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blufox234isadumbname · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Day 245 since we’ve had dreamon hunters on the dream smp:
Dry Branches by The Oh Hellos
Eyes settled on the mirror, blue eyes staring at blue eyes. In the quiet still wind, barely sound carried in the observance. None of them disturbed it, not with a shriek or hiss. How could it be, both were just as young as the other? And yet, one of them had hickory brown hair so brightly youthful. And yet, only one of them had blond hair that had been decolouring with death. He wore peacock blue under the crimson red, the other wore cotton white. He could stand rooted as a tree, the other could float to be as tall as the trees. It was strange, he tilted his head to the left and the other tilted right. They were not each other, Tubbo concluded, in more ways than one. The blond thought the same as he, all while the rustling leaves trailed his leave. He sucked in a breath and buckled his shoulders, though his hands barely shook. He had no fear, just a persevering curiosity. That same questioning feeling followed him as he made haste behind the shaking branches and held tight to the snath of his scythe from his inventory. Tubbo figured well enough already, before he even set foot into the forest; there were Dreamons even he never knew of.
bonus speedpaint:
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vuulpecula · an hour ago
Tumblr media
✖ alright, alright, alright. hello friends ! i apologize for being m.i.a. for what feels like f-o-r-e-v-e-r ( & for being slower than molasses ), BUT i just finished the book i’ve been reading so it has freed up some of my recreational time ! and it has inspired me SO FREAKING MUCH !! meaning, i will hopefully be on writing more often :D anyway, i’ve missed you all & i stg i will get to messages eventually, i promise ! <3 ily(all)sm !! xo.
      P.S. for those of you who are interested, it was SJM’s ACOSF. i’m DYING for more content/world-building/history, just everything, so yeah, i’ll probably post a SJM specific starter call here soon if y’all are interested/have read any of her books :D
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cupsofdream · 2 hours ago
Steve antis are back on their bs so hard my soul is leaving my body. The thing is, everyone can have all their opinions, but the way they do it is the real problem. They keep saying "oh so criticizing something isn't allowed" while it's like dude, the issue is that you're an asshole and literally are harassing other people. Criticize whatever but leave other people the fuck alone.
The amount of cold takes I see reminds me of the Tony-stan peak days. They keep making strawmen to attack, claiming the wildest things. And recently the people saying "finally people are seeing the truth" or whatever makes me nauseous. As if the last three years haven't been a constant acid pit of their harassment and hate.
They're now admitting they're looking for hate and negativity on purpose and it just boggles my mind. They're spurring other people on to do the same. Like??? This isn't a competition of who is the most vile??
lmao “Steve antis are back on their bs” anon, have they ever not been? Like, ever since I got into the mcu there was always talk of Steve’s missteps. Talk that was somehow disguised as meta or that toootally came from a place of love. 
And tbh I’ve had it up to here with their criticism. The more time it passes the more it becomes clear that these people don’t know how to control themselves. If you keep engaging with content that you know it’s going to leave you upset, then I’m sorry, but I don’t want to hear it nor do I have much sympathy. If you can’t accept the mcu’s explanation of time and timetravel from the Loki series, why are you still here. If you have such a visceral reaction at Sam and Bucky not being angry that Steve left, why are you still here. If you’re watching a bunch of shows unrelated to Steve Rogers and still get mad at him for the things happening in the series, 
You’re not breaking the law if you stop watching a franchise you’ve come to dislike/hate.
Harassing is yet another low, but not exactly a new one. Really, it’s on brand if you think about it. Just like they can’t stop watching something they dislike, they actively look for negativity. Lmao, again, this is not “criticism”, it’s just people getting off on negativity and not knowing how to control their online time, which sucks for us.
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safetycarz · 2 hours ago
#haz's exams#<- feel free 2 blacklist xxx#sorry it's just talking about them into the void makes my anxiety calm down a bit#anyways#had maths calc paper today#it was alright but i know i got a fair few questions wrong#hope it's enough to get the grade i wanna get#tomorrow i have religious studies and physics#rs is half on islam and as a muslim u would think i wouldn't even have to revise for that and that's what everyone thinks#but it's like. the way i was brought up means i'm very familiar with the practices and how to do them and i'm familiar with the beliefs but#then i'm not familiar with why we do them and the philosophical stuff behind it#and the spec also says stuff we need to know specifically ofc#and then the second half is peace and conflict from a christian perspective#the theories are rlly confusing and there's so many quotes and perspectives ughhhhh#everyone says rs is easy but it's just not for me#like it's interesting. but not easy#and then PHYSICS#NAHHHHHH#I HATE PHYSICS#SORRY BUT ITS THE VERY BANE OF MY EXISTENCE#I JUST. DO NOT UNDERSTAND#and i hate it so much i decided i wasn't going to revise it. which i have now realised - the night before the exam - was probably a bad#decision#and we did all the confusing shit in lockdown and i uh. didn't do any lockdown work which was also v helpful#IM DONE FOR LMAOOOOOOOOO#got a 5 in the last test (aka a C) and the grade my teacher put me at was an 8 (aka an A*)#BRO JUST BECAUSE IM GOOD AT BIOLOGY DOESNT MEAN IM GOOD AT CHEM OR PHYSICS#im gonna revise rs for a bit because it's calming and even tho it's hard it's still not as hard as rs#ughhhh#ive already saved the meme i'm gonna post once these are over yall probably already know what it is 😭 next wednesday bro i cant WAIT
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milfsmp · 2 hours ago
i wonder if the people who like. super clamor to go "tubbo and ranboo are uncomfortable with shipping so you shouldn't make content of their characters being romantic even if that's how their relationship is in canon" know that like. quackity is uncomfortable with shipping and therefore if we were going to apply that logic to quackity uh. bye bye to people making content of karlnapity, tnt duo, and schlatt/quackity (especially the latter because schlatt also doesnt like shipping) ig /s
like. yes respect boundaries and the absence of someone saying its okay for their character just not the cc the action taken should be to not put their character in romantic situations either but like. when they actively roleplay romance then its. fine to treat the relationships as romantic, even in fancontent
generally when i think about like. where to draw the line between creator and character (smp wise anyways) i just think of it as if the characters are the creators sonas. afterall, many have their sonas look different, or even act different than they do, they sometimes have them in relationships that either the creator is in or that they arent in. so when i think about "would the creator be okay with how im portraying their smp character" i just think of a combo of "theyve actively played into this before", "theyve given consent in the absence of playing into it on the smp", and "would it be okay to do this to someone else's sona/self insert"
so. treating the characters romantic relationships as romantic? yes, because the creators have already made a distinction between character and creator so they could play into the romance.
nsfw content? no, outside of some making jokes with friends, theres a big difference between making sexual jokes with friends and strangers making nsfw content of you/your sona (this is different from acknowledging a romantic relationship, because uh. the creators arent gonna rp sex in front of a bunch of children im sorry. the farthest theyre gonna go is the strip club and thats all jokes)
and generally unless the creator has expressed comfort with it i dont like to do things like change their bodytype or give them boobs or make sexual jokes about them/their genitals or whatever (and even then sexual jokes are like. unless a creator has given consent then this one i dont base on if theyve made sexual jokes because its one thing to do so yourself or with friends and another for strangers to do so abt you). because like. even if i was an adult id be uncomfortable with people drawing my sona with a different bodytype than mine or rating their body or calling them a slut or something. itd be gross
this got away from me but anyways. big difference between making content where the characters have relationships w/ the same tone as played by the actors and making content that goes farther than the actors take their characters/sonas
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smalltownbeans · 4 hours ago
Breathe | Joey Self Para
Tumblr media
If Joey was being entirely honest, she'd long since lost track of just how long it had been now. She barely remembered what had happened, why their world had just... disappeared. Why their happiness, their little indestructible bubble had gone and burst anyway. She didn't know, she didn't remember and she hadn't dared try to. What she did know was that it wasn't there anymore. He wasn't there anymore and for a while, from the moment she'd left his apartment with her stuff and her heart crumpled up in her chest, she hadn't really been there either.
She'd gotten drunk a lot, of course she had. Noa had had to pick her up a few times all over again. It felt like a repeat of the first time, a broken record almost... like she was drifting and alone without any oxygen to breathe for so long... too long.
As stupid as it was, as ridiculous as she felt for being so broken, their life... her life, had been built up from nothing after her parents died. He’d been a part of that, a huge part that she’d probably relied on too heavily. She didn’t have a clue who just Joey was so to have the floor ripped out from under her like it had been... she’d been lost.
That day, however, something felt different. She'd woken up and not immediately felt like crying. She'd gotten dressed and not thought about heading to the nearest bar. She'd even replied to Luca's text telling him she was okay. She'd even put on her shoes and headed out into the world without any destination in mind. Which was how she ended up at the beach, looking out on the water.
Her eyes trailed up to the blue sky, the sun beating down on her, warming through skin that had felt almost fake for weeks, months possibly. A bird was singing away somewhere, she could hear people chattering away as they walked by and for the first time in what felt like forever, the world seemed... alive. And somehow, she finally wasn’t bitter about that fact.
As she inhaled deep and closed her eyes, she felt like she could breathe for the first time, like maybe doing so wouldn't crush her. So he was gone, so they were over... that was just reality now. It would hurt for a while, it would sting everytime she heard one of their songs or recalled one of their memories, but... she could breathe. And maybe, just maybe, she could start to believe that she'd be okay. Maybe her future wouldn't be quite like she'd pictured it but... it'd be okay.
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leondxs · 6 hours ago
going to try and be on here to do stuff today. I get off of work early so I’ll have the rest of the day at least. ✨
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camilishpilishsartblog · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Your honor SHE IS BABY!
Which of course means she’s heavily traumatized but that’s how it goes for ocs.
I really glad o got to rework Nox’s ref- I promised myself I’d finish writing Free the End before I started on the book she’s supposed to star in, but man I’m tempted to just *yoink*
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rosadiaz-givesme-bipanic · 10 hours ago
We don't have any interests in common, why do you still follow me?
Look I don't know which blog you are because I follow literally 1000+ blogs but I'll tell you this: Your blog is YOUR space. Think of it like your dream bedroom. Every inch of the wall covered in pictures of your favorite singer/music group? Great! The ceiling filled with splashes of several colours? Awesome! A little carpet with your favorite ship written on it over and over? Super cool! The point is, your blog is where you dump all your interests and obsessions and what not. So if someone hates on you for spamming their dash with stuff you love then, well, you deserve better than them.
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vampire-with-a-pen · 13 hours ago
This is kind of random so I hope you don't mind! but I was actually thinking of Fortune of Kings today while watching the latest season of Lupin on Netflix - have you seen the show? If so, what do you make of it?
I don’t mind at all! I actually haven’t watched Lupin on Netflix, just because I haven’t really been able to make time for it, but it definitely looks good
I always love reimaginings of classics, and hearing that lupin got one made me SOO happy (i mean, i’d take anything as long as it was better than the 2004 movie)!! It’s on the top of my watchlist and i’m excited to see what they’ve done with Lupin’s character & if they’ve reimagined older stories for episodes or created entirely new crimes for the gentleman thief
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just-another-narrator · 14 hours ago
URGENT can you reblog my pinned post im a black trans struggling with severe depression and panic disorder and body dysphoria and need funds to transition
Of course! 
anyone else who sees this, please reblog their post!
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throwawaytolookatporn · 14 hours ago
Still thinking about when my bf grabbed me by my hair while I was sucking his dick and forced my head all the way down making me choke and gag on him <3
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cloudslou · 16 hours ago
im so pumped i have landed some new pants and they’re stripey and flow-y
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