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🌸 Birthday Event 🌸


Originally posted by itadakimasu-letmeeat

In order to celebrate my birthday, I planned an event where I write about random things as such my dreams (literally), thirsts, experiences on my bday and so on, then translating them into fanfics, drabbles, etc.!!!


This event includes…

sending thirsts

  • every fridays only!!!

shipping me with:

choose here or any character that’s not on the list!!

  • everyday!!!

sending requests:

fluff prompts & suggestive prompts

  • hcs and drabbles only!!!
  • everyday!!!

sending asks (idea originally by @elgenerichoe but everyday):

  • fuck, marry, kill
  • make me choose between ___ or ___
  • send fic reqs
  • send me smut
  • send me celebrities for hot or not
  • come yell at me about your thirsts
  • come yell at me about your ships
  • come yell at me about literally anything

This event this lasts for a month, starting today the 28th of September until 28th of October

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There are a million and one reasons to ship MakoHaru, but the main, #1 thing is that Haru physically can not survive in the real world without Mako.

Who pulls him out of the motherfuckin bathtub every morning to make him go to school? Makoto

Who makes sure he’s on time places? Makoto

Who makes sure his dumb ass doesn’t do dumb shit like jump into random fishtanks at the mall? Makoto

Who pushed him to do swimming as an actual sport? Makoto

Who stays at Harus house until he comes home to make sure he’s okay? Makoto

Haru would die without Makoto. Getting dick would just be a plus.

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Free!! List because i enjoy these boys too its like directly opposite of Haikyuu in terms of sports anime lol

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  • First kiss with Rin would be an accidental one.
  • This guy knows you’re privacy and respects you so he wouldn’t make a move without your consent.
  • However, you decided to give a kiss one day. In the cheeks.
  • But Rin noticed you leaning closer to him and thought that you need something.
  • So he faced you.
  • And that’s when your lips touched one another.
  • His eyes widened when he realized that you two just kissed.
  • His face was bit red and homeboy was a bit shy about it.
  • Though he doesn’t hide the fact that he likes it.
  • So starting that day on, kissing have been a part of your daily routine. Everyday.
  • With your consent, of course.
  • Hides it but he highkey gave himself a pat on the back for facing you that time.

a/n : hehe sorry if this was short! i was just warming up so i just wrote whatever i felt like. hope you liked this doe! @akaarin

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My favorite anime trope is characters who have never shown any inkling that the concept of “dance” even exists in their world, being made to dance (very well) during the end credits. Even better if their outfits/persona is now bizzare or wildly antithetical to their usual attire.

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