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#freddy carter
Have i mentioned before that I'm obsessed with Freddy? Well good time to remind ya'll
Anyways they're basically Kaz and matthias irl
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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manikas-whims · a day ago
So Cal posted this video with caption calling all Gryffindors and Freddy just 😭
Tumblr media
Freddy won't let him breathe 🤣😭
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For My Dove
Kaz x reader
yes this is a birthday one shot, my birthday is today (9/16)and I wanted to write one,,
no warnings just fluff,
not beta read all mistakes are my own
This one will be written in 1st person
Tumblr media
I woke up to an unusual quiet. The usual hustle and bustle of the slat was what made sleep more peaceful in a strange sort of way. Every day I'd wake up to some sort of yelling from one of the crows, however, today was not the case. Today I woke up immediately noticing the lack of noise and my boyfriends presence, I looked over at the clock. I slept in later than usual. The routine was thrown off. I could guess why, it's my birthday, but only a few of the dregs knew that so it didn't explain the strange silence.
Kaz never let me sleep in, no matter where we were in terms of our relationship. I was usually woken by him if he was up first and the lack of him here with me threw me off. Even though I hated waking early I did miss the way I woke up every morning. Depending on the morning he'd poke my side with his cane lightly, just enough to rouse me from sleep, on other days he'd flicker the dim lights of my room. No matter what his actions were followed by a quiet, "Wake up pretty Dove." His voice rougher with sleep. But today he wasn't here, and I was late to wake up.
"Extra sleep is nice though. Considering today and all." I muttered to myself before I pulling the covers back around me so I didn't have to meet the cold air in the room. My feet hit the floor quietly as I meandered around my room picking out what I was gonna wear. As I moved I heard knocking on my door.
"You alive in there love?" I smiled, Kaz was late.
"You are late." I called back not moving to open the door, I could picture the look on his face standing just outside my doorway.
"Oh am I? Didn't think I was on a time crunch Dove. Gonna let me in?"
I told him the door was unlocked and waited a minute for him to open the door. Kaz came up behind me removing the blanket from my shoulders, I shivered as the rooms cool air hit my arms.
"Hey. It's cold in here." I said with a frown turning to face my boy. He inched closer to me bringing his hands up to my forearms. He kissed my nose gently.
"Don't worry pretty Dove, I'll just have to keep you warm."
"Ah there's the cocky boyfriend I know and love." I leaned further into him looking up into the blue of his eyes.
His arms snaked into their familiar place around my waist and I searched his face for any discomfort, even after months of work I knew how he could get. Instead he looked down at me with a small grin and said, "Happy birthday Love." my face lit up as he leaned down and placed a quick kiss to my cheek before moving away from me and grabbing something from saints knew where. When he turned back to me there was a package in his hands, a small box, and a bigger box stacked on top of one another.
"Open the smaller one first."
I did, inside was a necklace and on it hung a small crow.
"I love it. Thank you Kaz."
He looked almost relieved, "I'll help you put it on after you open the next one, go on (Y/n)."
In the next box was what looked like his coat, except it was newer, smaller, and looked like it would fit me instead of him. I looked at him quizzically.
"Thought maybe if you're gonna take mine so much, you might as well have one that fits."
I laughed, " But Kazzy yours smells like you. Which is 10x the comfort." I put it on it fit perfectly. He moved behind me to clasp the necklace to my neck.
"Look in the box My Dove." He whispered lips barely tracing the exposed skin of my collarbone.
His cologne, he didn't wear it much but he wore it enough to where whenever he leant me his jacket my senses were clouded in nothing but him.
"For you my love. now you'll have part of me with you always." His hands had made there way securely around my waist and his face was still buried in my neck leaving chaste kisses here and there between his words.
"I love you Kaz." I whispered
"I love you too pretty Dove."
uh chile anyways so-
I love Kaz so much.
As always likes, replies, and reblogs are so so apreciated!!!
Requests are open so leave it in my inbox and I will get it written and answered in a couple of days!!!
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turtleofdamascus · 2 days ago
Bardugo and ribbons and flower motifs
I don’t know how to express this well but I really like how flowers and ribbons are motifs that Bardugo emphasizes especially in Kaz Brekker’s backstory and Nikolai’s life which I feel are sort of foils of each other. Both of them mask their feelings for their crush - Nikolai with humor and Kaz by not addressing them at all. While Nikolai came from wealth and Kaz from destitution, I feel they both desire the same simple things. To have their loved one safe and to maintain some sort of power but not abusing their power (Kaz taking Haskell down) (Nikolai trying to choose a rightful leader). They both have a sense of moral and justness that they cling to. 
 Kaz remembers the detail of Saskia’s red ribbon. It’s a symbol of his lost innocence, childhood, his love for life and others. I thought it stood out because this was a detail disclosed to us in a flashback but Kaz didn’t verbally share it with us , the readers. It is only when he repeats this detail to Pekka when we realize this red ribbon is personal to him and deeply affected him. Kaz is a deeply sentimental person at heart and he is still a child hurt by the loss of losing everything that made him happy. He lost the red ribbon. And you see why he is so deeply vengeful. He remembers everything he lost. 
 For Nikolai. he seems to have this sort of fetish . Well I don’t like fetish word. But obsession with Zoya’s ribbon. It’s Something that signals his crush on her throughout the book. If we’re going with the theme ribbons symbolize childhood, I feel Nikolai’s obsession with the ribbon represents his youthfulness and childness at heart. He has in some ways a boyish naivety to his love for Zoya even though he is a king. 
Geraniums, Inej’s mother’s favorite flower, comes up a lot. And right after Inej talks about Kaz and how he won’t give her flowers. But obviously Kaz is this man who is providing for her. He gives her a ship. He thinks of what she wants. We do get a flower moment in CK when Kaz dumps the geraniums into the canal and swoops a cloak around Inej like a phantom in the night. It’s sweeping. It’s romantic and over-the-top. 
Not sure about other flower moments but it is mentioned quite a lot in the books like the blue irises for Alina as a symbol of the Darkling’s manipulation and Mal’s care for her. 
I love how flowers symbolize the thought and care that the partner shows for the other. I guess that’s usually what most people use flowers for in books but I like how its mentioned consistently through different relationships in the books.  Edited : so I got some tags that mentioned Zoya’s garden which I totally forgot. I love that moment so much in Rule of Wolves and its a perfectly exemplifies how flowers symbolize how much a person means to the other. Zoya is another character similar to Kaz in that she masks her trauma. Her secret garden (intentional reference) is an outlet for her vulnerability and shows how deeply she thinks about each person she lost and how she clings to their memory through having them live on in her garden. Having that intimate moment wi th me Nikolai was her letting go of her barriers. I also love how Bardugo is self aware and when Zoya says the thorned flower is “not a metaphor”. So she totally knows what she’s doing. Bit of a meta moment. Similarly, Kaz reveals his sentimental nature when he reveals his attatchment to the ribbon in front of Pekka and Inej. It’s more subtle though
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thetrashling · 2 days ago
"consider it an investment" freddy your kaz brekker is showing again
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inejswaffles · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is disgusting, i'm so upset for this.
Also, I'm white and I don't feel I'm the right person to talk of this.🤷🏼‍♀️
Hey! I've seen discussion on the comments section, so I want to know your opinion on this, please answer this:
HEYY!⚠️ The video below is leigh talking about this, please check this!❤️
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manikas-whims · a day ago
Six of Crows, Chapter 25:
Tumblr media
Meanwhile after Crooked Kingdom
Kaz has taken the money from rich people (Van Eck) and become a young rich man. He's taken his revenge on Rollins and is literally the new King of the Barrel.
Meanwhile Inej is the only person who knows his secrets (atleast to an extent). Remember Kaz only trusts Inej with his deepest secrets because he knows she'll never exploit his weaknesses. She's the only one who knows what happened between him and Pekka.
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xsamsharons · 4 months ago
we really got so lucky having freddy carter as kaz brekker. i don't know if this was all him or the writers but every single time someone touched him during the show, he looked down at the spot they touched and looked visually uncomfortable. not to mention how much it looked like he wanted to help inej when she got injured but he physically couldn't bring himself to. i cannot put into words how much i love this cast for reading the books and actually caring about the characters they are bringing to life.
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justdaphne · a day ago
The crows on a fieldtrip part 1
They would paired up into since buses have two sits each row. At least, the bus they’re taking
Nina ends up with Inej, fortunate for her because Inej keeps all the snacks. They bribed the teacher to let them sit together.
Kaz with Matthias. They both don’t give a shit because they both don’t feel like talking anyway
Jesper with, a student named...Bob and Wylan with a student named....Joe. “NOOOOOO WYLANNNNNNN.” “JESPERRRRRR” *inserts puppy eyes*
“Ugh fine you two. You’re a pair.”
The way they ran to each other
It was a 2h ride
Wylan ended up sleeping, head leaning on Jesper’s shoulder
Jesper tried not to wake him up but the view was so interesting so he did.
He woke up, surprised but it was worth it
They spent the whole time looking at view. Playing I spy
Nina and Inej laughed and talked the entire time. The gossip Inej spilled tho :/ very private.
They finished 4 packs of chips and it was just the beginning. Their laughs flowed through the entire bus. “YOU TWO! SILENCE OR I’ll SEPARATE YOU TWO.”
“alright fine” Nina murmurs mockingly
They kept doing it anyway. At some point the teacher ignored them
Must I talk about Kaz and Matthias? Fine.
They’re silent the entire right. Matthias actually tried to come up with a conversation but before he said a word, “Don’t even try Helvar”
I guess the only thing they say is “move” “you’re blocking the view”
Matthias ends up listening to his playlist
Kaz enjoys the view, or as it looks like anyway. Scheming? Plotting? Revenge? INEJ?
Kaz and Matthias peaking at Nina and Inej.
longing and yearning
*they all leave the bus*
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