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goodbonesbymaggiesmith · 2 days ago
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Hands off Palestine March in Toronto this Saturday, January 29th!
@politicsofcanada @allthecanadianpolitics
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redvoltie · 2 days ago
Rest in power. We will carry on the fight until Palestine is free from river to the sea and all forms of oppression is stamped out across the world for people to live free.
From his 2016 interview
“From the first day that I began to read Marxist-Leninist thought as a philosophy to analyze the political, social and economic condition of the world. My readings brought me to the point where I realized a human is a human. And that societies are divided into two categories: the oppressor and the oppressed. I made the decision that I am with the oppressed — irrespective of identity, nationality, religion or geographical divisions. American, Palestinian, Syrian, Lebanese, Greek. The oppressed is oppressed wherever he is, and the oppressor is the oppressor wherever he is. Being from a poor family and living under subjugation and domination, I found myself a friend to all the oppressed….There is the idea that a nation that oppresses another nation is not free. I would say that in the case of Israel, even the beneficiaries of the occupation are not free….
At the international level it is well known that in 1969 we began building armed alliances in Lebanon and in Jordan. There were our international partners: Germans, Japanese, French, Spanish, Basque, Irish. They were with us in the training camps.
You can say that we did not start out in opposition to anything. We arrived at our positions through a dialectic. We never hated anyone who didn’t harass us. On the other hand, we welcomed anyone who was willing to join in our struggle for achieving self-determination on our land like every other people in the world.”
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spideyyeet · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Please do your research! There is so much misinformation out there and a lot of lies.
Everyone should know the truth so please try to know as much as you can so you can spread awareness and help!
Free Palestine🇵🇸✌️
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palipunk · 9 days ago
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ID: Twitter account IMEU “BREAKING: Reports that Israeli police have created a barrier around the Salahiya home, blockading dozens of Palestinians on the inside. Witnesses are reporting screams and cries for help heard from outside the barrier as Israel prevents ambulances and journalists from entering”
“A journalist on the scene reports that Israeli military and police threatened to beat him if he came any closer to the barrier.”
Israeli Occupation forces are currently demolishing the home of the Salahiya family in Sheikh Jarrah, according to Muna El Kurd’s live feed, the Salahyia family is screaming for help after being beaten by the occupation military, more than 200 police cars surround the neighborhood.
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venka · 8 months ago
decolonizepalestine.com is an easy to navigate website run by two palestinians which breaks down common myths about palestine and provides a reading list organized by a wide variety of categories ranging from history and culture to media and censorship. it’s a good starting point to use if you want to learn more about the modern day situation in palestine and understand the truth behind myths that have been perpetuated about israel’s occupation of palestine.
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ava-du-mortain · 6 months ago
demolishing peoples houses to make room for an amusement park is literally movie villain shit
I cannot believe the world is letting Israel get away with this garbage
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rukunas · 8 months ago
important !! please read and reblog !!
it’s unfair of us to have platforms and not use it to speak up for palestinians. i have resources provided below for how you can educate yourself on the ethnic cleansing that is happening in palestine right now and how you can help.
educate yourself
thread on what is occurring in sheikh jarrah, another thread
tw violence video of palestinian explaining the situation in sheikh jarrah
tw bombing video of al aqsa mosque being bombed
tw violence, tw bombing, tw shooting video of palestinians in al aqsa mosque
tweet explaining importance of al aqsa
a website where you can learn more about palestine
a video breaking down the history of the israeli oppressing palestinians
video of palestinian explaining the importance of spreading awareness
tw violence video of 16 yo palestinian boy being forcefully evicted from his home by israeli solders
tiktok of palestinian speaking about what is going on in her country. please see the links in her bio for more information— tiktok will not let me copy and paste her linktree
tiktok of palestinian speaking on situation in gaza
instagram page for jewish voices for peace, an organization working for liberation and justice for palestine
infographics explaining how to be an ally for palestine
some of the posts are triggering instagram of journalist sharing what is happening in palestine
tiktok explaining the situation in al lydd
books/articles you can read to learn more
free ways to help if you cannot donate
do NOT sign petitions !! they are not accounted for in the middle east and do nothing.
go to this website and simply click. update: i have heard from some people that this helps and from other people that it does not. please be wary with this source and do not depend on it.
watch this video to donate, it’s 3 hours long but just playing it in the background can help. do not play on loop and do not skip ads.
watch this video to donate, it’s 1 hour long but just playing it in the background can help. do not play on loop and do not skip ads.
if you are from the U.K., follow these instructions to call local MPs into action
if you are from the U.S., text RESIST to 50409 to urge congress to help palestine
thread of dua’as muslims can make to pray for palestinians
boycott israeli products
donate— it is better to donate directly to people rather than organizations, but i do have a few organizations listed.
do NOT donate to change.org
help children and hospitals affected by gaza bombing
help hungry children in palestine
donate to palestine child relief fund, known to be reputable
donate to united palestinian appeal, a direct charity
donate directly to journalist injured in gaza
ramadan zakat fund for palestinians in gaza
raise money for palestinian woman escaping toxic household
buy palestinian goods
i’ll add more links as i continue to find reliable sources and proper donations. please dm me other resources and i can add them to this list. if anything here is not trustworthy, please let me know immediately and i will take it down. free palestine until it’s backwards, pray for palestinians who do not know whether they will be safe in their own country.
last but not least, if you are a pro-israel, unfollow me immediately. i don’t need you on my tumblr. and do not use what is happening in palestine right now to be anti-semitic.
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medullam · 7 months ago
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Tumblr media
The infographic above (courtesy of Yalla! Let's Talk) was posted only six days ago and now Palestine is trending once again following Israel's new airstrike against the people of Gaza in the middle of the night.
Besides being a violation of the "ceasefire", which Palestinians themselves said would not resolve the core issue, this new wave of bombings is once again a reminder that a free Palestinian state cannot be achieved through lukewarm, inconsistent coverage and activism.
Here is a few resources, feel free to add more:
Build Palestine has provided a list of charitable organizations you can donate to, many of them are providing critical medical/ humanitarian aid to Gaza in particular.
The BDS Movement's Action Alerts, resource articles and images, and list of what to boycott and how to do it effectively.
A playlist of Abby Martin's Empire Files reports from Palestine
Working Class History's podcast on the history of Zionism, Settler Colonialism in Palestine, and Anti-Zionist Activism: Part 1 & Part 2
Article on how mainstream media and social media companies have targeted or marginalized support for the Palestinian cause
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tytrack · 8 months ago
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rest in power obaida
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spideyyeet · 8 months ago
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The murder of Palestinian children and ethnic cleansing of Palestinian communities is being supported by the US. Americans' taxes are funding these atrocities.
Please include Palestinians in your activism 🇵🇸❤️
Our hearts go out to Saeed Odeh's family, to the residents of Sheikh Jarrah & Silwan resisting ethnic cleansing, and to every Palestinian in exile waiting to return to their homeland 🇵🇸❤️🕊
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amysjakes · 8 months ago
For the last time :)
It is not a neutral “conflict”. Palestinians don’t have:
an army
police officers littered around the streets fighting off attacking settlers
$3.8B funding from the US
bomb shelters
homes (hello they’re being evicted and bombed?)
immediate access to medical care (settlers are blocking ambulances and throwing grenades)
citizen acknowledgement from the government that supposedly wants to help them
means of defending themselves
the right to properly mourn (a funeral was recently attacked by settlers)
Anyone who chooses to claim neutrality is choosing to claim the side of genocide. Neutral = complicit. The number of Palestinian deaths remains staggering and I promise, the occupying state’s numbers are nothing compared to it. Thousands more deaths and fatalities have occurred to the Palestinian people. When the death toll defers by roughly 9,000, I think it’s safe to say that the situation isn’t neutral.*
I repeat, if you are neutral, you side with genocide.
As a bonus:
Tumblr media
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aegon · 8 months ago
just an fyi
israel has targeted communications and internet networks in gaza which effectively cuts off palestinians from the rest of the world
a significant drop in content across social media coming out of gaza in these last few days doesn’t mean the violence has stopped or that it’s over, it just means more voices are being silenced. it’s an active campaign by the israeli government to turn the world’s attention away. don’t let it fool you.
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master-bruce-wayne · 8 months ago
Care to talk about how anti-LGBT Palestinians are? Everyone seems to be just glossing over that fact
Yes GLADLY because I absolutely hate how often pro-Israel ppl use pinkwashing (please read that link if you don't know what pinkwashing is and how Israel has constantly used it as part of its global image agenda) to justify genocide and war crimes. I'll let you guys read that article because it does more justice to explaining this than I can.
First, it's really dumb to expect colonized nations to develop socially. Palestine was occupied by the British and then by the Israelis. Now here's something most people actually gloss over: anti-sodomy laws and anti-homosexuality laws were put into place in Gaza by the British Mandate Criminal Code Ordinance, No. 74 of 1936. Which still remains in effect to this day.
Same-sex acts were actually decriminalized in Jordanian-controlled West Bank in the early 1950s and are still upheld to this day.
Palestine itself has no legislation either for or against homosexuality.
What we SHOULD talk about is how imperialist states (mostly the US and UK) have notoriously supported and propped up Right-Wing regimes in the Islamic world to combat communist ideology. The US, UK, SB, IL have all backed right wing movements like the Muslim Brotherhood (which then became Hamas) just to thwart leftist movements like the PLO who are pro-communist elements of the Islamic world.
Maybe stop colonizing and bombing these countries so they can socially develop. I’m begging you to read Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs so you stop making stupid arguments like this.
Also idk why people have to keep saying this, but just because a country doesn't have legislation to protect the LGBTQ community, doesn't mean they deserve to be genocided. JFC
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palipunk · 2 months ago
I can’t believe May was only five months ago, that entire month as a Palestinian was so traumatizing and I can’t believe it hasn’t been more time since, like it’s still the same year - and the most unbelievable part is that it’s still happening, Palestinians are still being displaced, arrested, beaten, and k!lled but a lot of attention has died down.
Please don’t stop listening to Palestinians and helping Palestinians in need:
Palestine Children’s Relief Fund
Decolonize Palestine
Mutual Aid funds that haven’t met their goals:
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yeahskam · 8 months ago
this is your not so friendly reminder that Gal Gadot has openly supported the IDF and posted a picture with the hashtags “we are right” and “I love the IDF” following a bombing of Gaza that left innocent Palestinians - including children - dead.
She directly and openly supports a genocidal state that oppresses and strips rights away from Palestinians on a daily basis.
So fuck her, fuck her “I want my neighbors to be safe” narrative that is simply untrue based on her past actions, and fuck white feminists for trying to paint her as this “girlboss!!!!!!” because she plays Wonder Woman.
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