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Aw thank you so much 🥰😄!


First off–what a beautiful spread! So much positivity and a sign that love is certainly headed your way soon!

Either you will be out with friends or introduced by mutual friends. This time in your life will be absolutely blissful in every aspect–it will be as though your heart’s desires have been granted. There will be a period of time after you meet this man when you face a serious difficulty. This situation will necessitate a change of perspective (if you let it, and you should). You may need to spend time alone in order to heal and grow. After this period, things will really pick up again for you and you will be overflowing with joy and happiness.

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You will find yourself filled with an immense positive energy and excitement. Unfortunately, this will draw the wrong attention from people who will try to drain that energy, so be very cautious about who you surround yourself with. Trust your intuition completely, and avoid your tendency to be a bit reckless. All of this energy must be focused on one goal if you want to succeed. Overall, it will be a time of joy if you heed your inner self and spend a bit more time alone in order to best plan and organize what you want (it seems you may not be practiced in this habit at this time, and it’s necessary you begin to cultivate it!)

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hello :)

i think your crush S does have some feelings for you. i think they might be a little lost and confused right now about how they feel exactly, but i can for sure tell you they do have a romantic attraction to you. they do not seem to be ready for a relationship currently or they might be in one already, which could be why they are confused right now. i think they might have some thing they need to sort out first before they can consider anything, but i do think they are attracted to you.

i hope this reading was helpful and gave you some insight. please give me some feedback and let me know if i was inaccurate or anything and i wish you good luck with your crush <3

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hi shirley!

thank you so much, you’re so sweet 💖 the thing i think is preventing you from achieving your full potential is that you really need to look inside and i think you must get past any blockages you might have. it’s possible you could be unconsciously holding yourself back or just really not fully believing in your self. i think once you overcome that you can truly achieve your full potential.

i really hope this gave you some insight and was helpful. please let me know if this was alright and i hope you stay safe as well. have a great rest of your day/ night!

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Spiritual body check-up. A 7 chakras reading (Pick-a-card)

Hi everyone! Today, the Divine is giving you a spiritual check-up. How is your spiritual body doing at this moment? Are there any imbalances? Below are 3 piles to choose from. Upon choosing, please scroll down and look for your pile of choice. Enjoy!

The piles:

  • Red wooden bracelet
  • Bejeweled bracelet
  • Bronze flower bracelet


Pile 1


Red wooden bracelet

Root chakra: The High Priestess

You are a spiritual person. You ground yourself and make decisions by listening to your inner voice. You find purpose and meaning in the quiet, and because of this, you are very comfortable with meditation.

Sacral Chakra: The Fool

You are open to explore and are not afraid of change. Having a fun childhood, you see the world as a place where everyone has a lot to offer.

Solar Plexus chakra: The Magician

You carry yourself with confidence, with your head held high. You are resourceful and are ready for any challenge.

Heart chakra: Strength

You are emotionally strong and mature. And whatever heart break that comes your way, you move forward easily, understanding that whatever you experienced was to carve your own wisdom into the best it can be.

Throat chakra: The Tower

You communicate clearly. As a frank person, you can’t help but tell people what you really think and come off harsh. But deep inside, you mean well, and would not allow dishonesty and duality.

Third eye chakra: The Hanged Man

You believe in the esoteric and have a spiritual gift as well. You see things in a situation that people don’t see.

Crown chakra: Temperance

Overall, you are a balanced person. You know when to act and when to stay still. You know when to talk and when to hush. You have this inner voice telling you what you need to do presented with a situation. You see a clear path ahead of you, a path where you know your happiness is.


Pile 2


Bejeweled bracelet

Root chakra: The Emperor

You are a very grounded kind of person. You have set firm foundations in your life, and will not be swayed easily by beliefs that you know will not serve you.

Sacral chakra: Death

In the past, you have experienced a transformation that caused your current grounded self. Now you are strong and wise and ready to face new challenges.

Solar Plexus Chakra: The World

You carry yourself as a friendly person. You do not judge a person by their appearances alone. You also don’t choose your friends, for they immediately become one because of your positive vibe.

Heart Chakra: The Lovers

You have so much love to give. But you know how to balance yourself out when it comes to relationship. Your logic and passion do not overpower each other. Instead, they help each other out, and so you communicate your emotions wholly and directly without being passive aggressive.

Throat chakra: The Hermit

You communicate wisdom to your peers and the people around you. As a well-grounded person, you attract people that need to hear words if advice for their current situation.

Third Eye Chakra: The Sun

You see your spirituality as a light that guides you when you are lost. Even when in darkness, you find yourself as the light and do not give in to the dark. You might also meditate in the morning, bathing in the light, just to ground yourself.

Crown chakra: The Heirophant

You are traditional and have certain set beliefs that will never be swayed no matter what. These beliefs make you stronger and wiser, and you use them as a tool for transformation.


Pile 3


Bronze flower bracelet

Root chakra: The Devil

Right now, you are experiencing a sort if spiritual awakening and are trying to find grounding. Though feeling a little heavy right now, you believe that after this, you will step in your full potential, your higher self.

Sacral chakra: The Moon

Currently, you are experiencing the dark night of the soul, and there is emotional turmoil within you. But you understand that these are things within yourself that you have to accept to be able to move on in life.

Solar Plexus chakra: The Empress

You carry yourself with beauty and confidence despite the dark night you are in. Because you do believe that life should be lived happily, and storms, no matter how harsh, never lasts forever.

Heart chakra: Judgement

You communicate your emotions with a certain amount grandeur. You are a romantic at heart, but you really just want your lived one to feel happy all the time.

Throat chakra: The Star

You are a very positive person. As much as possible you try to communicate the good things instead of the bad. Because you believe that this world needs more of the good things.

Third eye chakra: Justice

You believe in the esoteric but do not dive into it so much. You give the physical world and the spiritual world both the respect you think they deserve.

Crown chakra: The Chariot

You are determined in things that you do. You believe that if you work hard for your dreams, you will achieve it no matter what comes your way.


That is all! Thank you and blessed be.

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For people who already follow me drop a like and receive a reading on any topic!

My only guideline is that questions are asked with kindness and love!


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Free Tarot Readings

Hey everyone! I will be doing tarot readings for the next hour. Please read this entire post before submitting a request.

How it works:

Please submit your requests through my asks. No anonymous.

I will pull 1-3 cards depending on the question, along with an oracle card to provide a clearer and more personalized reading. You will recieve a detailed explanation of each card, a photo of the spread, and any advice that I feel you need to hear.


  • Please provide your initials, sun sign, and moon sign. If you don’t know your moon sign, just sun is fine.
  • No third-party readings.
  • No time-related readings.
  • No medical or legal questions.
  • No past life readings. I have no experience with this. Spirit related readings are fine.
  • One request per person per day.
  • I will edit my bio when readings are closed. Please check before asking your question.

Any and all tips I recieve will be donated to the BLM movement, either to a bail fund, mutual aid fund, or relevant fundraiser. If a reading resonated with you, feel free to tip. My venmo is amw6949. After I close readings, I will post a screenshot of the donations so that you have proof of where your tips are going.

I look forward to your requests 🖤

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Before you meet your soul mate, you will experience a very painful period of grief/disappointment. This may refer to a maternal figure in your life smothering you. It will be winter when you finally meet him, possibly on a trip south (Canadian Geese fly south for the winter, and look at those Lovers!). Every aspect of your relationship will be a joy, full of balance and a lifetime of love.

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MAB is a good person but hard headed. They may be driving a harder bargain than you are willing to entertain. You are exhausted, burnt out, and at the end of your rope. You have come so far and need a final push to reach your destination. Now is not the time to give up.

The Father of Cups is a kind fellow who will present you with a fair opportunity in the near future. You may feel totally trapped, but liberation is at hand. Try to see things from a different perspective in order to work around the obstacles blocking you.

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🌸Today’s Card of the day 🌸

Today I received the Chariot I reversed which to me at this time indicates to me that I would have to get back on track and drive in the direction I want to head into , instead of living day to day aimlessly , this is true because for the past weeks I have been ditching my journaling and scripting , which I quickly need jump back on so that I can start writing and creating the future I want to manifest 💗 I am currently reading a book on kindle called “ Transformational writing , this book teaches you how as simple as your pen and paper could be used as tools for manifesting the life you want. I am really excited to implement what I learn in the book to my reality and also share what I learnt with you guys . Lastly I received the “ expect powerful changes “ which is mind blowing because today Ghislane Maxwell has been arrested in New Hampshire . If you don’t know about her , watch Flifthy Rich in Netflix , this is a good news for me because I am highly invested in taking down corruption and child / human trafficking. So this card really shook me , but other than that powerful changes are on the rise and we will get justice soon!

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You have many options for success, but they are overwhelming. Perhaps your family expects you to take a certain path, and there is some form of conflict within the family dynamic that is currently overshadowing your ability to choose for yourself (overly strict expectations perhaps?). There is a lot of water imagery here, in the parallel lines of the top two cards and the blue in the four of Wands. This could mean travel overseas but it also signifies your creativity and ability to flow in different circumstances. You tend to be a dreamer and are often caught with your head in the clouds. You may do well as an artist, therapist, or teacher, possibly an unconventional and unexpected decision given your upbringing. You will still have to make a choice, as any career decision will have an equal counterbalance that is just as appealing to you. Making this choice continues to be difficult, but it behooves you to pick a side.

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Hey, hun

The seed sees darkness before it sprouts and sees the beautiful sunshine. This is a growth period, and the sunshine is near. It seems financial independence may play a role in helping yourself out of this situation. Independence in general. Begin planting those seeds of financial security. I sense this situation you’re in may wind up imploding on itself anyway , leaving you with no other choice. But there is definitely a direct action needed on your part to begin breaking this cycle. Move toward clarity. Take that step. Bright things are right around the corner , but there will be a bit of turbulence first.

🌹ace of pentacles

🌹the sun

🌹mother of wands

🌹the tower

🌹9 of pentacles

I hope this helps and best of luck to you hun. Stay safe

Blessings and love 🌙🌹🌿🧿

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Angel messages (Pick-a-card)

Hi everyone! Today we ask the angels for guidance as we tap into their energies for some messages. Below are 3 piles for you to choose from. Upon choosing, scroll down to your pile if choice. Enjoy!

The piles:

  • Marbled green shell pile
  • Clear stone pile
  • Dolphin charm pile


Pile 1


Marbled green shell pile

The angels bring you ideas for creative projects to keep you busy. They see that in the recent past, there is something that wounded your heart, and they are hear to heal it. By keeping yourself immersed in creative hobbies like journaling, painting, drawing or any hobby that exercises your mind, you heal yourself at the same time. It acts like a meditation, a cleansing that will heal the wound in your heart. The angels encourage that you continue on and have fun!


Pile 2


Clear stone pile

The angels see that you have done a recent emotional and spiritual purge. It was tough, but they are here to tell you that light is finally coming in, and that dark night is over. Now you are open and ready to share your love and light towards other people. Permitting, the angels see a potential for travel in the future, a travel for education purposes that will raise your energy and vibration like never before. And with this improved energy, you become a master manifester, a go getter! The angels bring you their wisdom and light to be able to chase your dreams no matter how high they may be.


Pil 3


Dolphin charm pile

The angels now bring movement in your life. You might have lost something important before, a career, that broke your stability down. But now you have accepted the truth. And the truth is there is something better coming your way! In accepting your vulnerability, you are now the master of your emotions, ready to tread new waters. A message of a new career is coming in for you, which will be the start of a good foundation for your material stability.


That us all! Thank you and blessed be.

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Thank you for asking, Amber. I would like to say I am so sorry for your pain and anguish at the hands of A.


The Father of Swords reversed represents many narcissistic qualities (tendency toward cruelty, especially abusive in a power dynamic). A wields cruelty like a weapon, is an adept manipulator, and finds her only joy in life while inflicting pain (the only color on the card is within the sword and it’s irresponsible use). She will continue on her path, unable to learn from her mistakes and jealously guard her immensely fragile ego as a snake does her eggs. She only finds momentary and fleeting snippets of happiness in the pain she inflicts upon others. She is utterly incapable of change and her life is full of destruction and conflict.

(Side note: Live Abuse Free on YouTube has wonderfully informative videos on narcissistic behaviour/people, and may be a great resource for you going forward. I wish you the best.)

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