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#fred weasley x reader

❝In which Fred Weasley is, without a shadow of a doubt, your Prince Charming.❞ // MASTERLIST.
Prompts: Fluff 20: “Your cuteness is making everyone stare, stop it.”
Request: Not requested, just a fun thing I wanted to write c:
Warnings: None. // Flashbacks in Italics.
Note: There’s not really a plot to this, just good, nice fluff :D
Word Count: 2,926


Hogwarts had never been so alive. It was the week leading up to Halloween, everyone was preparing, some having prepared months in advance. In every corner, every corridor, classroom or hall, friend groups could be heard planning their group costumes. Couples, in between stolen kisses, planned cute costumes that matched.

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summary: Fred and (Y/N) get locked a broom closet while playing a muggle game with their friends which leads to some sudden confessions (based on the New Girl episode “cooler”)

warnings: mentions of underage drinking

word count: ~1.9k

“Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” Chanting came from the group outside of the closet. (Y/N) and Fred leaned on opposite sides of the tiny closet, wondering what they should do. The muffled chanting of their friends continued outside.

They had been playing a game of truth or dare with a twist with their closest friends. The twist was that if they didn’t like the truth or dare that they were given, they had three chances to opt out of if they didn’t want to complete what was being asked of them. In return, they had to take a shot of firewhiskey. Unfortunately for Fred and (Y/N), they had already taken all three of their shots in previous rounds and were stuck playing “seven minutes in heaven” in the broom closet attached to the Gryffindor common room.

“Please just let us out.” (Y/N) yelled, banging on the door.

“Not until you kiss!” Alicia yelled back as the rest of the group continued their chanting.

“You’re all really immature!”

(Y/N)’s words fell on deaf ears as the group continued their chanting.

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In the Afterglow | 2 | F.W.


Summary: The reader is married to George Weasley, and for all intents and purposes, he is the perfect husband. But, despite her best efforts to resist, Fred presents temptation she never knew she’d fall for.

Pairing: Fred Weasley x Fem! Reader; George Weasley x Fem!Reader

Alternate Universe: No Voldemort AU

Rating: Mature, Future Chapters will Feature Explicit Content

Trigger Warnings: Angst, cussing, mild sexual content, mentions of extramarital affairs, cheating, nudity

Author’s Note: Let me know if you’d like to be on the tag list! 

Taglist: @oh-for-merlins-sake @sunflowernarry @vivianweasley @haf-the-trash-panda @obsssedwithjustaboutanything @msmarklee1213 @n3ssm0nique @satellitespidey  @michaylahpfan27  @girl22334 @starlightweasley @minty-malfoy @theweasleytwinsgirl

*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚: *✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚: *✧・゚:

November 10.

Fall had fully arrived in London, decorating the ground with crunchy orange and red leaves. You pulled a sweater out of your closet and pulled it on. Molly had knit it for you last Christmas. It was maroon with little flecks of grey throughout. Something about it being homemade made you love it more. Being wed into the Weasleys offered you a family you hadn’t had before. One that gave gifts and hugged on holidays; one that shared laughter and drinks far into the night on Christmas Eve; one that cared for you deeply and unconditionally. Your heart jumped a bit when you felt two arms around your waist suddenly.

“Hi honey,” George said, turning to kiss your lips. You kissed back, placing your hand on the back of his neck. A giggle escaped your lips as you moved your hands down to the cool touch of his trouser buttons. The autumn weather had made you more affectionate, seeking warmth in your husband’s arms.

“I have about an hour until I really have to leave. Dinner’s on in the slow cooker, so…I don’t have anything to occupy me for a while…”

But, as was typical lately, George didn’t fulfill your requests.

“I have to go get to the shop,” he pouted. You sighed with an honest attempt to hide your annoyance. When you and George had first married, intimacy was far more…exciting. He would steal you away into the back storage room of Weasley Wizard Wheezes, hoping Fred didn’t come wandering back. You lived in back-arching, toe-curling ecstasy for your first year of marriage. But now, when you actually got around to having sex, it had lost its thrill. George didn’t show or tell you much lately how much he loved you. It hurt, but you were too afraid to let him know that.

You didn’t really have anything to say that wouldn’t have been slightly cruel, so you huffed off to the bathroom to finish your makeup. George followed, leaning against the door frame. “I’m sorry,” he sounded genuine. “But I mean, I have to go to work, honey.”

“I know,” you said, leaning forward to apply mascara to your eyes. He came over and gave you a kiss behind your ear, which only made you grow more frustrated with his lack of fulfilling what you wanted.

“Yup,” you said, moving away from him. The sound of your heels clicking on the tile as you head into the kitchen somehow annoyed George beyond belief.

“You really are being a bit of a bitch about this,” he huffed. His words stung. George was never one for name-calling, and just the sound of the cuss word rolling off his tongue cut you to the quick.

George had grown used to you, you reasoned. He no longer needed to ‘woo’ you because the shiny diamond on your finger had ensured you were his for good.

“Don’t start,” you warned. You busied yourself with filling your travel mug with coffee. The sound of George’s sighing made you look up. He was fastening the buttons of his jacket. For some reason, you felt like crying but pushed your tears back.

“Can we chat about this later?”

You nodded, handing him a paper bag with his lunch in it. He gave you a quick peck on the forehead and left.

You sighed, pulling your phone out of your pocket. Mindlessly, you scrolled to your recent texts and found Fred’s name. You took a type breath as you typed, feeling your heart murmur as you typed.

Thinking of you, Freddie.

But you quickly erased the text, forbidding yourself to continue the thoughts you had started to entertain.

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Fire & Ice: Part 17

“Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” - Robert A. Heinlein

** **

The electric happiness that radiated from the walls of Weasley Wizard Wheezes, seemed like the only beacon of hope in Diagon Alley. The shops that had been closed down and boarded up had only added to the greying and dismal sights of Diagon Alley, the settling hopelessness that had taken over the alley.

The wizarding world as anyone knew it was on the verge of another war. The death eaters that your father had so strongly identified and sympathized with had ordered an attack on Olivander. They had destroyed the shop that you had gotten your wand at, they had taken the man.

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draco malfoy x hermione granger

draco malfoy x reader

harry potter x reader

ron weasley x reader

fred weasley x reader

george weasley x reader

sirius black x reader

remus lupin x reader

james potter x reader

maybe others! request and we’ll see :)

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thank you, love!

in love with my best friend

  • oh my- the summary- i’m already hooked, viv
  • ok i LOVE the idea that the bois smell like cinnamon
  • this is making me sad :(

You swore to Merlin that you heard a huge exploding sound when you heard that news, but your apartment was perfectly quiet, dead silent even.

  • what a beautiful sentence, viv 💗
  • oh my goodness, the rapid fire stages of grief is so clever!
  • and freddie would be so supportive, and he would be so broken up about the whole thing. i would cry on fred weasley’s shirt after a bad day, too. 😔

And finally, acceptance. “Merlin of course! I would love to be your Maid of Honor! I’m so happy for you George!”

  • omg imagining 12 year old georgie hiding chocolates in the passageway with reader is KILLING ME
  • supportive!fred is EVERYTHING

Watching them exchanging wedding rings and becoming legal husband and wife, you actually felt relieved for a moment. This was finally the moment when you accepted the fact that George never belonged to you. This was finally the moment when you could officially let go of this unrequited love that you never really knew how to deal with. 

  • i didn’t even consider this perspective! what a beautifully constructed inner conflict. this paragraph is so painful because it represents such real heartbreak. i just really like this paragraph, viv!!

“Charlie was invited to study a really rare breed of dragons in Greece and they said he could bring two friends.”

  • eeeeep freddie is so bloody cute

“It’s true. Why? Are you regretting your decisions now? Are you falling in love with me now?” He winked at you as he teased you.

“You wish!” You kicked him, but your heart was beating like crazy and you could feel your face heating up.

  • AW omg FREDDD aaaaah

omg VIV THIS WAS ADORABLE! i loved the natural chemistry between fred and reader, and the way you sort of laced that throughout the story. also there’s a part TWO?? ummm excuse me while i go read that. viv this is so cute and creative!! wicked job! xo @vivianweasley​

join my after party!

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Originally posted by nurabiaylmaz

hey guys, haru here! 

i’ve been having writer’s block for a couple days now, and have been struggling with creativity. 

i thought that, maybe, if i get some requests, my brain will start working again.

so if you have any ideas or something that you want written, just send in a request. 

i have a list of characters i write for in my pinned post, so choose one and send in a slight description (just a sentence or two) of what you’d like!

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Crucio. Fred Weasley x reader

Request by @secretlybigfangirl: I also wanted to request an imagine where the reader is basically in Sirius Blacks position, aka she comes from a family of death eaters but gets sorted into gryffindor, and when her family finds out that her and Fred are dating they do something ?


Originally posted by hogwarts-babe

Family was a strange concept to you. The love that they shared was something you could only admire. You came from a long, long line of death eaters; all pure blood Slytherins. You were shunned by your family and kicked out when you were sorted into Gryffindor; the rival house. You were secretly grateful for the sorting hats decision: as to be honest you didn’t like or get along with anyone in your family. You wouldn’t say you were glad to be the disappointment but you would rather be different then be one of them.

You envied the Weasley family for years. They all shared a special connection that you lacked and longed for. You saw them all talking at breakfast, all smiling and laughing. You watched from a far at the other end of the table, yearning for the same thing; but you could do was stare.

The one person in that family that you couldn’t bring yourself to hate was Fred. There was something about him that drawed you to him; much to your despise. It might have been the soft and shiny red hair, or the brown eyes which held so much love but also mischief. You didn’t know but what ever it was, you didn’t like it.

That continued for another 4 years with the envy you had for his family. One thing that did happen though, was that you had started dating Fred; around a year ago and the two of you were still going pretty strong.

You were in the dungeons when he pushed you, rather aggressively into a broom closet. “What is it with you?” He questioned; hair flipping to the side as he tilted his head. “Well hello to you too Fred. I’m great thanks for asking.” You said sarcastically; the pair of you rolling your eyes in return. “Yeah,yeah, yeah. Let’s just skip that stage shall we. What is up with you.” You looked him in the eye, trying to figure out what he meant. He cleared his throat before clarifying. “For along time I’ve been trying to figure you out. I mean you come from a long line of pure blood Slytherins and you magically get sorted into Gryffindor.” You cut him off abruptly during his sentence. You crossed your arms and said “That is how magic works Fred.” “Shut up. As I WAS SAYING! I always see you around glaring at my siblings, what is your deal? You act like you want to kill them. You are fine with me on my own but as soon as it comes to them, you are completely different.” You went to answer him but this time he cut you off. “I mean I would get if you wanted to kill us. You come from death eaters and we are just blood traitors.”You gasped; tears brimming in your eyes. You had tried your years, ever since you joined hogwarts, trying to prove that you were nothing like your family. You tried especially hard for Fred as you knew that your parents didn’t get along very well. “Do you really think I’m like my parents?” You questioned, voice wobbly and meek. “I don’t know probably. I don’t even know that much-“You didn’t here the rest of his sentence because you walked out before he could see you cry. You tried so hard for him and he still thinks your someone your not.

It took a few days for you to come out of your dorm. Ever since the incident, argument, accusation happened, you hadn’t left your bed. You felt to embarrassed and hurt to go out. Thoughts ran around your head like ‘if my own boyfriend thinks like that, what does everyone else think?’ You friends manage to drag you done to the great hall for dinner, promising you your favourite dinner. You begrudgingly agreed, quite fed up with them pestering you all the time; and also you were really craving f/f. You and your friends walked downstairs and into the great hall, sitting right at the end of the table. All was going well until you saw from the corner of your eye the Weasley’s all whispering and pointing in your different. You couldn’t stand it any more so you legged it. You ran out of the great hall and out towards the quidditch pitch: feeling the need for fresh air.

You admired the view from the quidditch stands. You could see hogwarts: dimly lit and the trees of the forbidden forest swaying lightly in the breeze. You hadn’t noticed that someone had followed you until a jacket was wrapped around your shoulders. A familiar and comforting sent was welcomed along with the jacket. “I’m sorry.” Fred said. He looked at you properly for the first time since he found you up there. You looked so pretty staring off into the distance. You cheeks were starting to turn a bit lighter from being exposed to the cold for along time. “I know you different to them. I don’t know what I was thi-“ the end of his sentence got faded out because you had finally acknowledged his presence. He watched your movements carefully but sighed in relief when you leaded your head on his shoulder. He wrapped an arm around your shoulder. “It ok” you muttered quietly. Fred just smiled and brought you closer; the two of you trying to keep the other warm with your body heat.

“I just don’t understand why you don’t like my siblings” Fred said after a moment of silence. You sighed and took a deep breath before answering. “It’s not like I don’t like them Freddie. I actually love them. But…” you took a shaky breath. “I guess I’m just jealous. You all have such a strong connection and I guess I just want a relationship like that with my family.” Fred don’t really know what to say; so he just moved you so that you were sat on his lap, his arms around your waist and head leant against his shoulder. “I love you, you know that right?” He said. “Yeah, I do. I love you too” you smiled back.

You tried for the next few weeks to make amends with the Weasley siblings. Of course it took a while for them to warm up to you, but you could finally say you were sort of friends with them all. You even started to get a bit closer to Ron’s friends: Harry and Hermione, which lead you to the situation you were in now. In the hall of prophecies; in the ministry of magic. The plan was to go in, get the prophecy and leave, but seeming as you had Harry Potter with you- nothing went to plan.

It started off ok, Harry got the prophecy and all was well until death eaters showed up. A cloud of black smoke surrounded all of you. You cling onto Harry, knowing that he was the reason why everyone was here. After all the smoke cleared, you realised that it was just Harry and yourself standing next to the veil; all your friends were taken by death eaters. Each one of them had a death eater restraining them, wands pointed to the children’s necks. “Y/n?” You heard your mother call out to you in shock. “Mother.” You nodded your head, acknowledging her. You knew that of you paid her no attention, things could go down hill very rapidly. At least now, you have said something to her. “Y/n?” You heard Fred and Ginny call out to you simultaneously. You looked over to them, your eyes filled with pity and regret. “She’s your mother?” Fred sort of whisper shouted at you. You nodded ever so slightly. “Hey, you know I can hear you right?” She spoke.

Your mother made her way out from behind Lucius Malfoy and made her way over to Fred. “And who may you be, mudblood?” She asked viciously. “About that…” Fred started. This was really not the time for one of his sarcastic comments. “Technically I’m not a so called mud blood as I am pure blood.” You could feel the bile rising from your stomach, if Fred didn’t shut up, you knew your mother would kill him, so you had to interrupt. “Shut up Fred this is really NOT the time.” You said putting emphasis on ‘not’. “Sorry love” he replied. Fred really didn’t know how to shut up. “Love?” Your mother questioned now focusing her attention on you. “LOVE?” She screamed at you. You flinched at the sound of her voice. “Yes mother, love. Fred. He’s um…” you paused for a bit. “Boyfriend!” Fred shouted. “Well you didn’t have to say it like that did you Fred?!” You screamed back. He chucked in response before groaning in pain from a punch from your mother.

You could see the angry glint in your mother’s eyes. She terrified you on a normal day, let alone when she is angry. Your mother ran towards you, grabbing your shoulder and pushing into the wall of the arch; by the veil. She held her wand up to your neck and started to push it into your skin. “Love is weakness.” She said whilst glaring at you. “I. Didn’t. Raise. You. To. Be. Weak.” She spat, emphasis on every word. You whimpered as she pushed her wand harder into your neck. “Please stop” You begged. “Please”

Fred watched from the other side of the room. He couldn’t make any comment now without the possibility of you getting killed. He struggled and tried to make his way out of the death eaters arms, but the villain was too strong. Fred watched as you begged you mother for mercy. He watch how your mother dug her wand into your neck: he knew it would become a bruise. “Please mother! Please stop!” He heard you beg. He let out the breath he was holding when your mother said “ok”. But nothing could prepare him for what happened next.

You breathed a sigh of relief when your mother said “ok” but the thing she did next would haunt you. “Crucio!” Your mother hissed. Pain rushed through your body like nothing you had ever felt before. It was like an infinite amount of white hot knives stabbed, scratched and carved at your body, inside and out. It felt like someone was twisting your limbs in ways that were not humanly possible. A blood curdling scream admitted from your mouth. You fell to the floor, your spine no where near the ground as you had arched your back so high to try and stop the pain. In the midst of your screaming you managed to open your eyes to look over at Fred who was struggling to get out of the death eater restraining him. You could fell yourself losing consciousness the longer the torture went on. In a way, you accepted your fate of dying. As long as the last thing you saw was Fred, you could die.

Fred struggled against the death eater, he truly did. But nothing he did could make the death eater even flinch or move a muscle. He closed his eyes as he continued to hear your screams. They held so much pain to them that it was hard to not tear up at the sound. The worst thing was though: it was the fact that your screamed echoed around the room. But then they stopped, every thing fell silent. Fred opened his eyes and saw your figure lying not moving on the floor. It was then a blur from then on. Fred knew that the order had shown up. He knew that the prophecy had been smashed against the floor, but all he could think about was you lying motionless on the floor. He stumbled over to you, dropping to his knees. “Y/n, Y/N!” He whispered shouted like you were asleep. “Y/n.” He cried as he moved some hair out of your face. He felt a small hand being placed on his shoulder, when looking up he found Ginny. “She’s still alive,” Ginny said. “Barely. You need to bring her home and mum can help her.” Fred didn’t need to hear the rest of what his sister was saying as he dashed out of the ministry of magic and apperated straight to the burrow.

It felt weird waking up, your head was dizzy and you couldn’t quite tell where you were. You felt a strong grip on your hand and someone’s light breath on it as well. You opened your eyes but had to shut them immediately after as the light was too bright in the room; though it was nighttime. It took a few attempts of opening your eyes for them to get used to the light. You looked down the the person holding your hand and found your favourite Weasley, half sitting, half lying there. Either way, he was fast asleep. You winced as you brought your other hand up to move some of the hair out of his face. He stirred pretty quickly when you started playing with his hair. “Y/n?” He asked you. You hummed in response, not trusting your voice. “Y/N!” He exclaimed. Rushing up to inspect your face and just you in general. “How long have I been out?” You asked. You voice a lot deeper then it usually would be. “Around a week.” Fred said. You jaw dropped open. To you it had only been a few hours, maybe a day at most but a week?! Now that was news to you. “Are you feeling ok though love? You are looking a bit pale. Should I get mum?” Fred rushed his sentences. You placed your fingers to his lips to shut him up. “I’m fine Freddie. Although could you be a dear and get me a glass of water.” Fred nodded and rushed to the kitchen. You pushed yourself up from your lying position into a seated, up right one. Fred came back into the room with the glass and sat next to you, gently throwing his arm around your shoulder, rubbing his hand up and down your arm in a comforting manner. “I love you” you said quietly, resting your head on his shoulder. “I love you too” Fred replied as he placed a loving kiss to your temple.

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Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader

Summary: You’ve liked Fred Weasley for as long as you can remember, but does he like you back?

Reader’s House: not specified!


A/N: sigh. based off another song. Heather by Conan Gray. just lemme go cry while i wear my fred sweater. also ik i just recently posted a fic butttt i was listening to this song and got the idea and had time so i wrote it! also italics are flashbacks!!!!

Word Count: 1,218 (not counting song lyrics)


Hermione frowned as she followed your line of sight, seeing you, yet again, looking at Fred and Angelina. He had his arm around her waist as he talked to his twin brother. All at once, he pulled her closer, pressing a kiss to the top of her head. Your breath hitched at that and Hermione turned to you, moving in front of you so you couldn’t see Fred. Your glassy eyes locked with hers and she frowned even more.

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here’s who i’ll make soundtracks of:

Fred Weasley

George Weasley

Cedric Diggory

Harry Potter

Draco Malfoy

Hermione Granger

Ron Weasley

Luna Lovegood

Remus Lupin (ONLY MARAUDERS ERA !!i do not support teacher x student relationships !!)

Sirius Black

Dean Thomas

Seamus Finnigan

Daryl Dixon

Bucky Barnes

I’ll do anyone if I know who they are and like them enough, so don’t be afraid to ask!


**These don’t have to be just “dating fred weasley”, it could be; “sitting in the library with hermione”, or “dancing with draco in the astronomy tower”. It can also be house specific, like “ron with a slytherin”!

Please don’t be shy! It calms me down to do these! you can ask in the replies or in my request box!

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PDA pt2 (Fred Weasley x reader)


Originally posted by georgeweasleyx

A/N: No story line, just moments :P

Warnings: The gif… + it’s in the title, George having enough of your bs again, mention of the booty, suggestive moments

Link to pt 1: PDA pt1 (Yeah so there’s 500+ freakin notes on it holy crap)

Yeah so I just kinda wrote this during my English class…


You always enjoyed the free days you got from work. You usually helped out in the shop when you weren’t working your regular job. Fred insisted you relax in the flat, but you wanted to spend more time with him, which meant working. 

You didn’t mind it really. His shop was full of excitement, you’d take it over a boring office job any day. 

“Love! Where’d you go?” called his voice from the top floor. You were sitting on the counter on the bottom floor already ready, and taking a sip of your tea. Your ears perked as you watched your boyfriend fiddling with his tie. As soon as he spotted you, a toothy grin came upon his face but quickly disappeared once he saw you on the counter.

“(Y/n)…” he sighed quickly trotting down the stairs while fixing his tie up and heading towards you. You hopped off the counter and leaned your back on it, knowing he was going to say the same thing again.

“Why don’t you go back up and rest?” he asked rather quietly while stroking your cheek. You put down your teacup.

“Freddie, you don’t need to worry about me, I’m wide awake.” You were hoping your cheerful voice would convince him- you were telling the truth after all. He sighed again, crossing his arms.

“I don’t want you to work on your free day.” 

“And I’m not. I just want to spend more time with you.” 

Yours and Fred’s relationship consisted of lots and lots of affection- George was unfortunately a witness to it. You loved the cuddling after a long day after work, the tight hugs once you came home, the silly kisses when Fred was hyper… Maybe it was just missing him after your hours apart during work, or purely being so proud of what he accomplished. 

“Addiction? That’s not very good, love.” he teased, smirking. You gave his arm a light push and shook your head. A tease he was. “And I offered you to join me in the shower, but you said no.”

“Because every time you ask me and I say yes, your hand is on my butt before I even step foot into the shower.” He laughs at this, which you push him a little harder for. You pause and turn your head to the front of the shop, where the ‘No PDA’ sign sat in all it’s cardboard glory. 

“Are we being too much? I don’t like being annoying to George.” you said biting your lip.

“Hm? Don’t worry about George, he’s just being crabby. And I thought you liked breaking the rules.” The shit-eating grin on his face made your face hot. He pinned you against the counter, hand brushing your waist.

“Well, I don’t, until you rubbed off me.” You poked his chest playfully.

“Did I?” He asked teasingly and getting closer to you. Before you could answer, the door flung open and a few customers entered. 

You quickly pried yourself off your boyfriend and fixed your shirt which was ruffled by the counter. You glared at him and scrunched your nose. He in turn winked and stuck out his tongue at you. Fred chuckled at how frantic you looked, compared to the customers who were too late to notice the PDA that was about to happen. 

There weren’t any problems with customers, and the day seemed to be passing slowly. It wasn’t until there were only a couple of people in the shop at the moment, and your boyfriend decided to walk towards you. He wrapped his built arms around your waist, and his chin rested atop your head. You were a bit surprised, but smiled when you felt the familiarity of his touch.

“Fred, you almost scared me.” You said putting one hand atop his, and the other pushing the skiving snackboxes to look nice. He didn’t say anything.

“What is it Freddie?”

“Nothing…” he mumbled. “Just- you gotta stop being so bloody cute.” He took your free hand and rubbed it with his thumb. His head was in the clouds lately, you noticed. You remembered that was the same hand you had the scars from the blood quill. Your heart swelled at how sweet he was being.

“There are people still here.” you whispered. “Merlin, no wonder George can’t stand you.” you scoffed. He unwrapped his arms around you to turn you to face him.

“But that’s because we broke the no PDA rule…” You noticed that he mumbled the last bit, trailing off a little. You were left speechless as his hand was brought up- his index finger to tilt your chin up and his thumb to trace your bottom lip. You never realized when he got so close to you, but you did now as he leaned in and-

“Excuse me, Mr. Weasley!” You quickly coughed and pulled away. A small kid about eight years old tapped Fred. The little boy cocked his head in confusion as he saw both of you in an- *cough* interesting pose. Your boyfriend, quick and clever as ever, pretended and made an excuse.

“Hello, sorry I was fixing her… apron!” He said quickly bringing a hand to your back and fiddling with the tied string. You rolled your eyes, the boy giggled at how silly Fred’s tone was. 

“You know how clumsy she gets- now what did you need help with?” You glared at him as he was whisked away by the kid, but also noticing that your apron strings were now undone. You shook your head at how much of a troublemaker Fred was.

As soon as Fred was done recommending a product to the boy, he walked over to where you were standing with your arms crossed. You were lucky that the last few customers had already exited before this. Surprising as well, since it was just before your lunch break.

“Yes?” He asked. You stayed put in your crossed arm form.

“’Yes?’ You call your girlfriend clumsy and you say ‘yes’?” 

“Well, you didn’t let me finish, darling.” Fred leaned against the shelf slightly and threaded one of this hands through your loose hair. “She’s a little clumsy, yes- but she’s also smart, funny, kind, drop dead gorgeous…” He placed a kiss somewhere on your face for each thing he listed. You blushed at his words and placed your hands on his forearms. 

“And sometimes she looks like a pygmy puff early in the mornings, but- hey! Ow!” 

“Well then I think you’re just a right prat.” He gasped dramatically at your statement which made you laugh. 

“That hurts…” he said softly with a pout trying to sound in pain. “Care to make it up to me?” And just like that, his cheeky nature returned. He asked the question while tapping his lips with his index finger- you knew what he was implying. 

“You, Fred Weasley are too much for me.” You sighed bringing him in for the kiss he was wanting all this time. He happily leaned in as well, connecting your lips together and moving in sync. 

You couldn’t even focus, let alone control where those hands of his were touching you; one on the nape of your neck, and the other on your waist. He purposely backed you up a little against the shelf, careful not to knock any of the products over. It caused him to push his lips more, and soon slipped his tongue in your mouth.

“Fred. (Y/n).” called George quietly from just outside his room. You heard him, but Fred didn’t seem to.

“Fred…-” you said in between breaths, hardly able to say his name. You tapped him on the shoulder to signal him to pull away. He groaned as he listened, not wanting to stop.

“To be fair she was staring at my arse, first.”


“Ew… fix your clothes wouldn’t you, children.” said George putting the jacket he was holding in front of him to cover the view of you. 

“George, where have you been, mate? Haven’t seen you much this morning.” inquired Fred. He was right now that he mentioned it. You only saw George a bit this morning, but he often seemed like he was rushing.

“I have a date.” He said. You and Fred’s eyebrows raised. You were all living with each other yet he gets a date out of the blue?! 

“Georgie, that’s great! Who’s your date?” you said happily before your boyfriend could spit out something offensive.

“I have a date with Angelina.” He said pursing his lips and nodding his head. His behaviour was oddly monotone despite having a date. You squealed in excitement for your two best friends who have finally got the courage to make something happen.

“Oh bloody hell, I have a date with Angelina… what am I going to do, what do I say?” Turns out George was just a little nervous. You and Fred both giggled. You bid George goodbye as he walked out the shop door. You were happy for him, and Angelina- you noticed the shy smile on his face as he walked out. You knew it was going to go well for them.

Just as a short moment of silence came over, Fred suddenly had a thought in mind.

“Wait, does this mean that ‘No PDA’ sign is no more?” He asked with a large grin upon his face. Oh god, you knew how this conversation was going to end.

“We don’t know if George’s date is going to go well.” You said shrugging. You knew it would, but you were trying to counter him. Fred’s eyebrows raised as if to say, ‘really?’ 

“Well…” he started with a smirk appearing and his hands reaching to your hips again. “Why don’t we find out? Test out its limits?” 

You shook your head, both at how sneaky he was being, and to also try to mask the red on your face. 

“Frederic Gideon Weasley…” you said in a tone attempting to be demanding. You watched as he bit his lip, clearly knowing what you were going to say. Why did your boyfriend have to be so attractive? You were also leaning into his touch, and that’s how he knew he had you.

“You are way too much trouble.” you said pointing a finger to him.

“Was that a yes?” he asked cheekily. He knew you were trying to avoid his question.

“It wasn’t a no.” you said trying to supress the smile on your face as you were whisked away to your bedroom by your loving boyfriend.


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sreidswhore blurb event



thank you! ik this is like rlly small compared to a lot of other blogs but its INSANE to me that you guys actually enjoy my stuff ty!

i wanna do a lil event thing today for you guys! as some of you know i dont have power and i cant leave the house bc my neighborhood is bloocked off :/ but im able to charge my phone and i wouldnt mind spending the day doing small stuff for you guys!

if you sent me a request prior to today know im working on it but i never work on those on my phone bc formatting and everything is just annoying :/ so i cant work on those atm as much as i want to

send me a request for any hp character x reader, the word count will be between 1k - 3k for each (unless its a headcannon lmao)

🦋 - fluff

🕷 - angst

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🥀 - you let me rip your heart apart

🌻 - smut

if you have anything else i may have missed just lmk! im gonna try to pump these out and im gonna apologize in advance to any typos im usin my phone </3

but again THANK YOU, the nice comments bring me so much joy!

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Fred Weasley x Fem!Reader

Word Count: 3.1k

Warnings: none

A/N: i saw this concept done by someone else and it finally kicked my writing brain into gear and i couldn’t not write my own take on it (love potion shenanigans). my requests are currently open because i’ve been at a lack of my own ideas, so feel free to drop a request or two, i’ll be writing up a few of them! in the mean time, i hope you’re all doing well and as always i hope you enjoy <3


“How do I know you didn’t mess with my drink?”

Fred and George exchanged knowing glances, both unwilling to let on that they did, in fact, tamper with her drink.

“Look, I’m not one to be selective when handed free butterbeer, however if anything I would like to not have my hair dyed against my will again, however cool it may look,” [y/n] sighed, holding her drink up to the light to try and see if there truly was anything suspicious she could note within its contents.

“Would you just trust us?” Fred pleaded, clasping his hands together and shaking them like a child trying not to get grounded.

“Do we look like we’d ever hurt you?” George added, smiling innocently.

“Yes, yes you would,” [y/n] deadpanned, “like when Fred dropped me 50 feet off your broom and nearly missed me when he tried to catch me, or when you gave me food poisoning because the potion you put in my lunch was faulty, or the time that you both nearly killed me with a miscalculated firework, or-,”

“Okay we get it!” The twins groaned, Fred reaching forward to press his hand flat over her mouth to get her to be quiet.

“Just trust us on this one, okay?” George begged, squeezing her shoulder as she eyed the butterbeer unsurely once more.

“Fine, bottoms up lads, hope I don’t end up in the infirmary!” [y/n] cheered half-heartedly, shaking the bottle before downing it like a shot.

“So?” Fred asked, nearly jumping in his spot as the twin both eyed her excitedly.

“So what?” she repeated, scrunching her nose at the weird aftertaste in her mouth, “it was just a-,” her voice trailed out as her eyes zeroed in on Fred, her mouth suddenly running dry.

“Nothing, absolutely nothing! See, Fred, I told you we needed to add less Borage and more Belladonna!” George cursed, shuffling through his book bag for his notebook he kept for notes on these certain instances.

As the twins got lost in their tweaking of the potion, it completely slipped past them that [y/n] was quite literally going through an internal awakening, her mind spinning as she took in the boy before her.

Why was Fred so suddenly at the forefront of her mind? His strong facial features, soft swooping locks, lean and athletic build, all of it was flooding her brain and she felt like she was going to explode. She felt as if she could count every single freckle on his face is she wanted to. Her eyes trailed down to the empty bottle in her hand and it quickly clicked before the potion flooded over her inhibition and stole her capacity to think clearly.

“You’re cute,” she blurt out, her eyes widening in shock before sinking down comfortably, her face relaxing into one of pure adoration, “like really cute.”

The twins halted their discussion and slowly turned to her, their eyes ready to nearly pop out of their heads. They exchanged surprised and then excited glances, George immediately getting to editing his notes.

“[y/n], how do you feel?” Fred questioned, eyeing her up and down as she beamed up at him with a newfound sort of confidence.

“I’m doing fine, darling, why do you ask?” she replied, pressing her fingers against her temples as a surge of sense surged through her, “wait, what- what’s going on?”

“Did the potion work?” George asked, leaning forward to squint into her eyes which she leaned backwards to avoid, her eyes never tearing away from Fred’s who stood there rigid as can be.

“George, I think it worked just fine,” Fred muttered, pulling his brother back by his shoulder, “dosage was a bit off, but it worked.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I don’t mind, you have a lovely voice,” [y/n] lilted, tilting her head to the side as she took a step closer towards Fred.

“Oh shit, she-,”

“Saw me. Yup,” Fred finished George’s sentence, pulling his lips into a tight line.

“But it shouldn’t be a problem since you- OW!” George yelped when Fred pinched his arm, shaking his head in an unspoken “shut up”.

“Uh [y/n], I think we should take you up to your room, you look like you need a nap,” Fred chuckled uneasily, reaching forward but retracting his hand last minute when her eyes nearly popped out of her skull at the contact.

“But I don’t want to be away from you,” she pouted, sagging forward and slinging her arms around his neck, twirling the hairs at the nap of his neck around her pointer finger, “I’ll die without you Freddie.”

Fred chuckled and unwrapped her arms from his neck, pushing her back onto her own feet, “yeah, you most certainly need a nap. Let’s get you back to your dormitory and then we’ll talk about me leaving alright?”

“Sounds lovely,” she hummed, leaning into his side and hooking her arm with his.

“I’ll take care of taking her to keep down a fuss, you run and go see if you can make an antidote, though I hardly think we’ll need it since she keeps coming to on her own,” Fred explained, getting a curt nod from George who ran off to go fix something up.

“Did you know you have such pretty eyes?” [y/n] giggled, reaching forward and brushing his hair out of his face, “You’re even cuter when you blush too.”

Fred wanted nothing more than to go and swim to the very bottom of the black lake right then as he realized she’d picked up on the bright red hue dusting his cheeks, but he couldn’t leave her on her own, he knew that would cause a bigger fuss than any of them wanted.

“Thanks,” he mumbled, not used to being on the receiving end of such forward flirting, “lets get you to your dormitory.”


“But you can’t leave! Freddie, darling, please! I can’t be without you, I cannot!” [y/n] pleaded helplessly, clinging to his robes with balled fists.

“[y/n], you most certainly can be without me for a few moments,” Fred tried to sooth her distress, holding her up by her shoulders to keep her from sinking onto the floor.  

“I can’t! Freddie I’m in love with you, I simply cannot be apart from you, it’ll hurt too much,” she nearly cried, plopping down on the nearest bed, her eyes already watering over.

Fred chewed on the inside of his cheek, thoroughly embarrassed that he was partially responsible for putting her through this, “Look, hey, hey look at me, don’t cry please?”

She sniffled, looking up at him as he sat next to her, the comforter sinking down beneath them, “I can’t help but cry when you say you’re going to leave me!”

“I know, it’s hard, if I could take you with me, I would darling, trust me. But you know the dormitory rules, McGonagall would have my head on a stick,” Fred explained, reaching forward and brushing away the stray tear that rolled down her cheek.  

Her eyes widened a bit as she relished in the attention, her clouded mind basking in the sweet affection and reassurance he was giving her. She hummed quietly and leaned her head onto his shoulder, her head twinging as the effects of the potion wavered once more.

“Fred, where are we?”

“[y/n]! You’ve come back to?” Fred exclaimed, leaning back to observe her face scrunched in discomfort, confusion quickly overtaking him when her face laxed into bliss again.

“I’m- I’m fine now that you’re staying here with me,” she nodded, throwing herself over his lap, beaming up at him when he looked back at her all flustered, “you’re so pretty, did you know that?”

“I didn’t, no,” he chuckled awkwardly, tearing his gaze away from her love-sick eyes, his heart about ready to beat out of his chest.

“Well you are. You are oh so pretty, Freddie dear, a proper beauty if I ever did see one,” she sighed dreamily, walking her fingers up his chest to tap her finger gently at the tip of his nose.

He scrunched his nose at the feather light touch, pursing his lips disapprovingly when she giggled at his discomfort, “thank you, [y/n].”

“It’s my pleasure darling,” she chirped, fluttering her eyes shut, “I think you were right about me needing a nap.”

“I’m always right, [y/l/n],” he mused, leaning back on his arms to give her more room to get comfortable in his lap, “but if you’re tired you should get into bed, I don’t think you’d do well laying on my knees.”

“But they’re comfortable, I could lay here all day,” she hummed contentedly, folding her hands over her stomach, “I could spend all my time with you and never grow bored of your company.”

“You flatter me far too much,” He mumbled, glancing away again to try to hide the flaming red quickly overtaking his features.

“I don’t flatter you enough,” she replied simply, already starting to nod off, “but that’ll change. I love you so much, darling, I will flatter you for the rest of my days if it makes you happy.”

“That would indeed make me very happy,” Fred smiled softly, smoothing his hand over her cheek as she finally dozed off.


“Okay I think I’ve got something!”

Fred’s head snapped up from the book in his lap as George burst into the room, holding a small vile in his hand. Fred shushed him, nodding up from the floor to [y/n]’s sleeping figure behind him on the bed.

“Oh, sorry,” George whispered, “but I’ve got something fixed, I even got it doubled checked by a professor who promised not to tell.”

“Do you have a drink?” Fred asked, pushing himself off the floor to take the vile from his brother to inspect himself.

“No more butterbeer, unfortunately, but on my way here I nicked a small bottle of apple cider from the Hall, so that should do it,” George explained, pulling an almost shot glass out of his robes pocket.

“Brilliant, that should do it, I’ll wake her up,” Fred nodded, handing the potion back to his brother, and heading over to [y/n], “hey sleepy head, you gotta wake up.”

“Mmm,” [y/n] muttered, rolling over on her side as she opened her eyes soflty, “Freddie!”

He chuckled softly as she reached up towards him blindly, her eyes still shut as they readjusted to the sudden burst of light, her hands wrapping around his neck and pulling him down towards her.

“Hey, careful there, don’t wanna break me in two, do you,” Fred laughed, [y/n] releasing him with a soft gasp as her eyes snapped open once more.

“I don’t want to snap you in half, that would be dastardly, darling,” she explained, obviously distraught at the insinuation of injuring him.

“Well, since you’re up, George here’s did you the favor of getting you something to drink, it’s apple cider, I remember you saying that you really liked it,” Fred smiled warmly, taking the drink from George who stepped back, amused at the awkward situation they were put in but endeared at his brother being so uncharacteristically soft.

“Well if you say it’s my favorite, it probably is, you’re too sweet to lie to me Fred,”  [y/n] grinned, swirling the drink around in its bottle, “would you like some?”

“No thank you, I’ve just about had enough to drink today, I think it’d do better if you had it all,” He nodded, “Besides if I want some I can always go get my own.”

“Good point darling, thank you for the drink,” she mused before downing its contents whole.

It didn’t take long to see the potion take effect as her face scrunched into one of disgust before smoothing out into one of confusion, “that tasted like shit what the bloody hell was that- wait, what happened?”

Fred and George both let out a simultaneous breath of relief, momentarily cheering amongst themselves as [y/n] stared up at them with a quizzical look.

“Well I suppose you deserve an explanation,” George muttered sheepishly, taking the empty shot glass from her hand and tossing it in the nearest bin.

“That would be nice, yes,” she frowned, rubbing at her temples as her skull pulsed, the potion finally washing out all the previous effects of the other potion, “I don’t remember much except for drinking the butterbeer- what the hell did you guys put in it.”

“Promise not to get mad?” Fred bat his eyelashes innocently, tilting his head to the side with clasped hands to emphasize the effect.

“I think we’ve gone far past that, but I guess so,” she grumbled, shifting so she was laying down to accommodate her now twinging headache.

“We might’ve, possibly, on accident, give you love potion,” George laughed uneasily, trying his best to diffuse the tension, knowing he was failing miserably.

“Well who was I fancying? Who did I make a fool of myself in front of?” she asked from under the arm she’d slung over her face to block out the light.

Fred chuckled awkwardly, pulling the inside of his cheek between his teeth. [y/n] lifted her arm and looked at Fred with wide eyes, her mouth falling open as the gears in her head rolled to a conclusion. George rolled onto the balls of his feet, shuffling towards the door as Fred and [y/n] got lost in their own world, slipping out of the room as soon as he could.

“No,” She groaned, “No!”

Fred sunk into himself as he watched her roll over and curl up into a ball, almost like a frightened pill bug. He wanted to escape the room just as George had done, he wanted to pretend this had never happened, he wanted to run and hide in his room until this entire prank had blown over. What made it worse was he didn’t think he was going to have to hear her verbal rejection of true feelings for him so soon.

“It wasn’t that bad if that makes you feel any better,” Fred muttered, shuffling over and sitting at the foot of her bed.

“Wasn’t bad- tch,” she sat up and stared at him with demanding eyes, “what did I even say? Wait, don’t tell me, it’ll just make me feel worse.”

[y/n] fell backwards again and pressed her palms into her eyes, letting out a shaky breath. She didn’t want to look at Fred, not even wanting to face him right now, she made a mental note to strangle George later for slipping away when she was so plainly swallowed in shock and humiliation. It was unfathomable that she was so outwardly love-sick to a boy who most certainly didn’t see her as anything other than a friend, and now she had to hear his rejection up front.

“It really wasn’t anything bad. If anything, it was just really forward flirting,” Fred tried to sooth her, still feeling guilty for the turmoil she was facing.  

“But it probably made you so uncomfortable and you probably had to babysit me while you were uncomfortable and now I’m gonna be so awkward about everything and you probably hate me,” she confessed, wanting nothing more than to just shrink into herself and forget she was there.

“I truly didn’t mind it at all, I actually found it sort of endearing, actually,” He mumbled, looking away to avoid any and all eye-contact.

“You didn’t?” she replied, taken aback that he wasn’t as disgusted as she’d thought he’d be.

“Not at all. It was the first time someone so outwardly flirted with me and it was kind of nice coming from you. You said I had pretty eyes,” He chuckled to himself, still staring holes into the floor.

[y/n] was speechless. Of all the horribly embarrassing things she probably did and said, that was the one thing he chose to relay to her. She wasn’t sure how to proceed after that, not being able to tell if he was simply being nice and recalling a gentle interaction or if he was truly being honest about his feelings.

“What else did I say?” She asked quietly, sitting up and scooting over so she was sitting somewhat next to him.

“You said you loved me,” He smiled softly, “and you did this,” he imitated her earlier actions, walking his fingers up from her collarbones to tap her nose with his finger, smiling when she scrunched her nose just as he had done.

“I did, didn’t I? Well,” she shrugged, offering him a smile of her own, boldly reaching forward and tucking his hair behind his ear, “that was a proper rubbish potion then. It’s suppose to make you say things you don’t mean, isn’t it?”

Fred nearly collapsed in on himself, a blissful grin pulling its way onto his lips, “You love me?”

“You’d think that was clear by now,” [y/n] giggled.

“I just wanted to make sure before I did this.”

“Did what?” she quipped, looking at him quizzically.

“This,” he reached forward and cupped her cheek, pulling her face to his and connecting their lips.

As soon as the initial shock factor fell away [y/n] was giving her entire self into the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him in as close as she could in their awkward positioning. Fred didn’t hesitate either, pouring all the pent up feelings he’d been hiding throughout the day into the kiss. It was over as quick as it had started, the both of them pulling away with the sweet smiles.

“I’m thinking we should spike your drinks more often,” Fred suggested cheekily, biting back a laugh when her face fell into a glare.

“If you even think of doing that again, I will not only never kiss you again, I will never speak to you again,” she snapped, “what happened to the Fred that was so sweet a little while ago.”

“Hey! I’m still sweet!” Fred scoffed, crossing his arms across his chest and pouting like a child who’d just gotten their toy taken away from them.

“Don’t think so,” she shrugged, scooting away from him until she was resting against the headboard.

“Don’t think so? Oh I’ll show you just how sweet I can be, come here,” he grinned mischievously, crawling over and dragging her down by her hips.

“Hey, careful there!” she squealed, bracing herself on his shoulders.

“You wanted me to be sweet? Careful what you wish for love, you just might get it,” he teased, leaning down and capturing her lips once more. 

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A/N: Wanted to do this part a bit longer but had decided to split it into half and put the other scene in part 9. Lol. Can’t wait to end this soon. I keep getting ideas but I am too lazy to actually write them down. 


The next morning Fred woke up in his room, dazed a bit from the lack of sleep. He couldn’t remember what had happened the previous night but he had a faint idea that it was about you. As hard as he tried to remember, he did; the way you came to the room, laid on his lap and just fell asleep. How your muscles started to relax on his touch and how adorably you took in light snores. All of those blessed memories put a smile on his lips.

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