt as he cried on your shoulder, each pitiful whimper, settling into your bones.
Each whisper of her name, the one that caused this, had you holding back a flinch.
Your hands were on him, his hair, the nape of his neck, his back. They were pulling him closer, but yearning to push him away.
His shoulders shook, you ran your fingers through his hair. He gasped, you consoled. A tear fell down your neck, traveling down your chest and you faintly wondered who it belonged to.
There was a numbness taking over you, your throat clogged with everything you wanted to say. Everything you yearned to say on these particular nights.
Ones where you listened to the boy you loved the most; cry over the girl who kept breaking his heart.
Where his jagged heartbeat was in sync with yours.
And when his eyes ran dry, tears staining his cheeks, he looked up at you.
He looked curious, a wonderment and his own yearning taking over him.
It was probably your kindness, your fingers that assuaged any aches and the way your arms were always available for him.
It had him pressing his chapped lips against yours.
He kissed you like you were the answer to his failed love. Like the taste of your tongue would make him enough. Enough for her.
He kissed you and pulled you closer like you could heal him. Like the press of your lips were the salve to the hurt she caused.
You weren’t though.
You could not fill in the cracks she had left in his heart.
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butterbeerblurbs · a day ago
I keep thinking about this request, but you know the song “This is what you came for” by Rihanna and Calvin Harris?? Based off the lyrics…
I’m imagining this song playing at the Yule Ball where reader enters around the corner (maybe they’re a bit fashionably late), and as they start descending down the stairs the song starts with “lightning strikes every time she moves.” // Everyone’s looking at the reader, all eyes on them (like everyone was looking at Hermione in the movies), meanwhile boyfriend/fluffy!Fred is at the bottom of the stairs (or maybe somewhere at the front of the crowd) looking at them in complete awe. And of course, reader is only looking at Fred as they gracefully make their way down. // Like imagine how magical that would be. I would instantly pass away.
babeeeeeeeees this is just :") i absolutely adore that hermione moment and i'm so glad she had that moment! i'm so so down for this!!! HAHAHA i'm with you, in the afterlife. here we go!
this is what you came for (f.w.)
Tumblr media
💌: fred already thinks you’re breathtakingly beautiful each day he sees you. what happens when he sees you at the yule ball, coming down the stairs for the first time? 📝 word count: 959 words / fred weasley x reader / 🌸 fluff galore / fred admiring the reader the whole time simp 💬: babes, i love this idea. i just–goodbye.
🎧: i recommend listening to this! (i adore this version of the song, tbh anything 80′s-styled has my entire heart and this version is ✨)
the soft chatters by the end of the stairs creates a nonchalant atmosphere; one that consists of all students eagerly waiting for their partners to walk down the stairs. minutes away from the beginning of the yule ball, students start dispersing but there’s a good amount of people still lingering, dates showing up one by one.
fred tries to act like he’s not affected but in actual fact, he’s about to explode. you wouldn’t give him a speck of detail of what you would wear–not even the color–you little minx. you hadn’t teased him much but you wouldn’t give any detail away, either. it usually ends with you kissing him until he forgets (which he gladly allows) or refusing to play into his tactics, thus, resorting to a change of subject.
perhaps, it was for the best... because nothing would’ve prepared fred for what’s about to come when he feels a soft tap on his shoulder. george points behind him. on cue, fred turns around and it’s like the world slows down in spinning. maybe it stopped, he doesn’t know. all he does know is he forgot how to breathe.
he feels like everything goes silent; only the rapid sounds of his heartbeat ramming in his ribcage. his throat tightening, yet he’s never felt so alive. his eyes glued onto you as you walk down the steps, hand on the rail, the other holding your dress up.
from afar, the color of your dress compliments your skin almost too perfectly; the length brushing over your knees, lining by your ankles as your heels accentuate your overall posture. confident, a pinch of shyness as you occasionally look down to make sure you don’t trip but constantly reaching back to fred’s eyes as you watch the light fill his eyes. glowing too bright for such a dim area; as if the sun came from him, while he thought that you were the moon.
you notice the eyes of many on you but for some reason, it blurs out and leaves just fred in your line of sight. fred doesn’t even notice the soft sounds of people cooing as you reach the bottom, heading straight towards him. for a split second, his heart drops to his gut when you’re within reach, people moving out of the way as they guide you to where fred is.
soft laughter erupts when fred’s still in a daze. unblinking, staring blatantly at you with his mouth agape. it makes you smile, so wide he thinks it’s unfair. how was it you didn’t even try, and here you are looking not just the most beautiful thing he’s seen, but almost like a goddess reincarnated to the image of love he’s ever known.
on the other hand, you’re taking in fred’s appearance. his lovely hair combed nicely, along with his black robes with brown patterned accent fabric. he’s always known to be the goofball, the one who makes everyone laugh but on top of that, he was also rather good looking. the kind that charms you without thinking. 
through the lenses of everyone else, it felt like a picture perfect moment. two sweethearts clearly in awe of each other. sparks should be flying, surrounding the pair of you... but george can’t stand a second longer of seeing his brother look like a malfunctioning buffoon, nudging him with his elbow.
it seems to kickstart his twin back to reality as fred offers his hand out to you, which you willingly accept as your smile shies away. similar like fred, eyes trying to avert away from staring at each other for too long but they can’t help but reunite at any given moment. 
no words exchanged yet as you enter the ballroom together with fred hand in hand, which he shifts up for you to link arms with for easier maneuvering. it made your heart skip a beat at how thoughtful he was, even checking to make sure you wouldn’t trip on your dress. once inside, it was the time to witness the triwizard champions with their respective partners have the first dance.
you were excited to witness it, giddily hugging fred’s arm as you watch your good friends harry and hermione have a moment with their dates. meanwhile, fred’s still too busy admiring you, watching how your eyes sparkle with delight at every twirl and spin, with soft gasps that escapes your lips.
he can’t resist it, knowing you’re fully immersed to what you’re watching but he just can’t. your eyes are blown wide when you feel a hand cupping your chin and tearing your eyes away from what you had your eyes on. 
now towards fred’s face where your eyes flutter shut at the contact of his lips on you. it makes you squeeze his arm tight in surprise, that loosens when you grow pliant against him, fully succumbing to his touch, kiss, everything. fred only sighs in delight, relishing on the supple feeling of your lips against his (and possibly the cherry lip balm you’ve applied; certain he’ll ask you to reapply a couple more times just for the sake of it)
he allows you to lean back, just enough to gather your breaths as he rests his forehead onto yours. a sheepish smile appears on your face, then an airy chuckle that gently tickles fred’s heartstrings. he slides his hand on your face to pillow against your cheek, stroking the under of your eye as you gaze into his own.
fred wanted to remember this moment for the rest of his life. but every single time you look into his eyes, it’s like there’s a new memory to remember all over again. (which, fred doesn’t have a problem with, really. all the more glad about it)
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Ron always felt like he need to prove himself to his siblings . He always tried to be caring like Bill, easy going like Charlie, smart like Percy, funny like Fred and George, and fierce like Ginny. No one noticed how much he wanted this. Except for Hermione. She always knew. And she always reminded him he doesn’t need to prove himself to anyone.
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tamaha · 2 days ago
Percy: Now that I am done with homework I can reward myself with hallucinations induced by ink on dead trees.
Fred: Wha-?
George: Uhm-!!
Oliver: Reading. He’s just- Look, he just read through a book as thick as a bludger for an essay and he rewards himself with even more reading!
Percy: But that was for school! Now is time for mystery crime!
Oliver: Rhyming won’t make this better either.
Fred: Bro, that’s the other side of crazy.
George: Far far off.
Percy: Well, that’s my extreme sport, alright!? You do quidditch and I read.
Fred: It’s not like you could get hurt doing it…
George: Paper cuts don’t count.
Percy: Excuse me, didn’t you see my need for glasses? That’s how extreme I am.
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achildwithadhd · 2 days ago
The Weasley Family headcanons
Bill Weasley - he/him, Straight but experimented in his final years at Hogwarts. Has major bi wife energy.
Charlie Weasley - he/they/she, asexual and panromantic. Currently in a long term relationship with one of their coworkers.
Percy Weasley - he/him, trans and gay. Won't admit he has a crush on the very annoying quidditch captain he shares a dorm with.
Fred Weasley - he/him, bisexual. Chaotic bi energy
George Weasley - he/they, demisexual
Ron Weasley - he/him, bi curious (has a preference to women)
Ginny Weasley - she/they, lesbian
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onlyfreds · 3 hours ago
Daddy Mix-up | F.W.
Tumblr media
Title: Daddy Mix-Up
Requested: Yes/No
Summary: One of the downsides of being identical twins - your daughter mistakes her uncle for her father.
The day that Estelle Weasley was born immediately made it into the top ten best days of Fred’s life.
He carried his little girl in his arms, not being able to hold back the tears as he held the result of your love with each other.
She most definitely had your eyes and, to no one’s surprise, the trademark ginger hair.
“She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” You asked, watching the little father and daughter moment from your hospital bed.
“She’s ours.” Fred whispered, but you heard it nonetheless.
A year had already passed and you and your husband loved your daughter to death.
She definitely had inherited her father’s mischief and her brown eyes would so often shine with curiosity.
It was a weekend; Uncle Georgie had dropped by to bring Fred some paperwork but his niece was being too adorable for him to leave right away.
Estelle sat down on her highchair, entertaining both her father and her uncle with baby babbles – as if she was having a conversation with them.
You stood by the kitchen, watching the screen while leaning against the doorframe, a warm cup of tea in your hands.
Estelle cocked her head to the side, the same way her father does when he has an idea. She then pointed a finger to her uncle, a gleeful little smile adoring her lips as she exclaimed,
You almost spat out your tea as you tried to keep from laughing, George was already in hysterics while Fred was looking at his daughter with wide eyes.
“I’m your daddy!” Fred said with wide eyes, which only made his daughter laugh, “That’s uncle Georgie, I’m your daddy.”
Your daughter started laughing even harder, once again pointing a finger towards her uncle, “Daddy!”
“No!” Fred pouted while George was hugging his stomach from laughing so hard, “I’m your daddy, not him.”
Estelle just gave him an innocent before pointing towards George again, “Daddy! Daddy!”
Your husband crossed his arms over his chest, jutting his bottom lip out in a pout like a toddler, “He’s not your dad, I am! Honestly child, you call yourself my daughter.”
You found your way to your husband’s side, the baby and her uncle were still dying from laughing, you rested a hand on his shoulder – slightly leaning against him, “Relax Freddie, she’s one year old. And the fact that you and George look identical, isn’t helping.”
Estelle’s huge grin didn’t leave her face as she clapped her hands while looking in George’s direction, “Daddy!”
Fred rolled his eyes as he retorted sarcastically, “Oh come on! I’m literally the one who created you.”
You smacked his shoulder, “Fred! She’s too young to know that.”
“And she’s old enough to know that I’m her father.”
The next few days, Fred had been trying his very best to get Estelle to call him daddy.
He had made the mistake of letting Estelle tag along to the shop – only to have her run towards George screaming, “Daddy!”
Fred closed up shop, exhausted from a long day of work. All he wanted now was to get home to you and your charming little daughter.
Throwing some floo powder into the fireplace of the shop, he waited for them to turn green before stepping in – saying the address of your home before being whisked away.
Once your living room came into his sight, he doesn’t see you or his little princess anywhere.
“Honey! I’m home!” He called out, taking off his coat and shaking off his shoes.
Fred received no answer but he did hear a suspicious giggle or two coming from the kitchen.
The minute he plopped down on the sofa, you walked into the room with Estelle attached to your hip.
“Hey Freddie.” You greeted your husband with a smile as you bent down to kiss his cheek.
He smiled back at you, “Nice to see you too sweetheart.”
The little girl in your arms started making grabby hands towards her father, giving him his best puppy dog eyes, “Daddy! Daddy!’
Fred gaped at her before looking at you, “Did she just call me daddy?”
“Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” Estelle’s chants answered his question for you.
Without a second thought, Fred took his daughter from your arms and rested her on his knees – making her beam up at him happily.
“What if she mistook me for George?” Fred asked, giving you a slightly worried look.
You rolled your eyes at him while muttering, “Sheesh, tough audience.”
You took a picture of the twins from your mantle and showed it to Estelle.
Pointing to George, you asked, “Estelle, who is this?”
“Uncle Georgie!” She answered gleefully, before poking out her tongue and blowing a raspberry at the picture – causing you and Fred to laugh.
“And who is this?” You asked, moving your finger towards Fred in the picture.
Her smile grew even brighter as she squealed, “Daddy!”
Fred was visibly melting at the sight, all the stress he carried on his shoulders when he arrived home – now bubbled away into thin air.
Thanks to you and Estelle.
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gii-heylittleangel · a day ago
Hermione: You disgust me.
Fred: *eating a kitkat sideways* I realize this and don’t care.
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lumosandnoxwriting · a day ago
Kinktober Day 16 - Fred Weasley
Tumblr media
Kinktober Day 16! Halfway there! Pairing: Fred x Reader Warnings: Minors, DNI! This contains a hand job, fem!dom, mommy!kink and edging! tags: @feltondarling @pandaxnienke @raerae27@hufflrpuffforfred  @theweasleysredhair @dracoswhore007 @amourtentiaa @lexymoniqu @p0tat0nug @levylovegood @mischiefisbeingmanaged @littleweaslette @inglourious-imagines @darthwheezely @rosaliepostsstuff @hufflepuff-babe@frecklesandfirecrackers  @prismarts @thisismysketchbook @freds-slut  @izzyyy-1 @gwhogwartslover  @rqmanoff @amarabln @omghufflepuff @jorduhnn @edithreads  @hey-kenna  @weasleyhargreeves11 @haroldpotterson @fancy-pantaloons @fand0mskullfa1ry @rainmaybank @somwhereonlyweknow @hpslutt @alrightyaphrcdite @theweasleytwinsgirl @person992004 @nanahachikyuu @touchstarvedhippie@foggyheartsoul (if your name is crossed out I couldn’t tag you!) @nevilles-top​
Fred whines needily as Y/N pulls her hand away again, the orgasm that was just beginning to crest disappearing and leaving his thighs trembling. “Please,” he begs, hips shifting off of the bed to try and get her hand wrapped around his cock once again. He’s nearly cum three different times now, but just as it’s about to hit him Y/N pulls her hand away. Every. Single. Time. The first two times left him with a thrill, his desperation climbing with each denial. But now his cock is aching, precum dribbling from the top like a faucet and he just needs to cum.
“Aw, does Freddie wanna cum?” Y/N mocks, giving him a fake, over exaggerated frown. She grins as he whines again, wrapping her hand around the base of his cock. “Good boys beg their Mommy’s to cum, you know that Freddie.” Y/N starts to slowly stroke him, barely applying any pressure with her movements. Her free hand presses against Fred’s hip, making sure he can’t fuck up into her fist of his own accord. “You wanna be a good boy don’t you, baby?”
“Yes, Mommy,” Fred responds, clenching his fists as he nods frantically. He knows that he could easily overpower Y/N, it wouldn’t take much effort to knock her hand from his hip so he could fuck her fist to completion, or he could even hit her hand away from his cock and stroke himself to a shattering orgasm. But his need to be a good boy for her is above even his need to cum, and so he bites his lip harshly, determined to take what she gives him and not an ounce more.
“Then beg,” Y/N responds simply, keeping her voice even as to not give away just how much this turns her on. This is about Fred’s pleasure, not her own, and part of that is pretending that this whole scenario isn’t affecting her at all. Though just how damp her panties are is proof enough of just how affected she is. “Beg Mommy to cum and she’ll let you spurt all over yourself like a messy little boy.”
Fred moans as Y/N starts to stroke his cock quicker, toes curling as the tingles of pleasure start to build and build and build towards another climax. Tears are pricking at the corners of his eyes from the sheer intensity of the pleasure he’s feeling, and Fred knows that he won’t survive another orgasm being taken away from him.
“Please, please, please,” he finally begs, fisting at the sheets as Y/N’s thumb grazes the head of his cock. “I’ve been such a good boy, Mommy. Always so good for you. Please can I cum, Mommy? Please let me cum.”
Y/N chuckles at Fred’s desperation, finally releasing his hip so he can frantically fuck her fist. “Go on, baby. Cum for Mommy, make yourself all messy for her.”
“Thank you, thank you,” Fred pants as he thrusts his cock through her hand, his hips moving erratically as he finally chases the relief of his orgasm. Lights burst in his vision as he finally cums, his cock twitching as his spend covers his abdomen and chest, Y/N’s name falling from his lips in the form of a whine.
He breathes heavily as he comes down from his orgams, his limbs finally relaxing as he sinks down into the mattress. Grinning lazily he looks up at Y/N, gesturing towards the cum splattered across his torso. “I think it’s time for you to clean me up, Mommy.”
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kadet-jb · a day ago
A/N: Sorry I have been gone for so long! College has been crazy and I've had no extra time to write. Hope you guys like this small drabble! I used 3 and 16 on my prompt list!
Pairing: Fred Weasley x reader
Word Count: 319
Category: Fluff
Request: N/A
Fred Weasley Masterlist | Main Masterlist
It was Hallows Eve and you were sitting in the library with a certain redhead. "Hey babe can you pass me the book with the green and blue cover? Should say something like Lightwood's potions or something." Fred picks up the book and passes it to you. You open the book and find the page you were looking for. "Do you think you could hand me that highlighter?" You ask without looking up from your notes. He grabs one off the table and gives it to you. "Oh I meant the yellow one." He moves the yellow highlighter next to your book and you take it, going over important notes with it. "Fred can you give me the-" "No" You lift your head to find him pouting in front of you. "For the past hour it's been 'Fred pass me this and hand me that'. No please or thank you. You're so needy" The joking tone in his voice rang through your ears, but you could tell he was being somewhat serious. "I'm sorry Freddie. I didn't mean to use you so much. You can go if you want." Fred put his hands on the table and leaned forward. "Kiss me" You moved back a little bit. "W-What?" Fred's smile beamed at you. "I've kept up with all your demands, so the least you could do is give me a kiss.” A chuckle made it’s way past your lips as you shook your head at him. “Fine Freddy, since you’ve been such a good study partner.” The redhead’s body moved over the table to lock his lips with yours. The kiss was sweet and short, but you could tell Fred wanted more than one kiss. “I am almost done, I swear. Just 10 more minutes okay?” You reach for your pen and highlighter to start writing again. “Fineeee.” Fred whined and laid his head back down on the desk.
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spicedcinnamoncake · 2 days ago
A Hallow’s Eve Dance (1/3) Part One: A Meeting
PAIRING: Fred Weasley x (fem) Reader 
SUMMARY: it’s finally October! you know what that means, pumpkin spice scents, dripping orange candles, and the Hogwarts Hallow’s eve waltz. 
You wanted to just cover your ears and scream at this point. For heavens sake it was all anybody could talk about. ‘Do you have a date?’ ‘This is my dress!’ ‘Have you asked her out yet?” 
  Blasted Hallow’s eve. Blasted Dance. All anyone wanted to talk about.
  You’ve been crushing on this one Gryffindor boy for a long time and all this ‘date’ talk has really gotten your wheels turning, as if it just keeps reminding you how you’ll be at that dance alone while he’s with someone else. 
    Lunch was finally over and you had a free lesson as your professor was ill. Pansy was busy, what do do, what to do... 
  Maybe you could take a walk, or better yet, go to the quidditch pitch. When there weren’t any practices being held, it was actually pretty quiet. You quickly left the lunch hall and made your way outside, the crisp October air hitting your skin felt like magic. You hugged your scarf closer as you walked towards the pitch, trying to clear your head. 
  Just as you entered the quidditch pitch, (which was rather windy) a poster for that blasted dance blew right into your face. For heavens sake you wanted to just, SCREAM. 
  ‘Oi! Sorry about that!’ 
  ‘Well you bloody should be you-’ 
  Your words trailed off as you saw who was jogging towards you. Tall, brown caramel eyes, house jersey, 
  You get who i’m talking about.;) 
‘Nice catch haha.’ 
  ‘with my face-?’ you cracked a smile as you handed him the poster back. He took it back, squinting his eyes as if he was wracking his brain for something. 
  ‘Hey aren’t you that person who sits in front of me in herbology? Y/N, was it? I don’t think we’ve ever been properly introduced,’ he grins at you and sticks out his hand. You returned his grin, nodding. 
  ‘Yes, yes I’m y/n, Fred right? I believe George was the one that Sprout made move to the other side of the room.’ 
  His eyes widened and so did his smile. ‘Ding ding ding! Correct! Hey, are you busy right now? I’m hanging out with some friends in the quidditch pitch, basically it was meant to be a study group but there’s no actual studying going on haha. You in?’ 
  ‘I’d be delighted.’ 
  Fred stuffed the poster back into his pocket and led you to the middle of the pitch where there were two other boys laughing with books and scrolls littered around them. Fred was right, it really was a no-study study group. 
  ‘Oi you two knock it off! This is Y/n, George we have herbology with them.’ 
  ‘Hi,’ you waved at them and they waved back. You and Fred sat down and you all started to talk about your day, what classes you had left, all was going great until you heard George bring up the dreaded question. 
  ‘any of you lot have dates yet?’ he asked, adjusting his seat position. Dean nodded excitedly, saying how he had asked out a Ravenclaw girl the other day and she accepted. ‘I swear my guy, she is stunning.’ 
  ‘Nice, what about you Y/n?’ 
  ‘I’m not sure if I’ll be going if I’m honest haha, and even if I did I’ll be with my friends but they already all have dates. I’m not sure’ you babbled. You realized you were talking for a while and quieted down, face turning red. The guys just laughed, and suddenly you felt so much better. 
  Before you knew it, it was time for your next lesson. You had a charms class. 
  ‘I have to go, I have a charms class and it’s on the third bloody floor. Merlin my legs are going to hurt. It was nice meeting you guys, see you around.’ 
  You were about to turn but then you felt a hand catch your shoulder. ‘Hey, if you want i can take you up on my broom. We’ll have to go around the back of the school but it’ll cut the time in half if you want.’ 
  ‘Are you sure?’ he nodded. 
  You followed him to the broom shed and got on behind him, and just as you did, he kicked off and you were already ten feet in the air. ‘Woah!’
  Your grip on his shoulders tightened, your heart was racing, you weren’t sure if it was the broom or if you were this close to Fred. Both? 
  Fred made a turn and you felt your leg start to slip. ‘I’m going to fall!’ 
  Fred took one hand off the broom and snaked it behind him, catching your waist. Even when he got you stable, he didn’t let go. 
  Eventually, he came to a stop on one of the balconies on the third floor. 
  ‘There, that wasn’t so bad now was it?’ he chuckled, watching you fix your messed-up hair from the wind. You smiled brightly at him. ‘That was brilliant.’ 
  Without thinking, you reached up and kissed him on the cheek. ‘And that, is a thank you’ 
  You turned on your heel and hurriedly left, in disbelief you had just did that. Did you hallucinate? 
  Perhaps not. Fred touched his face where your lips had kissed him, and he blushed. Maybe he found the person he’d want to ask out. Maybe he’d want to keep seeing them even after the dance...
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fallin-4-ya · 7 hours ago
hi i wanna say happy belated bday first cuz I just found ur blog <3!! second, idk if u do platonic requests but i kinda wanna request headcanons for the weasley twins with a reader who’s like maybe in 4th year and they’re just like 1-2 yrs older and they see her as a younger sister?? Idk if this is kinda weird or specific I just thought if would b cute <3
aw, thank you my looove! oh my gosh, this head cannon live rent free in my head! i love it so much, thank you for requesting! i hope you enjoy!
being best friends with the weasley twins during the tri-wizard tournament
Fourth year was filled with excitement to say the least
With the tri-wizard tournament, along with all of the other chaos that Hogwarts has to offer, it’s safe to say your schedule was pretty full
But not full enough that you didn’t have enough time to squeeze in some fun with your best friends, Fred and George Weasley
You were in the same class as the Golden Trio and the twins just two years above you
They didn’t approach you until third year, but had always wondered how or why they didn’t approach you sooner
They immediately took a liking to you because of your fun personality and sense of humor
Fred and George felt like you got them perfectly and you three were absolutely meant to be
‘can’t believe you’re actually friends with Ronikins’ Fred teased
‘yeah. come and join the big boys, y/n’ George egged on
The devilish smirks on their faces were all the convincing you needed
It was a hellish trio to say the least, and definitely an exuberant one for sure
They took you under their wing, showing you all the ins and outs of being Hogwarts’s greatest pranksters
You clicked with them instantly
That year, you three flew practically under the radar
Undetected to say the least
While everyone was busy focusing on the tri wizard tournament and hating Harry for a short bit, you tricksters plotted
And plotted well
Coming up with some of the greatest pranks ever
And the twins would be lying if they said they didn’t love that beautiful brain of yours
Because you were so damn slick
Always finding your escape plan and a way out of trouble
Because why go to detention if you don’t have to
You were the savior to those boys and they really did owe you their life
You also helped grow their small business that year
Whether it was recruiting first years to try the products or selling candies to members of other houses, you did everything you could to help them
Because their success was your success, and nothing felt better than helping their dream flourish
They were so super protective of you
If anyone was mean to you especially guys they would prank them to no end
Freddie and George made sure that you were taken care of and that nobody would bother you in your safe space
Sometimes it would get a bit overbearing
Because, let's face it, those boys are the c.e.o.'s of being extra
But you knew it always came from a good, honest place so you could never be too mad
George definitely took you to the Yule ball
Seeing Fred go with Angelina, he figured he wanted his best friend to be at his side more than anyone
And it was probably the most fun you ever had
Because most of the time you two either sat on the sidelines making fun of the way Professor Snape danced or in the middle of the dance floor going absolutely nuts
You guys watched every tri wizard challenge together, always cheering the loudest for Hogwarts
Sat smack in the middle of them while they teased the champions and complained how they should be the ones up there
Which always got a chuckle out of you
Wearing matching sweaters while sitting in the stands and eating your favorite snacks
They were the brothers you never thought you needed, but so grateful you had
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mandalor-the-gay · 9 months ago
“Fuck you my child is completely fine” Your child is staring at the ceiling for 5 hours straight imagining getting the barest hint of affection from their comfort character.
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anastasiakrizek · 3 months ago
The only reason Harry never truly grasped the depth of Ron’s insecurity about being least loved until witnessing the destruction of the locket is because Ron had been Harry’s most loved person since the day they met.
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