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#free software
nasa · 21 days ago
Download Software Used to Get Rovers to the Red Planet
Watching our Perseverance rover safely land on the surface of Mars is the kind of historic feat that gets our adventure-loving hearts racing.
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Launching and landing rovers on Mars requires overcoming challenges like defying gravity on two planets, surviving the extreme heat of atmospheric entry, and avoiding rocky obstacles. This takes more than just rocket science – it takes incredible software too.
Did you know that some of the same tried and tested software that helped ensure a safe arrival for Perseverance (and its predecessor, Curiosity) can be downloaded – by you...for free...right now?
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Our 2021-22 Software Catalog is full of codes made for space that can be used by entrepreneurs, teachers, gamers, or just about anyone. Whether you are curious about the Martian atmosphere, want to visualize the inside of a volcano, or have an application we’ve never even considered, our software may be able to help. Check out our full site, updated regularly with the latest codes available for download.
Here are a few examples of what you could do with our software!
1. Simulate the Martian atmosphere to prepare spacecrafts for landing
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To prepare for exactly what a spacecraft will face on landing day, no matter the location scientists choose, we created software that simulates the Martian atmosphere. The code, Mars (GRAM), is now available to anyone.
We also have a version that simulates Earth's atmosphere, allowing users (especially those in the world of drone design) a way to replicate and design for, potentially dangerous conditions without ever stepping away from the computer.
2. Explore the Red Planet virtually from home with help from the Curiosity rover team
Originally developed for scientists and engineers working on the Curiosity rover mission, OnSight allowed the team a virtual way to walk on and look around Mars. Using an immersive display, such as a virtual reality headset, scientists could see the Red Planet the way a rover would.
This software can also be used to provide virtual experiences of places here on Earth, such as caves and lava fields.
3. Dodge disasters with a risk management tool made for space missions
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When preparing for complex space missions, like the upcoming Mars Sample Return mission, it’s crucial to examine how different elements, independently and collectively, impact the probability of success.
But risk management has become an important tool for businesses of all disciplines, from engineering to accounting – and the Space Mission Architecture and Risk Analysis Tool (SMART) could help.
Sound interesting? The NASA software catalog has these and more than 800 additional codes ready for download.
You can also follow our Technology Transfer program on Twitter to learn more about software and technology that can be put to use on Earth.
Make sure to follow us on Tumblr for your regular dose of space!
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the-tired-tenor · a month ago
So uh....some dude apparently recreated Adobe Photoshop feature-for-feature, for FREE, and it runs in your browser.
Anyway, fuck Adobe, and enjoy!
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astudyingdemon · 2 months ago
FYI : this website definitely DOES NOT have a million free TEXTBOOKS and in general books for you all to download 😌
No reason to reblog this 👀
Edit : hey I'm the student who wrote this if you're feeling like helping out click here 🥺
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lifehacksthatwork · 2 years ago
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Adobe is set to increase their prices. With that in mind, here’s a few alternatives that are free or single purchase.
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thundercluck-blog · 2 years ago
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THUNDER THURSDAY #85: OpenToonz Tutorials Are Live!
Hey folks! For those wanting to learn OpenToonz, thanks again for your patience, and behold: my first few tutorials are online! Here’s the introductory collection (~35min total), or check below for links to individual sections :D
I’ve made a YouTube playlist with individual videos, and here are their separate links (times approximate):
Part 0: Introduction (2min)
Part 1: Installation (2min)
Part 2: The Startup Menu (2min)
Part 3: The Interface (3min)
Part 4: Levels & Drawing (7min)
Part 5: Drawing Frames (6min)
Part 6: The X Sheet  (5min)
Part 7: Saving (2min)
Part 8: Exporting a GIF (7min)
ENJOY! And if you have questions, feel free to ask (either here, or in the YouTube comments). Thanks for watching!
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art-res · 3 years ago
Please consider giving this a reblog! It helps others find this post!
More useful articles and resources  / my art tumblr
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nixcraft · 3 years ago
In Firefox's addressbar, you can limit results by typing special characters before or after your term:
^ for matches in your browsing history.
* for matches in your bookmarks.
% for matches in your currently open tabs.
# for matches in page titles.
@ for matches in web addresses.
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clutch-of-cybertron · a year ago
Some free digital art programs for my amazing artist friends!
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killmenohero · 2 years ago
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You have been hugged! Send this to 3 friend to tell them that they are in a frenzy. I just got a ps4 pro just to play Bloodborne, and this enemy really caused a lot of salt. :0 So i had to drew fanart to balance out all the insults I have yelled at her.
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bnhadokidoki · 2 years ago
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I really am just so happy that they’ve managed to work things out, it says a lot about kacchan’s growth since the start of the series and how deku has some failings as well, even though he’s the protagonist. I just love that they’re proper rivals now and I can’t wait to see how they grow from here, both their relationship and them as individuals!
Unfortunately, because I read homestuck:
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ardantly · 11 months ago
No-one, absolutely noone:
Hakoda to Sokka:
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Please don't repost. Based on this.
[Photo ID: Appa the skybison is drawn flying in a simple style in front of the bisexual pride flag consisting of the colours pink, violet and blue. Underneath the text says "I'm Bison" in a pink, violet and blue gradient. The drawing is watermarked with @flameyohotdamn. End ID]
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captain-acab · 20 days ago
Do you have a cracked file link for Adobe softwares? Or do you know any? Thanks!
Hell yeah I do.
Here's the deal: I think Tumblr's still blocking posts with external links from search results, and if I'm going to write a how-to, I want people to be able to find it. So I'm actually going to link you to a new post I just wrote. If you find this helpful, please reblog both of these.
(If that link breaks for some reason, it's just my tumblr + "/post/655796038047825920/")
Happy pirating!
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