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#fred weasley x reader
magicalxdaydream · a day ago
Wedding Confessions. (Fred Weasley)
summary: fred and (y/n) finally make a move which should have happened a lot earlier
word count: 2.281
warning: fluff, fluff, fluff, mention of alcohol,
pairing: Fred Weasley x Fem!Reader
author's note: got inspired by @iliveiloveiwrite 's recent George one shot. that scene between the reader and George at the wedding just made me think of Fred somehow so I ended up writing this. I hope you enjoy. <3
italics = past conversation
gif credit belongs to @boxofbadaddiction
Tumblr media
You were sitting at one of the big tables, one of your hands holding a glass of champagne while you were watching the newly married couple happily dance in front of you, a soft smile gracing your lips.
Since you had been a family friend of the Weasley’s for as long as you could remember, Bill and Fleur had automatically sent you an invitation to their wedding and of course, you said yes.
You loved weddings, always have, even though this was only the second or third one that you were attending. But seeing people love each other so dearly and having the time of their lives was making your heart grow even bigger, the happy expression never really leaving your face.
When you took a quick glance around the tent, you couldn’t help but focus your eyes on that one person who had been on your mind for at least the last three years, if not even longer. Fred Weasley.
Fred, George, and you have always been close to each other, seeing as though you were the same age and had been sorted into the same house at Hogwarts, Gryffindor. It has always been the three of you, well sometimes Lee had joined your antics as well.
You loved hanging out with them, loved helping them whenever they tried to pull a prank on someone or had a new idea for a product for their Weasley shop. You didn’t even mind getting detention because of them. It was a perfect friendship.
So, when you noticed that you started to behave differently whenever Fred was around you, you were shocked and confused at the same time, not really knowing what was going on inside your head and heart.
You had talked to one of your best friends, Hermione, back then. Even though she was a few years younger than you, she knew exactly what was going on with you.
“You like him.”, she had said to you, which you obviously agreed to. Of course, you liked Fred Weasley. He was one of your best friends.
“No, you like him more than a friend, (Y/N).”, she stated, making your eyes go wide as you thought about the possibility of liking one of your best friends.
You had told her she was insane for thinking like that but the more you had thought about it, the more you figured out that she was right.
You had tried your best to push these feelings away yet whenever you took a glance at Fred, seeing him laugh with his other classmates or whenever he sent a wink your way, the butterflies inside your stomach went crazy.
While you were in your own little world, thinking back about all the memories you have shared with the twins, especially with Fred, you didn’t even notice that that person was sitting right next to you, waving his hand in front of your face.
“Wha- What?”, you asked, snapping yourself out of your daydream as you looked to your right and into his eyes.
“Where were you just now?”, he asked you curiously, lightly raising his eyebrows while a teasing smile graced his lips, his chin propped up on the palm of his hand.
“None of your business.”, you said, trying to sound casual, hearing Fred laugh lightly as he shook his head, the two of you starting to watch the guests of the wedding together.
You couldn’t help but look to your right from time to time. You looked at the way his hair was perfectly styled for the wedding which was partially thanks to you since he had asked you to help him with it shortly before the reception had started.
You noticed the way the edges of his lips slightly turned up whenever he saw people making a mistake on the dancefloor. He loved when people made a fool out of themselves.
You also noticed the way he was slightly swaying from side to side, following the rhythm of the music while you wondered what it would feel like to be on that dancefloor, wrapped up in Fred’s arms while a soft song was playing in the background.
You let out a quiet sigh however it wasn’t too quiet for your crush not to notice it hence his head turned to the left, his eyes immediately on you.
“Is something wrong?”, he asked you, concern lacing his voice as you quickly shook your head.
“No, no. Everything’s fine. Fleur and Bill are just such a lovely couple. Look at them dancing the whole night away. They seem so happy.”, you stated, a smile making its way onto your lips as you focused on the bride and groom, secretly wishing that this could be you someday.
Fred took a quick glance at his brother however his eyes instantly went back to you, noticing the way you were staring at Bill and his wife. He studied the way your whole face lit up when Bill twirled Fleur around, a strand of your perfectly curled hair falling into your vision which you swiftly pushed behind your ear again.
Oh, how he wished he could do that. He would love to put his arm around you, pull you close so you could lean your head on his shoulder while he dropped a soft kiss on your head.
He was pulled out of his daydream when he suddenly heard everyone around him cheer. For what? He didn’t know. He just clapped his hands as well as he put a bright smile on his face.
Suddenly a slower song was being played by the band his brother and sister in law got as a wedding gift by one of their good friends and Fred knew it was now or never. If he wouldn’t ask you now, he would never do it.
He quietly cleared his throat, turning his head in your direction, seeing you fidget with your fingers.
Now or never, he told himself inside his head as he plucked up the courage and lightly tapped you on your shoulder.
With raised eyebrows, you turned your head to look at your friend, waiting for what he had to say.
“Um, (Y/N)?”, he started, getting even more nervous than he already was yet he tried his best to stay his confident self. “Would you like … to dance? With me?”
Finally, he said it. He was able to get these few simple words out of his mouth. Why did he have to be so nervous? It was just you. Well, that was the problem. It was you, the girl he has had a crush on since he could remember. The girl that took his breath away whenever she smiled at him. The girl that could make his heart beat faster than the newest Nimbus.
You couldn’t believe he had asked you to dance with him. After daydreaming the whole evening how it would feel like to be on that dancefloor with him, how it would feel to have his arms around your waist, he finally asked you.
While you were still in disbelief, Fred was a nervous wreck. Why weren’t you answering him? Didn’t you want to dance with him? Did he make a fool out of himself for asking you such a stupid question?
“(Y/N)?”, he questioned you, snapping you out of your dace, your eyes fully focused on him again as you slowly nodded your head.
“Yes, I would like to dance with you.”, you stated happily.
Fred let out a breath that he didn’t know he was holding, a slight chuckle leaving his lips as he got up from his chair and stuck out his hand for you.
“My lady.”, he said, making you laugh as you got up from your chair as well, quickly taking his hand, too scared that he would tell you it was all a joke. However, as soon as your hand was in his, the two of you made your way onto the dancefloor, joining the other guests of the wedding.
You let your eyes wander a bit, catching Hermione already looking at you while she held up her hands, sending a thumbs up and a bright smile your way.
Before you could return the gesture, you were already facing Fred again, his bright eyes looking into your (e/c) eyes.
“I haven’t done this since the Yule Ball.”, he said jokingly yet it was the truth.
A little confused and nervous, the two of you tried to find the right position to dance in but whatever you guys did, it didn’t feel right until you wrapped your arms around his neck, catching the young man in front of you a little off guard. Fred put his hands on your waist, pulling you even closer to him as he squeezed your sides gently, making you smile up at him.
You lost yourself in the rhythm of the song, never looking anywhere else than one another’s eyes, the smiles glued onto your lips. You couldn’t help but put your head on his chest, closing your eyes as you enjoyed the moment to the fullest.
Never in a million years would you have thought to be here. Obviously, you had hugged Fred before, cuddled up next to each other on the big sofa in the Gryffindor common room but this, this was different.
Fred was sure you could feel his heart beating even though the music was loud enough to drown everything out. Yet you didn’t say a word which helped him relax a bit.
The two of you swayed from left to right until the song was over. You lifted your head up and looked up into his eyes again, both of you smiling like maniacs.
“Would you like to get some fresh air?”, Fred asked you, nodding your head as you left the dancefloor, your hand still in his.
When you made it out of the tent, a fresh breeze greeted you. It was refreshing, exactly what you and your red cheeks needed.
The two of you walked for a little while longer, stopping in front of the big field that was surrounding the house as you looked up into the night sky, the stars and the moon shining down at you.
“I didn’t know you could dance like this.”, you said, breaking the silence between you as you tuned your head and looked up at Fred with a teasing smile on your lips. The young man couldn’t help but laugh as he shook his head and squeezed your hand gently.
“Of course, I’m the dancer of the family. No one can compare to me.”, he stated, making you giggle as you nodded your head.
The silence overtook you two again but it felt comfortable.
“You look really beautiful tonight. You always do, (Y/N).”, Fred whispered.
If your cheeks weren’t red before, you were sure they were as red as that one jumper Molly made for Fred in his fourth year in Hogwarts, just like a tomato.
“You look really handsome as well, Fred.”, you confessed.
Both of you turned to the side. It felt as though you only had to look at each other to know exactly what the other one was thinking.
You took a step closer to him, Fred’s hand coming up to find its place on your cheek, his thumb tracing your cheekbone as you let go of his other hand only to place it on the back of his head, your fingers playing with his hair.
Without even thinking of anything, Fred finally leaned in, his lips brushing lightly against yours.
You were sure your heart was about to jump out of your chest. Only the light feeling of his lips on yours made your mind go blank. There was nothing else on your mind anymore, nothing, except for him and the way he made you feel.
None of you pulled away, your lips still millimetres away from his. You wanted more, you needed more. You wanted to fully feel his lips.
“Fre-“, you started but as soon as you opened your mouth, you felt lips on yours. Your eyes widened yet immediately closed again as your lips moved perfectly in sync. All the years of secret yearning for one another were poured into it, all the love and passion you had for each other was felt in that one moment.
You didn’t even care that the wedding guests could walk out of the tent and spot you just a few metres away from it. This moment was for the two of you. (Y/N) and Fred. The two best friends who finally decided to get over themselves and show one another how much they mean to each other.
After what felt like an eternity, you pulled away only for Fred to press another quick kiss on your lips which instantly made you giggle. He pressed kisses onto your lips over and over again hence you had to put your hands on his chest and push him away a bit, his own laugh leaving his lips.
“Sorry, couldn’t help it.”, he told you honestly, your lips having the brightest smile on them, your cheeks already in pain from all the smiling you did that night.
You quickly stood up on your toes, pressing a gentle kiss on his lips as you let out a: “Same here.”
Fred wrapped his strong arms around you, your head finding a spot on his chest while his lips pressed a loving kiss on the top of your head.
Oh, how the two of you had looked forward to this very moment and you didn’t even know that all this time you were feeling the same way.
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weaselbeewizardwheezies · 19 hours ago
Hey :) how are you?
i saw ur requests are open so aaaa
I have this idea for a headcannon, the boys sneaking out to meet with their s/o who is from a different house,,, idk just lots of fluff (i hope i explained myself well lol) english is not my mother tongue 🕴️
The boys sneaking out past curfew to see their s/o who's in another house: 
I didn't add Cedric, Seamus or Dean because I couldn't think of anything for them! My apologies!
Sorry for the lack of posts. I'm not doing great mentally and am slowly coming out with stuff. Thank you for those who are patient with me! Much love <3
Harry: He's got the invisibility cloak! So sneaking out is a piece of cake really. He almost got caught a few times but managed to slip past Filch since he's not exactly the brightest, even with Mrs. Norris being able to see through the cloak. He sometimes brings gifts! Be it his hoodie, some food from the kitchen, or something he had gotten you from Hogsmeade that he skilfully had to hide from Ron - he's got a gift for you! You both like to cuddle in your dorm room while your roommates are asleep or just stay in the common room until Harry has to go get ready for breakfast. 
Ron: He's not the best at sneaking around at first but he eventually gets the hang of it. Plus Harry helps him out, sometimes lending him the cloak and map or just taking him to the dorm himself before going off to wander the school at night. When he entered the common room area, the first night he had to go and wake you but from then on you were excitedly ready to jump into his arms and waste the night away, either sneaking to the kitchens to eat snacks or going to the Astronomy Tower to stargaze. Either way, it's a real fun time for the both of you <3
Draco: Being a prefect, he doesn't have to sneak around. He'll just pretend he's doing the nightly hall patrol before he runs off to your dorm to poke you awake or slip into bed with you - depending on how tired he is. Half the time he finds a way to harshly wake you up without waking up your roommates. Even if they wake up, they're used to it by now. He drags you out most times to patrol the halls with him. Sometimes you manage to stay awake, other times he has to carry you back to which dorm is closer - his or yours. Or other nights after his patrols, he'll take you to dance around the school - him humming along to some song he heard on the radio while on the train¹ and you're laughing along and singing with him. 
Neville: In his beginning years he wouldn't sneak out. You'd have to be the one to sneak out to him. But as time went on and he started to get more confident in the coming years and he started to finally grow into himself - he started to sneak out to your dorm. The first few times he'd get caught until Harry and Ron offered to help him out a little by showing him the best ways around the castle. Soon enough he was speeding to your dorm and curling up into you as you both read to each other. Neither of you preferred to go out during the night, not wanting to be bothered by Filch or Snape. So he'd stay until he had to go get ready for breakfast, and then come right back to take you to eat your morning meal. 
Fred: After having the Marauder's Map for so long, he and George know a thing or two on how to get around the school without getting caught. They'd practically memorized the map! So getting to your dorm was a breeze. Once he got there, he would sneak up and tap you awake - whispering in your ear that it was time to wake up even if it was only 2 am. You - still half asleep - got ready and was dragged off to go to wherever Fred decided your nightly adventure was going to end up. The Astronomy Tower, the courtyard, even all the way out to the Black Lake as dangerous as that was! Your nights sneaking out with Fred were always filled with so much fun, but neither of you told anyone about them - leaving people to wonder why you guys were so tired but so cheerful the next day. 
George: As previously stated, he knows the school like the back of his hand just like his twin. So naturally, getting to you was quick and easy. He didn't ever plan anything extraordinary like Fred did. Just some simple snacks and cuddling in the commons. During the night when he was with you, he felt all his troubles melt away. Truly he could just rest without the stress of the joke shop or his brother planning some wicked scheme against Snape and just relax with your hands running through his hair. You both would have very silly in depth conversations about the simplest of things. It would end in George getting heated about the topic, but bring laughter and smiles to both your faces. Nights like these were his favorite. 
Adding footnotes I guess so my writing doesn't get too scrambled! I know footnotes are for more professional writing but I might have them as sort of "author's notes" at the end of each set of hcs I do. This is just a test run so lmk what you think??
1: I hc that the train plays music. It's just quiet and there's a bit of static, but it's comforting to the students. They play all the bops that were from the 80s lmao
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havenchy · 2 days ago
F. Weasley Fic Rec
Tumblr media
— much much love to all of these writers <33
Tumblr media
🤎 - favorite ❀ - fluff ❂ - hurt/comfort ✵ - angst
dear fred ✵ - @ohibex 🤎
just the two of us ❀ - @rogue-durin-16
when you're gone ✵ - @comfortwriting
different ❀ - @userbuckynat
big and strong, little one ❂ - @butterbeerblurbs
i'm yours ❂ - @soupandsimple
nervous ❀ - @heytherejulietx
congratulations weasley ❂ - @hxlyhead-harpies
opposites attract ❀ - @weasleylangs
rosy cheeks ❀ - @weelittleweasley
reassurance ❂ - @theosbucky
unlike me ❀ - @panda-noosh
get the camera ❀ - @badfvith 🤎
piano ❀ - @weasleygrapes
ikea ❀ - @dracossweetprincess
tellin' the world ❀ - @butterbeerblurbs
venus among the stars ❀ - @expelliarweasley 🤎
meeting the parents hc ❀ - @parchmentedpetrichor
Tumblr media
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onlyfreds · 2 days ago
Hey Gabriella, are you still doing/ taking requests for freddie friday?😌
(I'm sorry, I was busy to send something in 🙈)
Uhm, could I request something where fred and the reader came back from "trick or treat" and the reader is tired but he pranks her with these "fake" spiders and scares the reader with that? After that he is apologizing to the reader and they are cuddling, please? Thank you 😊
Just if you want to write it 🙈
Don't worry, it's fine! I've also been quite busy lately.
"I already said I was sorry!" Fred pouted, following you into the house.
"Seriously Fred? Fake spiders?" You said, plopping down on the couch.
"I thought you would find it funny." He pouted, "I didn't know that you would be tired when we come home."
You said nothing, taking a sip of your pumpkin spice latte.
Fred took the remote and turned on the tv, playing "The Corse Bride".
He then sat down next to you, pulling you into his embrace, "Forgive me please."
"On one condition."
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kingalrdy · a day ago
want my future relationship to be like every fic written by @butterbeerblurbs
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swanimagines · 2 months ago
In case someone doesn't know how to make a "keep reading" on mobile:
I've seen some nerve-racking 10k fics that don't have the cut and in their worst, they're also full of media like "this is a picture of what you're wearing, this is the view you're seeing from your hotel room, here's a gif how x looks at you in this scene" = Tumblr app struggles to load that wall of text and media and then Tumblr app crashes and when asked to put the cut, people are like "I'm on mobile and can't put the cut" so here's a little tutorial video for you guys.
I know this is a problem with all characters but tagging some popular ones to gain exposure for this post.
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silverdelirium · a month ago
SUMMARY ➠ pornstar!fred warms newbie!reader up before you film for the first time.
WARNINGS ➠ innocence kink, oral sex (m receiving), fingering, daddy kink, nicknames. don’t read if any of these make you uncomfortable or sound unappealing.
the sound of a fist lightly pounding on the wood of your door hit your ears.
“come in!” you acknowledged, throwing one last— anxious— look at yourself in the mirror.
“hi there, gorgeous” crooned fred, his already bare chest making the apple of your cheeks go slightly hot.
you gave him a tight lipped smile, “hi fred”.
he chuckled. “you nervous?”.
you watched him seat on the sofa that was pushed against the wall of your dressing room.
“a bit” you shrugged, releasing a breath that was cut short just seconds later when fred stood up abruptly, coming to a halt when he had you trapped between the vanity and him.
he lowered his head so he was in line with your vision. “well don’t be, i won’t bite— unless you ask me to”
fred pulled away from your flushed state with a chuckle, leaning back against the wall as he watched you play with the hem if your see-through skirt.
“i just— i’ve never done this before. or at least not with anyone else in the room and— and there’s gonna be at least ten more people there i just-“
“hey, hey, hey. relax, darling” soothed fred, cutting of your rant by planting both large palms on your upper arms. “we can always tell them to give you a break, you know that”
you felt easiness bleed through your veins, those simple words somehow calming you more.
“you’re right, i’m just kinda freaked out at the whole situation i think”
the redhead hummed. “well, i have this one method that always helps with pre-shooting anxiety, you know?” his tone dropped to an octave.
your head cocked to the side “oh. what’s it about?”
blood rushed to fred’s groin.
“i call it” he paused, twirling a strand of your soft hair in his finger. “a warm-up, it’s very easy, we just gotta— practice what we’re gonna do. so it’s easier for when we film”
you swallowed the lump in your throat at the sudden proximity you shared with the tall male. your voice was quiet, just above a whisper, when you spoke “can we do it?”
the glint in fred’s eyes set the tip of your nerves on fire, the incredibly small panties you wore dampened by the second as you felt his hard cock poking your stomach, the thin fabric of his tousers doing nothing to cover up the tent in them.
“well why don’t you get down on your knees for daddy, hm?” he spoke, seduction lacing his voice.
the nickname he used for himself only made your clit pulse harsher, a wave of slick gushing out of you.
you nodded curtly, heaving “yes daddy” as you sunk down, makeup covered eyes not leaving his. your fingers curled at the hem of your mini skirt as fred took out his girth, weeping tip right in line with your salivating mouth.
“you gonna take me nice and deep in your little throat, won’t you, angel?” he taunted, smearing the pre-cum over your plump lips.
“mhm, want you in my— hmph!” you were cut off by his thick cock pushing down your throat almost forcefully.
he hummed in pleasure, “that’s a good slut, fuck such a tiny little throat, i’m gonna leave you all fucking ruined, my love”
you looked at him through thick layers of tears, the mascare streaming down your hollowed cheeks like waterfall twins.
his hips snapped into your mouth at a relentless pace, making your eyes roll to the back of your head as his balls slapped against your chin, your nose nuzzling slightly into the truffle of hair that covered his pubic bone.
“fuck, you suck my cock like a goddamn whore, baby? thought you didn’t know what you were doing, or are you lying to daddy, pet?” he snarled, chest heaving up and down as your throat contracted around his cock, as if you were suppressing a gag (which you probably were).
your clit throbbed with neediness, your juices flowing out like an open faucet as the man continued to groan your name.
you felt his cock twitching, meaning he was close to toppling over the edge and falling into a fluffy cloud of gluttony.
hot spurts of cum sprayed your mouth, and since his tip was kissing the back of your gullet, you had no option but to swallow the bittersweet substance, not that you minded anyways.
he carefully pulled out of your mouth, smearing the last weak streams over your cheek.
your chest went up and down heavily as you recovered all the lost air from before, big doe eyes still in a trance with fred’s.
“get up, gorgeous, gonna give my good girl a reward” he winked, bringing a hand forward to help you up, which you gladly took, wanting nothing more than to take care of the agonizing desire that emitted from between your legs.
“daddy, please. hurts!” you whined, your hips bucking into his.
one hard glance from fred was all it took for you to stop your antics, bottom lip being gnawed at by your top teeth as he hoisted you up on the vanity.
“if you continue to act all greedy you’re not getting anything, poppet, you understand?”
“yes what?” his right hand grabbed at your face harshly, making your lips pucker up.
“yes daddy” you whimpered, trying your best to not let your thighs clench.
the corner of his lips went up, “hm, good slut” he whispered, mouth right next to your ear as he looked down at you.
“now spread those fucking legs”.
your legs separated almost immediately, as if he controlled them.
the pads of his fingers traveled in circular motions up your— quivering— thigh, his pinky sometimes brushing against the drowned panties you were wearing.
“can feel how needy you are, baby, already throbbing and i haven’t even touched you, what a little whore” he chuckled, not giving you time to response as he ripped the material that covered your sopping heat with one quick move of his hand.
“please” you begged. “please touch me, daddy— need it so bad”
he feigned remorse, his bottom lip jutting out in a fake pout as he tutted “you want me to touch you, pretty girl? alright then, only because you asked so nicely” he agreed.
his digits were knuckles deep inside you faster than you could blink. your arousal dripping down the cool material beneath you while he scissored his fingers inside you, feeling the smooth walls flutter around them.
“so fucking tight, can only imagine the way you’ll squeeze my cock, sweetheart” he grunted, hazel optics trained on yours as he sloppily thrusted his hand into your cunt.
“that feels so good, daddy, don’t stop please” you mewled, clawing at his forearm as he caressed your g-spot with the tip of his fingers.
“my god, you’re so wet, can’t wait for the whole fucking world to see you fall apart beneath me like a common slut off the streets would” he sighed, thumb coming to circle at your bud.
moan after moan was pulled from you, your muscles tensing as the coil in your lower abdomen intensified.
“daddy” you blabbered, catching fred’s attention. “what is it, sweets?”
“wanna cum!” you whined, the way he thumbed at your mound making your thighs shudder.
“yeah? you wanna make a mess on my hand?” he teased, speeding the pace of his fingers.
you gave him rapid nods in response, too busy bathing in the pleasure he provided when suddenly it was pulled from you, coaxing a loud cry from the depths of your fucked throat.
“no! please, daddy!” you sobbed, tears strolling down your face.
what a greedy brat, thought fred. one denied orgasm and it’s like you killed her entire family.
“don’t like a little crybaby with me, princess” he pointed his— drenched— finger at you.
fred shook his head “no buts, im making your first orgasm with me on camera, so i can watch it over and over again with my hand wrapped around my cock, dreaming its your little cunt that i’m about to fuck for everyone to see”
[follow my library blog and turn on notifications to know whenever i post a fic!]
🏷: @whoreforgeorgeandfred @abbott27@elizabethrosedarling @malfoyspov @justadreamyhufflepuff @pixaura @mollysolo @princess-jules47 @ilovejamespotter @arisblackhole @yiamalfoy @brattypeony @myalupinblack @slut4tamaki @nic0lodean @harmqnia @pottahishotasf@luvsory @remusluvr @alic3cullenswife @wolfstar-lb @randomstufflol29 @4ndr3lia@acciodignity @kayleigh @maeve-7 @simpforremuslupin
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mirrorballgf · a month ago
Tumblr media
summary: in which y/n likes to show off and tom will not he outsmarted
disclaimers: smut, slight degradation, fingering, overstimulation, etc.
love interest: tom riddle x fem!reader
notes: i literally hate this so much, this is so bad but it’ll do
Tumblr media
you always had a knack for getting under tom riddles skin. but it was all in good fun. no feelings were hurt — you didn’t think — and tom also seemingly liked to belittle you at every chance you he had.
it was a game that you two had played for years. you would say a joke about him being a “stuck up goodie goodie” and he would retort back with a equally snarky comment.
but, there was always an unspoken rule that hid beneath the table. do not try to outsmart him. you technically knew he was smarter than you — granted, he was practically smarter than everyone. so, you had no trouble breaking this unspoken rule.
but just as you say down for monday’s potions lesson. something seemed to change in the air. it began just as professor slug horn announced the winner of the potion competition would win their own bottle of liquid luck.
“you see, ive had this bottle for about three years and i’m ready to give it up. that is, if someone wins!” slug horn announced, “you’ll be making a antidote for any poison of your liking.”
tension seemed to hang in the air, you wanted that potion. but you also knew tom most likely wanted it more. you felt his eyes glaring at you from across the room, sending you a warning sign.
meeting his eyes, you saw only pure hatred. you swallowed hard. it wasn’t like you to be intimidated by him, but it was hard not to feel only a sense of worry for yourself as he looked at you.
“and you may began!” slughorn said, gesturing with his hands.
you ripped your eyes away from tom’s and immediately got to work. you searched for the nearest bezoar. your mother was a exceptional potioner and she had taught you best.
there was an easy cure for most poisons. bezoar. sure, it was sort of a cop out, but it didn’t matter to you.
after another thirty minutes, professor slug horn called time. “give me a moment to grade your works as i go around the room.”
you could feel the questioning glances you were getting from others. why hadn’t you put any ingredients in the table? where you trying to fail deliberately?
“tom, what an excellent discovery! my finest student back at it again. you’re up in the running son.” slughorn beamed as he examined toms potion.
“thank you, sir.” tom replied cooly. the charm and grace in his tone that made you sick to your stomach.
god, he such a teachers pet, you thought to yourself.
he even looked to proud of himself as professor walked over to your table.
“miss y/l/n, what’ve we got here? oh my!” professor slughorn gaped at the item you held out, “this is a spectacular solution. easy and simple. riddle, it looks like you’ve been outsmarted by miss y/l/n!”
you blushed at the compliment and shook your head sheepishly.
“it looks that way, doesn’t it?” tom replied, you could hear the anger in his voice. you could imagine his sharp jaw clenched, toned muscles stiff and tightened. a strange pool of desire formed near your lower stomach. embarrassed by the feeling, you brought your eyes back to professor slughorn.
after several moments, professor slughorn returned to the front of the room. “i have picked a winner. surprisingly, this student has shown a great deal of creativity and obvious thought into her solution.”
you could feel your heart beat in your chest. “y/l/n, here you are. feel free to use it whenever you’d like. please be aware of the side affects before taking it!”
you nodded sheepishly, blush filled your cheek as everyone gave a unenthusiastic clap for you. you didn’t expect people to be happy for you but you had made the mistake of turning towards tom riddle’s direction.
it was exactly like you imagined, his dull brown eyes were trained on yours, you were swarmed with his hateful energy immediately. his sharp jawline became even more aggressive as it seemed to tighten the more you kept eye-contact with him.
you took the bottle before slughorn hands and placed in your bag.
“class dismissed! again, thank you y/l/n for such a brilliant masterpiece!”
you were getting sick of the flattery as you collected your bags, but you smiled anyways.
you exited the classroom, but before you could get even two feet into the hallway someone had grabbed your wrist forcefully and slammed you into the nearest wall.
your vision blackened for a moment out of pure shock. “what the fuck-?!” you started, but then quickly interrupted by a voice.
“merlin, i bet you loved that didn’t you?” toms venomous laced voices spoke out. he was standing closer to you than he had ever before, and you noticed how tall he was compared to you.
“oh, tom. don’t be such a sore loser. it’s not a good look on you.” you feigned a pout. and his eyes narrowed, but you didn’t miss the way they flickered towards your lips.
with his hand still on your wrist, he scowled. “funny you say. i didn’t lose, you technically cheated. it was supposed to a potion, and of course, you would find some loop-hole.”
“i’m clever tom, don’t try and belittle my talents.” you replied, offended that he would try to take away your special moment. you had felt particularly smart about your solution, but with the way tom was staring at you now, you felt doubt creep into your system.
“please, you practically beg to be ‘belittled’ when you go around like that.” he sneered. his brown eyes striking against your’s.
“oh? like what, riddle.” you challenged, taking a step forward from the wall. the confidence in your voice definitely outweighed the confidence you were feeling. truthfully, you felt a little ashamed to have won so easily. tom was half-way right and you knew it.
he clenched his jaw but before he could say anything else, you had softly pressed your lips against his. at first, he was as frozen as a statue. doubt crept into your system but just before you could apologize and pull back, he grasped your wrists and you felt your back hit the wall painfully.
gasping in surprise, he tightened his hands around your wrist. he nipped at your bottom lip roughly and you could feel the smirk on his lips as you bit back a moan. “oh, come on, don’t be a tease,” he whispered as he pulled back. both of you were breathing heavily from the forceful kiss.
before you could reply, his lips were already latched onto your neck. sucking hard and quickly leaving love bites all over your collarbone, you shivered under his cold touch. a small gasp escaped your lips as he opened the broom closet door behind you.
his hands trailed up and down your blouse before finally taking off your robe. you watched him with gleeful eyes as he hoisted you onto the nearest desk. “sit pretty for me, will you?” he murmured, grabbing your inner thigh and spreading your legs apart.
you nod silently and he goes back to his original pace on your lips. you gasp as he squeezes your thigh hard. taking the advantage, he slips his tongue into your mouth. your cheeks start to fill with heat and you can feel your panties getting soaked in the process.
urgently, you grab his hand and slide it closer to your frantic needs. “please-“ you practically beg, and he pulls away with a sinister smirk on his face. “so, so needy. what would people say if they found you like this? begging for me. it’s pathetic.” he said, but his smirk never leaving his kissed-swollen lips.
fortunately, he gave in at just the right moment. he moved away the thin cotton of your panties and slide his digits into your soaked pussy. “tck, tck. did i do this?” tom whispered into your ear, nipping at the sweet spot behind it.
reluctantly, you moan against him. “oh my god. tom,” his fingers pace faster against you and you buck your hips in return. his lips catch your moan with ease, biting your bottom lip roughly once again.
you grab for the collar on his shirt for support as you thrust back and forth on his fingers. “always an overachiever, huh?” he said onto your lips as he adds a third finger, pushing you to the edge.
your eyes widen and a loud moan escapes from your throat. your eyes cloud with lust and fulfillment as you feel yourself getting closer. “tom, please, i’m so close.”
at your words, his pace fastens and you feel yourself wither beneath him. you wrap your shaking legs around his hips, allowing him to have a better position of your legs.
“fuck! dont stop, please. tom!” you plead, shaking underneath his intense gaze. he was watching you come undone for him, and enjoying every moment of it gloriously.
his fingers were coated in your juices and he slowly pulled out of you. you whimpered at the motion, suddenly embarrassed by what you had just done. “lay down.” he said, his voice monotone but demanding.
you furrowed your eyebrows, “w-what? i thought i was done.”
tom chucked humorlessly. “but don’t you like being an overachiever? outsmarting me if you will? lay down, dont make me repeat myself.”
nodding, you lie down in front of him. your skirt hiked up all the way to your stomach, leaving you bare in front of him. with your legs still shaking furiously, tom dipped down and began to gently suck on your clit. your hands flew to his hair immediately, overwhelmed with the sensation of his mouth inside of you.
you tugged sharply and you felt him moan into you. his tongue flicked at a sensitive spot and you whined. you had become quickly overstimulated and your mind had become empty expect for a loud buzz. “i don’t think i can last-“
he pulled away, kissing your inner thighs. “be patient, do you see how desperate you get when you don’t get your way?” you watch as he dips back down again and the whole vision makes your head spin.
“answer me,” he commands. now, sucking harshly against your clit in a more angered manner. you tug at his wavy-hair in return. “yes, i know, i am. please just let me come.” you whine, bucking your hips in his face.
his pace becomes angry as he practically fucks you with his mouth. your vision clouds and all you can feel is pure bliss and quivering legs. you scream out his name in one last moan.
seemingly satisfied, he leans back and watches you as you catch your breath. “i didn’t know you could do that…” you said, your voice strained and horse from your screams.
he licked his lips as you slowly sit up, covering up your legs and pulling your skirt back down. “and i didn’t know i could make you come with just my words and fingers.” he said, smirking devilishly.
you feel your cheeks heat up and try to hide your shaking legs from his view. “well, maybe it can happen again.”
he raised an eyebrow, “perhaps. try and outsmart me again, and you’ll be in for more than two orgasms.” and with that he left you there, skirt half-way pulled down, tousled hair and a whole lot of memories.
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bellatrixscurls · 2 months ago
ღ pairing : fred weasley x fem reader
ღ warnings : smut, daddy kink, praise kink, pet names, degradation, sub/dom.
ღ summary : soft sex with freddie takes a turn.
ღ a/n : this isn’t the best and it’s shortish as well, i apologize :(
Tumblr media
“Daddy, daddy ” you whimpered in Fred’s ear as he pounded into you, your hot breath against his neck making him shiver. He hummed quietly, urging you to continue. “It’s so big ” even though you were not complaining, your words still came out as a strangled moan, boosting Fred’s ego — something, indeed, very unnecessary.
Fred chuckled lowly in response, pressing a soft kiss to your cheek while he spoke, his voice merely above a whisper as to not startle you and ruin the moment. “Of course it is, honey” he emphasized his words with a particularly hard thrust, hitting all the right spots and making you cry out in pure pleasure. “Only the best for my baby” he promised, watching as you squirmed lightly at his words.
Your hands found his biceps and fingers curled around them, gripping as you felt his hips tense and his cock push deeper and deeper inside of you. “M-Merlin! Freddie, please ” you begged, slurring your words as you were not even a little bit sure of what you were begging for, but somehow, he knew. Fred always knows.
“Aw, does my little baby need more? You that much of a slut for me, huh?” his face broke into a wide grin and you nodded fervently, echoing soft ‘more’s and ‘only for you’s. “Beg for it, then.”
His cheeky demeanour had your heart racing, but his tone was still the demanding one he’d always have in bed, a reminder that you had to actually beg for it.
“Please, please, daddy. Can I have more please? Can-Can you play with my pussy...pretty please?” your pleading eyes were looking up at him, his tall figure quite intimidating as heat rushed to your cheeks. A one last, soft ‘please’ left your mouth before Fred smashed his lips against yours, sliding his tongue across your bottom lip, followed by his teeth sinking into it — sign of a not so gentle kiss.
Taking the risk and being as needy and desperate as you could get, your trembling index and middle finger found your clit, drawing tight circles on it, praying that Fred wouldn’t notice. But Merlin, did he.
This boy never missed anything, and as soon as he felt your smaller hand become a barrier between his belly and yours, his lips immediately left yours, his head dropping to look at the bit of you that was disobedient. Catching your hand, he gave it a harsh squeeze and placed it above your head alongside your other hand, just to make sure that if you wanted to disobey him again, you wouldn’t have a chance.
“So you really are a slut, after all?” he groaned, feeling your pussy clench around him. Fred sent a glare your way, his jaw tense as he picked up his pace, casually throwing one of your legs over his shoulders to get a better angle. “Don’t try to distract me with this slutty-” his free hand delivered a smack across your pussy “-little pussy. You know better than that.”
You drew a deep, staggered breath in response to his harsh words and actions, your mouth barely an inch away from his. “I’m s-sorry.”
But he laughed. And your eyebrows furrowed. Was he laughing at you?
“No, you aren’t” he said, and you opened your mouth, but he was quick to cut you off. “You enjoyed every bit of it, no? That’s just what brats do” — and then he added “And you know better than to lie to me. I hope.”
You sighed, completely taken aback by his casual way of saying things like those, almost as if he was enjoying your ‘bratty’ side. “It was nice” you murmured shyly, pulling him closer with your legs and hiding your face in his chest.
“That’s right, baby. And what does that make you?” the pleasure boiling in your stomach was hard to ignore, but Fred’s words made it impossible. “Answer me” he demanded as he snapped his hips forward, and his hips started to tremble as well, a pretty obvious sign that he was close too.
Your breath hitched in your throat at the command, but you still obeyed. And somehow, that was the exact same time Fred decided to show some attention to your clit, ripping a loud cry from your throat mid sentence. “I’m a s-slut, daddy! Your dirty slut, please!”
“That’s right. My dirty little slut.”
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fred weasley taglist; @silverdelirium @malfoy-girl @daddymalfoy-issues @teenwolfbitches28 @amethystangle @methblinds @mess-in-side @illusionsofrainbows @fairyy27 @remusjlupinisdead @mrs-brekker15 @malfoysbiitch @imahoeforremuslupin @acciodignity @nic0lodean @ginnysbabymama @kayleiggh @saintlike78 @someonetookmygin
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Pulling their hair while making out:
Moderate NSFW warning!
HCs and blurb requests (both sfw and nsfw) are open! Check my pinned post on my page for my writing boundaries.
Most of these HCs that I'm making so far are based off just random thoughts that pop up in my head. But the last one seemed to do well so we'll see how this one does. I promise they'll be more organized in the future. For now you just get my jumbled notes that I jot down for fun and occasionally share with you guys. <3 I appreciate all the support though. It means so much to me :)
I didn't add Harry or Dean because I didn't know what to do for either of them.
Fred: You would be making out with him in the common room during lunch. You wanted to test something so you tug at his hair a little bit too roughly. The groan that left him was something you didn’t expect but was very welcome. You also didn’t expect the smirk on his face once he pulled away. "Do that again and whatever happens next is not my fault darling." He laughs when you stumble over your words for a comeback, either in anger or embarrassment, but he secretly wishes you'd pull his hair again.
George: Lets out a soft whimper followed by a breathless "please do that again-" And just melts with another light moan when you do. He grabs you by your waist and pulls you impossibly closer before burying his face into your shoulder while pressing open mouth kisses along your skin and silently begging for more.
Neville: Poor mans would get so flustered after he lets out a surprised whine. You have to reassure him that it was kind of the reaction you were wanting, but it didn’t exactly help his flustered state. It might take a minute to calm him down though. Once he's calm, he tells you that he wants to keep kissing. He’d be nervous to ask you to do it again but you get the hint.
Draco: Oh boy. He really pulls the “you’re playing a dangerous game” card on you before going back to making out. But only now, he's rougher than before. Probably would put his hand against your throat so you could feel the cold metal of his ring. And to scare you, or tease you further. Whichever you're into. 
Ron: You would be in his dorm room, making out instead of studying like you guys said you were going to. You wanted to try something out so you tangled your fingers in the back of his hair and tugged. You got the exact opposite reaction you thought you would. He'd whine. First time he'd ever done so too. You pulled away to see him bright red in the face, but before he could pull away from you completely - you grabbed him by his face before whispering "do that again." And bringing him back into a heated makeout. He didn't complain, and by the end of it he was whining for you to do more than just kiss him.
Seamus: He’d probably see it as a game at first and pull your hair right back but the sound you let out tells him it’s not that kind of game. The soft noise of realization before he feels his face flush and playfully pushes you off makes you laugh before teasing him for being so oblivious. He curses you out, but he isn't really angry. The previous mood was ruined but hey you got a few laughs from it. You guys experiment with it later though.
Cedric: A gasp escaped him as he pulled away to look at you. You flushed as you tried to explain why you did it but he just grinned and chuckled. "Curious little thing, aren't you?" He quipped, before going right back in. He curled the ends of your hair around his fingers as he kissed you, threatening to pull it just like you did to his but he never did. Left you whining a bit and you hated how he just laughed at you. It's all lighthearted of course. He eventually made it up to you.
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quillsanddaydreams · 4 months ago
⸻ a hp following disclosure
Tumblr media
I've been meaning to make an appreciation post for all the writer's on here and since I already reblog all stories I read on @daydreams-treasury , I thought why not just recommend blogs as a whole. All the blogs down below are amazing, talented, brilliant— you name it. Do check out their masterlists to fall in love with their writing, I know I have.
Please note that this order is quite random, I went through my rec and following lists to create this :) Also, there might be blogs who are no longer active or write anymore, but I felt it was worth mentioning their amazing works.
Tumblr media
☆ @scvrllet » I don't think I've ever found a person more deserving of the title "angst queen" and you'll be surprised to see her fluffy stories are equally delightful.
writes for: the marauders, lily evans, regulus black, tom riddle, barty crouch jr, golden trio, draco malfoy, the weasley’s, blaise zabini, pansy parkinson, and cedric diggory
☆ @nuttytani » To prove that no amount of fluff is just enough and stories can in fact make your days a bit brighter everyday.
writes for: bill weasley, cedric diggory, ginny weasley, harry potter and the marauders
☆ @propinquify » For angst, fluff or hurt and comfort I think Naija can take you on a roller coaster of emotions.
writes for: the marauders, wolfstar, draco malfoy, fred weasley, george weasley, harry potter, ginny weasley, blaise zabini and cedric diggory
☆ @sunrisefairy » I have yet to start on her works, but I know for a reason that her works are *chef's kiss*
writes for: george weasley, bill weasley, charlie weasley and the marauders
☆ @fortisfilia » I remember reading her works and dreaming hours on end. And I think the world she created with her stories was a pretty one to live in ;)
writes for: the marauders, tom riddle, draco malfoy, fred weasley, dean thomas and cedric diggory
☆ @sirisuorionblack » You know the moment a story feels less like fanfiction, but more like an adventure you're going through? Yeah. Her stories will make you feel that.
writes for: the marauders, wolfstar, marlene mckinnon and cedric diggory
☆ @henqtic » I have yet to start on their stories but as far as general consensus goes, their works are all amazing.
writes for: the marauders, draco malfoy, fred weasley, george weasley, luna lovegood, neville longbottom
☆ @rcwenaclaw » The way she writes makes me swoon and you are bound to fall for all of those works too!
writes for: fred weasley, george weasley, charlie weasley, harry potter, ron weasley, hermione granger, ginny weasley, luna lovegood, draco malfoy
☆ @natasha-romancff » The overwhelming amount of emotions I feel when I read her stories should be illegal :')
writes for: fred weasley, george weasley, the marauders, tom riddle, ron weasley, harry potter, neville longbotton, cedric diggory, oliver wood, ginny weasley, luna lovegood, draco malfoy
☆ @shaynawrites23 » Her fluff just makes my heart skip a beat and melt all gooey inside >.<
writes for: sirius black and remus lupin
☆ @blue-writes-things » The light-hardheartedness in their works is amazing and I never not smile when I read their works.
writes for: remus lupin and sirius black
☆ @george-fabian-weasley » The amount of talent is awe-inspiring, the feelings and emotions all put to words are just so beautiful.
writes for: george weasley, fred weasley, bill weasley, oliver wood and harry potter
☆ @hxlyhead-harpies » You know the moment when you have to stop everything and look at the wall for a moment because the thing you just read actually made your heart ache? Oh yeah. Their works will do that to you.
writes for: the marauders, lily evans, wolfstar, jily, hermione granger, neville longbottom, luna lovegood, cedric diggory, fred weasley, george weasley, ginny weasley and oliver wood
☆ @weasleydream » I have yet to start on their works, but please do check their works out.
writes for: fred weasley, george weasley, charlie weasley, bill weasley, percy weasley, ginny weasley, the marauders, harry potter and oliver wood
☆ @iwritesiriusly » For the amount of fluff and cuteness and sweet scenes that is contagious to health XD
writes for: draco malfoy, the marauders, regulus black, george weasley and newt scamander
☆ @awritingtree » If you weren't in love with a fictional character already, they'll make you fall for them, hard.
writes for: george weasley, fred weasley, draco malfoy, oliver wood, neville longbottom and the marauders
☆ @theonly1outof-a-billion » For the fluff that can cure blue days
writes for: remus lupin, sirius black, draco malfoy, fred weasley
☆ @remmyswritings » I think her writing is like a comforting hug you need after a long long day and I don't think anything describes her works better than simple beautiful.
writes for: theodore nott, blaise zabini, charlie weasley, regulus black and sirius black
☆ @willowbleedsonpaper » You know the moment you don't feel like reading, but more like watching a movie unfold? I think her writing can do that to you.
writes for: draco malfoy, theodore nott, james potter, sirius black, regulus black, fred weasley and george weasley
☆ @boxofbadaddiction » For me, reading her stories has always been painful because all the while I can't help but go "I want that-"
writes for: fred weasley, george weasley, harry potter, draco malfoy and remus lupin
☆ @coffee--writes » I don't think words can accurately describe just how perfect and gorgeous her writing is. The emotions, decriptions- everything about her works is just *amazing*
writes for: the golden trio, draco malfoy, neville longbottom, ginny weasley, fred weasley, george weasley, cedric diggory, blaise zabini, theodore nott, daphane greengrass, susan bones, katie bell, charlie weasley, bill weasley, fleur delcor, the marauders, regulus black and lily evans
☆ @oopskashish » Her writing cannot be described as anything else than enchanting, she'll make you fall in love with her words.
writes for: the marauders, regulus black, lily evans, harry potter, draco malfoy, fred weasley and george weasley
☆ @selenes-sun » I think I've always loved stories that make us feel like going through an old photo album and val is an expert at just that.
writes for: blaise zabini, charlie weasley, harry potter, draco malfoy, regulus black, neville longbottom, sirius black, remus lupin, fred weasley, george weasley, ginny weasley, hermione granger, minerva mcgonagall and pancy parkinson
☆ @heloisedaphnebrightmore » The way she writes is filled with fluffiness and an appropriate way to comment on them seems to be a long keysmash.
writes for: the marauders, regulus black, oliver wood, draco malfoy, cedric diggory, ron weasley, fred weasley, george weasley, neville longbottom and charlie weasley
☆ @ghosts-of-hogwarts » Her works have always been a fluffy delight :')
writes for: the marauders and draco malfoy
☆ @leahstypewriter » I think her works give off a huge dark academia, head in the clouds vibes- in a great way.
writes for: the marauders, cedric diggory, draco malfoy, fred weasley, george weasley, neville longbottom and the golden trio
☆ @iliveiloveiwrite » Millie's works have always been a joy to read- angst or fluff or light-hardheartedness alike, she has it all.
writes for: the marauders, the golden trio, draco malfoy, george weasley, fred weasley, neville longbottom, cedric diggory, oliver wood and luna lovegood
☆ @finnwrld » I still remember the time he sent in a story of his to review and I was at a loss of words. Because try as hard as I may, I could find zero faults in their work and wow, his works are simply wow.
writes for: the marauders, harry potter, draco malfoy, hermione granger and george weasley
☆ @omgrachwrites » All of her series are to die for, you wouldn't be able to comprehend the emotions she'll make you go through.
writes for: sirius black, jily and more
☆ @thou-crusty-batch-of-nature » She has written some extremely fluffy stories which are to live for.
writes for: the marauders and harry potter
☆ @angelxnaa » I don't think there is anyone who isn't a fan of her works because oh my god they are so beautiful.
writes for: the marauders, golden trio, cho chang, fleur delcor, ginny weasley, luna lovegood, cedric diggory, draco malfoy, george weasley, fred weasley, neville longbottom, bill weasley, lily evans, marlene mckinnon and regulus black
☆ @ickle-ronniekins » Her stories have e v e r y t h i n g. They'll get you right in your feels like magic.
writes for: fred weasley and george weasley
☆ @approved-by-dentists » The talent they have is unreal and you'll never know you're reading fanfiction or a famous published book because he is just that good.
writes for: the marauders, luna lovegood, draco malfoy, cedric diggory, golden trio
☆ @pregnant-piggy » Her stories are one of the best out there- they're so damn amazing. I'm always awe-struck when I read her works, it's like living a dream.
writes for: the marauders, jily, golden trio, draco malfoy, fred weasley, george weasley, charlie weasley and blaise zabini
☆ @sweeter-than-strawberries » Reading her stories is like watching a beautifully aesthetic movie and I love all of them for it.
writes for: sirius black
☆ @heyquxxns » I just fell in love with her writing the moment I read them and I hope you do too.
writes for: the marauders and regulus black
☆ @theweasleysredhair » I love love all her stories and the way they make me feel- the emotions and characterization, everything feels on point.
writes for: the marauders, fred weasley, george weasley, draco malfoy, neville longbottom, ron weasley and oliver wood
☆ @bave-de-crapaud » I simply adore the way she writes for Sirius and hope you will too!
writes for: sirius black
☆ @rainandhotchocolate » I remember going through her masterlist and falling in love with every single story she wrote because they were all just that good ;)
writes for: the marauders, jily, lily evans, harry potter, hermione granger and teddy lupin
☆ @padfootagain » There is a reason she's called the "queen of fluff" and that is entirely due to her breathtaking works.
writes for: sirius black, remus lupin, blackinnon, jily and charlie weasley
☆ @wreckofawriter » I don't think I've ever found such unique and beautifully written stories and I adore every single one of them on her masterlist.
writes for: the marauders, lily evans, harry potter, draco malfoy, blaise zabini, cedric diggory, teddy lupin, fred weasley and oliver wood
☆ @futurewriter2000 » She is the person who inspired me to start with my own fanfiction, because her stories were so emotion packed I couldn't help but imagine all kinds of whatifs and live in the beautiful world she created.
writes for: the marauders, draco malfoy, fred weasley, george weasley, cedric diggory, harry potter, oliver wood, charlie weasley, ron weasley, neville longbottom, molly weasley, regulus black, mulciber, tom riddle, severus snape, peter pettigrew, teddy lupin and james sirius potter
☆ @hermioneshandbag » I went through her entire masterlist in a span of 2-3 days because I just couldn't stop reading, her works were all so fantastic.
writes for: sirius black and remus lupin
☆ @seriouslyblacklikemysoul » Another writer's whose works I couldn't help but binge time and time again. Fluff and angst- she has everything.
writes for: the marauders, lily evans, regulus black, cedric diggory, george weasley, draco malfoy and hermione granger
☆ @princesse-de-ravenclaw » Her works are light-hearted and fluffy, will make you transport right into the wizarding world because they're all so great.
writes for: the marauders, harry potter, draco malfoy, cedric diggory and fred weasley
☆ @haracelovestruck » You know how some series are just so darn great, they feel like an action packed novel? Yes, her stories will make you feel like that as you swirl up in a world of drama and mystery.
writes for: the marauders, regulus black, severus snape, draco malfoy, fred weasley, george weasley, cedric diggory, percy weasley, bill weasley, newt scamander and credence barebone
☆ @lumos-barnes » I've always looked up to the way she writes and her stories are a huge bomb of fluffiness.
writes for: the marauders, fred weasley, george weasley, bill weasley and oliver wood
Tumblr media
And I guess that's it. This is the long list of all Harry Potter writers I follow and look up to. Here is the link to my own masterlist. And over here you can find a list of over 100 masterlists from different blogs.
Thank you and I hope you have a great day!
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wickedw3asleys · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So I was scrolling through Pinterest earlier this evening, and after a good deliberation, I have now decided that due to personal reasons, I will proceed to pass away. Thank you for your attention.
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jannieka394 · a year ago
Imagine a buzzfeed unsolved and harry potter cross over where Shane is the chosen one and does not believe in magic.
"Hey there death eaters, it's me, ya boy"
"I'm dancing in your forest. It's my forest now! If you want me out you're gonna have to kill me"
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pinkandblueblurbs · 12 days ago
kinktober day 12- thigh riding
fred weasley x hufflepuff!reader. d/s, thigh riding, degradation, teasing, kissing
“Please,” you whine, lip jutting out in a petulant pout as you squirm atop Fred’s lap. All you want is to get off- but you can tell by the glint in his eye that he’s in the mood to tease. His large hands grip your waist, guiding your movements and turning them from sloppy wiggles to purposeful ruts.
“Please?” He mocks your high pitched tone, wearing a mock pout that morphs into a grin. “Poor little princess. Y’so needy for me, aren’t you?”
“Yes.” You grumble, brows furrowing and lip protruding even further in a scowl that Fred finds simply adorable. “Don’make fun of me.”
“Awww, did that make you grumpy?” He taunts, cupping your chin and running his calloused thumb along your distended lower lip with a click of his tongue. “What a huffy puff.”
“I’m not huffy.” You, admittedly, huff out, brows furrowing further as you continue to grind on the thick of his thigh. Fred’s grin only widens.
“No? Not huffy? How ‘bout whiny?” You shake your head. “Really? Well, what if I told you I don’t feel up to letting you get off on my thigh, and you’ll have to make yourself cum all on your own? Hm?”
“Freddie.” The male chuckles at your whine of his name, and he reaches up to give your head a condescending pat.
“That’s what I thought, my little huffy puff.”
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horrorxweasley · a month ago
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I decided I'm going to do Kinktober this year, I will be posting a fic every day of October 2021 for George and Fred Weasley with the theme of a new kink each day. I may or may not end up not making the deadline for A LOT of these so some may be taken off, either way it’s still happening and i’m excited.
This is the first one I've ever done so hopefully it will work out as planned, I hope you enjoy the fics :) 
I’ll also link my general  masterlist and taglist at the bottom
Day 1- Breeding GEORGE WEASLEY
Day 2 - Choking/Breathplay FRED WEASLEY
Day 3 - Shibari GEORGE WEASLEY
Day 4 - Edging FRED WEASLEY
Day 5 - Exhibitionism GEORGE WEASLEY
Day 6 - Begging FRED WEASLEY
Day 7 - Degrading GEORGE WEASLEY 
Day 14- Voyeurism FRED WEASELY
Day 18 - Daddy Kink GEORGE WEASLEY  
Day 19 - Spit Kink GEORGE WEASLEY 
Day 20 - Mirror Sex GEORGE WEASLEY 
Day 24 - Knife Kink GEORGE WEASLEY
Day 27 - Thigh Riding GEORGE WEASLEY 
Day 30 - Cyber Sex FRED WEASLEY
Day 31 - Ice Play GEORGE WEASLEY 
General Masterlist
@toxicmodernity @dracofknmalfoy @pogueslandia @sunrisefairy @rosietoesy @comfortwriting @famdomhideout @pandaxnienke @writing-wh0re @onlyfreds @whipped-for-the-weasley-twins @fairielovegood @gaycatlord-stuff @0x0spunky-monkey0x0 @i-love-scott-mccall @simpforremuslupin @lovely-slytherin @georgeweasleysbabe @skarlettmikaelson @elishi03 @escapingrealitybyreading @xmalfoyweasleyx @tryingtosurvivelife @cedricisnotdead @slytherclaw1978 @zoeygraygubler @its-a-metaphor-barnes @1800-marauders-slut @dilf-lover21 @urgingforyou
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selenesheart · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
thank you so much for 1k followers, i love you all so much. thanks for all of the love and support in the past two (?) months, it’s so crazy to me how much I’ve grown— and now I wanna show my love and support by recommending some of my favourite fics/blurbs <3
* indicates smut
Tumblr media
ceo!blaise by @slvt4fakerealities *
moonlight & afterlife by @nic0lodean
messy office by @silverdelirium *
rest by @acosmis-t
sticky washing machine / pt. 2 by @silverdelirium *
better by @bellatrixscurls *
mommy by @fredshufflepuff *
edging by @/slvt4fakerealities *
tears of gold by @hellounicorn *
perfect by @akraziia
sweet tooth by @/silverdelirium *
good girls get awarded by @kirascottage *
walk through hell by @gxtitobxby
look how pretty by @arcaneslut *
can’t take it by @slvt4fakerealities *
that’s what i’m here for by @eunoniaa *
tutor by @hellounicorn *
Initials by @cupids-crystals
wrapped around my finger by @akraziia *
rivals / pt. 2 by @shadesofvelma *
deserve nothing by @thotbutpurple *
dreams come true by @marauders-lupin
wish you were sober by @hxlyhead-harpies
angel by @earlgreydream *
if you were here by @slytherweasley *
anniversary by @/silverdelirium
scissoring (ft. h.g.) by @/arcaneslut *
I like her name by @ladyvesuvia
we fell in love in October by @dreamy-clousds
pretty in pink by @miiamour *
your touch by @/chokemepansy *
sub harry by @railmeharrypotter *
trust me, darling by @chokemepansy *
dom harry by @peppers-analytics *
sweet kisses by @ronsbadidea
stress reliever by @/thotbutpurple *
bubble baths by @dracossweetprincess
scissoring (ft. p.p.) by @/arcaneslut *
keep going by @chokemepansy *
on camera by @cupidsriot *
muggle devices by @/cupids-crystals
overstimulation by @slvt4fakerealities *
je t’aime by @maybanksslut
his baby by @bellatrixscurls *
my good girl by @/fredshufflepuff *
first time by @pinkandblueblurbs *
she loves me by @henqtic
needy by @arcane-history *
a birthday show by @salazarslytherin *
opportunities by @holden-caulfield
flustered adorable mess by @/fredshufflepuff
shaking and trembling by @/ronsbadidea *
multitasking by @miiamour *
special by @magicchai
wrong by @/bellatrixscurls *
cinnamon and roses by @chokemepansy
cuddle bunny by @/dreamy-clousds
wrong by @/chokemepansy *
pretty by @gothboutique *
big breath, darling by @/eunoniaa *
sweater weather by @mullthingsoverinthehotwater
would you? by @magicchai
deification by @yoooespinosa *
my lord by @ingeniouscollectionthing *
wrong by @/silverdelirium *
my heirs by @b-aobao *
Tumblr media
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