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#frederick abberline

In those most vulnerable hours right before the first light of dawn, when it’s so dark it seems like the sun will never come up again and the visions of suffering are the most vivid, he could almost lose himself in it all again. In the fear, in the pain.

He would have lost himself a while ago if he were alone with all this; but he knows now that even in his darkest moments he’s never been alone.

home by imaginarykat

chapters: 1/1
fandom: Assassin’s Creed Syndicate
rating: teen and up audiences
warnings: no archive warnings apply
relationships: Frederick Abberline/Jacob Frye
characters: Jacob Frye, Frederick Abberline
additional tags: post-JTR, established relationship, Jacob wakes up from a nightmare and thinks about his life, does that sound kind of angsty? well it’s not, only good and soft things are allowed post-JTR them’s the rules

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It’s so OVERT it’s COVERT


Let’s not pretend like we didn’t think this would happen. With all the disguises and everything. Freddy is literally fave and he deserves the world. 


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