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theoptia · a month ago
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Federico García Lorca, from Blood Wedding
Text ID: I want the blood running through my fingers to make a delicate sound.
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the-organic-dynamic · 3 years ago
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“... seguiré mi camino. Hasta que el Universo quepa en mi corazón.” -Frederico García Lorca, ‘Con un lirio en la mano’
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curiositydidnotkillthiscat · 10 months ago
𝐔nderrated 𝐃ark 𝐀cademia 𝐌ovies — 1
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[Part 2]
Here's a small collection of (some of) my favourite dark academic movies that I rarely see people in here talking about. Most of them are based on true stories of actual historical artists because I am clearly a sucker for talented people that have been dead for decades now. Enjoy, my people.
LITTLE ASHES (2008) - About the young life and loves of artist Salvador Dalí, filmmaker Luis Buñuel and writer Federico García Lorca. // Basically an entire movie of Dalí (played by Robert Pattinson, my babe) gay panicking over Frederico. Very academic, summer vibes and comfortable to watch. Juicy aesthetic! The critics don't seem to have liked it very much, since it got 24% on Rotten Tomatoes, but we don't care about 'em, do we? Go watch!
GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING (2003) - This film tells a story about the events surrounding the creation of the painting "Girl With A Pearl Earring" by 17th-century Dutch master Johannes Vermeer. A young peasant maid working in the house of painter Johannes Vermeer becomes his talented assistant and the model for one of his most famous works. // Filled with a handsome cast and great aesthetic, this movie may bore you a bit with its lack of energy, like said by the critics, but will most likely keep you focused until the end (which is a bit frustrating as its finest.) Starring Scarlett Johansson and Colin Firth (I've got to stop having this DILF obsession, ugh) as the main "couple", the artist and the muse; and Cillian Murphy (*screaming internally*) as the charming almost-boyfriend. I love it. Gorgeous Scarlett, handsome DILFs, AND ONE OF THE MOST ICONIC PAINTINGS OF THE WORLD'S HISTORY (what are you waiting for?)!
THE DREAMERS (2003) - A young American studying in Paris in 1968 strikes up a friendship with a French brother and sister. Set against the background of the '68 Paris student riots. // MY CINEMATOGRAPHIC SOULMATE! Mixing twincest, sensuality, the 60s France and a lot of literature and cinema, The Dreamers seems to transfigure into a safe and comfortable place in your head, once it starts, you don't want it to ever end. Having Louis Garrel (I don't think I need to comment on this) in the cast already was a great motive for me to watch it, yet his character was not my favourite. Definitely, the best one, for me, is Isabelle (we're almost namesakes, see? Isabelle and Isabela... sorry I'll stop) who is played by the dizzyingly marvellous Eva Green, and turned into my OG kin, we share the same brain I swear. Critics gave a 60%, which I call bullshit. Fuck you, critics (now go back to licking that paedophile supporter Tarantino man's balls.)
Where to watch: MOVIES2WATCH This free platform has all of the movies listed above, available for online streaming and download, also most of the movies have subtitles available in an extensive list of languages. This is NOT SPONSORED (obviously), just wanted to share this amazing site!
Image credit: Marc Olivier - Dans Les Rues, Street photography, mostly in Paris
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montair · 26 days ago
You will never understand how much I love you
Because you sleep in me and are asleep.
I hide you crying, pursued
By a voice of penetrating steel.
Rule which agitates both flesh and star
Already transfixes my pained breast
And the turgid words have bitten
The wings of your severe spirit.
Frederico García Lorca, from Love Sleeps in the Breast of the Poet, 1936
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thetoymakers · a year ago
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I’ve been reading the beautiful poetry of Frederico García Lorca. This short little one I love. (apologies for my very rough translation)
The Conch Shell
They have brought me a shell.
Inside sings a sea on a map.
My heart brims with water, full of little fish, all shadow and silver.
They've brought me a shell.
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frankielovessusan · 12 months ago
To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves.
Frederico García Lorca
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persiena · a year ago
“To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves.”
-- Frederico García Lorca
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donaruz · a year ago
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“Io sono uno Spagnolo integrale e mi sarebbe impossibile vivere fuori dai miei limiti geografici; però odio chi è Spagnolo per essere Spagnolo e nient’altro, io sono fratello di tutti e trovo esecrando l’uomo che si sacrifica per un’idea nazionalista, astratta, per il solo fatto di amare la propria Patria con la benda sugli occhi. Il cinese buono lo sento più prossimo dello spagnolo malvagio. Canto la Spagna e la sento fino al midollo, ma prima viene che sono uomo del mondo e fratello di tutti. Per questo non credo alla frontiera politica”
In questa ultima intervista al Sol di Madrid firma la sua condanna a morte, ma anche la più sublime dichiarazione di libertà, di quelle che solo i fini pensatori possono fare, perché le loro categorie sono superiori e irraggiungibili. In questo modo, al giornalista spiegava anche il perché aveva rifiutato le offerte di asilo di Colombia e Messico, che ben avrebbero accolto quel figlio profugo di una Spagna che stava imboccando un cammino di sangue senza ritorno.
All’alba del 19 agosto 1936 Federico Garcia Lorca venne fucilato dai miliziani fascisti di Francisco Franco. Fucilato ufficialmente perché “socialista, massone, praticava omosessualità e altre aberrazioni”. Le poesie di Garcia Lorca, il suo canto terrorizzavano Franco più delle armate internazionaliste. Il suo corpo non fu mai ritrovato, i suoi versi censurati. Ora chi l’ha fucilato è morto mentre Garcia Lorca è vivo! I suoi versi sono tornati a rutilare e nutrire in questo tempo di governi reazionari l’anima di chi resiste all’inumano, alla menzogna.
La poesia non cerca seguaci,
cerca amanti.
La poesía no quiere adeptos, quiere amantes
Federico García Lorca
illustrazione Postcard of Frederico Garcia Lorca
Antoni Tapiès, 1998
#centroculturaltinamodotti fb
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reshiiii · a year ago
17 people, 17 questions
Thank you @gogannas for tagging me :3
Nicknames: Babu, Babushka, Reshi
Zodiac: Aries
Height: 156-158cm, depending on the constellation of the stars and what I ate
Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff
Last thing I googled: ford taunus light blue
Song stuck in my head: My type by Saint Motel
No. of followers: 159 (how???why???thanks.)
Amount of sleep: past weeks it was 8-12 hours, but these last few days I'm back to normal, so 5-6 hours
Lucky numbers: uuuuuhhhhhh anything w 0,1,3,4. And 12, 22 and 42, I'd say
Dream job: BOOKBINDER!!! or baker or translator. Just let me work w languages and books and I'm good
Wearing: ragged sweatpants that make me look like I work at družstvo and old shirt
Favorite song: at this moment? definitely Lyfjaberg by Wardruna
Favorite instrument: violoncello, percussion and clarinet 
Aesthetic: cabincore??grungey cottagecore? i have no idea. comfy w dark colors
Favorite authors: Juraj Červenák, Patrick Rothfuss, Anne Carson, Cornelia Funke, G. A. Bécquer, Frederico García Lorca and many more
Favorite animal noise: that little something between purring and meowing our cats do when they want me to pet them 
Random: currently I'm working on little books (earrings) that have embossed gothic windows on the covers and I plan to make a series of them, each window would have three pairs - (dark) blue, (dark) green, (dark) red or black.
I'm not going to tag 17 ppl, sorry, I'm celebrating w my fam (I GOT INTO MY PREFERRED UNI!!!! GOING ABROAD!!! spanish and latin:3 i cried for almost 20 minutes after i got the news), so: @marsecsip, @zraloci-cpr, @myvalzpival, @szappan, @lynxs-shitposting-inc, @fablesdelajoie and everyone who wants to :3
Take care, eat well, hydrate and don't forget to get enough sleep 
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theoptia · a month ago
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Federico García Lorca, from Blood Wedding
Text ID: In my heart I have a scream, always / waiting,
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poemsandsunshine · 2 years ago
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In the garden,
I will die.
In the roses
they will kill me.
I was going, mother,
to pick roses,
to find death.
- Frederico García Lorca
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tse-me-fwtospa8o · 2 years ago
(Μπορεί γιατί δεν ήξερες γεωμετρία)
Ο νεαρός ξεχνιόταν.
Ήταν δέκα η ώρα το πρωί.
Η καρδιά του γέμιζε σιγά-σιγά
πάνινα λουλούδια και σπασμένες φτερούγες.
Παρατήρησε πως δεν του έμεινε στο στόμα
παρά μια και μόνη λέξη.
Και βγάζοντας τα γάντια του, έπεφτε
από τα χέρια του μια λεπτή στάχτη.
Απ' το μπαλκόνι φαινόταν ένας πύργος.
Ένιωσε τον εαυτό του μπαλκόνι και πύργο.
Είδε, ωστόσο, πώς τον κοίταζε
το σταματημένο ρολόι μέσα απ' τη θήκη του.
Είδε τον ίσκιο τον ξαπλωμένο κι ήσυχο
πάνω στο λευκό μεταξωτό ντιβάνι.
Κι ο νέος αλύγιστος, γεωμετρικός,
με μια τσεκουριά έσπασε τον καθρέφτη.
Την ίδια στιγμή ένα σιντριβάνι σκότους
πλημμύρισε το χειμερικό δωμάτιο.
Frederico García Lorca, Αυτοκτονια (Μτφρ. Κοσμάς Πολίτης)
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rgbcym · 2 years ago
i had to stop reading frederico garcía lorca bc he made me crazy. hed be like heres a play about the pain of being marginalised and the earth and fate and id be like *screams*
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pandaemoniumpancakes · 2 years ago
Like concentric waves on the water, your words in my heart. Like a bird that collides with the wind, your kiss on my lips. Like open fountains fronting the night, my dark eyes on your skin.
Frederico García Lorca, ‘Madrigals: I’ from Suites, trans. Jerome Rothenberg.
   “Como las ondas concéntricas/ sobre el agua,/ así en mi corazón/ tus palabras.// Como un pájaro que choca/ con el viento,/ así sobre mis labios/ tus besos.// Como fuentes abiertas/ frente a la tarde,/ así mis ojos negros/ sobre tu carne.”
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poesiamaira · 3 years ago
Foda-se História Social da Arte e da Literatura.
Fodam-se Harry Potter, Grimm, Walt Disney.
Fodam-se Dostoiévski, Tolstói, Maiakóvski.
Fodam-se Flor do Lácio, Sambódromo.
Fodam-se Mário, Oswald e Carlos.
Foda-se o Pessoa na pessoa.
Maeterlinck no Debussy.
Fodam-se Hamlet, Macbeth, Bruce Wayne.
Fodam-se Sigmund e Lucian.
Foda-se Augusto Frederico Schmidt.
Fodam-se os sonhos intranquilos de Gregor.
Foda-se García Lorca.
Foda-se T.S. Eliot.
Fodam-se Queijos Franceses, Nova York, O Processo Civilizador.
Fodam-se João Cabral e o Melo Neto.
Foda-se o Lautréamont do Dylan Thomas.
O Dylan Thomas do Bob Zimmerman.
Fodam-se Janeiro, Fevereiro e Março.
Descartes: foda-se o Corcovado.
Foda-se Câmara Cascudo.
A Construção do Livro. A Cura pelas Pedras.
Os Diários de Sylvia Plath.
As Conversações de Deleuze.
A Conferência de Bretton Woods.
Fodam-se os Beach Boys, os Chicago Boys.
Fodam-se Abraão, Mateus, a tradução do rei Jaime.
Fodam-se Macintosh, Haxixe, Paul Verlaine.
Foda-se terra plana, terra redonda, terra quadrada.
Foda-se das Kapital.
Foda-se mein Kampf.
Fodam-se Blanchot, Bardot, Todorov.
Lispector, Swift e Riefenstahl.
Dietrich e os Sete Nibelungos.
Foda-se Gaius Valerius Catullus.
Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo.
Foda-se Homero.
I Ching.
Jimmy Joyce e Pixinguinha.
Foda-se Thomas Mann.
Foda-se L’église des temps barbares.
Foda-se Irvine Welsh.
Foda-se The Story of the Irish Race.
Foda-se por quem sempre o Tejo chora.
Foda-se Kipling.
Lêdo Ivo e Oppenheimer.
Fodam-se Taxi Driver, Amélie Poulain.
Yamaha, Suzuki, Kurosawa.
Foda-se Marcel Proust.
Star Wars, Ronald Reagan, Scooby-Doo.  
Foda-se derradeiro ra ra ra, verdadeiro ra ra ra.
Foda-se se lá passar a Lusitana gente.
O ondulado das sebes.
A árvore colérica.
Rilke rilkeing Rilke.
L'autre moi.
maira parula, RAM
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kleontinaa · 4 months ago
"Like a snake, my heart has shed its skin. I hold it here in my hand, full of honey and wounds."
- Frederico García Lorca, from "New Heart"
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theoptia · a month ago
Tumblr media
Federico García Lorca, from Blood Wedding
Text ID: Months pass. Years pass, and despair bites in to me. I can feel it gnawing.
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"To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves"
-Frederico García Lorca
@wakandawinterprincess These two looking at each other like this😉😉😉😉
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